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Round One - Begin! (077)

X the.only.trainer.ever X

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Alfonso said:
Ash totally had Beginner's Luck in this episode. There is NO WAY that an unexperienced League Battler can totally, and I mean, TOTALLY smash a League Favourite (Who is an experienced battler, at that.) apart. Hence why I was annoyed by how the battle went. It would have been better if Ash had had a little trouble beating Mandy... maybe Pikachu and Squirtle could have been beaten by Exeggutor, only for Krabby to win it for him. That's how it *should* have gone in my opinion... it would have added a little danger to the situation. ("OMG Ash is gonna lose because he only has, like, ONE POKEMON left!") Instead, we see a Pokemon that has never fought before in a battle against three EXPERIENCED, kick-a*s Pokemon, who all got beaten by said unexperienced Pokemon. -_-

Oh, and Mandy is one of my favourite One-Shots. Totally awesome. So I'm bound to have a *little* bias. n.n;
the exact same thing went through my head when I first saw the episode

How is it that a Krabby,that was never used in any of Ash's previous battles,take out a competitor that was claimed to be a fan favourite...Ash smoked this guy

It was weird that Krabby defeated Exeggutor even with it's type disadvantage,then evolve,clobber Seadra,and then use Hyper Beam

To me,in the anime,Hyper Beam is one of those moves that experienced,well trained pokemon could use,but not after simply evolving

Volt Tackle

Kingler was great in that battle. But it would been funnier if the match ended in a double KO between Golbat and Kingler, making Ash still win.

Dr. Sun

This was an awesome episode. Ash uses one of the pokemon he's got at Professor Oak's lab for the very first time, and it deals out the punishment in spades. A great battle, three strong opponents, and an evolution to boot. It doesn't get any better than this. Bonus points for having Kingler smash that Cloyster open in "Fire and Ice".


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I dont see how ash could of won that but Krabby was kool and Kingler was even kooler. We can be thankful not all his league matches where like that


Abort, Retry, Fail?
When I first watched this episode (I was little at the time), I REALLY wanted Ash to win this round. I felt really happy when he beat his opponent.


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A excellent episode, this episode brings back so many memories for me, Krabby and Kingler are two of my favorites so it's nice to see them get used. Ash really had beginner's luck in this episode considering this is the first time he used Krabby/Kingler in the entire season since he caught it, plus he knew all of it's attacks right off the bat with out even knowing if Krabby/Kingler knew them. Anyway grats to Ash for winning his 1st round and advancing. It's surprising that Ash actually managed to get this far considering he was only carrying around five Pokemon for most of the season, also this episode really shows what a jerk Gary was during the first season glad the writers changed that as the series progressed.
A very good episode for me, but I will express the same opinion as many others of Krabby's beginner's luck - very unlikely, but I still really enjoyed it.
The one thing that does bug me though, is how Ash just shouted out attacks, and Kingler instantly knew them...a little odd, but there you go.


Don't die, ketchup!
The one thing that does bug me though, is how Ash just shouted out attacks, and Kingler instantly knew them...a little odd, but there you go.

Yeah, that got on my nerves, too. But, hey, you've got to expect it by now since the anime often makes mistakes like that.


Old school
Ah this ep was brilliant...

One thing you've gotta give Ash props for, at least he went through the trouble of learning Krabby's attacks before he sent it into battle... To be fair he rarely uses all of his pokémon's available attacks, and the whole vicegrip -> leer -> stomp thing really was a pretty good combo.

I dunno, maybe the fact that Krabby beat Exeggutor, which was clearly at a high level, gave it enough experience to evolve? Sure all Ekans and Koffing ever did was lose, and they evolved with magic tears.

One thing I found odd was the fact that they made such a big deal of showing Kingler off, even though it had appeared a couple of times before this episode, and it'd been checked out with the pokédex too...

On the subject of Kingler being weak against air attacks, I think the whole point of Brock saying "air" as opposed to "flying" is that while he has no immediate disadvantage to moves like wing attack, it's hardly the most mobile creature and can't exactly speed out of the way if attacked from above... Instead it just uses hyper beam, and hands Golbat it's butt on a plate. =D

pokemon fan 132

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An excellent episode.This was Ashs first battle in Indigo tournament,and im amased how he managed to win all three battles with only Krabby who evolved in Kingler.At first i was little skeptic when his Krabby was at disadvantage against Exeggutor,but luckily Ash managed to pull out the win against him,which gave his Krabby enough selfconfidence to evolve in Kingler.The battle against Seadra and Golbat was also great,especially the last one in which even if Ashs Kingler was in big disadvantage,managed to win with hyper beam.I think,this episode showed how much Ash evolved as a trainer from the time when he started his Pokemon journey.


this episode was very good, winning three battles in a row with only one pokemon isn't very easy, i'll give this one a 9/10.


In my nightmares
I love this :D I love how Krabby/Kingler sweeped all of them. That Mandy guy sucked. His exeggutor must have been poorly trained to get beaten by a water type.
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Blue Snover

Cold as ice
I think it was a bad move to battle with Krabby, especially since it hadn't been trained properly.

It shocked me though, when it managed to beat Exeggutor.

I'm glad that guy got the smile wiped off his face, he was really arrogant.



The Beginning of the Pokemon League! I really didn't like the way that Ash's opponent, Mandy, acted. He thinks he would win as his Pokemon was strong enough, but that's just mocking another trainer. Surprisingly, I was so glad that Ash's Krabby evolved into Kingler, as it'll have good advantage when Ash advances on.


kiss my greens
Ahaha, gotta love that arrogant Gary. Ash's opponent was kind of a fruit, if you ask me. Kingler kicked a lot of butt, it was awesome. A rather bland episode, but still decent nonetheless.