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RPG Ideas 2005

RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
New year, New start. If you have any ideas you want to discuss do it here. Then, should you need to, you can expand it out into a topic to explore more.

Be sure to post a proper idea not just a single idea you had 2 seconds ago. Think it out properly first. And please, give useful critacism, don't just reply to say "i like it, i will join", that doesn't help anyone.

Lastly, the old topic will remain until the end of January, so any ideas you had in there you want to keep, you have till then to go through and save them.

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
Wow RPG cafe!!! This is just the greatest, All I need is an RPG idea to put forward or the mods will hate me... This should do.

E. Von Todüberbringer’s Facility for Secluded Education

The plot may be a bit long, you can skip everything in italics without missing anything important, it is just there for people who want to know more than they need to know, the rest you may get away with just skim reading… Just whatever you do please don’t the title make you expect this to be a school type RPG because it is not.

Long ago demons walked the Earth, bringing only death and destruction, they were a force of unimaginable power, a force desiring dominion over our world, over us humans. We almost became nothing more than their slaves, their live stock, and in some cases their only means of procreation, the wars demons had against other demons just because they were of a different species did a lot more damage than just their occupation, but somewhere in this world of darkness a single man refused to give up, and unlike the others who tried to fight the demons he managed to do some damage, not much but still enough to give his death meaning, a lot more meaning than his life could of ever had in such a world, he became a nameless hero and an example of how we had to fight for our freedom…

At first the fight against demons seemed like an impossible struggle, the demons seemed unbeatable as they were stronger than we were and few would join our cause, thus we were greatly out numbered, though we fought on, hoping for a miracle.
We got it, a second hero arose, showing us how to find weaknesses to each species of demon, how to use their sources of… magic, for a lack of a better word. Few were able to use magic, those who could each used it quite differently than others, something that seemed like a terrible disadvantage, though much later we realised it was a blessing in disguise.

As we then quickly pushed the demons back, sending many back to whatever world they came from, other, more friendly magical creatures started to appeared, tapping into the magic left behind by the demons, though at that stage we payed little attention to them, even the ones that helped us got little respect. We drove them all into one last area, with all the different species of demons in one area we expected them to kill each other, but they did the most unexpected thing, they chose to work along side each other and what we expected to be a quick final battle because a battle that lasted several months… technically we won, but the cost was high, some demons of certain species managed to flee, though it is hard to say why we didn’t just stop and celebrate there.

We turned our eyes to the other magical creatures, seeing only potential enemies and exploitable sources of power. We proceeded to wipe them out too, our attacks against them forced them to become either elusive or violent, and we even started to use magic against each other. We should have noticed that though the magic was contained within the world we could not directly access it, it had to pass through demon or spirit first, maybe then we wouldn’t of drove away our power… maybe we would of done anyway just to see if it was true. Now it has almost faded away, the little that remains for us to use seems to say that there is still something left, a few demons or spirits…

The problem is those of us who are left are very few in number, and one day the demons will return and they will know to work together to beat us, once they arrive we will no longer have anytime to prepare, if we still need to rally the rest of humanity to our cause when the demons come, it will be too late, also those demons still here probably are gathering intelligence for the up coming invasion. Here we gather on this nameless island, here we put our plans in to action to secure our victory against the demons when they return. Yes those demons whom remain will probably come here to stop us if they find out what we are doing, and it is a certainty that some will find out, maybe they will not be able to contact enough of the other to be able to beat us, even if they do there will still be hope for another to finish what we have started…

There is an island isolated enough with it’s rough coast line and unpredictable, powerful storms in the surrounding ocean (yet few ever affecting the island itself), that no civilisation had even made even a small town on it despite of it’s size and resources, except for a small cult, that is until now…

The super rich, yet seemingly unheard of, Mr E. Von Todüberbringer planned and funded an experimental educational facility to be built on the island, claiming that the idea of complete isolation from all outside modern distractions would probably make learning far easier. Of course there was some opposition, just a few people concerned with the wild life there, though the species aren’t that different than those elsewhere, and the archaeologists wanting to study ruins of what appeared to be a cult that was once there, but that was sorted by pointing out how the facility would work in harmony with the environment, that the ruins could be used to help teach archaeology, and, when all else failed, the waving of wads of cash solved what remained of the problems.

The Facility was up and running in no time, it worked sort of like a boarding school and students who came stayed for the whole year, though the fact that it was impossible, except in the most dire of emergencies, to contact the outside world, even the top of the line computers there do not have access to the internet, made it quite different from anywhere else. The facility taught almost everything, though sports weren’t taught, exercise was encouraged with the nature walks which were required to get to archaeology sites and to study the wildlife. Every year more students are invited to come, every year it gets closer to reaching the number of students it was built for.

A small group of students have been invited from your town this year; amazingly enough you were one of those students, though this group are not the only ones going you will still be staying in a room near those of your group, well with those of your group who are of the same gender. When you arrive there is no time to socialise with anyone out side the group you are in as the sun has already set, and going to bed in your small private room is the only option, even so the fact that a lot of other groups were also arriving about the same time as yours seemed a bit odd, but a good nights sleep will probably help sort that out.

Of course a good nights sleep is out of the question… a sharp pain in your neck, like some sharp object had been pushed into it, wakes you from your sleep and makes you want to scream out in pain, though it is amazing how fast you fall asleep again without making a sound. Then came the dream… that you became some sort of creature, hungry for blood, and broke into the rooms of the others in your group ignoring their screams, as well as the screams that seem to be coming from further away than any of your group’s rooms, while you killed each of them before moving on to the next one of their rooms.
Now awake, it was no dream…

The body of a member of your group lies at your feet, your body seems to almost returned back to normal, but not quite as remnants of what you had become do remain. Maybe you awoke before killing everyone here you know here, maybe someone managed to hide or certainly you were not the only one that this happened to as there were other screams from far away…

There still is some screaming, you were lucky if you would call this luck, you were one of the few who could fight off the demon that you became, allowing yourself to become human again, there were many others who didn’t awaken from the dream and are still out killing… You can feel the demon trying to regain control of you, grasping on any opening you give so as it can fully take over, confident that you will not break free again, though trying to use it’s power will slowly turn you into it, you have little other choice as how else are you going to survive with other demons around and with the fact that it will be hard for groups of survivors to accept you as anything but another demon threat.

Yes, there are groups of survivors, already setting defences that’ll allow them to efficiently defend themselves, already planning how they can get to freedom or get rid of all the demons. Maybe, just maybe, you could try to gain one groups trust, they could use the help of you demonic powers, maybe if you help them they could find out what happened and, here’s the big thing, they might find a way to cure you… anyway what else could you possible strive for in this dire situation?

Now the late night class begins, this wasn’t on the curriculum but it still clearly demonstrates survival of the fittest… So let the lesson begin!

Now is that good enough?


It was a pretty good idea Flatulus I say go for it

I love having something like this here


i gotta quick question.... can i make an RPG like the game called Vampires??
if ne of you other RPG freaks who like to play all types of RPG's prolly know what im talking about.... like have a char. sheet and stuff like that but without the dice rolls


That is an awesome idea! I can't wait for it to be up! The Seal of Approval will more than likely be given to this RP. Nice job, Flatulus.


I <3 Catgirls
Flat, what ever happened to the RP you suggested in your last post in the Closed thread? The one you suggested above is really good too. I might join that if I had more time.

I have some ideas for a Teen Titans RP. Would anybody want to help me out and make it into a real, normal looking RP. If I can find somebody, maybe I'll open a thread for development like the first post allows.

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
FlygonFirefly: Thanks, though from what you have said it seemed that you thought nothing like this has ever been done on this site which is... wait a moment your completely right.

SalmoJr: Your meant to come up with a full idea, not just a small little bit like you just did. Try to make something about a third of the size of my idea then everyone will know what your talking about so they can tell you how good of an idea it is.

PokeProf20: You seem more excited than FlygonFirefly about this RPG, though I don't think you should be guessing that it'll get a SOA, as it is the mods decision and if they are all in a bad mood or don't like me then they have the right not to give it to this RPG... of course I do get along with them well enough and what are the chances that they'll all have a bad day when I start the sign ups?

bronislav84: The RPG in the other thread was asking whether I sould of made a remake of that RPG, which I did... You really should look at the date, it was over a week ago.
As for helping you make your RPG: I only help those who have proven themselves to be good enough RPGers to run the RPG, as of yet I haven't seen a single one of your posts here though I only look in RPGs I'm in or I am running.

To whom ever it may concern: My current RPG idea will be released colser to the date of Dactylus' return from his holiday whihc is this weekend... And no i am not taking over this thread, I'm just borrowing it till the mods tell me to give it back.
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I <3 Catgirls
Heh, I wish I could RP here. The problem is that the only RP that interestes me to date has members who join and don't want to post after the Game Master starts it. I have trouble being the first non GM to start, and am just patiently waiting for somebody else to post.

In case you were wondering, it's the "good" Sonic RP by KaiserMyuu. He/she (since the profile has litterally no Gender) probably worked on that Signup first post for a long time. I joined and was hoping to have a good time, but they just don't wanna post.

What am I to do?

Also, about me asking about that one that was in the closed thread. I wasn't here for when you posted that. (My Mom takes my Wireless Mouse sometimes for long periods of time. The last one was for 2+ weeks recently) It sounded interesting, so I asked. Sorry if I made you mad.

Everybody else: Any "brave souls" out there wanna help me out with development and stuff? Please?

Edit: Flat, if you are interested, I can PM you links to another forum where I'm well established. I can't say I RP "top of the line", but once somebody looks at what I write, I can't be called a complete Novice, either.
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nah I'm just hyper... someone put something in my cheese I think *runs into a wall*

*brushes himself off* time to be serious

I've tried this idea twice and no one has joined but I guess three is a magic number... nah nevermind that...

is it ok if I take kinda a mini poll into this topic?

If so then this is the quiestion

What type of rpg would you rather have

Full Metal Alchemist
Ruroni Kenshin

I was working on a really crappy FMA idea but it didn't work out, but I think I could redo it and make it better

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
bronislav84: Try to hold out to join my next RPG, the sign ups will start in a few days, that way you can show me how good you are, of course you will still need to do a good sign up. I wasn't mad at you for not knowing but to be a good RPGer you need to aviod long periods of not posting, you know it is possible to learn keyboard shortcuts so you don't need the mouse to RPG whihc is what I would do in that situation.
Also send me a link to that other forum, I have trouble finding enough good RPGs to play on the sites I currently go to.

FlygonFirefly: Hello, I thought we were talking about my RPG here, but seriously I have never heard of any of those three... whatever they are, maybe you should do what I do in a toss up situation like this, make all three and start sign ups to them on the same day, that way you can see which is more popular without bais.


k thats a good idea.... sorry but hey it isn't jsut you here... dang it now I'm going on rambling about stuff that I am going to get dissed at anyway *sighs* but either way a good idea

And no I was not meaning I was not excited about your rpg because it looks pretty good. That just proved to me I need to make more pokemon rpgs

I like the murder idea, if I read it right that is what the rp is about right. If it is there is one question I have for now and will the murderer be from your group and if so will it be played by someone with a good sign up or will you play it or something of that sort.. who knows I could be right
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you were the one.
Flatulus- I'd say this is another one of your excellent ideas! I would definitely join. It reminds me of an RPG I once participated in, where the students as a body were trapped within the school and...well, this isn't the case so I'll stop rambling. XD

FlygonFirefly- note that not all RPGs must be about Pokemon. Some non-Pokemon RPGs turn out even better, and if that's your area of strength, then I'm sure it's okay. Flatulus' sign ups turn out great because of her amazingly original plots, descriptions, captivating readers...try following her way and example, and it's bound to be an inspiration, pokemon or not.

bronislav84- Alt+tab is for navigating whatever programs you are on, including IM windows, TAB is usually for shifting around links, F4 is typing or choosing an address from the address bar, F5 is refresh. All I know for now, but I can easily control it with those. As for members who are not posting, inform the GM so that he/she may PM them. It differs with people.


Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
FlygonFirefly: To tell you the truth everyone is going to be from different groups and most of them will of gone and killed those who were in there group when they temporaraly turned into demons, the exceptions being special sign ups.

LilyPichu: Good to see you like the idea, now will you want a normal, demon infested character or do you want to be in a different situation?


I <3 Catgirls
LillyPichu: thanks very much for the Shortcust. Although I know most of them, the F5 for Refersh was something I didn't know. Thanks. Even if I do do that, it still becomes hard to navigate a page with tons of links by using Tab. If I skip a link, I have to wait until I'm back on thaat one again. And using IM programs without a Mouse is torture for me when I have to deal with more than one conversation at once. If I'm Mouseless, I genberally end up avoiding IM Programs entirely.

Falt: I'll get on it. Actually, I think I'll PM you right after I finish typing this post.

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
Good news: Sign ups for my RPG will start tomorrow.
More good news: Here is the sign up form so you can make your characters for my RPG now, the extra time should make it easy for you to make it a good quality character.
Sign Up Form
Name: (Be creative)
Gender: (Please, whatever you do, don’t be creative here)
Age: (Be reasonable about this)
Appearance: (Explain what your character looks like, be as descriptive as possible)
Personality: (Please put some effort into this, make it realistic, yet still usable in the situation the character will be in)
Other: (???)
Demonic Form
Appearance: (What does your characters full demon form look like, remembering that it is more likely that you’ll use a form in between this and what your character normally looks like. Being original is preferable but at the very least it has to be different from everyone else’s)
Abilities: (Optional: What is the demon form capable of doing and how. Include details on how there senses are different from our own, remember a lot of animals have smell as their main sense instead of sight therefore some demons will be the same)

Sample RPG: (Demonstrate your RPGing skill by doing a sample RPG of what your character went through from when the demon took over to when they awoke from it)
Dactylus, GoGoTenda, ShadowFaith, and Lilypichu can skip this)

One demon character per person, additional characters (Useful to help you keep you post length up) must be completely human.
Special characters (Ones who haven’t just started to become demons) are available on request for Rattrap_LXIV,
LilyPichu, and Dactylus, as I would hate to cramp their RPGing style

bronislav84: Sorry the links didn't work, sites die and I understand that, you'll just have to join some good quality RPGs here so I can see your skill, if you can't because you don't have time then you would make a terrible game master.


you were the one.
Flatulus- I believe you mentioned something about a wolf? If that isn't the case, then...perhaps I misunderstood. >>;

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune

Kawai Nogitsune
LilyPichu: Yes, over MSN I suggested you character be a werewolf, but in a slightly different situation as she (so far I've only seen you do female main characters) can control her abilities as she was born a werewolf.


Here goes...

RP: A Youfsain Field Trip

Well, this is based on one of my series of stories.
The world is directly from it, and the story idea I got else where. What do you think of it as an RP?

"All right class," the teacher said. "Time to get in the airbus. We leave in five minutes."

All the students of the Kallahara Youfsian Academy filed on to the airbus.

Laughter was heard.

"And no one mess with the interplanetary exchange students!" The teacher reminded. The majority of the students were Youfsians, however, there was smattering of other species and even humans. The Omicron Wars were over so that planet had relaxed it's laws about aliens on the planet.

Finally, all the students were on the the airbus left.

"Now," the teacher continued. "I'm sure you're all aware that we're taking a field trip to the forrest planet of Jiklemaru. The widely esteemed Professor Zoboglish has made a breakthourgh development on how to harness the excess solar energy of that planet. Everybody stick together. The planet may not be colonized, but there might be wildlife that will think of us as an intrusion. Now, everybody buckle up as we aceelerate and put up the energy barriers."

Five minutes later....

"Alright class. We have arrived. Noweverybody stick together. We're going to land in the forrest so it may be a bit rough."


"What was that?" One of the students asked.

"No problem," the teacher said. "It's just turbelence from the atmosphere."


"That wasn't just turbulence!!" another remarked.

"It came from there!!!"

All the students got up and watch as a huge green energy ball hurtled towards them.


The airbus split in two, all the students fell to the ground.


The students were relatively unharmed.

"OK, class, the teacher said. "Now, were just a bit off course. Now..."

Suddenly a swarm of huge black insects swooped down and carried off the students to all different parts of the planet. Some students fought off the insect carrying them away, and fell to the forrest floor. Now, they were safe. Safe for now, but alone.

You will assume the role of one of the students who escaped. You're goals will be to find out where you're classmates are, what shot you're airbus down, and where is/what happened to Professor Zoboglish. But you didn't just get into the Kallahara Youfsian Acedemy for nothing...

Signup sheet:
Name: Duh... Important rules... Humans and Omicrons and others have a first and last name... YOUFSIANS DO NOT!! Also Youfsians females have more vowels in their names than consonants. Males have more consonants than vowels. However, they may be equal for either gender. (Sorry, but it's a rule in their culture. I have to stick to the accuracy of my stories...)

Age: 13-19. You are in school and a prestigious acedemy...

Gender: -.-;;;

Specie: OK. Here's where things get intersting...

Youfsians: Small by most standards, full grown are only about one foot tall. They dress like humams (shorts, pants t-shirt etc...) however small they are they have a large energy potential. They are also uninhibited by their size in travel due to their wings. They have colorful wings like a butterfly, but they are a lot more flexible.

Omicrons: Omicrons are humanoids with a pale blue skin. They are know for their inteligence and are a bit stuck up because of it. Omircon minds are so sophiticated that they abosrb everything they see and never forget. THeir minds often get so cluttered, that they have to go to a special station
to have part of their memory erased.

Humans: You know... Except this time, you're probably a magician or a warrior... You may dress causally, but you may also dress like whatever you are.

Other: If you have any other suggestion, feel free to suggest them. You are aminterplanetary exchange student oif you're not a Youfsian. The more creative it is, the more likely I'll accept it.

Element: Your characters elemntal affinity. Common ones are fire, water, wind, earth ice, electric, dark and light, but others will be considred. Duel/Tri elemnets will be accepted, but the more elements you have, the less powerufl each of them are...

Attack type: If most of you will use energy in one form or another. Commons types are beams, balls, blades, and blasts... However, barriers are used for defense, and there are other rarer types that can be harnesses, also... Once again, you can use more than one type, but that means you're not as adept as someone who speicalizes in one type. Also EVERY physical weapon and be emulator ans an energy weapon and healing energy is VERY helpful...

Appearance: Don't forget what specie you are!!

Personality: Yeah...

Signature Attack: Optional for the creative types...

RPG Sample: Yeah. I'm going to ask for a sample. Explain how you got out of the clutches of your gigantic insect abductor and your thoughts as you land in the forrest.
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I <3 Catgirls
Flat: Don't be so quick to give up. The forum is having difficulty staying up. I assure you, the links work in the daytime in EST Time.
I have an idea for an RPG that I want to see if you guys like. Its not fully worked out, but I have the basic plot done.

A scientist is working on a machine that will shrink stuff to about the size of the shortest pokemon (not sure which that is, but I will check). After years of work, he decided to do one final test. When he flips the swhitch, 6 beams of light shoot into the sky. These beams hit 6 trainers that have just started their pokemon journy (so they have their starter pokemon, 5 pokeballs, and a few items). The test was succussful (sp?), the trainers have shrunk. When they were hit, they had a vision. It showed them how to get back to normal size. The key is badges. So, the trainers set off to get the badges and grow back to normal size.