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Rose Red [RP]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Pyroli, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Rose Red
    Run by: Mogar
    Co-GMs: None at the moment
    Rated: PG-15 for Violence, Mild Sexual Innuendo, and Language.

    A"V3" edition of an early RP of mine | and its redux.
    Sign Up Thread
    Discussion Thread (Coming soon)​
    It’s certainly been a rough year.

    Not just for me, but for everyone.

    I was one of the happier people, dreaming about running around with my new Pokemon, trying to catch as many as I could and become a breeder. I was like every other sixteen year old who was awaiting the start of their journey.

    That was until that day, of course.

    I was born in Ecruteak City, in the Johto region. I had always dreamt about Pokemon and always wanted to become a breeder, but when my day finally came it wasn't the happy cheerful celebration I thought it would be. It was actually a disastrous turn of events.

    On the day I obtained my first Pokemon, I met a strange man in an odd get-up. He preached about power to everyone in my city, I rolled my eyes at him and scoffed. He eyed me before finally saying:

    “Do you mock me, young one? I believe that you have been foolish.” I rolled my eyes at him again before retorting.

    “You claim to be powerful, yet, I see no Pokemon on you, nor the look of a hardened trainer.” He laughed at me before finally coming to a grin.

    “I like you kid, what’s your name?” He asked. I was a little off put by the manner that he asked in, but I replied anyway.


    “Suzy, eh? Well Suzy, I’m Hector. I believe you as a trainer will be able to appreciate what I am about to show you.” He remarked before pulling a whistle from his jacket, he pulled it to his lips with an agonizingly slow pace and blew into it. For awhile, nothing happened and I began to grin, until I heard the loud galloping of hooves behind me. I froze, especially upon feeling that hot, moist breath on my neck. I turned slowly to see a Tauros behind me, although, it really didn’t look normal.

    The Tauros was jet black, with a large pink ‘x’ across it’s front. It’s horns were rather sharp with two handcuffs between them that connected them together. I was confused, and I could feel my feelings reflected from the crowd around me and Hector.

    “Meet Rose. Rose is a, um, ‘special’ Tauros.” Explained Hector, his scary grin growing wider.

    “What’s… wrong with her?” I asked, moving further away from the Tauros. Hector glanced at me with a look of pity.

    “There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with Rose, dear Suzy, she’s just been made stronger. And Rose is going to teach you a lesson that I hope you don’t soon forget.” My eyes widened as he turned to the crowd, I had nothing but my new Chikorita to defend myself with, and I knew she certainly wasn’t strong enough to fend off this rather large and scary Tauros. “Now, I want all of you to remember this lesson for today, because if any of you disobey me after this, something similar will happen to you.” I watched him as he blew into the whistle again before simply remarking.

    “Rose, lunch.”

    The rest of what happened is somewhat of a blur, but what I can remember is clutching the stump where my right arm had once been. I probably just blocked out what had happened on that day, not wanting to remember what the beast had done to me, not wanting to remember the pain and agony that I suffered.

    I remember opening my eyes past the pain, the fingers on my left hand grasping desperately at my shirt sleeve, hoping to stop the bleeding. Hector looked down at me, the pity clear in his eyes once more.

    “Now, I want you all to get to your homes. You only answer to me and my men now. If anyone has any remarks about that, they can join little Suzy.” He remarked, looking down at my quivering body on the ground.

    Miraculously, I survived my ordeal. I was taken in by a man named Jon, who nursed me back to health. However, I have the obvious mark from my incident, and the hardship of living with only one arm.

    Not long after what Rose and hector did to me, Hector and his men took over Johto. They put so many innocents down, and made everyone else work in the labs to make his terrifying beasts. I don’t know for sure, but I also believe that they have taken over Kanto. Although this is only a rumor, I do believe it to be true.

    But now, Jon has finally saved enough money to send me on my way. He is sending me to the far off Region of Orre, in the hopes that I can gather trainers like myself and make an uprising. One that Hector will have much difficulty standing up to. He also believes that I can discover more as to what we’re dealing with in this region, because apparently, they dealt with something very similar many years ago in this region.
    At the top of every single one of your posts I'd like for you to put the following information;

    Character Name
    Code Name
    Trainer Class | Starter Pokemon
    Current Location

    this will help everyone to remember who you are and make it a little easier on myself.
    For your first post, I would basically like it to be your character leaving their hometown, or wherever they are at the moment and arriving in Gateon Port to talk with Daniel and Suzy. Once everyone arrives, Suzy will load everyone up into an old bus she found that was once used by Team Cipher and go to the Pokemon HQ Lab, where she has made her base of operations.
    This RPG will mostly take place in Orre. Orre is the region that has only been used for the Shadow Pokemon games, such as XD and Colosseum. This RPG takes place about 20 years after the hero from XD thwarted the evils of Team Cipher. However a new Team has arisen to make the shadow Pokemon in labs scattered all around the primary regions.

    Orre was once a very lush and prosperous region but now it is in decay and most of the original inhabitants are gone, leaving a mostly blank and dead region. Suzy made her base here because of the notes left by the previous inhabitants about Shadow Pokemon. She hopes that there will allow her to strike Team Rapture down with the help of her new companions.

    The geography of Orre is the exact same as it is in the games, so everyone who has played one of the two games should have a basic understanding. If you honestly have never played one of these games, don't panic.

    Here is a page with the geography of the region.

    Important Places in Orre
    The Pokemon HQ Lab - Suzy's base of operations in this region
    Agate Village - A small earthy village containing a purification stone
    More important locations will be revealed as the RPG moves forward.
    No Godmoding or Power Playing, it doesn't help when you do this.
    If you are inactive, your character will be killed off.
    Try to make your posts somewhat long. This is a Role Play after all
    Have fun, obviously!
    Please don't bunny other people's characters. I may do this to move the RP along but I don't want to see anyone else do it unless they are given explicit permission from that character's player.

    -Bulbasaur: Morgan Ng (Lavender Town/Youling 'Phantom'/Coordinator) [Corrosion]
    -Charmander: Victor Pynesia (Celadon City/Pyro Destroyer/Trainer) [TheCharredDragon]
    -Squirtle: Daniel "Danny" Ettenberg (Fuchsia City/The Manic/Breeder) [Mogar]
    -Chikorita: Suzy Yorke (Ecruteak City/The Saboteur/Breeder) [Mogar]
    -Cyndaquil: Reserved for GoldenHouou (Trainer/Murkrow/Violet)
    -Totodile: Elizabeth Katherine Grey (Olivine City/Duchess/Coordinator) [Blivsey]
    -Treecko: Skyler Duchannes (Slateport City/July/Coordinator) [Schade]
    -Torchic: Ashen Lotus Petal (Verdanturf Town/Piper/Breeder) [Ysavvryl]
    -Mudkip: Tyler Kingston (Lillycove City/Speedy/Trainer) [Monster Guy]
    -Turtwig: Camilla “Leah” Ward (Snowpoint City/Amnesia/Coordinator) [Corrosion]
    -Chimchar: Alabaster Centin (Jubilife City/Mr. Pushover/Breeder) [Primal Crusader V]
    -Piplup: Maddux Stark (Veilstone City/Shadow/Trainer) [iStorm]
    -Snivy: Sabrina Regina Madison (Nimbasa City/Princess/Coordinator) [Monster Guy]
    -Tepig: Chase Lewis (Lentimas Town/Rusty/Breeder) [Sketchie]
    -Oshawott: Fiorenza Lupieri (Castelia City/Nox/Trainer) [*Jean Grey*]
    -Chespin: Reserved for Kat (Trainer/Pancham/Shalour)
    -Fennekin: Sara Marlowe (Dendemille Town/Ruby/Breeder) [Lost™]
    -Froakie: Reserved for Sketchie (Coordinator/???/???)

    Daniel Ettenberg
    The Manic
    Breeder | Squirtle
    Aboard a Boat Heading to Orre

    Daniel hung his arms over the side of the boat, he was nervous, but that was to be expected. Suzy had been so cryptic when they last spoke, and he had to admit, he was really worried about her. The two had always been close, despite never actually seeing each other's faces. He had to admit that those three agonizing months of not hearing a word from her, he certainly noticed a change in the way she typed on her computer. She had requested that he meet her in Orre, a region that was once plentiful and budding, but is now somewhat decrepit and abandoned. A lot of people fled the region to look for better lives after the second shadow Pokemon crisis. Although he wished they were still there, because if anyone could help them, it was the old residents who had dealt with this stuff before.

    Suzy had mentioned a Pokemon HQ Lab, which was apparently were a Professor once resided, she had found his notes and was comparing them to what she had seen. Which, was another reason Dan was worrying.

    Her use of the word seen meant she had met the Pokemon that those goddamn Team Rapture bastards were using. He had known that they had taken over the Johto region, which was were Suzy called home. But specifically, their leader resided in Ecruteak, which was Suzy’s hometown. His hands tightened on the bars at the side of the ship when he thought of those bastards even laying a hand on Suzy. He prayed that she had gotten away from Johto unharmed and just wanted to protect her region.

    Those Team Rapture people had dismatched their members into Kanto as well, due to the close proximity that Kanto and Johto share. Dan had never caught a glimpse of them, but he heard that they had started on Cinnabar Island, which was rather far from where his family had made their home. Dan was roused by his thoughts by a voice that suddenly grew louder and a big hand on his shoulder.

    “Aye bucko, we’re where you wanted to depart.” Said the captain of the ship, his odd, pirate like accent showing through. Dan leaned over the side of the boat and saw land, this must be Gateon Port.

    “Um, how do I get to the HQ Lab from here mister?” He asked, looking at the short and portly ship captain. The captain glanced at him.

    “Aye lad, that place is long abandoned, much like the rest of this region. But it’s in fairly close proximity, if you take a scooter of course. Not to worry though lad, there’s a wee lass ovr’ there by the entrance to the port.” Dan spun around to see, in the distance, a small girl with blonde hair. He couldn’t see her clearly, nor make out who she really was, but he had a feeling in his gut.

    “Um, thank you sir!” Said Daniel, jumping onto the dock and running towards the figure. He was greeted by a slightly shorter than him, but very pretty young girl, probably close to his age. He knew exactly who she was.


    Suzy Yorke
    The Saboteur
    Breeder | Chikorita
    Gateon Port

    Suzy looked at the taller boy in front of her, this was Dan? He was, well, lovely. His eyes were like two pools of chocolate, and she certainly appreciate that.

    “So, you’re Dan?” She asked with a smile, the boy ran to her and wrapped his arms around her. She tentatively wrapped her left arm around him. Dan pulled away from her.

    “What’s wrong? Give me a real hug.” He said, looking into Suzy’s eyes, he grabbed her by the shoulders and looked down at her. She looked slightly sad, not the face you’d expect from someone who just met their best friend.

    “I… can’t.” She replied, looking up at Dan. He looked down at her as she pulled away from him. She slowly pulled off her slightly baggy light brown sweater, revealing a metal rod with no joints where her right arm should be. Dan looked at her in shock.

    “Has it um, always been like that?” He asked, she shook her head.

    “Recently. Let’s just say Team Rapture isn’t exactly the nicest. I can tell you the whole story later if you’d like.” She replied, waving her good arm like it was no big deal. Dan could tell she was mildly uncomfortable with the entire subject so he dropped it.

    “So, where’s this big base of operations? I mean, I don’t see anything that even looks remotely interesting.” Dan asked. Suzy shook her head.

    “Well we’re waiting her for the others and then we’re going to take this vehicle I found,” She gestured to her right. “To the true base that’s a couple miles away.” Replied Suzy.

    “Wait. There are others?” Asked Dan, causing Suzy to nod.

    “Of course! What did you expect? A bloody uprising with just you and I? That’s idiotic!” Replied Suzy in a raised tone. Dan had always admired her, but now he did the only thing her really could. He and Suzy settled onto a nearby dock and talked, they just talked about life and Pokemon while waiting for the others in their group to arrive.
  2. Ysavvryl

    Ysavvryl Pokedex Researcher

    Ashen Lotus Petal
    Breeder, Torchic
    on a boat from sunny Hoenn, off to sunny Orre and Gateon Port

    On a boat, on the ocean, crossing the waters to a land far from home... the singer leaned on the railing, watching the waterscape while singing a traditional ballad to Kyogre. Her loose long silver hair and the pale silk hibiscus in it fluttered in the wind, very unlike silver since the metal doesn't actually flutter. She wore cork sandals with ribbons tied up to her knees, short cut-off jean shorts, a tank top with tropical flowers printed all over it. Close by her, a Torchic was trying to keep his balance and a Castform relaxed on the rail.

    “Huu, can't have a boat trip without ocean songs,” she said again in a break in the song, this time to no one in particular. Then she went right back to singing.

    Ashen actually hadn't been in her hometown of Verdanturf for a few weeks now, getting ready for a trek in other lands. No reason to go, just exploring and enjoying her days. Her original intent was to just hitch a ride, but the crews in Lilycove were hardly romantics in the least, wanting at least some money in exchange for the trip. That was not the intent of her hitchhiking dream, so she passed and waited. But it became apparent that hitching a ride was a shot in the dark, so she relented, got a temporary job selling drinks at the beach to tourists.

    And she just about had a good stash of money (in case this happened again) when she got an email out of nowhere about joining some sorta rebellion against the terrorist sect in Johto. Apparently someone found her chatting on forums about them, asking questions about the weird Pokemon they were using. It was real weird; unusual colors were possible through selective breeding, but the kind of aggression they were showing wasn't normal in any way. The guy or gal sending her the message wanted her to come to Orre to help.

    At first, Ashen wasn't terribly interested. The freedom fighter role just wasn't her tune, even if getting more information on the weird Pokemon was tempting. Freedom, yes, that was a good tune to sing to. Fighter, nah. She'd just watch and root for them in spirit.

    But then when she was looking for a boat ride to somewhere/anywhere, she overheard a cute guy asking to go to Orre. For the same reason? It seemed quite likely, as nobody went to Orre (the ship captain even said so). And to follow a guy like that to look into interesting violent Pokemon and maybe being heroes against terrorists... well that was irresistible.

    It turned out to be an extra good decision, because there was not one but two cute guys going to Orre with her. This could be fun after all. Hopefully they didn't expect everyone to fight. “Wish I had brought my guitar out of storage,” she mumbled to herself.

    At the other end of the trip, they arrived at a dusty rusty old port. Apparently lots of parts of Orre were like this, except without the ocean. The air might be bad on her skin, she thought on looking at it. Thankfully, she had sunscreens and moisturizer lotions; she wouldn't let it get to her. She left the boat, stretched her arms as she walked, glanced at her friends. Plume the Torchic was hopping along by her feet, not bothered by the warm ground (then again, it was just a bit harder than most soils in Hoenn). Nimbus the Castform was squealing excitedly, looking around at the new surroundings.

    “Nimbus, hang tight for a time,” Ashen said, brushing her fingers up his squishy side. There was a group that was gathering not far from the dock. Other than that, this place was quiet, like a ghost town. Ashen waved to the others. “Hey-o, what's goin' on? You looking for help? Sorry if I’m a strike-out; I'm nothin' but a spoony bard. But hey, lots of great groups had bards and still won. I'll be harmless.”

    After a few listens to the others to figure out who was who, Ashen leaned against a post and pulled out her Pokeflute, starting up a song that wouldn't do much of anything except sound pretty.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2014
  3. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon Prince of Thieves

    OOC: I don't know much of the locations to Orre so I'll just be taking hints from my cohorts. (as in, the other players)

    Victor Pynesia
    Pyro Destroyer
    Trainer; Charmander
    On the Way to Gateon Port
    Affected RPers: Everyone heading to the port, especially Suzy and Dan (Mogar)

    I was right not to take Max's suggestion! Victor's thoughts screamed as he, Zelda and Anthea held on for dear life on the back of Max's Gyarados. It's not that he hates it per se, he's just worried about how Max's "driving might put out Zelda's tail flame.

    "Charmander Char!" Zelda shouted, almost as if she was saying; "I hate this ride!" Which she was.

    Victor and his partners were on the back of Max's Gyarados. Only a few feet away from Max who was riding on the sea monster's head, looking off into the distance.

    "We're closing in on Gateon Port! Hold on tight! His school friend shouted and the beast instantly soed up. Much to Zelda's dismay and was quickly closing in on the dock.

    The dock got closer and closer, but as it neared, Victor realized something.

    "Max! Slow down! We're gonna crash!" But he need not worry, although he had a valid point. As quickly as it accelerated, the mighty Pokémon stopped immediately, in a rather comical way, only a few inches away from land. But the sudden stop made a rather large wave splash onto the dock.

    Max's Gyarados lowered his head and Victor quickly fell off of him out of fear. He laid on the damp concrete with his Pokémon on top of him.

    "Good luck to ya Victor! Wish I could help! But I gotta run!" Then Max put on a breathing mask and then the serpent dived into the sea.

    Victor laid there for a few seconds before he finally sat up, still holding his girls tight.

    "You two okay?" Victor asked and was relieved when both nodded their heads not-so-shakily.

    Victor gave a sigh before remembering he saw two figures when he fell, and so, he turned around and indeed saw a blonde and a guy standing side-by-side looking at him. Victor blinked.

    "Not the best entrance I guess?" Victor joked with a smile.

    OOC: By the ways Mogar, it's your choice if they get wet or not.

    Edit: Gah! Didn't see that post. I'll edit this after I read it.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2014
  4. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Tyler Kingston
    Trainer, Mudkip
    Stepping off the boat into Gateon Port

    Tyler leaned over the railing of the boat, looking to see if there was any land in sight. So far, nothing but water, and occasionally a random Water type Pokemon jumping out of the water for no reason. The eighteen year old was bored out of his mind. "Could this boat be any slower?! I could swim faster than this boat is movin'!" He exclaimed to no one. Swamptaro his Mudkip was standing next to his trainer, shouting to the sky. "Mudkiiiiip!" While Tyler kept Salataro, his Bagon in his Pokeball. The Dragon type liked to jump off things to try to fly, and he didn't want the Bagon to jump into the ocean and drown.

    He had been looking foward to getting this adventure started ever since he read that flyer from the girl. It was a difficult process trying to find a boat that went to Orre. Apparently, no one went there anymore, which wasn't a surprise to him. There wasn't really anything to do there. It was only known for the shadow Pokemon incidents. Luckily, he managed to find a boat that had two other people going to Orre for the same reason. Much to his disappointment, there was only one other girl. Are all the chicks in Hoenn pussies?! That is just pathetic! At least there was one girl on board. And there would be girls from other regions he could try and score with.

    Finally, the boat pulled into the dock. Once the boat had come to a complete stop, the foghorn sounded. Tyler jumped up, and shouted excitedly, "It's about Fuckin' time!" He lowered his sunglasses onto his eyes, picked up his Mudkip, and sat him down on his shoulder. "Come buddy, let's go!" In stead of getting off the ramp like everyone else, the boy jumped off the railing, and landed feet first on the concrete of the port. "Haha, boo-yeah!" He shouted with a grin while making a V sign with his fingers.

    He looked around, and saw the place looked a little bit like Lillycove. Only smaller, dirtier, and a lot less crowded. There was a group of people gathering by the dock, which he figured must be who he was there to meet. The boy nodded, and approached the group. "Hey all! Tyler Kingston at your service. Now that I'm here, all your problems are solved!" He boasted while flexing his arms

    "Mudkiiip! Mud!" Swamptaro shouted in agreement while striking a pose.

    "So... when do we get this thing started?! Don't wanna be standin' around when I could be punching out bad guys." He then lowered his sunglasses slighty, and looked at the two girls that were present, and gave them a smirk and a thumbs up gesture.


    Sabrina Regina Madison
    Coordinator, Snivy
    Different boat, to Gateon Port

    Sabrina sat in her cabin waiting for the boat to arrive to it's destination. She brushed her hair in the bathroom mirror, while Persephone, her Snivy wearing a Snivy sized version of her current outfit, stood on tne edge of the sink and copied her trainer's movements. Selene, her Munna, floated over her shoulder and watched. The redhead wasn't going to stand outside where the wind was going to mess up her hair. She had been able to convince her father to charter one of his yachts to get her here. Because it would be impossible to find a boat that was going to Orre. The place was completely deserted now. Besides, taking his yachts would be much more comfortable.

    Eventually, the foghorn sounded. "Oh good, we've arrived." She said to herself as she grabbed her bag, and headed out the door with her Pokemon following closely behind. At first, the idea of heading out to Orre to rebel against a takeover in Johto was ridiculous. Surely they could have gotten more experienced trainers to deal with this, or at least let the authorities handle things. Why on earth would they send out a bunch of greenhorns? Still, the idea actually sounded exciting in a weird way. A part of her actually wanted to go on this little adventure to see how things would play out. Besides, she wasn't completely heartless. She wasn't going to stand around and do nothing after hearing of innocent Pokemon being abused.

    Sabrina gracefully stepped off the boat, and looked around in disapproval. "Tsk tsk. How disgusting." The place was dirty and dusty, not a all a place anyone would be hanging around in, let alone a lady such as herself. It was a shame, this region had nice beaches, surely if they had bothered to take care of the place, and market it a little better, they could have made it a tourist destination. Now, it was absolutely pitiful. A shadow of what it used to be. She hoped whatever business they had to do here could be done with quickly.

    Thankfully, there was a small group gathered by the dock, so she didn't have to go running around this ghost town searching. They weren't the best looking, but what did you expect to get when you send out a flyer for any random person to answer. Sabrina approached the group. "Oh brilliant, you must be that rebellion group... My name is Sabrina Regina Madison. It would behoove all of you to remember it. So tell me, does anyone here have any plans on what they intend to do now that we have gathered a group of inexperienced trainers? Surely you have some sort plan for gathering all of us together." She stood with her arms crossed and tapping her foot, while her Snivy standing next to her ankle did the same thing. Meanwhile, her Munna sat on her trainer's shoulder, with a smile on her face. The Psychic type waved a tiny pink arm to all the people and Pokemon. "Munna!"
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2014
  5. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Skyler Duchannes
    Coordinator, Treecko
    On a boa from Hoenn to the Orre region
    Affected RP'ers: mentions of Ysavvril and Monster

    (OOC: I dno't know anything about Orre, I'll follow Charred's example)

    Oh, what a lovely day! The sun is shining, the wingulls are squeeking as they flew above, and some annoying children are running around playing With an Azurill. It was a very warm day, and Skyler had taken his jacket off in order to try getting a tan out of the warm situation. It took him about 5 minutes of sunbathing before he nticed how incredibly bored he was. The sun was warm, he was on a boat, and he had no idea for how long he would be there. He had released Arya and Sam from their Pokeballs, and Arya was flapping her wnigs to create small gusts of Wind trying to cool off the other two. There weren't many other People on the boat, at least not his age. He had seen a girl With Silver hair and a guy standing near the railings, looking out on the Ocean.

    Somewhere on the boat, someone was singing jolly Ocean songs. It was the Perfect fit for their situation, in Skylers mind. it created good backgroundmusic for thinking. He was now on his way to Orre to learn about being a pro. coordinator, but also because of a letter he had recieved a few days prior. The letter said something about terrorists and Johto, and it all sounded pretty greek to Skyler, but he had decided to go there anyways, since he was heading there in the first Place. Maybe he'd check this out. A freedom fighter might be a cool option for him to learn about preformances. Who knows? Maybe it will be his golden oppurtunity to learn from around the world? The thought of it imade Skyler excited.

    "Uhm.. Excuse me, can I get that back?" A woman said, snapping Skyler out of his hypnotic thinking-mode. He looked over to see a very big woman in a bikini, looking Down on him where he sat.... Folding Origami?

    "Eh? What? Oh! Sorry!" Skyler said, giving the woman her Magazine back that he somehow had obtained and pulled out pages to fold origami. The woman left.


    After the ship arrived after what seemed like forewer, Skyler held out the letter to see if he would recognize anyone. He did see a small Group of People his age standing a few fet away, some of them looking a little puzzled. He decided to go over to them. Maybe they knew anything about what was going on here? He ut on a huge grin and walked towards them With confidence.

    "Hey there! Anyone of you guys sent this letter?" He waved the letter over his head. "Anyways, I'm here now. Name's Skyler, Nice to meet'cha!"
  6. iStorm

    iStorm Well-Known Member

    Maddux Stark
    Trainer | Piplup
    Boat to Gateon Port

    Maddux stood with hands in pockets at the bow of the small ship headed to the Orre region as it bounced on the ocean waves. He had easily memorized the information pertaining to the rebellion. He, and others he assumed, were to meet a woman named Suzy in Gateon Port where he would join or learn about a resistance to the recent takeover of the Johto region. The whipping winds forced Maddux back into the Captain’s cabin, just as he spotted a Lumineon leaping from the water.
    “Almost there?” Maddux asked the one off only other people on the boat he charted.
    “Just quite. Should be seeing land in a few minutes sir.” The captain responded, “You sure you want to do this sir? I mean I understand, but there’s a lot at risk here. She’s just your ex. Sir”
    “You think I’m doing this just for her? No, I’m doing this for myself. It’s about time I get off my *** and do something. If the reports coming out of Johto are true, what’s to stop these people from coming to Sinnoh next? There’s a nice mystery wrapped around these events. I must know its secret. Don’t assume you know what my intentions are. I’m done with her. It just so happens Johto was the first to fall. I’ll be in my cabin”

    Maddux exited the captain’s cabin, and headed to his own below the deck. Sure enough as he looked out onto the ocean, he could see the familiar sight of the Orre region, specially the lighthouse in Gateon Port, grow bigger and bigger on the horizon. It had been a long time since he visited the Orre region. On his journey around the world, they barely had time in the lesser regions of the world. A shame Maddux thought, Orre was a hidden beauty. You just had to discover it underneath all the desert.

    Sitting on the bed, kicking his unlaced shoes off and placing his fine jacket on the bed post, Maddux closed his eyes and laid back on his bed. He had lied to the captain. Maddux was partially going to Johto because of her. He still loved her and cared for her. He wanted to make sure she was okay, that she was still alive. Everything else he told the captain was true as well of course. But wasn’t even sure himself what his true intentions of doing this was. It in fact a little out of the ordinary for Maddux to be so impulsive. If not for his ability to charter a private boat to the Orre region, he may have not even been able to make it, as finding a ship with the Orre region as its destination was near impossible.

    “Sir, we shall be on land in five minutes” the captains voice sounded over the intercom.
    Maddux sat up on his bed, relaxed from his half hour nap. He tied his laces, threw on his jacket, and straightened his black tie in the mirror before ascending the stairs to the deck. With a bump, that caught Maddux off guard at first, the ship had been docked and tied up.
    “So what are your plans then?” Maddux asked the captain as the two stepped onto land for the first time in a couple days.
    “Ah going to resupply, maybe buy a souvenir for the missus and then head back to Sinnoh. It was a pleasure having you on board Master Stark.”
    Maddux shook the captain’s hand, and separated paths from the older man.

    A group of people had seemed to have formed further down in the port, so Maddux decided to walk that way, figuring this must be people responding to Suzy’s request. As he approached the group, he noticed that they were mostly kids, his age or younger. At first Maddux seemed to ignore them, surely they couldn’t be the people that would form the resistance. Upon hearing some of their conversation though, Maddux was proved wrong. Perhaps then, like himself they were kids that responded to the request, but adults were running the show from the headquarters.
    “Sorry to interrupt. Correct me if I’m wrong, but are you people here in response to a woman named Suzy and her request for trainers?” Maddux asked, directly approaching the group.
  7. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    Chase Lweis
    Breeder -- Tepig
    On a boat to Gateon Port

    Chase leaned on the railings, staring off into the sea. A lot of things had happened in the last 24 hours. He and Marcus parted ways, and then he had to travel half the region -- thank Zecrom the region going 's major cities were neatly in a circle -- to get to Castelia. When he boarded the boat, he was saddened he was the only person going to Orre on it's journey. He would be bored the entire way, because everyone else was going to the nearby Hoenn region.

    Lavana sat on Chase's head, dozing off and snoring softly. Nathan floated just next to Chase, trying to follow his gaze and figure out what he was looking at. "Yaa?" he called out, snapping Chase's attention to his pokemon. Chase smiled, and rubbed Nathan's head before turning back to the ocean blue.

    'It shouldn't be much different that what we're used to," Chase mused, "After all, Orre is a desert region." Nathan nodded, and sighed wistfully. Chase cocked his head. "Have you been to Orre, Nathan? Before you transformed into a Yamask?" Nathan seemed to blush, but turned away to the sea.

    For the next hour or so, everything was quiet. Chase longed for the soccer field, to be with his brother-from-another-mother again. What if I never see him again? A chilling voice crept into his mind. What if... what if I die, and I never see him again? what if he dies and I never see him again? This is, after all, a rebellion against an obviously malicious group. Chase sighed. It was no use mulling over what could happen. Soon, however, the foghorn sounded, and the boat had docked at a small, dusty port. Chase grinned.

    Removing Lavana from his head, Chase ran down the boardwalk, and saw a small group nearby. He smiled, and walked over, waving. "Hi," he said with a smile, "I'm going to assume this is the resistance group?"
  8. Primal Crusader V

    Primal Crusader V Watch some MANime

    Alabaster Centin
    Mr. Pushover
    Breeder | Chimchar
    Oceanic expanse between Sinnoh and Orre ----> Gateon Port, Orre

    The air had slowly transitioned from a fresh, crisp marine odor to a rather tangy stench, funky stench that made my nose curl. I never thought that I'd have my own personal ship, but this was awesome. It only took a little negotiation with the sailor in order to get to where I wanted to go, and trust me, I made sure that there was no miscalculation. As a matter of fact, I was there counting the heaps of pokedollars I made in front of his face after grinding through all the trainers near Oreburgh. I hate bribery with all my heart, but this one trip had to be done. Without further ado, let me give you a gist here.

    About a few weeks ago, gossip of some cult began to spread around Jubilife like a wildfire. The details were vague, so words fail me on that part. However, the bits and pieces of information I had received gave me the notion that this particular group was aiming to change to the concept of pokemon entirely. I couldn't allow that to happen, me being a breeder and all, so here I am out at sea, waiting to arrive at Gateon. The whole thing supposedly started in Orre, so it would only make sense to get there. Besides, there was some pedestrian in the Jubilife that handed me some flyer, inviting me to join some cause that had only one objective in mind: To combat this force, and at the least, suppress it from getting any stronger. I guess that the lack of details makes the adventure more exciting, but it kills me sometimes.

    "Hey," I turned to see the sailor emerging from the mists and onto the deck. I waved a hand.

    "Hi. Any progress?" I asked.

    "Of course, kid. So long as we're moving then we're always makin' progress" he threw his hands up in the air, sighing in frustration. "You know that I'm not suppose to be doing this, Al. I can get fired for the route I'm going. Mind you, but Orre is way out in the northwest" he suddenly pointed toward the skies behind him. "You do realize that that's far, right?"

    "Yes, Captain Shaun, I know. I know it's a bit late for apologies, but I hope the sums of pokedollars I have would pay up for it" I replied, bowing slightly. He squeezed the corners of his eyes.

    "Guess you're right," he made a bemused laugh. "If I ever get fired, then I can use the money to buy myself back" He paced a bit, then mumbled, "Hopefully"

    "Gateon Port is just ahead. We'll be arriving T-minus 3 minutes and countin'" he trailed off, then trudged back inside the ship.

    I sighed as well. If he got fired, then I would have no way to get back home. At least those rogue crusaders would be there, I constantly reassured myself. If not, then muscle through it. No use crying about it at all.


    The mists seems to disappear as a sharp ray of light cut through the skies above us. I turned back to see a rather large landmass tainted in stormy hues of blue, along with some distant houses that were completely blank, almost fading into the background in contrast of the colossal rocks that it stood upon. Another thing I noticed is that my pokeballs began shaking wildly. Ah, Raphael and Gaara. They sensed it, too. We were finally here at Orre, and I wouldn't blame them for being so reluctant to get out. I caressed the little capsules a bit. One of them stopped shaking, but the other, well, didn't. It was obviously Raphael.

    "Land Ho!" the captain shouted. We stopped at a pier, where a group of people were standing, wearing all sorts of apparel; flashy suits, windblown dresses, you name it. They looked like more of a tea party then a group of activists, but all that mattered is that they seemed organized.

    Their shadows shifted a bit as we hit the dock. I deftly hopped up onto the pier and shouted out to them, "Hey, hope I'm not late. The world's still intact, eh?" I joked. But no laughs came in response.

    "Alright," captain Shaun confirmed. "Be safe, Al. And call your mom. She'd be worried sick"

    Oh yeah, my mom. Damn it, forgot to tell her. But I'll deal with it later. Right now, it's time for formalities.

    "Hello. My name's Alabaster Centin. Fool me once, I'll get over it. Fool me twice, oh-freakin'-well" I winked.
  9. Blivsey

    Blivsey DATA_ERROR

    Elizabeth Katherine Grey - "Duchess"
    Coordinator (Totodile)
    Gateon Port

    "Attention, passengers: we will be docking shortly. Please gather your belongings and be prepared to disembark. Thank you for choosing..."

    The staticky, harsh voice through the intercom snapped Elizabeth away from her novel and back to the wobbling world that was her below-decks cabin of the ship. Honestly, it was hard enough to get a decent wink of sleep on the overnight trip from Olivine Port to here. Now, seemingly just as she had actually made herself comfortable, she was going to be thrown back out into a desert. Already she was regretting having left the contest circuit in favor of this trip.

    Rather than allow herself a groan, Elizabeth simply straightened herself up and stowed her book away in her shoulder bag, then strode off to the nearest lavatory. Not the greatest facilities, but one could hardly expect much from a passenger ship. Certainly enough to freshen herself up before she was let off - she'd have to make it something light, something she wouldn't risk sweating off in the heat. To this end, she sllipped into one of the nearer ones and gave herself just a few touchings-up while the passengers about her filed off. By the time she had finished and collected the rest of her belongings from her room, there was hardly a crowd remaining - presumably, the other passengers had all been in a rush to get wherever it was the were going, now leaving her a clear path off and down to the port.

    Elizabeth adjusted her sunglasses as she made her first few steps out onto the docks. It was surprisingly tolerable here, hardly much worse than the coast she had grown up on, helped in no small part by the aridity. No, the true killer was how dazzlingly bright it was out here - the sun was high and seemed to reflect a glint off of practically everything around her. That would make it even harder to find the Suzy Yorke who had called her here, given the number of people moving about her. Her head was starting to swim already just considering it - Elizabeth took a sip from a water bottle in her purse and pushed onward toward the port entrance.

    Lucky enough for her, finding the group Elizabeth was scouting for quickly became trivial. Close to a dozen people had gathered in a bunch, all speaking at each other in such tones that it seem each was trying to out-perform the last in terms of bravado. For the large part, anyway; a few of them, at least, had managed to keep their behavior in check. Possibly this was a result of the ages of all those gathered - nearly all of them were about Elizabeth's own age or slightly younger. Admittedly they wouldn't be the youngest set of Pokemon trainers to undertake something like Yorkes had suggested in her letter. Still, she had somehow been expecting... something else. More orderly. A slightly older leader among them.

    Elizabeth folded her arms and picked a place to stand about five feet from the general edge of the crowd, observing the others from behind tinted lenses. Little point in judging their operation before things had even begun, after all. Also little fault to be had in staying back and allowing herself an easy out, at that, given how things looked to be shaping up now.
  10. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    ((OOC: Can we not let this die out? Please?))

    Morgan Ng
    Youling “Phantom”
    Coordinator | Bulbasaur
    Boat to Orre -> Gateon Port, Orre

    Morgan paced anxiously on the deck of the boat, thinking of all the ways that the expedition could go wrong. Their grandmother had only allowed them to depart from Lavender Town because driving the creator of the corrupted Pokemon out of Kanto was their duty. They, of course, did want to rid the world of the corruption in the Pokemon, just not the Pokemon themselves. They hoped that the person who had organized the expenditure would be someone who knew what they were doing.

    Once the boat neared the dock, the captain stayed by the off-ramp to wish the passengers a goodbye and good luck for their stay in Orre. “Thank you,” Morgan said, nodding a bit at the captain.

    They had to sit upon a bench after stepping off of the boat, for their sense of balance had not yet returned to its normal state. They leaned back and looked around while trying to get a bearing on their surroundings and happened to see the group of people that they suspected was the group of rebels.

    “Ghastly….” It had been a while since Morgan’s Ghastly, Meng, had been let out of her Pokeball and she had decided to take matters into her own hands, which were non-existent. Morgan had been reluctant to let her out on the boat, because they were worried that she might drift out to sea because of inertia and be unable to relocate them.

    “Yeah.” Morgan got up and brushed themselves off. They calmly walked over to the group and thought about speaking, then thought better of it; they did not feel ready to speak in front of such a large group.

    Camilla “Leah” Ward
    Coordinator | Turtwig
    Boat to Orre -> Gateon Port, Orre

    “Hey, Stanley, how are you doing?” Leah asked of her Turtwig, while running her hand along his shell. The pair was sitting on a cushioned bench on the deck of the boat, with Stanley atop his trainer’s lap. The sea breeze ruffled her hair, loosening even more strands from her braid; she made a mental note to fix it before meeting the rest of the group.

    Unexpectedly, the normally unreactive Stanley responded with a little nibble on her dress. He seemed to be affected by the briny scent that wafted off the sea and permeated everything; being a Grass-type, that was as expected, given that salt was not productive to plant growth.

    The air grew warmer and warmer the further away from Sinnoh, and Leah swore that she could detect traces of dust in the breeze. “Maybe wearing a dress wasn’t the smartest idea,” she confided in Stanley, “sorry, but I’m going to have to put you down while I stow away my coat in my backpack.” She moved the small turtle-plant onto the space next to her and did what she said she would.

    Once the boat ride was over, Leah spent a bit of time looking for the rest of the crowd that was supposedly going to free Johto and Kanto from the Shadow Pokemon. Once sighted, the group was obvious and she mentally scolded herself. Good impressions were vital to how they perceived her. “Hello. My name is Leah Ward.”
  11. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Fiorenza Lupieri
    Trainer, Oshawott
    En Route to Gateon Port

    Fiorenza sat on the ship's railings, her long, gray bangs whipping in front of her face as a warm, salty wind blew past. Just a few meters away, swimming in the aquamarine waves, was her Oshawott, Marcello. The Otter Pokemon had gotten restless during the long journey, and Fiorenza allowed him to get off the ship and enjoy himself. He was currently hitting on a Luvdisc, which made the gray-haired teenager groan silently to herself, the Deino sitting on her lap doing the same thing, despite the fact that he was blind. Marcello had awful taste, and that was saying a lot, as Fiorenza's taste was not exactly good by anyone's standards either. Fiorenza herself was feeling restless, and she longed to actually get started on whatever it was she signed up for, rather than wait on the boat. She was't the most patient person after all, waiting was a game she hated to play, and the ship...lacked the things that she was interested in.

    Gah! How much longer now? I might just die of boredom!

    "Oi, Marcello! Don't go hitting on that fug!" She scolded, taking the cigarette wedged between her lips as she did. The Oshawott looked up at her, giving her the cute look that he thought would work. Fiorenza wasn't falling for it, however, and she responded by aiming her cigarette at the Luvdisc and throwing it. Before the heart-shaped fish was hit behind the head, she dove under, disappearing from sight. Marcello fished out the cigarette and stuck it into his mouth, mimicking Fiorenza as he floated on his back once again, though now moving back towards the ship. The eighteen-year-old, slid herself off from the railings of the upper deck, clutching Atrum with one arm, and jumped down to the wider lower deck, landing with her free hand down. Getting up, she allowed the Deino to wriggle free and go ahead to the railings, where a large fountain of seawater greeted him.

    "Dei! Deino!" He growled angrily as he started to attack the railings, headbutting at them wildly. Fiorenza ran over and pushed Atrum away from the railings as Marcello climbed up, dripping wet and the cigarette still in hand, a proud smile on his face. Behind Fiorenza, the small blue dragon grumbled angrily. They were friends most of the time, but also got on each other's throats often. Scooping up Atrum once more, she allowed Marcello to climb up on her shoulder as she went up the stairs leading to the upper deck. As she reached the top, an announcement rang out, stating that the ship was docking in Gateon Port in a short while.

    "Finally! Fuck this long trip!" She sighed, before heading back to her room and gathering her things.

    Gateon Port, Orre

    The ship had docked, and Fiorenza saw a number of people around her age gathered just a short distance ahead, all of them very different. She grinned, she liked company after all. She stepped onto the ramp connecting the ship to the dock, and jogged down, throwing a mock salute at the captain before she stepped onto the pier. She headed towards the group. She recognized one of them. The redhead with the Munna...it was Sabrina, who was her schoolmate and the one who just had to snatch her top of the class status. Fiorenza only graduated second because of her disciplinary cases, and she knew she was a better battler. Still, the thought of annoying the girl was too fun to pass up on. Holding out her cue stick, she reached out and poked Sabrina on her side a few times, before snickering and joining the group.

    "Fancy seeing you here, little princess." She teased, before facing everyone else. "Name's Fiorenza, not a priss here. Trust me, I'm up for anything thrown my way!" She boasted, pumping her fist. Marcello thumped at his chest once in agreement, and Atrum reared up and snapped his jaws, all three of them evidently excited for the real thing to start.
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  12. fenniken

    fenniken fire master

    tsuna blaze
    Code Name sneaky fox
    Trainer Class | Starter Pokemon cydaqui I corridanator
    Current Location on a boat to ORRE
    The day started quick I walked out to the dock the secent of food and vodka was define a huge strom came in wirling everone in iit everone hung on for thier live except me I walked in the strom Tsuna called Sama its dagerous you need to stop acting so stuuborn she added I DONT CARE I called out to her i found my destiny i reaced out for my belt that contained two pokeballs time to debut Cydaquil and umbreon I two pokemon came out a little mouse with fire on its back its eyes shut the other was a black fox ith blue rings on it this is intresting i said.

    Cydaquil use swift and umbreon moonlight.Cydaquil shot star out its mouth while umbreons blue rings glowed a shinying light hit the lighting strom whitch caused a explosion sending everone flying the sky cleared up we are here Sama said finnaly everone except sama said everone ran out except for Sama and Tsuna lets go Sama Tsuna said

    Gateon Port, Orre Intresting a voice from the shadows said the chosun ones will met soon so what is your destiny said Sama its to be a corridanator replyed Tsuna are you Tsuna matoshi called someone from behide ya am him Tsuna said am, maku come with me

    a labastroy, Orre WHY ARE WE HERE shouted Tsuna
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