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On a quest to be the best...
Jessie & James as a couple.

The two most famous members of Team Rocket do have a certain chemistry. I’ve always thought they were a couple, or at least that they’d make a good couple. It’s been a loooong time since we’ve had a RocketShipping thread tho.


1) Follow all Serebii rules, including the main forum rules & shipping thread rules.
2) Keep things family friendly; no name calling, nude pictures, etc.
3) Specify which cannon you’re referring to; Jessie & James exist in the anime, “The Electric Tail of Pikachu” manga, & the games. If you don’t specify, I’ll assume you mean the anime.

Topic of the day: What are your favorite moments with Jessie & James?


Hisuian Zorua Stan
finally a shipping thread i can get behind

TR are amazing. Honestly, I don’t consider them villains, they’re simply misguided. Besides, like I always say, Ash is a dimwit. So I can’t blame them in that regard.

I haven’t watched much of the anime, but I have seen some Jessie and James compilation videos.

this one is great