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Rose's Flower

Discussion in 'Non-Pokémon Stories' started by Todoserugi, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Todoserugi

    Todoserugi Never Forget

    This is a short story I had to write for my English class. I thought i could get some other reviews. And yes, i did use Zelda for a few names

    On a chilly autumn day in a post World War 3 Ukraine there was a camp. This was a military camp. And in that camp stood two men. One of the men was a volunteer soldier by the name of Jarret Lincoln. The other man was a commander in charge of the 6th company of the Western European Army. They were preparing for an attack on the Ukraine city of Kiev.

    “Hello soldier!” the commander greeted.
    “Hello.” The soldier answered.
    “What’s your name man?”
    “Private Jarret Lincoln, sir, but you can call me Link.”
    “What’s your story Link?”
    “Huh? What do you mean?”
    “Why are you here, in the army?”
    “I guess I just thought I could do some good here. Since my sister died I’ve just been lonely and I haven’t been getting anything done.”
    “How’d she die, if you don’t mind my asking?”
    “She was murdered. By a man named Gannon. Ever heard of him?”
    “You bet I have!” The commander exclaimed.”He’s a colonel over in the Asian Union. Supposedly he’s stationed right here in Kiev.”
    “Well then, would it be alright if when we get to Kiev I venture out on my own?”
    “Not technically but for you I’ll make an exception.” He winked.
    “Thank you very much sir.”
    “Nice knife ya got there.” The commander noted, “That gem on the hilt reminds me of a flower I got on a Father’s Day before I joined the army…”
    The commander continued to talk but Link was lost in a memory.

    “Jarret!” His sister, Rose, called on his 22nd birthday five years ago.
    “I’ve got a present for you,” she told him as she pulled a beautiful knife from a cloth sack that sat on the table. It had a slightly curved blade, and a yellow sapphire cut into the shape of a flower on its hilt. “I bought it from a trader the last time they came through. I got it cheap though, because he didn’t think the gem was real, but I’m not so sure.”
    “It’s perfect.” He thanked her. “I’ll go to the river and sharpen it right now.” He went to the river that ran near their home and crouched in the water to find a smooth flat stone to sharpen his knife.
    He walked back to the house jovially. When he entered their home his mood changed drastically. Lying there, dead on the floor, was his sister. Standing over her, holding the bloody sword, was Samuel Gannon, a neighbor and friend.
    “Pity,” he said solemnly, “I kind of liked this one.”
    Link reacted with rage. He threw his new knife at Sam, hitting him just above his knee, making the whole leg useless. Then Link, now weaponless, stood and glared at Sam.
    “Here, take your knife back. I don’t want it.” Sam stated as he took out the knife, threw it on the floor, and then limped away.
    Sam was going to die. Killing his sister put him over the edge. He wasn’t usually vengeful, but something was different this time. He wasn’t like this when his two brothers or his parents were killed. This time he was going to hunt down the killer.


    “Hey… hey…HEY SOLDIER PAY ATTENTION!” The commander called. “I said we’re marching on Kiev in two hours.”
    “Yes sir.” Link replied before heading off to his station to gather his other weapons before the attack. When he returned to the commander an hour later with his sword strapped to his back he saw people with swords, knives, makeshift clubs, spears, staffs, and a group of creepy looking people with throwing knives and shuriken. Only officers with high authority still had guns, and even then ammunition was very hard to come by. Regular troops stopped using guns hundreds of years earlier just after the beginning of the Third Great War. This is just a ragtag bunch of people calling themselves soldiers, Link thought to himself.
    “Have any of these people actually been properly trained?” Link asked the commander.
    “Only a few,” he replied. “Those odd people with the throwing knives seem like they have some skill. I’m just glad I’m not their commander.
    Most of these people are volunteers that joined for their own selfish reasons, just like you. The only chance we have is if the enemy is severely outnumbered. We’ll never be able to take Kiev by skill.”
    “So when we get to Kiev I’m sticking to my plan. I’ll wait until mass chaos then I leave to find Gannon.”
    “That’s a suicide mission, but that’s okay with me as long as you take as many of them with you as you can.” The commander said with a smile. “Now get in line. We’re getting ready to march on Kiev. Please tell everyone you can to stay quiet as long as they can to retain the element of surprise for as long as they can.”
    “Can do sir.” Link replied with dark enthusiasm for the time for revenge was almost at hand.
    The march to Kiev was a cold and grueling journey. When they finally reached their destination, each company broke off from the rest and set up in a wall formation around the southwest side of Kiev. The 6th Company was in the middle of the wall with 5 companies on either side for a total of eleven.
    “Okay men, we are going to lead a wedge attack. We will head straight to Maidan Nezalezhnosti.”
    “What’s that?” a soldier questioned.
    “It’s the central square of the city.” The commander answered “You’ll know it when you see it by the tower in the middle. Well, anyway, all we do is head straight through the city.”
    “That’s it? All we gotta do is go right through the middle of the city” the same soldier as before asked.
    “Yeah, pretty much. The other companies spread out on either side, but it’s not as easy as it seems. The city has over 400 lakes and ponds, a large river heading right through the middle, plenty of hills and trees, and is bound to have soldiers on every street. We should be fine if we just stick to the plan.” After he said this he cast a knowing glance at Link who made eye contact for a split second before busying himself with his sword.
    “Okay, well, if you guys are ready we’ll start the attack.” The commander told them a few minutes later and before they knew it they were attacking this large city.
    It was time. The soldiers were like ants in the rain. Link left his company behind him to execute his plan, but it was only a matter of time before he was attacked.
    As he was running ahead of his company he was nearly tackled by a young man who was wearing the Asian Union uniform. Link took out his sword and swung it at the enemy who was trying not to fall on his face. The sword didn’t make contact. Link towered over the soldier brandishing his sword. The young man cowered before Link’s tall slim body. He slashed his sword with such force it sliced the soldiers shield in half. As the shield fell he saw the reflection of his messy dark hair in the polished silver surface.
    The “attacker” was frozen with fright on the ground and didn’t move. Link continued running until he was met with a small band of nine men. Link held his sword in a defensive stance ready for an attack that never came. A pain erupted in the back of his head and then all was black.
    When he awoke the first thing he noticed was that he wasn’t tied. He found it quite odd that if you were going to such lengths to capture someone you would at least tie them.
    The second thing he noticed was that he was being watched. By whom he didn’t know but he had a feeling he would find out soon enough.
    “You! Look at me… Oh, it’s you!” Samuel Gannon giggled in a creepy enthusiastic tone.
    “You killed her.”Link said trying not to explode
    “Who?... Oh, your sister. Well, you’ll see her soon enough. Guards! Kill him.”
    Link decided that wasn’t going to happen. So he ran toward Gannon while drawing his knife with the flower gem on the hilt. Link reached Sam before the guards got to him and he grabbed Sam by his collar and spun him around, holding his knife to his throat.
    “What do you want?” Sam asked.
    “I want a fight. We both use knives. Got it?” Link said pushing his knife harder into Sam’s throat.
    “Yeah sure, but you don’t want me dead before we start do you? That wouldn’t be any fun.” Gannon said with a laugh.
    Link released Sam while the guards formed a circle. Sam drew his knife and they walked to the center of the circle. Then with a word from one of the guards they began.
    Sam’s shorter but bigger body seemed to be no match for Link’s taller and thinner body in a knife fight, but he moved with surprising agility. His light orange hair billowed like flames as he moved. His cruel face was stuck in a permanent grimace as he tried to fend off Link’s strategic attacks.
    Sam was a mirror. As they fought, Sam countered every move Link made, but not easily. He got many small cuts throughout the fight. Sam began to tire but was able to get a lucky swing. Link barely managed to block it on the gem on his blade, which cracked. He countered by kick Sam in the chest. While he was down Link struck the final blow.
    Or so he thought Sam moved slightly so the blade only cut his side. He rolled to his feet and retrieved his knife. Now he was mad. Sam started attacking with rage instead of technique, so Link being an experienced fighter was able to easily dodge and counter. Then, suddenly, Link found his knife buried in Sam’s chest. He had done it!
    Victory was fresh in his mind as the sword slid in between his ribs and pierced his heart.
    The grave was freshly dug and the casket containing Samuel Gannon was being carried to the site. The West European had lost the battle at Kiev and it was proclaimed that Sam had died a hero’s death while fighting an assassin. The soldier that had killed Jarret Lincoln was one of the pallbearers. As he was walking he slipped and fell into the grave with the casket right on top of him.
    As the sun shone on that day a glint was seen by all and upon closer inspection it was revealed that the glint came from a stone. A yellow sapphire carved in the shape of a flower.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2012

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