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[RP]Realix Academy[RP]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Mickmon95, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Mickmon95

    Mickmon95 Heart&Soul Trainer

    [RP]Realix Academy[RP](PG-14)

    The Realix Academy is a prestigious institute where trainers come to acheive their highest ability possible. It is a large island quite a distance off the coast of Sinnoh's Battle Frontier. In the center of the island is the academy which is designed to look like a castle, it has five towers that are tall. Each tower has stairs that branch off from the main building. It is a white castle with purple roof tops of each tower and the main sector. The choice of whtie as the main color is to symbolize purity of heart, one of the principles installed in the school by its founder: Charles Hanson. This school has existed for fifty years now. Many of the worlds best Pokemon Trainers, Coordinators, and Breeders studied here at Realix.There are three course plans for each type of student: trainer, coordinator, and breeder. There are five basic courses each student will take no matter what, but one special course for their specific trainer career path.

    Now behind the main building are four three-story buildings. The white building with the red roof is the girls dormitory. The white building with the blue roof is the boys dormitory. Each one has 200 rooms. You, as a student, live in one of these dorms. The white building with the green roof is the large dining hall where the delicious meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are served for the students and staff. The white building with the yellow roof is the on campus Pokemon center where Pokemon can be taken for healing or in case of emergencies. It has its own Nurse Joy there as well.

    Now farther South of the school is the Overgrown Forest. It is a large forest that contains an abundance of wild Pokemon, professors will often take their classes out here for a lesson on catching Pokemon or other such things. Students are only allowed in the forest during the daytime afterschool. Once sunset begins students are expected to be back on campus by then. There are also quite a variety of different plant life that breeders will come to know very well, such as berries that can help cure a Pokemon's ailments.

    Farther South of the Forest is Windy Valley. A valley of deep green grass and for some reason the winds in this area are always blowing ranging from gentle breezes to vicious gales. This is where special events such as festivals and other such things will take place. Students are not allowed to be here at all during the day without an adult's presence.

    Now if you go as far East as possible from the school there is Starstruck Mountain. It is extremely forbidden for students to go here because many dangerous Pokemon live there. This mountain is actually an inactive volcano but is still seen as a threat to students, especially with the rock, ground and fire type Pokemon that roam the area. Expulsion is the punishment for being out here with or without a teacher.

    Now if you go West of the school you will come to the Dry Plains. For some reason it is hotter over here than on any other part of the island and the grass is much taller. Terretorial Pokemon live here and are known to attack any person that tries to go through the plains. Obviously, this is a forbidden location as well punishable by expulsion for trespassing here.

    Now if you dare to continue going West you will reach the Scarlet Temple. It has been on the island for thousands of years, even before Realix was founded. The structure of the temple is old and run-down, it could probably collapse at any given moment. There are many legends and tales surrounding the temple and existence, but one that most people believe is that there is a guardian Pokemon who will attack any trespassers on the temple's sacred grounds. It goes without saying that this location is forbidden and the punishment is expulsion.

    Now if you go North from the academy you will find Chillshore Beach. This a big beach which always seems to be cold and has the whitest sand one will ever see. This is where new students will arrive by boat. This is one of the few locations the students are allowed to come even in the evening, but are expected back on campus before nightfall.

    Your Role: You are a new student here at Realix Academy who has showed great potential as a trainer in order to have been accepted. Students should always strive to become the top student at Realix Academy. Though some strange occurrences have been noticed here on campus. A few students have gone missing without a trace of there location. There have been two sightings of strange figures in pitch black robes, one in the Overgrown Forest and one on the school's rooftop. Could there be a connection between the two? Maybe you'll be the one to figure that out or maybe you'll ignore all the weirdness and just focus on your Pokemon destiny. It's up to you.

    Pokemon Basic Battling (All Students Required)
    Pokemon Basic Study (All Students Required)
    Pokemon Evolution Study (All Students Required)
    Pokemon World Studies (All Students Required)
    Pokemon Health Class (All Students Required)
    Pokemon Advanced Battling (Trainers Course only)
    Pokemon Contest and Coordinatng (Coordinator Course only)
    Pokemon Breeding 101 (Breeders Course only)

    Your schedule will consist of all five classes in order as above but your last/sixth class will be whatever type of trainer you are. So at the end of the day trainers will have the specific trainers only class, as the same with coordinators and breeders.

    Teachers: (are NPC)
    Mr. Higgens is the Basic Battling Teacher. He is a very strict and old fashioned teacher.
    Ms.Sarden is the Basic Study Teacher. She is a young and enthusastic teacher.
    Mr.Kody is the Evolution Study Teacher. He is a clumsy and humorous teacher.
    Ms.Ratzfield is the World Studies Class teacher. She is a very up tight and down right cruel teacher.
    Mrs.Merryweather is the Health Class Teacher. She is a good hearted and kind teacher.
    Mr.Dayyton is the Advanced Battling Teacher. He is a hard-working and tough teacher.
    Ms.July is the Contest and Coordinating Teacher. She is an arrogant and sarcastic teacher.
    Mr.Fynn is the Breeding 101 Teacher. He is the laid back and relaxed teacher.

    Head Master Lance: The highest in charge at the school. A quiet and serious man who is devoted and has a high passion for the academy. His ancestor was the founder of the academy. He always has his partner Pokemon Lucario outside of its Pokeball and at his side.

    School Rules:
    1.) All Students are to be on School Grounds by 8 PM.
    2.) Any misuse or abuse of Pokemon will lead to expulsion.
    3.) Forbidden Areas are off limits.
    4.) Students are off on the weekends but curfew still applies
    5.) Pokemon are to be kept inside Pokeballs inside the school unless told otherwise by your instructor

    RP Rules:
    1.) No godmodding, flaming, or bunnying.
    2.) All forum rules apply.
    3.) Only three characters max.
    4.) You must be dedicated to this RP.
    5.) No legendary Pokemon allowed on team
    6.) At least one solid paragraph for each post and no double posting
    7.) Please try to use correct grammar and spelling so others can understand your post
    8.) Keep everything PG-12 guys!
    9.) Let's have fun!

    Roxy Lockhearte, Justin Metrix, and Demeitra Hansen
    Chillshore Beach

    The cool sea breeze blew threw Justin's dark hair and he inhaled the essence of the ocean. I remember how much Lyla enjoyed the ocean and the moist taste of the air around it. Oh Lyla, I miss you so much... Justin stared out into the ocean and could just imagine that the glimmering ocean waves were Lyla's crystal blue eyes. He stood on the front of the ship remembering all about his lost best friend. "Continue to live and be happy, for me" her final words still echoed in his head. I will live on and be happy, only for you Lyla. My Pokemon make me happiest, so I shall become closer to them and by doing that I shall become strong enough to acheive my dreams of becoming the Sinnoh League Champion someday. He continued looking out into the ocean and feeling a spark of hope as Realix came into view and the port got closer and closer.

    Meanwhile a few feet away looking in the same direction stood Roxy. Wow! The sand on the beach looks so white, it could almost be a beach of sugar! Ooh I wonder if it tastes sweet and delicious! I can't wait to try it! Roxy bounced up and down with clapping her hands together. "Raini come on out and enjoy this gorgeously sweet view with me!" Roxy exclaimed as she tossed out a Pokeball into the air, releasing a white light forming the shape of her Pokemon. A small blue penguin appeared and Roxy caught him in her arms. Roxy usually had Raini outside of his Pokeball, being the Pokemon she's the closest to. "Raini, look at that shore! The sand is so white it looks like sugar! Do you think it tastes sweet and stuff?" she asked Raini in her giddy tone. Raini (Piplup) just sighed and facepalmed. Raini was much more sensible than his trainer which made them a great match, he kept her out of trouble for the most part. He shook his head and sighed. "I guess you're right, if it was sugar they'd probably have a terrible problem with bug Pokemon," she giggled.

    Demeitra stood at the very back of the ship leaning on the railing of the ship with her usual crossed arms. Look at these fools admiring the ocean and the sea, don't they know where we are heading? The real amazement will be arriving at one of the finest Pokemon institutions in the world. That's the real reason we should all be here: to get to the top. She sighed in disappointment and continued in her condescending thoughts.

    As the boat came into the dock, the students quickly began walking onto Chillshore Beach. The sand was soft as can be and as the name suggests, quite cold. It wasn't terrible freezing but the temperature was brisk and cool, adding a certain peaceful quality to the area. "Wow! This place is gorgeous!" Roxy exclaimed as she skipped out onto the beach with her pink Wigglytuff shaped suitcase. She was about to crouch down to lick the sand when she stopped in her tracks as an adult walked out onto the shore.

    Justin slowly walked out onto the shore taking in its full beauty and tranquility with his plain black suitcase in his hand. He too stopped as he observed this authoritative figure standing there and waiting. Now who could this be? Justin stood there waiting for him to speak or something.

    Dema walked out onto the sandy beach with her black rolling suitcase behind her as she began to observe her surroundings. I've got to admit the nature here sure is something to behold. She soon saw the authoritative figure that had halted everyone's progress any further.

    He stood before the entrie group of new students and he radiated a feeling of authority and wisdom. He had black hair with a few streaks of gray slicked back with gel. He wore a black suit with a red tie, with shiny black dress shoes. Beside him stood a Lucario with the tightest of focus one could ever see and strength radiating from his prescence.

    "Good morning, trainers, breeders and coordinators from the Pokemon world!" his boomed as he began his speech. "I, Headmaster Lance, formally welcome you to Realix Island! Home of the prestigious academy you will be attending from now on known as Realix Academy!" he said with a kidner tone. "You are all here because we think you have tremendous potential to become the leaders of the Pokemon world. Here at Realix we will develop you to your fullest potential, though there will be difficulties and obstacles. Everyone here on this island is here to assist you in anything you need. The people you meet here will be your rivals and some will be your friends. Both are important people to meet in developing your full potential," he continued. "Now that the formal introduction is out of the way, don't think because you're great trainers that you are needed here. We hold you to the highest standards her, should you tarnish those expectations we have for you I will not hesitate to have you immediately removed from this island. There are hundreds of other trainers dying for a chance to attend this institute, so don't waste it!" he exclaimed in an intimidating yet sort of inspiring voice.

    "Wow, he sure doesn't play around huh Raini?" Roxy exclaimed to her Piplup. "Lup lup," Rainin answered in agreement.

    I can tell by the way he talks and the way he holds himself that he has an abundance of skill and wisdom as a trainer. I bet he could probably beat us all in a one-on-one match against all of us with only his Lucario. There's a reason why he is the headmaster of this academy. Justin felt this admiration for the headmaster.

    He's gotta be strong to be a Headmaster of this big place! He must be extremely talented, one day I'm gonna battle him. Dema's blood began pumping at the idea of surpassing the headmaster someday.

    "Now in your letter of acceptance into the academy, there is all the information you will need for your dorm which is where you will be heading first to unload your things. Your room number ranges from 1 to 200. All of the rooms are single each with its own restroom, this is so we don't have an issues with other students. Though as I said before you will want to get to know the other students, it will help you become better to learn from each other. As soon as everyone gets settled in I will make an announcement for you to attend your first class. Now once again, welcome to Realix!" he ended his speech as he walked off.

    I guess he expects us to find our own way to the dorms. Well good thing a map was included in the acceptance letter. Justin pulled out the small map from the envelope in his pocket and began walking South towards the big castle like building in the distance.

    "Come on Raini, let's go exploring to find this academy that old guy told us about!" she exlaimed scampering off completely ignoring the large building in the distance. Raini sighed and facepalmed himself with his flipper.

    Dema shrugged and began to walk off towards the large building with a scowl on her face. Guess the old guy's too good to actually show us the way. But you'd have to be pretty stupid to get lost when the damn building is looming over in the distance. She continued her slow paced walk.

    (OOC: Sorry about the long post but I wanted to get information across while still adding my character's own personalities. And the colors are only to organize their thoughts. Red is Justin, Purple is Demeitra and if Roxy ever has any thoughts they'll be blue. xD)
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2012
  2. xXTwilight

    xXTwilight ✮No Other✮

    Marina and Shay Kurama
    Chillshore Beach

    The wind whipped Shay's almost black, chesnut hair around wildly as she grumbled grouchily under her breath, "Now, why do I have to come here?!"
    Her tanned younger sister walked beside her, eyes filled with delight and excitement, "What kind of treatment do we get there?"
    Shay huffed in exasperation, "Its a stupid academy for us, brilliant trainers, breeders or coordinators that Mother and Father sent us to"
    Marina ignored her and clasped her hands together, "Zekrom, this place is gorgeous!"

    "Whatever. Don't expect to get treated like how we were treated back home", Shay mumbled, releasing a pokemon inside a Luxury Ball.
    Marina twirled around, almost tripping over in her low-heeled shoes, "Do not be so negative!"
    A long serpent like pokemon with sunset coloured scales appeared in a flash of red and white light.
    "Kazumi! Catch her before she makes a fool out of herself", Shay sighed to her Milotic, facepalming.
    "Make a fool out of what?" Marina asked, cocking her head sideways, tugging her light aqua coloured dress down as she caught her balance.
    "Never mind..."

    I wonder how he would act...Shay wondered to herself, tugging her silver and green suitcase across the soft sand, as she stared into the blue sky. Eh, doesn't matter. What's in the past stays in the past...
    A muffled thud was heard on the sand, Shay slowly turned around.
    Not again...Shay groaned inwardly.
    'C'mon! Let's play!' a chocolate and aqua coloured fox pokemon exclaimed at Shay's Milotic.
    "Aren't they the sweetest?" Marina gushed, already giving up on having her shoes on.
    Before Shay had a chance to answer, Marina pointed to the crowd, "Hey, what's that?"
    Are we late? she silently asked herself before she was jolted back to reality.
    "Hurry up! We're late!" Shay snapped before she dragged Marina across the sandy dunes.

    "Is that the Headmaster?" Marina inquired.
    "What do you think?" was Shay's annoyed response.
    He stood before the mass of new students and he had an aura of authority and wisdom. A few streaks of gray indicated his aging that was smoothed down with gel.
    "Good morning, trainers, breeders and coordinators from the Pokemon world!" his boomed as he began his speech. "I, Headmaster Lance, formally welcome you to Realix Island! Home of the prestigious academy you will be attending from now on known as Realix Academy!" he said, quietning his voice. "You are all here because we think you have tremendous potential to become the leaders of the Pokemon world. Here at Realix we will develop you to your fullest potential, though there will be difficulties and obstacles. Everyone here on this island is here to assist you in anything you need. The people you meet here will be your rivals and some will be your friends. Both are important people to meet in developing your full potential," he continued without pausing. "Now that the formal introduction is out of the way, don't think because you're great trainers that you are needed here. We hold you to the highest standards here, should you tarnish those expectations we have for you I will not hesitate to have you immediately removed from this island. There are hundreds of other trainers dying for a chance to attend this institute, so don't waste it!" he exclaimed in an intimidating tone.

    "Puh-lease, I was forced here! And I have my full potential and developed most of it!" Shay hissed.
    Marina, Rua (Zorua), and Kazumi sweatdropped.
    "He's talking about the others as well, you know and don't be so haughty!" Marina scolded her older sister.
    He looks strong though, Shay admitted as her emerald eyes flickered to the Headmaster and Lucario, But...
    "You bet that you are stronger, right?" Marina teased.
    "Are you psychic? If you are stay out, out of my mind!" Shay hissed, annoyed that her sister could read her like an open book.
    "We both know that you're really good but still, you're not that good!" Marina smiled innocently and gave Shay a little shove.
    "Kazumi, use-", Shay started.
    "Uh-uh, school rules, remember?" Marina smirked, "No abusing or misuse of pokemon!"
    Shay frowned, "Screw that!"
    But inside she knew that she would get into huge trouble.

    "Now in your letter of acceptance into the academy, there is all the information you will need for your dorm which is where you will be heading first to unload your things. Your room number ranges from 1 to 200. All of the rooms are single each with its own restroom, this is so we don't have an issues with other students. Though as I said before you will want to get to know the other students, it will help you become better to learn from each other. As soon as everyone gets settled in I will make an announcement for you to attend your first class. Now once again, welcome to Realix!" he ended his speech as he walked off into the distance.

    "Why didn't he escourt us to the dorms? Even our groom does that sort of thing!" this time Marina frowned in discontent.
    "I told you, don't expect to get special treatment like at home", Shay stated, especially you... she continued in her mind.
    "Oh...then let's go find the dorms!" Marina's good mood switched on.
    "Okay...hey...we can't read maps though..."
    Done! Italics are mostly thoughts, some are for emphasis, copied and pasted the speech by the way.
    The 'he' is someone from Shay's past~
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2012
  3. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    (OoC: Hell, color coding the character's thoughts is a great idea Mickmon. I guess I'll do it too: Sergio's thoughts will be red, Elizabeth's will be violet, and Johnny's will be brown.)

    Sergio Valentine, Elizabeth Greene, and Johnathan Jones
    Chillshore Beach

    Sergio adjusted his cap as he stepped onto the deck of the ship. He couldn't care less about the view of the sea; after all, he'd seen the sea for the past few hours. The giant academy standing on an island in the distance however, caught his eye. Damn, that's one big building, I can see it from here! Hopefully it isn't going to be as boring there as Jublife was...

    Elizabeth stood on another part of the deck, admiring the view as well. Her Pokemon were out as well, so they could get some fresh air after a long time in their balls. Aries stood by Elizabeth's side, as Leo leaned against the railing barking for no reason other than that he could, and Libra sat off to the side, licking her paw and overall looking competely uninterested in what was happening around her. The academy is so big...It must be like a trainer's paradise there. Even Leo and Aries look somewhat excited about what's to come.

    At the back of the deck, Johnny stood off to one corner, cradling the egg he was carrying with him. Normally he'd be one to walk up to people and talk to them to make friends, but he felt uneasy about walking around on the boat while holding the egg, as if at any moment the boat could tip, make him lose his balance, and drop the egg. Hedge, who was out of his Pokeball could notice his seemingly odd behavior as well, but as usual he stayed silent and merely watched everyone else moved about. Johnny would have taken Firefly and Rocksteady out too...but Firefly got scared when she was surrounded by people, and having Rocksteady out in any confined space was just asking for trouble.

    A minute or two later, the three of them unboarded the boat and walked ashore, with their bags in hand (Hedge helped Johnny with his though since he had one hand busy carrying the egg). There, a man in a suit with a Lucario standing next to him was waiting for them.

    After a long speech, the man walked off. Sergio wasn't one to back down from anyone, but regardless he hoped that if he had to deal with anyone if he got in trouble, it wouldn't be him. As the three walked forward, they suddenly caught notice of eachother.

    "Hey!" Johnny shouted out to them. "Aren't y'all the two I met over in the Battle Zone earlier? While I'll be, you are! Good to see ya again!" Sergio rolled his eyes a little at his speech pattern, and if Elizabeth had a similer attitude about it she did a good job at hiding it.

    "It is good to see you again...Johnny was it? And Surge...?" Elizabeth said, looking at the two of them.

    "Sergio, not Surge! Get it right!" Sergio said in an annoyied tone. "...Anyway, those are some nice Pokemon you got there." Sergio motioned towards Elizabeth's team and Hedge. "I wouldn't mind getting to fight them sometime."

    "I'm not one for battling. However, it is a possibility, I guess." Johnny nodded in agreement with Elizabeth. "Fightin's not one of my best suits, but I reckon we'll face off at one point or another probably."

    "Now...shall we head off to the dorms?" Elizabeth suggested. Johnny and Sergio nodded, and followed her lead out towards the academy.

    (OoC: Didn't put in Lance's speech since I think it was unnessesary. I mean, if we already read it once, why read it again?)
  4. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Samantha Sparks(Perspective-wise) and Silence Dogood
    Chillshore Beach

    A young girl seemed to shiver in fear as she got of the ferry. While she may be cute with her constant tearing and shivering. But believe me, she will, she will definitely cause quite a large amount of drama with that crybaby personality of hers. That doesn't mean she'll be completely flawed. Clearly she had potential. Shy and timid as she may be, she had quite an amount of skill.

    Walking beside her was someone she didn't know, and met on the ferry. That girl wore a black sweater and a white skirt. She was really scary despite that petite size, almost silent as a grave. She did speak a little just now, only to introduce herself as Silence Dogood, which gave Samantha an odd feeling. Samantha attempted to converse with the mysterious lady once more. "H... Hello S... Silence..."

    Silence simply looked in her way with an emotionless scare, causing Samantha to begin to sob.

    They looked in front, to see an elderly man give a speech. Samantha continued to shiver while Silence just stood there like in emotionless statue. Samantha, eyes still watery, started to smile. Silence remained silent and still.

    Soon, the speech ended and everyone was ready to go to their dorms. Coincidentally, Samantha and Silence were dorm-mates. "I- isn't that great, Silence?" Samantha asked Silence. Her tears started to water once more when Silence gave her the stare, but brightened up when Silence nodded. As they walked towards the dormitaries, Samantha attempted to talk to Silence, but to no avail.
  5. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    Lucas Serenes and Lucia Ashford
    Chillshore Beach

    As the boat neared Realix Island, Lucas Serenes stood at the side watching as the island got closer, standing next to him was his partner and best friend Riolu. Soon their childhood friends Lucia Ashford and her Pichu joined them.

    "So we're almost there huh?" Lucia asked as she stood next to Lucas, who looked on and said, "Ya, looks like it."

    "You know we're going to have to keep our Pokemon inside their Pokeballs while we're in the campus right?" Lucia told Lucas, who turned to her and said, "Don't worry. I talked it over with Riolu, he doesn't have a problem with it," as he looked to Riolu, who nodded in agreement. Lucia kept a worried look as she said, "Yes I know that but are YOU going to have any problems with it. You've always felt lonely whenever Riolu isn't around and you're gonna have to keep him in a pokeball for the first time ever."

    As the boat began to dock, Lucas gave Lucia a reassuring smile and said, "I'm gonna have to bare with it while we're here. Besides, it's not like Riolu won't still be there with me."

    Once Lucas, Lucia and their Pokemon had gotten off the boat, they all observed the scenery and look in awe until they noticed someone nearby, a figure stood there as if waiting for everyone. As the man called Lance gave a speech to everyone that arrived, Lucas and Riolu saw that he had a Lucario standing beside him prompting them both to let out a gasp, "Th-that's a..." "Rio....", they both said under their breath.

    Once the man finished his speech and walked away, Lucia went up to Lucas and said, "That was Lucario right? The Pokemon Riolu evolves into?", Lucas turned to her and said, "Ya, it was.", Lucia looked at Riolu and asked, "But Riolu doesn't want to evolve anyway right?", Lucas and Riolu traded looks as Lucas stated, "No, he doesn't, and he doesn't need to evolve as far as I'm concerned, if we ever have any problems because of it then we'll work to overcome them together.", Riolu raised a paw in the air in response exclaiming, "Riolu!", in agreement.

    As the group headed for the building, Lucas stopped for a moment and asked, "We're allowed to have our Pokemon out in the dorms aren't we?"

    This prompted Lucia to stop and respond, "I'm not sure, I can understand needing to keep our Pokemon inside their pokeballs while in the classrooms, but the dorms are just bedrooms and such so it wouldn't make sense to have to keep our Pokemon confined in there..."

    After a few moments they both just decided to drop the matter for now and see what happens before setting off for the academy once again.

    (OC: Geez, this starting post feels weak compared to what I used to do in the past.)
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2012
  6. Flash Sport

    Flash Sport Whatcha gotta say?

    Monifa Carson | [x]
    Chillshore Beach

    Monifa had to admit the day was definitely a nice one for moving in, though a bit chilled. There was no need for sight to tell her that. She could feel the day was nice. The sea breeze was smooth and cool, like a glass filled with cool water. For some reason, the calm waves reminded her of those little children who would look so cute and innocent while sleeping, but become annoyingly mischievous when awake. They would throw their toys across the room, splatter some form of liquid everywhere except on the provided paper, or just leave a trail of destruction overall. Waves and children were one in the same sometimes, wild and totally unpredictable.

    A slightly stronger breeze came through, causing Monifa to shutter a bit and bumps to rise on her arms. Although it felt nice, a little warmer weather wouldn’t have been so bad. Despite having lived in Sinnoh for some years, Monifa still missed the tropical temperatures of Hoenn. She felt something fall around her shoulders. From the smooth inside and contour of the zipper, Monifa figured out it was her favorite jacket. It still retained that “new” smell since the day she and her mother bought it from the store, which was only about three days ago. Zipping up her jacket to the very end wasn’t necessary, but she felt like doing so anyway when a stronger breeze hit.

    “Lade?” questioned a slightly deep voice.

    “I’m fine, Ultros,” Monifa told the Gallade, casting a smile in his assumed direction. “Thanks.” She referenced the jacket by hunching her shoulders. He made a noise of welcome, which she barely heard above the steadily increasing clamor. “The noise must mean they see the school.” Ultros made an agreeing sound. Monifa felt the familiar tingling sensation in her mind and held up her hand. “Wait, let’s see what Baba can do.” The feeling instantly subsided as she reached into her pocket and withdrew a poké ball. Pressing the center button caused it to spring open. Unlike majority of the trainers, Monifa did not see the white light spew onto the deck. She felt it. Felt the warmth flow fast from the ball like water from a faucet and somewhere onto the area before her. The spherical item clicked shut after spitting out its resident.

    “Baba,” Monifa called while replacing the ball. She then patted her shoulder. “Up here.” She could only hope the Abra hadn’t randomly teleported somewhere. It wouldn’t have been the first time that happened and she doubted it would be the last. Thankfully, weight was instantly applied to her shoulders and Monifa felt the fine fur of Baba’s legs brush against her cheeks. Little paws lightly clutched the crown of her black field cap to help itself keep balance. “Okay girlie, you’re up. Give me a view of the school.”

    It took a moment for that tingling feeling to return, but it was much different from Ultros’ whose connection was swift and sure. This one was more of a curious probe…kind of like peeking into a closet that you shouldn’t because that’s where the presents were hidden. Baba was probably doing something she had no business doing, such as surfing through Monifa’s memory banks like it was the web.

    “Baba,” Monifa warned. “Back on task.” A fleeting jolt of pain shot through her head as Baba halted her psychic adventure and returned the task asked of her. The tingling gradually grew stronger. That was a good thing because it didn’t hit Monifa like a sledgehammer as when Baba attempted her first sight sharing. Very slowly, Monifa began acquiring vision. The clear sky and sparkling sea faded into view first with the light spreading farther outward. It washed over the shore, giving Monifa her first glimpse of the island’s pristine beach. More and more of the island formed in her mind until something happened. If there was one bad trait Baba picked up from one of her parents, it was that she was easily distracted. Even though Monfia new she hadn’t lifted her head, her “eyes” were turning skyward after a Wingull that happened into view.

    “Baba,” Monifa called, trying to get the Pokémon to focus. It continued to follow the Wingull higher and higher without severing her connection with the teen. “Baba.” She called again when the Pokémon failed to respond. The edge of her vision was getting bright, painfully bright. “Baba, unlink.” The Wingull had almost reached the point in the sky where the sun was. In spite of herself, Monifa began getting a bit concerned as more of the sun crept into view. “Baba cut the connection!” Before any serious damage could be done, she felt a stronger link shatter the other, sending her back into darkness. “Thanks again, Ultros.” Only when she had removed her hands from her shades did she realize that she was attempting to cover her face. Like that would have done any good.

    The raspy voice of Baba entered her ears in an apologetic tone and Monifa merely rubbed the creature’s leg. “It’s okay. You did a good job and are getting better. Just need to work on your attention span.” Monifa had to give the Abra her props. She could link and channel images effortlessly, but her tendency to get easily distracted made what should have been quick and easy training frustrating. Not to mention having to work around the Abra’s need for eighteen hours of sleep. “We’ll try again later okay? Go ahead and take a nap if you want to.”

    The ship docked at Chillshore Beach not too long afterward. Passengers were quick to pile in front the gangplank, probably more excited about checking out the beach than their new school. Monifa bent over, feeling to the side when her knuckles hit a solid fabric. Her fingers roved over the item until she found the handle to her suitcase and her white stick nestled in one of its loops. In spite of herself, she was feeling rather excited as well. Her head turned towards Ultros. “Ready to go?” Ultros made an agreeing noise as he grabbed her free hand and looped Monifa’s arm around his before leading her into the mass of students.

    There seemed to be an air of confusion when they got onto the shore as if the students were unsure of where to go or what to do next. That was until much of the noise quieted. Someone or something of importance must’ve arrived on the beach to have caused such a hush. She figured out she was right when the man made his first statement and it was officially confirmed when he stated his position and name. Although his tone held an unmistakable level of seriousness to it, Monifa thought she detected some other tones in his voice as well, like the possibility he was just as excited as the new students. Overall, he sounded like a pretty good guy so far.

    Monifa figured the welcoming speech was over when the chattering of the students returned full force. “Let’s go find our room shall we?” She pulled a folded map from her pocket and held it out to Ultros. “I doubt that you’ll need this, but we have to head for the girl’s dormitory. It’s a white building with a red roof. Think you can find it?” Ultros made a strange noise, one that basically let her know that her request was a piece of cake. After making sure his trainer had a secure hold on him, the Gallade led the way to their new living quarters.
  7. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    Casey Nuevo

    Casey stood to the side of the ship, his eyes moving trying to take in every sight. From the small ripples the ship made, to the places where some water Pokémon were popping up to get some air. The calm and serenity of the ship was definitely well liked by Casey. What with this being his first time going away from his family. The smell of salt in the air and just of the water tickled his nose, it was different to Casey, unpolluted. The only water he had ever been on was the small river that runs across of the Ironworks that his father worked out. The water there smelt of a burning substance, he would have memories of when his father would come home, reeking of the same burning smell. He let out a deep breath, and took in another, he was really enjoying the calmness of the ride.

    "Gal van van tu!" "Craw da daunt!" Voices erupted from behind Casey, quickly followed by the sound of light fighting. 'Oh Arceus...' Casey thought as he face palmed himself. 'Next time I'm on a boat, remember to fight a Jigglypuff so they'll sleep." Casey turned around to see Parker the Galvantula and Zoidberg the Crawdaunt locked in a fight. Zoidberg trying to slam down with his claws onto the spider, only to have Parker use some webbing to stop them in their tracks. Casey pulled out two plain old pokeballs and returned the squabbling Pokémon. 'It's like I'm a teacher...' Casey thought to himself as he nodded disapprovingly about his Pokémon's petty rivalry. 'Wait a sec... Where's Thantos?' Casey noticed as Thantos the Marowak was missing. "Arceus-damnit..." Casey mumbled to himself as he looked around the general area he had been standing.

    Thantos was no where to be seen, now Casey was worried. As you know, Marowaks are ground types and as such aren't good at swimming... or being on boats... He rushed around the boat, stopping only when he saw a door that was slightly open. Casey slowly pushed open the door to see a pathetic looking brown dinosaur skull wearing thing. He was rolled up into the fetal position with his bone tightly clenched in his paws. It's body slightly rocked back and forth, it was a sad sight to see. Casey bent over and lightly patted Thantos' head, poor little thing. Casey pulled out Thantos' ball and recalled the shivering bone Pokémon. Soon after this there was a slight rock in the ship signaling it had put down the gangplank thing.

    Casey walked out of the water closet and made his way off of the ship. The sandy beach they had docked on was quite pretty, Casey thought about how this place might make a good place to take a girl on a moonlit night. He noticed how many, and by many, I mean all, of the students had stopped to listen to someone. Casey was able to get a small look at the guy and saw how he was an older gentleman. He began his speech in an engrossing and charismatic manner, each word almost hypnotizing.

    As the speech finished, Casey could not help but do a little clap. He then pulled the letter out of his sock, growing up in a rather tough neighborhood had taught to him to keep the stuff he wants to keep in place were people wouldn't look, the letter and map were somewhat crinkled. 'Seems pretty straightcut...' Casey thought to himself as he began walking to wards his dorms. Maybe after he had settle in he'd go have a look for a battle.
  8. ImAnOKIE12

    ImAnOKIE12 Sexy Cowboy

    Keith Weston
    Chillshore beach

    Keith was sitting on the ferry, his feet propped up on the rail, jacket buttoned up, watching the waves with Rose nestled in his lap. Keith was on his way to the new Academy he was going to attend, with what he guesses is the new classmates on the ferry with him. He easily could tell he was the tallest. Maybe even the oldest.

    As the ferry neared its destination, all the others were getting restless. Keith stood up, stretched, Let Rose Fly around, before perching on his shoulder. Keith stepped down, watching as everyone gathered for what he guesses was a speech. "Great, this is gonna be fun Rose." Keith whispered to his Pidgey. He was a little sad not getting to let Mech out, but knew he was too big, but he was Keiths first Pokemon. And Tank, the stubborn thing, hed like the ocean here.

    As the old man finished his speech, Keith had already pointed out some people. The girls, mostly, caught Keiths attention. He noticed another tall guy, bout an inch shorter. "Richie rich." Keith thought as he saw the expensive clothes. The old man finished, and they all started moving. "This will be fun." Keith thought. Reading his letter, he saw that his dorm number was 12. "I wonder who my roommate will be?" Keith said. Just then, a girl walked up, introducing herself as...

    ((OOC: Just whoever can hop in, thought I might get some interaction started between our characters. Sorry it aint that long either.))
  9. AJ2000

    AJ2000 Well-Known Member

    Blue was coiled up in his shell, situated next to Alex's legs. Alex looked down at Blue, who was slowly dozing off. "The trip must've bored him." Thought Alex. He looked at his watch that glistened in the light "We should be here now." Alex got up, and the other students were piling up against the ferry doors to get off. The ferry slowly pulled into the docks, and ringing noise blared to signal that it was safe to get off. The ferry doors opened and the students poured out of the boat on to Chillshore Beach. "Blue let's go." Alex said as he started to walk. He looked back and saw that Blue was sound asleep on the ground. Alex took out his Pokeball, and returned Blue, to give him some rest. Alex continued to the exit of the ferry, where the students were greeted by the Headmaster, Lance.

    He gave his opening speech, and soon enough let the students go. Alex saw the school looming in the distance. He was surprised that the island was so big as well. "This place didn't seem that big in the brochure..." Thought Alex. He started walking towards the direction of the school, but realized the walk would probably be better if he had some companions. He stopped, and glanced around to see if anyone woud be willing to go, or if anyone was willing to walk up to him and make a new friend. It was no big deal of course if he didn't find one, but it would be a good start if he did.

    ((OOC: If anyone wants to talk Alex go ahead, otherwise he might come to you, lol.))
  10. xXTwilight

    xXTwilight ✮No Other✮

    Rua was literally bouncing around on the sand, making the sand dance around her paws, her blue tipped tail wagging in anticipatation, Marina gushing on about how beautiful the island was. Shay was groaning on about how to find the dorms and how it was absoloutely irritating that someone didn't escourt them to their dorms.
    Her Milotic nudged her shoulder as if to calm her down, Shay kept shaking her head and mumbling to herself under her breath, before kicking at the white sand, and ranting on about how she hated this place and why she couldn't stay in Unova.
    Her sister seemed to ignore this before perking up after studying the map, and turning it around, trying to interpret where was where.

    "Can't we ask someone to help us?" Marina suggested, still holding an upside down map, to a slightly fuming Shay who seemed to be calming down.
    "As i-", before she could finish her sentence, Marina raced off across the sand to a slightly brown skinned, tall male, ignoring what her sister was about to say.

    "Mind if you can help us? We're hopeless at directions", Marina smiled brightly, while Shay stared at her in disbelief at her actions.
    Rua snickered quietly in the background.
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  11. Mickmon95

    Mickmon95 Heart&Soul Trainer

    Roxy Lockhearte, Justin Metrix, and Demeitra Hansen
    Academy Road

    Roxy was at the front of the large group of students, doing her little scamper of a run. Every now and then she added a little skip to her step with a high pitched giggle. "Lup pip lup!" Raini exclaimed to his trainer. When trainers had such a close bond like Roxy and Raini had, they didn't need to speak the same language to know what each one was saying. Such is the case with Roxy, she can understand most of what Raini says even if it is just restating his species' name.

    "What?! I am not acting childish!" Roxy shouted at the small blue penguin she was holding her arms. "I'm just having fun! Even though I'm sixteen that doesn't mean I can't be whimsical at times!" she continued to argue with her Pokemon. Raini just scoffed and shook his head. "I can take care of mysel-" she was interrupted by a stumbling in her footwork.

    "Lup lup lup!" Raini laughed loudly at his trainer almost tripping and falling.

    "You can be such a fudge bag sometimes, Raini!" she exclaimed in anger as she tried to regain what compsure she had.

    "Lup pip lup!" Raini exclaimed definantly.

    "Are too! You know what? I don't need your sass right now. Go back to your Poke Ball!she commanded in an annoyed tone. She pulled out a red and white sphere which shot out a beam of red energy which transfered Raini into the sphere. Even though Raini and Roxy argued sometimes, they really were the best of friends. Even best friends argue, they're like a pair of siblings having small squabbles every now and then.

    Dema was just a few feet behind Roxy and she joined a few other trainers in laughing at Roxy's quarrel with her Pokemon. "What an airhead," she stated out right. "I guess someone has to be at the bottom of the class," she continued in her condescending tone more to herself. Demeitra usually spoke her thoughts, no matter how rude or hurtful. A few other trainers laughed at Dema's comments towards Roxy.

    Roxy noticed the laughter and turned around towards the others. "Hey, what's so funny? Did I miss the joke? I love to laugh!" Roxy asked excitedly her eyes brimming. That made more people laugh.

    "I guess you didn't get the memo, that YOU are the joke," Dema told Roxy as if she was mentally disabled.

    "Oh, hahahahaha! That's a good one!" Roxy laughed loudly. That fact that they were mocking her completely flew over Roxy's head, she was oblivious.

    What an idiot! Laughing at herself or does she not get that we are making fun of her?! "Don't you get that we're making fun of you?" Dema asked in an angry voice.

    "Uh..." Roxy then submerged into deep thought. Then there was a wave of awkward silence for about five minutes and then her eyes shined as if an epihpany. "No, not really," Roxy exclaimed with a chuckle. Roxy then continud on her merry way skipping down the road ahead of the group as if nothing had happened.

    "Ugh, that airhead!" Dema huffed in annoyance. She crossed her arms and continued walking as did the others in the group. Some of the other trainers around her began whispering about how weird that girl (Roxy) was. Something is seriously not right about that girl...

    Justin was at the back of the crowd, keeping his distance from people. The scenery had changed, the sand was now slowly becoming a dirt road surrounded by possibly the healthiest looking grass in the world. This was the Academy Road which led directly to the Academy. This place...you would've loved it Lyla... Justin continued walking in silence and enjoying the luxury he knew as nature.
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  12. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    OoC: When I tell things from Sam's perspective, Silence will be referred to as a 'she'. In Silence's perspective... well... pretty obvious. Well, it's time to take out my old book 'Harem building for Betas'. Wait a second...
    Also, 69. Huehue

    Silence Dogood(main perspective) and Samantha Sparks
    Girl's Dormitary Room 69

    Silence was there. In his dormitary. He wasn't even sure if he belonged there. Was he a boy or a girl? That was the question.
    But not exactly an important now for the time being. He just continued to unpack his from his lugguage, silently, as his name suggests.

    He had made a new friend- no, acquaintance, by the name of Samantha Sparks. "Say," Samantha questioned the silent statue, "how do you command your Pokemon to use attacks?" Surprisingly, Samantha was calmer than usual, that was, until Silence gave her the stare before shrugging his shoulders. Samantha began to cry once more. Upon gazing upon that sad face, Silence used his grey hankerchief to wipe away Samantha's tears. Samantha began to blush and smile, and so did Silence.

    They both turned behind each other, back-to-back. Silence pouted, while Samantha blushed really red. "I... I..." Samantha said. "Nothing!"

    Samantha blushed as she slowly walked out of the dormitary. She wasn't even paying attention to where she was going. She just walked down the alley of rooms of the Girl's Dormitary Rooms. Silence decided to give chase.

    Without paying attention, Samantha realised she had bumped into someone...

    OoC: Who wants to meet Samantha?
  13. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    Lucas Serenes and Lucia Ashford
    Academy Road

    On the way to the building with the large group of people, Lucia and Pichu were around the front unaware that Lucas and Riolu were lagging behind. A bit on the way Lucia and Pichu noticed an arguement between a girl and her Piplup. "What is that all about?" Lucia asked out loud, her Pichu merely shook her head, "Pichu...."

    The two noticed people in the group were laughing at the girl, with another girl going so far as to outright insult her, "Is this really something they should be laughing at? That's just rude!"

    When they saw that the girl who was arguing with her Piplup just laugh it off as if she didn't realize she was being made fun of, Lucia and Pichu just looked on in disbelief, "Wow, either she takes insults well or she really is an airhead."

    At this point Lucia realized that Lucas and Riolu weren't around and exclaimed, "Crap, they must have lagged behind!"

    Meanwhile, Lucas and Riolu walked slowly with Lucas being lost in thought until he heard laughing in the distance, "Riolu?", Riolu said in a questioning tone as Lucas looked on and asked, "What's going on over there?"

    Just when the two were about to head over there Lucas noticed someone in the back that appeared to be admiring the area they were in. "I guess he likes the scenery around here." Lucas said out loud, he and Riolu then took the time to look around and take in the scenery as well before he said, "I don't blame him, this place is beautiful, don't you think so Riolu?", "Rio!" Riolu said in response, nodding in agreement.
  14. ImAnOKIE12

    ImAnOKIE12 Sexy Cowboy

    Keith Weston
    Trail to the dorms

    "Mind if you can help us? We're hopeless at directions." Keith heard behind him. He turned, noticing a small young girl looking back up at him.

    "Im Marina. And that girl over there complaining about everything is my sister, Shay." The young girl said, smiling a bright smile.

    "Sure, I can help. Just follow me. By the way I'm Keith. Nice to meet you." As Keith led the lost girls the right way,He stopped at the big group, watching a girl play with a Piplup. He heard someone make fun of her, and he got a nice chuckle out of it.

    "This way, according to the map." Keith followed the map, and he could tell the girls were close to him, as he could hear Sgay's complaining.

    Keith stopped to let Marina catch up.

    They chatted a bit, taking about different things.
    "Your sister likes to complain. A lot. Well, we're here. They came across the big buildings that had the colored roofs indicating which one was males and females.

    "See you two around." Keith said as he entered the blue roofed building. He saw a bunch of guys standing around talking.

    Keith went up to introduce himself. "Hey guys, Im Keith Weston."
  15. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Sergio Valentine, Elizabeth Greene, and Johnathan Jones
    Academy Road

    The three walked down the path, talking about various topics, most of which were Pokemon related. Sergio of course was the first to notice when a girl up ahead almost tripped, and was one of the first to laugh at it. Johnny chuckled a little at it as well, but Elizabeth just sighed and continued walking.

    "Hey, wait up!" Sergio and Johnny ran after her when they realized she had gone on ahead. After another minute or two the three of them reached the part of the path where it split; one way going to the girl's dorm, the other to the boy's.

    "Guess this is where we split up for now," Johnny said while looking down both paths. "I reckon we'll see eachother later today though, since I heard that alot of the students here take the same classes. Anyway, see you around Beth!" Johnny and Sergio went down the path to the boy's dorm, while Elizabeth went to the girl's dorm. Beth? My name's Elizabeth, not Beth...


    Sergio and Johnathan
    Boy's Domitary

    "Room 52? Mine's Room 51!" Sergio and Johnny were looking at what room were there's when they realized that Johnny's room, Room 52, was right next to Sergio's.

    "Well ain't that just a big coincidence?" Johnny said, "Guess that means were roommates...well sorta."

    "So what are you going to be doing now? I'm going to go look for a trainer to battle!" Sergio said. He hadn't battled in days, and was itching to get to fight one of the other students here, especially since they were all just as "gifted" as he was.

    Johnny chuckled a little at that and said, "I'm just gonna get settled in mah room until class starts. Good luck with finding a battle and winnin' it though." Sergio nodded and entered into his room to drop off his bags, then ran off in no particular direction to go hunt down someone to battle, while Johnny entered his dorm. He and Hedge unpacked all his stuff, including an incubator for the egg Johnny was carrying. After putting it in the incubator Johnny returned Hedge to his ball and jumped onto his bed.

    "Time for a midday power nap, I reckon." He said to himself as he tipped his hat over his eyes and fell asleep.


    Girl's Domitary

    Room 70...must be this way. Elizabeth had returned her Pokemon before entering the building. It was a habit of hers, since her parents usually disliked having them out in her house. She was looking down on a map, completely fixated on studying it; so much so that she didn't even see the girl walking the other way, and bumped into her.

    "Oh! My apologies ma'am, I didn't see you." She looked up from the map to get a better look at her. A girl with a huge emphasis on yellow was standing before her. Yellow hair, yellow eyes...even a yellow hoodie. Elizabeth made a quick mental note about how she didn't appear to have any sense of fashion, so she was almost definately not a Coordinator.

    "Again, I am sorry. I am Elizabeth Greene, a Coordinator. May I ask as to what you name is?"

    (OoC: Feel free to run into Sergio and have a battle with him. Yes, girls too. Sergio wouldn't let the fact that only girls should be in the girl's dormitary stop him from finding a potential battle partner.

    Oh and by the way, Mickmon said that the rooms are singles, so no one is going to be sharing rooms.)
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  16. xXTwilight

    xXTwilight ✮No Other✮

    Girls' dorm, Room 13&14
    Marina and Shay Kuroma

    "See? Even Keith said you complained a lot", Marina teased.
    "Whatever", Shay seemed to be a bit iffed.
    Marina laughed, her Zorua laughing alongside with her.
    "Come on! Lets go to our dorm room!" Marina urged her sister who looked as if she was about to complain once more.
    "Look, I don't even wanna be here, so let me just-", once again Shay couldn't finish her sentence.
    "Oh, come on. Even if you go back to Unova, the Pokemon League starts next year or something!" Marina coaxed.
    They stopped at their dorm room.
    "Number 13, huh? Our lucky number", Shay muttered.
    Marina eagerly opened the door, with Rua bounding in before her.
    Marina pouted, "I was supposed to go in first!"
    Shay facepalmed, "Kazumi, return!"

    Shay slowly unpacked in silence, still annoyed that their parents sent her to an academy, she couldn't even have all her pokemon with her!
    Shay groaned, just my freaking luck, at least they'll take care of them properly...
    She stopped to glance outside the window, a beautiful azure blue sky with icy white streaks.
    A good day for training...

    "Hey, we begin lessons tomorrow, right? Why don't you tutor me in battling while you also train yourself?" Marina questioned while having a bright smile.
    Shay smiled faintly, "That's the smartest thing you said today"
    Shay carelessly put away the last item, "Lets go then"
    Marina grinned, "No need to say it, I am already out the door!"

    She raced out the door and down the hallway, waiting impatiently for her sister.
    Finally, Shay can tutor me again!
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  17. Flash Sport

    Flash Sport Whatcha gotta say?

    Monifa Carson | [x]
    Girls’ Dorm Room #10

    They made it to the dorm unscathed while traveling amongst the excitable students. The short journey turned out to be entertaining. Monifa wasn’t one for eavesdropping on people’s conversations, but her sensitive hearing made it difficult not to. There was one instance of name calling that she caught, but thankfully it didn’t escalate into anything serious. Baba was returned to her ball along the way because her dead weight had begun to make Monifa’s shoulders ache. They eventually branched off with the majority of the girls heading towards the appropriate dorm. Inside the dorm, the temperature felt comfortable. It was still a bit cool in her opinion, but it wasn’t quite as cold as outside. Considering the amount of echoing going on, she guessed the lobby to be quite spacious and lofty. Not only that, but the place had to be pretty tidy, at least it smelled like it would be.

    Ultros continued to smoothly guide her around. At some point, Monifa mentally reminded herself, she would need to pull out the white stick and learn her way around on her own. Although she knew they had only just arrived, it was never too early to begin examining places, especially one they were to be staying at for a while. Currently, there were too many excitable and inattentive students for her to be moving her stick around. Perhaps sometime after everyone and everything has settled down then she could attempt working on her navigation.

    “I know we’re on the first floor,” she told him. “But I’m not sure about the room. I think its room ten we’re in.” They were originally assigned to one of the upper floors until the academy learned of her condition. So they swapped her room with another girl to be more accommodating. Honestly, she wouldn’t have minded one of the upper floors. The view was probably spectacular, but it was better to be safe than sorry. The pair continued walking around until they came upon the right corridor and the right room.

    Monifa removed the key from her jacket pocket, felt for the knob, and unlocked the door after finding the keyhole. “Care to give me a view?” Ultros’ connection was sure and comfortable as the room opened up before her as if she just opened her eyes. The room wasn’t outrageously large or annoyingly small. A simple twin bed was shoved against the wall, situated between an empty, wooden computer desk and small dresser. A clean casement window lied opposite of the entryway. To the left of the door was another, which led into the private bathroom, something Monifa was definitely happy about. To the left of the bathroom door hung a full-length mirror.

    Both approached the mirror and she grinned at Ultros through it. “You’ve gotten taller?” He smiled in response and nodded. Due to Ultros sharing his sight, Monifa hardly ever got the chance to look over her Pokémon. Most of the time, she never really gave it much thought anyway. Ultros had grown taller than the average height for his species, being a head and a half above her—excluding his crest. “How about we checkout the Pokémon Center? The trip was kinda long and you’re probably beat. A treatment from Nurse Joy’ll be just what you need.” He fleetingly made a face of denial, but nodded as he followed her over to the window.

    They looked out over the area, which was pretty much open with the exception of neat rows of tended trees and bushes that lined pathways. Numerous students were still moving about, going off in various directions to explore the grounds while they could and possibly to find battles. The tip of Starstruck Mountain jutted towards the sky in the distance.

    Man…it’s a nice day…a really nice day. When Monifa turned away from window, the image of the room failed to replace the image of the outside. “Ultros…something up?” She turned back around despite knowing she wouldn’t be able to see him or anything other than what he was locked onto. Reaching out, she moved her arms through the air until she tapped his spindly arms with her fingers. Monifa gently laid a hand on his bladed forearm.

    An air of curiosity surrounded him as well as tension, which was unlike him. Instead of breaking his concentration, Monifa decided to examine his sight. At first she made out nothing except the same things they saw earlier, but then she noticed what he was fixated on. The figure was dark and far off, but the distance did nothing in hindering the foreboding feeling that it gave off. In an instant, the figure disappeared.

    “It was probably just a Pokémon or maybe you’re just tired,” she told Ultros as he finally looked away from the window and to his trainer, giving Monifa a glimpse of herself calmly smiling. She always found it weird to be looking at herself without a mirror. “Ready to head to the center?” He made a noise of agreement and stopped the sight sharing. Remembering Plush hadn’t been out of her ball since the ship, Monifa felt around her pockets for the Blissey's ball. She called her out so she could join them in their walk. The giddy soft, yet high voice of the happiness Pokémon filled Monifa’s ears. Plush sounded just as excited as the other students.

    Monifa made sure to grab her white stick before locking and closing the door prior to leaving the room they left the room. Ultros wrapped her arm around his while Plush walked behind as they headed out. He had to pull her aside one time in order to avoid a collision with a pair of girls darting down the hall. Once the coast was clear, the three moved on and exited the dorm.

    “The center will be the building with a yellow roof.” Ultros paused to scan until Plush tapped him on the shoulder. From the sound she made, she must’ve spotted it and off they went...
  18. Mickmon95

    Mickmon95 Heart&Soul Trainer

    Roxy Lockhearte and Demeitra Hansen
    Academy Road-Girls Dormitory Rooms 100 and 200-Trainer's Courtyard

    Roxy finally arrived at the tall structure that was the Academy and stood in front of it for a good five minutes admiring its beauty. "Oooh we're definitley playing with the big kids now..." Roxy said in awe. She looked back at the letter of acceptance and read her dorm number 100. "Yay! Does that mean I get a prize?" Roxy exclaimed to the empty environment expecting a response but no one responded. "I guess not..." she answered herself. She went all the way around the academy and made her way to the girls dorm building.

    She entered through the front door which consisted of a nice living area with various couches and televisions. "Come look at these digs, Raini" she exclaimed releasing her Piplup from his Poke Ball. "We can come chill sometime with the many amigos we are sure to make! That's italian for buddies by the way Raini," she told her Pokemon in a glad tone.

    "So room 100 is on the second floor since each floor contains one-hundred rooms, so in total there are 2 floors," she whispered to herself. She took the elevator on the ground floor which took her to the floor she needed to get to. Her room was the first beige door on the left at the center of the hallway and she entered it by opening it with the key that came in the letter. There was one queen sized bed in the corner with a white pillow and red sheets. A wooden desk with a black laptop on it, which was obviously met for studying and research. A wooden dresser for clothing storage and such. There was a door at the back which led to a small bathroom with one toilet, a sink and a shower. Each room in both the boys and girls dorm contained all these basic things.

    "Well let's get to unpacking, Raini!" Roxy exclaimed excitedly as the Piplup jumped out of her arms and onto the floor. She began to unpack all her cute outfits into the dresser while Raini set a picture of Roxy's mother one her dresser and another picture of Roxy with all three of her Pokemon next to it.

    Meanwhile, Dema had just got into her own room which was the last room at the end of the hall number 200. "Great, at the very end of the hall where I'll have to interact with the least amount of annoying kids as possible," she told herself with a smile. She unpacked all her dark colored clothes into her dresser and didn't do much else. She grabbed her backpack where she carried some school stuff and put on her belt that held her Poke balls as she exited the room.

    Both of the girls exited their rooms at the same time and turned to face each other from the opposite ends of the hallway. "Hey you're that funny girl from back at the road!" Roxy exclaimed joyfully as she skipped down the hallway to meet Dema. Raini scampered off behind her trying to keep up with his small feet. "My name's Roxy, Roxy Lockhearte. And you are?" Roxy introduced herself.

    "Ugh, if you must know Ms.Airhead my name is Demeitra Hansen," she answered with a scowl and attempted to ditch Roxy, but she didn't get the hint.

    "I'm so glad to have finally made a friend here, especially one with such a good sense of humor like yourself," she told Dema excitedly.
    "Look, we aren't friends. We just met, we are merely acquaintances at best. Now don't you have some cupcakes to go bake or something?" she said sarcastically.

    "No you silly Swanna, I didn't bring my oven with me from home. I'm from the Sinnoh region-" Roxy continued on as they both descended to the ground floor on the elevator.

    Dema speed-walked out of the dorm building and onto the courtyard behind all the buidlings. To her misfortune she was unable to ditch her new companion. The coutyard consisted of a big concrete square similar to that of a battle field. This is where students come to have friendly battles with each other during their time off.

    "So my dream is to become top coordinator so-" Roxy tried to continue with her story that she had been droning on about the whole way but Dema interrupted her.

    "Okay, sunshine since you have such big asiprations let's see some of that skill you must have to match those dreams. Let's have a battle, you and me. If I win you leave me the hell alone and if you win we can be friends. Got it?" Dema stated the terms of the battle.

    "Okay, but I've gotta warn you that we're pretty good!" Roxy answered back passionately and it seemed as if her entire person had changed. Her sweet green eyes had changed to ones of fiery passion. Her smile of sweet innocence change to one of intense determination and she now radiated an aura of passionate energy. Roxy walked off to the right end of the field with Raini standing in front of her in battle position. "Let's make this a double battle for the fun of it," she exclaimed sending out her second Pokemon: a large bird with light brown feathers and a red hook of silky feather on the top of its head (Staraptor). "Let's show her what we can do Roro!" she cheered her Pokemon.

    This girl has truly switched into battle mode, it's like she's a different person. Maybe she isn't such a ditz after all and I might actually have a good battle. This sent Dema's blood rushing with enthusiasm. "Let's go Aisha and Sasha!" Dema shouted as she tossed two Pokeballs into the air. One released a large blue dragon with a red stomach which was Sasha the Gabite. The other released a smaller brown Pokemon with a cotton cape surrounding it, Aisha the Whimsicott. "Come on Little Miss Sunshine, kick it off!"

    "Alrighty, Roro fly into the air above Raini and use Gust towards both of Demetira's Pokemon! Raini use Ice Beam up at Roro!" she commanded with a passionate voice.

    Raini released a stream of blue cold energy that hit the twister of wind created by Roro's strong wings that formed a gale of freezing wind at both of Dema's Pokemon.

    "Sasha use Protect quick!" Dema shouted with a quick and alarmed voice. Sasha obeyed and a green field of energy surrounded her and Aisha. The attack send shards of ice everywhere onto the floor and it froze Dema's side of the field. "Damn, that attack would've been hell if it had landed!" she sighed.

    "Don't let your guard down, we've only just gotten started," Roxy warned her.

    "Bring it!" Dema challenged her back.

    Justin Metrix
    Boys Dormitory Room 100-Trainer's Courtyard

    Justin was settling into his room on the second floor, putting away his clothes into the dresser. He put a pictue of his best friend Lyla onto his desk and stared at for a while before returning to work. He placed his sketch pad into his backpack along with a few other school supplies. He then made his way out of his room and headed out into the outside world. He heard a commotion coming from the courtyard area and headed towards it.

    He saw a battle taking place between two girls he didn't know. One girl had long red hair with emerald green eyes and she had a Piplup and Staraptor on her side of the field. She sent a sort of ice wind vortex towards her opponent and it was a forceful attack. The combination of two moves is definitley a coordinator's tactic.

    On the opposing side of the field stood an older girl with long black hair dressed in all black. She had a Gabite and Whimsicott on her side of the hold. Forutnatley she had acted in time for her Gabite to block her opponent's attack with protect. Even though the battle has just started, both girls have a similar driving fire in their eyes saying that they are fully engaged in this battle.

    He then noticed that there was now a group of more trainers watching the battle as he was doing. The saying is 'when two trainers who love Pokemon battle, others with the same love will watch'. "I guess I'll stick around to watch as well," he whispered to himself.

    (OOC: There are no roomates. Each room houes one student as I said in my first post. Be sure not to skip over peoples posts, please read them so you don't miss things. And on another note when battling another person be descriptive of attacks and don't be completely impervious to attacks. You don't have to take big damage, but at least some damage from your opponent's attack. Be realistic in battles, you will take damage. )
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  19. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    OoC: Whoopsies. Ah well. I guess Sammy can take Room 75 then.

    Samantha Sparks
    Girl's Dormitaries

    Samantha was slightly frightened by the lady who introduced herself as 'Elizabeth'. She was naturally shy and avoiding. "I-I'm Samantha Sparks. N- nice to meet y- you..."

    Clearly Samantha was too shy. Maybe a little too shy. One could actually see her eyes watering up from a close distance. Truly she was a crybaby of unquestionable timidness. You have probably never seen someone as timid before. This was ironically why boys found her cute.

    Just then, footsteps could be heard. Approaching Samantha was Silence Dogood, the mysterious, silent one. She did not talk much, no one knows why. She didn't even say a sound of 'There you are Samantha!'. She put on her usual face - the regular emotionless stare. It just happened to be in Elizabeth's direction. Truly this face was beautiful and feminine, but it was absurdly frightening to the extent that the encountering Giratina in the Distortion World was a much better fate.

    Samantha turned behind to see that face once more. Her eyes began to water. Silence then approached the crybaby and petted her head, causing the tears to slowly vanish. Samantha could see that this mysterious lady was good.

    Silence Dogood then gave Elizabeth the odd, emotionless face once more, before reaching out her hand to greet her.

    "Thi- this is Silence Dogood, coordinator. I'm a combat trainer. She doesn't sp- speak much..." Samantha told Elizabeth.
  20. AJ2000

    AJ2000 Well-Known Member

    Alex Caverly
    Boy's Dorm, Room 19

    It wasn't long before Alex found his room. Although the size of the school intimidated him a bit, he felt he could easily get used to it. He put down his backpack and other belonging on his bed, as he took a quick look around in his dorm room. "It's not too big, but I guess it alright." He said to himself. "At least I won't be sharing this puny room with anyone else." He said to himself again. He looked at his bed, and then sat on it. He was rather surprised at the overall comfiness of the bed. He lay down and got comfy. "Hmmm..." He thought to himself. "I wonder if I will make ny good friends here..." Something that had been bothering him for a while was the idea of making new friends. He had some back home, but none of them were really any 'close'. He just talked with them and played occasionally, but it's not like he would consider them his best friends.

    "You know what. I should probably head out." He said, with a sudden tone of enthusiasm. He whipped himself up, and out of the bed. He wasn't shy at making friends, he was just slightly uneasy about what others would think of him as a first impression. Alex got his things and left the boys room area and headed out.


    After walking around in circles, Alex came to the courtyard, where there was seemingly small commotion going on. Alex became interested and headed over, to find a battle going on. " Of course, a battle to start of the year." He thought to himself. As he walked over, he noticed the battle was between two girls. Both of their Pokemon were going at it, and it was quite exciting to watch. Alex stood in the midst of the crowd spectating the fight.
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