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Round One - Begin! (077)


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i think this was an epic battle b/c of his confidence is krabby, but i dont understand where it got all of that power from. ash had never used it, not even once b4 that, yet krabby was able to evolve and sweep his opponents entire team. a little odd if u ask me


Krabby was too weak, it was good to see it evolving. Kingler was so strong, i loved to see it battling.


What kind of name is Mandy? It was weird, he didn't even look like a trainer to me; he looked more like a juggler at a circus. I loved how Krabby evolved while fighting that dreadful Exeggutor, then it took down not just Exeggutor but Seadra and Golbat too which was amazing to see. Excellent way to start off the Pokemon League arc and a great way to showcase an ignored Pokemon. 9/10.
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This was a good way to start off the league. How Ash won this battle is a complete mystery to me but it was very good. I thought it was such an amateur move for Ash to use Krabby since...well...he's never used it before and it's never battled, but at least it evolved into Kingler and did a great job and won Ash the battle. I actually liked Mandy and thought he was kinda interesting, I also liked his team. Great episode.


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What kind of name is Mandy? It was weird, he didn't even look like a trainer to me :S

I loved how Krabby evolved while fighting that dreadful Exeggutor. then it took down not just Exeggcutor but Seadra and Golbat too.

Excellent way to start off the Pokemon League. 9/10

Defintiely, beginner's luck for Ash. Poor Krabby. It was really taking a beating, til it evolved that is. Kingler kicked some major butt!


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We really need to see Kingler again, he was so awesome here! Great episode.


I remember being SO surprised when I saw Krabby evolve. Wow...that was such a long time ago. Now, looking back, Ash won this out of sheer luck. If Krabby wouldn't have evolved, he wouldn't have won. Also, Krabby's the ONLY water pokemon of Ash's thats ever evolved >_>; I wish we had the chance to see Kingler more. But as for this episode, I loved seeing Seadra. It was one of my favorite pokemon.

So....I rate this a 8/10.


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Ash's first battle in the league, oh yeah. Kingler, of course was the big star of the battle, I was pretty surprised how it was so easy to defeat Mendy's pokemon (Exeggutor for example).

I guess it is because of the fact that the writers wanted to give Ash an easy battle first. Then the things became harder.

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Kingler is an unbeatable beast. Ash should use him more often.


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Krabby was used so well in this episode. And Ash's friends are so not encouraging in this episode but I was laughing when they were speechless of Krabby's evolution and wins.


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I liked this episode. Seeing Krabby evolve and win the battle for Ash, but I didn't like however that it only took 1 battle and 1 episode for him to evolve, and Ash's other Pokemon had been with him so much longer and often, and still haven't evolved. Very glad Ash defeated a fav. for the 1st round.



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I thought Ash did amazing in this episode! When the battle began with Krabby vs. Exeggutor, I got very worried and felt certain that Ash was going to get creamed. So, you can imagine just how surprised I was when Krabby knocked out Exegguto, evolved, and then went on the defeat the next two Pokemon. I remember being in awe at how powerful Kingler was.

The one thing that really bothered me in this episode was Mandy's name. I kept thinking, "Isn't that a girl's name?" o_O

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Misty and Brock were very encouraging in this episode, what are people talking about?

They were telling Ash the truth, it would've been wiser to use a more experienced pokemon to battle with, as Krabby had no experience at all. Misty was even willing to lend Ash one of her pokemon, how caring and generous~!

It was funny how Team Rocket interrupted the match just to support Ash, and they knew it was them...lol All those Jenny's arresting them, and Brock with his usual fanboyisms...

Anyways, looking back and seeing it now, this match was everything but DEM and luck for Ash...Krabby starts off losing the battle and then it's able to turn the match around and win. Then it evolved, and won again, and then to win the last match, it learned hyper beam....Totally unrealistic....


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I'm not sure if it was this episode, but there's an episode where ash is at the pokemon league and team rocket are using their balloon as a distraction (it has pikachu dolls dangling from the bottom of it). 2 Officer Jenny's and their Growlithe see the Balloon, but when officer jenny shouts out an order she screams "Arcanine use flamethrower!"......but it's a Growlithe. Again, sorry if this is the wrong episode.....


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I liked this episode for many reasons. Two of them was seeing Krabby in action for the first and then evolving. Glad Ash won the battle. I never really liked Mandy though, he was a creep. I wish Ash would use Kingler more often though.



Kingler's only shining moment is what I primarily remember this episode for. It's Ash's most ignored Pokémon and it's a shame it doesn't get mre spotlight. Anyway, the battle itself was pretty good and one of the better ones in the Indigo League.


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It's Nidoran!
I quite liked this episode, especially the way that they made the Trainers battle on different grounds. The Team Rocket reporters were quite funny, as was the Mandi dude. I loved how they were actually rooting for Ash in his battle vs Mandi.
As for the battle itself, it wasn't that great but it was nice to see Krabby battle, and then evolve really fast. I don't think it should have evolved after it's first battle to be honest. It was nice to see Seadra for the first time. I think the battle may have been a bit lame because all Ash had to use was his Krabby/Kingler.
I missed Team Rocket and their usual antics though. ):

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Kingler was so beast in this battle! But I wonder why Ash doesn't use Kingler more often... is it because of this match? or that he is a water Pokemon that evolved? Here's to hoping that Kingler will return!