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[RP] Broken Sun - Season of Evil [PG-13]

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven


Season of Evil


"They say that the world's gonna end with a whimper, but that's just the sound it always makes anyway." ~Mark Eitzel


It began with the breaking of the True Soul Pact, the agreement between Utopia and the Abyss, not to interfere with the worlds of the living. Originally, it was decided that living Pokémon should be in charge of their own fates and have free will, which in turn would decide their final judgment upon death. For countless centuries, the pact was honored until one day, in dark secret, the Abyss breached the promise. The one and only thing the Abyss and Utopia could agree upon was shattered.

The Abyss, the hellish underworld of damned Pokémon and other monstrosities, struck like a thief in the night, spreading like an underground plague to the worlds of Pokémon through dark portals, snaring them in agony as their battalions of horrors ravaged the worlds of the living. The fires of The Schism War have been lit, and now rage with destructive, soul-consuming flames.

The Pokémon world of Talandra was one of the first to suffer at the hands of the Abyss. It was here that the Black Doom Prophecy was made, one that foretold that all living worlds would be devoured by the Abyss's nightmare legions. Meanwhile, the Abyss blocked the heavenly realm of Utopia from intercepting their infernal onslaught by means of the Cathedral to Corruption and their dark Altar of Pain.

The few natives of Talandra, a clan known as the Indigo Seers, managed to stop the Abyss's plots by breaking the Black Doom Prophecy and destroying the Altar of Pain, freeing Utopia's battalions from the shackles of the Abyss. However, the cost and sacrifice was dire. Talandra had become far too infested by the Abyss's horrific abominations, leaving no choice but for the entire world to be destroyed in one final act of mercy on behalf of Utopia.

Now, the Abyss has set its deathly gaze upon Kokoro, another Pokémon world, just one of many already targeted by these infernal marauders. The Schism War now goes beyond the worlds of the living, and even into the realms of the Abyss and Utopia themselves. The Abyss not only hopes to pillage and plunder the worlds of the living, but in time, grasp the heart of Utopia and send it screaming into the foul pits of the nightmare underworld as the laughing face of madness devours every last sliver of sanity and virtue.

What happened to Talandra must not happen again...


As a powerful and uniquely gifted native Pokémon of Kokoro or as a high-ranking member of Utopia's divine battalions, you have the power to stop the Abyss from laying waste to yet another world. While hope may have died for Talandra and already the losses have been tragic, there is still time to save this world, but it is rapidly running out. The Schism War has come to Kokoro, and the lives of many depend on you.

The Abyss, now forced to fight Utopia on even ground, has unleashed total war upon Kokoro, sending their darkest lieutenants and captains to the fields of Kokoro as a ripe new world to infest. You are blessed with the power to fight their legions in ways other Pokémon cannot, and even travel into their dark underworld by means of their infernal portals, the same gateway they're using to send their legions of infernal doom into Kokoro. But you, for some unknown reason, are seemingly resistant against some of the dark influences that ensnare the damned in the hellish realm many fear as the Abyss. There, the battle must be taken against their key commanders, and perhaps eradicate the dark underworld forevermore so that no one ever has to suffer this way ever again.




Kokoro is a world of many forests and deserts, as well as rugged mountains and boundless seas. To many Pokémon, it is home, where Pokémon have built entire cities from the ground up, creating their own unique civilizations and cultures.

Now targeted for eradication and steeling itself for the worst, Kokoro is just one of several victim worlds that has become the battlegrounds for horrific conflicts. While there was a time when Kokoro had its own disagreements and conflicts between different clans and factions, those differences have been cast aside. Now, struggling for survival, former enemies have united, hoping to save their world before it is dragged into the bowels of madness.

City locations with red names on the map while covered with a reddish-black blotch are areas that have become overrun and renamed or created by the Abyss's legions, and are quickly spreading like cancer. Many of these defiled and corrupted cities across the bleeding planet cannot be saved, and must be destroyed and eradicated like a vile, festering tumor.

Many years ago, Kokoro was visited by human researchers and military specialists, who established settlements and research facilities. In time, some of the aggressive native tribes of Pokémon forced them to retreat and leave their settlements behind. Many years later, these facilities were opened, and power, human technology was discovered by Pokémon. However, while some Pokémon sought to make excellent use of this technology, others opposed it. Locations marked in blue are once-human facilities that contain powerful human technology and weaponry, and what could be the key to fighting back the Abyss. Meanwhile, locations in green are Pokémon allied locations still holding on to their defense. Small dots resemble small towns and establishments while large white dots resemble large cities.


Your character may be in any of these six factions at any rank, except for the leader ranks.

LIBERTY'S CRUSADE - Lead by Azmarax the Dragonite, Liberty's Crusade consists of Pokémon that have made use of human technology throughout Kokoro, with many of their members assuming the roles of scientists, technicians, and engineers, using and even adding onto the long-lost technology. Many of the once human bases are now operated by their members. And with the dark coming of the Abyss's legions, they stand firm and vigilant against the incoming tide of darkness.

RANKS OF LIBERTY'S CRUSADE - High Commander (Azmarax), Paladin, Knight, Squire, Initiate

FOLLOWERS OF KHASHAN - Neutral in terms of using human technology, the Followers of Khashan are lead by Khashan the Zoroark. This team of ninja-like bandits and rogues used to be thieves, highwaymen, and smugglers, using bladed weapons, bows, and the few human weapons they were able to get their hands on. Meanwhile, they specialized in mounted air combat, using a variety of flying Pokémon for swift, aerial strikes and quick getaways. Now, realizing how much is at stake, they've set aside their crooked ways and have joined the fight for Kokoro's defense.

RANKS OF FOLLOWERS OF KHASHAN - Leader (Khashan), Viper, Razor, Grunt

THE JADE ALLIANCE - Once the enemy of Liberty's Crusade, the Jade Alliance, led by Syritina the Lilligant, is a band of Pokémon mostly consisting of Grass-types that tries to preserve the sanctity of nature. Their powers and abilities are unusual, being able to conjure forests out of the ground, command plant life, and even have the capability to convert any Pokémon into a grass type if it isn't one already by means of unusual magic and ceremonies. In the war against the Abyss, they have the power to bring life back to the infected areas that the Abyss has corrupted, and heal the damage that was done. However, as long as the Abyss continues to sink its dark teeth into the world of Kokoro with more incoming legions of abominations, performing such critical miracles is extremely risky.

RANKS OF THE JADE ALLIANCE - Queen (Syritina), Eden, Branch, Thorn, Seed

AERIAL BRIGADE MERCENARIES – Founded and lead by Lilan the Flygon, the Aerial Brigade Mercenaries (ABM) consists of mostly flying type pokemon who are for hire for various tasks. The ABM is exceptional at scouting, message relays, and supply drops. Although the ABM claims to be a competent aerial combatists, they’re not often hired to do combat as often as most of the members would like. They roam from area to area, offering their services to the various towns. While not as powerful or as influential as the other factions, the ABM is very friendly with the natives, often getting discounts in supplies.

RANKS OF AERIAL BRIGADE MERCENARIES - Flock Leader (Lilan), Ace Pilots, Ace, Pilot, Fledgling

JOY VITALITY COMMITTEE - Founded and lead by Kassy Joy, its mission is to improve the lives of all Kokoronians, no matter which faction they belong (or not belong). They follow their commitment by protecting the weak and defenseless, healing the wounded, rebuilding destroyed cities and towns, improve Kokoronian life in general and researching ways to upgrade anything that can aid with their cause. Officially, the faction accepts the use of human technology with open arms but also accepts the old ways equally, however since the faction accepts anyone whom are willing to help, the individual JVC member may have a different opinion (but they're not judgmental with others). The only thing they all truly agree on is the use of weapons: it is only acceptable within the faction to use them in self-defense. Speaking of members, most of them consist of doctors, nurses, builders, scientists, but there is also a few soldiers for protection, engineers for machine construction and maintenance, and delivery Pokémon to move medical supplies and equipment. Although ranks are existent within the faction, which can be identified by how dark the pink hue of a member's Full Revive on their pendant/bracelet is (the lighter it is, the higher it is in rank), it only uses them for organization purposes because of their equality philosophy (everyone can ask someone to do something, no matter the rank). And as you have probably have guessed, the faction's symbol is a pink Full Revive crystal.

RANKS OF JOY VITALITY COMMITTEE - President (Kassy), Vice-President, Director, Specialist, Member

THE CIRCLE OF SEVEN - The Circle of Seven is a sort of mercenary group. Their primary focus is on dealing with crime, although they perform other jobs as well. Members work in groups of three or four, with each person specializing in something. Some Pokémon in this group learn about medicine, others about the legal system, some can battle, while others still can work as spies. The group is lead by a group of seven Pokémon (Hence the name), one for each evolution of Eevee.

RANKS OF THE CIRCLE OF SEVEN - Chosen (Emily), Blessed, Gifted, Neophyte

OTHERS - While these six factions are the most prominent, there are many others that don't affiliate with these six. You're free to have your character choose to be part of their own faction, or be unaffiliated at all.



In truth, the Abyss goes on forever as an endless realm of torture, but these areas will be the main focus of the RP.

Land of the forsaken and the screaming damned, the Abyss is the shattered land of the evil dead. As the feared hellish afterlife of wailing and abysmal pain and suffering, this underworld is laden with oceans of blood, fields of burnt ground, pits of boiling lava and many other devices of torture and misery. Many dark forces are at work here in these twisted lands of evil.

Those that gaze upon this foul realm are made well aware of the horror that is in store should the mission to stop the Abyss fails. If unstopped, all living worlds will be twisted and be in the Abyss's own dark, macabre image. You character is resistant to a few Abyss's horrors, which means you will be FREE AND IMMUNE from being afflicted by some of the curses, plagues, and horrors that each area usually bestows upon its victims (descriptions marked in red). However, the nightmare of seeing it done to the damned is a horror that cannot be avoided. Also, any NPC companions you may have will also be subject to these curses and afflictions as well. They do not have the resistance that you do...

Covenant to the Scourge - As a twisted and shattered archipelago of cracked, burning deserts, this broken land is where most guilty ground type Pokémon live only to make the suffering less worse than in the rest of the Abyss, despite how bitter it is anyway with its deadly heat and hideous smell. Pokémon that spend an extended amount of time here usually end up drying permanently, forced to look like wrinkled elders from the endless dehydration. In the north, the massive city of Korvockt is the hub of this dry and twisted land.

Silpominen - The blackened lands of Silpominen are literally a cesspool of intense radiation, fallout, and violent deterioration. Few Pokémon risk saying here, and those that do usually end up growing additional appendages in wrong and unusual areas, turning them into freakish monsters. Meanwhile, endless screams and wailing never cease howling in this twisted land. Even the pleas have been mutated.

Manifestation of Cancer - This rotting series of islands is an area of hideously large and repulsive mushrooms, blackened and blighted land, as well as intense, mental corruption. Pokémon that live here appear to be ghouls, which is very painful at first, and then levels off to simply result in a permanent state of morbid apparitions. Meanwhile, the massive city of Leprosy is the city of fallen limbs, with blood-crusted streets and scattered appendages. Arriving in Manifestation of Cancer results in immediately taking the ghoul appearance that every citizen here experiences.

The Deathlands (Eastern and Western) - Seemingly endless plains of burnt ground and fiery hellholes, not even fire Pokémon even remotely enjoy the burning smell of brunt flesh and brimstone. Few locations of any possible interest are here, but usually involve excessive amounts of pain and suffering. Meanwhile, southeast of the Western Deathlands lies the twisted city of Necropolis, seemingly floating on a plate in a hideous pool of boiling vomit and excrement.

The City of Dis - Horrendously massive, dark, and intimidating, The City of Dis is a twisted, multi-level metropolis of ruin in reality, but a disgusting and perverted city of sadism in illusion. Those who dare walk in this nightmare see a city that is always against them, defiling their name in every way possible in its dark streets. For everyone, the City of Dis is different for them. Here will you find your personal grudges glamorized, your name and essence defiled on the neon signs and billboards that fill the city with a hellish glow, and every citizen there will be your worst enemies and nightmares, filling anyone who walks the streets with warped paranoia. The City of Dis remains as the most feared element of the Abyss, always customized and tailored for each soul to inflict maximum misery and pain upon those who enter it. To you, the city seems very much alive and in deep hatred of you and only you.

The Schism - As a disheveled land of twisting bones, ribs, and sharp marrow shards, The Schism is desolate and hard to navigate. No one is really sure if anything of importance exists here, but much of it has gone unseen as well, so great, dark power may be here just waiting to be found by the bravest of warriors. However, be warned that walking along these lands is as painful as walking on broken glass. Sharp and serrated bones are jutting out and protruding in every direction and fashion, making it very easy to be cut, stabbed, and impaled in this deserted derelict of bone.

Vou Hast - The intimidating region of Vou Hast is a land of gratuitous violence, gore, and gluttony. The very land itself is smothered with brains, vital organs, skin, soiled flesh, and intestines, as well as massive pits filled with even more flesh and vitals. Meanwhile, the shambling city of Kammo in the northwest is nicknamed the “Bloodbath of the Abyss.” The city itself literally bleeds. Entering Vou Hast causes gradual girth that has a cumulative growth rate, filling souls with layers and layers of fat that is impossible to burn off. Meanwhile, they are struck with ravenous hunger to eat anything, gorging themselves on the vitals and gore that layer this damned place. Pokémon that stay here too long find themselves becoming too fat to maintain mobility. Once they reach a certain size (a few millions of pounds), they explode, bursting in a violent, bloody mess of massive gore. Shortly after, however, they are regenerated to woefully start the whole morbid process over again.

The Thorndike - As a dark and shadowy land, the Thorndike remains as a realm of violent lacerations, stabbing, slicing, and bleeding. Much of the ground is layered and caked with many blades, knives, thorns, and razors jutting out of the ground, all soaked in the blood of those who have stepped on them. Many rivers pass through here, but they are all blood.

The Xov Ensign - This sigil-shaped landmass is the beating heart of the Followers of Xov. Only those that have pledged full, adamant loyalty to the clan of Xov are welcome here, while others are strictly shunned and will be tortured on sight. For the most exalted of Followers of Kov, the dark clan offers their strongest and darkest secrets… some that even some of the other ruling powers of the Abyss shun for their extreme wickedness.

Raiskata - Clearly, the most appalling element of Raiskata is the fact the series of islands is nothing more than floating masses of clumped together manure and fecal matter that never stops smelling horrifically. Though many would never suspect it, Pokémon that live here and tolerate it are usually the ones mindful of the pain and torturous elements of the other lands in the Abyss. While several towns have been created upon the floating feces, cleaning them has become impossible, and most Pokémon accept their homes and lofts being smothered with the endless amount of fecal matter.


The undead horrors of the Abyss come in many forms, and in most cases, resemble undead and twisted Pokémon as the howling, hollow souls of the evil dead. The legions of anarchy must be stopped and destroyed, for if they remain unchallenged, more of these abominations will be spawned upon the worlds of the living, and soon enough, the once pristine and peaceful world of Utopia...

THE WRETCHED - The Wretched resemble the grunt, skeletal Pokémon fully animated and sentient with glowing fires for eyes. Relentless, they show no fear, and continue to fight at all costs. Only by smashing their skulls will they be forever put down. Even so, all of them are capable of using the same Pokémon attacks they were capable of in life, along with using grizzly bone weapons while having shrieking screams of deranged anguish cry out for miles.

THE INFERNAL SCOURGE - Adding to the hordes of abominations, these fetid, ghoul and zombie-like Pokémon are the souls of the wicked. Those that murdered others and enjoyed it. Those that acted as fiends even in life, and now continue to seek that same, murderous desire, all while reeking of the ripe stench of decay. Others have been so corrupted by sin that they know nothing but slaughter and mindless mayhem. Like many other horrors of the Abyss, they bleed black, thick and sticky like putrid oil. All they want is to see you die, and inevitably join their ranks of the mad and the damned.

UNHOLY MECHANISTS - Empowered by some unknown, enigmatic, dark and unholy science, these half-demon, half-machine Pokémon have been rewired and half-gutted to become a diabolic cyborg of unspeakable horrors. Many of them now have wicked machines for hands, such as bloody chainsaws, drills, flamethrowers, wicked claws, and a variety of other sinful, mechanical weapons. Meanwhile, many other twisted and jagged implants surround them, all serving some horrendous, macabre purpose.

Whatever dark madness used to create them must be destroyed for the sake of sanity.

THE COHORTS OF CHAOS - These blackened, shadow-colored Pokémon are the main workhorse of the Abyss's legion, often covered in wicked armor and wielding twisted, jagged weapons. These foul but strong warriors of doom never breathed life, and have always been savage combatants of the Abyss's army since their grotesque creation. While many of them still reside in the Abyss, many of them have set foot upon the living worlds of Pokémon, infecting the living and the environment with their pestilence and plagues of sin and vice.

Unlike the legions of the Infernal Scourge, the Cohorts have the power to wound souls, but not kill them. Wounds inflicted by the Cohorts and their jagged weapons of darkness will not heal on their own, and must be healed by Utopia's clerics or by their heavenly salves.

The Cohorts of Chaos are commanded by Meiun and Banjin, the Brothers of Despair and the twisted renditions and rejected legendaries that are the Fallen of Lugia and Ho-oh. They too, must be executed for their vile sins.

THE FALLEN - Every living and deceased Pokémon has a Fallen, a powerful, evil rendition of themselves made of all the sins that Pokémon has committed in their lives. Yes, even you have your own Fallen lurking in the shadows as it tries to hunt you down. The more sins a Pokémon commits, the more powerful their Fallen is. But in contrast, a righteous and honorable Pokémon is mirrored by only a weak and frail Fallen. While Fallen are rare to see outside of the Abyss, there are a few that have surfaced in the world of the living, often serving as captains and commanding officers of the Wretched, the Infernal Scourge, and/or the Cohorts of Chaos.

Fallen can also wound souls, but seeking the soul of their counterpart to infest them with an overwhelming darkness is their highest priority. However, they will not hesitate to corrupt those that seek to stop them or hinder the efforts of their dark allies. A soul that is defeated by their Fallen becomes forever corrupted, lost in mind, body, and soul into a never-ending whirlwind of sin and malice. These Fallen become "The Defilers," and are stronger and harder to kill as they are the living embodiments of sin and insanity.

Defeating and destroying a Fallen is extremely difficult, although possible (groups of Fallen are too deadly to approach). Upon destroying a Fallen, the counterpart soul undergoes a divine, angelic transformation, a state of such infinite white purity that they become Utopian Paladins, resistant to the temptation of sin and influence of corruption, and possess powers of holy purity and righteousness. These Paladins are very rare, and make up some of the strongest warriors Utopia has for this very reason...

Legendary Pokémon also have Fallen renditions (such as the case of Meiun and Banjin, and other Abyssal commanders). Meanwhile, The Fallen are commanded by Zaiaku, the Overlord of Sin, the twisted, dark travesty of Arceus himself. It is believed that he is the head commander in chief of all of the Abyss's legions.

NOTE: It is impossible to kill your own Fallen alone. Seeing your own Fallen generates a feeling of paralyzing and unfathomable fear, and the fact any wounds your Fallen rendition receives, you will receive as well with an excruciating level of pain, making it impossible for you to fight them without support. As the Fallen begins dying and bleeds out of control, you suffer the same, and only until they are completely destroyed will you undergo the holy rebirth.

THE LEGION OF XOV - The Legion of Xov is made up of dark, shadowy, blob like enigmas that are living entities of the void, vaguely resembling black, oily Pokémon with glowing red eyes.

Xov's minions of despair are infamous for their ability to vaporize souls upon consumption, and erase their existence from history and memory of all. Meanwhile, Xov has many lieutenants, sub-commanders, and captains that have lost almost all resemblance to Pokémon. As for Xov himself, he resembles a massive, shifting mass of voids and nothingness, constantly shaping itself into intimidation, resembling skulls, unholy symbols, clawed hands, and other infernal forms.

Even just touching Xov or any of his underlings results in full and total erasure. But even worse, the means to destroy them still remains a mystery. Thankfully, these abominations remain exclusively in the Abyss, although those that would venture into its depths would need to beware...

OTHERS - There are many other types of enemies and Abyssal threats you may find in your travels, such as dark war machines and siege engines only crafted by the most diabolical minds of the Abyss. These are but a few of the followers of infernal evil.



In truth, Utopia goes on forever, but this area will be the main focus of the RP.

As an eternal realm of happiness, pleasure, and delight of dreams and freedom for Pokémon that have led honest and good-willed lives, Utopia is a powerful source of both holy and light energy. Utopia is in fact the dream world of every Pokémon, where desires and wishes come true forever. While it is possible to leave Utopia, most Pokémon don’t for the simple reason of being surrounded by endless comfort and happiness forever more. However, in this dire time of darkness, many Pokémon of Utopia pick up their weapons of righteousness to defend the holy realm.

As your allies in dealing the blow of justice against the Abyss, it was unfortunate that the heavenly battalions of Utopia were only able to come into The Schism War late, and not in time to save Talandra from total corruption. However, with their arrival, there is now hope.

Everglade Isles - Peaceful and serine, the tranquil combination of water and land flats is ideal for both water and grass Pokémon, though many others still enjoy the area regardless. The Everglade Isles are most appreciated for their quiet surroundings, and are enjoyed mostly by Pokémon that prefer rural, quiet lands as opposed to busy cities.

The Indigo Plains - The purple/pinkish Indigo Plains are the remedy for the lonely, the single Pokémon that have lost their families or faced unfair abandonment in their previous lives. Here, love, friendship, and compassion await for them to experience every joy of companionship they never had the chance to really live in their previous lives. Aurora City is also the city of love, where single Pokémon that were never able to find friends or mates in previous lives are presented with the bountiful opportunity.

The Dovewing Isles - The gentle and peaceful Dovewing Isles are the home of the docile and the serene. Here, the land grows soft and white with unfreezing, dry snow, turning the area into a delightful, comfortable, and warm winter wonderland. Toward the outskirts of the lower islands, the snow turns a slight pink color, which then becomes magenta toward the tips. Meanwhile, the upper islands take on a snowy shade of blue. The high city of Innocence, capital of Utopia is highly urbanized, but always clean, peaceful, and quiet. It is here where Arceus himself resides and carries out his divine command over all righteous Pokémon.

Emerald Eternity Islands - Blissfully tropical with sunny shores and soft, sandy beaches, succulent and luscious fruit and welcoming palm trees and tropical foliage, the Emerald Eternity Islands is what many would call the “ultimate vacation and holiday spot.” Never too hot and always “just right” for everyone, the Emerald Eternity Islands also has a gentle breeze flowing through its shores as the Pokémon residing here lay in eternal relaxation.

Nightsky - Nightsky continues to be the new world for dreamers, imagination, and is a bustling sea of creativity and wonder. As a land of pleasant and peaceful sleep with inspiring good dreams, magic hours, and stargazing, this area continues to be a heaven for lovers of the night. Here, the stars are always out in the sky with comets and shooting stars, and auroras that spark new imagination.

Fields of Paradise - Pleasant, relaxing, and refreshing, the Fields of Paradise offers a fresh and homely feeling for those that have passed away. The center area is a combination of spring and winter, offering the comforts of both with blossoming white flowers and trees while the ground is covered with a soft snow that never melts and never feels icy, cold, and wet. Toward the outskirts, the landscape becomes more like the new life of spring with flowers that never wilt or vanish. Meanwhile, the majestic and massive City of the Horizon is always emanating with cheer within its reflective mirror walls and its golden streets.

The Twilight Plateau - As a beautiful range of soothing blue and violet plains with majestic mountains and ranges, the Twilight Plateau appears to be a landscape made with a peaceful watercolor painting appearance. As an area of healing, the comfortable landscape radiates with an aura that calms and relieves souls of the hardships that were faced in the life before, as well as offering transition into happiness for those that led very difficult and challenged lives.

The Sunrise Plains - Colorful, always brimming with new life and refreshment, the Sunrise Plains easily brings back the remembered and cherished memories of youth and glorifies those moments in living color. Within the Sunrise Plains is the setting of a beautiful summer day splashed with the colors of the sunrise, vibrant and fresh with energy. Also, the Sunrise Plains especially caters to young Pokémon that had passed away early in their lives, and allows them to forget and move on from whatever tragedy befell them. Meanwhile, Awewind in the north with its very clean and peaceful urban streets serves as a very loving family oriented city, and is the main location for loved ones to reunite.

Angelwing Islands - Celebrating the gift of flight, many flying Pokémon gather here, as well as those that have earned their Seraphim Wings, a reward for selflessly entering the Abyss during missions to challenge their dark legions. However, those that never had that chance to soar the skies are faced with a test of pure, faithful patience. In time, those that pray the most diligently and keep the faith of flight in their hearts find themselves growing their own wings… little by little. The massive metropolis of Feathersong is a city of flight up in the clouds, where those that have earned their wings consolidate. It is here where the Celestial Starchasers make their home and train new arrivals.

Sunlight Islands - The vibrant and brilliant Sunlight Islands are the home of pure, unending light. As an everlasting spring of cheer, compassion, kindness, benevolence, and purity, those that seek pure fidelity for both themselves and others unite here. Many Pokémon that seek to grow even stronger in kindness and in character come here, and easily find what they were looking for.

Valley of Shooting Stars - As an endless and awe-inspiring fireworks display of vibrant, colorful lights and inspiration, many Pokémon come to this location for inspiration, artistry, and to foster their ability to create and share. Also, as a land of peaceful, harmless, and warming fires, many fire type Pokémon especially enjoy this area, appealing to all of their senses at once.


United in arms under the command of Arceus, these brave and angelic Pokémon stand strong and firm against the infernal waves of the dark legions. To these holy warriors, the Abyss's foul and sacrilegious hordes are past redemption, and must be vanquished for the benefit of all that is good and honorable. As the guardians and sentinels of the Pokémon worlds, they will righteously fight to the end by your side.

Divisions and battalions that are marked with "***" marks are ones your character may belong to at the role play's start, should you decide to play as a Utopia soldier. Those that are not can be joined by fulfilling certain conditions later in the RP, however.

***THE STALWART SKYSTRIDERS*** - Adorning golden and silver armor, armed with powerful weapons, and fighting strong with an unbreakable will, the Stalwart Skystriders make up the powerful and heroic ground forces of the Abyss, having protected Utopia from the Abyss's abominations since the beginning of time. Armed with the finest holy weapons, these brave warriors will stop at nothing to ensure the wicked and evil are obliterated forever.

***THE CELESTIAL STARCHASERS*** - Born to fly and strike with speed, fury, and agility, these angelic, feather-winged Pokémon may only wear light armor, if any at all, but they rely on speed, evasion, and swift flying and striking techniques to deal holy punishment to the Abyss. All members of this aerial division are given wings along with holy weapons such as powerful bows and arrows of light along with swords and scimitars made for fast and furious combat. Meanwhile, they are exceptional at stealth and sneak attacks upon the Abyss.

***THE DIVINE SAGES*** - As the holy clerics of Utopia, these honorable souls have the power to use the forces of light and holy to both cure and heal the wounds and afflictions of their comrades and the innocent, as well as use the power of holy light as a powerful weapon in the forms of holy spells and enchantments to use against the Abyss's vile hordes of deranged abominations.

UTOPIAN PALADINS - These pure, sinless souls are those who have faced their Fallen and with the support of their comrades, destroyed them and became free from the shackles of sin. These valiant warriors often serve as the commanding officers of Utopia's battalions, commanding power and aspects from the Skystriders, the wings and power of flight of the Starchasers, and the powerful holy magic of the Divine Sages. These magnificent warriors are few in number, however, as the task of destroying one's own Fallen is a difficult task indeed.

DREAM SUMMONERS - Exceedingly rare, these few but powerful Pokémon have the power to make the dreams and hopes of both the living and the deceased into powerful realities, breaking realty by making the impossible suddenly a miracle. These summoned creatures that resemble the dreams and imagination of all the living and the dead have powerful abilities, called forward from the realm of dreams to do battle against the wicked scourge of the Abyss. It is said that one must find the path to the world of dreams, called Unikuva, wherever it may be...


I, the GM, will be taking command of the Abyss's head commanders and overlords. As for everyone else, you take the role of Utopia's warriors or native-born defenders of Kokoro. Your goal is to stop the Abyss's invasion of Kokoro, and hopefully take the fight to the Abyss to shut down their warmongering warlords and their sadistic high commanders.

The powers and possible weapons you select for your character should be related to whatever faction or division they're a part of. These powers go beyond what your character can normally have as a Pokémon. Also, consider your character to be highly influential and charismatic, meaning you are free to have many NPC allies and followers at your command. Yes, potentially thousands.


  • Follow all standard Serebii and RPG rules.
  • No godmodding outside the scope of what your character is capable of. I'm okay with a few rules being bent, but don't do it excessively or do something that would spoil the RP for others.
  • Bunnying should only be done with permission.
  • You're free to make as many characters as you like, but please give them equal attention. Also, each character should get their own sign up. Characters that are only acquaintances of your character mentioned in their history are still only considered NPCs.
  • Try to be active if and when you can. Kokoro and Utopia are depending on you!


The main sign up thread can be found here.



Serron Star-Gazer The Serperior (Divine Sage) - Played by Tasslehoff
Zix Dawnbringer the Typhlosion (Stalwart Skystrider, Brigadier General) - Played by Agent Tectonic
Kraxel the Bisharp (Celestial Starchasers) - Played by Tasslehoff
Fantasia the Gardevoir & Etude the Gallad (General and Colonel of the Celestial Starchasers) - Played by Requiem's Eclipse


Ian the Hydriegon (Liberty's Crusade, Paladin) - Played by SoulMuse
Jack Ciron the Charizard (Followers of Khashan, Razor) - Played by Charizardfan900
Alec "Rush" Garadian the Floatzel (Liberty's Crusade, Knight) - Played by Billy Mays
Kyra Sol the Pikachu (Liberty's Crusade, Initiate) - Played by Cometstarlight
Electra the Ampharos (Followers of Khashan, Razor) - Played by GalactaKnightisawesome
Lilan the Flygon (Aerial Brigade Mercenaries, Flock Leader) - Played by Slipomatic
Forest Shadow the Sceptile (Roaring Thunder, Leader) - Played by Agent Tectonic
Kassy Joy the Meganium (Joy Vitality Committee, President and Founder) - Played by OkikuMew
Melody the Jigglypuff (Liberty's Crusade, Knight) - Played by GalactaKnightisawesome
Lisa the Roserade (The Jade Alliance, Thorn) - Played by synthetica
Emily the Glaceon (Circle of Seven: Chosen) - Played by SoulMuse

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Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Viha the Profane (Defiler Execadrill of Azen, the Onyx Murderer)
Emissary Warlord of Meiun, Fallen of Lugia
Uskot (formerly Tokan), Lasa, Kokoro

The once peaceful town of Tokan had been brutally ravaged by the Abyss's merciless entrance. Gone were the days of the once serine fishing village, it's placid shores, and it's lively townspeople. Now, all that was left served only as a burning, unholy holocaust. Whatever remnants of original town that remained were charred and served as a dark ritual tribute for their infernal master, Meiun.

The massacre had been quick, and the hordes of the Abyss were disappointed in the futile efforts of the townsfolk, crumpled and in pieces around them, with the splatter of blood painting the ruins and the ground. They had wanted more of a challenge, more of a battle, but they still found the pleasure of the massacre to be suitable.

And Viha, the dark messenger of oblivion, gazed upon the dead as the sight of blood and slaughter was intoxicating. And for that one dark moment, he saw a bouquet. A harvest of flesh and bloody meat that was just waiting to be devoured as a feast of dishonorable slaughter. The battle was disappointing, but the spoils of the cruelty were manifest.

The demonic Excadrill was a nightmare to behold. He had been the Defiler of the mass-murderer Azen, whose cruelty and madness had not served him well in facing the horror of his own Fallen. Viha, easily overpowering his likeness, had devoured his essence in a savage struggle of madness, and rose as a Defiler, one of the Abyss's commanding officers of anguish. Slathered with black markings and unholy essence, Viha's serrated drill hands had been rearranged to become the tools of bloody slaughter, always stained with a macabre coating of black and greasy red blood. Meanwhile, the drill upon his head was even more jagged and wicked than any living Excadrill could attest to, and burrowed its way through every corpse his grizzly teeth could dig through.

Tonight, he and his brutal army of two-thousand minions would eat well and relish a taste of the dark harvest that was to come. And tomorrow, their victims would be reanimated as the Wretched, the shambling skeletal horrors that served as the mindless horde. Meanwhile, Tokan was extinct, replaced and refashioned into the black horror of Uskot. The dark architects of the Abyss had given rise to new, horrid structures, including unholy ziggurats, a Cathedral to Pain, slaughterhouses, torture chambers, and other infernal buildings of ungodly nightmares.

The vulgar feast had commenced with Viha wresting a decapitated Jolteon's body from the pile of bodies and sunk his hideous shark-like teeth into the carcass, blood frothing down his face and body while the flesh was grinded into a fetid pulp. Like starving wolves, the rest of his hellish contingent voraciously gorged themselves upon the victims. Tonight, they were just another meal to the horde, who had not eaten this well for ages. Tomorrow, their bones and whatever remained of them would rise again, moaning for the sweet flesh of their fellow Pokémon.

It was a dark omen of things to come...


Armahdus Deathwing, Magnus of the Chaotic Holocaust
Fallen of Moltres
Mortis (formerly Misha), Hyand, Kokoro

Existence of the town of Misha had been eradicated, grasped by the soul-consuming black flames that had devoured the settlement. The town, once supporters of the Jade Alliance, were now only a memory, strangled by the garrote of deathly fire as the shadow flames of Armahdus and his unholy battalion of five thousand minions.

It was the dark phoenix's ambition to devour the whole of Jadewater Forest with untamable flames. He had been called forward by the Dark Ling Zaiaku to smother and strangle Kokoro with his fire to make way for new darkness and to sow the seeds of evil. The pestilence surrounding Mortis would spread like an ungodly festering wound, and new, dark establishment would arise for all to tremble at and despair.

He had hoped Utopia would be foolish enough to intervene. Foolish enough to reveal themselves, to open the gates, and soon, leave Utopia vulnerable for ripe infestation. Zaiaku would become the High Dark Defiler after marauding his way into Utopia to seize and strangle Arceus's soul. Fear would spill into the heavens as the Schism War would be Utopia's most heinous mistake, and their reward would be the monstrous transformation of themselves and everything they had loved.

"SOon, thE DArK HArveST wIlL COMe tO paSS..." Armahdus howled in his own dark glory, his dark song slicing through the worried, dark-clouded skies. "KoKOro wiLL beComE a WoRLd oF bLAcK suFFeRiNg, anD aLl lOVe aNd HoPE wIlL sCrEAm aNd CrY bLoOd..."

To Armahdus, Misha was the first of his victims. A weak and hopeless victim, but nonetheless, a burning inferno that would mark the arrival of the one doom Kokoro was destined to suffer. The first of the burnt offerings he would make to his master, Zaiaku, in tribute to his dark and unholy name. Tomorrow, those dark flames would march their way through the Jadewater Forest, and soon, bend toward the town of Talacola, eradicating everything in their dark path. And soon enough, even the great city of Aramas would fall to his infernal wrath. Hyand itself would become a bloody tribute to Zaiaku, one of pain, screams, and cries... no better song of anguish to offer for his unholy master.

Meanwhile, his contingent consisted of swarms of other fire Pokémon, deranged and only directed by the will of their master. The Wretched of macabre, skeletal bird Pokémon, as well as the dark Scourge of many fire types, rising to lend their aid to spread the black fires. And his three elite minions, members of the Cohorts of Chaos. Jav, the savage and bestial Charizard who had the title of "Bonechewer." Kex, the sadistic and twisted Volcarona who was aptly titled "Flameretcher." And lastly, Baxan, the insane and utterly mad Houndoom who only heeded orders from Armahdus himself. The one feared as "Deadnight." The one infamous for surrounding the doomed with darkness, and sending them plunging into the drowning shadows. Those that had gazed upon their unholy visage always remembered them by their eyes. Those vacant flames that one could swear they could see the Abyss and all its screaming agony just from looking into them.

Together they joined hands... intent on turning the living into suffering slaves, and Utopia into nothing but a smoldering. twisted travesty...

Kirvesta Shadowblade, Patriarch of the Screaming Damned
Fallen Nidoking - Fallen of the Dark General Tlak
Veragh, Karan, Kokoro

Veragh stood in the center of Karan like a knife wound, its spreading pestilence like a festering wound, its rivers of boiling lava like a bleeding gash, and it's craters and dark canyons like a deep laceration. An unholy scar. An open wound in mother Kokoro. Taken. Gutted. Ravaged.

Veragh was designed to be a city of horror, a place so frightening that only the insane could gave upon it and not feel dread. The dark taskmaster, Kirvesta Shadowhammer, a blackened and blood-slathered Nidoking with impaled skulls in his spikes, grinned wickedly at the dark chaos that was about to unfold. He was the Fallen of the dead General Tlak, one of the most treacherous and vile of warlords in Kokoro's history. Known for his dark actions of genocide against normal-type Pokémon, his campaign failed, but his sins still lived on in Kirvesta. Today, however, the genocide would be different.

It would be against all the living. Under his dark hand, Karan would become a wasteland, and then, a torture chamber of endless agony. Warm blood would surround his dark, clawed fingers, as flesh and sinew were dug out from the bodies and grinded under this hideous, shard-like teeth, slathered by his black tongue, a slimy and sickly-black abomination slithering about in excited ecstasy like it had a mind of its own. Meanwhile, the dark ziggurats of Veragh had vomited up more horrors of the Abyss, mad for the chance to grasp the continent of Karan and rip it to shreds before mutating it into something mortal eyes were never meant to see.

The howls had signaled the dusk of the night-callers. Their disease was manifest, employing the horrors of ungodly sights, hideous screams, and foul stenches to assail all who opposed their morbid wrath. Before the dark commander Kirvesta stood three thousand troops of the Abyss's most hideous and vile demon troopers the foul underworld could conjure. Armed with dark weapons, they thirsted for their dark, infernal glory.

Kirvesta too, was ready, weapons in his hands, the two executioner swords of the merciless. In his left was the feared Underskull, a jagged, hideous sword that endlessly dripped black blood. The hilt bore the faces of the screaming damned, while the jagged blade was shaped like a wicked bolt of black lightning. In his right, Mindcrush, the Finger of Death. The hilt was splattered with greasy, black blood, while the blade itself was endlessly burning in flames, flames that were black as shadow, and hot as an infernal furnace. Already both blades had claims the lives and sanity of many. Coming into the world of Kokoro, they grew thirsty for the blood of the innocent, the minds of the brave...

...the souls of the many...

In that dark moment, he joined the masses of the screaming, howling damned, an earth-shaking voice that caused the dying vegetation around the infernal complex to wither, tremble, and for the first time, bleed.

And for the first time on Kokoro, fear itself had a sound...
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Eon Collector
Lilan the Flygon
ABM, Flock Leader
Junater, Hyand, Kokoro

It was always hectic in Junater, even before the Abyss army had shown on the surfaces. It was always full of pokemon trading things for money, but as of today, it was eerily quiet. Due to how close the Abyss army was to Junater, there were so many requests for supplies and sometimes weapons to battle them. Most of the pokemon unwilling to battle or too young were already gone, safe at Southwatch. Lucky for them I guess, they get to live a little bit longer while I’m here, fighting to prevent this takeover from this demonic force. My group was resting in an inn, after dropping more supplies off here at the command post, we were paid. I didn’t mind the pay so much now, but I needed a way to feed my underlings and to get them their gears for our comm. devices were lifesavers. Although they only had a seven mile radius, five on stormy days, a quick message through the comm. could make a difference if one died or lived to see another day.

I shook myself from these depressing thoughts and turned my attention to the group that was lying around in various places in the inn. I was pretty sure the inn keeper was happy with getting some business from us. Most of my group was exhausted from the long flight here. We had to bring some salamances for their strength to carry some of the large boxes we had which limited us to how far we could travel per session. I made it mandatory to rest at certain intervals depending on what we were doing. I shook my head again to clear my head, now wasn’t the time to get lost in protocol procedures.

Most of the pokemon left in Junater were anxious of an oncoming attack that would come soon to them from what is now called Mortis. To be honest, I was worried more about the jadewater forest area as there hadn’t been much rain in the area lately so much of the wood were dry and some areas that used to be somewhat swampy were now firm ground. If it wasn’t for the huge influence that the Jade Alliance had in that area, there would be more water types that could be of real help right now.

Back to my situation, although we were requested to leave after we had rested and recovered from our trip, there was only a handful of water pokemon here due to the desert that was near. I didn’t mention anything to the command post about this as it wasn’t I didn’t have authority over them, but they did need more water pokemon. I had heard rumors from various sources that the army that was in Mortis had a very strong general who used mainly fire to lay waste to everything. I didn’t know if that was true or not, but tomorrow we leave. Although some of my members with me were eager to battle the Abyss army, I was just ready for it to all end. I was angry at the Abyss army for taking my best friend, but I didn’t want to rely on pure anger to defeat them. There was nothing to be gained if one became lost in rage and anger as they could turn on their own allies and be a danger to all, no better than a fallen.

I sighed, which gained a few glances in my direction as I was their current leader for this operation. I had a few others who could and did well with commanding others, but we were stretched thin. Although we were steadily getting new recruits to train to become competent fliers and aerial combatants, there just wasn’t enough time to get everything that these recruits needed to know packed down. Although we lose very few members, we get so many recruits who try to be hotshots and get injured badly, often being removed from service for several days, even weeks, due to their injuries. We just needed more time to better prepare our fellow pokemon, but the Abyss army wasn’t going to let us have what we wanted since they were abominations, cruel mockery of the pokemon.

I was slightly nervous about our current situations. Despite becoming popular real quickly, I had my doubts as to whether the ABM would remain strong or become weak and nonexistent. After that ambush that ended my friend’s life, a lot of pokemon had dropped out of the group due to them being selfish and wanting to save their own skins. The time during that period was one of constant nervousness. Very few wanted to join and it was very hard to convince them. Now though, we had a larger group, but about half of the members were fledglings which didn’t bode well. I looked forward to the day we can live in peace and act as simple messengers, but that probably won’t happen in my life time.


A Failed Experiment
Lisa the Roserade
The Jade Alliance, Thorn
Jadewater Forest, Hyand, Kokoro

Lisa still couldn’t comprehend what’s going on. She was lying no her bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. She couldn’t sleep; not after a day like this. A few days ago, when she arrived to the Jadewater Forest the biggest task to complete was finding a solution to revert the damage done to the forest due to a lengthy drought. And now this came up. The invasion of some demonic force she’d never heard about; the Abyss or something like that. Where did they even come from?

She didn’t want to join the battle. She never liked fighting, but what she’d experienced today left her in despair. It’s not a long way from Jadewater Forest to Misha, or what’s now left of it, so everyone in the Jade Alliance could see what happened there. The whole town had been consumed in flames and burned to the ground like it was nothing. But the sight the town burning was nothing compared to the sounds carried by the wind. The shrieks of terror, the screams of the wounded and the cries of the dying could be heard for hours. It was something she will never be able to forget.

To make things worse, she was only observing it from afar. She couldn’t even begin to imagine how it was like to be actually involved in such a massacre. And yet, they were expected to withstand such an assault in the very near future. What could she possibly do to prevent another scene like the one she had witnessed today? The invading force was obviously packed with creatures that can control fire; otherwise they couldn’t create such an inferno. To make things worse, the forest around them would prove the perfect fuel for the flames. If they waited for the invaders where they are, there could only be one winner. That only leaves them with two options: to charge towards the town or to retreat. The first one would probably prove catastrophic. She expected them to retreat to a place where they could wait for reinforcements whoever they might be.

She sat up looked around the room; everyone else seemed to be sleeping. How could they do it? With their doom lurking in the distance and their future being discussed by Queen Syritina and Edens she could barely close her eyes from the anxiety. Through the trees she could see a few stars; they seemed even more distant than usually. She gave up sleep for now and decided to go for a walk instead; it could be her last night, why not try to make the most of it.

She silently crept out of the hut. The air had cooled down a bit, but the dreaded smell of smoke and fire was still present. She could see the light in the leaders’ meeting room. They were still debating about the best course of action. Lisa considered eavesdropping, but decided not to. She would get the news too soon anyway, no matter when that was. Instead, she headed out in the opposite direction towards the base exit. There was nobody there, or anywhere else for that matter. The forest was completely silent; the she could only hear the sounds of her breathing. She could just walk away and nobody would know about it. It was a tempting idea, an easy way out of the war. Sadly, that would leave her no her own, with even less chance of survival. Reluctantly, she turned around and went back to her bed, where she dwelled on the idea for a while before finally falling asleep.


What do I do now?
Kyra Sol the Pikachu
Liberty's Crusade, Initiate
Bravo Station, Hyand, Kokoro

It was dark outside. The obvious cover of night had folded over the landscape like a wool blanket. Kyra felt knots in her stomach as she began to walk up to the decent sized building that loomed overhead.

"Ok, you're here, you can't turn back now, Kyra." She tried to push herself forward as more knots ensued. What if I can't do this? What if what killed my father comes after me? She bit her lip hard and closed her eyes tightly in response to the memory that was inevitably coming forth. That Bisharp...his broken form, his eyes raging with hatred or was it lust from seeing her father die? His insatiable delight in bloodshed-

"No," Kyra gasped and shook her head furiously, her ears moving around quickly with each shake. "I can't think about that." She pulled her cloak closer to her body and tightened the chain so that there would be no opening at the front. Shortly afterward she pulled the dark brown hood over her head, deciding not to put her ears through the holes this time.

She could feel her father's motivation coming to her now. Warm feelings that tickled her memory with the joyful surge of emotion flooded her mind with images of her father. She closed her eyes again to settle the memories, knowing that one day she would see him again and that he would be waiting for her at the gates of Utopia.

She continued her walk towards the station as she reached into her hood to her ears, making sure the Sol Cuffs were fitting correctly before feeling around her wrists for the same reason. They were form fitting, but just a smidgen too tight. Maybe that's the way they were supposed to be to connect with her body's potential. She shrugged before entering the small amount of light that the building gave off. There was Prinplup sitting at the front desk.

"E-excuse me," Kyra stood up straighter to gaze at the pokemon. "I was told to come to Bravo Station." She continued to stand there, whilest the Prinplup continued to stare with a non interested gaze. He didn't say anything.
"Well?" Kyra tried to get him to answer her.

He looked her over again before looking down at his desks and resuming his duties.
"Go home."

Kyra's ear's straighted through her hood's holes and an emotion close to anger boiled in her veins.
"What did you say?"

The Prinplup noted her revealed ears before looking down.
"I said, go home. It's not a hard statement to understand when you have a decent education."

She clenched her teeth to keep from saying something nasty.
"I was told to come here. I signed up and everything!" She fumbled with her cloak for the pockets. "I-I even got my letter of acceptance yesterday." She pulled out the crumpled piece of parchment and held it out to the pokemon.

"Look, kid," he placed a wing on the desk. "Just because you got one of those things doesn't mean you're cut out for this job. I'm not insulting your...registration." He looked her over again. "I could hear you shivering on the other side of the island."

"Y-you can't stop me from signing up!" Kyra started to panic, but she tried unsuccessfully to keep it under her hood.

He shook his head.
"Do you even know what you're signing up for? War. Battling the creatures of nightmares and not just your nightmares, but everyone's on the face of this planet. Do you understand what I'm saying?"
He went on before Kyra could speak. "These things will not hesitate to come after a girl your age, infact, that might even spur them on even more. That and look at you; you're a Pikachu. You're small and unsure of why you're here. These things will come out of the ground and eat you, suck your blood, drag and slash at you until your innards are spread out over the face of Kokoro. I'm not insulting your pride, I'm merely saving your life by sending a coward like you home right n-

"Shut up!!" Kyra screamed, having heard enough of this. She slammed her hands on the table. "I'm here to fight! Not just for Kokoro, not for me, this is for my father! You can't tell me what I can and can not do! I don't care if I have to go out there by my freaking self, I will go to a different station and sign up there!"

The Prinplup almost seemed surprised, but merely sighed.
"It just takes a little press of the communicator to spread my opinion to every station in Kokoro, ok? Let me just do that for you."

Kyra couldn't take it anymore because what happened next was sort of a blur. She yanked down her hood and could feel the cuffs energy coursing through her body. She barely thought about the action before she made a gesture in the air to grab a large bulletin board from across the room. A mystical energy surrounded the board as it flew across the floor and above the Prinplup's head. Several pushpins on it fell off from the force and plinked off of the penguin pokemon as it floated precariously above him.

"I said I want to do this, this is my choice, I'm willing to fight for this. I don't care if you push that button and make so no other affiliation wants me. If that happens, I will gather others and fight. I will even do it by myself if I have to, but nothing is going to stop me from fighting for my country and the people I cherish!" She could feel her muscles straining and as soon as the words came out of her mouth, she felt strangely calm. She had never had this surge of an emotion strike before. She hoped her body meant those words because she had already said them. Granted she wasn't in her right mind, but maybe it was true afterall.

The Prinplup grew a strange smile before looking to Kyra.
"All right, you're in."

Kyra dropped the board beside the pokemon with a echoing thud in disbelief.

"I said you're in. There's a lot of people not cut out for this and they drop out, the cowards. If we have a bit of a weeding out process, it becomes much easier."
His words rang true and Kyra's heart felt at ease...sort of.
"I'll issue you your following up papers and you can go through those doors to begin your training." He held out his wing to Kyra and she hesitantly grasped it before shaking it. "Welcome to the Liberty's Crusade, kid."

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Team Galactic Fan
Melody the Jigglypuff
The Liberty's Crusade
Bravo Station, Hyand, Kokoro

Melody glared at the straw dummy of a Bulbasaur like her life depended on it. Stab, slice horizontally...she thought furiously, feeling herself start to sweat, Then, slice again vertically...Then, she finished off the dummy with a satisfying blow that would've probably been fatal if the Bulbasaur was real. Which, thankfully, wasn't. Melody. glared at it one more time, then walked out of the room. She stared at the clock on the wall, looking alarmed.

"No way," she said, rubbing her eyes, "It's...no way, this late already!" Even though she knew that she had been training for a long time, she hadn't known that it would've taken this long - even with the ten minute breaks! She shook her head, knowing that it wasn't unusual with her though. Things like that happened all the time.

Just as Melody was about to walk back to her room, she heard some commotion from the front of the building. Knowing that it might as well be some monsters, she took out her microphone, and converted it into a sword. Biting her lip, she sneaked up to the front desk. Unfortunately for her, there wasn't even a single skeleton to fight. Instead, she found herself looking at a Pikachu and a Prinplup. The Prinplup was obviously working at the front desk - but who was the Pikachu?

"Oh, are you a newbie?" Melody asked the Pikachu warily, "I haven't seen you around here before!"

Electra the Ampharos
Followers of Khashan
Tanrock, Hyand, Kokoro

Electra grumbled for the umpteenth time as she watched the entrance to the town without much enthusiasm. She had been assigned here to protect the town in case something happened - but really, what could happen to this small town? It was tiny, and probably not likely to be a place the Abyss armies would invade. But, still, she was stuck here guarding it. And yes, she was probably the only person with such bad luck! Oh well, though...at least the rest of the team is here, too. In fact, having them around made her less nervous, more relaxed, and more focused on the task at hand...but she still found it embarrassing to be, in a way, dependant on a group of Pokemon. Well, she liked independant tasks over team work, anyways.

Huh, when she thought about it, she concluded that...she was independant when working. But liked to rely on others for support at times. That is so selfish of me, she thought, as usual. Ugh. Maybe I'm just as bad as my Fallen. Yuck. The truth was, she hadn't met her Fallen yet, but thought that they must've had something in common. Because, really, Electra thought that she was as selfish, mean and annoying as an extremely cranky Pokemon. She stopped thinking about her problems as she got back to the task at hand.

"Pleased to say there's nothing," she grumbled, glancing at the desert on her right and the mountains on her right, "It IS getting quite boring, though..." And at that friendly thought, she sat down for rest. The last time she had gotten one? Never. That was an exaggeration (obviously), but it sure felt that way. Electra immediately regretted her mistake, however, as the heat on the ground was enough to make her jump. High.

"Ouch!!!" She shouted, jumping up into the air and then hopping around like she was on fire. She gulped as she resolved to herself to never sit down on the scorching ground again. And to think that she complained whenever her food was too hot!

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Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
Alec "Rush" Garadian
Liberty's Crusade, Knight
Bravo Station, Hyand, Kokoro

Alec stood on top of the wall on the west side of the base, looking out into the field below. Several of the Initiates at the Station were still cleaning up the mess created from the battle that took place one week ago. At this point all traces of it had been wiped from the east side, where the main entrance was, but there was still alot of work to do on the west side. Even now, bodies of demons and soldiers alike laided on the field, the demons being dragged away to be thrown in a large pyre, while the bodies of fallen commrades were being pulls back to the base so they can be sent to their love ones and buried once peace is restored to Kokoro...assuming peace ever does return.

Alec couldn't remember seeing much. The whole battle took place at night, with the only things lighting the field were the stars in the sky, and the lasers and fires from both sides. Occasionally he saw the grusome face of a skeletal monster as he slashed it with his blades, other times he watched as one of his fellow soldier were slain by one of them themselves. But one thing he could sence clearly, was what he heard. He'll never forget the sounds of that battle, for the rest of his life. It felt like the whoel world was crashing down on Alec that night.

And yet, when dawn broke, the Crusaders had won. Alec was labeled a hero for leading the offensive strike that whiped out a third of their force in less than a minute. Haraldin, the Ursarang paladin in charge of Bravo Station, said that the losses would've been 100% if he hadn't lead that attack. Still, Alec couldn't help but hate himself. All he had done was tried to save his own skin. How does that make him a hero? "The Hero of Bravo Station"...Personally, Alec preferred the other nickname the other soldiers gave him, Rush. It felt fitting to him, much more than anything that has the word "hero" in it.

"Hey Alec!" Alec looked over to see Max, a Scyther Knight. He too was a Squire before the invasion, but was premoted for his bravery. He was right by Alec's side through most of the battle, which kind of made Alec feel somewhat attached to him, which he wasn't used to. With a horde of demons invading Kokoro though, there wasn't much point in worring all the time about whether or not you can trust other people.

"There's a new recruit down by the entrance, and she's real cute!" Alec just gave him a look that said, "And you think I care why?"

"That's great. And how old is she?" Max was 24, only 2 years younger than Alec. But from the short time he knew Max, he knew that he had a tendancy to hit on girls that were way too young for him.

"Uh...well...I didn't ask, and..." Max trailed off. "Anyway, some of the guys say she's got a fierce temper, and that she chewed out the Pinplup at the front desk!"

Alec didn't know him well, but from what he'd heard that Prinplup was a real hardass. And a damn good fighter too, but Alec didn't remember seeing him a week ago at the battle. Max had at least given Alec enough reason to actually care about meeting the new recruit.

"Alright, let's go see her." Alec felt that it was about time he stopped depressing himself by watching the lower ranks clean up the western field anyway.

Max and Alec got down from the wall and made their way over to the front of the base, where Max said the girl was filling out papers. They passed by the Prinplup, with Alec giving him a small salute as they passed.

"There." Max pointed his scythe to a Pikachu with a brown hood talking to a Jigglypuff. He'd seen the Jigglypuff before, but he didn't remember seeing her at the battle one week ago either. Alec could easily tell that the Pikachu was young, in her mid to late teens. Figures, Alec though to himself, his suspicions about Max calling her cute being completely accurate.

"Really Max? She's practically still a kid." Alec said to him, with a disapointed look on his face.

Max looked embarresed and began to rub his two scythes together. "Eh heh, well I still think she's cute..."

Alec just sighed and shook his head, then walked over to her. "Hey, I heard you just joined. Welcome to the Liberty's Crusade." Alec said as he held his hand to her for her to shake.

OoC: Didn't really know what you were going to do next, so I tried to leave it as open as possible. And dang it Galacta I was going to talk to her and then suddenly I find your post just as I'm going to post. >.>

Just keep in mind that, at least according to Alec's sign up, there was a huge battle that took place at Bravo Station one week from the current day.
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What do I do now?
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Kyra Sol the Pikachu
Liberty's Crusade, Initiate
Bravo Station, Hyand, Kokoro

Kyra felt uneasy about this. If this Prinplup at the front desk was giving her trouble, what was the rest of the base going to be like? Maybe it wasn't a good idea to sign up after all.
She shook her head mentally for what seemed like the umpteenth time tonight. She had already signed up and to top that, she had passed a...test? She guessed the test was something necessary, but it made her look like a hot head.

It's a good thing no one else saw that-
Kyra's thoughts were interrupted by a pinkish blur that popped up behind the desk. A look of vegeance on its face as it raised...a sword?!
Kyra gasped and got ready to defend herself when the 'pinkish blur' now identifiable as a Jigglypuff hopped down to her and lowered her weapon. A weary look came across her face instead of the one that was just about to slice her in half.

Must've thought I was someone else she thought, Glad I wasn't. she gave an inward sigh as got a better look at the pokemon.
She had a nice color, but her eyes were a real point of interest. One was blue and one was more of a green color. They looked beautiful with her pinkish color.
That's pretty unique. Kyra smiled back. She then noticed the stub of a right ear and felt her own ears point down in sympathy before raising them again. She probably didn't want her sympathy anyway since she was a living warrior.

"Oh, are you a newbie?" The Jigglypuff asked her warily, "I haven't seen you around here before!"

Again Kyra was alert and surprised by the pokemon's boldness as she continued filling out her papers.

"Oh, um, yeah," she shook off focused state of mind and gave an embarrased laugh, "Yeah, I guess I am a newbie." She scratched the back of her head before running one through the extra patch of fur between her ears on her head.

"You looked, uh, prepaired to slice my head off right then a moment ago," she couldn't shake that nervous feeling and continued with her papers.

She looked down to the last part of the papers and signed her name at the bottom.
"There," she held them up and handed them to the very...hardcore attitude Prinplup across the desk. "I think that's all." He just looked down to the bulletin board on the floor beside him.
"I can put that back if you need me to," she twitched her ears a bit. She didn't know she had that kind of strength, not to mention anger, but she was glad that that Prinplup knew, so he wouldn't be so cruel like that to her again.

He just waved a wing as if to say, "I'll take care of it later."

It was then that she looked up and saw a Scyther and a Floatzel walk in through the doors towards the back. The Prinplup immediately saluted him as he approached the desk and Kyra straightened up again, knowing her hood was down, so he could see her face.
The Floatzel's crest at the top of his head was matted down and he had a different pattern towards his back.

At least I'm not the only one here with different patterns, another inward sigh, it made her feel somewhat more welcome, but he must've been someone high up in command here if Mr. Prissy-penguin was going to salute him.

She almost brought herself to do the same, salute him, but she didn't, it might even point her out more as a rookie.

The Floatzel sighed and shook his head, then walked over to her. "Hey, I heard you just joined. Welcome to the Liberty's Crusade." He said as he held his hand to her for her to shake.

Kyra raised her ears again as a happy smile came across her face.

She took his hand and promptly shook it.

"Thanks, I did, uh, just joined I mean."

Wow, Kyra, you're a nervous mess,

"Just finished up the papers." She looked to the Jigglypuff again and then to the two other pokemon that had walked in. "My name's Kyra, by the way, I'm from Talacola, but I just came in from Aramas." she said in a normal almost shy voice, much different than the one she had used to yell at the Prinplup moments ago.


Shadow of nothing
Ian the Hydreigon
Liberty Crusade: Paladin
Liberty Station, Karan, Kokoro

I stared at the papers before me, trying to make sense of the conflicting information. The reports from my scouts were conflicting, not only in terms of the enemy numbers, which ranged from tens of thousands, to a few hundred, but some reports spoke of a demonic manifestation that resembled a Nidoking, while other reports mentioned no such thing. Trying to make sense of it all was impossible, which meant that my job was impossible.

I spared my armor a quick glance, and couldn’t help wondering how a brutal warrior like myself ended up behind a desk doing paperwork. Shaking my head, I returned to pouring over the maps and charts, hoping to put the finishing touches on the plans I had formed.

“Sir! Sir!” I lifted my head, and leveled a glare upon the young Initiate who had just barged in. Said Initiate, a Kirlia, recoiled in sudden fear. I wasn’t sure if my secondary heads hissing or my glare scared him more, but at that moment I didn’t care. The punk had just interrupted my thoughts and without a good reason.

“What do you want?” I snapped. “I was under the impression that I was not going to be disturbed.” The last part came out as much a question as a statement. For the sake of the Kirlia, I figured it was a good thing that I wasn’t wearing my power armor, or I might have backhanded him or something to that effect.

“I-I am s-sorry s-s-sir.” The Kirlia stammered, his eyes darting fearfully to my armor, which was resting in the corner of the room, making me wonder what fanciful rumor the younger members had been spreading about me. The Kirlia seemed to regain his composure and continued. “Anyway sir, you requested that you be informed if any of the missing scouts returned, and barely five minutes ago, Squire Milos returned….with a large number of other Pokémon.” The Kirlia spouted the information at a breakneck pace, as though trying to avoid death.

For a moment I ignored him, opting to continue reading a profile. Placing the folder aside, I sighed once again. “I see.” The Kirlia took a step back as I floated up from the desk, staring down at him. “Gather everyone of rank Knight or Higher in the briefing room.” I ordered. The Kirlia nodded frantically. “Tell Squire Milos to join us there.” With that, the Kirlia turned and fled the room. However, before he could get far, the rest of what he told me sank in. “You said the Squire had Pokémon with him?” The Kirlia spun around.

“Yes sir! A large group of them in fact.” I frowned. Milos wouldn’t be bringing a group here that was a threat, and since the Abyss provided a common enemy for us, I wasn’t too concerned about that.

“Send someone to bring whoever is in charge of this group to meet with us as well.” I ordered. The Kirlia nodded and bolted before I could say anything else.

I floated across the chamber to my armor, thinking all the while. With the forces of the Abyss so close, I knew we had to move soon, before an attack fell upon us, instead of our foes. One of my fellow Paladin’s commands had already been attacked, and the results had been grisly, if the reports I heard could be believed. That was not something I wanted to happen to Liberty Station, which meant that pushing forwards was the only option. After this meeting, we had to move forwards with an offensive, and hopefully catch our foe napping. If failing that, then we would simply have to fight better, harder, and more brutally.

Shaking such morbid thoughts off, I turned around, floating backwards to place my wings in the correct places to enter the sleeves that encased them. I pushed my secondary heads into the arms, slotted my legs into the appropriate slots, before pushing my heads into their sockets.

Almost instantly I felt the rush of information that the armor brought along. Carefully, I picked up the breastplate, and clipped it into place, making sure my tail was wrapped around my body correctly. I picked up the helmet, and strode out of the room. I had a war to organize.

Emily the Glaceon
Circle of Seven: Chosen
Liberty Station, Karan, Kokoro

I sighed. It had taken us over a week to reach Liberty Station, and now that we had, the Staraptor who brought us here had flown on ahead; to do Arceus only knew what. As we neared the base however, a pair of Arcanine appeared, running towards us rapidly. The pair skidded to a halt before me, and the other founding members of the Circle.

“Welcome to Liberty Station.” The Arcanine on the right said gruffly. “Who happens to be in charge here?” I blinked. That was fast. The others six stepped forwards, and after a moment I did as well.

“We are in charge.” I spoke coolly, trying not to verbally show that my head was spinning from the duo’s sudden arrival. A thought pushed it’s way to the surface, and I had to admire Nix for his skill at placing that piece of information in my head. Nix, the Espeon to my left, flicked his tail imperiously.

“Yes. However, Emily will speak for us.” His voice was deep and soothing, something I had never understood. The Arcanine nodded in tandem.

“If you would come with us then, the Paladin would like to speak with you.” I nodded, following the pair into the base, although our pace was more pedestrian, something I was grateful for. The jog to the base took only a few minutes, and when we arrived, the Arcanines lead me down several corridors, all made of the same non reflective metal, until we came to a door. The one on my left pushed the door open, revealing a long wooden table, surrounded by roughly twenty five chairs. All but four of those chairs where occupied by various Pokémon. The two Arcanine took two of the chairs, while the other two remained empty.

“You are Emily, Chosen, and one of the founding members of the Circle of Seven.” A cold voice observed from behind me. I whipped around, only to find myself staring at…..a pair of boots? I followed the boots, which turned out to be part of massive walking suit of armor. From where I was standing, I could not see the top of the suit, which amazed me. “Grab a chair, and pay attention.”

I nodded, before numbly climbing into a chair. I was in the same room as a Pokémon that had a suit of Power Armor! Most regular Pokémon dismissed the stuff as a myth, and the few who claimed to have seen someone wearing it were always laughed at until they shut up. Now here I was sitting in a room with a Pokémon that was wearing a full suit of the stuff. The armored Pokémon, who I could now see was a Hydreigon, and had I not been awed by his armor I would have been slightly angry, strode around the table, placing his helmet in front of the last empty chair, while everyone else in the room saluted.

“Alright, time to get down to business. First of all, according to Squire Milos, who will be joining us shortly, the Circle of Seven, who appears to have set up shop outside, has come to assist us. Is that correct Chosen?” The armored Hydreigon asked. I inclined my head.

“Correct. We are here to offer what assistance we can.” I agreed. A sort of smirk crossed the dragon’s only visible head’s lips.

“Excellent.” I suppressed a shiver at the near predatory gleam in the eyes of the dragon. “It’s time we take the fight to the enemy. Reports indicate their strength to be between one thousand and five thousand assorted soldiers. Milos claims three thousand, and I trust his estimate.” That scared me a little. Three thousand soldiers of the Abyss? I knew the forces of the Liberty Crusade where powerful, this group seemed to be led by a Hydreigon in Power Armor for Arceus sake, but having fought these monsters, I wasn’t sure how defeating them would be possible.

Still, I leaned back in my chair, curious to see how the dragon proposed to achieve victory. Almost immediately a projector turned on, throwing a map up on the wall before us. Without waiting for anything else, the Hydreigon began outlining his plan.


Kraxel the Bisharp
Utopia Battalion: Celestial Starchasers
Innocence, Dovewing Isles, Utopia

I walked down the aisle to the portal with the other soldiers in my battalion; we were all eager to go, probably me the most, after Talandra, I was eager to get revenge for my life’s work taken from me. Arceus and two generals stood guarding the portal in the Chapel of Bliss, blocking the way for us to Kokoro. I bent down to my knee, a natural response that seemed fitting when in the presence of Arceus. Following my lead, my squad did the same and eventually the whole battalion was on their knees with their head bent, waiting for the command to rise and join the battle on Kokoro with the other Utopian battalions and Kokoro natives. A few more minutes passed and then Arceus and his generals faced us and the short ceremony began.

“Rise my soldiers, it has now begun, the time to attack the Abyss on an even battlefield!” Arceus roared. “The Abyss took a cowards move when blocking us from Talandra, and now that the battlefield is even, Utopia’s mighty and holy legion will save the rest of this universe from the hellish grasp of the Abyss. Behind me, as I am aware you have all guessed by now, is the portal that leads to Kokoro, this portal is two-dimensional, meaning at any time, just go to the other side of the portal and you’ll be sent back here; however, should the Abyss know of the portal’s location, the events could be dire!

“Some of you will not come back, either your souls be damned to the Abyss’s legions, or damned into oblivion, but just know that each and everyone of you are the most noble and fiercest that Utopia has to offer! and the Abyss’s legions will fear all of your names in the coming battles that you will face, whether you decide to be on the frontlines with these natives of Kokoro, or you decide to help with their defenses in guarding the human outposts. Now rise soldiers, and venture onto Kokoro and help Utopia and Kokoro win this infernal war.”

After Arceus’ speech was finished, we all stood up, saluted him and his generals, and walked through the portal to the Nexus Base.

(Back at the Chapel of Bliss after all the soldiers left)

“That was a good speech Lord Arceus, you have filled the soldiers with their war passion, and they will all gladly kill the Abyssal legions in your name!”

“The speech was not meant to put any war passion in their heart, I was informing them of the dire consequences that are a stake, they now know, if they understood any of it, we need many soldiers at the Nexus Base, because soon, the Abyss will find its location, either on accident or by torture, they will find the way to Utopia.”

“Why not close the portal then?”

“Because the soldiers who cannot handle this need a way home, it gives hope knowing that at any time, they will can return to their friends and families, and hope is the strongest tool any pokemon has, for there is always hope.

Even if the Abyss destroys Kokoro, many of the pokemon will come here, and there will be hope in them knowing that they still have a fighting chance, I do believe that if Kokoro does not have the same fate as Talandra, it will become a monument to what the Abyss has to offer, either way, the Abyss will gain a fraction of the glories of war unless we march into their realm, that is the only chance of success that we have, failure is not an option.”

Nexus Base, Apex Island, Kokoro

“Lieutenant Kraxel, what are your orders?” my sergeant asked.

“I want five of you to stay here and guard the portal at all cost! No Abyssal denizens are aloud through here, coordinate with the natives that are in charge of this station, they should most likely love our help. Three of the other Starchasers will come with me, and the rest will go as the see fit I will take whoever decides to leave with me to Sunmar, a… paladin… of what is called “Liberty’s Crusade has informed me that the city is large and it is a good place to form a base on Hyand.”

“Sounds like a good plan sir, if you do not mind though, I would rather stay behind here, I feel my skill set will be at better use here, perhaps I can train some of these younger recruits of this Liberty’s Crusade to fight like us.”

I smiled at him, “Sergeant, permission granted, train these ‘mons to fight as we would, if we can accomplish that, the battle of Apex Island will defiantly be won by us! Now, in the meantime, I must rally the rest and see who is doing what, organization is key for now.”

The sergeant saluted me and walked off, I turned to the barracks where I knew the rest of the men were most likely at. When I got there, it appeared that one of my men and a native of Kokoro were having a dispute, and clearly, the native was getting flustered and a fight would have broken out if I didn’t intervene.

“Soldier, stand down! We are here to help them, not fight them!”

“But Kraxel! He started it! Saying how Kokoro doesn’t need help and that they are fine on their own!” the solider stated to me.

“And we don’t need you, we can fight this war on our own!!!” the engineer of Liberty Crusade blurted out. I pulled him to the side and had brief words with him about what happened on Talandra and that Kokoro would NEED our help, eventually, he backed down and walked off. I turned to my soldier and glared at him and to every other Starchaser in the room.

“Everyone! We are NOT here to fight with them, no matter what they say to you, many other pokemon will hate on us, and others will praise, we are not here for judgment, we are here for one reason, to insure that the Abyss fails in their conquest, AM I UNDERSTOOD?!”

“Sir yes sir!” they all said, no questions asked.

“NOW, we are not staying here for long, I need some of you here to protect the portal, three of you will come with me, the rest of you, figure out how you can be of use in this world, and by NO MEANS get in a fight with ANY of the natives, we are NOT here to fight them!”

After some debate, it was quickly settled on who would be going where; the three with me were Zyond the Gallade, Brom the Salamence, and Kramen the Lucario. We made our way to the edge of Apex Island and took flight to Sunmar.

Serron Star-Gazer the Serperior
Utopian Battalion: Divine Sage
Liberty Station, Karan, Kokoro

My team of Stalwart Skystriders and I approached the ex-human-now-pokemon base. We all felt slightly uneasy, wondering how the ‘mons here would react to members of Utopia in their midst. We walked up to the main gates of the station and an intercom turned on as we approached, “who approaches Liberty Station?”

Looking around confused, I announced, “Serron Star-Gazer of the Divine Sages and members of the Stalwart Skystriders of Utopia, we are here to help you with the growing Abyssal problems growing on this continent.”

“Please wait here Serron; I must inform the paladin in charge of this station.”

“We will wait for you return,” I replied.

A half hour went by until the announcer return and allowed us into the station. We were motioned into what appeared to be a processing area, as it seemed they were trying to figure out who we were.

“Who did you say you were again?” we were asked by the officer.

“I am Serron Star-Gazer of the Divine Sages and these ‘mons with me are members of the Stalwart Skystriders of Utopia; that is all you need to know. I wish to speak with the leader of this station; the news that I have is important and cannot be ignored.”

“That might be difficult, the paladin is very busy and does not enjoy being interrupted.”

“Than inform him of our arrival, and we will go to his office as soon as we can, as I had said, this news is urgent!”

“Follow me then,” the squire sighed.

We walked through the station for awhile until we reached the paladin’s office and then the squire turned to us, “Paladin Ian can be short tempered, my advice, do not be rude with him or disrespect him. Now just wait here while I tell him of your arrival, I will be back shortly.”

“Note taken and alright, we will be here, not like we have anywhere else to go currently.”


Team Galactic Fan
Melody the Jigglypuff
Liberty's Crusade, Knight
Bravo Station, Hyand, Kokoro

"Oh...uh, sorry about that!" Melody quickly said, not wanting the Pikachu to think that she was some murderous freak or something. "My name's Melody. I come from FreeSpring - if you don't know where that is, it's part of the Schismrock Peninsula. And that's in Karan." She smiled at the Pikachu - what was her name again? Oh yes. It was Kyra. She looked closely at her, analysing. Well, she does have an unusually large tuft of hair on the top of her head there...and she does have some blue triangles underneath her eyes...are they markings or what? I mean, it probably isn't some cheesy paint...After a while, Melody had finally finished. Overall, well, she thought that Kyra was a lot more special than her. Judging from her looks so far, anyways.

"And, Kyra, as for your comment on how I was ready to cut your head off," She grinned, "I was, if you proved to be a monster. Otherwise, I wouldn't have, though. I don't go around chopping Pokemon like that, you know." She quickly reached into the pouch she was carrying, then took out an apple and stuffed it into her mouth. It didn't even look like she was eating anything, though, since she was already puffed up with air, like all Jigglypuffs. She swallowed it in one gulp, and then started to look embarassed.

"My bad," she blushed, "I was, um, kind of hungry. Want one?" She grabbed an Oran Berry from the pouch and handed it to Kyra. Melody decided that if she was anything like her, she would eat it in one gulp, too. But, of course, she wasn't a Jigglypuff. It would be nice, though, if she could actually see another Jigglypuff for once. She barely saw any more of them these days. Almost all of them were kind of coward-ish and in hiding...she was probably the only one that wasn't some sissy. Well, some people did think that she was a sissy, but she was quite sure that she wasn't. She was certain. Definetely. If she was a sissy, then why was she still with the Liberty's Crusade? And why wasn't she running away? Well, that was just one of the ways Melody defined herself from others of her species...But she wasn't exactly popular with the rest of the Liberty's Crusade, anyways. Jigglypuff's had always been looked down on as "little, cute, pink fluffballs that are quite defenseless". Melody hated it.

She shook her head, interupting her own thoughts. Knowing that she couldn't afford to gripe about things now, she turned back to Kyra. "Welcome to the Liberty's Crusade then, Kyra."

Electra the Ampharos
Followers of Khashan, Razor
Tanrock, Hyand, Kokoro

Electra, getting really, really bored now, decided that she would take a real break and walked into the town. Inside, there were a few merchants...a few straw huts...a few...well, this town was tiny! She strolled over to one of the merchants and looked everything over. This one was selling bows and arrows - maybe those would come in handy? Electra decided that they would probably help for long-distance targeting and things like that, so she was going to buy them...until she saw the outrageously high price.

"What the?" Electra blurted out, "That's about three times the price it used to be!" In fact, she was tempted to rub her eyes and pinch herself to see if it was some kind of dream - but unfortunately, it wasn't. She glared at the price tag, then glared at the owner of the shop.

"And how do you explain this?" She asked, looking directly at the Cacnea, who was certainly the owner of the shop, "This price is sky-high! At this rate, I'm going to have to spend all my money here!" The Cacnea shrugged, then finally talked.

"Well, kiddo," He grumbled, "It's the war. Nothing's going to come cheap now." Then, after about half a hour of haggling prices, Electra bought a bow and some arrows for a price that was still pretty high, but better than before. Oh well.


Shadow of nothing
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Ian the Hydreigon
Liberty Crusade: Paladin
Liberty Station, Karan, Kokoro

I finished outlining my plans to my Knights, and the Glaceon who seemed a little bit awed by me, although I couldn’t figure why. My strategy was fairly basic, although somewhat risky, considering we didn’t know much about our enemy.

“So any questions?” I asked the assembly. No one said a thing. I was about to say more when someone knocked on the conference room door. “Enter.” I growled before leveling a heated glare at the Squire who entered the room. “Is there a reason you have interrupted a meeting?” I snarled. The Pokémon nodded, stammering for a moment, before collecting himself.

“Sir, we have visitors outside, one of whom claims to be a Divine Sage from Utopia, along with a contingent from the Stalwart Skystriders. They claim to be here to assist us in dealing with the Abyss.” I paused, frowning. I didn’t care who these people where, they had interrupted my meeting, and they had better have a good reason to do so. However, that would have to wait.

“I see. Take you time about letting them into the base, I will meet with their leader later.” I instructed, before turning back to the group. “Knights, go and get your people ready. I want to get out of here as soon as possible, especially since we are only here because the JVC allows us to be here, and I don’t really want to overstay our welcome. Emily, I would get your people together, because we will be leaving soon.” With that I left the room for my office, so that I could make last minute preparations.

In truth this place did not belong to the Liberty Crusade at all, we were…renting it until I left. So, hopefully by midnight, I could pack up and leave. At least in theory.

Entering the office I had been given, I started leafing through the various papers and such like, while crunch number in my head. I had command of twenty-three knights, each of whom commanded between 75-100 Pokémon. While that gave me a theoretical command of twenty-three hundred, however when you subtracted scouts, engineers, and medics, I only had around twelve hundred soldiers, and even with the addition of the Circle of Seven, which added maybe three or four hundred, I was under no illusions of numerical superiority.

With a sigh, I placed my helmet on the desk, and began to examine Squire Milos’s report.

I had no idea how long I had been reading, but suddenly a nervous looking Squire stuck his head inside the door. “Sir…there is a….Serron Star-Gazer outside, and he says he has important information for you.” I growled lowly, another interruption, lovely.

“Show them in, and make it clear that I do not have time to be wasted.” I snapped. The Squire nodded.
“I have made that clear to them sir.” The Squire saluted, and turned to leave. I tossed the report on the table, and waited for this Serron Star-Gazer to arrive. For his sake, I hoped his news would be worth hearing.


What do I do now?
Kyra Sol the Pikachu
Liberty's Crusade, Initiate
Bravo Station, Hyand, Kokoro

Shortly after shaking the Floatzel's hand the Jigglypuff responded to her.

"Oh...uh, sorry about that!" she said quickly, "My name's Melody. I come from FreeSpring - if you don't know where that is, it's part of the Schismrock Peninsula. And that's in Karan."

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Melody." She gave a firm nod of the head before thinking to herself.

Melody. That's a suiting name for a Jigglypuff; from FreeSpring? Wow, she's quite a ways from home! Kyra thought about her own home for a second before listening to Melody again.

"And, Kyra, as for your comment on how I was ready to cut your head off," She grinned, "I was, if you proved to be a monster. Otherwise, I wouldn't have, though. I don't go around chopping Pokemon like that, you know." She quickly reached into the pouch she was carrying, then took out an apple and stuffed it into her mouth. It didn't even look like she was eating anything, though, since she was already puffed up with air, like all Jigglypuffs. She swallowed it in one gulp, and then started to look embarassed.

Kyra tried to remain calm. She wasn't going to hurt her; mistaken identity was all it was, thank goodness.

"My bad," she blushed, "I was, um, kind of hungry. Want one?"

Kyra's attention went down to an Oran berry that Melody pulled out. She didn't know what to say. For one, she was pretty hungry, but on the other hand she felt her stomach still tying itself into untiable knots.

"Would you mind if I saved it for later?" Kyra gently took it out of her hand and put in the pocket of her cloak. "Thanks," she smiled at Melody. It was almost quite funny. The pokemon that had about chopped off her head had just offered her a berry. Kyra could see by that gesture that while everyone was ready to fight at a moments notice, they were also real pokemon feelings, goals, fears, and aspirations. They were just like her for the most part.

She turned back to the Scyther and Floatzel. The said insect pokemon was rubbing his scythes together, as if in...admiration? While the Floatzel continued to look her over, as if observing and accounting for her own appearance.

It was then she wished her hood was up. It was almost embarassing, in a good way. She couldn't help but blush just the slightest, maybe they wouldn't notice since Pikachu's had red cheeks anyway.
"So, uh," Kyra tried to shake off the different emotional feelings coming over her, "I heard there was a battle here recently. That and the fact that I may've seen some extra security when I arrived. That must've been interesting, right?"

Kyra waited patiently as she felt the Sol Cuffs around her wrists with her hands. She put her hands down towards her sides and the sleeves of her cloak covered them again. The ones around her ear sockets also felt heavier, so she tried to make sure they were in place by rotating her ears once or twice.
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Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Viha the Profane (Defiler Execadrill of Azen, the Onyx Murderer)
Emissary Warlord of Meiun, Fallen of Lugia
Uskot (formerly Tokan), Lasa, Kokoro

With the assistance of his dark allies from the southern reach of Monolith, Viha set his infernal gaze upon the small town of Tepa, which to him, was ripe with more flesh of the living.

"BRinG ForWARd tHE nEW LegION!" Viha howled to his underlings.

It was then that the shambling dead, the new Wretched that were once the bones of the villagers of Tokan were risen, given new jagged weapons to fight with, and moaned with their hollow, undead voices. Viha's army had grown from two-thousand to twenty-seven hundred.

The dark sentry, Xeven, the ghoulish Pachirisu with the missing patches of fur, the blood stains, and the hollow eyes, reported back to his infernal master. He had returned with news from the south, regarding Commander Kalveta, commanding officer of the Abyss's forces in Monolith.

"MaSTeR," Xeven bowed before the bloody Execadrill, speaking with a disturbing, twisted voice. "CoMMaNDeR KalVEtA REpoRTs HEavY REsiSteNCe fROm ThE JaNUs COmPLeX. HE rEcoMMenDS tO ProCeeD wiTH thE AttAck oN TePA wiTHoUT hIM."

Viha was actually delighted to hear the news. Delighted to know that Tepa would be his alone to devour, and would not have to share the spoils with Kalveta's forces. Kalveta would have to struggle with the resistance at Janus Station, while his forces could slaughter the masses at Tepa, and then feast on their flesh. They would laugh and grow fat from the carcasses before raising their bones as even more Wretched warriors to fight.

"GooD," Viha laughed, thinking nothing of the loss of spoils his ally would have to suffer with. "TepA iS oURs To DevOUr, ThEN. JukAn, RaLLy ThE TroOPs tO MaRCh UpON TePA!"

Jukan the vile and diseased Carracosta, Lieutenant of Viha, howled the infernal war cry, the call to rally the dark legions to ready their weapons, both their natural armaments and forged weapons of darkness. The death march upon Tepa had begun as the howls of the damned sought out to suffocate the hopes of the living.

Soon, the Abyss would devour the Syan Canyon, and all those that were foolish enough to reside in it...


Armahdus Deathwing, Magnus of the Chaotic Holocaust
Fallen of Moltres
Jadewater Forest - En Route to Talacola, Hyand, Kokoro

Armahdus spared not a single tree or shrub from the savage, primal wrath of his wicked flames. For miles, the merciless flash fires licked and surrounded the canopies of the forest as the murky waters of the swamps and bayous were polluted with the pestilence of his wicked forces. All life, all hope, had to be eradicated before him. Before the blood could be shed, he had to pay homage to his unholy master, Zaiaku. This fiery holocaust and needless destruction of life was his offering to him, a dark tribute to the Lord of Sin.

Already, he was aware that his forces had been spotted by Talacola's scouts and sentries. Still, he knew the more they burned the world around them, the more Talacola would grow in fear. But even so, the town was but just a precursor to a darker, greater massacre to be done in Zaiaku's name. Though the shadow phoenix longed for savage and bloody combat, the nightmare ritual was of highest priority. All would tremble and despair.

His Infernal Elite, Jav, Kex, and Baxan, never once thought to restrain their powers, flushing out the life of the forest with heartless flames and primal fires. Blackened flames wrapped themselves around the trees, and brought then crashing down to the sickly black waters, so heated from the infernos that they were boiling.

"MaY tHIs BuRNt OffErInG PleAsE yOU, ZaIakU..." Armahdus muttered, hoping his Dark Lord could hear his haunting shrieks.

The flames drew closer to the city of Aramas, where Armahdus hoped with his dark heart that there would be a bountiful slaughter like no other.

Kirvesta Shadowblade, Patriarch of the Screaming Damned
Fallen Nidokng - Fallen of the Dark General Tlak
En Route to Liberty Station, Karan, Kokoro

The open wound of Veragh and the blighted pestilence continued to fester over the continent of Karan. With the dark city soon rising with the help of the fiendish acolytes of the Abyss, the summoning of darkness would soon be complete. Kokoro had been wounded. Now it just needed to die and decay into the shambling construct the Abyss so wished to give rise to.

Kirvesta Shadowblade, assembled his legions of the damned, spilling forward from Veragh's dark portals to begin their march upon the defense of Liberty Station. Kirvesta longed for bloody, savage combat. Gone were his desires for mere massacres against civilians. He wanted the flames of war and screams of battle to shatter and rock the skies and the earth, quaking fear and dread into all the weak that witnessed such butchery. He wanted Kokoro's warriors to face him with their foolhardy restitution, only to be cut down like hay and cry out in pain and suffering.

And they would suffer... suffer great... suffer like many had before them. He wanted to see it all crumble before him as his mighty siege weapons burrowed their way past the defenses. The Dark Engine, Death-Wretcher, had been called forward from the blackest pits, a three story infernal ram of grinding destruction, made to devour defensive walls, and suck in any unfortunate souls cursed to be in its path into the grinding, slicing, and lacerating mechanisms of grinding torment deep within its belly. Meanwhile, the nightmare machine was capable of blasting flames and fire, forcing it to flush out the victims inside the containment of their own defense buildings, like roasting a lobster in its own exoskeleton.

Weapons in his hands, Kirvesta directed the march of doom upon Liberty Station. He would have his battle, his dark glory, his blackened harvest.

The Kokoro would know true, unfathomable fear in the last moments of their fading life. And then... nothing...


Shadow of nothing
Emily the Glaceon
Circle of Seven: Chosen
Liberty Station, Karan, Kokoro

I watched the Power Armored Paladin leave, still trying to assimilate his plans. His plan was good, although very risky, but it was the best we had. Besides, like I had told the Staraptor, our forces would back the Liberty Crusade until the end, and I intended to follow through with that statement.

As I left the conference room, I was struck by the fact that I had no clue where anyone actually was.

“If you like, I can take to your soldiers Ma’am.” A polite voice came from my left. I turned, and found myself looking at an Audino. The Pokémon wore a very different uniform from the Liberty Crusade soldiers, who were rushing about. I nodded slightly, slipping behind my icy mask completely. The Audino deftly dodge the multitudes of soldiers running about, and occasionally, I noticed another Pokémon wearing the same uniform running about. I tried to mask my curiosity, but finally I had to ask.

“Why do you have a different uniform on than the Liberty Crusade?” I asked. The Audino chuckled, never pausing in his stride.

“I was wondering how long it would take you to notice that. Although it might seem like it, the Liberty Crusade does not actually own this base, something that apparently gives Paladin Ian fits.” The Audino added the last tidbit with a small smirk. “The base is actually owned by the Joy Vitality Committee, which is why there are two different uniforms running about. We let the Liberty Crusade use it, after all no real reason not to, however we are the actual owners.”

“I see.” If only took a few moments before we came to a large building that had two Flareon standing guard outside the door. Both bowed to me we drew level with them.

“Chosen.” They both murmured. I inclined my head, and they rose. “The other Six are within, and wish to speak with you.” I nodded, sweeping inside the building. The Audino followed, heading down a hallway to my left, while I suddenly had a voice speak in my head.

Emily. We are in the third door on your right. I smirked and never broke stride as I headed towards, and then entered the room Nix indicated. Inside the other members of the Circle were sitting around a table expectantly. I took my spot, carefully gauging the mindset of the rest of the Chosen.

Most of them seemed a little bit apprehensive, except for Nix, who just looked bored.

“The word of Milos the Staraptor proved to be accurate.” I began. “The Liberty Crusade has indeed ordered this force to crush all signs of the Abyss from the continent. Their leader is a Hydreigon, who has one of the mythical suits of Power Armor.” I spent the next ten minutes outline the Paladin’s plans for attacking Veragh.

“His plan seems sound.” Nix was first to speak. “What do you make of all this Emily?” I frowned at him.

“What do I make of what Nix?” I asked, confused as to what he was talking about. The Espeon gestured with his tail.

“All of this!” He snapped. “These Pokémon, they flaunt about with the technology of humans, “ the way Nix said humans forcibly reminded me that, while they had not bothered us for years, Nix and his family still held a serious grudge against them. “As though it belongs to us.” I closed my eyes. Nix’s hatred of humans was nothing new, but his dislike of their technology was.

“Nix, I don’t care what age old grudges you have,” I snapped, “But we are allies now, against something far more dangerous than humans, so save you grudges for some other time. Are we clear?” I fixed the Espeon with a glare, which he returned. For a second, I thought he was going to disagree, but after a moment, Nix inclined his head.

“Very well.” His normally soothing voice was frigid. I sighed; Nix was my closest friend in the Circle, and normally we agreed on things.

“Do any of the rest of you have a problem with my decision?” I asked. The rest of the Circle shook their heads, and I resumed outlining the Paladin’s plan.


A Failed Experiment
Lisa the Roserade
The Jade Alliance, Thorn
Jadewater Forest, Hyand, Kokoro

Lisa suddenly woke up in terror. She was sweating and breathing heavily.

That was the worst nightmare I’ve ever had. Everything around me was in flames; the forest, my friends, even the sky seemed to be on fire. And I, I was just standing there, motionless, unable to move a muscle, unable to save anyone. All I did was burst into tears.

She looked at the clock ticking on the wall, less than an hour passed since she had managed to fall asleep. This was going to be a long night.

She needed something to drink. She managed to find her way through the dark to the tap in the next room without making too much noise. From there, she could see the lights in Syritina’s cottage were still on. The most influential members were still holding a meeting. Either that or she wasn’t the only sleepless Pokemon in the base. Lisa looked at her reflection in the window, the familiar sight calmed her down a bit. She noticed the effects of events witnessed during the day and lack of sleep left on her: the petals on her head were a mess, her eyes seemed smaller and darker, her face looked tense, the mouth was shut so tightly her lips were hardly visible and her shoulders were lowered. On any other day she would freak out, if she looked like that. Tonight it didn’t matter.

Perhaps I could go for another walk; I’m obviously not going to get much sleep, anyway.

For the second time this night, Lisa exited the cottage. This time, though, she knew where she was going. A few hundred yards away, there was a small clearing, maybe ten yards across, where she liked spending her free time since arriving in Jadewater Forest. That’s where she was going.

Except she didn’t even get past the adjacent cottage. The forest was on fire. She was unable to see it before, as the window she was looking through was facing south. Nobody else seemed to be aware of what’s going on; with almost everyone being asleep that was no surprise.

“FIIIIIRE! GET UP, THERE’S A FIRE!” Lisa sprinted across the yard, around which all the cottages were assembled, shouting. “THE FOREST’S ON FIRE!”

I have to let our Queen know and wake up as much Pokemon as possible on my way there. We must get ready for battle.

Out of breath, she barged in Syritina’s room. “The north part of the forest is burning, it’s probably the work of those demons,” she reported. She then looked around the room; there were Syrintina, the Queen, and a few Edens: Max the Shiftry, a Leavanny called Jessica plus a Vileplume she didn’t know.

All of them were shocked. “You mean the Abyss? How can they move on so quickly? Surely, they need to rest after a battle,” asked the Vileplume. “It looks like they don’t, Allyson,” replied Max, “unfortunately, no one could predict that. If they are using the northern path through the forest, they must be heading towards Talacola. We should go help the Talacolans straight away!”

“We can’t just recklessly rush into battle, Max. We need to have a strategy,” disagreed Jessica.

Lisa just stood there and watched them debating. It was obvious why they were contemplating the best course of action so late into the night. I hope this doesn’t carry on too long; we have no time to plan, now it’s time for action.

“It looks like all our planning was for nothing,” Syritina shook her head and turned to Lisa. “Go make sure everyone is awake and ready to battle. We’ll head out in ten minutes.”

It looks like I can get some use of all the thinking I’ve done earlier this night. “Uh, I have a suggestion. Why don’t we send out some messengers, they might be able to get us some reinforcements. There are bound to be some warrior nearby.” Lisa could hardly get the words out of her mouth.

“I’ll take care of that myself, I’m the fastest Pokemon around here,” said Max a bit cockily, “I’ll search the area from Junater to Bravo Station for anyone willing to help.”

“Then that’s settled,” agreed Syritina. “You should go now, both of you,” she said to Lisa and Max. Lisa was impressed by her calmness, she seemed to have everything under control. The flower on her head was in full bloom, her face was completely white and her eyes looked like rubies; she had to be the most beautiful Lilligant Lisa had ever seen.

“Right,” replied Lisa and left the room. Outside, everything was chaotic; the fire had spread a little further and all sorts of grass Pokemon were aimlessly running around the base in panic. Well, at least everyone seemed to be wide awake, there’s no way anyone could sleep through such racket. Now Lisa had to get their attention. “QUIET DOWN, EVERYONE! STOP RUNNING AROUND AND LISTEN!” Surprisingly, that had done the trick. “Can you all hear me? Good. As you’ve all noticed the forest is on fire. Sadly, we have even bigger problems. The Abyss forces are marching towards Talacola to destroy it. Syritina decided we are to head out and stop them. You have to get ready for battle as quickly as possible. Understood?”

That went pretty well, actually. Sure, the panic and fear among the members of the Jade Alliance got even worse than before as soon as I finished. But at least they knew what to do. I’m surprised I managed it.

Soon enough everyone was ready and assembled in the yard. Syritina decided to make a short motivational speech before they left. “You all know what’s going on. Kokoro is being invaded by the Abyss, a powerful demonic force. Right now a part of their army is travelling not far from here. To save Kokoro, to save our world, they must be defeated. I know you don’t have much battling experience, but I believe that, united, we can take them down. Let’s do it for everyone!”

The speech lifted the mood a little, but fear was still the dominant emotion. As the Jade Alliance headed out into their first battle Lisa tried her best to stay calm and composed, even though she was burning up with fear, anger and frustration. She had to figure out the best way to survive before they encountered the enemy.


Eon Collector
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Lilan the Flygon
ABM, Flock Leader
Junater, Hyand, Kokoro

I couldn’t sleep at all. I don’t know how my comrades could sleep easy, knowing that they’re in war. I was worrying over too many things, especially some aces stationed in Talacola. I didn’t want to pull the group stationed there, but I couldn’t really do anything. Even with my fastest messengers, I had doubts they would reach the town if the Abyss army was to start attacking the forest. I quietly stood up and left the lobby, stepping out into the somewhat cool night. Off in the distance southwest, I could faintly make out in the sky a burning orange color. Color drained from me once I realized what I was seeing. Jadewater forest was on fire and the Abyss army was making their move. I walked back inside, barely alive when I noticed the innkeeper, who was a kecleon, holding a phone nod at me. I sighed and took the phone before walking back outside to answer it. While phones were great for long distance talking, there were times where calls would get dropped due to no service.

I wearily said, “Hello, who is this?”

A quiet, deep voice responded, “This is Ace Crasher calling in from Talacola. Most of the Jade Alliance is heading into battle and we haven’t even been asked to help. Permission to aid them?”

I sighed quietly, already knowing what he would do regardless of what I answered. I loved Crasher, a headstrong staraptor who didn’t like running away from battles and he would most likely disobey if I told him no. “Yes, you have permission to aid them, on one condition.”

A quiet chuckle came from the other side as he replied, “And what is that one condition Mother Lilan?”

I gave a sad chuckle as he referred me by my nickname that was commonly used among ABM members. “Just make sure your group comes back alive if at all possible. I don’t want to hear how a group of ABM members went crazy.”

Another chuckle came and he said, “Alright Lilan, I’ll take good care of the team stationed here. Ace Crasher signing out.”

I sighed as I walked back and thanked the kecleon before going back to my makeshift bed and lied down. Just another thing to keep me awake the entire night. Worring about my team over there. They were fine pokemon, still young in their age and it would be a tragedy if they died.


Well-Known Member
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Kassy Joy the Meganium
Joy Vitality Committee, President and Founder
Liberty Station, Karan, Kokoro

Kýanos Energeia, or more commonly called Cyan Energy, like all known energies, is an indirectly observed quantity that is often understood as the ability of a physical system to do work on other physical systems. However, Cyan Energy have invariant mass, in other words matter, most commonly taking form of fluoresent minerals.

"Hello Ms. Joy, I bring terrible news."

It also holds a strange yet astounding property of substituting specific properties of Biota, that is absorbing defective cells, deformed genetics and deseases, while giving back improved homeostasis, cell growth and even genetics; in different terms, it feeds on pain and suffering of the living and gives in return improvments to them, similar to Viridiplantae organisms absorbing carbon dioxide, improving the environmental air for Animalia organisms.

"...Ms. Joy?"

But, as other properties of Biota, there is the possibility that Kýanos Energeia have an unkown mecanism or strategy to attract these biological anomalies to feed themselves easier and faster. As catrastophic and repetitive occurences of casualties seems to occur in Kokoro, land where Kýanos Energeia has been found only so far, the correlation between Cyan Energy and repeteated wars, often caused by Scorned or Abyss dewellers, may be plausible...

"Kassy Joy!" a familiar high-pitched voice screamed at me.

"Huh?" I turned my head away from my research paper I was writing, confused at the commotion. "Ah, Carl, there you are, I didn't see you there. Long time no see! You have arrived earlier than planned, though." I looked over him, noticing a part of the group of scouts that accompagnied him and a good part of the Liberty Crusade army, and also a group of the Eevee evolutions, the 'Circle of Seven' I guessed, and an imposing Serperior entering the base. "Hmm, it is getting quite crowded... But all their presence, together, is a good thing... somehow. Anyways, how's your grandfather doing? ...What was his name again...?"

"...His name is Negan, 'mam," the young Minun answered, shocked at my calmness in this time and place.

"Ah, yes, Negan," I nodded, reminded of the old times we spent together. "And...?"

"He's doing fine," the lightning-type Pokémon exasperately sighed, "he swears only on your vitamins to continue to eat and live, and keeps boasting about the time you fixed his tail his ears."

"Ah, the old zapper is still at it again," I chuckled, shaking my head down, "even after 70 years he haven't changed a bit. But I think he forgot the fact that his tail injury happened during the Adamant Swarm battle, while his ears got affected pret-ty badly when the Sco-"

"'Mam, I'm not here for small talk," Negan's grandson harshly cut me off. "We have a very serious situation here."

"...Oh, alright alright," I groaned in dissapointment. "So, what are those important news? How does the scouting and on-site escavation went?"

"Well, it all depends on who you look at it 'mam..."

"Ah? How so? And please," I giggled lightly, "don't call me 'mam', Kassy's fine!"

"Alright... Kassy. We sucessfully retreived samples of vegetation near the Abyss area of Veragh. They are still in good condition and are properly contained, ready for proper inspection."

"Ah, perfect! ...But where is the 'serious situation' you mentioned?"

"This is one our serious problems."

Carl backed up, revealing the rest of the scouts carring with the most disturbing thing I've ever seen in years: one of them, a young Houndour was completely tied in a straightjacket and covered by a sanitised plastic bag, growling and barking incontrolably. Mark, his name if I recalled correctly, was used to be one vailant and kind member, who wouldn't do harm to even a fly. Yet now, only rage, death and darkness burned within his eyes.

"O-oh my," I studdered, dropping my pen on the ground. "this is indeed a serious problem."

"We've already tried to do a full scan of his symptoms and diagnostics," one of the junior medical researchers, a Lucario, spoke up while handing me a clipboard with a diagnostic list. "but there are so many... things going on with him."

I quickly read through the papers. "Rabies, malignant neoplasm, severe synchronous diaphragmatic flutter, severe coprolalia... There's at least 20 more diseases and disorders here... I haven't seen anything like it since..."

"70 years ago," Carl cut me off again, annoyed. "We know."

I muttered under my breath how ignorant he was about what happened back then, but I shook my head to throw the impolite thought away. "Bring him to the operations room, and put the best doctors, surgeons and nurses to it," I ordered. "I'll be joining soon, we'll examine him further. As for the plants, please put them in the examination room."

Most of the team scattered, but the fateful Minun stayed in front of me, shivering and scared, which is unusual for him. "But there is an even bigger problem..."

"...What is it?" I moved my head back, not believing there is something worse.

"T-the Abyss, they are coming... towards here, as we speak. There are too many to count... This is why we have arrived here earlier than scheduled..."

"Oh my..." my jaw dropped. "We better warn our 'guests' of this immediately; and start the procedure on Mark without me!"

I ran off towards Ian, the highest authority of the Liberty's Crusade army staying at our base, passing in front of a closed room which I overheard some fighting, which I ignored because of the emergency. Then I stopped right in front of the Hydreigon I wanted to see, panting and brushing my stamens off my face.

"Ian, I got horrible news from my on-site researchers that just came back... The Abyss are marching to the base as we speak. All I know is they are in great numbers. I apologies for not giving any more details, my scouts were trained for exploration scouting, not war scanning and estimating..."
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Serron Star-Gazer the Serperior
Utopia Battalion: Divine Sage
Liberty Station, Karan Kokoro

“Ian has granted you permission for audience, and we are on a short schedule, so please, make it quick,” the squire hastily said while rushing us in Ian’s audience chamber, the doors slammed behind us and my two personal bodyguards stay with me while I let the other forty-eight wait outside.

“Ah, so you must be the Ian I have heard so much about in the recent time I have been here,” I stated, making a bowing gesture with my snake head and ‘neck’.

“I am Serron Star-Gazer of Utopia and a member of the Divine Sages; these soldiers behind me are Brigadier General Saraton, a Blastiose, and Lieutenant General Vayron, a Bisharp. We are here to lend our aid in the soon coming fight. A large force is en route to here, we ran to Liberty Station after evading the Abyssal forces at Veragh, and noticed that its force was mobilizing into this direction; the leader was a fearsome looking Nidoking, a Fallen from my scouts’ description, the Fallen of who I do not know.

“I have fifty Stalwart Skystriders with me, all of them are trained perhaps better than most of your soldiers, no offense, and there are at least five hundred more Stalwart Skystriders in Capo, if we could get a messenger over to Capo, the odds will most likely even, at least outside of Veragh. You may not know this, but denizens of the Abyss and even the Batallions of Utopia must use a way gate of some design to come to this world, Veragh has many ziggurats in place to do exactly that, and thus, they can frequently call more monstrosities into this world.

“I may be of service to you because I have… special powers that most pokemon of Utopia do not have, I can purge most of the Abyss’s legions back into the Abyss, quite effective for their cannon fodder wretches and scourge. Another thing I can do is imbue the powers of Utopia into any weapon (picking up a nearby gun)… just watch this.”

In one hand I held the gun and in my other I clutched the golden medallion of Arceus and began chanting in the cryptic language of the Divine Sages. A nearly blinding light poured out of the medallion, through my body, and into the gun, giving it the divine powers of Utopia. Seeing the somewhat puzzled look on Ian’s face, I began to describe to him exactly what happened.

“This might be hard for you to grasped, for you are not Utopian yet or are even close to being as old as I am, but this medallion of Arceus is a greatly religious item and it is where all Divine Sages get their power. One of the powers I can extract from the medallion is imbue a weapon with the enchantments of Utopia (now picking up the gun and firing a bullet into the wall) the power gives the weapon a “fiery-like enchantment” to it. However, because I am from Utopia and not the Abyss, it will only hurt evil pokemon, and the Abyssal denizens will feel the fiery enchantments even more.

“Another thing you should probably know, the Abyss uses very… evil tools that have insidious effects. The Cohorts of Chaos are one of these, their weapons do not hurt, but instead corrupt; it will change your soul, making it evil, and you will also be the Cohort’s slave for eternity, or its death. Fallens can do the same, but they do not need to puncture a weapon into you, they have other methods that even I do not understand.

“Hopefully, you have viewed this all as important, especially the soon coming attack of the Abyss onto this station, I will take my leave, and you can come find me if you have any further questions.”

On that note I turned around and slithered out of the audience chamber and my bodyguards soon followed.

Kraxel the Bisharp
Utopia Battalion: Celestial Starchasers
Sunmar, Hyand, Kokoro

The city of Sunmar was still beaming with life and happiness, either the citizens haven’t yet gotten news of the threat, or the Abyss has not yet targeted this part of the continent, either way, it still seemed odd. After some strolling around the city, we quickly discovered that the old tribe Rolling Thunder had made its new base in Sunmar, and while they were no longer a leading power in Kokoro, it seemed that they still held major political influence in Sunmar.

Since Zyond, Brom, and Kramen and I all had wings protruding out of our backs, we got many confused stares, and since we all expected this, we just walked past everyone, not talking, just listening and watching. Eventually, we came to an abandoned warehouse where we decided to make our headquarters. The warehouse was in the slums district of the city and many buildings were around, thus, making it easy to sneak around the city with minimal detection.

We decided to keep close to the market district, figuring that was where we could find news about the Abyss. To our luck, we discovered that far south in the dessert; two Abyss settlements have been formed and no strong military leader was present yet, giving us an advantage. With luck, we could destroy the settlements quickly and quietly, clearing out the eastern side of the continent.

“Kraxel, did you hear that? It appears we were wise in coming to this area first,” Zyond, the more intelligent person of the group asked.

“No Zyond, I am just here to enjoy the view, I had no intentions what-so-ever to determine the Abyss’s military actions,” I sarcastically responded.

“Alright smartass, what do you have in mind doing? Should we go alone or should we try recruiting these Rolling Thunder pokemon to tag along.”

“We need more soldiers, no doubt that these two settlements will soon be bursting with “life” soon enough and when that happens, many nearby towns will fall quickly, and then Sunmar and other cities will fall from Abyss sheer numbers.”

“Alright, how many soldiers do you think we’ll need? I’d say a couple thousand.”

“How can be sure that there is that many Rolling Thunder soldiers willing to go or even that many in the tribe?”

“Well, I am sure they’d fight for their homeland, or at least some will, and we can always go to the human station south of here, I am sure there will be more Liberty Crusaders around there to join the fight.”

“Alrighty then, we will scout around here and try to recruit some of the Rolling Thunder, then go to the human station in the desert, and then the Abyss settlements, hopefully we will have enough soldiers to destroy them, and if not, we can pull back and regroup do counter attacks on them enough for them to give up on the settlements, unlikely, but perhaps possible.”


Team Galactic Fan
Melody the Jigglypuff
Liberty's Crusade, Knight
Bravo Station, Hyand, Kokoro

Melody smiled as she glanced at Kyra. "Well," she said, "I wouldn't call it interesting...but it definetely was something." She blinked, then remembered that she had to train. And she was late!

"Oh yeah," she said, facepalming, "I need to go train now. Care to join me?" She looked hopeful, since she usually didn't have many people to train with. Normally, she just practiced against straw dummies...Which wasn't really realistic, by the way. She placed her hand on her microphone and squeezed it tightly. Melody always kept it nearby, since it was quite reassuring for her to have it with her. It was like a backup plan, in a way.

Melody, who was still waiting for an answer, glanced around, looking randomly. When she spotted Kyra's Sol Cuffs, she stared at them curiously. "What are those?" She blurted out without even thinking. Now, she wished she could sew her mouth up. Why did I just say that? She thought to herself. Heck, now she probably thinks I'm even weirder... To cover her embarrassment, Melody immediately grabbed a book from her pouch and stuffed her nose into it. Lets see, she thought, trying to forget about herself blurting random things out loud, Um...a map of Kokoro...Interesting.

She risked a glance upwards, to see if Kyra was laughing at her or anything like that. She didn't think that this Pikachu would prove to be THAT mean, though. Hoping that she wouldn't prove to be arrogant or anything like that, she blinked at Kyra as if waiting to see what would happen.

Electra the Ampharos
Followers of Khashan, Razor
Tanrock, Hyand, Kokoro

Electra yawned as she took another arrow out of her new pouch and got ready to fire another round of arrows. She had set up a make-shift target for her to shoot at - she still hadn't mastered the art of archery yet, but she felt that she was getting better at it. Well, so she hoped, anyways. She pulled the string on the bow taut, and released it. As fast as lightning, the arrow shot across the space between Electra and the target and embedded itself in the target.

"Not bad," Electra commented as she examined where it had struck, "It's not quite on the bull's eye, though..." She sighed, walked back to her spot, and tried again. But just as she was about to shoot, a Starly flew right in her way.

"Hey," she yelled, pretty much unleashing all her frustration and built up anger on it, "GET OUT OF HERE, CAN'T YOU SEE THAT I'M PRACTICING?!" The Starly, startled, flew away as fast as it could.

"Good riddance," Electra muttered under her breath, "Some Pokemon have as much brains as Snorlax around here." She looked around, and wondered if the whole town was like that. Hopefully, they weren't. After a while, Electra got bored of shooting arrows - so she decided to go and see how the rest of the Followers of Khashan were doing.