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RPG IDEAS - Share your thoughts here

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by RaZoR LeAf, May 17, 2006.

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  1. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    OK, post any and all ideas you have for RPGs here. A few rules before you get started, please pay close attention to them, because the amount of spam in this forum as a whole, is going to start earning warnings if it continues.

    1. Post an adequate length. Don't just reply with a tiny little idea you have, make sure what you are posting is enough to get a real idea of what the RPG entails.
    2. Reply with proper criticisms and opinions. If you like the RPG, fine, don't reply with "Wow, that's cool, I'll join it!". If that's all you were going to say, don't bother hitting reply.
    3. Please make an effort to share opinions on other's RPGs, so that they might tell you what they think of yours.
    4. This is not a discussion topic. Don't start conversations about your RPG. If someone makes a suggestion you like, try and work it into your RPG in your own time, or discuss it with them in PM. You can repost your idea again later, but make sure it's been changed more than a little.
    5. If you post an idea, then suddenly decide to post it as an RPG a day or two later, have the decency to come back and delete your post from the topic. What's the point of having an idea here that's already been posted?

    Some things to include in your posts:

    • Genre
    • How many sign ups you're looking for
    • What you expect sign ups to be like
    • Possible ratings
  2. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Genre: I'd like this RPG to be vey bubbly, exiting and bubbly. Something that will keep readers on their wits ends! I've thought up one about the Cerulean sisters daughters and/or sons going out on their journeys to beat the eleit 4 so they can become rulers of the gym. I thought about putting this in as a fic (not in RPGs) but I guess I think you guys out there have some way good ideas!
    How many sign ups you're looking for: Minimum 3 maximum 15.
    What you expect sign ups to be like: Top notch. I mean really top notch. As I said before I want to keep readers on their wits end just reading it. I would probably say rougly 3-5 lines per. not the name and age and stuff though!
    Possible ratings: I've never gotten a rating on a RPG before so i couldn't begin to know. It would have to be good though or we'd have to kick it up a notch with suspencedramasuspencedramasuspencedrama. (Note-that was not a typing error)
  3. katiekitten

    katiekitten The Compromise

    Flygon: Having the people be the Cerulean sisters is interesting, not something I have personally seen before. But the plot seems a little overused, the elite trainer plot has been used thousands of times. Maybe add a small twist in the tale, somewhere. A more sinister undertone to the average plot, something to by slowly introduced, problems sprining up everywhere, and the happy trainers being thrown into this thick plot. The world thrown into chaos as the whole world tries to fight off the threat. To make it more unique, to interest RPers. The gradual introduction of the true plot will add suspense, for you can create all these delicious little hints to enfuriate the RPers. Drama is easily introduced. But if it is just a normal story, the average plot, it does get a little boring.

    On the sign ups, that should be fine, although by having to many the RP could go faster than the speed of light and it would be hard to keep up. That said, it would make it so that if one person drops off the face of the earth, the whole RP won't follow it. :)

    I can't help you on the ratings, but by what you have so far seems like a G/U. Maybe a PG if you throw some love into it. :)

    Okies, my idea...

    I'm writing a fanfiction on thiss, and I thought it might be fun if I allow others to join in the madness. It will probably only be up after I have finished the story, but I will start the RP from the complete beginning, so people won't have to, and hopefully won't, read it. It will be nice to see how far it diverts from the original, this way. :)

    The plot: Earth nowadays. Everything is normal, average. No pokemon exist, just your normal creatures and critters. The people of this planet live in blissful ignorance as the end hurtles towards them. For covering the earth is Chaos, kept at bay by the thin barrier of reality. It swirls around the circumference of the Earth, unable to break through the barrier. It is invisible to the mortal eye, for those who can see it looks to be thin, but in actual fact contains a whole world. The realm of Chaos. A world filled with distorted creatures, twisted plants and deranged winds. It twists the mind of any who dwell there, throwing them into madness. The creatures are merely puppets, controlled by their master, the Evil Bunny King of Doom. He holds an avatar of the earth clasped between his paws, it has taken him thousands years to create it from pure chaos. Finally it is finished, he grins happily, balancing it on one paw whilst idly scratching his face with the other. His bloodred eyes glittered gleefully, a small breeze brushing by his short, snow white fur. He gazes at the slowly rotating model, entranced by the shifting colors. He has always longed to go there, and for too long has he been denied the privelage. Extending the claw of his free paw, he reaches down and pricks a hole in the fabric of reality. With a small sigh, chaos breaches the barrier and begans to seep through, throwing the whole world into disorder.

    Okies, we enter when it has just happened. The characters have no clue what is happening at first, so they begin continuing with their daily lives. Slowly, a few odd things start to happen. Such as your reflection in the mirror a second off, things like that. As the RP continues, the situation agrivates, more serious things start happening. Your reflection starts waving at you and walking out of the mirror, and nearing the end, the reflection could even become an cutal human, your polar opposite. Just an example. :) I'm hoping that it would be a lot of fun, for people can let their imaginations fly and make the silliest things happen, but not just randomly. I will be looking for advanced RPers, for I don't want people just to be stupid. Have fun, yes, but not go overboard. Still write quality posts of how their character is coping. XD Should be fun!

    Any number of entrants. LSUs will be accepted, for it is a fairly open plot. I will introduce some major characters, and will provide a chance to stop this madness. If they can. XD I will mostly allow them to create their own plots. :) Pokemon will be introduced later in the RP, as part of the effects of the shattering of reality.

    Rating should be G/U. Although it may rise as it nears the end, as the bad effects of chaos come into play. For not only good things shakll come out of chaos. >=)

    Nearly forgot: Genre. Fantasy. Madness. Drama, if RPers want to add it. Comedy, mostly. :)
    Last edited: May 17, 2006
  4. Urahara

    Urahara Showtimu da!

    Hmm... That seems like an interesting plot... But it's a bit confusing. Why is the Chaos there in the first place? Why can only some people see it? Why does the Evil Bunny King want to go to Earth?

    Anyway... I've got an idea as well.
    Mobile Suit Gundam: To a Place That Still Shines

    Genre: Mecha, Action
    Number of Sign-ups: Dunno... Five to ten?
    Expected Sign-ups The usual stuff, along with the character's Mobile Suit (Including it's armament's and whatnot.)
    Expected Rating: PG to PG-13

    AD 3254. That was the year that everything began to go wrong. Only five years earlier, all of the Earth's nations had united under one banner, forming a world government. There were, however, those who did not agree with the ideals of this government, or perhaps just the idea of a united government. These people revolted, wanting an independant country of their own.

    The ensuing war was brutal. Thousands of lives were lost to the era's advanced weaponry. More still, however, would die against the world government's secret weapons: Mobile Suits. These giant, pilotable humanoid robots had a variety of weapons, from guns, to swords, to the Mobile Suit itself.

    Within one year, the rebels lost a massive amount of forces. On June 7, 3255, they were forced to surrender to the world government. Those that participated in the rebellion were exiled to the moon.

    Directly after Mobile Suits were first introduced, however, the stock market crashed, plunging the world into a vast depression. The reason? People didn't like the idea of massive killing weapons. The companies that had helped the government create the Suits saw their stock prices instantly drop as a result. This sent people into a panic, creating a selling spree rivalling the one that sparked the 1929 depression. As you might expect, this cause all sorts of problems. Shantytowns sprung up everywhere, crime shot through the roof, and unemployment spiked to record levels.

    It is now AD 3290. Earth has since climbed out of it's massive depression, and right into another problem: natural resources were being depleted at a rapid rate, faster than they could ever be replenished. The world government pleaded to the still-thriving moon exiles, who were supplemented by occasional supply ships from Earth, to help them. The exiles promptly sent a group of scientists to examine the situation.

    The results were grave.

    It was calculated that there was no way to restore Earth to it's former glory, or to support Earth's population for more than a few decades. The exiles then offered to help the world government find a new planet for the human race to inhabit. They revealed that they had discovered the secret to faster-than-light travel, and had reverse-engineered destroyed Mobile Suits to produce their own. These Mobile Suits had been vastly improved. Instead of the titanium armor of the Earth Mobile Suits, these MS were equipped with a special alloy termed "gundanium." This alloy, being many times stronger than conventional metals, was much more practical for armor purposes. Also, instead of an electric power source, these suits operated on a nuclear power reactor. This also allowed for weapons that shot beams, such as rifles; and weapons comprised entirely of energy, such as swords. In honor of the gundanium alloy with which they were armored, these Mobile Suits were called Gundams.

    The moon denizens supplied the world government with five Gundams, and told them to find the best pilots for them. Within two years, all five Gundams had been assigned pilots. The moon had also produced five Gundam pilots.

    Our story begins as the ten Gundam pilots, as well as the crew of a ship housing them, sets off on the long journey beyond the solar system, hunting for a planet that could support the human race. The fate of all humans rests on their shoulders.

    What is a Mobile Suit?
    A Mobile Suit is essentially a giant (40-50 feet tall), humanoid robot. They piloted from a cockpit usually located in the chest of the suit, though some models with the cockpit in the head exist. They are usually powered by small nuclear reactors, however, in Gundam SEED, most Mobile Suits are powered by batteries.

    Mobile Suit weapons can vary greatly, from vulcan guns in the head, to large rifles, to bazookas, to snipers, to swords. Armor can also vary, depending on which universe the Suit is from. For the purposes of this RPG, however, Mobile Suits are armored with gundanium.

    This is Gundam, right? Where's the space colonies?
    May I point you to Turn-A Gundam, which has no space colonies, but a settlement on the moon?

    Wait...What exactly is a Gundam?
    It's essentially a class of Mobile Suit. In the original Mobile Suit Gundam, the Gundam was just that: a Mobile Suit. It was simply named the Gundam. In Gundam Wing, Gundams were named for being armored with gundarium alloy. G Gundam uses a similar naming convention to Wing, except the alloy in question is gundanium. Gundams in SEED, however, are named for the operating system on which they run, whose name can form the acronym GUNDAM.

    Sign-up Form

    Name: First and Last.
    Age: No younger than 18.
    Gender: ...


    Name/Model Number: Make up the model number. >.>
    Description: Color, size, shape, etc.
    Weapons: Anything. Anything at all. Just keep the number of weapons within reason.

    So... What'cha think? A cookie to anyone who gets where the name came from.
  5. TheTurquoiseTauros!

    TheTurquoiseTauros! This is bull crap!!!

    ^I dont know if I like this idea, as it would be very hard, in my opinion, to describe all of our gundams.

    IDEA: There is a brand new pokemon region called Darune and its mostly a tropical region filled with many pokemon but unfortunaly no new pokemon. The region is famous for its trainer population. Darune is a region that has a ruler and is picked, like our gov't, every 4 years or so. But something bad happened. A new ruler was elected because he seemed like the perfect king. But not all was as it seemed for the new ruler, King Barbus, now wants to get ride of all the trainers, sorta like the holocaust if you will. The king has hired and sometimes forced evil trainers to get ride of all the other pokemon trainers. All the people that are accepted will play as rebel trainers trying to escape from the king's cluches and to find a way to de-throne him all the while evading the evil trainers, also known as the Dactyl Riders as they always ride evil aerodactyls.

    I hope this is a good idea! I know it needs some work.........
    Last edited: May 20, 2006
  6. cdra1617

    cdra1617 Not a Seadra

    Flygon: Sounds like a big roleplay... like Katie said, more of a plot would definately help, not just the whole game plot. ^^;

    Katie: Wow. That looks very interesting. I would be sure to join it ;3 I don't see any major mistakes... but if there's a little one I didn't catch, I think that it could be worked out.

    Urahara(sorry about that one o.o): I haven't seen much of Gundam in forever. I like the idea, though, and would most likely be happy to join in. You did a good job in explaining the Mobile Suits and stuff...

    I have an idea, but not the hard copy of it v.v So this isn't near the exact version, more a rephrasal. Nonetheless, I'd like to hear your thoughts.

    Genre: Fantasy
    Rating: PG/PG-13 for blood, violence, and a bit of language.
    Sign-ups: Five strong roleplayers. I want more than five lines if possible in each category, no less than four. I'm talking complex, well-made characters with no half-hearted sign-ups.


    We don't understand why we dream, why we create myths and legends... why fantasies run rampant through us. We think that's all they are, fantasies... not real at all.

    But they are. Our dreams are the results of holes breeched between the realms... and all myths were part of our world at one time.


    Our world is not alone... it is in fact one of many. We call it Earth, they call it Nexus, the place where all other worlds are connected. For that is exactly what it is... the other seven realms have to stay attached and separated somehow...

    The answer to how is the seven Creatures, simply put. They hold the barriers in place and maintain the holes and gates between Nexus and their homeworld. To do this, they live in Nexus... but some people who we deem "insane" or just plain "crazy" can see these Creatures and the things that work on our world through the holes that they create...

    They hated being shunned for their abilities, so they banded together secretly to search these things down. They looked to mythology for information about the Creatures, and they eventually found their secret... they could unbind the worlds by destroying the binding Creatures.

    Something drove them to do so, and so they did. The Creatures found them to be no threat at all and did not give it a second thought... the thought that they were simply not in any danger prevelant.


    One of them was killed by the band of "crazy" people, who begun to call themselves the Releasers of Reality. It's realm became one with Nexus, introducing its creatures to our world... luckily they look much like the different animals of our world, so they can blend in...

    But stilll, this sent the others into shock, not knowing how they were to cope with something that could actually kill them... and had once succeeded.

    The remaining binding Creatures met together to try to find a solution. After a long debate over their fates, a consensus was reached: they would bind to the young inhabitants of Nexus to hide, but not without helping them. They would care for the orphaned children they chose, helping them through life... and giving them a few supernatural talents to boot.

    That was fifteen years ago.


    Now the six call themselves Scarred, for they hold the mark of the Creature that bound to them over their skin. It is odd what they chose to do... they imprinted into the skin of the humans. The mark is like a realistic full-body tattoo that they don't mean to have... but naturally, they have found ways to hide the Scar.

    Already they have developed a few abilities, small ones for now. But the Creatures know what they will eventually, unconciously to the Scarred, teach them to do... to allow the mark to melt off of their skin have it live within the shadow they emit from their soul. But not yet...

    All of the Scarred have started to have strange dreams and urges to defeat the Releasers of Reality... they don't know why, but the Creatures are just trying to make a way for themselves to live in Nexus freely again.

    They just hope the time's coming soon.


    A few things to be explained: the holes I mentioned before allow the other realms to act on Nexus, but we rarely ever see the effects they have and if we do we mostly disregard them. The other realms interact a small bit, but rarely without going through Nexus first.

    I have the realms in a file on my home computer, so tomorrow I'll put them up here. ._.; Each one affects Nexus in some or a few small ways that we mostly disregard, like I said.

    Arg, that was a long writing. o.o Well, comments and questions much appreciated. ;3
    Last edited: May 20, 2006
  7. Urahara

    Urahara Showtimu da!

    Porygon: Eh... I'm not that good with Pokemon RPGs, so I'll leave that one to someone more capable. As for the Gundams, I'll include an example at the bottom of this post.

    Cdra: o_O Electric? Anyway... That is a very interesting idea... Hmm. Quite a common theme, though, parallel worlds. Is it possible for the realms to interact with each other? What about interacting with Nexus even if the Creature of that realm hasn't been defeated?


    Name/Model Number: MEA-363-41 Brawler Gundam

    Description: Roughly 47 feet tall, and wider than the average Gundam. Its "eyes" are blue, while the rest of the face is white. The armor over the torso is a smattering of green and gold resembling a sad attempt at camoflage. This same pattern is found over the arms and legs. This Gundam's armor is particularly thick on its hands and feet, allowing it to grip beam sabers with little consequence. This also makes it ideal for hand-to-hand combat.

    Weapons: 2x Head-mounted vulcan gun, capable of individual fire; 2x jet-assisted punch system, allowing for speedy jabs in combat; 2x removable "brass knuckle," allowing for greater damage per punch at the cost of reduced punching speed; 2x jet-assisted kick system, serving the same purpose as the punch system.

    Other: The first Mobile Suit ever to utilize hand-to-hand combat as its method of attack.

    See? Easier than it looks.
  8. cdra1617

    cdra1617 Not a Seadra

    Urahara: My brain exploded. ._.; Now then, I did forget to add the worlds to that, mostly because I don't have them with me. But yes, the other realms can interact with Nexus to an extent, but most people can't tell any differences. When I get back to the copies of my worlds I'll add them and it will make more sense... I hope at least. ._.;

    Interaction between the other realms is incredibly rare unless something went through Nexus. *runs off to fix plot*

    And the Gundams do seem simple enough.

    Porygon: It sounds interesting, but do you have to create a new region for it? I think you'd be best off using one people know about. Also, there are a few plot holes... but I'm not the best at pointing them out. I know for one that it's too short though. Mostly just work on length and maybe use an existing world... Not quite sure what else to tell you.
    Last edited: May 20, 2006
  9. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    XD katiekitten I couldn't help laughing when I saw that. Man... the Evil Bunny King will have a field day making my life miserable for laughing at him. That sound like a fun and exciting RPG.

    I'm don't see myself as an advanced RPer so I probably won't join when ever it now though I wouldn't be stupid things. That sound like a bunch of fun and it hadn't even started.

    Urahara... It doesn't caught my attention... I'm not really a Gundam person but I have watch several different Gundam shows.

    porygon2lover that an interesting idea but why does the president hate pokemon trainers? If he hate them then why does he create evil trainers to catch normal trainers?

    cdra: That sounds very interesting too!!

    o_O so those dreams about me falling was true and when I got attack by a swarm cicadas and when the little black beetles for the Mummy(the ones the burrow into her skin and eat your inside) they are real and they were once a part of our world... that must have been a scary time back then...

    Anyway it sound like another RPG where your imagine can just go wild.

    I have many ideas for RPG but I'm just brainstorm process now and don't have any written down except the pokemon/digimon RPG but I'm not quite done with the explaining of everything.
    Last edited: May 20, 2006
  10. cdra1617

    cdra1617 Not a Seadra

    Innerflame: Hm, that's a good point. I should better explain what I mean be dreams, or people will think stuff like that is what I mean o.o; Well thank you for your input. XP
  11. The_Mighty_Medicham

    The_Mighty_Medicham It's electric!

    Here's one I've been thinking about lately:

    Genre: Adventure/ Fantasy

    How many sign-ups: 3-5

    What the sign-ups are like: Really good, I wouldn't want it to die.

    Possible rating: PG to PG13

    No title yet.

    Plot: In Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas", we were introduced to the concept that the holidays have their own world. In Halloweentown, there is a girl named Sally who is sewn together from various parts. The mischevious children, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, tore her to pieces and hid them all in the other worlds. Now Jack and other brave volunteers from the town must brave these new worlds in the hope of putting Sally back together. They have to learn to adapt and blend in with these new worlds, and maybe get a little educated along the way.

    It isn't much, it's still a bit of a work in progress.
  12. katiekitten

    katiekitten The Compromise

    Good point.. The Chaos is there because the world is partly made out of chaos. It is hard to explain, for I got the idea from another story... Wells, chaos isn't bad, exactly. It is a little bit of chaos in us human beings, know as your imagination, that allows you to think up so many things. Evrything has a bit of chaos in them, it is part of free will. It helps you think, and stuff. It is an element as much as air, as fire, ectra. :) It has just always been there.

    Oops. XD I didn't mean to cause confusion over the seeing thing. Well, immortals are derived from chaos, they are half chaos, which allows them to see it, have magic, and be immortal, if you know what I mean. XD Humans have only a small amount, not enough to be able to see it. It is invisable, because it is not fully inside this dimension. It is hidden inside the atmosphere, not on purpose, and is only visable as a faint gleam. It is kinda like infared light, in a way. the Immortals can see it because they have eyes compatible with it. Or touch. Or smell. XD

    The evil bunny king wants to return to earth, because Chaos is not that nice a place. Well, some parts of it are, but when he was banished from earth, he was entombed in the bad part. The down town area. He was banished for his scheming ways, he was once a free immortal who came from chaos to earth, but was corrupted by greed and started world domination plans. So the others who lived there chucked him out, and he has always wanted to return. For earth is a very nice place, with its oceans, parks, green areas. He wants to own it all.

    This was the first time I truly thought out the reasons behind this. XD I was to lasy before.... :)

    I consider you pretty advanced. :) I've seen you RP, you are quite good. :) By advanced I mean mature enough not to be stupid. To have madness, but within reason, and not just pointless. *hugs*

    I'm glad you guys are liking it! XD I will most definently do it then. But it might be in a little while...

    Okies, to the ideas! *reads through*

    Urahara: It seems quite good, you described it very well. I have no clue what Gundam is, but from the history you have supplied us with I will be fine. :) The plot isn't complicated, the history is well thought out and explained perfectly, can imagine that happening. :)

    A question, though. If I was in this RP, I would wonder what the inside looked like. Is there a set design, or do we make it up ourselves? And i am also a little confused as to how we fly. In one big ship, or separate Gundams?

    This is still a great idea, though, and I will most probably enter it when the time comes. :)

    Porygon: It's alright, but like Cdra said, does it need to be in a new realm? Also, why does the king hate trainers? How did he rise to power, exactly? Go into a little more detail here and there. :)

    Cdra: Thanks! :)


    Woh... *blinks* That sounds like a brilliant one... I'm in! *smacks cards down onto the table* XD Beautifully written, and it sounds really exciting. :) You haveso many brilliant ideas... *is jealous* XD It sounds really nice, with the dreams, and the guardians... Can we choose what our guardians look like? 'Cause that would be fun... *imagines pink pony* XD Just kidding. :)

    Mighty: Interesting idea, I have always loved that movie. *hums 'get mister snata claus, put him in a bag...* XD

    But maybe it isn't so good to make it so the people we take are from the movie. Perhaps let us create our own characters, and history. Sorry, but the thought of using one of them puts me off. Otherwise, good. :)
  13. Urahara

    Urahara Showtimu da!

    Katie: As far as the insides go, there's usually a standard setup with modifacations depending on what the Gundam is designed for. The standard is usually a bunch of meters showing ammo, power, distance from the ship, radar, sonar, etc, as well as a monitor that displays the outside of the Gundam. There'd be a communication device in there as well, too. The mods depend on what the Gundam specializes in, though. A sniper Gundam might have a fold-out scope, for example.

    The pilots would travel in the ship with the rest of the crew. The only reason to use a Gundam for travel would be recon, really. The Gundams are more of a defense measure than anything. >.> Course, there's always a reason to use 'em. Mainly because ship weapons are in general pretty slow, and usually have no chance of hitting a small (in comparison to the ship) target such as a Gundam unless they get reeeeeeal lucky.

    Mighty: Hmm... Looks pretty good, but for the few people that haven't seen the movie, they'd be kinda lost.
    Last edited: May 22, 2006
  14. cdra1617

    cdra1617 Not a Seadra

    Katie: I'm glad you like the idea. Sadly, as many ideas as I can get I don't have the patience to write them down most of the time .-. And yes, you would be able to pick your little Creature thing, so long as it fits in one of the realms I have made. Which I was supposed to post, but forgot. o.o now I'm on the retarded comp. >> So I'll put them up whenever ._.;

    Thank you :3~
  15. The_Mighty_Medicham

    The_Mighty_Medicham It's electric!

    Well, if I ever make this an RPG, I'll go more in detail into the movie's basic plot and describe it more. I planned to also allow the sign-ups to make their own character, but I kind of wanted it to be from Halloween town. I'd be Jack for the story.

    Reviewing ideas:

    cdra: Wow, that sounds really good. I liked the idea of the story and the way the plot goes. Seems very interesting and I like the idea of the Scarred.
  16. MalionX

    MalionX <Is Ash gay or what?

    Well... I don't normally post here... in fact, its been awhile since I was on the fourm as a whole.

    But I would like to do a KH RP...
    But... (don't look at me like that) have it like a rip between the multiple dimensions.
    And every dimension has a keyblade wielder.
    The dimension can be anything Nintendo, Sega, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, Invader Zim, etc...
    Although I don't really have a stable plot for it...
    my thought is that Sora and his dimension have been encased by some unknown evil, and all the other dimension heroes must band together to help him.

    Just an idea.... just thought I'd share it and get some feedback before I go all crazy with it.
  17. Princess Sapphire

    Princess Sapphire Master Expert

    I've got an RPG idea that would blow everyone's mind! It's a Pokémon game,and it is in a new region, as well as the others. This game will have several things differant from the other games. I just finished making the region map. (It's saved as a bitmap file, but I don't know how to post it here so you could see it. If someone can help me with that, please post what I'm supposed to do. Also, if i'm posting this in the wrong section, please tell me where it does go and I'll move it there) The region is called Niji (Japanese word for rainbow) It's a very large region isolated from the other regions in the far south. So the only way to get to it is by boat or plane. The starting town is Chrystal Island. The main characters are 4 royalty siblings: 2 brothers and 2 sisters, and for 3,000 years the royal family has ruled peacfully over the region.You take up the role of the older brother/sister. (depending on choice) You would be the heir to the throne, and as rite of passage, you must go on a pokémon journey that takes you to all the other regions: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Shino. Then when you come back to Niji, you have to do the same thing. Once you defeat the 25 elite trainers of Niji, conquered the Pokémon League in each region, and have captured all 500+ Pokémon, the game will end with you being crowned as the next ruler of Niji, and as the absolute best Pokémon trainer in the world.

    That's just the basic run-down of what's gonna happen. Most games a never that easy. However, you won't be doing this journey alone. As you go through each region, you will be joined by a local trainer at the same level as you: Stella or Ash from Kanto, Marrina or Jimmy from Johto, and Brendan or May from Hoenn. Plus whoever the characters are from Shino. The character that joins you is determined by the gender of you character. And to top that off, once you return to Niji, your little brother/sister would join up with you.

    The sibling relation is not what some of you would think. The brothers care for each other,and the sisters care fo each other. However, the brothers do NOT care for the sisters and vice-versa. To top it off, depending on your choice of the main character, there will be certain areas in the palace that only the brothers can access,and certain areas the only the sisters can go to.(EXAMPLE: there is a cave under the palace. this is an area the the girls can go to. This cave is home to many Dragon-type Pokémon. Including the world's OLDEST Pokémon: A 3,000 year old Dragonite)

    To make things slightly easier, I've adjusted and tweaked things a bit, I've taken a few things up a notch, and I've taken Pokémon battling to the next level. I introduce a new battling method exclusive to the new region. In the rival battles, however, you battle your siblings with this new method while your allies battle their rivals the usual way.

    This new battle method is called Pokémon Dueling. It works like dueling in Yu-Gi-Oh!, but is a little differant. Your Pokémon have been put on cards, the Pokémon attacks are divided into 4 battle catagories: Physical, Defense, Speed, and Power. (Special) Whatever mode the Pokémon is in, it can only use moves of that catagory. So, if the Pokémon is in Attack mode, it can only use Physical Attacks.

    The journey through each region is basicly the way it was in Yellow, Chrystal, and Emerald. A few thing will be differant though. The day/night hours will return, and it's been tweaked a bit. It's not just the simple Morning, Day, and Night anymore. So catching Pokémon at diferant times of the day will be a bit more complex.

    Weather conditions from Emerald will remain, and they've improved a bit. There will not be a year-round weather system though. There's a town and mountain where it is winter all year long, so there's an ocasional snow stom, with hail and sleet. In some areas there will be rain. (not just from Kyogre) Intense heat and sun rays in the desert. (not just from Groudon) In some places, there will even be wind. It's also in mix with the rain or snow areas. So you will expierience every type of weather.

    That's all the info I have for this at the moment. Very soon, I'll need an EXPERT spriter's asisstance in making the route and town maps 'cause I'm not that good. I'm better at hand drawing. I need someone who knows what they're doing, and will draw the maps exactly as I request it. If you wish to help me in this matter, post your artistic level: Poor, Fair, decent, high quality, top-notch, perfection. I will pick someone whose level is of high quality or top-notch. Although perfection wouldn't hurt. If you sign-up for this, consider yourself taking part in my dream of creating the next generation of Pokémon!
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  18. Argent

    Argent A piece of the whole

    *phew* Finally, I got some time to do this, so, here are my comments for y'all! =D


    Like what has been said before me, the adventure RP might be a little overdone… BUT I like the idea of a romantic drama RP. I think that a relationship-based RP could be very fun to play and would offer a lot of opportunity for suspense. Still, I would highly encourage you to not go the adventure RP route and instead think of another storyline to compliment your idea better. Another suggestion would be to work on your descriptions and spelling. Your brief idea had quite a few typos and if you want to encourage great RPers to join your RP, you need to present your story with the same quality.


    Cute concept. ^_^ Let me think of anything to critique… hmm, yeah the concept is a little difficult for everybody to grasp, as I read the other posts. “Chaos” in this instance sounds more like “Yang.” If so, this may help your readers a bit.

    There are two forces which always exist in everyone and everything. There is that part of us which remains constant and unmoving; it’s the stable things which everything gets meaning and substance. There is another part which is temporary and in constant motion; it’s the quality of life which allows change. Without one, the other cannot exist. How can there be change if there is nothing physical to change? And if everything was to cease changing then how can life exist? For a real example of the unmoving force, if you could picture a moment in time where everything stood as it was like it was frozen in time; the water stopped flowing, the birds stopped flapping, trees stopped growing, everything like a three-dimensional picture. For the moving force, if you can imagine if you could only see the movement of the world but remove the things causing that movement like you were seeing everything in super-fast forward: the ripples of water, the after-image of a hand as it disappears to its new location, lightning, fire, the movement of wind, everything temporary, lasting for an instant and disappearing forever. “Chaos” sounds like the “moving force.” ^_^

    Other then that, it sounds really fun. You might have some challenges getting people used to that “chaos” (use good examples to help out =D) but I’m sure people will get it. ^_^


    Interesting… but I don’t think that I’ll be joining. Mecha never was my thing. The big challenge that bothers me is the vastness of emptiness the universe is. This limits the imagination of the RPers to the worlds and creations you create for them. I’d worry that you may be setting yourself for a very reaction-based RP, not that there is anything wrong with that but you are putting a lot of pressure on yourself.

    The second thing I suggest would be to offer some recommendations for the equipment. There are a lot of technical terminology being thrown around and its enough to make a casual player’s head go boom. ^_^;

    Besides that, the story has good descriptions on the Gundams and situation that has brought the world to this point. I know you are capable of allowing more description to make more people feel comfortable in this world. ^_^


    The potential exists, but I do think you need to do a little more then “a little work.” The story contains problems which need to be kinked out. A land famous for its trainers and with a lot of Pokemon elects a king that wants to remove the Pokemon trainers? If the land is famous for them, why would the king want to remove the Pokemon trainers especially with so many Pokemon around? What is his motivation? And can you even elect a king? That being said, there is a fair bit of intrigue in the all-out persecution of trainers, but you need to work on it.

    How about this to start, the land is poor, and a man leading a group of people promises wealth for all and is elected emperor. But when he came into power, he had the military seize more control over everybody, giving them more power and giving the people less. That may give you a better place to start. ^_^


    Another good RP idea, I especially like the full-body tattoo covering the chosen ones, gives them a physical mark to being different. One of the suggestions I have, though, is to go into a bit more detail what the Nexus looks like, what creatures exist there and what could be potential examples of binding creatures. I’m having trouble perceiving an image of what these creatures would look like.

    I would also think that easing in the story and allowing time to allow the characters to create themselves in reality and how their lives have been affected by their “scar” might a good place to start in this type of RP. Though risky, it would allow for some opportunity for creativity. Perhaps having all the scarred people attend the same school may help this.

    Tifa Lockheart

    Uh… story, plot, description… they are all lacking (actually, they weren’t mentioned). So, work on everything? ^_^;;

    The Mighty Medicham

    …you want us to search for Sally’s body parts? o_O;; Eww… I would highly suggest you find another, more story-driven reason for visiting the other worlds than finding the limbs of another character’s girlfriend. Especially considering the mentality of people in Halloweentown, they would probably care less if something bad happened to somebody else.

    Again, there is potential here, but it needs some work. Maybe instead of being a group of nightmares trying to find a girl’s limbs (SO wrong ._.) you could instead be a gang of nightmares trying to rule other lands in order to dethrone Jack? Something else, as the idea is very gross and seems very linear (go to world one, find body-piece, go to world two, find body piece and so on).


    Mmhmm, work on the plotline, and repost here when you get something a bit more concrete. Good concept though, I would like to see what you come up with. ^_^

    Princess Sapphire

    From the sounds of things, you wish to create a new Pokemon game. That’s well and good, but this is a Pokemon RPG forum. We specialize in making storylines and act them out with the characters we create. I hate to tell you this, as it is clear that you put a lot of effort into this idea, but the sounds of your RP is what is dubbed a “Journey Adventure.” You have a group of people go out and go and play as characters to become “the greatest trainer” and they fight with NPCs you create as well as the three other people that are participating. The problem with these type of storylines, while greatly successful in video games, tend not to do as well in forum RPs. One of the biggest reasons is to get a battle going you’d need to post an attack or two, then the other person post an attack or two, and so on. In the end, it gets pretty difficult to maintain many multiple battles and keep people interesting. Simply put, there have been too many of them.

    That’s not to say you can’t create the world you want to play in, or you shouldn’t go ahead with this idea. I would suggest, though, that you should try making an RP which emphasizes on story, and perhaps try playing in an RP before trying to start one. ^_^
  19. The_Mighty_Medicham

    The_Mighty_Medicham It's electric!

    Argent, I like your ideas. I might acutally use them. Like instead of finding Sally, have them try to conquer the worlds so that Jack can be King of Holidays. But it won't exactly be easy.
  20. Princess Sapphire

    Princess Sapphire Master Expert

    I know. But,still, it doesn't hurt to post a really great idea evey now and then. Besides, I litterally mean everything I said. And once I start going to Bown College, things will really start to get interesting. Consder what I wrote as a sneak peak of a creation that will become an official game. As well as put your skills to the ultamate test!
    One day, 4-5 years from now, you're gonna thank me.
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