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Rpg Winter Ball

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by RaZoR LeAf, Oct 29, 2005.

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  1. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    You are welcomed to to

    The RPG Winter Ball

    Please regard all rules the RPG Ball committee has put in place

    * No SPAMMING. This is still an RPG, not a chat thread *
    * No flaming *
    * No advertising other RPGs *
    * Do not cause unnecessary damage to the mansion *
    * The bar staff will serve anyone but the RPG Committee will not be held responsible for alcohol related illness or death *
    * Any excessive violence will result in your character being thrown outside *
    * Events will be held at the RPG Committee's discretion only *
    * Please view topic on Dark skin, for proper spooky atmosphere *


    The night sky was a carpet of deep blue, stars twinkling amongst the darkness. A full moon floated overhead, reflecting a silver light down over an old house, surrounded by a desolate and dead forest. An owl hooted to itself, and the howling of wolves echoed around the open grounds. The old house was one long ago abandoned, it's occupants forced out by a mysterious presence. Some say it was built on the desecrated graves of long dead devil worshipers, others say the father was driven crazy and murdered all those inside. But most know the truth. Laurence Llewellyn Bowen decorated the house. Beside the house, a scruffy graveyard lay, stones overturned and some pits unfinished. The occasional bone lay scattered over the floor, while in a murky bog, something appeared to be moving beneath the surface.

    Pushing on the front door, it slowly creaked open. Footsteps echoed on the marble floor where they shouldn't have. The door slammed behind, and the sounds of chains being dragged across the floors of the rooms above echoed in the empty halls. With candles gradually lit, some light began to fill the room. A grand stair case in the centre of the room led up to the higher rooms. The ceiling reached up high, littered with chandeliers that also bore unlit candles. Cobwebs hung from every corner of the old wooden architecture, and a light mist seemed to seep out from behind closed doors. At once, all the lit candles were extinguished plunging the mansion into complete darkness. A guttural roar filled the halls, followed by an angry voice that screamed,

    "GET OUT!"

    "A little extreme on the atmospherics don't you think?"
    "Look this guy is good, he knows how to make a place scary."
    "Dias' version of scary doesn't conform with a normal person's version of scary."
    "Well tough, he was happy enough to be paid in waffles, so it's no downer on the wallet."

    Dan flicked a switch on the small remote he held in his pocket. All the candles flickered to life, lit by small motorised mechanisms that had been built into them especially for times like this. Floating up the great staircase, he plugged in the speakers in each corner of the rafters, and made sure they all worked properly. Fingering a skeleton key, he unlocked all the main doors into the other rooms, and made sure all the food and drink was out ready. Returning to the main lobby, the bar staff were arriving. Each one, a well tailored zombie, in dapper tuxedo, and all bleeding orifices firmly sealed up as per health and safety regulations. One took a stand behind the main bar that had been built in the lobby, while others stood by ready to take people's coats. Dantoo sat on a stool besides the main bar.

    "Scotch, two rocks."
    The zombie barman handed him a short glass with a gold coloured drink floating around two square ice cubes. Dan held the glass, and the drink drained away from the glass, absorbed into the Porygon hybrid's body.
    "Oh god you're on the alcohol already?"
    "Hey shut up, i'm the one keeping this costume going, so put up or shut up!"
    "Hmmph, fine. But if you get drunk don't think i'm going to drag you around everywhere."
    "Like I have a choice.."
    "Whatever. Look, people are going to start arriving soon, so give the grumpy a rest."

    Dan shuddered, but it was mostly Dantoo doing the shuddering. His costume was rancid. His coat looked like it was knitted together from a hundred skinned bats, and in places it pulsated like it was alive. His skin was mottled, decaying and in some places missing revealing bone underneath. One eye was almost hollowed out, and a foul looking black mist seemed to trail behind him wherever he moved.

    "Dark, ghost. Ghost, dark. At least Christmas will have a nicer choice of attire."

    Dantoo pushed open the doors and turned on the guide lights that had been attached to the roof. A massive circle of light lit the ground in front of the door, while several small light acted as a guide along the path.

    "Good effort. Maybe you should have a medal."
    "Bite me flesh sack."
  2. Lemurian

    Lemurian Lady Myuu's Opposite

    Alex grinned widely as he took in the sight of the mansion. "Man, these guys know how to place parties." he laughed for himself. The far away howling of a wolf made his laughter seem kinda out of place. He squinted, and continued walking.

    Then evening was just perfect for this happening. Full moon and pitch dark, with only the wavering lights of probably over 100 candlelights inside as a source of light. Alex could not stop grinning. This was just too grand to be true. He quickly arranged his mood to fit the costume he was wearing.

    A serious mask fell on his face. His eyes turned cold and harsh, followed by the now very silent face. He rested the hands on the knives that were hanging in sheats half-covered by the black cape. He adjusted them to a more revealed position out of the cape's shade. It was not the best way to wear them, seing as they were supposed to be hidden for the victim's eyes. But these were only just for show. Not like the real ones he was not wearing. He ruffled his hair a bit and pushed open the creaking doors. The assassin Alex Grassthunder had arrived. It was almost enough to make him laugh again.
  3. Nylf

    Nylf Well-Known Member

    I just flew in the door. Forget costumes, when your a dragon from birth, why dress up?

    I looked around. Dull, boring and overall a snoozefest. If only Sorg and Ro were here, Sorg would certainly liven it up. I laughed imagining Sorg floating around, staring at everyone and everything that came in the doors. I looked like a fool, but I didn't care.

    Who would mess with THE Nylf. The Flygon who had, on numerous occasions, saved the world. The Flygon who merely needed to be exposed to the light of the Black Emerald to near quadruple in size, turn pitch black and become the most infamous Legendary in Hoenn. The Flygon who had won the Hoenn league. No-one with half a mind or who liked their bones in one piece.

    Alcohol, human filth. Why do they shove that stuff into their bodies, when they know it's killing them? Neither Drake nor Suila once had wine, even on their wedding day. It was cool being the Best dragon that day, but it made life dull.

    No more legandary confrontations. No more leagues, and all challengers for the title being rookies with more guts than brains. Though Drake was much like them. And Suila had neither guts or brains! Still, she's a great friend, and I'm glad that Drake and her got together. What a journey.

    Time travellers, psychos trying to shrink or expand the sea, reincarnation, and then there was when Tac cheated on Suila. That was a very differant day.

    Well, reminiscing is all fine and good, but i think I might as well get this party started, now wheres my guitar?

    OOC: I'm still Nylf, but I'm using his fanfic past, since it's much more fun! And this was just Nylf's intro, I'll be more in-depth on the place next time. Didn't want Nylf to be too much of an enigma.
  4. The_Mighty_Medicham

    The_Mighty_Medicham It's electric!

    Seth slowly walked down the path that led to the woods. He looked around to make sure that Scorch and Minnie were still following him. Minnie was huddled close to Seth's head from fright and Scorch was hanging on to Seth's leg. All around them the trees creaked and owls hooted.

    "Man, this is one spooky trail. The party had better be worth it. Maybe I should have worn a costume. Oh well, at least now people can see my dashing good looks," Seth said out loud. Scorch started to snicker at the last remark.

    The trio made a bend and looked up. Standing before them was the most terrifying house ever. There was a cemetary nearby that had a few incomplete graves in it. Seth gulped and slowly walked to the door. The gate behind him creaked from, hopefully, the wind. He pushed the door open and looked into a well lit room. A zombie came from around the corner.

    "May I take your jacket?" he asked in a dead voice.

    <AAAAAAH! I WANNA GO HOME, I WANNA GO HOME!> Minnie screamed.

    "Maybe I shouldn't have brought you two along. This guy sure knows how to scare people," Seth said.

    OOC: All of Seth's PokeMon can talk, if that's all right.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2005
  5. PokemonInferno

    PokemonInferno Poor Torchic

    Tommy walks down the path to the mansion.Tommy's Machoke and Charizard behind them.(Yeah I know why didn't Tommy ride his Charizard)

    "Is this it?" Tommy asked and looks at the paper that he wrote down the stuff about the mansion."Yup it is it looks scary..."

    "Ma Machoke!" cried Machoke right behind Tommy."Char Charizard!" cried Charizard on the other side of Tommy.

    Tommy smiles to his pokemon.Tommy walks up to the mansion opens the gate the gate screeches behind Machoke who was the last one to enter the scary lawn of the mansion.

    Tommy sits down on the floor for a while rubbing his foot."Why didn't i just ride you Charizard*sigh*" Tommy said."That just shows to see how stupid I really am." Tommy cheerfully smiled at his pokemon while they look at Tommy.

    "Return Charizard and you too Machoke."Tommy said.Machoke and Charizard go back to their pokeballs.Tommy gets up and starts to walk to the Mansion door and begins to turn the knob but heres a fainting noise in there.

    "Whoa!" Tommy yelled."That was wierd." Tommy starts to turn the knob and enters the mansion and sees a man standing right there in front of Tommy.

    (Sorry that its short)
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2005
  6. DeadlyMighty

    DeadlyMighty Guest

    Tessie, in her Djinn form, looking like hr costume, strode quickly over and glanced about. She rose her head, and straightened her shoulders. She went swiftly into the room, looking around. A mask appeared in her hand and she slippped it onto her face, brushing a strand of her long black hair out of the way. She glanced quickly around the room. It was decorated very beautifully, she thought. It was lined with spooky items, and scary things, for it was her holdiay, the holiday of Demons, ghouls, ghosts, witches...halloween.

    She made her way through the crowd over to the punch table and looked around. Everything was pretty crowded, except here. She settled herself in a chair and glanced meekly about, the large intake of the crowd a bit much for her small calculationg eyes. She blinked and shewas on the sixth plane. It was bright, she couldn't much sense any other magical residue form demons, like afrits, or sentries. Which was good.

    She yawned and stood up, tossing her hari back behing her head and using hertail to twist it into a half-pony behind her head. There were hundreds of people here, butshe didn't mind.It was a time to celebrate. It was halloween. She smiled devishly ot herself and moved through the crowd, spliting herway back up to the front, where she saw a boy in the doorway and a man in front of him.

    She turned away and looked around else where, like to the dance floor. She side-stepped some people and scrunched her way back through the crowd. It was like a sea of roaring people, every single one of them chatting their heads off.
  7. Power Shot

    Power Shot Reignited with Ego!

    "Keep in line," Kor muttered to his Pokemon, confusing those around him in Pokemon language. "What are you looking at?" Kor threatened a fellow party goer.

    He didn't even want to come to the ridiculous thing, but Grovyle and Scizor had agreed the relaxation would be good for him. So he had come, though he had refused point blank to wear a costume.

    "Besides, I look scary enough without a costume," he grunted to himself, searching for the drinks table. He scanned the room for familiar faces, but found that he had seen only one, Tessie had decided to attend as well.

    "I'll speak to her later," Kor muttered, dodging through the foul-smelling people, towards the liqour.
  8. DigitalKaede


    Takashi walked to the mansion. "Ow," he said, because Zigzagoon was clinging to him on his head."Will you..ow...stop...ow!...clinging on MY HEAD?" Zigzagoon trembly slipped off.

    "Look,"he said,"Sorry, but I don't want to look like a total freak there. Besides, the scary thingies are costumes, not actual ones." Then, for some strange reason, Zigzazoon walked triumphantly. "Okkk.."Takashi said when he saw this,"Just walk normally." Zigzagoon did what he was told.

    When they got there, a Frankenstein gave them a mask. Takashi said thanks, and continued, with Zigzagoon right behind....
  9. Chilly was a bit late,so he flew quickly to the mansion."Castform,hurry up or we will miss all the event!"

    He saw a large mansion"It seems that they reall worked on the scenery"He press a button and a scream came out."Wow!They also change the ring to make this more scary"

    Finally a tall man in a Frankehnstein costume receive him.He told Chilly that what was doing a child there.

    He told the man that he was a guest.The Frankenstein tell him that he was a bit late.Then he let Chilly and Castform entry.

    "It is too hot in here,use my fan!"Then castform and Chilly go and started eating the food.
  10. Bu†cH

    Bu†cH Braaiiiiiinss......

    A dark runs swiftly to the mansion.

    "I can't be late," he said in a British accent.

    He makes it, opens the door, and enters....

    He takes off his black coat and puts it on the wooden coat hanger nearby.

    He stretches a bit and gets ready for the time of his life.
  11. Blues

    Blues Monkey Dragon

    "...What am I doing here?"

    Rafe said, as he stepped into the giant mansion, in which the Halloween party was being held. Light filled the entire room, in where people started pouring in from the outside. From top to bottom, Halloween decorations filled the room. From fake bats hanging from the walls, to cobwebs on the steps and walls.

    "Oh yeah, almost forgot my costume..." Rafe said, wraping a light yellow scarf around his neck. Not unlike his usuall clothes, he kept his costume mostly one color. Grey pants and shirt, both somehow having a slightly matalic look to them. Raph slid a red helmet onto his head, along with a black visor completely covering his eyes from sight from other people.

    "Well, this place sure is fancy... It's just a Halloween party, gosh..." Rafe said, making another complaint. This place very much contrasted his house, that was mearly made of wood, and was also in a dangerous forest. "Well, at least I can ruin other people's good time with rude and sarcastic comments..." He said, walking over to a food table.

    Along the side of the room was a very long table with what appeared to be live rats running along the sides. Rafe slightly chuckled "This place is giant, the owner is obviously wealthy. Yet they still have rats here...". He started laughing a little louder, until he got a close look at the so-called "rats". They were nothing but black cups rolling along the floor.

    "Only cups? All well, I can still use this to mess with people..." Rafe said, picking one of the cups up. Examining it closely, the cup seemed to be fancy, although it was obviously plastic. "Seems like a waste to make out of a cup... All well!" Rafe said, quickly making a plan.

    Holding the cup out, and from out of site from other people, Rafe pulled a few strands of his long, dark hair from his head. Wincing slightly, he attached them to the cup, making the illusion of whiskers. He was making a fake rat out of the cup, although if someone looked at it distinctly, it would just look like an ordinary cup. "Let's see how the people react to this..." Rafe said, placing the cup on its side onto the table.

    Laughing slightly, Rafe took a few chips, before walking away from the table. Smirking, he left, waiting for his mischivous act to be recognized.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2005
  12. Bu†cH

    Bu†cH Braaiiiiiinss......

    The man, AKA Butch, walked into the Men's restroom.

    2 minutes, he leaved the room, finding something to do.

    "I'm bored," he said, "There's nothing to do here. Where's the real fun?"
  13. Skrusti

    Skrusti Well-Known Member

    Floating down from on high like a leaf in the wind, Taikashi came upon the mansion, preparing for a harsh landing on the roof.

    Very harsh.


    "Oh well, there went the weathervane...and a window...and a couple shingles...and another window..." He said.

    Rubbing his rump, Taikashi picked up his belongings, the various Materia, and his shotgun, and placed them all in the correct holdings. Making sure everything was where it was supposed to be, he opened a hidden hatch on the roof, and descended into the fathomless deep.

    Er...the mansion.

    Picking his way past cobwebs and spiders the size of dinnerplates (very few of those lived when he met them,) Taikashi finally made it out of the attic and into the top floors of the place. Checking the rooms as he walked towards the main stairs, he found many couples on the beds.


    "Sorry ma'mn!"

    What the hell do you think you're doing?

    "Forgive me sir."

    On and on it went like this. Finally he reached the main staircase, and descended it. Not in the normal way, of course.

    His way.

    Screeee went his feet on the banister as he slid down it precariously, shotgun raised to fend off horrible creatures. And one of those horrible creatures was standing at the front door, taking jackets from guests!

    "YOU FIEND!" He roared, raising the shotgun another inch and blowing a 6-inch hole through the door. Surprised by this action, alot of people dropped to the floor instinctively, hands over their heads.

    "TAIKASHI! WHAT'D I TELL YOU!?" He heard a voice roar. It belonged to the person who had given the party invites.

    "Sorry, I forgot. Besides, this costume just...makes me want to be violent..." He mumbled an apology.

    Dan mumbled, and walked away, pausing long enough to yell out "And that door had better get fixed soon!"

    Not wanting the master of the mansion mad, Taikashi focused his mind and the Materia settled into his gun started to glow. Slowly, sliver by sliver, the door mended itself, and all was right again. Now mumbling to himself, Taikashi apologized to the door zombie, who gave him a hard look. Walking over to the bar, he resisted the urge to blow a hole through the zombie working there.

    "Anything alcoholic to make me forget my troubles will work."

    "Mmmm..." the zombie gurgled, mixing an assortment of the fiery liquids together. Taking his glass, Taikashi lifted into the air, wanting to find a place away from the crowd. Settling into the rafters above a small dance floor, he sipped his alcoholic beverage. This was going to be a very interestin....


    Off went the shotgun, blowing a hole in the roof above him...
  14. Bu†cH

    Bu†cH Braaiiiiiinss......

    Butch went to hide under a chair to avoid the gunshots.

    What is going on, he thought, as he readies his staff for a battle.
  15. Knightblazer

    Knightblazer Memories in the Rain

    "Wow, that is sure some place to hold a party," I commented as I saw the mansion looming in front of me, coeplete with fallen oak trees, many animals scampering about in the slient darkness, and many pairs of eyes looking at me, even though I was almost invisble by camoflauging againt the jet-black sky with my black jeans, jacket and gloves. Guess my hair gave it away, along with my shoes and shirt. And espically my eyes.

    I looked up and grinned and the bright full moon that hung on the night sky live a sliver orb. I walked on the long, sandy path with Zaber and Gabu. I held my charm tightly as the howl that we heard next didn't really sound promsing.

    "Luci, why are we here in the first place?" inquired Gabu.

    "Because we received an invitation to come here to celebrate good ol' Halloween," I replied, smiling at him. Gabu nodded in reply as Zaber, my Absol, tugged at my sleeve and pointed in front of us. I looked at his direction and my jaw dropped.

    Up close, the house was entirely different. It could be my imagination. Many broken bones were scattered here and there. Also, some graveyards were left overturned or half-dug. Ad I could hear a stone moving from time to time. Gabu shivered a little.

    I sighed and ruffled up my already messy flaming hair for about the millioneth time. Really, this seemed... wierd. I should have been looking for Topaz, but something in my mind just nagged me to come here. Even Gabu could enter the Real World. I opened one of the gigantic double oak doors, and strolled into the hall.

    From the outside to the inside, the place was totally different. Almost every Hallo'ween decors you could think of were all in that very place, from a life-sized Frankenstien or Dracula to fake bats hanging from the ceiling or even GIGANTIC plastic spiders. There was a Frankenstien standing at the door. He held out his hand, requesting for my invtation. I took it out and handed it over. Once it had verified everything in order, he gave me a bag full of treats. Thanking him, I rushed to the long table loaded with food all over at the end of the hall, that had mice and rats of all shapes and sizes running about under the table. I could almost swear that I saw several sipders, too.

    Grabbing a bowl of nachos accompanied with some sauce, I settled down on a nearby chair, munching on them with Zaber and Gabu, both who seemed very uncertian about this mansion. I could see why, too. The whole house was entirely made up of wood, and some was rotting already.

    "C'mon, guys, I'm sure the organizer had already checked this place some time ago," I comforted them, grinning. The duo gave me a weak smile in return. I continued grinning as I stuffed more Nachos into my buldging mouth.

    When I had finished my bowl, I was about to get up and refill my bowl with some other things to eat, when, suddenly...


    A gunshot was heard. I jumped up a bit from my chair and recalled Zaber back into his Great Ball. Gabu leapt up in front of me and facing the panicked crowd, tensing himself. His gentle blue eyes was intensified as he got ready to protect me , his tamer, at any costs.

    "Relax, Gabu," I said, stroking his back. He glumly nodded to me in reply as he sat on my lap and watched the drama unfold with me.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2005
  16. Bu†cH

    Bu†cH Braaiiiiiinss......

    Butch gets up from the chair and runs up by Lucifer's side.

    "Get ready," he said, "We gotta stop this party from turning into a gorefest."

    He gets his staff ready.
  17. Blues

    Blues Monkey Dragon

    Rafe was casually walking around, waiting for his prank to be recognized. After a few minutes, nothing about it was heard. Starting to get annoyed, Rafe went back to the table to make sure the fake rat was still there.

    Searching the table in which he placed it throughly, nothing turned up. Confuesd, Rafe got some punch and walked away. "Hmm... I wonder what happened to it... All well, I guess I'll ruin this party with comments..." Rafe said to himself.
    Rafe walked to one side of the room, and leaned against the wall. "This party is monotonous, nothing exciting is going on..." He thought to himself.

    Then suddenly, a loud gunshot filled the room. Many people started panicing, and started hiding under tables. Rafe reached behind his back, to get his bow. Remembering that he was in a costume, he realized he did not bring his bow or any arrows.

    "I suppose I'll just lie low for right now..." He thought, still leaning against the wall.

    "This is the kind of excitement I wanted!"
  18. Hakerius

    Hakerius IRC bum

    Taele'ryth glided down in front of the main doors to the mansion, a trembling roan stallion clutched between her forearms. He threw his head and whinnied, desperately trying to free himself from the grasp of the black armored dragon above. Ignoring the tiny jabs of pain of the stallion's armor, she backwinged and gently alighted on the ground. A sudden gunshot sent the horse into a renewed panic, almost escaping her claws.

    "I'll find the one who did that and give them a sound thumping. It wasn't easy getting this beast to come with this far," she grumbled, swiveling her neck to ensure the long tethering rope was still tied to one of her spikes. Keeping one clawed hand on the horse, the mere texture keeping the beast of burden in place, the black dragon removed the rope with her teeth. One end was threaded through a simple bridle, and with much tugging, the other end around one of the barren trees. Swinging her head to stare right into the liquid brown depths of the roan stallion's eyes, she telepathically gave him his last orders. "You be good, I doubt they'll let me bring you in. If you are good, I'll let you go soon enough."

    He seemed to understand the feeling she was imparting and fell silent. Turning about, she sauntered off to the doors of the mansion. Sitting on her haunches, she hunched over to place one armored hand against the door and pushed it open. Furling her wings and dropping to all fours, she entered with as much an aura of finesse, more for show then anything else. However, the door had other ideas and slammed shut from the differing air pressures on an unarmored part of her tail.

    Unable to keep quiet, she roared out in pain. Snarling through the pain, she tugged the tip of her tail free. It smarted a touch from being pinched, but no damage had been done. Wincing and scuttling out of the way, armor rustling slightly. From her perspective, it seemed several were chattering animatedly at the random gunfire. Casually glancing around, she saw some had taken cover under tables to avoid any other shots before she spied the one with the weapon. It seemed a few others weren't pleased with the owner either.

    I'll leave him be for the time being, she mused to herself. He's already got some things to deal with. I can get a word in edgewise later. Content to slink towards a quieter section, she laid down with her hands crossing at the wrist, her tail flicking idly. The faint smell of alcoholic drinks reached her senses. It was a humanoid drink, something not meant for her. Great, there's bound to be a few drunks wandering by later, perhaps I can cause a little mischief later.
  19. Skrusti

    Skrusti Well-Known Member

    Staring at the destruction he had caused in the roof, Taikashi sheepishly smiled, and focused once again. A light blue orb transfixed to his shotgun started glowing again, and soon, the roof was repaired. Looking down to the floor below, he could see an angry mob. Ok, an angry semi-mob.

    ...Fine, an angry couple of people.

    Waving cheerily, he focused his attention back on the roof. He *had* seen something, he had never fired upon absolutely nothing. Could it be the one he was searching for?

    "TAIKASHI!" A voice bellowed from below. With a yelp, Taikashi fell over backwards, barely righting himself before he plummuted headfirst to the floor.

    "Sorry about that chief. Won't happen again, I promise...at least without good reason." He told the half-human, half-Porygon glaring up at him. Sighing, Dan continued his rounds, or to go back to drink, or whatever it was that Dan did in this old dilapidated old building.

    Turning his attention back to the roof, he thought he saw that silhouette once again. The shotgun's lead was aimed at it before Taikashi thought better of it, putting the gun down. Clearing his throat, he spoke aloud. "You're free this night, foul beast. But you will not escape me again, Jason!" The thing...the shadow...whatever it was, snarled in response, and fled the building.

    Happy that he could finally settle down, unless one of those damned zombies scared him, Taikashi, floated swiftly and silently to the ground, his booted feet hitting the ground with a faint thump. Suddenly, he was accosted by a pretty large dragon.

    Oh goody.

    "ACK! IT BE BAHAMUT!" Taikashi managed to choke out, before flying backwards and aiming his trusted shottie at the creature. Shivering all of a sudden, he turned to see Dan glaring at him. Sighing, he placed his beloved weapon into its sling, which was located on his back, and he begrudgingly settled down to a table near the wannabe-Bahamut.

    "What do you want, creature?" He asked of the dragon...
  20. Yami Ryu

    Yami Ryu Well-Known Member

    Yami eeped for what felt like the hundreth time (but was really the fifth) as she hid underneath the table. She'd barely gotten here a few minutes ago before all hell had broken loose, and the dragon hybrid dove for cover under the nearest thing that could provide atleast a little bit of shelter.

    Wasn't there rules against this or something!? Yami cried out mentally to herself, ignoring the smart remark from CD, and was interupted from snapping back at the dragon by a great flinch caused by a sudden thought of being hit by stray bullets if the gun fired again.

    Ducking down lower, Yami almost became a black cloaked lump as she tried to use her costume as cover from the gunfire, as if it would protect her. And at the moment she probably thought the little red clouds, the only design really on the outfit, would ward off the bullets. And if worst came to worst, she was wearing a headband ... that should atleast protect her brain. But what about the rest of her?

    Yami didn't know, and just whimpered a whee bit, wondering why the hell she came to this party in the first place. It was crowded, she didn't know anyone here, and didn't know if anyone she knew was coming, and then some trigger happy party crasher had started shooting for no damn reason it seemed.

    "I'm going to die, I'm going to die," Yami whispered out to herself, "I AM TO YOUNG TO BE KILLED AND STUFFED, I DON'T WANT TO DIIIEEE," the young woman wailed out in mourose tone, thinking today would have been a good day to stay in bed and not dress up akin to Itachi Uchiha, and tell Halloween, and this party to go away and die a slow, cruel death underneath a rock.

    Even when long moments stretched and there was no more gunfire, or anymore at all, Yami decided, she was going to stay under this table untill found, or untill one of her friends showed up and pulled her out from underneath the table.

    I am a rock. I aaaammm a rock. I am a rock underneath this table and I have clouds printed onto me.

    ... I am a very pretty rock.

    And Yami decided when she got the chance, she was going to kick the scary looking bouncer guy dead in the face ... somehow, or the shooter. Or something ... but not if she had to get out from under the table. Nope. Yami had decided, being under the table was safest.

    This party sucks. And now I'm getting thirsty. Yami groused slightly as she continued to pretend to be a rock under the table.
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