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RPG Ideas and Wishes

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Night Terror
RPG Ideas and Wishes​


Rather than have two separate threads for what is fundamentally the same thing, it's easy to combine them into one. We all have ideas for RPGs and we all have wishes for the sort of RPGs we'd like to join. Well this is the thread to share both.

So what do you want? Adventures on the high seas as a pirate, looting other ships and saving people from monstrous beasts? Defending the innocent as a Jedi Knight in the far corners of the galaxy? Exploring a Mysterious dungeon with your pokemon friends? Reaching to become the greatest Pokemon Trainer of all times? Whatever it is, whatever you want to see, you can envision it here. Tell us what you want to join, tell us what you want to be, and maybe someone will look at your post and say "Wow, I can do that. I can make those characters live." and maybe you can look at their post, and say the same.

Well that's what you want, but what do you have? Everyone has ideas, some more than others, some have more ideas than they have time. Not all these ideas can work, not all of them have a future, but to help you decide which ones do, we can help. Tell us your thoughts and your plans. Tell us a story, bring in a cast, let us imagine ourselves in your world for a moment and let us help you imagine it further.

Now I've taken away the rules that made the old topics look too formally, this is a forum for imagination and creativity, and stifling that with 'you must's and 'don't do's wont help. Just remember that you can't imagine something if you don't know enough about it. Try and keep your wishes and ideas separate so it's easier for people to see between the two.


Gaze upon the slayer
Hmm, won't this make things more clumpy?

Anyway, I've been thinking of a Lord of the Rings RPG based around events of the War of the Ring, except its a more worldly view and I'll allow multiple race choices:

Goblin (They're uncivilized Orcs.)
Ringwraiths (Or Nazgul)
Possibly more

As well as multiple Class Choices:

And more

And of course, you can be Good, Neutral, OR Evil- this is a twist to the War of the Ring where Sauron has returned due to unusual circumstances. (I'm working it out...)

It'll likely involve large beasts, battles, and a giant world spanning...

Well, I'm not good with measurements.

For now, I call it Lord of the Rings: Twisted Fate.


Phantom Thief
I have an idea for, of all things, a Bionicle RP.

Races could include Toa, Matoran, Rahkshi, Piraka, etc.

And of course you would pick your element, mask/power and weapons.

You could be good, neutral, or evil.

I could also work in groups to join such as the Brotherhood of Makuta or the Dark Hunters.

Anyway, I just wanted to see if anybody was interested before I really went into detail. I've never seen a Bionicle RP before, so I thought it would be an original idea.
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It's that one guy
Hmmm, I love your idea Angrycaterpie, and was planning on doing something similar myself, but if your willing to do it, I'll step aside.

I would assume that you could choose what type of human you are? As in, a Gondorian or a Rider of Rohan, for two examples.

Anyway, it would be a RP I'd join any day, good luck.

Zero Nexus

Stand up, go for it
Remember that Pokemon School RPG? I'd love to see another one of those, but with more free will and the ability to start with whatever Pokemon you wanted. In the latter's case, maybe it could be a school for experienced trainers? Know what i mean?


Follow my lead!
I wish there was a pokemon and digimon team up to defeat evil RPG


God of Monsters
Would anyone be interested in the following? It's loosely based on Lee Myung-jin's "Ragnarok" series, but it diverges in terms of plot and allows for other characters.

Ragnarok: The Fall of Gods:

Ages ago Ragnarok, the prophesized fall of the Asgardian gods, was set to occur. However, the gods were not willing to simply submit to their doom, so they sent forth their elite warriors, the Valkyries to hunt down and destroy the humans destined to hasten the coming of Ragnarok. But several gods opposed this action, as they believed that the time of the gods had drawn to an end, and it was time for humans to control their own fates. Most prominent among these gods was Balder, the god of light, who stood valiantly against his peers before being struck down. The details of what happened after that point are still unknown, but one thing can be certain: the gods prevented Ragnarok from occurring. Now however, Ragnarok is set to begin again.

Now the human world is slowly dying as a result of the prolonged rule of the gods, and the time for their rule is at an end. The time for humans and mortals to control their own fates is now, but the gods are not about to give up their power and wait for their end. Odin the All-Father, the most powerful god and master of the universe, has ordered the destruction of all beings who would see Ragnarok through; be they human, elf, dwarf, giant, or demon. He has appointed the goddess Freya to this task, and she has sent her twelve Valkyries to hunt down all those who would bring about Ragnarok.

Little does Odin know however, that Freya seeks more than continued survival. She seeks power. All of it, and she will use Ragnarok itself to eliminate her competition so that she herself may become master of all the Nine Worlds. Additionally, the gods that once stood to protect the humans have been reborn (reincarnated), and are being sought out by the Valkyries so that they might be returned to death once more.


Gaze upon the slayer
Hmmm, I love your idea Angrycaterpie, and was planning on doing something similar myself, but if your willing to do it, I'll step aside.

I would assume that you could choose what type of human you are? As in, a Gondorian or a Rider of Rohan, for two examples.

Anyway, it would be a RP I'd join any day, good luck.
Muohohohohoho, it's more diverse than THAT.

Rohan, Gondor, Dunedain, Ithilien, Gundabad, Dunland, Dale. etc.

It's not just for the men, either:

Elves can be Lothlorien, Rivendell, Mithlond, Mirkwood, etc.

Dwarves can be Erebor, Moria, Celduin, etc.

AAAAAAND so forth.

I'll put up the plot in a few.
EDIT: And here I go:

"I see in your eyes the same fear that would
take the heart of me. The day may come when
the courage of Men fails; when we forsake
our friends and break all bonds of
fellowship; but it is not this day - an
hour of wolves and shattered shields, when
the Age of Man comes crashing down - but it
is not this day!!! This day we fight! By
all that you hold dear on this good earth -
I bid you-!"

King Aragorn, Son of Arathorn, could not finish his sentence. What should have marked as an age of peace in the days of Middle-Earth has descended further into war. Concerned, Aragorn and his allies turn to the massive Black Gates of Mordor, curious what Sauron may have in store for these brave heroes.

When a man, clad in armor, steps out of the gates alone- without an army nor weapon. But this man- no, this vile creature- could be recognized by even the most simple of minds.

Clad in black armor, with a monstrous stature of eight feet and almost a full ton, he stepped towards the king of men and raised his right arm and flexed his fingers in an ominous gesture. What lay upon his ring finger frightened all on the field, save the wielder. A small ring, inscribed with deadly words, shined brilliantly upon the dead fields.

The Dark Lord Sauron had returned.

The White Wizard Gandalf, wide eyed at this realization, staggered backwards in despair, muttering, "No... Frodo... he has failed and in doing so, has revived Sauron... All hope is-"

Suddenly, Aragorn draws Anduril, his newly forged blade, and points it at Sauron, emitting an equally brilliant light off of the steel.

"No! Hope still remains, even in the face of evil! I WILL DEFEAT YOU! RETURN TO BARAD-UR, SAURON!"


Aragorn gasped, whispering, "He's still alive? But then..."

Sauron lifted his hand up into the air, as darkness materialized inside his grip, forming as a two-foot long mace, reeking with evil energy. His weapon, Gorgoroth's Fury, sent fear down the backs of the brave men on that field. Even the stubborn Gimli shivered in his boots.


Sauron lifts a palm to the king of men and sends a sphere outward that knocks Aragorn to the ground. He sprawls to his feet and grasps Anduril, charging at Sauron.

"Even if I must die, I will not die in vain!"


Sauron lifts his mace and slams it upon Anduril...

Shattering both upon impact. Sauron kicks Aragorn away and walks away from the fields and into Mordor.

Legolas quickly drew his bow and fired multiple arrows at Sauron, all of which bounced off his armor.

Then the Dark Lord disappeared into a cloud of smoke, as the free men of Middle Earth fell back...

And thus began the Great War.


Yeah, I'll try to think of a better ending line than THAT.
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It's that one guy
@Angrycaterpie, Brilliant, just brilliant, It looks great so far and I intend to join whatever the case. Oh, and I'm curious, all of the Moria Dwarves are dead, so how would one go about playing as one? Now I just have to argue with myself over what type of character I want to be >_>


Gaze upon the slayer
@Angrycaterpie, Brilliant, just brilliant, It looks great so far and I intend to join whatever the case. Oh, and I'm curious, all of the Moria Dwarves are dead, so how would one go about playing as one? Now I just have to argue with myself over what type of character I want to be >_>
Hmm, I suppose we could have survivors, can't we? I mean, this IS an alternate future we're talking about here.

However, and this may upset people- NO being already-existing people. Sorry, you're not gonna be Gandalf, or Sauron, or the Witch King, or even video-game only characters like Berethor or Gorkil.

However, it IS notable that you can use any Create-A-Heroes you may have on your possible copy of Lord of the Rings: Battle For Middle Earth 2: Rise of the Witch King for the PC.


Gaze upon the slayer
I'm also thinking of making a Pirates of the Caribbean one, which takes place after the 3rd movie- you search for the Fountain of Youth!


The RPG Godfather
I am Thinking of Making a Kingodom Hearts Rpg it will be called The Final Key Blade War. it takes place 400 hundred years after the events of the Kingdom Hearts series, Mickey is alive but he has gone into hiding, the Players will each be a key blade wielder, and your job is to find mickey and they everyone travels back in time to bring Sora, Kairi, Riku, Donald, Goofy and Roxas into the Future so they can Attack the Heartless and Nobody forces


*Gasp* He's back!
I wish there was a pirates of the carribean rpg who finds the fountain of youth yea....but they also have pokemon as partners ^^ i'm thinking of making one.


Vintage much?
I am thinking of a RPG based on The Cold War, I guess. I mean It would be hard, On anything on history,

I mean what we have two different Countries, USA (Plus Western World) and The Soviet Union (Plus Rest of Eastern Europe), Around the 60's or 70's



Gaze upon the slayer
Hmm, that's actually a good idea- a war RPG.

Personally, I'd prefer World War 2 or the Civil War, but whatever floats your boat.
Yeah, the cold war would be nothing like a war rpg though. It'd mostly be espionage and stuff. Either you'd need everyone to be on the same side, or really good RPers. It'd be interesting to see if you could pull it off.

I was thinking off two actually:
The first one is a humor pokémon rp where the pokémon play pranks on their two incompetent owners for revenge and/or boredom.

The second is one based on hacking. Basically, everything's been digitized and your characters are actually in the computer. As such, they can change the environment using Haxx, create things using Classes, or combine them using Code. The goal is to make everything freeware, by stealing it from the big corporations.


Leon is Pro!
I have an idea, and it involves Pokemon and fantasy into it as well. Mainly focused on newer technology and the future, it is titled Neo Revolution. You are a civilian in the 22nd Century, and it just so happens that a recent war has paved the way for a group called the 'EndWar' has appeared. EndWar is a terrorist paradise, and they all want to destroy any country they consider a threat. Things like Gnomes and Elves, Pokemon and Dragons, have entered the world due to the Earth's constant advancements. Also, Jesus came back and taught the world some of his godly magic, so the world has more power then they used to. EndWar has recruited the Dark Elves, Black Dragons, and Dark Knights to help them achieve their goal, and they have already stalled the U.K. long enough for them to begin their sub-goal: rewiring Big Ben II so that it unleashes an atomic wave so powerful, that it could brainwash every area from the U.K to Canada into joining Endwar, which equals the rest of the world basically doomed. And as such, you gain a job into the freedom fighters against the EndWar cause, named Neo's Rise. And thus, that is my idea.