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Rose Red [ SU ] (PG-15)


[Affectionately called: Team Freewill: Redux and Reloaded]

It’s certainly been a rough year.

Not just for me, but for everyone.

I was one of the happier people, dreaming about running around with my new Pokemon, trying to catch as many as I could and become a breeder. I was like every other sixteen year old who was awaiting the start of their journey.

That was until that day, of course.

I was born in Ecruteak City, in the Johto region. I had always dreamt about Pokemon and always wanted to become a breeder, but when my day finally came it wasn't the happy cheerful celebration I thought it would be. It was actually a disastrous turn of events.

On the day I obtained my first Pokemon, I met a strange man in an odd get-up. He preached about power to everyone in my city, I rolled my eyes at him and scoffed. He eyed me before finally saying:

“Do you mock me, young one? I believe that you have been foolish.” I rolled my eyes at him again before retorting.

“You claim to be powerful, yet, I see no Pokemon on you, nor the look of a hardened trainer.” He laughed at me before finally coming to a grin.

“I like you kid, what’s your name?” He asked. I was a little off put by the manner that he asked in, but I replied anyway.


“Suzy, eh? Well Suzy, I’m Hector. I believe you as a trainer will be able to appreciate what I am about to show you.” He remarked before pulling a whistle from his jacket, he pulled it to his lips with an agonizingly slow pace and blew into it. For awhile, nothing happened and I began to grin, until I heard the loud galloping of hooves behind me. I froze, especially upon feeling that hot, moist breath on my neck. I turned slowly to see a Tauros behind me, although, it really didn’t look normal.

The Tauros was jet black, with a large pink ‘x’ across it’s front. It’s horns were rather sharp with two handcuffs between them that connected them together. I was confused, and I could feel my feelings reflected from the crowd around me and Hector.

“Meet Rose. Rose is a, um, ‘special’ Tauros.” Explained Hector, his scary grin growing wider.

“What’s… wrong with her?” I asked, moving further away from the Tauros. Hector glanced at me with a look of pity.

“There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with Rose, dear Suzy, she’s just been made stronger. And Rose is going to teach you a lesson that I hope you don’t soon forget.” My eyes widened as he turned to the crowd, I had nothing but my new Chikorita to defend myself with, and I knew she certainly wasn’t strong enough to fend off this rather large and scary Tauros. “Now, I want all of you to remember this lesson for today, because if any of you disobey me after this, something similar will happen to you.” I watched him as he blew into the whistle again before simply remarking.

“Rose, lunch.”

The rest of what happened is somewhat of a blur, but what I can remember is clutching the stump where my right arm had once been. I probably just blocked out what had happened on that day, not wanting to remember what the beast had done to me, not wanting to remember the pain and agony that I suffered.

I remember opening my eyes past the pain, the fingers on my left hand grasping desperately at my shirt sleeve, hoping to stop the bleeding. Hector looked down at me, the pity clear in his eyes once more.

“Now, I want you all to get to your homes. You only answer to me and my men now. If anyone has any remarks about that, they can join little Suzy.” He remarked, looking down at my quivering body on the ground.

Miraculously, I survived my ordeal. I was taken in by a man named Jon, who nursed me back to health. However, I have the obvious mark from my incident, and the hardship of living with only one arm.

Not long after what Rose and hector did to me, Hector and his men took over Johto. They put so many innocents down, and made everyone else work in the labs to make his terrifying beasts. I don’t know for sure, but I also believe that they have taken over Kanto. Although this is only a rumor, I do believe it to be true.

But now, Jon has finally saved enough money to send me on my way. He is sending me to the far off Region of Orre, in the hopes that I can gather trainers like myself and make an uprising. One that Hector will have much difficulty standing up to. He also believes that I can discover more as to what we’re dealing with in this region, because apparently, they dealt with something very similar many years ago in this region.

Suzy is looking for you to join her cause, well not just anyone, she’s looking for trainers, breeders, and coordinators alike to aid her in this fight.

Now in the RPG I am allowing eighteen people, meaning three people from each of the six preexisting Pokemon regions. Each one of these people begins with a starter from their region, no two people can have the same starter. Each person is also allowed a first evolution Pokemon from their region, but once again no two people can have the same Pokemon. (IE: if someone in Kanto chose Pidgey, no one else from Kanto can choose a Pidgey.)

Important Note: The only Pokemon I won’t allow as your second Pokemon is Fossil Pokemon, Eevee, Smeargle, and Ditto. Remember, it also must only be from YOUR region because those Pokemon would be more common there. They also may only be first evo. (IE: Pikachu is a no for Kanto players, but Johto players may have an option of Pichu.)

There are three people coming from each region, each of these people must also be a different type of trainer. From each region there must be a Breeder, a Trainer, and a Coordinator. Meaning that in the end, there will be six of each trainer class.

Making a reserve is fine. Trust me, I do it all the time.
To reserve a character you must state which region you’d like to be from, including what city in that region, what starter you’d like (from your region of choice, remember, no two people can have the same starter.), what trainer class you want to be, and what your choice of second Pokemon is. This will then be added to this post and you will have a week to complete your reserve. However, if you message me I can extend this for you.

Note: I’m allowing two characters per person, but only if you believe you can handle it.

Reserve please!
City: Ecruteak City, Johto.
Starter: Chikorita
Second Pokemon: Pichu
Trainer Class: Breeder
just replace those values with the ones you’re using and we should be good to go.

Sign Up
[B]Name:[/B] (First and Last)
[B]Codename: [/B](Just a creative little name so that on Missions you don’t get called by your first name)
[B]Age:[/B] (15 - 18)
[B]Gender: [/B]
[B]Birthplace:[/B] (No two people can be from the same town in a region, however all regions are pretty large so I doubt this will be an issue)
[B]Trainer Class:[/B]

[B]Weapons and Equipment:[/B]
[B]Anything Else?:[/B]

[B]Starter:[/B] (Insert Pokemon here)
[B]Short Bio:[/B] (Just a quick personality snippet)

[B]Short Bio: [/B](Just a quick personality snippet)
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The Cast

-Bulbasaur: Morgan Ng (Lavender Town/Youling 'Phantom'/Coordinator) [Corrosion]
-Charmander: Victor Pynesia (Celadon City/Pyro Destroyer/Trainer) [TheCharredDragon]
-Squirtle: Daniel "Danny" Ettenberg (Fuchsia City/The Manic/Breeder) [Mogar]
(Breeder, Trainer, Coordinator Free)

-Chikorita: Suzy Yorke (Ecruteak City/The Saboteur/Breeder) [Mogar]
-Cyndaquil: Reserved for GoldenHouou (Trainer/Murkrow/Violet)
-Totodile: Elizabeth Katherine Grey (Olivine City/Duchess/Coordinator) [Blivsey]
(Breeder, Trainer, Coordinator Free)

-Treecko: Skyler Duchannes (Slateport City/July/Coordinator) [Schade]
-Torchic: Ashen Lotus Petal (Verdanturf Town/Piper/Breeder) [Ysavvryl]
-Mudkip: Tyler Kingston (Lillycove City/Speedy/Trainer) [Monster Guy]
(Breeder, Trainer, Coordinator Free)

-Turtwig: Camilla “Leah” Ward (Snowpoint City/Amnesia/Coordinator) [Corrosion]
-Chimchar: Alabaster Centin (Jubilife City/Mr. Pushover/Breeder) [Primal Crusader V]
-Piplup: Maddux Stark (Veilstone City/Shadow/Trainer) [iStorm]
(Breeder, Trainer, Coordinator Free)

-Snivy: Sabrina Regina Madison (Nimbasa City/Princess/Coordinator) [Monster Guy]
-Tepig: Chase Lewis (Lentimas Town/Rusty/Breeder) [Sketchie]
-Oshawott: Fiorenza Lupieri (Castelia City/Nox/Trainer) [*Jean Grey*]
(Breeder, Trainer, Coordinator Free)

-Chespin: Reserved for Kat (Trainer/Pancham/Shalour)
-Fennekin: Sara Marlowe (Dendemille Town/Ruby/Breeder) [Lost™]
-Froakie: Reserved for Sketchie (Coordinator/???/???)
(Breeder, Trainer, Coordinator Free)
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Name: Suzy Yorke
Codename: The Saboteur
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Ecruteak City, Johto.
Trainer Class: Breeder


Normal / Shirtless

Suzy is a very pretty young lady. She's around 5'6" and about 150 pounds, her face is very soft and rounded, making her look rather young while still giving her a 'cutesy' face. She has rather pale white skin and usually accents it with pale pink blush ad her large green eyes are accented with black mascara. She wears a set of brown hipster glasses due to her nearsightedness, however these accent her facial type and overall look quite well. She has pale blonde hair which is somewhat short and quite nice and curly. Her body type is somewhat girlish, giving her an nice hourglass shape accenting her wide hips and her larger than average breasts.

In the clothing department, Suzy likes to wear a type of hipster clothing which represents her simplistic nature quite well. She dresses like a cutesy individual. Her shirt is a nice shade of beige (or cream), which is actually a nice long autumn sweatshirt which is usually covered by a light brown overcoat. To make sure her cleavage never shows, she enjoys wearing a light brown scarf. Her lower half is covered by a cream coloured skirt with black tights and little black dress shoes. Her fashion sense usually makes her look much older than she actually is, and most people assume she's actually around eighteen rather than sixteen. She also usually carries a small brown satchel which is usually filled with all sorts of medical supplies, allowing her to be the teams nurse. Her arm can be summarized as a hunk of metal, lazily put together by Jon for Suzy from whatever materials he could gather. It has a cusp that fits over her shoulder and the rest could just be described as a long metal rod. it's slightly longer than her other arm and pokes out of the sleeve of her sweater slightly. It is secured by a band that sits under the underside of her bra, it's red in colour and is only seen when she's getting ready for bed before she takes it off.

Personality: Suzy is very sassy. She often has witty remarks to spit out of her mouth when she gets upset or anxious. She's also a rather aggressive person in nature, often getting upset. She's actually a very short and damaged fuse. She gets very angry if someone points out her arm, which, she'll probably need to get used to because it is an oddity that makes her stick out from the rest of the world. Despite her short temper and her obvious discomfort with her deformity, she believes herself to be very pretty. Although, she is unconfident because no one else has ever told her that. However, Suzy is also very intelligent. Able to plan things without a lot of thought, she has a very abstract thinking pattern that can come up with solutions to her problems rather quickly. She's supposedly a natural born leader, able to get people motivated and allow them to aid her in whatever she needs help with. However, Suzy has some negative traits, in that she is far to sarcastic which irritates many people. Suzy is also somewhat of a downer, sometimes putting people in a negative mood due to her sometimes making negative comments about the world or about her life as a whole.

Suzy is also a flirt, even if she was in a relationship she'd probably still make flirtatious comments towards people of the opposite gender. However, Suzy enjoys battling her Pokemon and having battles of the wits. Suzy is also very talented at using her false arm as a weapon, similar to a police baton. Although under her somewhat aggressive and sad exterior, lies a very caring and compassionate person who will always help people no matter what happens. If you get wounded it battle she will take it upon herself to get you back to 100%. She has somewhat of a motherly personality.

History: Suzy comes from very meek origins. Both of her parents were very poor individuals who were not really able to afford too much for Suzy, although they loved her dearly and only wanted the best for their daughter. When Suzy turned eight, her parents were able to send her to the local gym to learn things from the leader, who ended up being a family friend of them. From him, Suzy learned a lot about Pokemon and wanted to learn so much more. She decided it upon herself to become a breeder, following in the footsteps of her father. Morty, the gym leader, taught her many things that would allow her to raise Pokemon with the compassion she needed and the ability to make them happy. She became more interested in this study when a sweet couple came to their city.

This couple consisted of a man named Jon, and his wife Marion. The two had been breeders for about ten years and wanted to help Suzy by teaching her the basics. Jon realized how talented Suzy could become and wanted to allow her to grow and prosper by becoming much bolder and more knowledgeable. Suzy began spending a lot of time with the couple, although she didn't realize that her dear mother and father were planning to leave Johto, and move to some far off region known only as Unova. Suzy found out about a week before her parents were set to move, and being at the age of fourteen she argued that she was old enough to take care of herself and they could leave her behind. Her parents originally didn't even consider the option but then they realized that their daughter's destiny was here, and left her behind with Jon and Marion. Suzy was pleased, and her parents often contacted her through phone calls to keep in touch with their daughter who was now slowly working her way towards her destiny.

Around the time she was fourteen, she was given a cell phone. This phone had skype compatibility and she immediately made an account on the website, in the hopes of finally maing some friends. Through a site, she managed to meet a boy named Daniel, who she came to know better as Danny, or Dan. She rather liked Dan, sometimes as more than a friend, but she would never let him know that. The two became close, even though neither of them had the faintest idea of what one another looked like. But she didn't care. She never cared.

A few days after her sixteenth birthday, Suzy obtained Ross, her small Chikorita who she immediately loved. But on the same day she was confronted by Hector, the leader of what she came to know as Team Rapture. Using his evil looking Tauros, he attacked Suzy, causing her to loose her arm. On that same day, Johto was taken over by Hector and his team, who took over the Bell Tower and threw all the innocent people into workshops and labs to manufacture his odd Pokemon. Jon's wife was captured as well, but Jon did manage to save Suzy and manufacture her a false arm out of the scrap metal he found laying about their new hideout. During the time that Suzy was recovering from her ordeal, Jon found an egg outside of his home, the egg was slightly dented, but he gave it to the young girl nonetheless.

Currently, Jon has supplied Suzy with enough money to move to Orre, where she has set up a base of operations for her cause at the Pokemon HQ Lab. Suzy has attempted to contact various trainers, like herself, in an attempt to gather as many people as she can. She's already sent a messaged to Dan, and to as many random trainers as she could get the names of, she really hopes they all join her.

Weapons and Equipment:
- One silver longsword
- a satchel
- bandages
- Pokemon healing items.
- Her metal arm is technically a weapon

Anything Else?:
- One armed, it was replaced by a metal rod.
- People usually assume her and Dan are dating

Starter: Chikorita (Male)
Nickname: Ross
Short Bio: Ross cares so heavily for his master, he'll do anything to protect her and wishes he was larger so that he could help his master more. He enjoys cuddling with his master and often gently rests himself on her shoulder. Ross and Suzy have been together for a long time, Suzy obtained him on the day she lost her arm, he helped her through her treatment and the two have become like an old married couple.

Secondary: Togepi (Female)
Nickname: Araxie
Short Bio: Araxie was given to Suzy by Jon, who had found the egg slightly cracked next to his house. Due to this, Araxie has a small nick in one of her head spikes, which is a disfigurement due to the egg being slightly smashed. She's a very shy Pokemon and usually hides behind Suzy rather than interacting with others.
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Name: Tyler Kingston
Codename: Speedy
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Lillycove City, Hoenn
Trainer Class: Trainer


Tyler is tall and lean, standing at about 5'10". His face is round, and a bit boyish, with a small nose, and large, expressive almond shaped eyes, which are a light shade of light blue. He keeps his short blonde hair spiky using a good amount of hair gel. Only enough to keep it's shape, but not so much that any girl who may want to run their fingers through his hair hurt themselves. He was born with lightly tanned skin. Not pale, but not bronzed either, that is maintained by spending a lot of time outside in the tropical Hoenn sun. He is an athletic boy, and is in good shape. He has a toned, athletic physique, that he got from years of training and being active. He is quite proud of this, and likes to show it off by wearing tight tank tops a lot. Apart from on top of his head and eyebrows, he has no hair on his upper body or face.

For clothing, Tyler usually wears what is comfortable, often just pulling something random out of the closet. Since the climate in Hoenn is warm, he does not own much winter clothes. His usual attire includes a skintight, low cut, white tank top on the top. On the bottom, he wears a pair of khaki cargo shorts held up by a brown belt, where he keeps his Pokeball's clipped to. Despite all the jokes made about it, he feels the youngsters are right, shorts really are comfy and easy to wear. He also carries his wallet, his Pokegear, a pair of earbuds to listen to music on the Pokegear, and a deck of playing cards in his pockets. On his feet, he wears a pair of black flip-flop sandals. He'll occasionally wear sunglasses because he thinks they look cool. They're usually found on top of his head when not in use. He carries his things in a simple black backpack.

Personality: Tyler is a rash, hotheaded young man who has trouble sitting still. He prefers to actually do things, as opposed to sitting there reading about other people doing things. (Although, thanks to a certain cartoon character, he knows better than to make fun of people who like to read.) He is brave, sometimes recklessly so, and he enjoys the outdoors and physical activities, he is also physically strong because of those activities. Tyler is the type of guy that likes to shoot first, and ask questions later. Often immature and mischievous, he disregards rules, and can often be a troublemaker. He can also be very blunt, and isn't one to sugarcoat things, which usually ends up offending people. When it comes to voicing his opinions, he's not exactly the most polite person, often speaking his mind and never hesitating to shoot down anyone for any number of reasons. He has no problems breaking the rules in order to get things done. Despite his lean appearance, Tyler has a big appetite, and he likes to eat a lot. He's not picky, about the foods he eats, and is willing to try anything once. He is lucky enough to have a high metabolism so that he doesn't get chubby easily, plus he excercises a lot anyway. He's very competitive, and hates to lose. He is not afraid to resort to dirty tactics if it means a victory. He is an arrogant winner, as well as a sore loser. Often coming to blows with people he has lost to.

At times, he is lazy, and he often procrastinates to get work done. Despite this, he is very stubborn, and once he's set his mind on something, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. He is very confident in himself. He thinks he is awesome, and he likes to show off his strength. So much so, that he often comes across as arrogant, he has a tendency to brag about his accomplishments, and he often underestimates others and overestimates himself. It is not difficult to get him mad, and he will not hesitate to hurt people verbally and/or physically if he is provoked enough. If one is patient with him, and he comes to respect someone, they will find he is one of the most loyal friend you could ever ask for. He will stick by you, and defend you no matter what. Although, he will still laugh at you if you did something stupid.

He is a big flirt, and he frequently hits on girls he finds attractive, usually with poor results. It hasn't stopped him from trying, though. He also likes playing games, and he can often be found at the game arcades and casinos spending a lot of money to play. Besides playing in the casinos, his favorite pastimes are playing any kind of sport that lets him show off, and winning. He is a nicknamer, and he often gives nicknames to new people he meets. Despite all the chaos that's going on, Tyler still tries to keep an optimistic attitude. After all, being angsty all the time isn't going to accomplish anything. He treats his Pokemon like family, having grown up being surrounded by his family's Pokemon. As such, he can't stand people who mistreat or abuse their Pokemon. He also can't stand loner type guys who appear stoic and emotionless, who think they're so cool because they're angsting all the time. He purposefully tries to irritate these kinds of people when he meets them, to get a reaction out of them. All in all, though hotblooded, Tyler is a kind hearted, cheerful boy, and he's a loyal friend to those willing to put up with his antics.

History: Tyler was born in Lillycove City Hoenn. He grew up as the only child of a wealthy family. His parents are successful Pokemon trainers, who caught a lot of Pokemon in their youth. They have since retired from Pokémon training to focus their attention on managing the many businesses they own or co-own in the city, including the nearby Safari Zone, the department store, and the art museum. As a child, Tyler grew up around all these Pokemon, and considers them like brothers and sisters. It was from his parents, that he recieved his first Pokemon, a Bagon he named Salataro. Tyler's ultimate goal in life in was to become better trainers than his parents were. He often randomly challenged kids with his Bagon, and often lost because he didn't know the first thing about Pokemon. It didn't deter him, he continued beating up wild Zigzagoons, Tailows, and Zubats as practice. Tyler led a relatively simple life, but he was happy.

At ten years old, Tyler had plans to go on a Pokemon Journey, and take the Pokemon League Challenge. However, just as he was set to leave with his Bagon, his parents revealed they had other ideas. They thought it best the boy attend trainer's school first, and not run around the region freely at such a young age, lest he cause trouble. They also thought being in a more structured environment would be good for their son, as they hoped it would calm him down a bit. This disapointed Tyler greatly. He had to go to school instead of training Pokemon like he wanted, so he had to put his plans on hold until he graduated. He still wouldn't go quietly, and made his dislike of going to school quite clear by rebelling. Hopefully then the person running the school would get sick of him, and kick him out so he could travel like normal kids were supposed to do.

His parents were able to enroll him in an elite Private School, that had very high standards for their students. When he first started attending, Tyler was a troublesome student. Aside from sports, and practical battling classes, academics were not his forte. He didn't get good grades, he often got into trouble with his teachers for speaking his mind more than he should, and his parents got a lot of complaints about his behavior which caused them quite a bit of concern. He didn't get along well with the other students in this new school. They thought he was a low class jerk who didn't belong there, and Tyler couldn't stand their snobbish attitudes. He occasionally got into fistfights with other students when he was provoked. Tyler would have been expelled were it not for his parents wealth and influence.

After being there for a few years, Tyler eventually accepted that he was going to be stuck there until he graduated and no amount of rebeling was going to get him out. Most of the other students thought he wouldn't get very far in life, and Tyler was determined to prove them wrong. He started studying, and doing much better in his classes. However, his behavior still hadn't changed. He still got into trouble frequently for talking back to his teachers (or flirting with the pretty female substitutes they sometimes brought in,) and getting into fights with other students. Despite everything, he barely managed to graduate from school, and he was given a Mudkip and his trainer's license for his trouble. With that out of the way, now Tyler could finally take that journey he wanted to take.

Before he could do that though, his plans were put on hold again, but this time of his own choosing. News of Hector's takeover of the Johto region has spread all the way to Hoenn. A girl named Suzy had been looking for trainers to aid her cause. Tyler never being one to say no to a pretty girl, immediately complied, and jumped on a ship to Orre. He also actually wanted to help the abused Pokemon, and because traveling to a new region to fight bad guys with his Pokemon sounded like an awesome adventure.

Weapons and Equipment:
A bunch of razor sharp throwing stars
Fingerless gloves with steel reinforcements under the knuckle area
Playing cards
Pokegear (Pokemon equivalent of an iPhone in my headcanon)
Supply of Pokemon Medicines
Empty Pokeballs
Pokemon food, as well as some people food
Rainbow Dash plushie
Backpack to carry supplies
Wallet containing Credit Cards, some cash, ID, and other random cards
A canteen filled with his favorite energy drink
Nintendo 3DS (Blue) with games
Other random stuff I might think of later

Anything Else?:

He prefers using his fists, or his Pokemon's attacks when fighting. He just has the throwing stars because they looked cool. They aren't intended to kill people, and are used to cause either nuisance or distraction.

He secretly likes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. His favorite character is Rainbow Dash. He doesn't know exactly why he likes a show about colorful ponies so much, but after catching it on TV one day, he just couldn't look away. He doesn't admit this to anyone but his closest friends, and will deny it when asked.


Starter: Mudkip (Male)
Nickname: Swamptaro
Short Bio: Students at the school Tyler attended are given one of the starters after graduation. Normally, they have a choice of which starter they want, but unfortunately Tyler arrived late to the ceremony, and they were out of Treekos and Torchics at the time. As a result, he was forced to take Mudkip. As Swamptaro's pretty much been around his trainer since his birth, Tyler has had a big influence on his personality. He's rash and impulsive, as well as being a bit mischievous, much like his trainer. He can also be irritating and stubborn at times. Somehow, he learned how to play poker, and Tyler often plays against him. Swamptaro always seems to win and gets great hands.
Secondary: Bagon (Male)
Nickname: Salataro
Short Bio: Salataro was the first Pokémon Tyler ever received. A Bagon that was the offspring of his parents Dragonite and Salamence. Tyler was the first person he saw when he hatched from the egg, and now the two are inseparable. Salataro also takes a few traits from his trainer. He is very boastful, and often walks with chest puffed out in order to look intimidating. Salataro is serious when it comes to battles and he’s very competitive. He hates to lose as much as Tyler does. Like most Bagons he has a dream of becoming a Salamence and flying someday. He practices by jumping off cliffs and other high places.
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Life Cheating Game
Reserve please!
City: Couriway Town, Kalos.
Starter: Fenniken
Second Pokemon: Foongus
Trainer Class: Coordinator
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Hello Kitty =/= Cat
Reserve please~!
City: Lavender Town, Kanto
Starter: Bulbasaur
Second Pokemon: [haven't decided, either Abra, Gastly, or Magikarp]
Trainer Class: Coordinator


Life Cheating Game
There's only one problem here, and that's that Laverre is already in use. If you change that I'll reserve you ouo
Crap I thought that said Lumiose D:.

Anyways changed (Like everything).
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All of you have been reserved! I only found one small problem in a sign up.

Reserve please!
City: Couriway Town, Kalos.
Starter: Fenniken
Second Pokemon: Foongus
Trainer Class: Coordinator
Foongus is from Unova, I still reserved you, however I put your second as ???.


Sure, I've been itching to do a proper Pokémon game for some time now.

City: Olivine City, Johto
Starter: Totodile
Second Pokémon: Natu
Trainer Class Coordinator, I suppose.

The next question being: I'm assuming that we'll have to be armed for practical purposes. Will we start out that way, or arm ourselves at some early plot point? Also, are there limitations on what you would accept for these, e.g. are firearms acceptable?
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Primal Crusader V

Watch some MANime
I'll give this a shot, so here's my reserve.

Reserve please!
City: Jubilife City, Sinnoh
Starter: Chimchar
Second Pokemon: Hippopotas
Trainer Class: Breeder


Iron Defensive
Reserve please.
City: Slateport City - Hoenn
Starter: Treecko
Second Pokemon: Beldum
Trainer Class: Coordinator


Writer's block X_X
Reserve please!

City: Humilau City, Unova
Starter: Snivy
Second Pokemon: Zorua
Trainer Class: Trainer


@Everyone, adding your reserves as we speak.

The next question being: I'm assuming that we'll have to be armed for practical purposes. Will we start out that way, or arm ourselves at some early plot point? Also, are there limitations on what you would accept for these, e.g. are firearms acceptable?
Yes the arming is for practical purposes, and the characters won't start with these weapons but they'll get them rather early. (Around the point of everyone meeting up)
Um, yeah I'll say firearms are acceptable. I have nothing against them, but of course you'd have to keep in mind the limited ammo quantities.


<This ship gives me life
Okay... I am SO interested in this... But I not sure whether or not I can handle two RPs...



Nah... I'll just join. For the first time, I'd like to reserve please.

City: Celadon City, Kanto*
Starter: Charmander
Second Pokemon: Vulpix
Trainer Class: Trainer

I should have my sign-up tomorrow if I don't get distracted. If not, then two days or three at latest. But uh, I have a question, does the character have to be born in the same place they get their starter? (i.e. Someone with Squirtle is born in Pallet Town) Or can they be born from somewhere else and then they move to there? (i.e. Born in Kalos but family moved to Kanto and got their starter there)*
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Iron Defensive
Due to having quite a lot of free time atm, I'll be posting my WIP now.I also changed my last pokemon from Beldum to Swablu

Name: Skyler Duchannes
Codename: July
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Slateport City
Trainer Class: Coordinator


Skyler is about regular height, not being too tall nor too short, but a perfect little spot in between. He's a slender figure. He's the kind of person that won't gain weight at all, no matter how much he eats. He have pale skin that runs through his family, ad his hair is orange, rarely fixed to look anything but wild. His eyes are green and friendly, and he is often seen smiling, showing off his perfectly white teeth. His face is overall pretty, and emits a friendly aura whenever Skyler smiles.
For clothing, Skyler goes for the comfortable, mostly wearing a dark jacket with fur lined at the top covering a plain simple greenT-shirt. his pants are in a fashionable white with square patterns at the end of its legs. He have a pair os fimple shoes to match with the jacket, and a pair of fingerless black gloves. He doesn't wear any types of accessories, usually, except for his green pendant his grandmother gave him before she passed away. He also wear a pair of Go-Goggles on his head, that he often use wether it's windy or if he's traveling around route 11 near Lavaridge Town

When entering contests, Skyler wear an entirely different attire. First of all, he style ihs hair to a fairly modern look instead of keeping it the same wild manner he usually does. His clothing are more up to date than his usual outfit. His shirt is made from silk and is usually kept open to reveal his chest and his green pendant. His pants are slim and black, and are decorated with white belts around his hip, and around his legs. He does, however, wear the same shoes as he usually does, simply because he likes them, and they also match the overall outfit.

Personality: Skyler is a positive go-getter that always aim for the best, trying to look good while doing it. He's somewhat of a perfectionist when in battles or in contests, and will only aim for the highest purpose and beauty, much to others annyoance. He tends to get a bit too full of himself when battling if the odds are in his favor, but he's almost always insecure and nervous when in cnotests. He's a talkative person that sometimes come off as carefree while with others, often joking around or yawning loudly to make a point while others are in the midst of an important conversation.

As he's a fairly nice guy to anyone he meets, Skyler also have a bit bizarre side to his persona. He often undergo an odd obsessive compulsive act by, among other things, humm a song or folding Origami when stressed or bored. These are things he really can't seem to stop doing, but it doesn't really bother him that much. It does, however, give others around him the creeps sometimes.
His humor is also a bit on the edge. Skyler is the kind of guy who'd laugh whenever someone gets hurt, or by telling grotesque jokes, despite being a generally nice guy. He's also somewhat romantically oblivious, and he's bad at picking up signs from others showing interest in him.

History: Skyler grew up in a fairly decent family. they were not poor, but they were far from rich. He spent most of his time studying, as both his parents were scientists working for Cpt. Stern of the local docks, and wanted Skyler to join into the family buisness when he became of age. Skyler didn't have much against that, seeing as the normal life in Slateport was fairly boring. nothing much happened there. This initial boredom was what created Skylers odd compulsive obsessive habits, and his parents finally realized that the boring middle aged life was not made for their son. Eventually, Skylers parents enrolled him at a local Pokemon Trainer school for him to dtudy to see if Pokemon training was something he might be interested in. Skyler got good grades, and got along with pretty much everyone at the school, but he wasn't very good at battling. He was the kid that would make the rental Pokemon of the school do fancy pirouettes and pretty moves. He was the only one in the school that could make a Gulpin glow with self confidence, even if it lost miserably. This hinted towards his interest in Pokemon contests, which were not yet aveilable for participating yet in Slateport at the time.

Whent he contest hall in Slateport did open, however, Skyler was the first in line to participate, and quickly gained the reputation as the city's best youngster coordinator. His goal was to be as famous as Joanna from Sinnoh, whom he had been watching on TV in all secrecy from his parents. He did, however, never make it anything better than junior coordinator, as the older ones were flawless in ways Skyler could not even imagine! After him becoming a child star in the city, Skyler decided to spend more time at the trainer school, while workin part-time at a local restaurant, in exchange that he wuold get a free meal for everytime he worked. Skyler had always had a huge appetite, and finally, he found a solution that would not send his parents to a personal bankrupt.

After graduating the Pokemon trainer school, Skyler was rewarded with a special Treecko that had been bred by some of the regions best breeders. Monkey see, monkey do, and Treecko, whom Skylar nicknamed Sam, became a clone of Skylers own personality. Together with Sam and Arya, the Swablu he had used for Contests, originally belonging to his big sister, Skyler decided that he would journey to Orre in order to learn as much as possible asbout being a pro coordinator.

Weapons and Equipment:
- One 9mm handgun
- Pokègear
- Some empty Pokè Balls
- colored paper
- an iPhone
- Wallet containing cash, his Trainer ID and a few credit cards his parents are paying for

Anything Else?:
- Skylar's gay
- He's a glutton With a HUGE appetite.
- He has several compulsive obsessive disorders


Starter: Treecko
Nickname: Sam
Short Bio: Sam is the Treecko that Skyler was rewarded with for graduating the Pokemon trainer school. Being a young Pokemon, Skylers persona have smitten over to Sam, who in return have turned into a small copy of Skylers personality, being a big eater like his trainer, sometimes freaking out over small things.

Secondary: Swablu
Nickname: Arya
Short Bio: Arya is a Calm Pokemon that puts Grace over Power. She's Skylars main Pokemon for contests, where she flies her way into the crowds hearts With her fluffy small wings. She's not as good in Battle as Sam, but she's far from bad at it. She's somewhat of a diva, and hate getting her wings dirty.
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