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[RP] Dreamcrafters - Bonds of Broken Destiny

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven

Slipomatic is my Co-GM for this RP, so he's got as much power over this as I do.

And if you need it:

In the beginning, you couldn't remember too many details about what happened to you. But something strange happened...

You found yourself as a Pokémon, though you knew you're supposed to be human and this was not how things were meant to be. For a moment, your memories seemed shattered, unorganized, and out of place. However, with a little patience and concentration, you were able to piece just a bit of it together. The path lead you back to Nacrene City, Unova, where it all began, only now the town is in ruins and was fully destroyed by some powerful, wrathful entity. You were able find your once human friends, now as Pokémon. Working together, you collectively pieced your shattered memories.

In time, after many hours of discussion and note-taking, you have the completed puzzle. Everything suddenly comes back to you.

You and your friends were part of a small eco-conscious volunteer group called "Dream Green" that offered to clean up the ruins of an abandoned church in Nacrene City, Unova. In cleaning up the ruins of the long-forgotten cathedral, you found something strange and forgotten that interested you. Wiping off the dust and debris, you realized that within a shattered, ornate stone container was the skeleton of a Pokémon, one that you had never seen before.

As the memories came back, you realized that you and your group had taken the skeletal remains to the Nacrene City museum to revive the Pokémon they belonged to. What came back, however, is something that changed everything.

The revived Pokémon was in fact Nakita, and Nakita was not just any ordinary Pokémon. She was in fact the legendary Pokémon of imagination and the seer of creativity. She appeared to be a large and gleaming silver phoenix with majestic and prismatic feathers, accompanied by a long and colorful crest and tail feathers. Meanwhile, a glowing ten-pointed star gleamed upon her chest. She appeared to be warm, friendly, compassionate, and loving, thankful to the trainers that had revived her.

She then bestowed a power upon you unlike any other as thanks for her revival. It was the power to make your imagination and dreams possible. At first, it sounded profound and unreal to you, but as she told you imagination and dreams were the breath of the soul and as she began to demonstrate the power before you, suddenly your mindset changed. She pushed you to drive away your skepticism and disbelief, and really believe that just about anything was possible.

Another memory came back to you, and you remembered Jeremy Wilson, who was the leading member of your Dream Green group, now nowhere to be found. You remembered Jeremy was the first of you to experiment using the power that Nakita gave you. He took a baseball and threw it up into the air, which then flew through the air on its own like a fireball of rainbow colors before coming back down into his hands. But he took things one major step further...

Flying above Nacrene City, he created a massive flying airship in less than a minute's time. He called it Extol, and it was the most incredible sight you had ever seen. It was to be an amusement park and entertainment center, focusing on film, art, and music, all of Jeremy's most favorite things. Meanwhile, you saw things there that should have only been possible in dreams. Incredible light shows, magic that broke the bonds of reality, and sights and sounds that far surpassed anything you had ever seen in the ordinary world. In truth, for a moment, it seemed fantasy and magic was a real possibility. From then on in, what was once called "Dream Green" had decided to call itself the Dreamcrafters.

But that came to a crashing end...


As you remembered further, you and the rest of the Dreamcrafters bore witness to the full brunt of Arceus's jealous, putrid, and disgusting cruelty. As you soon realized, Arceus and Nakita have a long and deep vendetta against each other, and last time Arceus won. Nakita believed humans and Pokémon should have the freedom to be able to tap into the full power of their immortal souls and let loose their creativity and imagination into reality. Arceus, however, felt only he should have the privilege and the power over creation.

To exercise his authority, Arceus targeted the Extol airship by focusing on Jeremy Wilson's soul. Painfully, Jeremy's spirit was corrupted, and as a result, Extol began to wither and crumble apart, quickly being smothered in wicked black as Jeremy's soul was twisted and defiled at the same time. The awe-inspiring and majestic creations Jeremy crafted into reality were sadly and woefully corrupted in the process and soon turned to evil. Jeremy was reduced to nothing more than a zombie after the macabre ordeal, using him to show what would happen to you for siding with Nakita.

To protect you, Nakita used her power to slash apart the chains of fate, turning you into the Pokémon you would have been if destiny had decided you should have been born as one instead of a human. As a result, it wasn't so easy for Arceus to corrupt your now protected soul that violated the dictation of fate that Arceus had designed. Instead, Arceus would have to destroy you entirely by direct force in order to release your soul from its mortal shell. But, with your new powers and much to Arceus's aggravation, that wouldn't be so easy for him either. You now had free reign to create whatever you wanted, but Arceus could corrupt it and make it betray you. All he had to do was imagine it to be darker and wicked, corrupting its wonder, creativity, and innocence and instead make it a vile abomination.

In the end, Arceus's legendaries were deceived and were lead to believe Nakita and the Dreamcrafters (who they call "Darkcrafters") were evil and sought to corrupt the world with dark imagination when really it was Arceus's dark, hidden power that was making your creations evil. All legendaries followed him except for one, the one legendary that Arceus had bitterly afflicted with a curse because she held potential that even Arceus didn't have.

That legendary was Jirachi. And as you learned from Nakita, Jirachi was Nakita's disciple, NOT Arceus's. Jirachi was too powerful for Arceus to kill outright and it would have made too much of a scene, so instead he decided to have the legendary wish Pokémon be stricken with a 1,000 year curse that would fade for only a week to allow Jirachi to gaze upon the world that Arceus had won over, only to slip back into hibernation before Jirachi could ever figure out the truth and remember what happened to her master Nakita. It was a sick sort of punishment and cruelty Arceus found amusement in.


Like Jirachi, Arceus now has difficulty trying to kill you outright, but that did not stop him from cursing you like he did with Jirachi. Upon your back, the "Brand of Ill Omen" has been drawn by Arceus's own hand. This Brand is a strange, arcane glowing symbol that Arceus's legendaries and other followers have been using to identify you as high priority targets that Arceus wants destroyed. Meanwhile, it's just a slight taste of the kind of corruption Arceus is capable of inflicting, but at the moment, it's the most that Arceus can do to you. Nakita's fate-breaking protection managed to save most of your being from harm, but the surrounding aura around you was something she could not protect.

Now, badly cursed and hexed, terrible things seem to happen around you while you remain untouched. Plants wither, the air seems to grow cold, and misfortune seems to follow in your wake. The ground blights wherever you step, and despair and decay follow you as if you're an angel of death. Pokémon and humans have called you "The Despised Darkcrafters," and have been making significant effort to capture you and destroy you. Arceus's wicked lies and deception still lead them astray, and Arceus welcomes any opportunity to further distort the truth and the evidence to make you and the Dreamcrafters appear even more vile.

At the moment, you know the truth and you have the power to prove it... if only Arceus wouldn't interfere. You must use your power of imagination and creation to stop Arceus and overthrow his dominion, even if it means seeing those same creations fall to Arceus's dark intentions in the war against the wicked deity that far too many humans and Pokémon still respect from Arceus's deception.


You now stand in the ruins of Nacrene City, deceptively destroyed by Arceus's dark puppeteering to cover up the truth and mislead all witnesses, as well as destroy the technology that revived Nakita. In the process, Arceus framed Jeremy and Nakita for the savage destruction and used the devastation as a catalyst to strengthen support for his campaign, fooling the others into believing you and the remaining "Darkcrafters" are out to do even more damage to the world. Meanwhile, Nakita has gone missing as well, likely because of the wickedness that Arceus has done. Somehow, you must find her and save her, along with finding a way to destroy the Brand of Ill Omen curse that has befallen you, the other Dreamcrafters, and Jirachi. Then, you have to take the fight to Arceus and prove yourselves.

Your memories are finally back together, but you find you need to realize your powers once again. However, time is running out, and there is no telling what could be happening to Nakita at the present moment or what hideous plan Arceus and his follower legendaries have in mind to deal with you.

Everyone must know the truth and should be able to use the power they were meant to have...


  • The RP will also start on October 1st, but sign ups are always open, so you can join even after the RP has started.
  • Slipomatic is my co-GM and he has the ability to accept or reject sign ups.
  • Follow all standard Serebii Forum rules and RPG rules.
  • RP posts should be at least a paragraph long because seeing anything less just looks rushed and careless. Also, try to use proper spelling and grammar.
  • Try to post at least once a week. Also, small posts are better than not posting at all. Also, if it looks like people are waiting on you to take action, please, don't keep them waiting because that's never fun and it causes a chain reaction of people waiting on each other. Better to do something small and brief that keeps things moving along smoothly than to linger on a long-winded post.
  • Stick with one character sign up only. I know from experience that having more than one character is exhausting and can be overwhelming, so stick with one and really give them all of your time and focus.

Special Rules

  • YOU ARE FREE TO CONTROL ARCEUS'S ACTIONS as an NPC, but they must be deceptively cunning and they must be things Arceus would logically do in this situation. Remember, Arceus is trying to find ways to frame and make Nakita and the Dreamcrafters look guilty and wicked when it's really Arceus pulling the strings behind the scenes. Arceus will do vile things but will make you and the other Dreamcrafters look like the source of the chaos and anarchy. He likes having full authority over the world and he's not about to let his long-hated nemesis and her followers change all that. Also, the other legendaries (not Jirachi), as well as other humans and Pokémon, will be carrying out Arceus's orders out of respect and honor for the one they regard as their god. You're free to control their actions as well, but again, they must be something they would logically do.
  • The key to power here is description. The more you detail and describe something and the more you go in depth into its creation in your RP post, the harder and the longer it takes for Arceus to corrupt it. Just note that a lot of the things that your character will create will be either corrupted and/or destroyed. Don't let that stop you.
  • You can create living things and they will reflect your character's personality, but these too can be corrupted and can turn against you. However, under your control, they will fight to the death for you and will do anything to protect you.
  • You cannot transform yourself or another living creature... at least not yet. You can, however, change and transform non-living objects.
  • Note that at its current level, your powers can only create something as large as a city. Don't go creating entire worlds. Your character doesn't have the power, energy, and experience to do that... yet. :p
  • Just be reasonable with your powers and don't do stuff that would ruin the RP with them. Also, don't make it too easy either. Arceus's legendaries are powerful and have more experience, and the fact they're all united against you should make things difficult. Also, hordes of Arceus's followers have been deceived to do anything to serve their master and the one they regard as their god. I trust you when it comes to making the RP fun but also challenging and intriguing.

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Joseph Waters the Emolga
Ruins of Nacrene City

I saw Nacrene City from a new perspective, looking up at the brunt-out husks and shells of buildings. Ash covered the ground and smoke was churning up into the skies. Meanwhile, I was now an Emolga, the only protection Nakita could offer from Arceus, who was nothing but a phony liar about this whole thing. As I walked through the soot and the ash, the only white fur I had was becoming black and gray like the rest of my body. Oddly enough, Nakita made something that should have felt strange and foreign feel totally natural. I felt like I had been an Emolga all my life and there was nothing weird about it.

Nacrene City was completely obliterated, Nakita was nowhere in sight, and all of us were framed. Arceus managed to make everyone believe the lie, that we were like some walkers of the apocalypse, and now everyone and everything was against us. Meanwhile, Jeremy Wilson, who had done absolutely nothing wrong against Arceus, was sucked out, body, mind, and soul, left as nothing but a zombie.

Nakita unlocked a immense power within us, and the jealous Arceus made us pay heavily for it. Because of this power, thousands of people in Navrene City were killed solely to allow Arceus to make it look like we were the cause. Meanwhile, on top of all that, each of us was cursed. Where I stood, the air grew cold and frigid, and black ice started to gather around everything that was around me, crystallizing into something wicked. Meanwhile, the ice itself was laced with a toxic poison. Anything that ingested it would probably go sick for days if not die because of it. I didn't exactly want to test it out either.

But I figured I didn't want to give Arceus the satisfaction of seeing us be miserable about this. Truthfully, I had to see this as something funny, even though it was tough to at times, especially after what happened to Jeremy. Still, I knew him. He wouldn't want us to keep grieving over what happened to him. And he wouldn't have wanted us to be worried about it either. To him, worrying was as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum.

First, we needed to find Nakita. I knew she couldn't have been far, and we had to get to her before Arceus killed her again.


Why So Serious ?
Adam Eve the Eevee
Ruins of Nacrene City

I stood in disbelief, looking at the ruins of what was once a beautiful and historical city. All obliterated by our jealous God, Arceus. Nothing was left, but us, the Dreamcrafters. In order to protect us, Nakita transformed us all into Pokémon. I was no longer the boy I was before, and was now an Eevee. I didn't feel out of place, it all felt right, like I was meant to be an Eevee. When I stopped to think about what has happened I realized how clouded my mind was. I felt all these emotions swirling around. The most prominent one being rage. I was angry at Arceus, and what he has done to us and this innocent city. Nakita has pulled the veil and shown us our true potential. Then Arceus had to wipe a city off the map, and leave us to blame. I started to lose consciousness, and then something came over me.

"That darn Arceus! I swear when I get my hands on him he'll feel the pain of what he has done to the innocent, 10 fold!" I found myself yelling out at random, but it wasn't me. Yet it was me. Something was off, but there were more pressing matters. Nakita was gone, and Arceus was surely after her. Not only her, but us as well. He left us with a curse, the only thing he could do to us. I felt the atmosphere around me more dense and pressurized, but it didn't seem to harm me too much. Everything was changing way to fast for my liking. Then I realized, I didn't have any clothes.

I panicked and frantically looked for my family necklace, the only connection I had left with them. It's been with them for generations and I didn't want to be the one to lose it. Then I heard a voice say, "It's right over there..." This voice sounded like it came from me. I felt like I was going crazy, but I forgot about it when I saw my necklace there. Boy was I lucky, I managed to get it on with my paws and kept it hidden under my tuft of fur. I didn't know what that voice was, but it sure was helpful. No one was near me, so it couldn't have been the group. Now, I got serious and put this strange occurrence behind me. I gotta get to the group and figure out what our plan is. "It's about time to start planning our counter strike", I said to myself. I didn't expect a response, but I got one. This time I heard simultaneous voices say, "Right!".

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser

All I could do is watch in disbelief at what I saw on the news. Nacrene City was destroyed, a Pokemon never seen before was rumored to be sighted, and most interestingly...the cause of it. Apparently, it had been caused by humans bearing the power to create by their own will. Of course, whether or not they had survived the whole ordeal was yet to be seen since even the police were weary of entering the ruins of the city, but this was a remarkable discovery nonetheless.

I needed to know. I had to know. How did they cause this? What power did they use? My mind raced at all the possibilities of such a power, the power to create, to bend reality to your own will...dreams of mine that I had forgotten years ago had reentered my mind as I pondered about all the possibilities.

Even though I had a project due by next Friday, with my curiousity getting the best of me I knew there was no choice but for me to cancel and go off to Nacrene City. I did not contemplate about the danger of such a journey, or what it could cost me. All I thought about...was the possibilities. And those possibilities...they were marvelous ones indeed.

(OoC: Don't worry: Avenger Angel said I shouldn't post a sign up for this. All will be revealed eventually, but the question is: who is this mysterious person, and why is he so interested in the events that occurred at Nacrene City? You'll find out on the next episode of Dragonball Z! soon enough.)


A Failed Experiment
Laura Carter the Misdreavus
Ruins of Nacrene City

I slowly and carefully opened my eyes, reluctant to see what’s around me. While opening them, I tried to remember where I was; my head was pounding like it was about to explode and I felt like I had been unconscious for a while. The last thing I remembered were images of buildings around me crumbling and debris flying towards the ground at high speed. It didn’t feel like it was just a dream and I wanted to prepare myself to for the sights I was about to see.

Sure enough, it turned out the destruction wasn’t just a dream. Still lying on the ground, I looked at the remains of the building in front of me, which I managed to recognize. The White Swanna, once popular restaurant, was reduced to no more than a lone wall some scattered bricks and part of the roof leaning on the adjacent ruin. In the distance I could see some smoke rising towards the sky.

Trying to get the images of destruction out of my mind, I decided to check out if I was hurt. Besides the horrible headache, I felt no pain. I tried to move my arms. I couldn’t. Then I tried to move my legs. I couldn’t do that either. I started to panic; I seemed to be completely incapable of moving my limbs. I turned my head and looked down towards my feet only to find I had no body. I seemed to be left with just a head, but that would surely mean I was dead. Confused, I somehow managed to get my head to lift off and started levitating. It was a curious feeling; in a way it seemed natural I was able to float around, but my mind was still struggling with the logic behind it.

I decided to explore my surroundings; it could offer me some explanation. I floated towards the ruins of the restaurant. There was no sign of life in it, but strangely, there was no sign of death either. It seemed like no living creature ever set foot into it. I carried on towards where the kitchen used to be. There things were equally intriguing; there was no sign of food in it, even the huge fridge contained no food, only dust. Even more puzzled than I entered, I exited the restaurant. On my way out, I caught a glimpse of a broken mirror between two piles of red bricks. Determined to find out what had happened to me I took a look into it, a look that explained my lack of body. I was no longer human, now I was a Misdreavus. I also noticed an odd symbol inscribed into my necklace that normal Misdreavus don’t have. What could it possibly be? I landed on a chunk of a wall to think about my situation. It was pleasantly warm.

So, how did I turn into a Misdreavus? There were only two beings I knew that were capable of doing that, Arceus and Nakita. Arceus wouldn’t turn me into Pokemon, that’s not a way to destroy your opponents. I guess Nakita turned me into a Misdreavus to protect me from Arceus. He must be responsible for the destruction of Nacrene City and will probably soon come up with another way to get rid of me and other Dreamcrafters. I must get away from here and find Nakita soon; she’s the only one who can help me. I should probably get in touch with the others first; they must be around here somewhere.

The piece of wall I was sitting on was rapidly losing heat, there was something unusual going on. Anyway, I was feeling much stronger then I was when I regained consciousness and my headache was almost gone. “Time to get going!” I said to myself and headed towards the outskirts of Nacrene City.


Life Cheating Game
OOC: Lol I'm going to be the only person who will do it in Third Person

Yami Spark the Raichu
Ruins of Nacrene

He slowly watched from the highest point in town, looking over the other Pokemon there. They were his allies, but he didn't want to go to them, he was younger, so they wouldn't listen at all. He started to remember things, but he still had a headache, but his music was slowly bringing him back to normal. Looking over the town once more, he decided to jump down, and soon found himself in free-fall towards the ground, but he knew how to land in this form for some reason.

Yami looked around on the ground after landing on his tail, he was looking for that Pokemon called 'Nakita'. He desperately missed his handgun, but remembered his old leader creating that giant airship.

Is going around town helping me remember? No, it can't be, but... Hey, he created that airship. Maybe I could try to create my old gun if I could. Though, how do I create it though? Maybe if I could find something that could be used as a gun would work... Yami thought as he looked in a destroyed warehouse. The chain on his tail was clinking on the ground, creating a relatively large boise in the area. HE found something that might of been of use, a paintbrush. He took the paintbrush, and some pebbles he found on the floor onto a slab of concrete before him.

he put the materials he found onto the 'worktable', or what he would call one. He tried to conjure an image of his gun, but that seemed to be escaping his mind. He then decided to hold out his little paw, and imagine a gun. He pictured a gun that seemed to be made out of concrete, with paint splattered all over it. The most primary color he could see was a dark copper spattered, but he also saw some lightning yellows in the mixture. He could see it shooting out stone bullets, made of solid rock. The made the gun heavy, so the trigger seemed to be designed to be used by his tail, not his paws. The bullets were slower than most, making it easy to dodge, and they made as sort of clunking noise, more of a muffled Gunshot, but it still was load enough for the abandoned city to hear. He then saw that it was a single-caliber one, with the barrel being at about .8 Millimeters, meaning that it was relatively small gun. Finally, it had a small key chain attached at the bottom, where the magazine would be inserted. It was a picture of a small, dark yellow lightning bolt.

When Yami opened his eyes, he was amazed to see the materials transformed into what he somehow was able to conjure.

I remeber know... Well, more. Nakita gave us this power for saving her, and I used it to create different bullets that seemed to be like Pokemon types. So... Where is she anyways? I think she disappeared, and why do I have this chain attached to my tail anyways? It seems to have a great source of binding on it. Was it put on by Arceus? Yami thought as he picked the gun up with his tail. He shot up into the air, and fired a single bullet onto a wall. It seemed to create a large dent, but not enough to go through. He heard the shot echo throughout the city.

So, this is the true power. I only have one magazine, so I should use this wisely... Now, I guess it's time to search for everyone. Yami thought as he twirled the gun with his tail. He needed to find someone, and find out why he had the chain.


Nerd and Proud of it
Sarah Thompson
Castelia City

Uxie knew that humans were bad news. They cause so much turmoil on this planet. They were driven by greed and for the need of power. Sure there were exceptions, but the bad outweigh the good. Even those who are good aren't all good. They take control and take without giving back.

So why was she disguised as one of them and currently in the center of the biggest city in the world? Because Arceus damned Arceus told her to. While Azelf was monitoring the Dreamcrafters- er, Darkcrafters- and Mesprit was out looking for recruits, she was to keep an eye on the reaction of the other humans. As if someone who was blind could keep an eye on anything. Still, it was somewhat easier for her to blend in with humans than her sisters. Being blind is easier to handle than trying to avoid all physical contact.

Uxie guided her way into a restaurant and found herself a seat. While not having the ability to see was a problem at times, her hearing was boosted to make up for it. It certainly made it easier for her to eavesdrop on other conversations. And right now there were a lot of conversations about what happened in Nacrene City.

"I can't believe something like this could happen."
"I know, where the hell did they get the firepower to level a city?"
"I heard that there was an environmental group in the area."
"Oh ****. Are we going to have Team Plasma all over again?"
"I don't know, these guys seemed pretty legit. Maybe it was just bad luck that they were their at the time."
"I don't know..."

"Hey, did you hear that before the Nacrene Museum blew up that they found a new type of pokemon?"
"Yeah. Maybe that was what caused all of this distruction?"
"It would take a whole swarm of Gyarados to cause this much distuction."
"Maybe it had help?"
"You're rather hung up with this new pokemon. I probably had nothing to do with this."
"Yeah right."

"What if the ones who were behind this targeted some other city? Castelia might be next!"
"No way, we're too close to the first attack. The perpetrators would get the heck out of dodge."
"I think that their next step would be a bigger city so Castelia must be on their list."
"They'll probably target a city in another region next."
"That is if the police don't catch them first."

"There were reports of a huge airship over the city before it was destroyed. It must have something to do with this."
"Yes, though I believe it crashed before the city before that happened."
"Maybe. Well who knows what really happened?"

Uxie hid a smile. The plan was actually working. The humans casted the blame on the Darkcrafters. Arceus's plan was actually working. Of course, she would have preferred it if the city hadn't been burned to the ground, but she had no say in the matter. Still there were many factors to this problem. The more information they had the better. And right now her sister was at the epicenter. She leaned back in her chair and focused on a bright cobalt beacon across the river near the ruins. "Azelf, can you hear me?"

"I hear you," her sister broadcasted back.

"What's been happening?"

"They have turned into a variety of pokemon, most likely because of Nakita. They have scattered all over the city and are recovering. Though, besides a lot of white residue aura, there is no sign of Nakita."

A frown came to her human face. Nakita was the source for all of this trouble. "That can't be good. We need to track her down as fast as we can. I can take over watching the Darkcasters while you track her down."

"They are actually rather easy to track. The aura surrounding them is a huge poisonous pitch black mass. I've never seen anything like that before. Even Cyrus's was more of a really dark green."

That was indeed weird. Even the auras of dark and ghost types have some sort of tint to their aura, if you could even detect their aura. "Hmmm... Well I guess we keep doing our own jobs."

"Mesprit is trying to convince Virizion to come face them. It shouldn't take much, he's always hated hu- ****!"

"What is it?" Uxie asked her sister, concerned that she may have been discovered.

"One of them is making something. I can see their aura forming something."

"We need Virizion in there as soon as possible."

"He'll be here soon. Even if they have turned into pokemon, they are inexperienced. They'll be no match for him. I may even join in the fight myself."

Uxie raised an eyebrow. Of course the willpower pokemon would be itching for a fight. "I don't doubt you can handle yourself, but Arceus said to stay on the sidelines."

"Arceus can go screw himself! You know more than anyone that his spirit has gotten darker! Even now I can sense flecks of rage going through it."

Uxie was stunned at Azelf's outburst, though she knew she was right. She could see that the white spirit of Arceus had sparks of purple fly through it. "Calm down. Please. We have no other choice."

"We could team up with them to take him down."

"Arceus can make our lives much more difficult. Please, we can't fight him."

"He'll never stop oppressing us. We need to stop him."

"He's way too strong. We'll never have the chance."

"We do if we team up the Darkcasters and find Jirachi."

"Arceus would never allow it. He would stop us before we could do a thing."

"Yeah." Uxie could sense her sister's spirit deflate a little, though it brightened right afterwards. "I can sense Virizion coming."

Uxie expanded her spiritual vision and she could see a bright forest green aura charging from the west towards the ruined city. She paused to collect her thoughts and came up with a plan. "We need to help them without anyone knowing. We still do the work of Arceus, but we can't let him win."

Her sister's spirit brightened greatly. "I knew you would come around. So what should I do, restrain him?"

"That would be too obvious. There's bound to be some fighting so take that chance to drain energy from him. And at all costs, stay hidden."

"Will do. I hope this works. Should I relay the plan to Mesprit?"

"I'll handle her, you just focus on the task at hand."

"Right. Azelf, over and out."

Uxie sighed. She knew she was going to regret this, but it was the only chance they had. She thought about contacting the third member of the trio, but decided not to. Mesprit had a habit of talking when she wasn't supposed to. She would put the entire plan in jeopardy. Anyway it was best that one of them followed Arceus's directions to the letter. She just hoped that this would work. Arceus has been in charge for way too long and all the power had made him corrupt. The way to beating him lay with Nakita and the Dreamcrafters.

"Excuse me, can I get you anything?"

Uxie bolted upright in her seat before realizing that the lavender spirit that came up beside her was a waitress. With her wide ranging thoughts, she forgot she was still in the middle of a bunch of other humans. She shook her human head in response to the question. "No, I was just leaving."

She got up and guided herself out of the building and from by sensing the nearby spirits and residual spirits, she found an alley that sheltered her from the sight of humans. There, she let her human body dissolve and her true form emerge. She cloaked her body to sight and rose into the air. She had enough digging through what the humans knew about the event and she needed to get a closer view of these Dreamcasters herself. She had the feeling that there was more to them then the poisonous aura that came from them.

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Joseph Waters the Emolga
Ruins of Nacrene City

As I heard sirens in the distance, I knew we had to get out of here. Everyone still thought Arceus was the honorable, noble deity when really it was all just a lie. And no matter what we created, Arceus was capable of destroying it. The Extol airship that Jeremy created was no exception either. Still, I couldn't believe what I saw. Something so incredible, so cool, so creative just torn apart and burned to nothing, just because Arceus was a selfish bastard who wanted to be the only one in control. Like some freakish dictator.

Boy, I was just itching to put an end to that.

I tried searching for the others, but just as I thought of searching, I heard a gunshot. At first, I thought it was some kind of threat until I realized... it had to come from one of us. There was no one else alive here except for us Dreamcrafters.

At least not yet...

I headed to the source of the noise, and there I saw a Raichu holding a gun, a gun modified to fit into his hands. It didn't take long for me to realize how he created it. Meanwhile, a large chian was wrapped around his tail, clinking along the ground where he walked.

Intuition told me it was Yami... Yami Spark. I didn't know how, but it just seemed to easy to recognize him. As for him recognizing me, I figured it would be easy. I was still wearing my gray baseball cap, after all.

"Yami, thank god you're alright," I told him, figuring it was good thinking on his part to use the gun to call everyone. "Listen, they're coming for us. Nacrene City is ruined and right now, it looks like it was all our fault."

I was just about to approach him when I realized he had been inflicted with a curse as well. Man, Arceus just made me sick. Still, while the others tried to get over here, I figured I could work on our escape plan. We needed some kind of vehicle. Something fast and... preferably with weapons.

Crimson Fury... I imagined a flying hovercraft gunship, shaped like it was a massive, crimson dragon. Its legs were actually rocket boosters, its hand claws were the landing gear, and the head was actually the cockpit. Meanwhile, the rest of its body was covered with strengthened metallic armor, and its wings were like sharp spearheads, jutting out from its back. The mouth itself was capable of launching superlasers, while there were two laser turrets on the sides of the body, and one on the underside.

Slowly, the hovercraft gunship itself soon began to materialize. I closed my eyes and imagined it, all the while my two hands were glowing with a flare-like brilliance. Truthfully, I hadn't practiced this new ability too much, and this was definitely the biggest thing I had created with it so far. Still, pulling the gunship out of my imagination and into reality was definitely a strange and almost surreal feeling, but still, for once, I had the power to make it happen.

When the process felt complete, I let go of my concentration and energy, and before us was in fact the very Crimson Fury gunship I had imagined, now just resting there before us, ready to take off like there was nothing strange about this.

Meanwhile, I looked around, hoping the others would have noticed Yami's signal shot.

Come on, come on... we need to get out of here before the Calvary arrives...

I decided to help Yami's cause by... doing something no Emolga was ever really capable of. Fireworks. I looked up into the murky sky, held my right hand up, and with a little concentration and focus, two flares of brilliant, white light launched from my hand and into the sky, where they burst into a myriad of sparks and colors.

"There, hopefully that gets their attention too," I told Yami. "Nakita... I don't know what happened to her, but she's gotta be out there somewhere..."

And chances were she probably badly needed our help...


Why So Serious ?
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Adam Eve the Eevee
Ruins of Nacrene City

Adam still felt as if he was going crazy. All the voices he's hearing, and the strange crowded feeling in his head was getting to him. He tried to ignore, but it kept persisting. This time a voice spoke directly to him. "Adam, we want to fight!" By now he caught on to the fact that the voices were definitely in his head. "Oh no, I'm a schizophrenic!" He panicked and curled up into a ball. "No, it is far different from that. We are seperate entities." clarified the voice. Adam could not handle the news, one of his fears was going insane, and there he is, doing just that. "...Seperate ... Entities ... We?" Adam was puzzled by the last statement.

Before he could have a mental breakdown, Adam heard a gun shot in the distance. "YAHH!," he jumped, "Is that from one of us?" Adam was entertained by the idea of being near the others, he didn't want to be alone anymore. He couldn't tell where the gunshot was, and didn't focus on where the sound came from. Then, out of the blue, there was an array of fireworks, coloring the dull sky. "That has got to be from the group!" Adam started running towards the signal, he was quite fast too. He seemed to be very adept with it and suddenly morphed and evolved into a Jolteon. He then sped up and ran faster than before, almost like a flash.

He immediately halted and stopped in his tracks. He was confounded by the sudden transformation. "A Jolteon? But, I was an Eevee, and I don't even have a Thunderstone." Then, just as fast as it came, it left. He witnessed his transformation from a Jolteon to an Eevee. He saw the wild, untamed, yellow fur return back to a a neater kept brown fur. Again, he was confused by the change. "I'm back to normal now? I thought once a Pokémon evolved they would stay." He was questioning himself when another voice, different from the ones he has heard, began to talk to him.

"I'm so sorry! I just love to run, run, run! I couldn't help it and just had to come out! Adam connected this voice with the Jolteon that he was before. With this new evidence he was able to piece the puzzles. "So I was a Jolteon, and this voice claimed he just came out ... Are there more of you?" asked Adam. "Yes, yes, yes! Plenty more! You will surely see them soon! We're all inside of you, but can I run now?" Adam was surprised, he had firgured out that there were other personalites in him. This was something hard to cope with, other voices and entitites within him. Then he saw the finish of a second firework. " I gotta go! I'll talk to you guys later, but let's go Jolteon." He started to evolve again and became a Jolteon. He left the questioning for later and knew he had to get to the group soon. He then dashed to the sight of the flares in his new form.

Upon arriving he saw two Pokémon, a Raichu and an Emolga. He looked closely and, by the pieces of clothing they still had, he identified them. Bursting with excitement he ran to them. "Yami and Joseph! It must be you guys!" Still in his Jolteon form, he was easily excited. He looked around and then saw a huge, dragon-like craft. It was heavily equipped and intimidating. Adam then reverted back to an Eevee. He got serious and remembered why he's here. "Guys, if you couldn't tell, it's me, Adam. I've been looking for you guys and I can't wait to get into action. I think we know why we're here... " Now there was nothing left to do, but to wait for the others.
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Yami Spark
Dreamcrafter (Questionable after this post)
Abandoned warehouse

Yami's music and his closed eyes made him oblivious to the airship that was being formed aboove his head. He was sitting down, thinking about the events that happened to him, and the others. When one of his songs stopped, he heard a voice taking to him

"There, hopefully that gets their attention too," I told Yami. "Nakita... I don't know what happened to her, but she's gotta be out there somewhere..." He heard a familiar voice. Almost instantly he jumped up, and shot in the direction of the voice. As he looked, he saw it was Joseph. He felt, a sense of cockiness with in him, and turned his back.

"Well, it serves you right that you startled me without warning. If you tried talking to me before, I couldn't here you because of this music. At least the shot wasn't aimed, so it probably hit your wing, but if it did hit you. Can you tell me if it hurt a lot worse than a regular bullet wound? I need to know if these are indeed bullets with pokemon types." Yami asked Joseph, his voice sounding like a kid next to his superior. He saw sight of a Jolteon running towards them

Yami and Joseph! It must be you guys!" Adam called out easily excited. Adam then reverted back to an Eevee. He looked like he got serious and remembered why he's here. "Guys, if you couldn't tell, it's me, Adam. I've been looking for you guys and I can't wait to get into action. I think we know why we're here... "

"Well, for starters, whatever you did is illogical, second, go find me some herbs. If that bullet hit Joseph, it must sting like hell. He might have the Death Star above me, but I clearly have the upper hand right now. As this gun will fire a lot faster than the complications of the ship. Also Joseph, did you have to make that so big? You clearly put a sign out for Arceus 'HEY, WE'RE HERE! COME AND KILL US'!" Honestly, think a little, I just made something small. We got these pwoers for a reason, and make sure that they aren't use to kill us." Yami ordered before plopping back down, a little tired.


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Diego Vendrix The Ditto
Ruins of Narcene City

I saw the ruins of Narcene.

I saw the bodies of the fallen people.

I saw our wonderful aircraft destroyed.

I saw my friends get hurt...

But worst of all...

I saw my Pokemon killed in front of me.

I will find you Arceus...

And I will destroy you...

No matter what...

Diego awoke as he looked around. He saw himself in a large piece of shard. He was now a black Ditto. His eyes were the same, thank goodness. However, he was still in shock and grief. He noticed that he was becoming light.

He could lower and raise his density into different forms of matter.


He turned himself into fog and let a breeze take him. He was awakening from his trance upon seeing a Raichu, an Emolga and an Eevee. Wait a minute... the voices sounded familiar...

"Guys...?" Diego said as he looked at them. He had tears on his face as he looked around. Arceus didn't kill his Pokemon.

He outright vaporized them.

There was not even ashes to scatter. He just stood there, tears running down on his new form.


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Laura Carter the Misdreavus
Ruins of Nacrene City

As I was floating above the destroyed city towards its outskirts, I really took notice of the huge scale of the destruction. The whole city was more or less levelled to the ground. I noticed one of the buildings was less damaged than the others and decided to explore it. There could be some survivors inside who might offer some explanation of what had happened.

I entered through a broken window. The room was dark and dusty so it took me a while for my eyes to get used to the new conditions. Even though on the outside the house was in good enough condition not to collapse, the damage to the interior was substantial. The furniture was lying all over the room, some pieces reduced to little more than splinters, one of the inside walls had also fallen to pieces. There wasn’t anyone inside, though. As I went on to check out the next room, a big chunk of plaster fell from the ceiling above me. I instinctively closed my eyes and wished for protection. Somehow, my wish was granted and I heard the chunk breaking into pieces inches above my head and then falling to the floor around me. Surprised, I quickly opened my eyes and caught a glimpse of a forcefield around her fading away. Wow, what just happened? Is this my new power? If so, it’s a useful one indeed. I decided not to take any more time in a building which could crumble into pieces any minute and left the same way as I entered.

Suddenly, a gunshot broke the silence. The sound came from the direction I just came from; back from the city centre. I knew only one person who carried a gun and could be among the survivors of this havoc – Yami. I stopped for a second, considering my options. There were two possible reasons for the gunshot. Yami could either be in some trouble or he could simply try to get us all to gather. If the shot was aimed at an enemy, given it wasn’t followed by more of them, Yami’s battle was over, whatever the outcome, in which case there was no reason for me to return to the centre.

Then two flares shot up into the sky from the same location that seemed to be the origin of the gunshot. Surprisingly, they were followed by another gunshot. What’s going on over there? Whatever it is, I don’t think it’s safe for me to join the party. I decided to ignore it, whatever it was and continued my way out of Nacrene City. I was closer to the edge of the city than the location of the flares anyway, so I might as well stick to my original plan. Arceus and his followers would surely soon be coming to Nacrene City to deal with us and didn’t want to be around when that happned.


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Over Skyarrow Bridge

Uxie was heading east towards Nacrene when Azelf contacted her, panic in her aura. "Those Darkcrafters have made something huge! It's some sort of flying battleship and it's armed to the teeth. They must be preparing for war."

The wisdom pokemon grimaced. She expected the humans to flee and hide, not attract attention and shoot their way out. They must have been more angry than scared. This was good and bad news. The good news was that they were looking for revenge. The bad news, there may be more unneeded destruction. They needed to do something. "Guide Virizion to the ones who created it. Arceus can take care of the ship. Remember, stay out of sight and sure the battle is believable."

"I've got it covered and I'll keep you updated."

Uxie could sense her sister's aura move towards the green spirit of Virizion and sighed. They had to do this. She expanded he range and sensed the bright pink spirit of Mesprit heading north toward the Great Chasm. Uxie knew that was a haven for strong pokemon. Finding a couple of Metagross to aid them would certainly be hazardous to the Darkcasters' health.

"I found him. We're heading in."

Uxie gave a little nod to herself and watched the spirits of Virizion and Azelf head straight to the densest spot of black aura. There were still a couple of scattered patches of black, but where the battleship was created the blackness was stronger. There must have been at least three Darkcasters in that area. Because the black spirit was so widespread and formless it was impossible for her to know exactly. Maybe if she got closer to the source she might be able to know more, but that would be leaving herself open. Azelf was the fighter while she herself was the planner. They had to stick to their own strengths.

"Ok, Darkcasters in sight. It looks like we have a Raichu, an Eevee, an Emolga and a black Ditto. The Raichu is holding a pistol that has been crafted. I told Virizion to focus on him while I'll scout around." There was a pause, and then the willpower pokemon continued sounding worried. "This aura is a poison. It taints whatever it comes in contact with. What did Arceus do to these people?"

"Something horrible." That was all she really had to say. Uxie thought about the battle. The Darkcrafters would be hard pressed to win, even with Azelf draining his energy. The Sacred Swordsmen trio had a long grudge against humans and now that he had the backing of Arceus, Virizion would have his chance of revenge. Uxie could only watch and continue towards the ruined city as the cobalt spirit of her sister and the jade spirit of Virizion plunged into the darkness. Azelf was invisible and wasn't going to be fighting, though that didn't stop her from worrying about her. They had already underestimated the Darkcasters in their ability to survive the attack on the city. She didn't know what they would be capable of in a direct attack.

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Warrior of Heaven
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Joseph Waters the Emolga
Ruins of Nacrene City

Yami... didn't seem to thrilled about what I had done. Hey, I was trying to think of something. We had to get out of here and hide, and I was just trying to make that as fast as possible.

"Well, it serves you right that you startled me without warning," Yami told me. "If you tried talking to me before, I couldn't here you because of this music. At least the shot wasn't aimed, so it probably hit your wing, but if it did hit you. Can you tell me if it hurt a lot worse than a regular bullet wound? I need to know if these are indeed bullets with pokemon types."

"I... don't think it hit me..." I told Yami, looking myself over. "Yeah, I seem to be okay, really."

"Yami and Joseph!" Adam, now as a Jolteon, cried out to us. "It must be you guys!"

And then, he reverted... somehow back into an Eevee. Interesting trick, really. How was he able to do that, I wondered?

"Guys, if you couldn't tell, it's me, Adam. I've been looking for you guys and I can't wait to get into action. I think we know why we're here..."

"Action... per say, is going to be us trying to get out of here," I told him, a little skeptical about trying to fend off what must have been truckloads of Arceus's toadies coming after us.

"Well, for starters, whatever you did is illogical, second, go find me some herbs," Yami ordered. "If that bullet hit Joseph, it must sting like hell. He might have the Death Star above me, but I clearly have the upper hand right now. As this gun will fire a lot faster than the complications of the ship. Also Joseph, did you have to make that so big? You clearly put a sign out for Arceus 'HEY, WE'RE HERE! COME AND KILL US'!" Honestly, think a little, I just made something small. We got these pwoers for a reason, and make sure that they aren't use to kill us."

I looked up, and truthfully, I had imagined the Crimson Fury to be a little smaller. I guess I wasn't too experienced with these creation powers after all. Still, I was just trying to make a getaway ride, not something to fight with. Still, I figured I could at least use it to fight the incoming horde while we headed out of here.

"Alright, alright, I get what you mean," I told him, assuring him the size of that thing was just an accident. "That... I imagined it to be smaller. You know, like... helicopter size."

Well, too late for that. Instead, I sent it off in auto-attack mode, like a robot. They'd probably destroy it, but at least it would buy us some more time. But yeah, Yami was right. We needed to think smaller for now. Somehow this "creation energy" was radiating from us and everything we created. And it was drawing the crowds to us like a starving pack of wolves.

The dragon-shaped craft headed toward the incoming crowd, but it was quickly attacked. Before it even had a chance to fire, a Fire Blast hit the side, followed by a Solar Beam to the underside, and moments later, it was hit by a massive Blizzard attack. As more and more attacks struck it, pieces and armaments were being blown off, and before it even had the chance to shoot just once, it exploded, showering the crowd with pieces. Well, that certain did give us a good idea exactly how many forces they had packed in order to soundly kill us.

"Well, that sure sucked," I muttered, hoping that would have at least held them back a little longer.

"Guys?" I heard a familiar voice ask.


I turned around, expecting the human version of Diego Vendrix for a moment, only to be greeted by the sight... of a black Ditto. Meanwhile, he was in tears for some reason. Poor guy, I couldn't help but feel bad for him. Why did Nakita turn him into a pile of black goo? I figured I probably shouldn't ask.

I also recalled his Pokémon... seeing them slaughtered by Arceus's Judgment attack. Man, if anyone had the right to be depressed, it was him. I didn't even know what to say to him about all that, and right now, I didn't even think Arceus and his toadies were going to give us two minutes for pity's sake.

And then, I caught sight of something in the distance. Virizion. Holy crap, he were close, just begging for blood. Normal Pokémon... maybe I could take them on. But a legendary like him... they were out of our league.

"We've got company, let's get out of here!" I told the others. "I think that's Virizion over there and he sure as heck doesn't look like he's here to say hello and offer us chips and dip."

Escape... I looked around frantically, and found a good exit strategy. I saw a storm drain against the sidewalk with a hole big enough for the four of us to slip through, but Virizion... he wouldn't be able to get through it. Perfect getaway plan right there. Quickly, I jumped into the air and spread my arms out, catching air before gliding my way toward the opening. Then, I swung down into the hole, and headed down.

"Let's go, we've gotta hustle!" I told the others.

After heading down a few feet, I ended up in a larger tube, which would take me to the stream or the ocean. Somewhere, anywhere away from Nacrene City was fine with me. I wasn't crazy about fighting Virizion and I was hoping the others would try to avoid fighting him as well, though I kind of felt they might actually try it anyway. Virizion probably hated our guts to the extreme even without Arceus's influence, though I'm sure Arceus was more than happy to rub more salt on the wound.

In the meantime, Yami was right. Somehow, they were able to tell when and where we created things. I figured we needed to keep it small and only use it when really necessary.

As I ran through the tube, splashing through the puddles of water as I ran, I was hoping this would at least take me somewhere safe and they wouldn't try to follow me. All the while, the poisonous black ice still seemed to coat the area around me, covering the walls of the tube and causing the water to freeze.

Man, I sure hoped Nakita was alright. If Arceus had his way with her remains, there wouldn't be enough left of her bones to even tell she ever existed. He wouldn't make the same mistake twice...
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Tiphane Riagol the Ninetales
Ruins of Nacrene City

Waking up after an explosion disoriented can lead to a massive headache, which I had. I would never believe that I would cook something so volatile that it would cause an explosion, did it? I shook my head, nothing I cooked would have an ingredient that could cause explosions, fires maybe, but it was always controlled. Speaking of which, I felt kind of weird all over. Even standing up was tricky as I had to stand on four legs… Wait, four legs? I quickly turned my head only to stop mid-way as my neck refused to turn further. What I could see though was a few tails and it looked beautiful, aside from the weird black markings on each of my tails that seemed to glow. It meant that somehow, I was transformed into a ninetails. Just what happened?

I shook my head, trying to suppress the raging headache only to find that it diminished quickly, leaving me to wonder what happened. I sighed as I began trying to work out how my body moved before attempting to look around what appeared to be a completely ruined town. Once I felt more confident in moving, I looked around and saw a few pokemon littered around various parts of the town. Each of them appeared to have a weird marking on them that shouldn’t be on there. I sighed as I slowly made my way towards them, eyes widening a bit when an airship was created from nowhere. I remembered bits and pieces of my past, but all I could remember though was of Arceus raging against Nakita and both of them getting into a heated battle which ended up with the city being destroyed. I held no respect for Arceus as it seemed like he had a huge ego and didn’t like when someone of equal power was around, perhaps I would even say they were two sides of the same coin.

A loud explosion disturbed my thoughts as I saw the ship that was created go up in smoke and fire as it crashed. I saw various pokemon approaching and the ones with weird markings on them make a run for it. I figured I probably should run for it and decided to run. I saw where they were running into and there was no way I’d be able to get in there so I continued to run, seeking to run away into the forest, opposite of where the pokemon were approaching from. If all else failed, I would run and hide in the desert that was past Castelia City. That was if I could sneak by the town. As I ran, I didn’t notice that heat seemed to follow in my path, creating a hazy layer where you could see intense heat at.


Why So Serious ?
Adam Eve the Eevee
Ruins of Nacrene City

Adam did seem eager to fight, but it wasn't really necessary at this point. "Action... per say, is going to be us trying to get out of here," said Joseph in reply to Adam's last statement. "You're right, I guess we can use the craft you conjured up to escape, but what about the others?" Adam was worried for the rest of the group. He had been hoping to see them in order to band together and find Nakita, and ultimately defeat Arceus. Someone wasn't too happy with the dragon-craft, Yami seemed a little ticked.

"Well, for starters, whatever you did is illogical, second, go find me some herbs," Yami ordered. "If that bullet hit Joseph, it must sting like hell. He might have the Death Star above me, but I clearly have the upper hand right now. As this gun will fire a lot faster than the complications of the ship. Also Joseph, did you have to make that so big? You clearly put a sign out for Arceus 'HEY, WE'RE HERE! COME AND KILL US'!" Honestly, think a little, I just made something small. We got these powers for a reason, and make sure that they aren't use to kill us."

Adam was surprised at this sudden reaction. "Illogical? My transformation? Well that makes both of us confused," although Adam did get a grip of what was going on inside him, he preffered to keep it secret. "And you may be right about the craft..." The craft was huge, and could've been a beacon for all enemies to see. "Alright, alright, I get what you mean," said Joseph. "That... I imagined it to be smaller. You know, like... helicopter size." In the distance you could see an army of Pokémon coming for the Dreamcrafters. He sent it off in auto-attack mode, but before it could even do any damage it was destroyed by a barrage of attacks. Adam would've expected something like that to atleast take out a few of the incoming beasts. He was shocked, and out of nowhere he heard a voice.

"Guys?" At first, Adam mistook the voice for the ones in his head, but he realized it was another member of the group. It was Diego, and he was in tears. What was even weirder was the fact that he has been transformed into a black Ditto. Adam couldn't help but feel sympathy for Diego. He also had the strong feeling of crying, it was as if he shared the same feelings. He didn't even have enough time to shed a tear, Virizion and Azelf have been identified in the distance. Two legendaries, and no one would stand a chance up against them. "We've got company, let's get out of here!" warned Joseph. "I think that's Virizion over there and he sure as heck doesn't look like he's here to say hello and offer us chips and dip."

They were in big trouble if they didn't get away. Adam watched Joseph as he hatched an escape plan. He found a storm drain big enough for each member of the group to get through. It was too small for Virizion, but Azelf could manage to get in as well. There was no time, Joseph started to rush the others to get in. He then flew up and swooped into the drain. Adam was rather hesitant. He knew there were still other members of the group in Nacrene City and didn't want to leave yet. He had no choice and followed up behind Joseph. "What about the others left in the city? How would they find us? We can't just leave!" This was hard on Adam, he really liked the group. He may have considered them family, in a way. "It's okay, you have us. We can be your family.", the voices said in unison. Adam wasn't in the mood for them at this point, he just ignored. He went further down, following Joseph. He began to notice the water turning into a black ice wherever Joseph has set foot on. It was difficult for Adam to run, occasionally slipping on the ice. He still had the others in mind, he contemplated going back, but that could mean death. He hoped the others would be able to fend for themselves. "They're Dreamcrafters... they can figure something out," said Adam to assure himself. He realized how much of a worry wort he was, but he truly cared, still holding on to the dream of them all reuniting to bring peace amid the chaos.

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Warrior of Heaven
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Joseph Waters the Emolga
Ruins of Nacrene City

Adam was the only one that managed to make it. What happened to the others, I had no idea. Still, Adam wasn't so happy about leaving Nacrene City already. I couldn't blame him, but we had our reasons. If we all stayed around there... we'd all be dead.

"What about the others left in the city?" He asked me, looking concerned. "How would they find us? We can't just leave!"

"Hate to say it, but we don't have a choice," I told him, wondering why the others weren't able to follow. "Virizion is just the beginning. The longer we stay here, the more forces Arceus will send. There's too many of them to fight, and I really hope the others don't try to do anything rash."

At least not yet...

I continued heading down the drainage tube, creating slick ice as I moved along. Adam was having trouble with it, but eh, there wasn't much I could do about it. There was another few miles of traveling before we made it to the Skyarrow Bridge. The drainage tube emptied into the body of water under the bridge, so from here on in, we were going to need to find another way out. Still, at least we were able to get out of Nacrene City.

And frankly, heading into Castelia City would be suicide. I tried to think of a solution, and as Yami told me earlier, going all out imagining things to be created would cause Arceus and his followers to follow us. Though it made me wonder, what if I simply created something relatively ordinary and not all that imaginative? If the item already existed in real life, pretty much, would it still radiate as much? Well, only one way to find out.

I imagined an ordinary motor boat, a relatively simple one without anything fancy or out of the ordinary. In fact, I even kept it human-sized rather than readjusting the proportion to better suit the smaller sizes that Adam and myself had become. So, in the end, I created a small, blue motor boat with enough gas to help us reach the other side. After climbing aboard and helping Adam come in as well, I fired up the motor, and headed northwest toward the Lostlorn Forest. At least there, we'd be away from all the attention.

Chthonic Flames

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Flying over Nacrene City

The recent destruction had been a burning beacon for all of Arceus's subjects. All of the legends had been informed by Arceus of the treachery of Nakita, and were charged with maintaining their current balances over nature as well as the destruction of these Darkcrafters. The flight into Unova had been arduous, but the sudden news that the Darkcrafters had created a monstrous floating fortress over Nacrene City created a sens of urgency to the flight. The smoking crater was almost all that remained of the once proud city. I stopped, and felt the presence of two other legendary pokemon searching the void that was now considered the ground-zero for this catastrophe. Normally I would've reached down with my mind to communicate with telepathy to the two pokemon down there, but the dark formless ... void that was left in the wake of the crater prevented me from doing so. It was strange. It wasn't the same as the resistance that dark pokemon such as Absol or Poochyena had to his psychic abilities. It was like experiencing the static of a television in your mind. It was nothingness in its entirety.

Swooping down to the side of the crater, I lowered myself gently to the ground before I decided that approaching an unknown enemy with a defensive approach would probably be best for the situation. I closed my eyes and focused on the blue gem that was set into my chest, the source of my power. When I opened my eyes again, I felt heavier, and more sturdy. I remembered back to the first day when I woke up in this form, it felt slow and sluggish. However, when a wild Aggron tried to battle me because he thought I was trespassing in his territory, the ensuing battle was the moment I had realized the advantages to being more defensively minded. Moving with relative ease and freedom, albeit slower than at his normal speed, I cautiously peered towards the crater. I threw out a short telepathic, <Is anyone in there? It's Deoxys.>, to ensure that I wouldn't startle anyone. The last thing I needed was to start a fight between three legendary pokemon. Arceus would probably throw me back out in to space if that happened.


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Tiphane Riagol the Ninetales
Ruins of Nacrene City Outskirts (North Side)

Running sucks, it really does. I never would think that I would get tired quickly running on four legs. It made me wonder just how much endurance quadrupled legged pokemon had as I was dead tired from running after a short while. I couldn’t stop though. Not with those legendary pokemon nearby. I might gain a little bit of safety if I was slightly harder to find in the forest. I looked around quickly and hid myself in a ruined house that had a wall somewhat intact and just high enough to hide me from view, just. I collapsed and panted, trying to quell the slight throbbing pain in my legs by sucking in oxygen. If I ever regain my human form, I will never complain about walking or running ever. Once the throbbing had gone away slightly, I looked around the wall to see Virizion and Azelf walking closer to the crater. I think I saw Azelf stare in my direction, but I think my eyes were deceiving me as I ducked behind the wall. I really needed to get out of here.

I quickly ran towards the outskirts of Nacrene City. If I could get in the forest, I would be able to lose track of those pokemon. I still couldn’t figure out how the airship was created. Nakita said something about imagination and creativity, but I didn’t quite understand what she was talking about. I didn’t want to create something right now as I’m sure that it would be a dead giveaway of where I was and I didn’t need that as I was by myself for the time being. They were lucky, that smaller group that ran into the drains. At least they were able to get away without being seen, I was most likely caught just running out just now. As if to prove my negative thoughts, I heard a distant roar and I picked up the pace, almost stumbling a few times. This was just not my day. The only thing I could really hear was the rustling of leaves as I ran, the sound of my paws hitting the dirt, my heavy breathing, and the pounding of my heart as I ran on pure adrenaline. I was pretty sure that when I found some safety, I would most likely collapse and suffer from overexertion and boy was I not looking for that moment as I’m sure it would be painful as being given a wake-up slap from a machamp.
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Truly Deceptive

It is I: ME!
Jon Codatus the Haxorus
Nacrene Ruins

I walked away from the ruins for a few hours and considered what had just happened. Arceus had come to this town with extreme hatred and vehemently annihilated every person and Pokémon who was unfortunate enough to have been there, with the only exception being us. Nakita protected us from Arceus' Judgment, while everyone else was brutally erased, including the innocent civilians who were nearby and my own Pokémon Team. I hardly even knew the people who I was working with; they were simply part of an environmentalist group who I thought it would be nice to sponsor and help out. It was so depressing to see my Pokémon suffer like that; I hope they rest in peace. I have now transformed into a shiny Haxorus through the imaginative power of the creative entity who saved my life.

I, unlike some other people, was conscious throughout the entire conflict; after Arceus tortured my Pokémon into ruin and obliterated the city, I just barely managed to remain awake. As everything occurred, I endured the extreme anguish while several of the other Dreamcrafters were knocked out due to the sheer pain of everything. I felt the terrible sensation of how I was transforming into a being which I was originally not intended to be. I felt strange as the axe-shaped blades which are now on the sides of my face grew out and it hurt as my skin mutated into shiny black and red scales. I felt painful from the claws which had had grown out from my hands and feet while my body reshaped itself, and I noticed the bulge in the seat of my pants while my tailbone was growing into a newly developing bump as I sprouted a long dragon tail from the base of my spine. Then I remember the torturous affliction which Arceus forced me through as he came up to me and marked my neck with his foot.

As soon as my transformation ended and I was marked, despite how exhausted I was, I decided to leave and head out for Castelia City, and see whether or not there was anyone who would listen to me. Arceus was a complete prick who had killed so many and caused so much strife so that he could maintain his appearance to everyone else. Nobody would probably listen to a shiny Haxorus who has an oddly glowing mark on his neck, but it's definitely worth trying to do. I kept on walking away through the forest towards Skyarrow Bridge. After a few hours of walking, I came near the gate to it.