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Round One - Begin! (077)


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I love this episode. Nice way to start with the Indigo League, It was interesting how Krabby evolved into Kingler and won the match. It's one of my favorite Water types of Ash's!
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Good episode. I just love to see good ol' Krabby evolving to a Kingler. The Indigo League was in many ways a defining moment in Ash's improvement as a trainer. He obviously made many mistakes and mostly won by luck and a little skill, but he learned well from this League - which is evident by the fact that Ash was much different personality-wise after the Orange Isles.


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Kingler kicked some serious ***


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Harden...Vicegrip...Leer...Stomp....Water Gun...Bubble...Crabhammer....Hyper Beam...

Man it sure had a lot of moves.


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This was a great episode, watching this episode brings back so memories. This episode is a classic and memorable episode and it's one of my favorite episodes of the Kanto saga.

The battle between Ash and Mandy(Geez, what kind of name is that? It's didn't sound like a boy's name)was great and Krabby was the star in this episode. This is the first time Ash used his Krabby after he caught it. It's smart thinking of Ash to learn Krabby's moves before sending it into a battle. I loved the scene where Krabby defeated Exeggutor and evolved into a Kingler, the expression on Brock and Misty's faces were priceless. It's awesome how Kingler sweeped Mandy's other Pokémon too, making Ash the winner of the match. I'm glad Ash advanced to the second round.

Kingler is Ash's first and only fully-evolved water type Pokémon, too bad it didn't get any decent appearance after this episode.
How many moves could Kingler use in that battle? It was definitely more than 4.
Then again, the games and the anime aren't equal, so it's understandable.


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I was really impressed by Ash's Krabby beating an Exeggutor and then evolving after only one on-screen battle. I didn't care for Krabby before that, but the writers made me care about him after this episode. Anyway, I was a bit sad by Mandi's Seadra losing so quickly though; its debut could've been better imo.


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Yay Krabby's time to shine, it's a shame Kingler didn't ever get much screen time in the series, it was great that they at least gave it one episode for some development and evolution. I liked how well thought out the league looked in this first one, its sad they didn't put this much effort in with all the league arcs they do. TR and jessie in particular were pretty funny in this episode, her summary of that guys team really cracked me up, amusing the first time they cheered for Ash in the league too.


Lol finally Ash's Krabby did something useful by sweeping at the Indigo League's 1st round. It was such an epic match especially when Krabby evolved.

Mrs. Oreo

Wow Ash did so well with Kingler despite its lack of experience. Seeing him sweep Mandi's Exeggutor, Seadra and Golbat was so cool and I loved the look of the water field, which was an interesting setting.
Ash using Krabby seemed like a bad choice at first, but I was wrong since he did well. I didn't think he would know Hyper Beam, but I'm glad he did. :)


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Ash totally had Beginner's Luck in this episode. There is NO WAY that an unexperienced League Battler can totally, and I mean, TOTALLY smash a League Favourite (Who is an experienced battler, at that.) apart. Hence why I was annoyed by how the battle went. It would have been better if Ash had had a little trouble beating Mandy... maybe Pikachu and Squirtle could have been beaten by Exeggutor, only for Krabby to win it for him. That's how it *should* have gone in my opinion... it would have added a little danger to the situation. ("OMG Ash is gonna lose because he only has, like, ONE POKEMON left!") Instead, we see a Pokemon that has never fought before in a battle against three EXPERIENCED, kick-a*s Pokemon, who all got beaten by said unexperienced Pokemon. -_-

Oh, and Mandy is one of my favourite One-Shots. Totally awesome. So I'm bound to have a *little* bias. n.n;

Oak WAS looking out for it this whole time. It wasn't like it was unhealthy. Mandy didn't take him seriously at all, which is why I say he lost so convincingly. Krabby also didn't really flip out at all, and remained pretty calm, unlike his opponent.

It is okay for anime to have these sort of miracles every once and a while.


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Kind of messed up, but I once thought Mandi was a girl lol. I don't see how Ash could of won this battle with just his Krabby/Kingler, but I'm thankful that not all his League matches where clean sweeps.


Now the Sekiei League finally began, and I found Koomu to be too much of a show-off, so I was looking forward to seeing Satoshi beat him. I didn't expect to see Crab evolve into Kingler here however, much less watch him defeat Koomu's Nassy, Seadra, and Golbat one after the other like it was nothing.


Looking back, the fact that the initial rounds of the Sekiei League were set up to take place on different fields felt kind of redundant. Sure, Satoshi's Crab dove underwater on the water field at one point in this episode, yet it didn't spend much time utilizing the field to its advantage. In fact, Nassy made better use of the field than Crab did by creating a maelstrom.


Ash's Krabby being a powerhouse was so wrong since he had never gotten trained in the past and was suddenly able to sweep three of Mandy's Pokemon.