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[RP] Descent [R]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Stormer403, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Stormer403

    Stormer403 The Wordsmith

    The cloaked figure walked slowly in the high hall of grey stone. The architecture made this particular place look as if the stones were popping out at him, reaching to try and rip off his cloak. The cloaked figure's eyes burned blue for a moment, and the phantoms receded, once again let the halls be silent. He walked more minutes, not saying or thinking a word in the possibility that something should hear him- something he didn't want to hear him in this accursed place. Why did they have to pick here to meet? After a small while of deathly silence, the hallway opened up to a large room lit by a pink light. It cast the shadows of the fifteen others in the room large on a wall. The figure nodded to each one of them.

    "What is so important that you had to wake me?" The cloaked figure asked. One of the fifteen laughed.

    "Animus, have patience. You are the Mind, after all. I thought you would foresee this." The speaker was a figure in blackish-blue plate, showcasing a powerful build and not allowing anyone to see much else. What was the speaker's head was a blob of the same material, but a red diamond-shaped gem was inset into it. A cloud of pure black smoke had cloaked the speaker. For as long as Animus knew him, Kav had worn that black cloud of smoke.

    "I apologize for the lateness." Animus said with an edge to his voice.

    "It is not that dire a deal." Another spoke. She had a slender body, waves of a green fabric hanging off her oak-like skin. She was unquestionably tall, looking down on the other members with a serene expression. Her eyes were a soft green, the same color of the light that emanated from between her lips. Animus knew her immediately, this was Sola- the oaken lover of the one that spoke next.

    "What is dire is that we found him." This speaker was Vir, a man-beast of gigantic stature. His body was a dark yellow, showcasing his large build. He wore only a loincloth covering his nether regions, not willing to conceal his figure. His face was heavyset, full orange eyes and mouth light giving light to the heavy scars he had sustained. Animus' eyes shot open at this, involuntarily flexing his mind and breaking part of the wall.

    "Are you sure? Is it not the Scourge? How are you certain that the energy signatures are not showing something worse?" Animus asked in a hasty tone. One of the fifteen roared, shutting him up.

    "Do you doubt in my abilities, Animus?" This dragon was known as Zu'nak, the size-changing beast. He could become from insect size to nearly the size of a town with but a thought. His scales were large plates that were a dark blue in color. They interlocked at odd angles, prompting questions. Zu'nak's wings were of the same color sinew, stretched and looked as if they were ready to snap. The beast had black light where the others had some sort of color. Zu'nak's eyes were crimson dotted with orange and green and black and white. Animus shook his head.

    "No, Zu'nak, of course not. My excitement precedes me," Animus forced an invisible smile. "Where shall we begin?"
    The young Pichu walked through the dead forest, feet crunching in the snow as if he was stepping on twigs. With each step, he swiveled his head left to right, shaking. The leafless trees were blocking his vision, wasn't Vios City suppose-

    Crack. The Pichu hadn't moved, but something else had.

    "H-hello?" The Pichu asked, not moving but shivering.


    "I-is som-mone th-there?" The Pichu looked down at his hands, realizing that they were growing frosty. Perhaps that he was just dreaming?

    Crack. Blwoom.

    A blue bubble enveloped the Pichu, sending him back some feet. The Pichu struggled against the confinement, the bubble acting like rubber. Seemingly from nowhere, metal contraptions spread from the bubble and the Pichu saw three-pronged hands. The fingers were sharpened sticks of metal, the palm of the hands glowing a circle of blue. They zapped the Pichu consistently. A shadow descended on the little Pokemon.

    "Hello, little one," The shadow said. "I am Adrian, and you and I will have some fun, yes, yes we will. Can you hear me? We're going to have some fun..." The Pichu couldn't hear the thing called Adrian over his own screams as his DNA was torn apart and remastered. "...And we are going to have a great time."
    Vios City
    In an alleyway which connected buildings to each other, shadows moved. The lead one was a creature with scythes for arms, glowing green and red eyes peering in front of him in the darkness.

    "They should be around here somewhere..." The Kabutops trailed off. The targets were two Houndoom and an Aggron, Thugs that had stolen something from the local populace.
  2. E-Mir the Luminoth 17

    E-Mir the Luminoth 17 Active Member

    "They should've been here an hour ago." The shadow growled as it stopped in front of the Kabutops,and the shadows revealed that it was a female Charizard. Tall and fearsome at an shocking height of seven feet,she was something you didn't play around with. Her rich bronze and copper scales gleamed eeriey in the moonlight,while her light brown eyes seemed to look darker. She sniffed around,trying to grab the smell of the other Pokemon.

    "What's your plan once we find them? ...Wait,I think they're in this area." She grinned as she began to sniff around,her tail swishing in the darkness. The flames at the tip of her tail put anyone in the flame's shadow a demonic appearance,including the one she was next to. Her name was Cerilia,and she was ready for some butt kicking action!

    "Come on Kras." She grinned as she began to run now. For a large and bulky Charizard,she was very quick on her feet. She was now beginning to smell the trio of Pokemon stronger now,so they are closer then ever. With a growl,she prepared herself for things might get ugly.

    "Bring it on cowards,I'm not afraid of anyone.." She growled to herself as she hid in the shadows,making sure the wind didn't blow out from her way and for the trio not to get her. They would be in a world of hurt if they tried anything..Most males had been kicked in the family neather regions,so most wouldn't be having kids anytime soon.


    In the darkness of a cave outside of Vios City,a figure was beginning to stir. "It's time." He whispered to himself,and with a cry he flew out of the cave. In the moonlight,the Pokemon blended into the shadows perfectly and he took that to his advantage. He was a Ho-oh,and he was what many called Ancient,for he was older then many Pokemon that roamed the planet today.

    Instead of the bright colors that he would've been due to his species,he was a very dark looking creature. He had feathers the color of coal black,storm gray and dark beige,which was a dark tan. His eyes were the most different part of him,for instead of the bright red eyes his was a dark amethyst,which was a dark purple. He was now flying towards Vios City,however you really didn't know why unless you asked him,even if you did,he would ignore you.

    Soon,he would go to Vios City,but it would take a day and a half to get there. "Shame I had to stay away,but I like my peace and quiet." He chuckled as he flew, keeping an eye out for anyone foolish enough to attack him..They would have an ugly present waiting for them if they did.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2012
  3. Stormer403

    Stormer403 The Wordsmith

    "I see them. Somewhere," The Kabutops that Cerilia had called Kras growled. "The problem is that this darkness is not easy to penetrate. It's like we're being watched, Cer. And did you want me to have a plan?"
    A universe away, something slept. It tossed and toiled in the planet that had become it's prison of rock and life. But it knew. It knew of those that would attempt. It knew of those that would die. It knew of those that would betray and be betrayed. Even in its sleep, the god still had dreams. It still saw. It was an anomaly that few could explain, few could understand and few had survived to see. It still knew. It had been imprisoned here long, long ago, in a sleep where it was supposed to dream of far off places and be in a fantasy but it wasn't. It was dreaming of it's future. The fate of it's existence.
    The Pichu dropped from the bubble and landed with new mechanical features onto the snow. It's skin now was metal, glowing orange eyes complimented by a mouth that spat blue. The Pichu looked at itself not in awe, not in anticipation, not in fear, but in happiness. Testing it's power, the Pichu shot out a bolt of yellow light (Thunder) at a nearby tree. The tree blistered and buckled and blackened under the force of the Thunder, collapsing into the snow. The Pichu smiled devilishly at the newfound power and began to attempt a killing spree on the trees, however was halted as a flux of some kind of Psychic forced the Thunder back into the Pichu. The Pichu winced at the pain.

    "In due time, you will harness it, young one. In due time. For now, stick by me, for I have a plan. When the lights go out, you'll understand." Adrian said in a smooth tone. There was much to be done.
  4. E-Mir the Luminoth 17

    E-Mir the Luminoth 17 Active Member

    "Well sure..You know you're the brains compared to me,I suck at thinking of plans." She nodded at him then turned back around. 'So..What do we do now?' She thought to herself with a slight chill running down her spine. She didn't like this darkness for it gave her the creeps. Nothing was worse then not knowing if something would attack you. She stopped,and waited on her friend to keep up to her,she didn't want him to get lost in this area. Of course,he would kill her if she said that to him. She couldn't help but smirk at the thought of that blow to his pride and ego. She sighed and was now waiting some more,but she was ready to stomp some fools into the dirt..It really did help with the stress she was feeling lately.

    The Ho-oh was still flying lazily through the air,now beginning to get slightly concerned about the night. This darkness was unnatural,and it was beginning to freak him out. However,he knew to keep calm in times like these but it didn't mean he wasn't allowed to have feelings like the rest of the other Pokemon. He was just very good at hiding his fear from years of practice,but when things got out of hand he will show it. He then scowled,feeling a chill in the air. He didn't like this so he was going to see what was going on. 'Whoever you are,you better not be an enemy,for I will take you down if I have to.' He smiled grimly at this.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2012
  5. Stormer403

    Stormer403 The Wordsmith

    "I was thinking that we find them, kill first, ask questions later. Does it sound like a plan to you, O bloodthirsty friend of mine?" Kras asked. He was formulating a few different ideas in his head while he said this. However, Kras had no idea where said targets were. This darkness felt more than just like night, it felt stupidly strange.
    The sleeping god had decided on what it would do. From it's body came emissaries of darkness, beings with arms for heads and heads for arms and legs for the nether regions and nether regions for legs. They walked like befouled chickens before the heads spurted tentacles which spread around them. In its sleep, the god had ushered a thought and sent them towards the planet where the curs were. The beings of darkness could easily take care of them, the god thought to itself.
    "Do you feel that? That energy?" Kav asked Zu'nak and Animus as the sixteen crowded around a dinner table. The others turned to look at the creature of darkness. Animus closed his eyes for a moment and felt the twinge of familiar power, familiar, devastating power.

    "Is it...?" Animus asked. Zu'nak shook his head.

    "Emissaries, it feels like. Will they be of trouble?" Kav bit his lip.

    "Possibly. Let us feast, and let the little ones deal with this first. If they cannot handle the Spawns, we will." Kav decided. Animus seconded the notion. Zu'nak and Ignus, the creature of fire, carried the notion, but the others felt uneasy.

    Had the Scourge awoken?
  6. E-Mir the Luminoth 17

    E-Mir the Luminoth 17 Active Member

    She scowled at this. "Well try to ask while trying to kill them." She snorted at him and shivered again. She didn't like this..She didn't like being in the dark,even though she was. She would rather have the confusing questions answered then and now. Sometimes,her patientice will fade and she will charge head first. Of course,this always pissed him off and she got an earful from him about rushing into danger. Well,he didn't have problems with killing cats due to poking her nose into things!

    At this time,the Ho-oh now was having to fly lower,for this darkness seemed to be thicker..and alive? Oh fiddlesticks,that's absurd! Darkness couldn't be like that,right? He sighed as he nearly touched the ground,this was getting so very annoying so fast. When was morning going to come already? Sure,he may look like a creature of the night,but he loved the sun just like anyone else did for Pete's sake! Eyes now beginning to narrow,Sal'Nakath began to quietly fly towards a couple of Pokemon. Just why would they be sitting there at a time like this?
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2012
  7. Stormer403

    Stormer403 The Wordsmith

    After ten minutes of searching, Kras found them. Two Houndoom and an Aggron, sitting between alleys and pouring something from a bag. It was very liquid like, and flowed slowly. The Aggron laughed as they ripped open the bags.
    "What the..." Kras narrowed his eyes in curiosity. Wait, was that liquid shining? Kras' eyes widened with realization; this was either melted gold or a liquid bomb.
    The perverted creatures of the darkness circled the tall walls of Vios City, invisibly eyeing whatever prey could be on the inside. They had forced their bodies to become secondary-function beacons, attracting the primal and feral Pokemon that populated the wilderness. Their master, their god, had told them that the time for blood would not be now. It was now time gather forces, for they could not take this city alone despite their power. It would take an effort which they did not yet have the power to complete; a Bronze Rapture. It would have leveled this pathetic excuse for a city, but it would require their worthless lives to cast, and they were imprinted with thousands of strategies. Sacrificing themselves in an effort such as that would be not a wise option. Of course, the darkness had most other ways to do it's work.
    "They've already reached the little ones capital, Vios." Animus murmured, eyes closed. The dinner had stopped.

    "They're gathering something. It might as well be wild creatures, for all we know." Kav discerned.

    "And what of the Conduits? Have they picked up this signal yet?" Vir asked. Zu'nak growled.

    "No, the Conduits are lazy. With the emissaries already there, the chances of the Conduits launching a piggyback attack with the Scourge's forces is slim to none. They've grown fat over these years, and it's likely that they became lazy. Perhaps the Endmoor's Conduit is the only one that remains vigil. Still, Endmoor was never a place that birthed idiots. They could be attempting a rapture." Zu'nak had his eyes closed as well.

    "A Gold Rapture? Could they accomplish something of the sort?" Sola's eyes were narrowed. Animus shook his head.

    "The Scourge isn't at the po-"

    "The Scourge is asleep, not dead." Kav retorted.

    "Which very well means that they could be attempting a higher level rapture. The metallic raptures are used for outright destruction, there are worse tricks that the Scourge knows." This speaker was Aera, the Queen of the Air. Her body was a brilliant white, form-fitting glowing armor showcasing her well-built body. To Animus, she was the most desirable creature there. This only furthered by the soft white and blue glow that her eyes had taken on. Her lips were full, sharing the brilliant white of her skin, white-blonde hair cascading down her shoulders. Magnificent iron-blue wings were folded at her sides. Animus couldn't help but smile at Aera's knowledge.

    "Getting back to what I was saying," Animus shot a glare at Kav. "It would require the sacrificing of the emissaries. I don't imagine the Scourge growing stupid in it's slumber. They're ramping, perhaps even hoarding, something. Something that Animus wanted to find out.
    In it's sleep, the Scourge smiled. It saw this Animus, saw his curiosity.

    "I will sate your desire." The Scourge laughed, uttering a simple word.
    Animus' view of Vios City exploded as the Emissaries began to double, then triple.

    "We need to get in there."
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  8. 493pkmns

    493pkmns secret suicune

    OOC: I have to say I'm not totally sure how to get my own posting started (which is why I'm so late posting). So if this isn't ok, I can delete or edit the post.

    Tobias the Lucario

    Tobias crouched on a roof, watching as Cerilia the Charizard and Kras the Kabutops joined up and spoke about the three Thugs: one Aggron and two Houndoom. He considered dropping down but decided to wait. A few moments later, the houndooms ripped open the bags they were carrying and poured a glowing liquid out of them. Kras seemed to be shocked by the liquid. Tobias looked closer and realized the same thing Kras must have: the liquid was a bomb. He dropped down from the roof, dragging one paw along the wall to reduce momentum through friction. He hit the ground and bent his knees to absorb the shock.

    "Is that what I think it is? Is it really a bomb?" He asked Kras.

    OOC: My other posts will definitely be longer.
  9. Stormer403

    Stormer403 The Wordsmith

    (It has to be at least seven lines. I tried to tell E that, but she's been gone a while. If you can make it slightly longer, that'd be best.)

    Kras blinked at the sudden appearance of Tobias. How long had he been there?
    "It's either that, or liquid-freaking gold. I'm not sure how they could possibly come across either, but knowing this strange city, we best prepare for anything. Although, the way that Aggron is laughing is creeping me out to a ferocious degree, I'm beginning to think that it's gold and that they're arrogant and didn't think anyone could follow them. Are you ready to head in, perhaps?" Kras explained.
    The demented creatures began to swarm, each becoming a pang of energy, what many creatures before humanity existed had known as mana, ready to ignite in a Bronze Rapture. Such a spell could level this city and leave nothing but dust in it's wake. However, something halted the beasts. The mana that had been fluid within them had dried up, telling them to halt this idea of a rapture just yet. There was something that needed to be handled. The creatures had a new destination: It was a place far from here, and it was known as Endmoor.
    The thing that had once been a Gengar sat on the throne constructed of stones and a few skulls here and there. The once-Gengar had the shape of a tall and stringy humanoid, burning blue eyes taking up most of the creature's face. Four pointed ears emerged from a hairless head, twitching and writhing in the conditions, which happened to be stingy to say the least of it. A large fanged mouth had comprised most of the chest of the once-Gengar. Two short arms protruded from shoulders akin to stubs, but were covered in a green plate. This fate was the same for the once-Gengar's legs, and all though it stood tall, the creature left most of it's chest exposed despite the armor, for the mouth that it used needed to have an entrance. Over it's head was a hood of the same black cloth, allowing the blue eyes to penetrate the shadows. A creature with arms for a head materialized in front of him.

    "A Tekko," The once-Gengar addressed the beast. "What is it that you are doing on the basic plane?" The beast chittered in response.

    "Saduzo," The monster began. "We've need of the mana you keep stored for a rapture- perhaps you have it on your persona?" Saduzo rose an interrogative eyebrow, but detached a vibrant purple crystal from his armor and tossed it at the Tekko. The thing sprung into the air and caught it, devouring the gem before disappearing.

    What could they possibly want to cast a rapture on? Saduzo thought.
    The Tekko that had absorbed the mana appeared in black flames in front of the sleeping Scourge. It rolled over, creating a shockwave that forced the monster to double over in pain.

    Instead of saying anything or whispering the Tekko's thoughts, as per the usual, the Tekko screamed. Something was slicing into it's mind.

    The Scourge blinked sleepily, ripping the beast in half and greedily absorbing the mana that it held.

    "Mine," The Scourge whispered in it's sleep. "All mine."
  10. 493pkmns

    493pkmns secret suicune

    OOC: I know, like I said after this it will be longer. The first few posts are always a little short but I will try. It's also easier for you since you have two characters AND background.

    Tobias the Lucario

    "It's either that, or liquid-freaking gold. I'm not sure how they could possibly come across either, but knowing this strange city, we best prepare for anything. Although, the way that Aggron is laughing is creeping me out to a ferocious degree, I'm beginning to think that it's gold and that they're arrogant and didn't think anyone could follow them. Are you ready to head in, perhaps?" Kras stated.

    "I'm ready." Tobias says matter-of-factly, "That's why I was sent out here. To help the both of you apprehend the criminals. I have to wonder though, if it is gold, why are they just pouring it out? You'd think they'd have stolen it and therefore be keeping it preciously instead of wasting it all over the ground."

    He paused for a moment, thinking. "That said I don't particularly care. I'll jump them from above while you two come in head-on?" He finished inquisitively.

    He jumped several feet up into the air and clutched the side of the building, clambering up to the roof. He hopped gracefully from rooftop to rooftop, practically gliding through the getting into position above the thugs. He sat on the edge of the roof then dropped off, holding himself up by one arm. He waited for Kras and Cerilia to charge, then Focused and charged a sphere of blue energy in his free hand (Aura Sphere) which he hurled at one of the Houndooms. Immediately after, he let go of the edge of the roof dropping down whilst preparing a Bullet Punch augmented by gravity with which to attack Aggron.

    OOC: Is this long enough? Just making sure. I'll get to work on another SU so as to have more to do in each post.

    EDIT: Agreed. I know it isn't your rule, I've just never been sure about it's enforcement. Also, added details to hit seven lines.
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  11. E-Mir the Luminoth 17

    E-Mir the Luminoth 17 Active Member

    (Sorry guys! I had to take my mom to the hospital,and sorry about the non-seven lines thing..I'll count 'em better...And I wonder if there is some way you could see how many lines you can type?)

    "Hey,Lucario! Save some of the Houndooms for me!" At this,the female Charizard roared and jumped into the fray,more then happy to bonk some heads. She charged at a Houndoom,and unleashed a trail of fire that was quickly approaching the other Pokemon. (Flamethrower) However,the other Pokemon dodged it and jumped onto her back,where it snapped it's fangs into her shoulder. (Bite) With a yell of pain and shock,Cerilia slammed into a wall and knocked it off of her. While the dog was dazed,she used a blade of air to knock it senseless. (Air Slash.) She hissed in pain as she grabbed her bleeding shoulder,but she didn't allow it to stop her from fighting no matter how bad things got,she's not the type to roll over and wave the white flag!

    At this time,the Ho-oh landed onto the ground a distance away from the two Pokemon. For now,he would watch and wait to see what their motives were. After all,how else do you think he survived all these years without being careful? It sure did help him when he was in some nasty pickles,that's for sure. For now,all he would do is watch and learn for you never know if someone will go nuts and try to attack or kill you. "I shall be watching you." He whispered to himself,his amethyst eyes nearly glowing in the darkness.
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  12. Stormer403

    Stormer403 The Wordsmith

    "Nah, it's alright, I'll take the Aggron. Your welcome," Kras said to himself. "It's not like I could use any help, and it's not like my targets were stolen!" Kras exclaimed. The Kabutops rolled his eyes at his own comment before ducking into the Aggron's path, scythes glowing before landing the blow on his chest. (X-Scissor) Kras followed up with a kick to the Aggron's chest before headbutting him, and then spat a purple glob in his face. The glob seared the armor on hit, forcing the Aggron to scream (Toxic). However, it wasn't done quite yet, as the Aggron's tail began to glow and connected with Kras' cheek (Iron Tail). The Kabutops stumbled backwards, clutching his face.
    "Oh, it's on." Kras laughed at himself, feeling his blood run down his cheek. The Kabutops' pupils dilated at the smell of his blood, and lunged forward, eyes screaming blood murder and mouth uttering a wordless laugh. He assaulted the Aggron in a continuing barrage of hits (Slash). Kras at one point kicked the Aggron in the face, breaking some of his helmet before launching a column of frozen water at the hole (Ice Beam). The Aggron stumbled back, groping the ice.
    "You're crazy, man!" The Aggron cursed and ran away. Kras contemplated going after him, but relaxed. After all, there was still the liquid that made him feel slightly sluggish. His eyes shot open at the realization that this was no mere liquid, it seemed to be alive. It caressed his ankles like a lover before climbing up his body.
    "What the hell?!" Kras screamed.
  13. 493pkmns

    493pkmns secret suicune

    OOC: Ok, I guess after bullet punch hits Aggron, Tobias goes after Houndoom.

    Kras darted in to attack Aggron, and Cerilia went after a Houndoom. Tobias struck Aggron, then bounded away to strike at the unclaimed enemy with a green glowing fist (drain punch). The thug flipped over backwards, trailing blood from it's jaw, but managed to land on it's feet. It lunged at Tobias, who side-stepped and jabbed brutally with his elbow as the canine pokemon went by, knocking him into a wall. More canny from the last strike, got up and paced for a moment before lunging back in, jaws wide open. Tobias leapt backwards and clung to a wall, charging another sphere of blue energy. Houndoom stopped where it landed and looked up before breathing a steady jet of flames (flamethrower)at the Aura pokemon. Tobias released Aura Sphere and dropped down. The spherical energy struck the stream of flames and exploded knocking Tobias down. He did a backwards somersault and hopped to his feet as a blast of scorching fire struck the ground where he had been mere seconds earlier. Tobias grinned at the black horned beast and flung himself through the air at it. Taken aback, Houndoom didn't move as Tobias landed, took the two steps separating the two and launched into a flurry of melee attacks (Close Combat) which completely knocked the fight out of him, then knocked him out, leaving him bruised and battered with blood flowing from various cuts.

    Suddenly, he heard Kras cry out: "What the hell?!" He looked over and saw that the liquid was writhing and crawling up the Kabutops' legs. He ran over and grabbed the rock type trying to yank him out but the liquid held him in place. Tobias then tried to strike it with Ice Punch but his fist got caught and he was pulled to the ground.

    "Cerilia!" He yelled.

    OOC: E? You're up. Do you mind if I call you E?
  14. E-Mir the Luminoth 17

    E-Mir the Luminoth 17 Active Member

    Kiki's eyes widened in shock as Kras was being swallowed by the gold,and she flew over to him after killing the Houndoom that attacked her. With a snarl,she put her claws on the gold and tried to tear it off of her friend,not caring if it hurts him or not. She'd rather face his wrath then have that..that thing hurt him. She then scowled at it refused to get off. "Get off you wierd thing you!" She snarled as she kept on tugging.

    Sal still stayed in the shadows,not wanting to be seen just yet. After all,he would wait to see if they would see him or not. With a scowl,he shifted on his feet for he was tired of this silence. Why won't they say anything? It was maddening,not hearing someone for that long. He sighed to himself,shaking his head. This was getting old,but he shall wait until he needed to. "This isn't good..I don't know what's going on,but I will find out mark my words." He hadn't felt like this since the Humans had died out,and he didn't like it.
    He began to slowly walk towards the two Pokemon,and he knew things would get ugly soon if they fought. He didn't like to fight unless he had to,but if he did then so be it. He eyes gleamed in the darkness while he shook his head slightly. If they thought he was a pushover,then they were going to have another thing coming!

    OOC: Yeah,I'm here. And you can call me E. Also,we posted at the same time. And what do you mean a flaming presence Storm?
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  15. Stormer403

    Stormer403 The Wordsmith

    (My bad, I had thought that because of the Charizard's type neutrality and Tobias' slight advantage he'd go after the Houndooms. And E, that was four lines. Please try to add substance to Sal, make him think, etc.)

    "What is this thing?!" Kras screamed, darkness showering his scythes as he rained down two blows (Night Slash), but had his arms indulged. Kras spat another column of frosty water at the liquid, which broke it as it tried to advance to his mouth. "Get it off me!" Kras roared, shooting another Ice Beam and spitting at the liquid (Toxic). It crawled into the seething cut that the Aggron had given him. He began to hear whispers, which became more pronounced.
    "Little one..." The liquid whispered, starting to enter his mouth. "Let your body flow, let the Daes take control. Let it flow. Let it flow." The liquid known as the Daes commanded. Kras snorted, blowing some out of his nose before charging an Ice Beam. The Daes tried to reach down his throat, but the Ice Beam froze it in it's track. Kras supplemented this was another Toxic before shaking his body as best he could. The liquid jiggled.
    "Tobias! Cerilia!" Kras called, the Daes clouding his vision. "Can anybody hear me?!" Kras yelled.
    The Scourge felt this struggle going on in the Kabutops' body. It smiled in it's sleep, and detected a flaming presence. The Scourge's consciousness piggybacked onto this burning mind, light as a feather. The Scourge decided that it would see where this firemind would take it. After all, something needed to be done about the Daes.
    "Fight it." The Scourge whispered to the firemind.
  16. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    (OoC: Sorry for not posting yet, I wasn't sure what to do. If there's any problem with this, let me know. Also, only Travis is in this scene; I'll introduce Gamma later on.)

    Travis the Garchomp

    Travis walked down the street, eyeing every alleyway and dark corner he passed by. He was on patrol for suspicous activity, which Travis had to admit was a pretty damn boring job, assuming he didn't find anything. At this point Travis was wishing that someone would get mugged or murdered just so he'd have something to do, and someone to fight. Vios City was a busy place; much busier than the small villages of the desert he used to call home, and yet Travis was having a much harder time at spotting anything illegal. Pehaps it was that there were more people to search through, or perhaps it was because criminals were a lot smarter here, but Travis just had a hard time with spotting it.

    Suddenly, Travis could hear sounds of fighting from a nearby alleyway. "About goddamn time!" Travis shouted to himself, before charging down a nearby alleyway towards the direction the sounds were coming from. He jumped and climbed on top of a single story building, and started running along the rooftops, hoping he could jump down on the criminals and suprise them. He noticed that the sounds of fighting died down, and were instead replaced by sounds of shouting. When Travis finally reached the alleyway where the comotion was coming from, he cursed silently to himself as he realized that whatever happened was already over. An Aggron and two Houndoom were lying on the ground, and a Charizard, Lucario, and Kabutops were standing there, battered but victorious. Not focusing on what they were acually talking about, Travis suddenly realized that one of the Houndoom was slowly getting up, with a vengeful look in his eyes. The Lucario and Charizard were huddled around the Kabutops, completely unaware of the Houndoom behind them.

    "Hey, watch out!" Travis exclaimed as he leaped from the building as the Houndoom charged straight at the Lucario, it's fangs glowing red as it prepared to attack with a fiery bite (Fire Fang). Travis's blade fins glowed (Dragon Claw) and just as the Houndoom lunged at the Lucario, Travis smashed into it, his blades slashing and sinking into the Houndoom's back, instantly stopping it and killing it.

    Travis pulled his red stained blades out of the Houndoom and stood triumphantly over it, saying to the Lucario, "You're welcome. You need to watch your back so something like that doesn't happen again." Just as Travis finished his sentence, he realized that the Kaputops was being enveloped by some strange liquid substance. "What the hell? What is that stuff?!"
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    At this time,Sal'Nakath decided he had enough and so he flew back into the air towards Vios City. He didn't know why,but he had a feeling he was needed there for some reason. Much to his surprise,the wind currents was very strong tonight and he decided to increase his speed. Due to the wind being as strong as it was,his time to Vios City was cut in half. He then saw the outlines of the said place,and had to squint for his eyesight wasn't as great like it used to be in his younger years. However,he still had some spunk left in him. When he flew over the city,he saw a four consisting of a Lucario,a Kabutops,and a Charizard and a Garchomp. 'Hmm..Interesting four there.' He frowned when he saw the gold liquid,and he dove down to where the four was at,letting out a battle cry as he did.

    Cer gawked in shock as the Ho-oh landed. "Oh my Arecus! What's a Ho-oh doing here?!" At this the Ho-oh snorted and said "I have a reason to be here,now move." She nodded dumbly before moving,and Sal charged at Kras,using a massive blast of fire that made Kiki's Flamethrower look like a puny firecracker. (Scared Fire) He had no intention of hurting Kras,but it may happen if he was to be saved. Kiki then jumped in front of Tobias because he was weak to Fire attacks. "Wow! So that's what Scared Fire looks like!" She said in awe as she watched Sal,then said to Travis "I have no clue!"
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