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Rose Love Bonds (contestshipping) PG-13

What do you think of my fic?

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I don't know if I should continue this fic at all, that's all up to you. This is my second fic, and my second contestshipping fic. it may seem rushed, I'm working on two fics at the same time now, just to challenge myself. The begining may sound a little "Aladin" ish. OK then, lemme just cut to the chase (or whatever):

Chapter 1: Rags and Rescue!

Prince Drew gazed out over the edge of the balcony, recovering from his horrifying encounter from meeting Princess Grace.

His father wanted him to get married, but he had to find the suitable princess.

Grace was awful! She was too tall and to recklessly physical. One slap had sent him flying across the room!

He had been meeting princesses from all across the world, and only one seemed to catch his attention: Princess Kasumi from Kanto. He liked her tomboyish attitude. She was the only one with orange hair. But she had one problem: she didn’t like him.

Drew leaned on the rail, and a tear slid down his face and fell into the rose garden.

He felt like a prisoner in his father’s castle. At least it was his free time today, but there was nothing to do, and so much time.

He peered over the castle wall, envying the villagers, who were bustling about with so much to do.

~ ~ ~

May and her brother Max hid behind the wall.

Max shuddered. “Sis, are you sure we won’t get caught stealing food again?”

May laughed at him. “Scardey-cat! Fine, I’ll do it! You’ll be eating in no time!”

Max didn’t bother to make a comeback.

May watched as the salesman turned around and took off, aiming for an apple.

The salesman quickly turned around and caught her by the arm. “You again!” He yelled menacingly.

May struggled to be freed of his grasp, but she was too weak. Guards in silver armor and weapons gathered around her and took her to the palace.

~ ~ ~

A guard walked into the room and bowed to the king. “Your majesty, we have a visitor.”

The king frowned and pointed at one of his servants. “You, go fetch the prince.”

The maid nodded and hurried up the stairs.

~ ~ ~

Drew sat on his bed, bored. He flopped onto the green pillow and stared up at his ceiling, which was painted a ground view of the top of the trees. He also had a sunroof, but it was cloudy today, deeming the glass useless. Then he turned his attention to the glass vase with roses. No, the maid had already changed them today. He took one out and sniffed it. It soothed his spirit.

There was a rushed knock at the door, but whoever knocked didn’t wait for permission to come in. The hired girl rushed in.

“Karla, what is it?”

“Your father needs you,” she said, panting. “In the throne room, we have a visitor.”

~ ~ ~

Drew stood next to his father’s throne. It was ruby red velvet, edged with gold swirls. It stood taller than the King himself, so there was a stairway up to the seat.

The guards pushed a girl in.

She looked up and gazed around her surroundings. She had chestnut brown hair, and sapphire blue eyes that sparkled fearfully. She was dressed in dirty rags.

The king stared down at her. “Identify yourself, peasant.”

The girl obviously did not like being called such a degrading name and scowled. “May.”

Drew looked at her, amazed by her voice. It sounded somehow precious. It sounded like pearls dropping into water. It sounded rounded and sweet.

The king ignored her pleasant voice and boomed at her. “What did you do?”

May shuddered under his booming voice. “I tried to steal from the market.”

Several of the servants gasped. The king ignored them and shouted at her. “The punishment is up to you: Death or Servant.” He smirked, knowing she would probably chose to work for him, as everyone else who worked for him had.

May choked as she said, “Death.”

A maid in the room fainted.

The king chuckled. “You are a brave one, but off with your head! Guards?”

Drew’s heart stopped beating. What was she thinking? How could his father be so humorous when he was cruel? He bit his lip. “Stop!” He yelled.

The guards froze. The king glared down at his son. “Drew, what are you thinking? This is going to be fun! Besides, what’s so special about a peasant?”

The last question tore at him. May had triggered something in his heart that had been triggered twice before; when his mother died and he met Kasumi. But he had not known why he felt like that.

How could it be fun, anyway? Killing someone is bloody, disgusting, and evil. He gulped, not knowing what to say. “Uh, she should work for us.”

May stared at him and gave him a “what-are-you-doing” look as the guards released her.

Drew grinned at her sheepishly. Even he didn’t know why he did that.

The king massaged his chin in thought. “OK, then, your job is to trim the rose bushes once a week.”

Drew looked at his father. Why had he given her such an easy job after almost gleefully killing her?

The king stared down at his son and gave him a wink.
~~~~~ <--(added in an edit, of course)
Yes, I'm going to leave Max out for a while, if I continue. So, what do you think?

-Pichu Gurl ;172;
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Mrs Brendan Birch ^^
That's cool Pichu Girl....I don't mind a ficcie like this one as long as it's well written *nods*.....and it is. Intresting chapter and i'm suprised May chose death...I wouldn't want to do ether but I'd pick the servant rather then die. Anyway update soon.


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MayShuufan said:
That's cool Pichu Girl....I don't mind a ficcie like this one as long as it's well written *nods*.....and it is. Intresting chapter and i'm suprised May chose death...I wouldn't want to do ether but I'd pick the servant rather then die. Anyway update soon.
Ahh, I just felt like it...:3

I have to finish chapter for another fic then I'll start Chapter Two, K?

See ya!
-Pichu Gurl ;172;
It's really good :p Even though it's completly diverse to the anime I like it. It's got a really good plot so far. I can't wait for your next chapter.


I have to say...This fic is very interesting...Good job, pichu_gurl...^^


The Queen
I like it...great job. Just one thing...separate your author/ess notes from the story with a line...^^; yeah that's it. I liked how it's different from the anime...going into something compeletly different. Do continue and Pm me when the next chap is up. ^^


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Encyclopika said:
I like it...great job. Just one thing...separate your author/ess notes from the story with a line...^^; yeah that's it. I liked how it's different from the anime...going into something compeletly different. Do continue and Pm me when the next chap is up. ^^
OK, you're added! I'll keep that in mind! :)

Everyone else: I'm glad you like it! Got more readers than I expected, is it because of the title? :p

Chapter 2 up by Saturday!

-Pichu Gurl ;172;

lara lynx

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Y'know I don't normally like fics like this, but this one isn't bad. Really good, especially since your writting another at the same time. good description ^^
Can you PM me when you've got the next chappy?

Miss Priss

I actually love fics like this, they totally contrast the anime! I thought it was good that May picked death. It would've been too... obvious for her to pick being a servant. It gave your chapter a little edge. By the way, can you please put me on the PM list? Thanks in advance!


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PM list:
lara lynx
BeAuTiFuL mAy

I'll be gone for the weekend. Gah, too lazy to retype the explanation, and if you're curious why, check out my other fic with the link in my siggy, don't wanna type that whole poo-looza over again :p.

Working on it!

-Pichu Gurl ;172;

Dont forget to read my other fic, I think you might like it!


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Alright, I'll be gone for the weekend, so I have a little goodbye present: Chapter Two! Yay!

Chapter 2: Love at First Rose

Drew woke up the next morning and found that he had fallen asleep in his clothes again.

His maid, Becky, rushed into his room and hurried him up. She gasped when she saw his wrinkled clothes threw at him a change of clothes.

She scolded him. “Today is not laundry day, dear, and if you sleep in your clothes, what will Princess Abby think of you? This is all I have today, I’m sorry.”

Becky was the one who hated giving bad first impressions, especially in front of royalty. If something went wrong, she rushed and made Drew rush too.

“Princess Abby is also a graceful and beautiful co-coordinator, and you are not going to meet her in your so-called pajamas! Up, up, no time to waste!” She flew out of the room and left Drew to change.

But Drew wasn’t the rushed type. He pulled on his outfit for the day: an indigo shirt with a purple jacket with a high collar (or whatever you call it) and aquamarine jeans. Casual clothes. Then he put on his golden crown, which was engraved with the print of a rose. He stepped outside onto his balcony and breathed in the morning fresh air, mixed with the scent of the roses.

Becky burst through his door again. “Dear, Princess Abby is here. You’d better get down while I clean your room! Go, go, go!” She pushed him out.

Drew chuckled at her hurriedness and walked down the stairs with the scarlet, velvety rug lined with a strip of gold. The guards let him through the door leading to the lobby, which had his father’s throne.

The front doors opened to reveal a girl older than Drew in a red, Chinese dress. She had blue hair in pigtails.

“Your Majesty,” she said as she curtsied. “I am Princess Abby. Where is Drew?” She looked around the big room and admired the marble floor and golden chandelier.

Drew thought she was OK so far, and ran down his mental princess checklist:

Ok, she was beautiful, she dressed nice, had a really nice voice (but nothing compared to who was it? May…), and had good manners. He had to talk to her to find out the rest.

~ ~ ~

Drew checked off “easy to please” as Abby admired his room. She loved the ceiling, it made her feel calm, she said. The entire room had a nature theme, and she oohed and aahed over the plushies he had collected as a young prince. But she especially loved his balcony. She ran over and sniffed and sighed happily as she looked at the rose bush garden.

“You have a beautiful view of a beautiful garden!” She exclaimed.

Drew stood next to her and they both spotted May trimming the bushes.

Abby stared at May and turned to Drew with a funny expression on her face. “Who’s that?”

“That’s May, she trims the bushes once a week,” he said, not looking at Abby.

Abby noticed that his attention was on May. “Why are you looking at her like that? She’s just a servant!”

May heard this and turned an angry red at this comment and accidentally pricked her finger on a thorn and dropped her garden tools as she blew on the bleeding.

~ ~ ~

Abby walked out the door and kissed good-bye to Drew. “I hope to hear a ‘yes’ from you! Write soon!”

The king sighed. “That’s the last audition this week, what do you think of her, Drew? She may be older, but she’s nice, don’t you think?”

Drew broke out of his trance and faced his father. “Er, I guess she’s OK…”

The king was delighted at his answer and grinned. “Free time until dinner, OK, son?”

Drew nodded glad to be able to do whatever he wanted. He took the right exit to the rose bushes.

~ ~ ~

“Hey,” he said to May.

May smiled as he walked by. “Hello, Your Highness.”

Drew grimaced. “Just call me Drew.” He watched her trim the bush and she dropped the scissors.

“I’m sorry, just got cut here today…” May said picking the scissors up and blushing in embarrassment.

Drew put a concerned face on, stuffed his hand into his pocket, and took out a band-aid. “For you.”

May blushed and took the band-aid. “Thank you, Your- I mean, Drew.” She opened the wrapper thing around it and placed it on the cut, which was bleeding still very slightly.

She picked up her scissors cut a rose off. Drew picked it up and took a good look at it. It still had a drop of dew in the red petals.

Karla, one of the youngest hired girls grabbed Drew by the arm. “Your father has an announcement to make, and he needs you.”

Drew turned to May. “May?”

May turned around. “Yes?”

Drew tossed her the rose. “Yours to keep.”

May turned crimson as she caught the flower. A girl a head than him pulled him away.

~ ~ ~

Drew stood next to his father’s empty throne. His father was climbing down the steps. “While I’m gone, everything should go as normal. If anything happens to me, Chris will take over.”

Drew grimaced. Chris was his older brother, and he was on a trip through the Chimney Mountains. Chris had fallen in love with a former coordinator named Julie, and she was a princess who lived in the mountains.

But Chris was mean to him and would not rule the kingdom fairly, Drew thought for sure.

The king sadly waved goodbye to his son and Drew waved back, hoping to see that plump face again. The horse then rode off, and many other hooves followed it.

Drew sighed as he returned to his room. But first, he had a visit to pay.

~ ~ ~

May was sitting in her cupboard under the stairs, writing in a diary she had used for half a year.

Dear Diary,

Today I was out working when the prince, Drew, as he wants me to call him, gave me a band-aid for my cut and allowed me to keep a rose I trimmed. That was very nice of him.

I kind of like him, I wonder if he likes me? No, that can’t be right. I’m a servant, in a lower rank than him. Besides who would want to marry a hired girl?

But he gave me a rose, and before my mother was beheaded, she said that red roses were a sign of love.

I’m confused. At least this week’s work is done.


A tear slid down her cheek and plopped on the word “beheaded” and “mother.”

“Mother, I came so close to being next to you in the sky…” she sobbed. “But Drew saved my life, and I’m making the best of it, still I wish you and Father were next to me…”

She closed and locked the diary and held it to her. She lied down on her mattress and sheets and patched quilt she had spent hours making. And there she lay for a while, crying to herself. Then she got up and pulled out her hidden mother’s jewelry box. She opened it and inside was a smaller jewelry box with her mother’s name printed on it. “Caroline,” she read. She opened it and inside was her mother’s sapphire necklace. She took it out and put it on.

There was a knock at the door. May blew her nose and opened the door.


“May, we need your help. That clumsy hired girl, Anna, let the chickens out again, you won’t mind helping us catch them?”

~ ~ ~

Drew tiptoed down the steps and was about to knock on May’s door when he realized it was open. “May?”

No answer.

Drew shrugged and quietly sneaked in and saw her diary. Too bad it was locked. “She’s not here…oh well.” He walked back to his room, holding the rose he was going to give her.
How do you like it? Rate, review, vote, and all the rest of the puhlooza!

-Pichu Gurl ;172;


This is a pretty good fic so far. I like how it started out. I can't wait for the next chapter.
itz beautiful.................... i love it..........*starts crying tears of joy* can't wait for your next chappie.....^_^


Mrs Brendan Birch ^^
Another nice chappie Pichu Girl. It was a bit weird I'll admit it and Drew seemed a little OOC but there the only things I really noticed. Anyway it was quite a cool chappie and I enjoyed reading it....update soon.

Miss Priss

So cute! I can't believe Caroline was beheaded, though! I liked how you brought someone from the anime- Abby. Nice so far! Oh, and I've been reviewing for 'Beyond The Desert Sands.' I reccomend it to everyone here!


Well-Known Member
BeAuTiFuL mAy said:
So cute! I can't believe Caroline was beheaded, though! I liked how you brought someone from the anime- Abby. Nice so far! Oh, and I've been reviewing for 'Beyond The Desert Sands.' I reccomend it to everyone here!

I think Abby was kinda OOC, but if she was a princess, she would act sorta like that, right?

Anyway, just for "fun" I'm wondering which you would want more:

1.A Happy Ending that's really fluffy!
2.A Happy Ending that's was hard to get! (and not so fluffy but a little!)
3.A Tragic Ending full of blood and death!
4.A Tragic Ending with separation and tears and roses and whatnot!

Up to you!
-Pichu Gurl ;172;


The Queen
Great filler chapter...gave us lots of info as to pasts and feelings...which I have a certain liking for. ^^ Anyway, as for the ending...I choose number 3...because I'm just that gothic. XD It would be memorable...which is how I like my endings. XP Great chap and thx for the PM. ^^


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^.^ brilliant chapter, but i reckon you could make it longer...still, i guess there were no typos and no grammar mistakes...and the plot seems good...as to which ending i want, can i have 5? XDD 5. an ending which has bitterness then a happyish ending...not too fluffy

EDIT: could i be added to your PM list too? ^.^ thanks


. . S K Y L I G H T
eh hehehe, I guess nobody wants one? ^^; sorry I haven't been reviewing over here Pichu Gurl, But i've been reviewing on Skitty Kingdom. * much less crowded * but just to sum it all up *good!* anyway, ending I wish for is ONE! FLUFFY FLUFFY FLUFFY! *fluffy stories are my thing. maybe because if I was classified and categorized, I would be thine opposite of encyclopika. therefore, a prep? but anyway, ONE ONE ONE!!! ...or two. Gore and Blood and death and...ect. not my kinda thing. but since this IS only PG-13, I guess it couldn't get...too bad...!!! but otherwise, I don't really care. *whistles and ignores paranoia in review above*


Viva Viva Victory6
Aww kawaii chappie ^_____^ i can't stop reading it. Could you add me on to the PM list? Thanx so much
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