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Rough, Tough Jigglypuff (415)


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Very good episode. I like Max's plan to catch Jigglypuff, make me wonder what ever happened to to that Jigglypuff that was following Ash's group around for awhile.


this was a good episode in my opinion but i noticed that the story base of this episode is often used, sometimes there is something stolen and at other episodes somebody gets ill and now we have another request to help catching a pokemon episode, i noticed this alot lately.


Very nice episode for Jigglypuff. I always like seeing them in the anime, whether it be the marker pen one or a wild one. Team Rocket ended up blasting off while still performing their motto, and the little girl ended up getting the Jigglypuff after all. A happy ending.


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That Jigglypuff is EVIL! Did you see her eyes?!
Anyways, ash and co. had a good idea to use the room to reflect sing. I never thought it would've worked though...


Geez, more Filler. The final episodes of Advanced Battle were full of them for some reason. We got ourselves another Jigglypuff episode though at least this one didn't feature the same old Jigglypuff from Kanto. We got another Jigglypuff instead, although it wasn't very entertaining. 2/10.
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Jigglypuff was very strong, wow..

Even Pikachu wasn't able to beat it.

And i loved to see a Loudred


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That Jigglypuff did look tough really, it wasn't too bad for an filler, it was sweet of that father to try and capture the Jigglypuff (Rather then a father who doesn't seem to care which seems to be the stereotypical fathers on TV). It was sweet that Jigglypuff came and the girl got it afterall and Loudred.


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This episode was ok... This episode was hilarious and bizarre at the same time. It was cool to see a Jigglypuff finally use its Cute Charm ability. It was interesting to see that Jigglypuff could use Flamethrower. It was odd to see TR use their motto while blasting off. The plan to have the shack be set up in a way that Jigglypuff would sing itself to sleep was very clever.



That Jigglypuff could give the classic Jigglypuff some problems. This was an okay episode. I found Jigglypuff entertaining but the executive guy to be rather dull.
At first, I thought this was the Jigglypuff that followed Ash and the others everywhere earlier in the show. Then I remembered that that one's story was done.


I thought it was sweet that Mitch was trying to catch Jigglypuff for his daughter and he was smart for using Loudred to assist him given its Soundproof ability. I loved the CGI that was used when Jigglypuff used Sing. I liked that this Jigglypuff put up a good fight and the plan to use Jigglypuff's Sing against it was pretty impressive. The ending was adorable.


The end of this episode had me going "DAAAAWWWW" the whole time. it was adorable. And yes, that was an evil Jigglypuff. would love to see the antics it gets into at the house.

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An alright episode, but I kinda liked Mitch's persistence in catching Jigglypuff for his daughter, Lisa. But then kinda didn't expect that the Jigglypuff wanted to play with Mitch and at least Lisa got it. It was funny when everyone slept in the end ^-^.

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Aww the dad wanting to get Jigglypuff for his daughter was sweet and I like how he used Loudred for its ability. I just wish this episode had been about the recurring Jigglypuff instead. ^^


I'm glad we got a whole new Jigglypuff here even if the plot wasn't too good to begin with. Loudred's Soundproof ability being used was a good idea. 6/10


Ah yes, the episode where fans thought we'd see Ash's dad because of the Japanese title lol. I didn't even like the new Jigglypuff...