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Rocking the Virbank Gym! (Part 2) (745)


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Fierce Fighting at the Tachiwaki Gym! VS Homika!! Part 2

The Gym battle with Homika continues. With her Pokémon managing to poison Ash's with great ease, Ash faces his toughest challenge of Unova yet. As more of his Pokémon get poisoned and start to fall, Ash starts to lose the will to continue. Will Ash overcome this devastation and earn the Toxic Badge?

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Episode's going to start soon.

This time i'll summary it all in one post (Always wanted to do it :D)

Edit: NVM, my Keyhole lagged for the first 2 mins @_@. All i saw is Leavanny down.
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Episodes starts and a summary of what happened last time is shown.
so glad we don't have to wait a whole week for this


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Almost right back into it ...

Things aren't looking good for Levanny. Getting plummeted after the poisoning.
Yep. It's completely overwhelmed.
Ash isn't discouraged yet. He sends out Pignite.
After a bit of a power struggle Pignite lands a direct hit ...
... and so does Scolipede for the poison.
Pignite lands a pretty impressive hit. Megaman's Magnetic Shockwave? Kind of like that.
OH NO! Scolipede is knocked out!
Pignite looks pretty sick from the poison for a second, but overcomes it.
The crowd rallies around Homika which makes both Iris and Meloetta upset. Iris actually leaves ...?
Homika sends out Garbodor; her last Pokemon.
It's surprisingly agile, and heavy, and giving Pignite a really hard time.
Anyone expecting Iris to return with a cheerleading outfit will be dissapointed. She went to get a drum.
... which didn't do a lick of good for poor Pignite.
Next up will be Palpitoad.
Dare da? Garbodor.
Pikachu notices Meloetta after an attack.
Gunk Shot? It looks pretty painful.
Whatever it was, it knocks Palpitoad out in two hits.
Final Set. Ash sends out the rodent.
Pikachu manages to evade it long enough to make an opening to attack.
Garbodor couldn't really do much to avoid a Thunderbolt.
Well, Pikachu having the upper hand was short lived.
Great. Now Iris is dragging Cilian into the cheering squad.
Now Pikachu is poisoned. He can't pull himself together -
- whoa ... Iris. With her war face paint and everything.
Homika commands an attack, but Garbodor conveniently can't move.
Pikachu finishes it up with Electro Ball.
OH MY GOD! ... seriously? This guy's hilarious.
Homika isn't a bad sport about the loss. Pecha Berries for all. All as in " just Pikachu ".
Ash celebrates and co, and Next Time ... a New Beginning!
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Come on Leavanny! Too bad he is still poisoned.

Leavanny's down.


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And Leavanny is down by Sludge Bomb (?). I expected it, but it at least he managed to last a while against Scolipede (and demolished Koffing).


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Honestly, i hate how Pignite appeared in every episode after it evolved. EXCEPT the previous one [Part 1 of Gym Battle], as far as i recall.


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My hope was for Leavanny, Palpitoad and Pikachu to get a win, looks like it might happen, but we'll see.

Pignite uses Fire Pledge and Scolipede is down! DARN PIG!

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Leavanny fainted after having poop thrown at it.
So now it's confirmed (as if it wasn't already) that Ash is gonna have to rely on the unfair advantage Homika offered him to win. :D This means Homika is still the superior trainer. I am so proud to be a trainer of Poison-types!

EDIT: Aaaaaagh, gotta go. :( :( :(


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So we are leaving off where the first episode ended:

First matchup: Boldore vs. Koffing: Koffing.
- Good battle, Sandstorm is Boldore's go to move.
Second matchup: Unfezant vs. Koffing: Koffing.
- Not so good a battle, Ash tried to counter speed with speed and failed
Third matchup: Leavanny vs. Koffing: Leavanny.
- Quick battle, Stringshot and Energy Ball did the work.

Fourth matchup: Leavanny vs. Scolipede: Scolipede. Really one sided.
- Razor Leaf does nothing to Scolipede.
- Toxic to Leavanny's face causes it to fall on its rear.
- Energy Ball. Dodged by Scolipede.
- Poison does its effect and hurts Leavanny.
- Rock Tomb hits Leavanny.
- Sludge Bomb KO's the battered Leavanny.

Fifth matchup: Pignite vs. Scolipede: Pignite wins. :(
- Flame Charge vs. Bug Buzz.
- I missed a move.
- Flame Charge again. Brings Scolipede down to the ground, but it gets up.
- Pignite fires Flamethrower, but misses and gets hit with a poison move and gets poisoned.
- Fire Pledge takes out Scolipede.
- Pignite loses the poisoning due to a Pecha Berry that appeared from somewhere.. :S

Sixth matchup: Pignite vs. Garbodor. Good battle, really showed Pignite struggling.
- But before that, the crowd goes wild. Iris feels she need to support Ash.
- Flame Charge, missed like in the preview.
- Body Slam on Pignite. Awkward shot is awkward.
- Double Slap to Pignite hurts.
- Pignite's struggling, misses FLamethrower.
- Tackle from Pignite does wonders to Garbodor... TACKLE????
- Garbodor stops another Fire Pledge by stopping Pignite's punch!!!
- And throws Pignite away!
- And hits Pignite again and again with Double Slap!!!
- This Double Slap is brutal...
- Fire Pledge fails because Garbodor used Hyper Beam on the trail of fire pillars.
- Hyper Beam goes on and KO's Pignite. A good battle, but I fear for Palpitoad.

Seventh matchup: Palpitoad vs. Garbodor. Make or break, evolution or not! No evolution, and Venoshock really seems overpowered.
- Iris and Cilan are glad with this choice.
- Mud Shot misses.
- These two pokemon really are likeminded.
- DareDa: Garbodor
- Meloetta is sad... She's an emotional wreck!
- Hyperbeam vs. Hydro Pump.
- Pikachu notices Meloetta.
- Mud Shot vs. Gunk Shot, Palpitoad is poisoned.
- Ewwww.. A green sludgelike move, probably Venoshock. It hurts Palpitoad bad.
- Palpitoad continues!!! More Venoshock's cause Palpitoad to faint. Sadly...

Last matchup: Pikachu vs. Garbodor: We know how this will end.
- Double Slap from Garbodor, Pikachu dodges like hell. But Garbodor gets itself in a knot!
- Quick Attack hits Garbodor. It flinches. I call this a cheap shot.
- Pikachu dodges another Double Slap by jumping rope.
- Thunderbolt hurts Garbodor, and it gets up again.
- Iris is drumming..
- Iron Tail, countered by a Double Slap.
- Garbodor untangles its arms.
- Pikachu barely dodges a Gunk Shot,
- But now Garbodor is covering the field in gunk, causing smoke and then hits Pikachu with a Double Slap to the roof.
- Pikachu falls, but is repeatedly hit by Double Slap...
- Iris isn't liking this and doing something to Cilan.
- More Double Slapping... And oops... Static...
- A Gunk Shot to Pikachu gives Pikachu a poisoned status.
- Pikachu is really struggling.
- Meloetta is almost crying.
- Iris screems to Ash and they're in face paint!!!
- Iris: A Thunder pattern, Cilan in a fire pattern!
- Static really affects Garbodor now, I call a cheap shot coming.
- Thunderbolt hurts Garbodor bad.
- Homika is loving the thrill.
- Garbodor fires off a few Venoshocks vs. Energy Ball: Hits Garbodor hard and knocks it out.

Ash wins.
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