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Route One

Lugia Tamer

< Is friggin awesome
I was wondering if I could get some reviews of my site, located here.

I am not looking for someone to say "You hardly have any content," because I, as the webmaster, should know that already. What I am really looking for is a review of the layout, but if you must criticize the content then base it on the quality, not the quantity.

Well, I hope someone reviews it. *crosses fingers, don't let this thread die*


Punk Rock > You
OK, nice layout. I like the banner but I think the saying under it has been used before but I'm not sure where. I got told this and it is very important and I am telling you:

As your knowledge of CSS and HTML improves, so will your layout.
Remember that!

Don't hotlink images. Your Sprites are being used from an other site so it uses up there bandwidth. Save them to your Computer and upload them onto a Photobucket or your sites account.

But I think your layout is a template from the site you are using. I would suggest making it look the same but using your own coding.

It's nice the way it is but those are somethings you can work on.


You're layout is nice, and original, which is very good. ^_~

I'm not going to review your content seeing as there's not much of it. xD


Just me
I like the layout; it's simple, clean and to-the-point. But yes, you really ought to host the images on your own server instead of leeching bandwidth from PE2K.

Something about the banner bugs me a little, but I can't really pinpoint it.

Lugia Tamer

< Is friggin awesome
I changed all the images to images I already have on my server. It was pretty easy actually, just find and replace. I guess I didn't think my site would cause any trouble on Pe2k's side, seeing as it was no where near as large.

Thanks for the otherwise positive reviews :)


Nice layout, you have good D/P content too. =D

I'd just suggest maybe working on your grammar? I spotted a few mistakes on several pages.

Lugia Tamer

< Is friggin awesome
Something is wrong with my host, hopefully it will be working by the end of the day.

Arcanine Royale

Well-Known Member
Yeah, 110mb can be a little screwy sometimes... But I really like the layout design wise. The only thing that bothers me is that when you go into say Diamond and Pearl the information appears on the right nav, smothering the affiliates. I think that there are better ways to display content than imitating Serebii, especially when you have a really small left nav. (Why Serebii needs to put the right nav in because their left nav is huge enough as is).