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Roserade or Exeggutor?

Roserade or Exeggutor?

  • Roserade

    Votes: 45 72.6%
  • Exeggutor

    Votes: 17 27.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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Roserade and Exeggutor are the two most powerful non-legendary grass type Pokemon in terms of Special Attack. They are tied up exactly at a maximum of 383 Special Attack. Who do you prefer?


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I'd have to say Exeggutor.
He was one of my favorite pokes back in the day, and he has saved my butt quite a few times on wifi.


Exeggutor, Roserade ruined Roselia's specialty of being a stand alone Pokemon, including Budew. They should've use Budew to evolve it into Roserade instead of Roselia so Roselia will remain a powerful stand alone Pokemon.


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Exeggutor. I normally go for cute Pokemon and Roserade definitely wins that category, but I've just found Exeggutor to be a lot tougher.


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*Roserade, pretty easy decision Executor is a liability, and cant sweep in the standard OU environment with Sandstorm prevalent, or even in UU, with hail.


Roserade looks more appealing. I like fire types, so personally when it comes to grass i find them weak in movepool unless combined with another type. Personally i like roserate more because executor just looks... more un BA.
I don't know anything about stats... =[


I prefer exegguctor because it sets up the rest of it's team mates. I dont see it as an all out attacker mainly because most people use him as support for their teams. It can set up trickroom and sunny day quite well for the rest of its teammates. I personally like exeggutor because it can be tricky to handle as opposed to the now OU roserade that will most like sleep something and then set up toxic spikes


its a good lead that can set up spikes and T spikes
exeggutor is only really useful in TR and with groudon in ubers


Where's Sunflora? That thing's special attack is really up there. It even has a sinister smile.


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Roserade. Exeggutor has too many flaws, it has mediocre speed and sp. defense. Not mentioning that it has 7 weaknesses (flying, poison, bug, ghost, fire, ice ,dark), 4 of which are being used commonly.


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If so many people say they like Exeggutor, why are there only 4 votes for him? :)


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If Roserade or Exeggutor battled, usually Roserade would lose due to it Poison typing?

However Exeggutor shares loads of weakness that Celebi has so its quite risky to use. Overall I think I prefer it over Roserade, but that is probably because of my biased old school Kanto fanboyism :p


I like Roserade. I use him in my battle pass in BR.


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If Roserade or Exeggutor battled, usually Roserade would lose due to it Poison typing?

Assuming Roserade doesn't carry Sludge Bomb. If it does... You're looking at a possible OHKO, and Roserade is much faster. Poison is a terrible type though... A Roserade might not even carry it because of that.

I myself prefer Roserade and use it as a powerful Special Attacker. I like to use Fire-types, and that means I keep a Roserade in tow for dealing with most of those pesky water-types.


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I raised a Roserade and it looks cooler IMO.