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[RP] Alternate: The Uprising [Pokémon] (PG13)

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
[RP] Alternate: The Uprising [Pokémon] (PG13)

Alternate: The Uprising


If you're looking for the sign up, feast your eyes on this. Sign ups are always open and you're free to jump in and enjoy the water any time. No closures, no adult swim, no lines. And I'm not even going to force you to wait after eating a big heavy meal either.

Also, post headers on the top of your posts. It makes it easier for people to find you and know what side you're on! Less chance of friendly fire that way!



Malack Harvey - Played by Floorman
Daray Orfeo - Played by Kintio
Vosok Gilt - Played by lawmaster
Laufeia Khruschev - Played by Miss Manipulation
Flamara Volcanis - Played by Jason-Kun
Tesla "Tessa" Isya - Played by Kintio
Melissa "Mimi" Shannon - Played by Mon1010
Michelle "Jonah" Matthews - Played by Wile E. Coyote
Albert "The Trickster" Rommel - Played by LokiTheGengar
Kenton Garner - Played by The Lord 67
Felix Lindel (Lucky Se7en) - Played by Niihyl
Kodai No Tsu “Gaado” - Played by Zalck
Olivia Irvine - Played by Purplepassion
Wes Strider - Played by Billy Mays
Blake Elric - Played by Eeveeon8
Charles "Ux" Wilson - Played by Winterbreezesrule
Alexandrea Hampton/Silicon "Sil" - Played by aggiegwyn


Brian Stone - Played by Neo Pikachu
Marx (Shadow) Gordon - Played by Tasslehoff
Theresa Lynette - Played by Miss Manipulation
Alex "Moon" Miller - Played by Winterbreezesrule
Derek "Powerhouse" Feyr - Played by Wile E. Coyote
Kristofer "Kris" Riveraid - Played by GoldenHouou
Aiko Yamada - Played by aggiegwyn
Emilise Stone - Played by Winterbreezesrule
George Ramsley Porter - Played by Septic Scepti1e
Lyuba Volkova - Played by *Jean Grey*
Karkat - Played by Kintio
Karen Hills - Played by Neo Pikachu
Theo Doraino - Played by Pokefan0234
Joe Liono - Played by Soaring Pikachu
Xaiver "X" Owens & Sally Summers - Played by Billy Mays
Jocelyn Desmarais - Played by Purplepassion


In a parallel Pokémon world, Gijinkas aren't super-loathed, always-out-to-be-hunted beings. In fact, in this world, they represent the rich and famous, the respected and well-received celebrities and "nobility" of the Pokémon world, admired for their close connection to Pokémon and their powerful abilities. They resemble the top 30% of the world population, and enjoy flashing and glamorizing what makes them a Gijinka, usually having the ears, colored hair, tail, wings, or some other feature that resembles the Pokémon they're a Gijinka of. They live in sheer luxury, eat the finest foods, and enjoy priority seating, excellent service, VIP access, and have never known what it's like to wait on line. Meanwhile, Gijinkas of legendary Pokémon are extremely well-respected, and often became the leaders of regions and CEOs of companies. Meanwhile, even the legendaries themselves approve that Gijinkas are the "chosen ones," making it so only they are allowed to communicate to Pokémon and use their special moves and abilities.

It's humans that are the blue collar, redneck types that never even taste a position of leadership unless a Gijinka leader gives them the green light, which only happens in cases of when no other Gijinka wants the job. And Gijinkas never have to listen to a human if they don't want to. Often referred to as the "Giftless," humankind essentially falls into a lower caste they can never get out of. Instead of all the things Gijinkas get to enjoy, humans are more like Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs with dirt and crap on their hands and faces. You see them cleaning out the trash, picking up Pokémon roadkill, shoveling feces, and even human kids are denied a college education and instead are left picking what kind of janitorial or fast food job they want to take when they grow up. And yes, Gijinkas always want fries with that.

And that was just how things worked. This was how the legendaries liked it, and it has been done this way for centuries. Only Gijinkas get to be Gym Leaders and Elite Four members. Even if humans can prove they raised better Pokémon teams, they just get "honorable mention" awards and never really can become official champions or even get just a bronze third place trophy. But even just getting that far, however, was rare, as Gijinkas usually have better funding and can buy more with their money to help support their teams. While Gijinkas can spray one Full Restore after another, humans are stuck only with whatever berries they could find in nature.

Sure, it's unfair, but no one can really object to it. Until one day, Alfred Clyde, an older human scientist, believed he found a way to screw around with genetics and make a human appear to be a Gijinka, which would do wonders in shutting down prejudices once and for all if it was successful and could be taken mainstream. Upon testing on a control group of fifteen willing humans that were just outright sick of their crappy jobs thanks to Gijinka regulation, the result was unexpected. They became what are now known as PokéMorphs, humans that resemble a Pokémon much more than in the case of Gijinkas. Instead of just tails, ears, or other minor aspects like that, PokéMorphs just barely had human resemblance, now having the fur, skin, scales, and full-body colorations of those Pokémon as well. Truthfully, the distinction was far too apparent, and Clyde knew the Gijinka nobility would need to be a batch of backwards idiots to be fooled by it... which they weren't.

Clyde, with deep regret, was willing to throw in the towel on the project due to its failure. However, a new human uprising, the Stalwart Brotherhood, liked what Clyde had tried to do with his research. So, with a little more personnel and funding, they tried again, but it only resulted in more PokéMorphs. But, from what they noticed, the PokéMorphs were just as powerful and capable as their Gijinka counterparts. Instead, they decided to use it.

It wasn't long until Gijinkas suddenly caught wind about the creation of PokéMorphs, and they immediately denounced them as freaks of nature, and came to the quick judgment that they should be blown to bits and taken out of history books. The Stalwart Brotherhood, already on the bad side of every Gijinka for disobeying their Gijinka superiors, simply laughed about the threats, and declared they would unleash payback for all the centuries of injustice, which included even giving legendary Pokémon the finger... with a smile.

To make the Gijinka authority even more enraged, Clyde and his associates created the "Chimeras," essentially PokéMorphs with features of multiple Pokémon rolled into one. While humans and the Stalwart Brotherhood felt they were amazing creations that essentially created new Pokémon out of humans, Gijinkas were outright disgusted by them, stressing about how they never thought humans could stoop so low and use mad science to create something so unethical. The more Gijinkas hated things, the more the Stalwart Brotherhood felt like creating them.

Now, the uprising has begun. The Stalwart Brotherhood is now using stolen resources and weaponry to fuel their campaign. They have completely dethroned the Gijinka administration in Sinnoh and Unova, and as a result, most Gijinkas have left both countries to join their brethren in other regions, vowing to clean up the mess the Brotherhood created and get things back to normal. With them are the legendaries, using whatever they can to ensure Gijinkas are kept as the proper leaders of the world, and to make sure every last PokéMorph and Chimera is destroyed to nonexistence.

So, what side are you going to choose?


The Gijinka Alliance

The Gijinka Alliance consists of all ruling and powerful Gijinkas, as well as obedient humans resistant to the influence of the Stalwart Brotherhood. These humans believe that as the legendaries willed and decided it, Gijinkas are more deserving, are more powerful, and in essence, are the rightful rulers of civilization and authority under the legendaries. They feel that for any human that doesn't like it, that's tough luck. Also, the Gijinka Alliance never accepts PokéMorphs or Chimeras on their side. Turncoat humans, however, are much easier to manage and track.

The Gijinka Alliance is also very well funded, and has every legendary on their side.

The Stalwart Brotherhood

The Stalwart Brotherhood, often referred to as "The Brotherhood" for short, is a rag-tag army of humans, PokéMorphs, and Chimeras, seeking to disrupt and overthrow the system. Wild, rebellious, and unruly in nature, the Brotherhood seeks to try and be as politically incorrect as possible, and can be very dastardly in battle. In addition, The Brotherhood never accepts Gijinkas into their ranks. They simply hate them and would love nothing more than to see them rot at the French fryer for a few hours.

The Stalwart Brotherhood may not be as well funded as the Gijinkas with fast food and janitorial salaries, but they're good at stealing, hotwiring, and reverse engineering machines and vehicles. In time, they're expecting to be able to make their own.


For purposes of this RP, Pokémon Gijinkas have plenty of Pokémon features, such as tails, wings, colored hair, ears, and so on, but only PokéMorphs have their skin and face altered to have different colors or fur in addition to all that.

If you need a visual example of the difference:

Flareon Gijinka

Flareon PokéMorph

Gijinkas and PokéMorphs can use any Pokémon move the Pokémon they're related to can learn, be it level up, TM, egg, tutor, whatever. You can also be a Gijinka or PokéMorph of any Pokémon, though keep in mind, even if you choose a legendary Pokémon, your power is still on level with those of non-legendaries (throw all stats into the gutter). Otherwise yes, Virginia, everyone's gonna pick legendaries.

Chimeras can choose up to three Pokémon to be related with in any arrangement you desire. However, they can only use the level up moves of any of those three Pokémon. Just to keep things even.

Meanwhile, only Gijinkas can understand Pokémon speech. Everyone else is stuck hearing them repeat all the syllables of their names.


NOTE: I kind of want to make this RP a little more loose, casual, and humorous than the usual RP. I'm okay with people bending the rules and going a little overboard, but don't pull your pants down and take a messy crap over the entire RP... figuratively speaking, of course.

  • Follow all standard SPPF rules. You knew that already, right?
  • Some god-modding is alright, as long as it's not cheap and mercilessly spoils the RP for other people. I'm okay with people bending the rules of reality, it keeps things interesting. As long as you rightfully earn stuff, it's all good.
  • Don't bunny. Easter's over, dude.
  • Material should be PG13. Violence is great, but don't jump all over the idea of slapping ridiculous sexual or racist content in your posts.
  • You're free to make multiple characters, enough until you even make a termite colony jealous. As long as you give them each equal showtime, it's fine with me.
  • Be creative, punch in plot twists, and go all out. And yes, interact with people! Be a player, not a spectator.


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Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Brian Stone - Lopunny/Furret/Ninetales Chimera
Stalwart Brotherhood
UNA Angelwing Aircraft Carrier, Castelia City, Unova

It was a rather sunny day with a nice cool breeze as we decided to check out some of the cool things the Gijinkas had to leave behind after they rushed out from us taking over Unova. One of them included an Aircraft Carrier called the Angelwing, which looked pretty big and expensive.

A bunch of other members of the Brotherhood were already there, waiting for me. Apparently, these guys had been working as crew members, enjoying the less-than-life-fulfilling tasks of doing all the junk the Gijinkas wanted them to do while they had the cooler jobs. I figured they probably had a hand in keeping this nice big ship in our possession.

"So, you think you guys might be able to start this thing up?" I asked a few of the humans and PokéMorphs. "My specialty is cars and trucks, so this thing's a little out of my league."

"Yeah, pretty sure," A Dragonite PokéMorph named Josh nodded with a goofy smile. "I mean, I used to do the deck cleaning and repairs, and I've watched those Gijinkas man the controls and stuff. Doesn't look that hard... I think."

"It's not," Bernard, a human computer techie geek with thick, black glasses replied. "I did all the IT support on this baby... at least when I wasn't power-leveling and raiding in World of Warcraft. You've got nothing on my level 85 warlock, simpleton!"

I figured that was a relief and we weren't complete morons when it came to getting this thing to make the Gijinkas wet their pants. I could already see they were making the place comfortable for themselves in ways the Gijinkas would have hated. Like plastering a "just say 'yes' to sex" poster on the wall, and the various candy wrappers, pizza boxes, CDs, and stuff that made the control room look like a college dorm.

"So, Commander Cottontails, what exactly are we planning on doing next, huh?" Josh asked me. "Word on the beach says most of the Gijinkas retreated to Kanto and Johto. After I've kicked their snotty little noses into their heads, I want those Gijinkas making my coffee, cleaning out my garbage, and giving me spa treatment."

"...I hope not all at the same time," I replied, finding that might be a little... dangerous and unsanitary. "Okay, last time I checked, they were in Kanto and Johto, but the place is... a really well-defended madhouse. That's why I'm thinking we gather up whatever kinds of weapons and stuff we've got, and target something they're not expecting. Like... Hoenn. I heard Slateport's kinda nice around this time of year."

"That works," Carl, one of the other humans, replied, along with some other agreement among the group. "About how much weaponry do we have anyway?"

Tough question. I wasn't really sure. Inventory checking... wasn't my thing.

"Dunno yet, still trying to figure out what's left over," I told him. "Think there's any more ships like this we could use?"

"A couple yachts, ferries, that kind of thing," Josh told me, shrugging. "Nothing like this beast. There might be another Unova Navy gunboat out there, but there's nothing else like this."

Well, that was a start, though. Good enough for me.


Creeping On Le Floor
Malack Harvey- Lanturn Gijinka
Gijinka Alliance
Harvey Medical Industries Building, Goldenrod City, Johto

Malack sat at his desk, pretending to listen to one of his workers, a human, who wanted better working conditions, and a raise. He was irate that such a lowly creature would come into his office, and demand him for such things.

The human would continue to talk, "Please, sir, I have a family to feed, I can't live on only ten dollars a week, it's just not possible! All I ask is that you give me a little more money to live on."

Malack would stand, outraged at this display of disobedience. "You know, I like to maintain a nice, stable, work environment. That's one of our company's policies." Malack would walk around the desk, closing the door to his office.

"Yes sir, I know." The human would say, "but please, sir, be reasonable, I have a family to feed. What if your family was starving? Would you not want to help keep them fed?"

Malack would begin to get visibly angry, as sparks would crackle from his antenna. "Are you insinuating that I'm just like you? Have you forgotten your place?!" Malack would yell, letting loose a shock wave into the poor man. "Hmm, how about this? I let you live, and forgive you for your disobedience, and you work for free," Malack would bark, kicking the man.

The man recoiled in pain and confusion. He was obviously too foolish to accept the offer. "But sir! I have done nothing wrong, I only want to feed my family," He would protest.

Malack wanted to hear none of it, and was far past the point of negotiations.
"So, you have not only tried to cause disruptions in my company, disobeyed me, and claimed to be my equal. Now you are insulting me by not accepting my generosity?! You wretch! Lehara, kill this fool," He would order his Mawile, releasing her from her pokèball.

The man would start to crawl back. "No, please, don't, I'm sorry, I'll take your offer," He would beg.

"It's far too late for that. Now, Lehara, Crunch," He would say, cruelly, as his Mawile would crunch down on the poor man's neck, crushing his windpipe. Malack would smirk as he watched the man slowly suffocate. "Good girl, Lehara," He said, as he would return her to her ball.

Pressing a button on his intercom, he would call his secretary, a young Chimecho Gijinka, "Send someone up here to clean up this mess." He would say, politely. Then, he would press another button, as he would speak to his entire facility, "attention, because of recent disturbances, I'm sorry to inform you that I'm cutting all human's salaries. Anyone who has a problem with this can come speak to me in my office. Have a nice day."


Well-Known Member
Aiko Yamada
Stalwart Brotherhood
Goldenrod City, Gijinka Mansion

“Make sure to clean up all of the water!” The gijinka shouted at Aiko as she sat in the destroyed restroom. Wow. This guy sure knew how to take a dump. What did he eat? Oh well, she would fix the bathroom, and clean it up…she guessed. It wasn’t her job, but she knew she wasn’t going to make it out alive if she didn’t. Oh well. At least he was leaving her alone to do her job. Half of the time these jobs were easy. The Miss-Priss gijinkas hardly ever actually thought of picking up the plunger. She sighed softly, so that he wouldn’t hear, then picked up and unclogged the toilet. It was a cinch.

Taking a rag from her pocket, she wiped up the sloppy water until the floor was basically as shiny as it was before. She put it back in her overall pockets, since it was pretty obvious that she wasn’t going to have a chance to wash it out before she got home. Drying off her hands she came out of the bathroom to see the gijinka waiting outside. He handed her a few dollars, and she walked out, not caring if he paid her the right amount or not. He probably didn’t. They never did. The selfish bastards.

She headed home, since it was the end of her workday. She earned enough to buy another pack of Ramen and possibly pay the bills for the month. Living kept getting harder and harder as a human. She heard some rumors about a revolution for the humans in Unova, but that’s all that they were: rumors. She didn’t care though. She almost had enough money saved to sail there. Only a few more dollars and she was going to buy the ticket. She would arrive in Castelia City, ready to help the cause. Even if there wasn’t a revolution there, she could always manage. She always had.

She was climbing up the stairs to her apartment when her next door neighbor, Mabel, opened her door. Mabel was elderly and frail. She was also very kind. Aiko didn’t really know too much about her to be honest, so she was surprised when the woman stopped her from climbing up the rest of the stairs.

“Here.” She handed Aiko an envelope. Aiko shook her head, no, she wasn’t accepting any gifts. But Mabel persisted, being as stubborn as she was old. After several minutes of arguing she finally accepted the folder with thanks and finished her journey home. She opened the door and set the dirty rag in her sink, then kicked off her shoes and sat in the lonely chair in her almost-empty living room. She opened the letter and was shocked. It wasn’t so much about what was in there, but how much. There had to be a gazillion dollars in that envelope. Mabel must have saved this her entire life! Part of her wanted to go back and return it. But the other part wanted to see the shores of Castelia.

In case you didn’t guess already, the latter won.


Dark Type Trainer

Daray Orfeo - Hydreigon Gijinka
Gijinka Alliance
???, Beyond Snowpoint Temple, Sinnoh

The first thing that Daray noticed was the cold. It was everywhere, in the form of snow and the cold air. Daray hated the cold. He could feel the deep energy within him wither in the presence of the extreme temperature. Chloe didn't like the cold either, but she had the comfort of being able to retreat into a Pokeball and let Daray do all the work. Right now, Daray wouldn't mind being a Pokemon just so he could do that. The sheer cold was absolutely astounding.

Where was he going? Daray didn't know himself. He may have been going to the inner reaches of Sinnoh, where it was less cold. Maybe he was going to leave Sinnoh entirely, and start over elsewhere. At any rate, he needed to run away from the areas of the North. It was too primal of an area, a place where the other Pokemon could recognize him. He needed to get closer to tamed civilization, where nothing would recognize him.

Where in Sinnoh could he go? Daray was thinking of going to the port town, Canalave. Perhaps he could take a boat and run away, never looking back. His brother told him that many other Gijinka lived to the civilized South. Even more lived in the region of Unova, which was extremely far away. Unova was one of the most advanced areas on the planet. The cities of Canalave and Driftveil are perhaps connected. The other port towns, as Daray knew well enough of from his studies, were Vermillion, Olivine, Lilycove and Slateport. These places, all under the Gijinka Alliance, received frequent trade and Daray knew there would be passenger boats taking Gijinka to the various places. Perhaps Daray could go sight-seeing, exploring the places that once only existed as words and tactical holds.

The idea of exploring sounded fun. Daray smiled, as a huge burst of wind blew over the landscape. There would be a blizzard soon, unbeknownst to him.


Daray Orfeo - Hydreigon Gijinka
Gijinka Alliance
Canalave Pier Station, Canalave City

"Sorry, kid. No can do."

The Gastrodon Gijinka behind the counter, who was rummaging through a couple of papers, grunted once before continuing, "We've received orders that everythings a no-go to Unova. Haven't you seen the news?"

Daray trailed off, not knowing what a news is. "Erm, so I can't go there? Is there some specific reason? I was really hoping to go to Unova, actually." Daray was crushed. The entire time he spent getting to Canalave was reading his old books on Unova and some pamphlets he would have find from time to time. The first thing he wanted to see was Castelia, and Nimbasa. But the way this Gastrodon Gijinka talked, that was impossible. As if on cue, the Gijinka cleared his throat and said, "I'm going to take that as a yes. Well, anyways, the deal is that the rowdy humans have taken over the place. The place had a lot of technological weapons and they used them to stir things up. The Alliance is sending some of our strongest guys in there to flush it out," suddenly, the Gijinka leaned over the counter, "And the worst part is the rumors. They say the humans have figured out how to merge with Pokemon. There's a lot of evidence, but it seems no one is telling us that. All ships that had been there haven't come back. Even the Airships are gone."

Daray's head was swimming. Airships? Humans with Pokemon powers? Daray knew about the Alliance, it being the sovereign power in the more civilized areas of the world. It was the most advanced power out there, and Daray learned a lot about the different ruling powers in the world, the Alliance being the most descriptive of them. His brother told him that Unova was the pride of the Alliance, even though most of the power wasn't centralized there. Why...and how were humans able to take over the jewel of the Alliance?

"If you want, I can get you to Johto. It's pretty cheap, with all the people running over there since Unova fell-"

Daray was already out of the door.


Daray Orfeo - Hydreigon Gijinka
Gijinka Alliance
Streets, Jubilife City

Not a lot of people stared at Daray in Jubilife City - which he found amazing. The fact that the Gijinka had three black wings and odd eyes often drove fear, or worse, into the hearts of most creatures. Chloe was out, enjoying the sunlight. Her leafy appendages wafted nicely in the slight breeze. Today was the first nice day that Daray had experienced in the Alliance's Sinnoh, almost free from the cold temperatures and snow that seemed to plague the rest of the region, and this was a moment that the two were spending outside.

"Today is a bit of an oddity." Chloe announced, her high, slightly-accented voice in perfect melody, "Ever since we've been in Lower Sinnoh all we've seen is snow, rain and gloomy skies. Nice to be out and get some sunlight." Daray agreed. He could still feel the icy grip of the cold, inch nearer to his heart in the tundras to the north. Both Chloe and Daray agreed that it would be best to remain in the southern areas of Sinnoh for the time being. "The one thing I don't understand is why we didn't take the Gastrodon's offer to go to Johto."

...the older dragon sibling got up, his hands bursting with blue aura. The entire summit around them shook, as the monster in front of them let out an ear-splitting screech that the younger was sure could be heard from the base of the mountain. Slowly, the phoenix rose, hesitating slightly as it eased around moving it's ravaged torso, and the flames around it's head grew bright. With another roar, a flash, and a burst of flames, the younger dragon sibling was tossed off the mountain. But the older screamed in horror...

Translating itself into real life, the world around Daray shook with screams. Chloe instinctively ran to Daray, and whimpered. Daray looked up, and saw the one thing that the other Gijinka around him were fixated on. On a high-tower, on some form of large screen, with the image of a burning plane, were the subtitles - Unova in Panic - High-Ranking Officials Confirm Human Revolt. The screen flashed suddenly, and the image of a human came on, with the subtitle - Stalwart Brotherhood Emerges - Plan to remove Alliance. The Gijinka around Daray panicked.

Daray couldn't blame them.
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dαrĸpαw ιѕɴ'т αмυѕed
Alex "Moon" Miller- Umbreon PokeMorph
Stalwart Brotherhood
Liberty Pier, Castelia City, Unova

I looked over the railing of the pier, letting the wind blow in my hair and my sleek fur. Even though it was only a slight breeze, it still felt good. The place where I'd worked before was near the ocean, yes, but had I ever gone? Only once. The "master," as he had liked to be called, denied us much free time for things other than going home, eating, and sleeping. My Porygon-Z floated next to myself, and it emmited a low beeping sound. Sometimes, even though Typo wasn't the most emotional of Pokemon, he was my greatest companion.

As I looked about at the ocean, I thought about some of the other members of the Brotherhood who were checking out a huge aircraft carrier that some idiotic Gijinkas had left behind to rust. Did they think that we were such lowlifes that we couldn't figure out how to operate a ship? I would think not. The thought just made me want to end this even more, make those scumbags suffer for how they had treated us for such a long time.

As I looked out over the ocean, though, it was hard to stay mad. Seeing the water calm made me feel calm. There was just something about it that seemed calming. My Pokemon must have thought so as well. I hardly ever heard him make the sound he was making.

OoC: Even though Typo is a Genderless Pokemon, Alex refers to the Pokemon as a he. Just FYI. Back to the RPG.

As I turned to look at him, I could see that everything about him was a bit different. He was hovering a bit higher than usual, he almost looked brighter in color than usual, and his eyes were closed calmly. I didn't want to end his peace, so I didn't say anything to him. I turned back around to face the ocean. I was wondering if I should join the other brothers at the aircraft carrier.

Technology wasn't 100% my thing, and I sorta felt that that's what the guys were gonna work on at first. Sure, I could do a little of this and that, but it was creativity that was my talent. The thing I could excel in without worry. Even though the sun was still shining, I let out a huge yawn and stretched out my arms. The yawn was pretty loud, and Typo opened one eye, glaring at me.

I sighed, and closed my eyes. I figured I should enjoy the free time for a while, and join my comrades later.

Emilise Stone- Crobat, Celebi, and Raichu Gijinka
Stalwart Brotherhood
Somewhere in the Desert Resort (closer to the entrance), Unova

Dr. Master looked happy. Really happy. It was a bit odd, in my opinion. We were out in the middle of the desert, which was made mainly out of sand. Sand was also considered ground, and the Ground type was one of Dr. Master's weaknesses.

Even then, the trickster still looked happy as he could ever be. The sun was shining, and there was the tiniest of breezes. A breeze that was almost nonexstant. Really, all of my Pokemon looked as if they were enjoying the weather, but he looked the happiest. It reminded me of how I felt when I arrived in Unova and heard the news of the uprising. I felt the happiest I'd ever felt in my life then.

Bolt and Spark were next to Dr. Master, both having a little brawl, as they usually had. Spark was firing tiny jolts of energy everywhere that vanished in a matter of seconds while Volt was going with the bigger, less accurate attacks. Perfectly normal. Ice stood by Mystic, trying to get the birds attention, but Mystic just stood there, staring at the sun. Also normal.

That's why it was odd that Dr. Master looked so happy. He was usually the one near the edge of the group, thinking up a new trick to pull on Ice or Bolt. But hey, at least everyone was happy. I fluttered my wings; I was still trying to get used to them.

I wondered what I should do next. Even though my Pokemon were entertained, I was quite bored here. I sat down in the sand and began to think of what I could do next.

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Brian Stone - Lopunny/Furret/Ninetales Chimera
Stalwart Brotherhood
Liberty Pier, Castelia City, Unova

I had a bunch of guys handling inventory, but we weren't really being formal about it. To some of us, keeping inventory meant saying we had none of something, a bit of something, average amount, or a heck of a lot of something. Counting up all this stuff was nobody's idea of a good time. If we could equip everyone, great, if not, ah well.

"Do we really need so many guns?" Sonya Angelle, a prissy Beautifly, Milotic, and Gardevoir Chimera asked me. "We do have Pokémon too, ya know."

I gave her a doubtful stare as I was looking over the crates of stuff. Come on, we didn't take over Sinnoh and Unova over a game of beer pong. And there was something else about her too.

"You look ridiculous," I told her, nearly laughing after remembering how she looked as a human the last time I saw her. "No wonder you're not interested in the guns. Not even a water gun would look right on you."

"Don't be a bitter little bunny, Commander Cottontails," She told me with a scowl. "Besides, I... well, I think it makes me look pretty."

And not much else. In the meantime, I still couldn't figure out who started this whole "Commander Cottontails" thing. I knew Josh was using it before, but who the hell started it? It was... really kind of goofy, and I had the distinct feeling it was becoming my call sign. And as if this was some kind of trendy thing that was picking up.


We had a desk set up outside with a ledger of all the stuff we had. Or at least what we counted so far. Josh had been stationed there, trying to do the math, which he didn't like. After approaching him, I figured I'd get informed on how things were going. He was looking through the ledger, and to him, it looked like the stuff wasn't adding up, and he was one minute away from just screwing it and starting over.

"Think we could attack Slateport with just the aircraft carrier?" I asked Josh, who was trying to add up the numbers.

"Eh, depends on what the Alliance has down there," Josh shrugged quickly, acting like he wasn't appreciating this conversation. "Anyway, I'm kinda busy right now. Why don't you... find a carrot to munch on or something?"

"Very funny, Puff," I told him, crossing my arms with a bit of annoyance. "I just want a general idea of the kind of junk we have."

He sighed, shrugged, and then looked back to me after putting his pen down.

"We've got plenty," He told me, sliding the ledger to me. "Satisfied? The guys cleaned out two armories, a police station, and a few other things. You know, just because we took things over doesn't mean we should stop enforcing laws and stuff. People might get the wrong idea."

"Don't worry so much about it," I told him. "First, take care of Hoenn. The Gijinkas are on the run, let's keep them on that trend. It'll make things easier."

He just got back to work, and I figured I'd leave him alone. Shortly after, I was approached by Karen Hills... the girl I asked to be my advisor. The reason why I was a nine-tailed bunny in the first place. She was a Lopunny/Wigglytuff/Cinccino Chimera, essentially an overly fluffy pink bunny rabbit a white-furred chest and an addiction to sugar to and caffeine drinks.

"Hoenn!?" She asked, looking at me like I was nuts. "Hoenn? What good is Hoenn? Hit those funky Gijinka where it hurts, honey bunny!"

"Wait, you're saying we should go after Johto right away?" I asked, thinking that was nuts. "That's suicide, they've got the place locked down like-"

"No, no, no, no, no," She told me, shaking her head as she sipped another swig of her Feral-brand energy drink. "Go for Kanto. Yeah, and set up a beachhead there, or whatever. Your own popsicle stand. Like go after Cinnabar Island and make your way inland. Then head on over to Johto once you've gotten your feet wet."

"I've already told people that-"

"Oh shush," She told me. "You know what I mean. Screw Hoenn. It's... a rat ship. All you're going to do is burn away all your resources, and then the Gijinka Alliance is just going to... eat us. Like lunch."

I just sighed. I thought it over a little more, and Hoenn... wasn't worth it. She was right, Johto and Kanto were more important to the Gijinkas than any of that other crap. But since Johto was too tight, landing in Kanto first, and then heading in with a better plan was probably a good idea.

Shortly after, I saw Moon, the Umbreon PokéMorph, relaxing as he was facing the ocean. I wasn't sure what he was up to, but I figured I could figure out who was willing to come with me to Slateport to get the party started. And he was a good guy to start with. Karen decided to follow me.

"Hey there," I told him, joining him by his side. "We were wondering if you'd be ready to head out to Kanto to imbed some forces there. We still need time to prepare all this stuff, but we were wondering, would you be in or out?"

There was no telling what the Gijinka might do in reaction. Maybe they'd run out again, which would make things easier. But, I couldn't be so sure about that. Still, now was the time to start asking people. If we could do it with Unova and Sinnoh, heck, we could do it again. But I knew eventually, the Gijinka wouldn't tolerate falling back into a tighter, cramped space, and they would fight sometime.


Marx Gordon- Zoroark, Accelgor, Sableye
Stalwart Brotherhood
Lilycove City, Hoenn

I made my way across the many alley ways that now inhabited the rather recent industrialized Lilycove, the older city from which I had made my early lifesavings has now started to grow and expand. I was looking for an older informant of mine that has always been useful in my teenage years. Our meeting place was in a sewer that drained into the beach and for the most part, it was rather pretty well concealed.

“Mouse, be ready to fight, you know how thieves can be,” I said to my Emolga as it ran behind a rock knowing his part in these deals. I walked closer to the sewer entrance, waiting for my associate to arrive.

“You’re late Ssssssshadow,” the hiss came out of the sewer as a Seviper-Feraligatr chimera slithered out of the sewer. This chimera was slightly strange for me to look at, he at the lower body of a Seviper and the head and hands of a Feraligatr, more-or-less a deadly mix.

Taking off my hat and giving a bow, dramatically swinging my arm holding my hat down towards my stomach, I replied, “I am sincerely sorry for the tardiness Crawler (now a quite fitting nickname),” I walked over to him and shaking his hand, “I still require information on how the Brotherhood is doing in Hoenn, we haven’t gained our foothold here yet.”

“Information is my business Shadow, and in my line of work, we typically get paid for our jobs,” Crawler winked at me.

“What’s the price?”

How about you Emolga? He looks like a fine companion.”

I waved Mouse over to us, he was use to these arrangements, and he was also use to people wanting him as payment. He walked over to Crawler’s side, and Crawler told me the information I wished to know.

“The Brotherhood is gaining influence in many of the islands in the seas, however, many people mainland still wish to remain part of the Gijinka Alliance,” Crawler shook his massive alligator head.

“Which islands are under our control?”

“Mossdeep, of course, that is our base of operations in Hoenn, Pacifidlog, and Evergrande, as far as I’m aware of, we are slowly capturing Sootopolis and a Gijinka barricade is blocking off Slateport and the water beyond it. As for the mainland, we don’t have much.”

“Why did you call me to Lilycove then?”

“Because, officers in Mossdeep told me to swim over here and start to scout out, I am assuming that we will be attacking Lilycove and make our way to Slateport from the mainland, except I am sure that Mauville is heavily guarded, and Slateport most likely is a fortress.”

“Keep scouting out the city then, if the authority believes that we can take Mossdeep, it is most likely going to be easier going mainland than stampeding into a Gijinka barricade, they might be *** wholes, but they aren’t morons.”

On that note, I shook Crawler’s hand and made my way back to my boat near the lighthouse, unlike Crawler, I can’t swim one hundred miles back to Mossdeep. I reached the lifeboat before Mouse did, I wasn’t worried about losing him, we’ve done this scheme multiple times, I trade him over, I talk to my associate until he gets away, we meet up the same way we came in, simple; of course though, this only worked once per person.

About five minutes past when I saw the small form of an Emolga starting to crawl its way across the beach. He found his way back to the boat and I was lucky to be back with my best and only friend. I sat him in the life boat, got in it, took up the oars, and begun paddling my way back to the Gemini, a large frigate that the Brotherhood used at the Battle of Mossdeep.

Half an hour past and I saw the hazy form of the Gemini floating in the water in the red-skied Hoenn evening. I brought the lifeboat up to the port side and the cables came down, I hooked the boat to the ship, and Mouse and I rose up to the deck.

“Greetings Chimera,” a human crew mate smiled at me.

I smiled at him, held out my hand and shook the man’s hand, anyone was a potential ally in the lands of the untrusted, and I did not trust many, those that I did were stationed far from Hoenn, either in Sinnoh or in Unova. I told the sailor to tell the captain of the Gemini that my business in Lilycove is over and that they should take me immediately to Mossdeep, after the encounter, I went to my bunk and went to sleep for the rest of the night.


dαrĸpαw ιѕɴ'т αмυѕed
Alex "Moon" Miller- Umbreon Pokemorph
Stalwart Brotherhood
Liberty Pier, Castelia City, Unova

I really must have lost track of time while standing at the pier. Happens sometimes, when I start thinking about things. Anyhow, Brian Stone, also known as Commander Cottontails by some, walked up beside me. He then stated, "Hey there."

"Hey," I replied, a tiny hint of bordom in my voice.

"We were wondering if you'd be ready to head out to Kanto to imbed some forces there. We still need time to prepare all this stuff, but we were wondering, would you be in or out?" Brian asked.

"Hmm... I really don't know. It depends on what exactly we try to do. If we're imbedding some forces there, we'll definately need to prepare a heck of a lot more. Even then, what exactly would we be doing? Destroying one of the historical landmarks to prove we aren't just a bunch of idiots who are sitting in Unova fiddling with their 'toys'? To prove that what we did here and in Sinnoh wasn't a fluke?" I started to say. "I really would need some time to think over it for a while, but if we can get a definate plan of what exactly we were going to do, I'd be able to tell one hundred percent. So... a yes for now, but I might change my answer."

I wondered who had the idea for putting some of our forces in Kanto. I personally thought we were gonna attack Slateport first, and just break Hoenn. After all, it was Kanto and Johto that were the main threats. Then again, Brian could have changed his mind and decided to get some of us to Kanto so we could prove that what we did in Unova and Sinnoh wasn't a fluke, as I had said.

I noticed Brian's advisor standing behind him. She was such a random person, someone who could listen to the "Nyan Cat" song for hours on end and have a great time the entire time. Maybe it had been her idea for the Kanto thing. It didn't seem too far off with her, considering who she was.

Typo seemed to be pondering the idea as well. He let out a symphony of computer generated sounds, which I had to guess ment something along the sorts of either, "Do it dude. It'll be fun to terrorize some crappy Gijinkas," or "Syntax Error. Please try again later."

I sorta laughed at the thought of the "Syntax Error" thought, even though I had no idea why I would find it funny. Another Pokemorph, a Zangoose one at that who was standing by one of the other railings, turned around and gave me a look. I really didn't like that guy, even though I knew nothing about him except for the fact that he really, really hated the Pokemon Umbreon.

Which made him a tiny bit of an enemy of mine.


Dark Type Trainer
Tesla Isya - Rotom Gijinka
Gijinka Alliance
Tesla's 'Tronichs, Goldenrod City

Sterope stirred slightly in the corner, but returned to sleep as Tesla walked by. He snorted, and his mane discharged some electricity into the surrounding electronics.

It was a beautiful day out, and already around the afternoon. However, for Tesla, the day was just beginning. Living in the second-floor of her store had it's advantages, including being able to open up shop in less then ten minutes. She tussled her hair and then opened the blinds. For about a minute, she stood there, dazed. After recovering, she proceeded to open the other window. Behind her, she heard the sharp, echoing voice of Lumis, "The light, it buuuurns!" Tesla proceeded to pick up the nearest transformer and threw it at the ceiling lamp, which immediately lighted up with blue flames. Sterope snorted once more, jolted up, and blew some electricity at Lumis.

"You little drama queen..." Sterope mumbled, before he trotted away from the mess of wires and discarded machinery that made his little nest. He nuzzled Tesla's leg affectionately, before zapping one of the tubelights. It lit up. Snorting once again (a habit of his in the morning), Sterope walked into the other room. Tesla shot a glance at Lumis, who was now wafting gently in the air, and said, "Mind yourself." The flame in Lumis' casket sputtered, before he drifted off to who-knows-where.

In around twenty minutes, Tesla's 'Tronichs was open and Tesla, along with Sterope, were seated at on the floor. The door was left open in case anyone needed to drop of something. But normally, Tesla enjoyed peace as she worked with her machines. Today she was busy working on her ceiling-fan attachment. It was normally used for flight and she used it when she had hunted the PokeMorph so long ago...it had some sentimental value...

As Tesla worked on it, she lazily began to drift off the floor, as she normally did. Sterope had grown used to this peculiar behavior in his mistress and payed no mind, laying on the floor and commanding broken motor-pieces with measly currents. She had a long time of work ahead of her. The whole mechanism was damaged from the last-time she used it, where it got smashed in. She would often times supply it with electricity to gauge it's effectiveness, with Sterope watching and often commenting on some of the parts that he understood.

After a few hours, the motor within the Ceiling-Fan attachment was sealed and hummed neatly when coaxed with a little energy. However, the surrounding mechanism was still shot and the blades did not twirl. Tesla turned back to grab a Philips Screwdriver when she grabbed Lumis' hand. The ghost swiftly came near her, and with a quick sputter inside of it's casket, it said, "It's a strange day out. I went to the mansion and everyone was a bit grave." Tesla inquired a bit further, considering the people at the Mansion were some of her best costumers. After Lumis recounted his day, Tesla phased her hand and dug into the ceiling-fan attachment, and began to mess with a few of the mechanisms inside. With a few adjustments, the whole machine choked and the blades began to move. Perfect. Now to make it work without ghostly intervention.

On that note, Lumis made a noise as if it were hurt.

Wile E. Coyote

Roadrunner Wrangler
Derek "Powerhouse" Feyr
Stalwart Brotherhood - Chimera (Hariyama, Exploud, Metang)
New Folsom Maximum Security Prison, Mauville City, Hoenn

"Cmon, you slimy Chimera idiots! All inmates are to be in their cells by 21-hundred hours, and then its lights out at 21:30! Any prisoners caught outside of their cells at lights out will be punished! Have I made myself clear, you maggots?" A weary 'Yessir' came up from the crowd. Except from me. My mouth was still taped shut. The Loudred Gijinka who was the warden here thought he was a tough punk 'cuz he got to yell at us in that tough military voice of his. If my mouth wasn't tied like this, I would've given him a REAL taste of volume. Unfortunately though, the fates and legendaries who watched our forsaken souls weren't agreeing with me, and so I stayed silent as we all shambled into our new homes. Small concrete/neo-steel blocks, all of them lined with electrically humming copper bars on the doors. I tried to look around and judge for weak spots in the building until the massive Machamp Gijinka guard behind me slapped my head back forward with a truncheon. "Eyes forward, party boy." I scowled, even though I knew he couldn't see it. I continued walking, the heavy steps of my feet echoing against the almost silent corridor of cells. The prisoners who were already in their cells were murmuring, some of them just instantly turning in for the night. Humans, pokemorphs, and chimeras, all the sacred piles of rotting organic matter of our society. Or at least, the dangerous ones were here. Those who complied were allowed to live in the cities and towns, but only on the levels of existence that could be described as justified slavery. I turned into my cell, and the swing door closed behind me, the electricity coming to life in the audible hum that buzzed around me. I turned to look outward, careful not to have any part of my body touch the electrified gate in front of me. I looked across the hall and saw a man who could have easily been a Swellow pokemorph. Dark blue wings, a beak where a mouth should have been, wings that replaced his hands, and to top it off, a black fedora gracing his head. He looked like a 50's mobster, and I nodded over to him, grunting through the thick tape that kept my big mouth shut. He began whistling, but the sound wasn't right. I would know, I dealt with sound a LOT. It was almost as if ... as if he was giving the wind from his lips an invisible edge. A guard down the hall shouted, "Hey, knock off the whistling crap. Lights out in 5 minutes." He stopped short, before pantomiming a flick with his oversized wings towards me. I head the minute sound of whistling air, and felt the tape split where the edges of my lips were. I exhaled through my mouth, finally being able to do so. I finally dared to pull the tape off myself, and stretched my cavernous mouth. Ok, maybe not cavernous, but certainly much larger and wider than a normal human's. I smiled at the man across the way, and he tipped his hat back. I focused my voice into a whisper, like what he had done with the wind from his whistling, except with actual noise. "Thanks buddy. The name's Derek, but my friends call me Powerhouse. What you in for?" He pantomimed back, pulling an invisible blade across his neck. I grimaced. I was no goody-two-shoes myself, but my biggest crimes were resisting arrest, escaping prison, and most of all, disturbance of the peace. I was a loudmouth, but I was no killer.

I looked around, and then was suddenly bathed in darkness. When they say lights out, they MEAN lights out... I tried to look around, but the change had been too sudden; I couldn't even see my hands in front of my face. I backed up with my hands behind me to make sure I wouldn't fall against the deadly electric current in front of me. Once I bumped into the wall, I edged my way around the room until I stumbled against the cot that was on the floor with my unfortunate shin. I cried out, "OWWW, GODDAMMIT THAT HURT!" before clutching my mouth. The lights blared on again. In the moment of pain, I had revealed two things that I would've preferred to keep hidden. One; that I had managed to get the tape off. Two; that part of my chimera mix was that of a pokemon whose voice could shatter concrete and cause earthquakes. I had heard glass rattle and a few signs fall off their hooks as the concrete building had echoed with my voice. Angry stomping footsteps came down the corridor, and I threw myself onto the cot, which groaned and squeaked to keep my fat frame off the floor. I found a pseudo-sleeping position and tried to look convincing, which apparently didn't work. I heard the light peoowwww as the electricity to my door was shut off, and the creak of the hinges as it swung open. I sat up, and managed a smile. "Good evening officers, sorry about the noise. Stumbled against the cot's all. You can go back to your guard duties no-" I was cut off, a psychic energy clamped my mouth shut. I was unamused, and thought loudly, if it was possible <Allright you smarty-pants, just let me go. It was an accident, I promise I'll be quiet.> To my surprise, a voice responded to me in my head, <Oh no, I know what happens when you cause a ruckus.> As if a silent order had gone around the room, I found my body hauled off the bed with ease, despite the relatively small but strong frame of the Machoke who lifted me up like a sack of potatoes and pulled me over his shoulder. The mind-voice continued, <Trust me, party-boy powerhouse, we know EXACTLY what to do with wild spirits like yours.> The grip on my mouth was released, so I just opened my mouth. Now I was just irritated, and when I was irritated, I just wanted to make more of a mess of things. I started beatboxing/singing the beat and guitar line to AC/DC's "Back in Black". Of course, I let my natural voice come through, which left most of the guards in my vicinity clasping their hands as tightly over their ears as possible, and the noises actually sounding as close to the album as I could get. I smiled as a cheer came up through the prison cells, and some people actually started moving to the rhythm within their cells, and some people even started singing along. I raised my hands to keep the performance going right before I felt a club hit the back of my head.

I turned around, and saw the little punk Loudred warden looking surprised that I wasn't knocked out instantly. I knew he was sonic-resistant like I was, meaning that no matter how loud I turned up the volume, he would always be able to handle it. As for my physical resistance, he apparently hadn't noticed that my large fat stature was not only that of a Hariyama, and that I was part Metang as well, the slight metal reinforcements that were in my bones keeping me up after blows which would've knocked out most people and non-Rock/Steel types. I paused the music, and the whole prison was quiet. I picked up the warden, who was still making little unintelligible noises, obviously frightened. I hoisted him up by the belt of his uniform, which couldn't have been comfortable. I smiled, and tossed my head back in a belly-bouncing laugh. "Look warden, we just want a little music. I promise we'll be good prisoners if we can turn up the volume just a little bit." He shook his head instinctively, but his eyes were wide with fear. I let him drop to the ground, and he almost scurried off for reinforcements as I lumbered back over to my cell, pulling it shut behind me. I roared out real quick, "Any requests?" A volley of voices came to life, requesting everything from Guns 'N' Roses to Skrillex. I kept listening, mentally sorting out the sounds into individual words and phrases, until I heard one I liked. I shouted, "Throw up your rawkfist, if you feelin' it when I drop this!" CHAEMP, CHAEMP went the electric guitars in response, and I put all my musical skill into blasting out the music, standing back in my cell as I let the music flow from my mouth, the walls almost pulsing with the intense volume. I could faintly hear guards running up and down the hall trying to restore order, but it was useless until they forced me to shut up.

Maybe this won't be so bad, as long as I keep the beats bumping...

Michelle "Jonas" Matthews
Gijinka Alliance - Carracosta Gijinka
Offshore waters of Vermillion City, Kanto

I came up after another deep dive, Elise right behind me as I swam back up to the surface. The deep rhythmic churning of the boat propellor's produced a deafening roar under the water, and I couldn't take it anymore. I finally surfaced, head and face crashing through the choppy wake that the ship had left behind. I pushed my body to pull me onto Elise, my Lapras who was already swimming as quickly as possible to catch up with the ship. My face was set dead without any positive emotion. This was the fourth boat today that was trying to trespass on the newly established marine sanctuary. Being one of the few people who had the time and resources to spend the day out on the water, I was one of the few people patrolling the area to make sure that all boats, domestic and interregional complied with the new markers that had been put out. Unfortunately, that meant that since we were trying to protect nature, it was often the case that our slower pokemon couldn't catch up to the fast merchant, cruise, and other various ships that crashed through here. Even the high and mighty Gijinka couldn't be bothered to respect the environment that had given us our powers... Elise was finally catching up though, and I pulled out the small bullhorn from the waterproof container that was on her shell. "Attention, captain and crew of the..." I took a quick glance to look at the name on the ship, and then groaned when I saw it. I shook my head and picked up the bullhorn again, speaking into it again, "Attention, captain and crew of the S.S Anne, this is Jonas Matthews, Head Marine Biologist of the Institute of Oceanography on Cinnabar Island. You are trespassing on the grounds of a newly established marine sanctuary. Please adjust your course, or local law enforcement will be contacted." The threshing noise of the propellors came to a stop, and I could hear that a commotion was going on on board. A stout man in a sailor's uniform tossed down a ladder, which I started climbing up, leaving Elise in the water below with instructions to stay with the boat at all costs. I climbed up, and wasn't surprised at the greeting which I got. About a dozen men, all normal humans and a few Gijinka quickly surrounded me, and some pokemon were ready to pounce at any moment. I quickly flicked a pokeball out of my hand, and Toad, my Poliwrath jumped to life, swinging his arms boxing style, ready for any action. The captain pushed his way threw the throng of his crew roughly, with small grunts of, "Outta me way, OUTTA ME WAY, ya fools." He certainly fit the sea wolf description. The captain was a Sharpedo Gijinka, a harsh contrast with my supposed ideals of a cruise ship captain. He threw his hand out, and I shook it as he introduced himself. "Ye ken call me Capt'in Spray. Now what seems to be the problem, young man?"

I gave the short history of the marine reserve, the entire one month's history only taking a few minutes of discourse. The captain paced back and forth as I told my story, and he only looked at me for the few moment when I mentioned that ships either could refit their engines to propel the ship via pressurized hydrodynamic jets, or simply take a different route to avoid the reserve. He scowled, "Aye, then I s'pose I'll hafta take this up with th'boss... Thank ye, and let yar reserve be plentiful, I wanna see Wailord tryin' ta bump me boat when I pull in next year." He walked away, and something about the tone of his voice told me that he was being genuine. He loved the sea, and he was someone who respected the fact that man, Gijinka, and pokemon all had to live side by side in order to make for a better world.

Then an idiot grabbed my arm as I wanted to climb down the ladder.

"You think you're so righteous because you're defending some stinking fish? We've had to work hard to keep this course, and now thanks to you we'll probably lose our jobs, or get reassigned." My eyebrows curled in confusion. "Look, I didn't plan it to be that way. I'm sorry, we're both just doing our jobs." I tried to pull away, but he was definitely part fighting type pokemon, his strength more than enough to keep me in place. I pulled back one arm, which was covered in the long navy blue sleeves of my shirt, and slapped him across the face, a resounding crunch echoing across the silent deck of the ship. I had just used Slam, and thanks to my Carracosta genes within me, it hurt a lot more than it should have. In the confusion and ensuing laughter and chaos and shouting, Toad and I took a quick, professional dive over the side, and jumped into the water, not daring to surface until the boats engines turned on again and the boat was long out of sight. Once I was surfaced again, I turned to Toad and Elise, both of them casually floating in the water in front of me. "Well", I sighed, "That went better than expected."

The Lord 67

Not just any lord.
Kenton Garner - Sableye Gjinka
Gjinka Alliance
County Hall, A few miles outside of Lavender Town, Kanto

I sighed deeply as I came out on to the stage for the press conference about some of our plans for the mine at Rock Tunnel. All of the Sudowoodo-huggers would be there, along with local news channels, people with no time on their hands, amongst others. It would actually be nice for once to actually mine somewhere without the environmentalists coming out of the woodworks to protest. Every time, I delivered the same points that said that we were doing environmentally friendly processes, doing the least amount of damage possible to the environment. And every single time, they would submit, but would re-emerge after a long period of time, when they were considered to be a very minor threat.

Anyway, the mine at Rock Tunnel would be positive, ecologically friendly, and extremely profitable to the local areas. Apparently, there well huge, untapped reserves of iron, gold, and diamonds. They would sell for a tremendous amount of money, allowed us to expand. It would also be way more than enough to finish my... private project that would help in my personal mission. Also, our scientists were inventing more machinery than ever before that were efficient, yet eco-friendly, and also quiet.

The barrage of repetitive questions started, with me replying to them with these responses: “We are using environmentally friendly machines, so Pokémon would not be disturbed by the noise. No, just because we want to have a hugely successful asset to our company at the end of this does not mean we would go out of our way to destroy habitats. Our workers would try to avoid Pokémon if possible, and if they do, they will not try to disturb them. This will bring a large amount of prosperity to Lavender Town, so I don’t see why you should be arguing against us. No, I do not want a cheeseburger. Any more questions?”

Most of the time, after the initial huge barrage, the reporters and environmentalists would shrug their shoulders and go home, but this time, a fair haired woman in a police uniform put her hand up and asked, “Even so, what would you do about the insurgents going around recently?”

This question deeply surprised me, as I wasn’t expecting the problem this deep into Gjinka-occupied territory. Having regained my composure, I leaned against the oak podium and replied, “As far as I know, there are no problems like this sort in the Lavender Town area. Would you care to explain?”

The same woman answered my question thusly: “While there is no full proof of this, there have been several attacks on Gjinka property around the east side of town. Said buildings had owners recalling fleeting sights of Pokémorphs and Chimeras, as well as disruptive humans. Also, graffiti on the walls of these buildings have pointed to the presence of these insurgents. While they have not been found, it is likely that they are in the area. If they are here to stay, MetaGem’s™ facility would be a prime target.”

Taken aback by this amount of information, I answered, “I see. We shall improve security on the site, and we will help the local police force in their efforts. Good day.”

With that I left the large hall along with the army of news reporters, and entered a private, black Land Rover (which had the two optional extras of tinted windows and a boot that could store large amounts of weapons) to return to the luxurious hotel I was staying in for my temporary, well, stay.

On the way back to the quaint town, amidst the massive, awe-inspiring mountains and lush, evergreen forests, I noticed a very small trail of smoke in the sky. It was too faint to be a forest fire, but dark enough to be spotted by my enhanced vision.

In my opinion, this called for the adapted saying of ‘Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Either that or several people who don’t want to be found’.

Unfortunately for whoever was the cause of the fire, they most likely weren’t going to live to see the following day.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Melissa "Mimi" Shannon
Musharna Gijinka
Gijinka Alliance
Shannon Mansion - Goldenrod City

Mimi lay on her large canopy bed, with pink bed sheets that had the purple Munna flowers. Actually, her whole room was covered in pink and purple. The Musharna Gijinka was sound asleep, cuddling up with Luna, her Musharna.

At least she was, untill someone barged into the room. "Melissa! Are you still sleeping?! It's almost noon!"

Mimi slowly sat up, stretched her out arms, and yawned loudly. Her mother, Madeline Shannon was standing at the doorway. A tall, slender woman, dressed in a puple suit, with a knee length skirt and purple high heels. Her pink hair was tied back into a tight bun, and she gave off the impression that she meant business, quite the opposite of her daughter. She almost looked like she could've been Mimi's older sister instead of her mother. Whether this was due to good genes, plastic surgery, or abuse of Psychic powers, remained to be seen. "It's Mimi mom." the younger Gijinka said calmly, despite having her nap interupted.

"I'm having guests over this evening, and I need you to look at least somewhat presentable. Every important Gijinka in the country will be here, and I can't have you reflecting badly on me."

"Mom, I don't think now's the best time to be throwing a party. There's a war going on." Mimi wished her father was here. He knew how to talk some sense into her mother.

"Nonsense Melissa. Now's the perfect time to be throwing a party. We're not going to let those pesky humans think they've won. Besides, it isn't all for pleasure. There will be important business to discuss. Those humans have found a way to merge with Pokemon. Ugh, they've turned themselves into vile hideous creatures. Something must be done. Now get ready, they'll be here at eight o clock sharp. And maybe we can also work on finding you a husband. Preferably a rich, powerful legendary Gijinka. It would do wonders for the Shannon name to have you on the arm of one of them."

But Mimi didn't hear a word her mother had said. She had fallen asleep again. A stream of pink Dream Mist flowed from her forehead.

"Melissa, get up!" Madeline shouted

Mimi got up with a start. "Whaaat?! I'm just resting my eyes."

Madeline rubbed her temples in frustration. "Just look somewhat decent by tonight." And with that, she left the room.

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Warrior of Heaven
Brian Stone - Lopunny/Furret/Ninetales Chimera
Stalwart Brotherhood
Liberty Pier, Castelia City, Unova

Moon had some mixed opinions about the whole attack. I figured this was kind of... all of a sudden, but it made sense.

"Hmm... I really don't know," He told me, not really sure. "It depends on what exactly we try to do. If we're imbedding some forces there, we'll definitely need to prepare a heck of a lot more. Even then, what exactly would we be doing? Destroying one of the historical landmarks to prove we aren't just a bunch of idiots who are sitting in Unova fiddling with their 'toys'? To prove that what we did here and in Sinnoh wasn't a fluke?" he started to say. "I really would need some time to think over it for a while, but if we can get a definite plan of what exactly we were going to do, I'd be able to tell one hundred percent. So... a yes for now, but I might change my answer."

And then, Karen looked at me strangely, and gave me a little push, laughing at the whole absurdity of the mess.

"See, told ya so, goofus!" She laughed. "Silly rabbit, why don't you get it through your fuzzy head that you should plan this thing out first?"

"Usually I can just wing it and things will be fine," I told her, giving her that 'evil eye' look. "Since when does anything ever go according to plan anyway? I plan and I usually end up having to improvise anyway! That's life and luck right there. Anyway, instead of attacking outright, maybe doing some recon in Kanto first would be better."

"Now you're actually thinking!" Karen teased. "Meanwhile, what about Scott Anderson and Lucas Newcastle? The other two leaders of the Brotherhood? Haven't you asked them yet about what should be done?"

The truth was, I hadn't. I really just didn't have the patience for this kind of beating around the bush and waiting for approvals and crap. That stuff just kept nipping at my nerves.

"Ugh, they'd probably say an outright attack isn't a good idea," I told her, knowing we were taking things slowly and carefully, the kind of method I wasn't crazy about. "Taking over Sinnoh and Unova was a surprise attack, and that's how it worked so well. But still, look, we've got options. A few Brotherhood members are up in Hoenn, and a few are in Kanto. What I was thinking of is... if attacking outright seems... ugh, 'dangerous,' we could do some recon, maybe do some sabotage, that kind of thing. Piss 'em off and make 'em come out of hiding, you know?"

"Or steal their stuff too," Karen smiled with a wink. "Stealing stuff is way more fun than just blowing it up. How about this? We take a small team to Fuchsia, get ourselves comfortable, and start messing with those Alliance freaks? Trust me, I've got a whole hard drive full of pesky and annoying goodies to upload for them. Did you know there's a virus that keeps playing the Meow Mix theme over and over endlessly? I'm sure those self-loving Gijinkas would love that!"

Whatever, as long as we aggravated them, slowed them down, and got something out of it, I was fine. But after thinking about it, I realized just how painful a Meow Mix virus could really be.

"Heh, heh, ha ha!" I laughed. "Okay okay, we'll do that. Usually I don't like sneaking around and crap, but I'll do it just this time. But if we get into a fight, I'm going all out."

"Uh huh, you do that then," She told me, kissing me on the cheek. "It's always a good day to mess with someone else's electronics."

As long as I got to smash or blow up at least something, it was worth the trip.


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Aiko Yamada
Stalwart Alliance-Human
Goldenrod City—Castelia City

Aiko didn’t really have much of a plan, to be honest. The idea was to talk to one of her more….scandalous acquaintances who offered her a Wailmer earlier for a certain price. Then, she would earn some extra money to buy food and to have something to fall back on. Sure, it had some weak spots, but it got to the point. Thank goodness she had a map. Although, she wasn’t sure how well it would work in the ocean…

During the meantime, she packed her bag with two changes of clothes, food, water, the map, a photo of her little brother, the pokeball carrying Oliver, and a picture of her little brother. She kept the money in a secret pouch sewn into her jeans. She always did this in order to avoid pick-pockets. She said good bye to her small apartment and left for her journey. Isn’t this how it was a long time ago? Kids leaving to raise pokemon? Too bad she intended to do something very different.

On the even worse side of town, she found her acquaintance. It wasn’t part of her morals to use money to get pokemon, but it went even farther to let the gijinkas step all over her any more. There was one change of plans, the Wailmer evolved into a Wailord. Much harder to hide, but she would get there faster. It might take one night instead of two days. She gave him the money (plus some extra since it was now a Wailord), and left with the extra pokeball. She wasn’t keeping the pokemon, there was no way that wasn’t going to give her away. She would release it as soon as she reached her destination. It would be happier that way anyways. It could spend time with whale friends…or whatever. She headed down towards the dock and saw her first obstacle. However, she had been expecting this, and it was a good thing she did all that boxing.

The guards hardly knew what hit them. Before they could cry out or give warning, Aiko hit them where it was an automatic knock out. Climbing over the gate to reach the dock was a cinch. Releasing Wailord, she eventually got it to stop making noise and got on quickly, before the guards would wake up.

To say the least, it was a long night. Aiko couldn’t go to sleep because of sea-sickness. Although she didn’t throw up, she didn’t have much of an appetite. She supposed it was all for the better though, she was saving food. Releasing Oliver, together they waited until the sun finally rose. There were a couple of times were the ships would get a little too close, but the ships slowly dissipated as they began to reach the shores of Unova. Sometime in the afternoon, she saw the pier.

She was cautious, since she wasn’t absolutely certain of Unova’s outcome. But as she got closer she saw that the place was filled with Poke-Morphs and Chimeras. This was it. She picked up her bag and woke up Oliver from one of his naps. She was sure that she had caught their attention, riding a Wailord and all, but even then she was quiet as she stepped off of the pokemon and on to the pier. She released Wailord easily, having no real connection after being together for only a day. It swam away slowly and Aiko waved goodbye until it was out of sight. Then, she turned to the others and waved hello to them.

“Hi, my name is Aiko, and I was wondering if I could join the rebellion?” she asked the crowd of poke-morphs and chimeras. Wow, was she the only human there?


dαrĸpαw ιѕɴ'т αмυѕed
Alex "Moon" Miller- Umbreon PokeMorph
Stalwart Brotherhood
Liberty Pier, Castelia City, Unova

After the Zangoose 'Morph had snarled at me, I returned Typo to his pokeball. He needed a rest, I could tell, for he had laughed with me. His eyes weren't as bright has they had been when we came to the pier. And honestly, this was the most freedom the Pokemon had received in a while. I wondered if I should let Decat come out, but before I could do anything, I saw a person riding into the pier.

On a huge Wailord.

I gaped as she rode in, because I had actually never seen a Wailord in my life, even though I knew what they were. She climbed off of the Pokemon, holding a bag. A Charmander was standing next to her. She released the Wailord. I guess they weren't the best of friends. She waved until it vanished over the horizon, then turned and faced us.

"Hi, my name is Aiko, I was wondering if I could join the rebellion?" She asked quietly.

I just stood there for a moment, gaping. I had no idea what to do. Where the heck did she come from? I looked at Brian for a moment, and seeing as he was talking with his advisor. Turning back around, I looked at the girl. I muttered, "Um..."

I had no idea what to say after, which was pretty rare for myself. I was known for my creativity, my ability to come up with a solution in the nick of time. And yet, this ransom stranger had come out of no where and stumped me.



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Felix Lindell
Gijinka Alliance
Goldenrod City, Seaside Villa

Felix gazed raptly at the monumental television screen, the guitar in his hands forgotten. He watched as a crowd of humans bombed a building, setting it ablaze with makeshift explosives and Molotov cocktails. He saw a young Eevee Gijinka get beaten to death by the roaring mob. Boats, planes, buildings, all were burning down.

The caption pulsed at the bottom of the screen. Stalwart Brotherhood emerges. Humans revolt in Unova.

The last image was brief, appearing for only a moment. It was an image of a thing, vaguely human in shape, but hunched over and rotund. Rather than skin, its body was encased with ice, and black horns rose from its head.

"M-monsters… they've turned them into monsters," Felix breathed. The boy stood, tossing his guitar onto the sofa. "I-I've got to get out there!"

"Oi, Felix, wait!" a voice called. It was Rocco, one of the humans that Felix had taken in. The human was actually a year or two older than Felix, and a head taller. "Man, you thinkin' this through? Come on, man, you're not a soldier!"

"I have to!" Felix cried. He grabbed a remote and rewound through the news broadcast, which had been a recording. "Look at that! Innocent people are dying out there! That Eevee kid. He's just a kid! And… and the Brotherhood… it's turning people into monsters. I'm a Legendary Gijinka. I'm a Gym Leader! I have to help! I… I… why?"

Rocco looked sad. "Brother, I… you know how humans are treated? I mean, you Gijinka can just kill us, and no one'll bat an eye. All the rage… it all just boiled over."

"But that's crazy! Humans… well, they're a lower class, but they're still people. They still have legal protection. And… I could fix it!"

"Legal? Technically, maybe, but the courts all rule in favor of the Gijinka anyway. Only time laws like that help is when we lower-class animals kill each other," Rocco spat bitterly.

Felix frowned, taken aback by Rocco's venom. "I'm sorry, man. But… I've got to go help. No matter what happens, killing each other can't help anyone!"

"So what, yer gonna pick up a gun, get on some fatigues and march off to war? Go in guns blazin'? You're going to get yourself killed. What are me, Jenny, and Miki going to do? You're the only good one, Felix. The rest of those Gijinka f*ckers would kill us as soon as look at us."

"What do you mean? Mr. Marten likes you. Miss Razham always asks after you guys. I mean, lots of Gijinka are taking in human refugees and runaways! You'd be perfectly safe!"

Rocco stomped to the sofa, throwing himself down. He sighed. "Felix… you're a good guy, but you're a real idiot sometimes. Those guys don't care about us, they just want to keep you happy. As for taking in humans… those guys are all pets. Dress 'em up, comb their hair, show them off at shows, they're worse off than everyone else. Better to die free than live as a doll."

"I'm sorry, but I'm going, Rock. That's final," Felix said. "There's a war going on, and it's my duty to-" He was cut off as a girl rushed towards him, slapping him across the face before running out of the room. "J-Jenny? Did I say something wrong?"

Rocco chuckled, but the grim look on his face failed to disappear. "Me and Miki were gang kids. We can look out for ourselves. Stay for Jenny. You know her, you're like her big brother. She's stubborn, but about as tough as wet tissue paper."

Felix paced back and forth, thinking to himself. "The villa's safe, for all of you. Food gets delivered every week, there's running water and electricity. If worst comes to worst, join the Brotherhood. Flee to Unova. Take the Staraptors and fly out. They'll take you in; you guys are human. And when we've won and all this is over, I'll vouch for you guys. It'll work out." Felix was pleading now, begging for his friend's approval.

Rocco shook his head. "You crazy son of a b*tch. You're not gonna let go of this, are you?" He looked at the television screen, staring at the looping scenes of carnage. "A'ight, hero boy, go out there and win this war. Take those Brotherhood bastards down. And when you come back, you owe me a shiny set of equality laws."

Felix laughed, and bounced nimbly over to the sofa, giving Rocco a hug. "Thanks, man! Don't worry, I'll be back in a heartbeat! I bet all of this will help convince people that we should treat humans better!"

Rocco pushed Felix away. "Whoa, man. Hold off on the touchy-feely. Just don't get yourself killed, alright? I… Jenny'd be devastated."

Felix grinned. "I love you too, man." He stretched broadly, and started for the door. "Um, say bye to Jenny for me, and Miki when he gets back from wherever he is. I'll probably stop by before I really leave, but just in case."

"Hey, what about the party?" Rocco said, suddenly changing tack.

"What party?" Felix replied, feeling a little whiplash from the change of topic.

"The Shannons, they're having a big old celebration of… the hell should I know, Gijinka stuff. You were invited, since you're a Legend, a Gym Leader, and a rich bastard. You should go."

"A party? We're kind of at war here, Rock."

"C'mon, it's at eight. You have time. Even if you do sign on to the army, you won't be leaving for a couple of days. You'll be able to talk about the war, rally support, that sort of thing. And maybe you'll even meet a pretty girl that'll convince you to stay home, eh?"

"Girls? Rock, I'm not you. A pretty girl's not going to keep me here when there's people to be saved!"

"Sorry, forgot you were gay. I shouldn't have, what with your look and everything, but…"

"O-oi?! Shut up, Rock, you little-"

Rocco looked at Felix through big eyes. "Please? For me? I can come along as your butler or something. Never been to one of those high-class parties. It'll be fun! You like having fun, don't you?"

Felix paused. "You... want to go? It's going to be really formal, not like… a rave or something. The only alcohol they'll have is wine. Oh… oh well, fine. Just this, then I'm off, okay?" The Meloetta Gijinka stomped off to his room.

Rocco smiled once Felix was gone. "That dumbass is too easy. A Slowpoke could outfox him. He'll enjoy it… I'm sure."


Kristofer Riveraid
Stalwart Brotherhood - Human
Goldenrod City, Johto

A beautiful, somewhat melancholic melody filled the streets of Goldenrod City. A young man was sitting with his back against the wall of one of the buildings near the huge department store, his eyes closed and his whole being focused on the music he was producing. It might’ve sounded egoistical, but he loved the sound of his own violin, even if most of the passerby Gijinkas seemed more likely to just sneer than drop a coin for the traveler. Oh, if only they had known he worked for the alliance... But he was a human, so it wasn't like it showed, which Kris had to admit, he found immensely useful; while any Chimera or Pokémorph wandering the streets of Goldenrod would be lynched where he stood, he was just looked down upon and kicked around, something he was used to anyway. Didn't bother him, long as they didn't try to take his violin anyway. Then he might have been forced to get a little bit violent, and violence was suuuuch a bad thing. Always led to lots of blood getting spilled all around. And blood was a bugger to get off clothes, seriously.

After a few hours of playing Kris finally figured it was time for a rest and lowered his instrument of choice, flexing and turning to his Pokémon companion. Forte, the young Shinx sat straight next to him, holding the man’s fedora in his mouth and giving puppy eyes to anyone who passed by in hopes of persuading them to hand over their valuables. Kris reached to grab his hat and inspected the inside, only to let out an amused chuckle and throw a questioning look at his Pokémon.

“Now how did this happen?” He mused, patting the young Pokémon’s head, “We have less money than when we started.”

Forte looked baffled, leaving Kris wondering if it was truly oblivious as to what it had done or just very good at play pretend. Gijinka were already very unlikely to give money to a somewhat scrappy looking human they most likely mistook for a beggar, and the fact that anyone who didn’t pay after giving them a glance was faced with a young Shinx running after them and biting their ankles made it even worse. Kris couldn’t even begin to count all the times he had had to get up, apologize and offer money to make up for the cub’s behavior.

“Well, it’s okay buddy,” he assured and patted the electric type’s head once more. “Let’s continue a lil while longer and then go grab somethin’ to eat, ‘kay? Can’t have you chewing on legs the whole day. My treat.”

Forte seemed enthusiastic to hear the mention of food, so it quickly gave a slight nod, grabbed the fedora again and took its place next to its trainer as Kris continued playing.

Kris smiled at the Pokémon and then focused back on his playing, though he wasn’t really expecting to get any money out of it. But, truth be told, he didn’t really mind. He wasn’t really at all bothered by his financial situation and wasn’t playing because he needed alms anyway; he was just doing it to pass time. He had gotten a job from one of his fellow members of the Brotherhood, an unofficial request to eliminate someone the man had had personal issues with in the past. Quietly and without dragging the Brotherhood into it, naturally, which is why he had come alone instead of grabbing a buddy to converse with when bored.

As he played, he turned to look north, eying the road that led away from the city. After heating, he’d need to be on his way there, as supposedly his target Gijinka was located in Ecruteak city. That was pretty much the entire reason why Kris had come all the way to Johto in the first place. But, even though it had taken him quite a bit of traveling to get here all the way from Unova, he was still happy he came. This was his home region, after all. Which… was why he couldn’t resist the temptation to look around and spend a little time here and there instead of going for the kill right away, especially since he’d need to return shortly after carrying out this little job. Couldn’t get caught and all that. Plus, the Brotherhood had conquered Unova (he knew, he had been there) and so they might be planning another attack elsewhere soon. Wouldn’t do to miss that.

But for now, he figured he’d just relax and enjoy the music. Once all the bloodshed and conflict started, he’d be unable to play – or hear the music from all the screams for that matter. So, closing his eyes once more, Kris started to play a little louder and started to hum silently to the rhythm. Hey, he had to hide his stomach’s grumbling with something.

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Lyuba Volkova - Houndoom/Lucario/Darkrai Chimera
Stalwart Brotherhood
Liberty Pier, Castelia City, Unova

This mission? Definitely a welcome change of pace for me. Sure the lab is my turf, but this is the first time in a month that I have seen the sun. Things have been really busy ever since we made the Gijinkas go bye-bye from here. Suddenly, we had access to better supplies and more things to work with. Formulating the perfect explosives formula and continuing my training in intermediate-level hacking gave me no time to leave...until now.

I walked to the end of the pier, the hem of my black lab coat billowing behind me, a stolen HK45 pistol hidden in my left pocket. Everything was ready, or so I thought. Apparently, an argument I heard between Commander Brian Stone and his strange pink bunny advisor Karen Hills. Yeah, Karen Hills happened to be a pink blob of a Chimera. From what I could pick up, she was suggesting to move the destination to Kanto, instead of Hoenn as originally planned.

"Doctor, first field mission, huh?" Josh, one of our comrades, asked me, looking up from his inventory work. I nodded, grinning slightly. No, I'm not really a doctor, being only twenty-three, but everyone else in the Sciences department is. I guess it's an instinctive thing, even though I was younger than everyone else in the department and probably should be called something else. Still, it gave me a sense of pride.

"Da, Josh, it's my first. And no, I am not yet a 'doctor'. Just call me Lyuba. I trust that the explosives are all set?" I told him, peering at his ledger to confirm it.

"Oh, yes. They're all ready...Lyuba." He replied, pointing at the line which stated it. I placed my hand on his shoulder, squeezing it lightly.

"But of course, you know what would happen if there were no bombs." I said, before sauntering off to listen to the conversation. Apparently, Karen was suggesting that we land in Fuchsia. Fuchsia? That was a freaking crowded place! There was a 24-hour Safari Zone and a beach resort, all full of Gijinkas. We would be easily caught. I marched up to her, shaking my head.

"Nyet. You fail to realize that the city has a lot of attractions and a considerable amount of nightlife around the area? We'd be meat if we get caught, especially if there are so few of us. Where do we land unnoticed near there? Cloak and dagger is the key. We have to land somewhere remote, like...Mt. Moon. That way, nobody can reach the craft or find it easily. Then wait till nighttime to descend. Pewter doesn't have much of a nightlife, so it would be easier to go around, hacking, attacking, whatever after nightfall. Place isn't known for its population either, so it will definitely be manageable. Small victories first, find some allies, then go on to the bigger places. Take Pewter first, then we can perhaps move on to...Cinnabar. The Lab the Gijinkas rebuilt could be a valuable asset for all of us." I advised.
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Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Brian Stone - Lopunny/Furret/Ninetales Chimera
Stalwart Brotherhood
Liberty Pier, Castelia City, Unova

It wasn't every day I saw a human riding on a Wailord, offering to join the Brotherhood. Moon seemed a little sheepish about recruiting, but I figured I'd step in. She looked a little anxious and nervous, but I assured her there wasn't anything to worry about.

"Hey, the name's Brian," I told her with a reassuring smile, shaking her hand with my paw. "Or as some people call me..."

"Ha ha, Commander Cottontails!" Josh laughed, thinking it was still just so incredibly darn funny. "♪Hopping down the bunny trail!♫ Hippity-hoppity, Easter's on its way!♫"

"Yeah, whatever," I shrugged. "But yeah, I'm one of the commanders running this whole uprising. And don't sweat it, even though we've got loads of PokéMorphs and Chimeras in this whole thing, if and when you want to become one, that's totally up to you."

"And I'm Karen!" The overly fluffy pink bunny introduced herself. "And that Dragonite moron is Josh, the Umbreon dude is Moon, and this goth chick right here with the funny hair is Lyuba!"

As she whipped a chocolate bar out of her backpack, unwrapped it, and took a big bite out of it, I could see Aiko suddenly believing we were all fun-loving, but still truly insane.

"Nyet," Lyuba told Karen, thinking her idea of going after Fuchsia wasn't as good as she thought it was. "You fail to realize that the city has a lot of attractions and a considerable amount of nightlife around the area? We'd be meat if we get caught, especially if there are so few of us. Where do we land unnoticed near there? Cloak and dagger is the key. We have to land somewhere remote, like...Mt. Moon. That way, nobody can reach the craft or find it easily. Then wait till nighttime to descend. Pewter doesn't have much of a nightlife, so it would be easier to go around, hacking, attacking, whatever after nightfall. Place isn't known for its population either, so it will definitely be manageable. Small victories first, find some allies, then go on to the bigger places. Take Pewter first, then we can perhaps move on to...Cinnabar. The Lab the Gijinkas rebuilt could be a valuable asset for all of us."

"Psh, at that rate, we'll be having to use a walker to get to Cinnabar!" Karen laughed between bites of her chocolate bar. "Seriously, Mt. Moon? Yeah, go on ahead, Lyubie, Say hello to the swarms of Zubats for me, why don't ya?"

Oh sweet, nothing like a cat fight to warm the festivities of the afternoon.

"I say we land in Viridian Forest, if Lyubie is really that paranoid," Karen winked at me. "Easier to set up base without detection, and get this... better satellite signal, ever think of that, Lyubie!? So why you're fending off Zubats and wondering why your GPS is going bonkers, we'll be setting up camp in a nicer, harder to find, easier to conceal part of the country. And within walking distance of not one, but two Kanto cities!"

"Crazy pink bunny has a point there," Josh snickered.

"I'm always right," She replied, feeling proud of herself.


Karen Hills - Lopunny/Wigglytuff/Cinccino Chimera
Stalwart Brotherhood
En Route to Kanto

And that's why I was the advisor here! Seriously, Lyuba was a chemist. Some lab Rattata... dogish ghost thing, whatever she was calling herself. What in frick's name was she thinking? Whatever, after getting my stuff and junk ready in my backpack, we got some camping equipment that should keep us concealed as we decided to wreck havoc in Kanto. It wasn't long until two helicopters had arrived, both driven by human pilots.

"Where to, commander?" The pilot asked Brian.

"Kanto, Viridian Forest," Brian told him, just as I winked at Lyubie and stuck my tongue at her for just a second. "The faster, the better."

It seemed like there was enough room for everyone. As Brian hopped on, I quickly got on after him, sitting right next to him. He did, however, seem to have a lot of trouble with his... nine Furret tails though. They were kinda... all over the place as he tried to put his back to the seat. Even after Josh got on, he had to push three of Brian's giant, fuzzy tails aside just to make room for himself. At the same time, Brian had to keep all of them stuffed inside the helicopter so the door wouldn't chop them off when it closed. I had four of them on my lap, along with one of his ears, but I didn't mind. It was really kind of cute watching him try to keep all nine tails and both of his giant bunny ears in the helicopter, and out of everyone else's face. He was failing horribly at it, and I couldn't help but giggle.

"Do we seriously need that second chopper just because Cottontails can't keep his rear extensions out of everyone's face?" Josh asked with annoyance, shoving another one of Brian's tails aside. "Geez, man, look at you, you're practically filling up the entire chopper with fuzz!"

Heck, I was fine with it! But it did make me wonder... was that the reason why there was a second chopper? I would be laughing so hard for days if it was. In the meantime, I decided not to eat any candy during the trip, and especially not bubble gum. If any of it ended up in his fur, I'd never hear the end of it. Already he was giving me those looks, and trying not to burst out laughing was trying to use a pencil to put out a fire.

"Eh heh, sorry about that," Brian told him, a bit embarrassed as he just kind of gave up with it and allowed his nine tails to go wherever, seeing it was hopeless. "Trust me, it didn't take me long to realize I need to do a full 180 before shutting a door behind me."

There were at least three other seats, but the pilot decided to just go anyway and leave the second chopper for everyone else, after of course Brian just shoved all of his tails inside and made sure both of his ears were safely inside the chopper, despite them being all over Josh and I. Yeah, Josh had a point about this silly, furry mess, but still, Brian looked so cute with his nine giant Furret tails. And his bunny ears. It could have been worse though. Such as going with a part Whimsicott form. Ha ha, now that would have made it hard to breathe in here, never mind see and be comfortable. He'd have to ride hanging onto the landing gear!

Well, we took off, and were soon headed to Kanto. Josh still looked annoyed, but it was funny, and hey, he'd get used to it in time. Heck, Brian certainly did, and he had to deal with them all the time!

Shortly after, I whipped out my laptop, and decided to get the inside scoop on what was going on back at base. It seemed Research and Development was busy, trying to use... *ahem*, borrowed Gijinka technology to build more boats and airplanes to reach Kanto and Johto. One of them in development, the Rolling Thunder, seemed pretty cool. An attack gunship that had both personnel and Pokémon as gunners. Then there was some kind of robot mech suit kind of thing called the Obliterator. They were just concept designs for now, but if they really made them, boy, that would be awesome!

Man, this was going to be such a fun war!