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Rotom's NEWEST and BEST art!


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I have some new stuff!As always,I stress the fact that I use charcoal and graphite and avoid color as much as possible.(So,no bugging me about "this would look better in color.'kay? ^_^) ~Okay,not 'best' but it is 'newest'.~

"To Go Down In Glory"

BAD SCANNER!BAD BAD SCANNER!.This was a very tough piece.It was supposed to be used a cover for my friend's english projest,but it wasn't good enough.

"Fullmoon Island"-sorry about the size.Something went wrong when I uploaded it.

Ooooo...graphite.It's a Cressi family,see if you can find the baby.

I'll be sure to post more when I have some.Expect an update soon.
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The prey bites back!
i really like the top one heatran is alil lopsided though as for the second one i think cressalia doesn't have fur


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I love Heatran, Skuntank and Purugly in that first pic. Heatran looks especially menacing, in the eyes. Rotom, though, doesn't necessarily strike fear into my heart. What's that in its left eye?

Cresselia, though... wow O_O Extreme hair, extreme teeth, extreme detail. (I think I can spot the baby in the bottom right) This will certainly give me nightmares - not because of the style, but because of the intensity of which they were drawn x_x

Keep it up!

Shadow Eeveelution

DracLord Dread
Love the First Pic.. Cresselia Look like an evil Monster in the 2nd pic