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Roselia Bowing Animation (custom work)


New Member

Just a little something I worked on recently. Shiny and nonshiny version are both free to use for whomever wishes it. It looks so cute and sad D:



Konata Freak
Damn, I could of sworn the title said "Roselia Bowling"
ANYWAY, it's quite good. It's smooth, which is always a plus for animations


PlasmaLazuli Heir
its really good, but... it doesnt exactly remind me of a roselia. but i love the animation and smoothness.


Lie to me.
Damn, I could of sworn the title said "Roselia Bowling"
I'm happy I'm not the only one....

I love the smoothness. It's very beautifully done. I think the rosebuds might be better, if they were a little bigger, though.