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Rocking the Virbank Gym! (Part 2) (745)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Black & White - Rival Destinies' started by Serebii, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. G4Pokefan


    I know I'm in the minority, but I was kinda hoping Ash would lose this one. It would of made for an interesting twist and would've left a missing 8th badge for Ash to get at the Oppeclucid gym but whatever. It was a good ep. But that means that Ash is gonna spend a whole new season without challenging a gym? Just fillers? Aw man, I'm getting that Johto feeling again, but seeing as how the unova saga is up to par past Johto, I guess it doesn't sound like a bad thing. It will be interesting to see though
  2. Supersonicbro

    Supersonicbro Well-Known Member

    Nah, the season actually will get a lot better from here. Just because getting the badges won't be his main focus, there will be enough to keep them occupied without being "filler"
  3. Erinmizu

    Erinmizu Well-Known Member

    Just because an arc has no gyms doesn't mean it is filler. As long as it is an ep that adds to the plot its non filler. From what i heard the upcoming arc is much all canon except for 1 or two eps. Plus doesn't Brock return next arc? I heard rumors he had a unova cameo.
  4. WhyHelloThere

    WhyHelloThere Well-Known Member

    No. What you saw was (P.O.K.E.M.O.N.) trolling people.
  5. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned

    But he does cameo.
  6. Little Goomba Bulbs Jr.

    Little Goomba Bulbs Jr. Active Member

    So ash got eight badges. Well, i hope he still battles drayden or even marlon.
  7. WhyHelloThere

    WhyHelloThere Well-Known Member

    You mean in that thought sequence? That's not what that user was talking about.
  8. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "And just what are you starin' at?"

    So Ash was angsting about the possibility of losing one single Gym. Big deal. You can always retry. Seems that Lt. Serge's Gym Battle left a long-lasting nightmare on you.

    But anyway, I really liked the last leg of the battle. Oh, silly Iris. Your cheering was all useless due to Static kicking in before.
  9. Almighty Zard

    Almighty Zard He has returned.

    could've been more due to the fact that this was for his final badge, the pressure could've gotten to him.
  10. Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama

    Tuskie Tyrant Yoko Kurama Fancy footwork

    I enjoyed the episode. Even though I've already seen it in Japanese. They showed off Homika good. And her Koffing will always be my favorite. I hope we see a flashback of her or something.
  11. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned

    It's a shame Krokorok didn't show up again especially since he's a ground type and all.
  12. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "And just what are you starin' at?"

    Even then, it was unneeded unless they only gave you one chance to fight a Gym. He SHOULD be wondering if he's going to lose in an important league fight, said league only happening a few times a year.
  13. Demonsead

    Demonsead Hoenn Challenger

    Great conclusion the the Gym Hunt.
  14. Marbi Z

    Marbi Z Cin-Der-Race!

    Well first off I'm a bit suprised (and disapointed) that Ash didn't use his Snivy (he always uses Pokemon with a type disadvanage) then again he didn't use Oshawatt either but still the episode was intense and exciting just like all gym battle episodes are! What really suprised me was when it said ( Next Time... A New Beginning ) are we finally going to see Dawn (and her Buneary) return in the next episode!? :D
  15. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned

    [spoil]No, well yes, technically. You see her image in the very last second of the ep. It's all cynthia next week [/spoil]
  16. Vipsoccermaster

    Vipsoccermaster Well-Known Member

    Good episode. The second part was indeed a bit boring, but the final match was really something. The band were getting on my nerves a bit, too. Great to see Ash getting all eight badges now.
  17. JennaJayfeather

    JennaJayfeather jflkdjkfgjafgaf

    What did Dento say when Iris was slabbering paint on his face in the dub? =o
  18. Crimson_Blazer

    Crimson_Blazer Well-Known Member

    Off-topic, but gen V protags are right handed. I was dissapointed since irl im left handed, always thought it was cool to see lefties
  19. Supersonicbro

    Supersonicbro Well-Known Member

    so since it had the "Next time: New Beginning!" on the end, do you all think the next episode will be a new season? I feel like we are getting a break between episodes because we haven't gotten any new episode titles in a long time for anything after this episode.

  20. No break, straight to Episode 1 of Best Wishes season 2 next week. New op is likey.

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