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Rough, Tough Jigglypuff (415)


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Rough, Tough Jigglypuff

Enroute to the Battle Arena & Saffron City, Ash & Co. get caught in a trap a man has made in order to catch a Jigglypuff. Disheartened by his failure to capture, the man requests Ash & Co.'s help. Will they be able to get this Jigglypuff?

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I hope they get the Jigglypuff... So, the title is referring to the man's song, not anything related to Jigglypuff?.... *waits for summary*


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Yeah, it aired several hours ago in Japan, but at the moment it seems it's still not 'available' yet, if you know what I mean. ;P


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Heracross said:
Yeah, it aired several hours ago in Japan, but at the moment it seems it's still not 'available' yet, if you know what I mean. ;P

Hmmm.....I guess Ill just wait and see it tomorrow. :D


What a great filler, I liked it a lot. It's too bad that the Father had to leave the Jigglypuff at the end, I was surprised when Jiggly came back to the Father in the last minutes of the episode. Seeing all the group's Pokemon was a treat, we almost never get to see Swellow or Mudkip anymore. This filler was a lot better then the Kingdom of Onix, I must say. My favorite pic was this one http://www2.filb.de/anime/ag/138/046.jpg. Loudred looks weird! It is a different Jigglypuff everyone, not the same one that we have known for a long time.


Looked at the pics.

Seemed like an okay filler. I didn't really enjoy it myself, but there has been worse... did the father catch Team Rocket mid-motto and show them pictures of his family? xD

So the general gist of the episode is (although you could look at the pictures yourself.. xD; ):
-Ash and the others are walking in the woods, and they get caught in a net. They struggle, naturally.
-A Loudred approaches them expectantly, along with a man.
-At the fathers' house, he shows them what appears to be a buisness card (._. although that makes no sense, it's just what it looks like in terms of size. if it were the picture of his family, they'd probably pan in and explain things then.) Then he introduces his Loudred and May looks it up on the Pokedex.
-I beleive he asks if they'd like to test his Pokefood. ^^; All of the pokemon are released and eating, and they all seem to like it a lot.
-They hear a rustling in the bushes, and theres' some suspence for a while, before Jigglypuff pops out!
-The father challenges it to a battle; as Jigglypuff opens it's mouth (presumably to sing), and the others become suprised, before the father sends Loudred forth. It's instantly infaturated. Brock motions that that's bad.
-Jigglypuff uses an attack which catches them off guard (the CG sparkles by it's mouth, and the flames.. I'm assuming it's a Metronomed-Flamethrower? o_o), followed by Sing.
-Jigglypuff leaves and Loudred snaps out of it (although he didn't fall asleep, of course). He sweatdrops at everyone sleeping before shaking the father awake. He glances around before yelling in frustration. Jigglypuff giggles at this.
-TR's baloon floats overhead. Of course, they chatter about capturing Pikachu and Meowth has his Giovanni-promotion-vision. They cheer.
-Back at the house, the pokemon are searching high and low for Jigglypuff. Inside the house, May becomes alerted by a picture on the mantlepiece. The father takes it down and explains that it's his family and that he wanted to capture a Jigglypuff for his daughter.
-(flashback) The daughter looks earnest, while the father (in a buisness-suit, denoting that he became a trainer for the sole purpose of capturing a Jigglypuff) looks suprised. We scan from a big city to the woods, where the father looks for a Jigglypuff. Seeing one, he throws a ball at it-- but Jigglypuff dodges them all and they lie in a pile behind them as it sits on his back, sung asleep. This sequence repeats twice in shorter ways. Then we see him studying by lamplight, followed by capturing and training Loudred.
-Everyone is quiet from the story; the father continues to explain a bit before (of course), our heroes offer their help.
-Team Rocket listens from an audio-device (I wanna' say sattelite, but I'm not sure. o.o), while eating riceballs. As Meowth fingers for the last one, he touches Jigglypuff's head, and becomes frantic. TR gets angry that it would even consider eating their food (or something along those lines :p), and challenge it. It swats Meowth out of the way (maybe all of them... x_o), and they become infuriated, but it sings them to sleep.
-Back at the house, the pokemon hear Jigglypuff's song from nearby. Loudred and Mudkip go inside to alert the humans, and Ash yells determinably.
-TR has awakened and are struggling against the ever-bombarding song. Jessie sends out Wobofett, but it isn't much help and they all fall asleep again. It smiles and approaches the basket containing the rice-ball, but falters as it sees the others are prepared for battle.
-The father commands Loudred to use Hyper Voice, and Jigglypuff seems unaffected. Ash then tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt-- Jigglypuff isn't fazed by this either, as it jumps/floats before using Rollout on Pikachu. It flies into the air and Ash catches it before comfirming it's alright.
-Jigglypuff continues to rampage as TR sleeps. They awake (startled by the noise) and challenge the others, begenning to do their motto, before they're interrupted by the father, who seems to quiet them down by showing them pictures of his family. Loudred knocks them into the sky and blasts them off again...
-Jigglypuff appears to have run off for the moment. Ash appears to want to go and battle it right then, but Max chides him. May looks worried, and Ash prepares a pokeball before Brock stops him, having an idea...
-He has set out a bowl of his Pokefood, and is determined that Jigglypuff will like it. It approaches the bowl curiously but is turned off by the food. Brock is very dissapointed by this...
-Munchlax comes out and eats something out of May's hand, annoying everyone and making Jigglypuff laugh before it leaves.
-They chatter a while about their idea outside the house before Jigglypuff approaches. Loudred uses Hyper Voice to distract it while Ash and the others hold the door open. Jigglypuff begins using Rollout, and spins straight in to the house. They close the door-- their plan worked!
-Jigglypuff is obviously confused that it's now trapped inside the building, which is lined with steel walls. It glances around before Pikachu appears and uses Thunderbolt. It dodges and jumps, using the Metronomed-Flamethrower, which knocks Pikachu back. The others watch from outside the house. Jigglypuff slams Pikachu, making it pant. Afterwards it begins singing. The humans grin... Pikachu grits it's teeth but ends up succumbing to the song. Jigglypuff continues to sing and the musical notes bounce off the wall, eventually hitting itself and making it fall asleep.
-They all cheer and go inside. Ash wakes Pikachu up. They note to the father that he can capture the Jigglypuff now. He readies a pokeball and stares at the sleeping Pokemon for a few seconds before lowering the ball. He appears to have sympathy for it being asleep, and wouldn't want to capture it unaware. They chatter and he smiles towards his worthy advesary.
-Jigglypuff awakens as it is now night, and moonlight streams in through the window. It glances across the room, suprised at the bowl of food there...
-Back in the city with the fathers' family, the wife waters flowers in the front yard while the daughter runs up upon seeing her father. He kneels down and tells her that he was unable to capture a Jigglypuff, and that he tried (that's the general gist). The others smile. She smiles towards the Loudred and the father (in tears) hugs his easily-satisfied daughter.
-They become suprised as Jigglypuff flies overhead, bopping down beside the family. It appears to have gained the fathers' trust, and agrees to stay with them. The daughter hugs it. They all smile... May laughs at the girl and her new pokemon.

@_@ Woww, that took a long time to write. Hope that helps, people. ^^;

Nathan Madien

Me on a Good Day
Speaking of Jigglypuff, I wonder if this Jigglypuff has any connection with the OTHER Jigglypuff who is probably still wandering around Johto somewhere?


Original Pokeshipper
Nathan Madien said:
Speaking of Jigglypuff, I wonder if this Jigglypuff has any connection with the OTHER Jigglypuff who is probably still wandering around Johto somewhere?

Its possible, they could come from the same family or are possibly friends, coudnt they?


Seen the episode.


Can I just say RIGHT NOW that the father dude is adorable. ;; He goes out to catch Jigglypuff for his daugther, but he has no idea what he's going and so just throws random Pokeballs at the thing. (This is shown in a flashback. At the time, he has no beard. XD) Then he starts reading up on how to be a Pokemon Trainer, and catches Loudred. ^^

The way he speaks is also adorable. See, he's a business man from some city, (With a wife and daugther... Risa-chan. :3) and so nearly every sentence he speaks is full of politeness. He's always thanking Ash and co. and apologising... he's really sweet. ^^o He also hands out his business card to the group, heh.

Thoughts on the episode~

- Only one Jigglypuff, as predicted. There was no Mimic Flamethrower, just Jigglypuff using it.

-Another Special Ability is shown here, Jigglypuff's... uh... you know, when you touch it, you become attracted. ._. Cute Charm or something, I believe. Loudred fell in love with Jigglypuff after using Megs Punch, and then Brock explained what is was.

- ...CG Flamethrower. Bleh.

- Gio fantasy was pretty funny. Gio does the splits. :D

- Pikachu gets OWNED by Jiggly in their first battle

- Mudkip gets... uh, some screentime. It's out of it's Pokeball a bit, and along with Loudred, heard Jigglypuff coming later on in the episode. And of course, Forry didn't get any decent screentime. It did get to give a pretty angry facial expression though, right before Jiggly appeared for the first time. :|

- wtf. Brock and Max actually do something of USE in this episode. Max is the one who thinks up the plan which eventually foils Jiggypuff, and Brock makes some food beforehand to try to capture the 'puff... he tells Mr. Dad that he's Breeder and so of course knows what he's doing... until Jiggly turns its nose up at Brock's food and the poor Brockster is all WTFFFFFFFF NOOOOOOOOO and hangs his poor head in shame.

No a lot, but something.

- Team Rocket have a small role in this episode. They don't even finish their motto.

- Wobbuffet, right before going to sleep, pops up with some night/sleeping gear. lol. XD

- There's a pretty funky intrumental of the Battle Frontier intro. Pretty cool.

- Speaking of music DEAR GOD NO. wtf are the Japanese music people doing? We have that awful 'Waaaa waaaa waaaaaah!' music in this episode, as well as the stupid a*s music me and Gravy hate. -_-;

- Oh, and I don't believe there was any mention or flashback to the other Jiggly. :p

BTW, this isn't in order. -_- Just random points about the episode. :0


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The first half of this episode was a bit boring, but the second half definitely made up for it.
Team Rocket saying their motto while blasting off was quite funny, as well as Brock's reaction when Jigglypuff didn't show any interest in his Pokémon food.
Good sound and animation effects in the Pikachu vs. Jigglypuff battle, the whole thing was quite entertaining.
At last, they used pretty good music in this episode. Yay for the Regi music and the Karaoke version of 'Battle Frontier' (although it sounds slightly differently than the instrumental version on the CD).


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Alfonso said:
- Wobbuffet, right before going to sleep, pops up with some night/sleeping gear. lol. XD
That part was awesome XD If Chimecho had came out too, that would have been the cherry on the cake.

They've officially started to go overboard with the CG animated attacks in this show. Even Loudred's Mega Punch was given a (totally unessicary) CG glowing effect. Are they being forced to put this stuff in at knifepoint or something?

I'm getting kind of tired of all these really dire sounding little tunes they seem to be inserting into episodes recently. I'm sure they've got some much better music at their disposal to use for those 'funny' or crazy kinds of scenes.
The scene where Team Rocket charge at Jiggly only be face a Flamethrower at full blast had some really nice zany sounding music for example. Its much more preferable than a lot of the new, cartoony Hanna-Barbera-esque rubbish they're putting in these days.
But I'm glad that they finally managed to get the Regi music into an episode again. They seem to play it very rarely these days, and its a shame because its really quite cool sounding. And the karaeoke version of Battle Frontier was pretty neat too.

Munchlax fails at being funny. Again.
Though Jigglypuff doesn't. I had to laugh as it completely snubbed Brock's pokémon food. As well as Brock's shocked reaction to Jiggly's taste in food. And having it beat the stuffing out of Pikachu was a real treat..

So...umm...where the HELL did they get all of those metallic plates lining the entire interior of that little shack?
And none of those Thunderbolts or Flamethrowers managed to hit the windows?
Gotta love animé logic.

Its dissapointing that there was absolutely no reference to the marker-weilding 'puff that has been around since the early days. That was the biggest letdown this episode had. And after having it around for such a long time, I found it to be rather awkward having this random Jigglypuff come along and have a whole episode focusing on it. Surely I can't be the only one who thinks thats just wrong? :/ A whole episode with Jigglypuff and no temper tantrums resulting in ink-coated mugs? It just didn't feel right at all.
Overall, I found the whole thing to be...well..,really quite boring. Despite actually seeing a Jigglypuff put up a kickass fight, there was nothing very interesting about this episode at all. Just seemed like a waste of time to me.
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Well, as far as my opinion goes, this > Kingdom of Onix episode.

It had Kanto-ish feel (though I suppose that's a bit redundant now that we're back in Kanto). It had that, 'I'm a Filler, but I'm a good episode' sense. For example, the Father character was a great CotD. There should be more Poke-People like him. And then we had Jigglypuff, which put on a fantastic display of moves and abilities. I love how the one-up of Loudred's Soundproof was, in turn, one-upped by Jiggly's Cute Charm. So all in all, while I'm not always too fond of their decisions to go with fillers, this one gave me my money's worth.


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Well, this was a good episode, though it was dissappointing that there was no mention of the old Purin, let alone an appearance. Anyway, here's what I thought:

-They need more filler characters like this guy. He actually had personality, and was a great guy trying so hard to catch Purin for his daughter. It made me go "aww" when we saw his family there at the end.
-Does anyone have a fly swatter? Cuz there appears to be some annoying musical notes floating around. ><
-CG flamethrower sucked too. :/
-Kojirou-tachi didn't really do anything in this ep, which wasn't really a bad thing. Soonansu popping up with the sleeping gear was hilarious though. XD
-I liked the use of the late Kanto music in this episode, namely the stuff playing when Purin first shows up and during the Purin vs Pikachu battle. Good stuff.
-Masato and Takeshi both got decent roles in this one, which was quite a welcome change from the norm.
-No mention of the old Purin whatsoever = wtf.


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Heracross said:
-No mention of the old Purin whatsoever = wtf.

That's so lame and again shows that the writers seem to neglect the history of the show... the "old" jigglypuff has had so many encounters with the characters, failing to mention it is just plain criminal!


Yeah, ok!
^ That's probably the biggest fear about the Battle Frontier saga. They're in a familiar region that they've been through before, yet we may not see any mentions toward the old characters/pokemon/towns/adventures from the 1st season.


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Yep, it's things like that that cause me to fear this whole arc will just be one massive wad of wasted potential. :s