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RSE Help/FAQ Discussion Thread

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General RSE FAQ

Credit to Ellie, TRJessie579, Geodude, and bluefusion for putting together the original guides.

Feebas Questions

Where is Feebas?
Feebas appears on Route 119 and appears only in 6 out of the 400+ water tiles in it. In order to get it, you have to fish for it, not surf. If the tile that you are fishing in contains Feebas, it will appear about 80% of the time. I would suggest that you fish about 4 to 5 times per tile in order not to miss Feebas. Once you find a Feebas, catch about 4 to 5 of it and make sure that at least 1 is a female so next time if you need a Feebas you can just breed for it instead of going through this annoying process again. This is a picture of Route 119 courtesy of Turquoise Labs.

As you can see, Route 119 is an enormous road so you will have to do a lot of fishing if you want to catch Feebas. The 6 tiles that the Feebas are in can be changed by the Dewford "Trendy Phrase". Here is a misconception by many people. The Dewford "Trendy Phrase" does not determine the tiles the Feebas are in, it only randomly resets the 6 Feebas tiles. That means that if your friend finds a Feebas in a particular tile with the phrase "Pokemon Navi" doesn't mean that if you set your phrase to "Pokemon Navi", you will get Feebas on that particular tile too.

Which Rod should I use to catch Feebas?
Any fishing rod can be used to catch Feebas but the Old Rod is much preferable as it will only give you Magikarps, Tentacools and Feebas. The other rods will also give you other water pokemon like Carvanha, minimising your chance of getting a Feebas quickly. The Old Rod also has a slower tugging time compared to the other rods, thus maximising your time. However, if you want a higher level Feebas, I suggest using the Super Rod as it gives you only Feebas at a higher level and Carvanha.

How do I evolve Feebas into a Milotic?
Feebas would evolve into a Milotic once it reaches a Beauty stat of 170. Once it reaches the Beauty stat of 170, it will evovle once it advances into the next level. We have no way of finding out the Beauty stat so it would roughly be around the maximum. The way to increase a Feebas' Beauty is to feed it lots of Blue and Indigo Pokeblocks until it refuses to eat any more Pokeblocks, then level it up. If it fails to evolve, then you have to start all over again with another Feebas as the Feebas you are using would refuse to eat more Pokeblocks, thus you will not be able to raise its beauty stats further. Indigo Pokeblocks works better than Blue ones so you may want to feed it more Indigo Pokeblocks. Feebas with the natures Modest, Mild, Rash and Quiet prefers Blue and Indigo Pokeblocks so they would work better. The best place to create Pokeblocks would be Lilycove City, where you would get more Indigo Pokeblocks after blending Berries.

Which Berries produce Blue/Indigo Pokeblocks?
Berries that produce Blue Pokeblocks include Chesto Berry.

Berries that produce Indigo Pokeblocks include Lum (when blended in Lilycove only), Bluk, Kelpsy, Wepear (when blended in Lilycove only), Pinap (when blended in Slateport only), Hondew (when blended in Lilycove only), Cornn and Pamtre Berry.

Berries that produce Blue and Indigo Pokeblocks include Oran, Wiki and Starf Berry.

For more information on Berries, click here

Latias and Latios
First off, apart from using an event ticket, Latios is available in Ruby, Latias is available in Sapphire, and in Emerald you can choose one of them. Either will be at level 40. If you have an Eon Ticket, you can obtain the one that wasn't running (Latias for Ruby, Latios for Sapphire, and whichever you didn't pick in Emerald). It will be standing on Southern Island and be at level 50 holding a Soul Dew. The Southern Island Lati does not run.
So, you want to know how to catch them? If you've played Gold, Silver, or Crystal, you'll know how this works. After beating the Elite Four, your chosen Lati will be randomly running around Hoenn. It moves to an adjacent route every time you go into a new town or route, but if you shut off the game or Fly, it goes to a random route. After you find it the first time, you can "track" it using the Pokedex. Finding it the first time is random. Here are a couple of ways of finding your Lati the first time:
(Keaton22 on Gamefaqs)
The method I used was to find a patch of grass, and save your game. Fight 3-4 random battles, and if it doesn't show up, turn off your game. Turn it back on, fight 3-4 more random battles, and repeat the process until you find it. I found it twice like this, because i didn't feel like chasin it, and each time I found it in less than five minutes.
(Yo Shee)
1. Get the Acro Bike if you don't have it.
2. Get a repel. Doesn't matter which kind it is, or how many. You don't need to buy hundreds of them like everyone else is saying.
3. Go to Route 110, which is directly down from Mauville City.
4. Use your repel.
5. Save.
6. Hop in the grass (hold the B button) for about 15-20 seconds, and if Latios/as doesn't show up, go into the house that would take you onto cycling road, then come back out and repeat this step until you find it. If your repel runs out and you don't have any extras, just reset the game. This works very well, trust me.

Random other questions
Q: Is it true that Ralts will appear more frequently if your front Pokemon likes you?
A: No. It has a 4% encounter rate and nothing can increase that.

Q: How do I control my Wurmple's evolution?
A: It's entirely random. The only sure thing is that once you catch/hatch a Wurmple, that particular one will always evolve into the same one.

Q: How do I get Shedinja?
A: You need 5 or less Pokemon in your party (one of which being your Nincada) and at least one spare Pokeball. Then, raise your Nincada to evolve into Ninjask (it doesn't matter what level). You will then receive a Shedinja in your extra slot. Note that Shedinja's moves will be an exact copy of Ninjask's (including any it may learn right at the level it evolves), so it can learn many different moves.

Q: How do I get to Mirage Island?
A: Mirage Island is a very rare occurance. It changes every day and depends on some sort of hidden value in your Pokemon, so be sure to check back every day to see if you got it.

Q: How do I get Espeon or Umbreon?
A: You need to get your Eevee's happiness at near-maximum. Then, to get Espeon, you level it up in the PM hours, and Umbreon in the AM hours. No, that is not a typo. I know, it's completely backwards of what it should be... but that's the way Nintendo made it.

Q: How do I make the Rustboro girl happy?
A: You need a special password. Go to filb.de and input your ID and the things you want. Be warned, the site is often down, so if it doesn't load, just try back in a couple of days.

Q: What's with the old lady on Sootopolis that has the boxes in her house? Can I get behind them or something?
Ruby/Sapphire A: You need to link up with an E-Reader and use the data from a Battle-e Card. Ruby and Sapphire each come with a card (at least, the early versions did) and you can also buy some.
Emerald A: Short answer: No, most likely not. Long answer: It was used in the Japanese version of Emerald to fight trainers that you downloaded using Battle-e Cards. The e-Reader was discontinued in the rest of the world due to lack of popularity, so the feature of connecting was removed, but the data to go to the spot still exists. So if you happen to have a Japanese Emerald, a Japanese e-Reader, and some Japanese Battle-e Cards for Emerald, you can go there. But it's really pretty pointless anyway (if you have the Battle-e Cards for Ruby and Sapphire, it's pretty much the same deal).

Q: What does Altering Cave do? All I get is Zubat... how pointless.
A: In the Japanese version of Emerald (I think it was only Japanese versions, someone confirm/deny please), Wonderspots were used to change the appearing Pokemon to various Johto Pokemon. The Wonderspots aren't set up anymore though, so unless you have a file that went to a Wonderspot, you can't get those Pokemon.

Q: I can only get one Fossil! How do I get the other?
A: In Ruby and Sapphire, you can only get one. However, in Emerald, after you beat the E4 and can go into the Fossil Maniac's tunnel, you can find the Fossil you didn't pick up there.

Q: Is Surskit available in Emerald?
A: Technically it's not supposed to be. However, sometimes you can get swarms of it. Don't worry, it happens to everyone's game, your game isn't glitched.

Q: I tried to release my Pokemon, but it said it was worried about me. What does that mean and how do I make it stop?
A: It means the Pokemon is the last one you have that has that HM move. Just teach a different one that HM move.

Q: Where is the move deleter?
A: In Lilycove City in one of the houses near the Dept. Store.

Q: Can I trade with Fr/Lg/Colo/XD?
A: Ruby and Sapphire can trade with these games as soon as trading is possible, as long as you have completed the requirements in the other game. Emerald must get the national dex by beating the Elite 4 in order to trade with these games, and the requirements of the other game must be met. You can't get any Eggs or non-Hoenn Pokemon in Emerald before beating the Elite 4.

Q: How do I clone in the 3rd generation?
A: Check the Cloning in Emerald thread.

Q: When are Latias/Latios's attributes (nature, IV's, shininess, etc) set?
A: In Emerald, they're set as soon as you tell your mom that it's red or blue from the TV. In Ruby and Sapphire, it's set when you watch the news broadcast after the E4 (thanks to Nidogod for that piece). But be warned, due to a glitch in the programming, any "running" Pokemon in the 3rd generation will likely have 4-5 IV's as 0 or 1.
Note: Not all versions of Emerald are affected by this glitch. Some are and some aren't; you'll probably just have to test it on your particular one to see.

Have more frequently asked questions that should be here or a small guide that doesn't fit anywhere else? Drop me or another mod a pm.

Emerald FAQ

By TRJessie579

In no particular order:

1. Q: What do I say to the guy in Rustboro to make his daughter happy?

A: Finally, someone has figured it out!


Put in your Trainer ID and choose the type of wallpaper you want. It will give you a completely random combination of letters to tell the father based on these factors.

For more information, please see the Rustboro girl mini-FAQ at the bottom of the post.

2. Q: How do I get Espeon/Umbreon? My Eevee keeps evolving into

A: Unlike in G/S/C, where day/night was 6 to 6, this game’s day/night is 12 to 12.
Umbreon = 12 midnight to 12 noon
Espeon = 12 noon to 12 midnight

Don't ask me why Nintendo did it that way, I don't know. :p

3. Q: What does Altering Cave do? All I find is Zubat!

A: The speculation was that we would be able to change the Pokemon in Altering Cave through Wonderspots. These are machines that you use Mystery Gift with, and they've been used at Pokemon Rocks America and the Pokemon Center in NYC to give out the Tickets for Deoxys and Lugia/Ho-oh. Unfortunately, there have been no Wonderspots for Altering Cave (in Japan or elsewhere), so it's basically a feature that they probably had every intention of doing something cool with, but just never did for whatever reason. The Altering Cave Pokemon can be obtained in Emerald, Colosseum, and now in Pokemon: XD.

(For the record, the rumor was that Japan had e-cards to change Altering Cave Pokemon, but someone living in Japan informed me that this wasn't true--they didn't have access to the Pokemon, either. They also translated the Japanese Pokemon website, and there's no mention of Altering Cave e-cards along with the others. Whoops. x_X)

4. Q: There’s a house in Sootopolis that has a room that’s blocked by stuff. What’s inside there?

A: This is another feature from the Japanese game that was left out of the English one.

Just like the similar house in R/S, this was for using battle e-cards. But again, there are no e-cards for the English version of Emerald, so the house is useless.

5. Q1: How do I get Houndour/Miltank/other Johto Pokemon?
Q2: How do I get into that area of the Safari Zone that those two guards are blocking?

A: This will open up once you’ve beaten the Elite Four. You can catch all of the Pokemon in here that, before now, were only available in Colosseum

6. Q: EVs? IVs? HP? What is all this?

A: EVs are effort values, IVs are individual values, and HP stands for Hidden Power. There are pages on the main site for all of these:


Here’s a more in-depth guide on GameFAQs (you’ll need to copy/paste):


There's also an EVs/IVs discussion sticky here in the forums if you have further questions.

7. Q1: How do I get the Eon Ticket/Aurora Ticket/Mystic Ticket/Old Sea Chart?
Q2: How do I get the other Lati@s/Deoxys/Lugia/Ho-oh/Mew/Celebi/Jirachi?

A: Since Emerald isn’t compatible with the e-reader, you’ll need to scan the Eon Ticket (which is an e-card) into your R/S game and then mix records with your Emerald. Remember that you can't transfer the Ticket if it was cheated in, if it was gotten from mixing records with someone else, or if they're out of Tickets (you can only transfer a few total). Also, the purple end of the cable needs to be in the R/S game. The Eon Ticket will take you to Southern Island, where you can catch the Lati@s that isn't wild in your game.

The other Tickets are given out by Wonderspot (see question 3 for more info).

The Aurora Ticket (for Deoxys) was given out at Pokemon Rocks America and at the Pokemon Center in NYC for a few days sometime last year. There is now a current event for Deoxys in Houston, Texas--Deoxys will be available daily from March 10th to the 19th, and every Saturday and Sunday from March 25th to May 14th! More information can be found at www.pokemon.com or www.spacecenter.org.

The Mystic Ticket (for Lugia/Ho-oh, on Island 9) was given out at the opening of the Nintendo World Store, and at the San Diego Comic Con, Wizard World Chicago, the Pokemon World Championships 2005, and Pokemon Rocks America 2005. There is currently another event at the Nintendo World Store, from late January through early February, but they are not sure how long it will last for. You can also get Ho-oh in Colosseum, and Lugia in XD.

Mew became available, NOT through the Old Sea Chart, but through a Nintendo promotion at Toys R Us stores in September '06, where you just had to trade any one of your Pokemon for a Mew. They were available for that one day only.

Jirachi was available through a bonus disc you got when you preordered Colosseum. It can also be obtained from the PAL version of Pokemon Channel.

Celebi was available at Pokemon's Journey Across America tour for their 10th anniversary. They came to multiple cities around the US and then to New York City for the final celebration.

I will add info on events as I get it. Please note that I'm not putting up info on events outside the US, as there are a bunch of them and it's hard to keep track.

8. Q: The lady at the ferry won’t take my Tickets! There’s only a rock at the Southern Island! My Deoxys and Mew won’t obey me!

A: You cheated. Don’t.

9. Q: How do I trade with FR/LG?

A: You need to beat the E4 and get the National Dex in Emerald, and in FR/LG you need to do the same, plus fix Celio’s Network Machine.

10. Q1: How do I get to Mirage Tower?
Q2: The other fossil sunk into the sand, how do I get it back?

A: Mirage Tower will appear and disappear at random. Keep going back and forth from the desert until it appears, then go through it with the Mach Bike.

Once you’ve gotten the first fossil, and you’ve beaten the E4, you can go to the Fossil Maniac’s house West of Fallarbor. There will be a tunnel underneath, with wild Whismur, Loudred, and Ditto, as well as your remaining fossil.

11. Q: How can I rebattle the gym leaders?

A: You can’t until you beat the E4. Then it’ll be random whether one will come up in your Match Call or not.

12. Q: Shinies? How do I get them?

A: For every Pokemon that you meet in the wild, get from an Egg, etc, there is a 1 in 8,192 chance that it will be shiny. You can try for a shiny Pokemon like a starter or a Legendary by saving in front of it and reseting the game until it is shiny.

For more info, please see the Shiny Discussion/FAQ sticky.

13. Q: Who's this Apprentice guy? What does he/she do?

A: They'll ask you questions, and build their team based on your answers. You'll get to fight them in one of the areas of the Battle Frontier, or even have them as your partner in a 2 vs 2 battle, so be careful what you tell them.

14. Q: Hey! Surskit's not supposed to be in this game! What gives?

A: No, it's not. But there seems to be a glitch where, if you mix records with R/S, you can get a "swarm" of them on a certain Route, just like you can in R/S. Just go with it. It's a good thing.

15. Q: Huh? My Pokemon came back to me when I tried to release it! How do I get rid of it?

A: This doesn't have to do with happiness, as the game might suggest (____ came back! Was it worried about you?), but HMs. If the Pokemon you're releasing is the only one you have with Surf, it can't be released. Teach another random Pokemon Surf, then try again.

16. Q: The guy at the daycare says my Pokemon don't like each other! Why? Will they breed?

A: Yes! The message that you'll get when the Pokemon are not compatible is "They prefer to play with other Pokemon." The phrase, and how many steps it takes to get an Egg, depends on your Pokemon's species and trainer ID number.

Different IDs and Same Species = Fast "The two seem to get along very well."
Different IDs and Different Species OR Same IDs and Same Species = Medium "The two seem to get along."
Same IDs and Different Species = Slow "The two don't seem to like each other."

17. Q: My game has a poor translation, deletes itself randomly, and the cart is black! What's wrong with it? Is it glitched?

A: Unfortunately, you have a fake game. Real versions are translucent green. Unless you want it to keep deleting your saved data, buy a real one.

18. Q: I've heard that once you get 100 rocket launches in the Mossdeep Space Center you can go to the moon and catch Jirachi and Deoxys. Is this true?

A: For the umpteenth time, NO this is not true. Jirachi and Deoxys can only be obtained through the methods listed in question 7. The number of launches equals the number of weeks you've been playing your game, and that's all.


Q: I don't understand this at all! What "Rustboro girl" are you talking about??
A: In Emerald, there is a house in Rustboro with a little girl who won't laugh. Her father will ask you to tell him something to make her laugh. If you tell him the right word, they will give you a special wallpaper for your PC.

Q: I can't access the site!!
A: It goes down often, probably because so many people are visiting it. Try again later.

Q: I can't read any of this!
A: It is in German. There is an option at the top of the page to change it to English.

Q: Can you have more than one wallpaper at a time?
A: No. If you give a new "phrase" to the father, you will have the new wallpaper instead of the old one.
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In order - E-Reader, Eon Ticket, and Mystery Event Info, Ruby/Sapphire E4 and Champion Walkthrough, Emerald Cloning Glitch Info, R/S/E Secret Base Decorations list, Shedinja FAQ.

E-Reader, Eon Ticket, and Mystery Event Info

Eon Ticket guide written by Random, with UK-specific help from PkmnTrainerJ. Mystery Event guide written by Chaos Emerald.

Eon Ticket Stuff
Well, to use an E-Reader on your game, you need:

-Two of the following:
Gameboy Advance
Gameboy Advance SP
Gameboy Player

Should you use the GBP, you also need a GCN and one GCN controller in addition to everything else. You can hook two GBPs to each other, but you must have an additional GCN and additional TV to hook it to. You may NOT use Box to do this.

-One Gameboy Advance E-Reader. This works on both a normal GBA, and the SP. I know, I have an SP myself.

-One copy of Pokemon Ruby Version or Pokemon Sapphire Version. E-Cards were slated to come out for Fire Red and Leaf Green, but all E-Reader support was cut everywhere but Japan because it kinda...y'know...flopped.

-One Gameboy Advance Game Link Cable. There are ends for Player 1 and Player 2. The GBA with your game in it must be Player 1, or this will not work. On my Pelican Link Cable, the purple end is Player 1. I've never used an official cable before, so if someone could please fill me in on this, it would help.

-An E-Card to scan.

You must have beaten the Petalburg Gym for this to work. Go to the Petalburg City Pokemon Center, and talk to the man in black by the PC. He will ask for your "Trainer Profile." Enter the phrase "MYSTERY EVENT IS EXCITING" like so:

And you should get the Mystery Event option in the select screen. (The select screen is "Continue...New Game...Options" after the title screen. Mystery Event will be added to it once you do this step.)


Insert the E-Reader into one of your Gameboy Advance or Gameboy Player systems. On a normal GBA and the E-Reader, point it so the connector goes into the Game Link slot. Put your Ruby or Sapphire into the other system. Insert the Player 1 end of the Link Cable into the GBA with your Ruby or Sapphire game, and the Player 2 end into the GBA with the E-Reader.

Turn on both systems, and select "Mystery Event" in R/S. On the E-Reader, go to "Scan Dot Code" and scan the card with the dot code facing towards the system that the E-Reader is hooked to. If you did all of this right, it should give you instructions on what to do next. Congrats, you've successfully scanned your E-Card!

Now that you've worked so hard to get the equipment you need and scan the card, you should get your stuff, right? Well, here's how to do just that.

-If you scanned a Battle Card, go to Mossdeep City and find the house with the old man standing in front of the door. Talk to him, and he'll let you pass. Inside will be the trainer you scanned into the game. You can only have one trainer scanned into your game at a time, and if you scan a new one in, the new one will replace the previous trainer.

-If you scanned a Berry Card, go to Petalburg and talk to your dad in the gym. After some dialogue, he'll give you the Berry. Note that you can only have one type of scanned Berry at a time, and if you scan in a new Berry, all of the previous Berries will be transformed into the new Berry. This works just like the Battle E-Cards. However, let's say that you have 99 Nutpea Berries, and you want to turn them into Strib Berries. All you would have to do is scan the card for Strib Berry, and all 99 of your Nutpea Berries would become Strib Berries - that is, you would now have 99 Strib Berries in your inventory instead of 99 Nutpea Berries.

-If you scanned the Eon Ticket, go to Petalburg and talk to your dad in the gym. After some dialogue, he'll give you the Eon Ticket. Go to Lilycove and go to the ferry. If you talk to the woman who lets you on, you can go to Southern Island. It's pretty obvious what you should do from there, isn't it? You get Latias in Ruby, and Latios in Sapphire. Both are Level 50, and hold Soul Dew. This item increases the Sp. Attack of either Lati.

UK EON TICKET SET-UP (Graciously donated by PkmnTrainerJ)
But you say, "I live in the UK! I don't have an E-Reader! HELP ME OH MIGHTY TIKI!" Chillax. You have some simple steps to follow as well, different from others in ways that could either make it nicer, or make you want to pull your hair out. Here's what you've gotta do:

- You do not need to activate the Mystery Event for Eon Tickets in the UK.
- You need to have at least two Pokémon with you in your party.

- Send an e-mail to Nintendo stating that you want an Eon Ticket on your game. nintendoservicecenter@codestorm.co.uk is the adress to use.

- They will contact you with an address of where to send your game.


- When sending your game to Nintendo use 'Recorded Delivery' at your Post Office. Ask your Post Office about details if you get confused.

- When sending, I suggest using bubblewrap to wrap your game in to keep it cozy and safe.

- Your game will come back one to five days later Eon Ticket-ed and with a letter from the Eon Ticket Team telling you it has been done.

Q: "When I scan my card, all it says is 'Link Standby.' What did I do wrong?"
A: You put the wrong ends of the link cables in the wrong systems. Remember, the Player 1 end MUST be in the GBA with the copy of Ruby or Sapphire in it. After you switch them, try it again. This should work.

Q: "I used ActionReplay to get my Eon Ticket item. Why won't it work?"
A: You cheated to get it. This is how the whole thing works: the E-Card not only gives you the Eon Ticket item, but it also pulls a sort of "switch" that allows the game to recognize that you have the Ticket, and that you haven't visted Southern Island yet. Unless you can give yourself the item AND pull this "switch" via ActionReplay, you aren't getting to Southern Island. (NOTE: Don't request either code in here, I WILL warn you, and maybe slap you around a little.)

Q: "How do I get the Eon Ticket into Emerald, seeing as Emerald lacks any E-Reader support whatsoever?"
A: Simple. Have your copy of Emerald mix records with a copy of R/S that has the ticket, and voila! It'll be transported into Emerald! Note that this also works between copies of R/S.

Q: "I got my ticket from another person's game, and the darn thing won't transfer! OMGWTFBBQ?!"
A: Relax. You can only transfer the ticket if you got it from the E-Reader. If you get it from another person's game, you can merely use it, not transfer it. This translates to: if you want the Eon Ticket in Emerald, you have to either have the Eon Ticket E-Card and an E-Reader, or know someone who does.

Q: "What do the scannable TCG cards do?"
A: All they do is give some information about the Pokemon. They do nothing to your game at all. You CANNOT GET CELEBI FROM SCANNING A CARD. *goes crazy*

Mystery Event Guide
First things first. At the time of writing this guide, you cannot get any of these events anymore. They have all been discontinued to make room for events for Diamond and Pearl. This is also only for Emerald, so don't go asking "omg why doesnt alterting cave exit in my safir game????"

What kind of stuff you could get from Mystery Events
Like always, the majority of the best stuff goes to Japan. So outside of that part of the world, not all of those features were available. However, I'll add them in there just for completeness.

Navel Rock:
Just like in Fire Red and Leaf Green, Emerald gets access to Navel Rock/8 Island. Here, you can catch both a Lugia and Ho-oh. They're at level 70, so be careful!

Birth Island:
Again, following suit from Fire Red and Leaf Green Versions, you can go to Birth Island and get a Deoxys. You can't just catch it outright though; you need to solve a puzzle first! It's at level 30 so be sure to bring some lower-level Pokemon.

Altering Cave:
This Cave is the only one of the Mystery Event spots that's also available during normal gameplay when you haven't accessed an event. But all it has is Zubat. How boring! So what does it actually do? When you go to an event with Wonderspots, it can change it to one of the Pokemon shown here.
Also, another interesting note about Altering Cave, even when you're in there in Emerald Version, it still has the Kanto cave music. Lazy developers!

Faraway Island:
Finally, something new and exclusive to Emerald! On this island, you can catch a Mew. But first, you have to trap it in the grass it's hiding in. It's at level 30 so be sure not to knock it out!


Ruby/Sapphire E4 and Champion Walkthrough

By Mr. Mudkip

Can't beat the pesky Phoebe or the ever difficult Steven? Here's a simple strategy guide.


Mightyena Lv. 46:
Take Down

Shiftry Lv. 48:
Double Team

Cacturne Lv. 46:
Cotton Spore
Needle Arm
Faint Attack
Leech Seed

Sharpedo Lv. 48:

Absol Lv. 49:
Aerial Ace
Swords Dance

Easy Bring A decent leveled bug or fighting type with STAB moves, plenty of Hyper potions, and a pokemon with a sure hit move, (preferably absol with aerial ace- super effective on shiftry and has dark move to deal with Phoebe later) to get the pesky double-teaming shiftry.


Dusclops Lv. 48:
Future Sight
Confuse Ray
Shadow Punch

Bannette Lv. 49:
shadow Ball
Faint Attack

Sableye Lv. 50:
Shadow Ball
Faint Attack

Bannette Lv. 49:
Shadow Ball
Skill Swap

Dusclops Lv. 51:
Ice Beam
Shadow Ball
Confuse Ray

Bring that Absol I told you about earlier and cause mayhem, or use your own ghost type pokemon, but be wary that she will score super effective hits on you too if you take that route. A good startegy is is to Crunch with absol, hyper potion if you get to low yellow/red, revive if necessary, and bring a steel type like Aggron if you want defensive support.


Glalie Lv. 50:
Light Screen
Ice Beam

Sealeo Lv. 50:
Ice Ball
Body Slam

Sealeo Lv. 52:

Glalie Lv. 52:
Shadow Ball
Ice Beam

Walrein Lv. 53:
Body Slam
Sheer Cold

Blaziken Above Lv. 53.
Sky Uppercut, Fire Punch, and no chance of being hit by sheer cold.

Other than that, Hariyama above Lv. 53.
Fighting moves+Thick Fat.


Shelgon Lv. 52:
Rock Tomb
Dragon Claw

Altaria Lv. 45:
Dragon Dance
Take Down

Flygon Lv. 53:

Flygon Lv. 53:

Salamence Lv. 55:
Dragon Claw

Sapphire: This is easy, spam ice beam with a decent leveled Kyogre.
Ruby: A bit harder, go with Salamence, Flygon, or Walrein.

Champion Steven

Skarmory Lv. 57:
Steel Wing
Aerial Ace

Claydol Lv. 55:
Light Screen
Ancient Power

Aggron Lv. 56:
Dragon Claw

Cradily Lv. 56:
Confuse Ray
Ancient Power
Sludge Bomb
Giga Drain

Armaldo Lv. 56:
Ancient Power
Aerial Ace
Water Pulse

Metagross Lv. 58
Hyper Beam

This one's hard.
Use Sky Uppercut with Blaziken, Flamethrower with your Dragon, and ice beam's from Kyogre or EarthQuakes from Groudon. Don't get his pokemon to red health or he'll just use a full restore.

Team Building Guide.
1. Blaziken
You almost need him.
Fire Punch
Sky Uppercut
Mach Punch
Slash/Other Filler/Dragon Claw?

2. Kyogre/Groudon
Ice Beam
Surf/Water Spout

Fire Blast :(
Other Filler like Bulk up.

3. Absol
Aerial Ace
Any Good Dark Type Move

4. Salamence
Dragon Claw
Brick Break

5. Bannette
Shadow Ball

6. Filler (Steel type is good)

*Note, this is just an example team. Use whatever you want, but make sure you have super effective moves.

**Another note, bring Plenty of ethers and revives along with the afforemented Hyper Potions.


Emerald Cloning Glitch

Here is the cloning glitch. (thanks to "POKETAZ" for the duplication glitch find and "The Edge" for a simpler translation)(update by SecretSquirrel)

CLONING GLITCH/MULTI CLONING GLITCH/ITEM CLONING GLITCH. (thanks to The Edge for complete instructions)
1.) Go to the PC in the battle tower. Must be on Emerald Version only.
2.) Deposit the pokemon(s) you want to clone in any slot of Lanete's PC. Or, if you want to clone items, give the item(s) you want to clone to any pokemon in the PC.
3.) Exit the computer and save your game.
4.) Withdraw the pokemon(s) or item(s) from the PC that you stored in step two.
5.) Talk to the lady behind the counter closest to the PC.
6.) She will ask if you want to make a challenge. Select yes and choose any two eligible pokemon from your party.
7.) She will tell you that you must save the game before making a challenge and ask you if that is OK. Select yes.
8.) The game will freeze for 2-3 seconds.
9.) After, but not during, the freeze, turn off the game. It is not necessary to save again.
10.) When your game is turned back on, the cloned pokemon(s) or item(s) will be both in your party and in the PC.
!WARNING! : If you deposit a pokemon between saving and talking to the link battle receptionist, it will disappear forever. The first time you try it, use a pokemon you don't care about, so you can make sure you have it right. You don't want to lose one of your precious high-leveled/legendary/one-of pokemon! Do not clone 6 Pokemon at a time" and "Don't turn off during the freeze" Both cause you to lose Pokemon and/or MS's have been confirmed in our group!"
(movie made by GetThunderStruck) (you don't have to use an empty box or the first slot of box though)


R/S/E Secret Base Decorations list

By s.i.e.

i have created a list of all decoration items that can be found in the R/S/E games, these can be used for decorating the secret base which locations are located on the bottom of this list.



Furniture Shop in Fortree City, $3000.

Furniture Shop in Fortree City, $3000.

Furniture Shop in Fortree City, $6000.

Furniture Shop in Fortree City, $6000.

Furniture Shop in Fortree City, $6000.

Glass Workshop on Route 113.

Furniture Shop in Fortree City, $9000.

Furniture Shop in Fortree City, $9000.

Furniture Shop in Fortree City, $9000.


Furniture Shop in Fortree City, $2000.

Furniture Shop in Fortree City, $2000.

Furniture Shop in Fortree City, $2000.

Glass Workshop on Route 113.

Furniture Shop in Fortree City $2000.

Furniture Shop in Fortree City $2000.

Furniture Shop in Fortree City $2000.

Furniture Shop in Fortree City $2000.

Furniture Shop in Fortree City $2000.


Pretty Petal Flower Shop on Route 104, $3000.

Pretty Petal Flower Shop on Route 104, $3000.

Pretty Petal Flower Shop on Route 104, $3000.

Pretty Petal Flower Shop on Route 104, $5000.

Pretty Petal Flower Shop on Route 104, $5000.

Pretty Petal Flower Shop on Route 104, $5000.


Slateport Market, $500.

Slateport Market, $500.

Slateport Market, $500.

Slateport Market, $500.

Slateport Market, $500.

Slateport Market, $500.

Route 110, after finishing the 8th Maze in Trick House (Ruby)

Same as Red Tent but Sapphire only.

in pkmn emerald you can either choose the red tent or the blue tent after completing all of the
trick house challenges on route 110.

Lilycove Rooftop Sale, $3000.

Lilycove Rooftop Sale, $8000.

Lilycove Rooftop Sale, $500.

Lilycove Rooftop Sale, $500.

Lilycove Rooftop Sale, $800.

Lilycove Rooftop Sale, $7000.

Lilycove Rooftop Sale, $200.

Lilycove Rooftop Sale, $3000.

Lilycove Rooftop Sale, $3000.

From Battle Tower Manager after 50 wins.

From Battle Tower Manager after 100 wins.

From Lilycome Art Gallery, after got 5 paintings from 5 different contest types.

Lilycove Rooftop Sale, $3000.

Lilycove Rooftop Sale, $4000.

Lilycove Rooftop Sale, $4000.


Lilycome Department Store $2000.

Lilycome Department Store $2000.

Lilycome Department Store $2000.

Slateport Market, $500.

Slateport Market, $500.

Slateport Market, $500.

Slateport Market, $500.

Slateport Market, $500.

Slateport Market, $500.

Slateport Market, $500.

Slateport Market, $500.

Lilycome Department Store, $4000.

Lilycome Department Store, $4000.

Lilycome Department Store, $4000.

Lilycome Department Store, $4000.

Lilycome Department Store, $4000.

Lilycome Department Store, $4000.

Lilycome Department Store, $4000.


Lilycome Department Store, $1000.

Lilycome Department Store, $1000.

Lilycome Department Store, $1000.

Lilycome Department Store, $1000.

Lilycome Department Store, $1000.

Lilycome Department Store, $1500.

Lilycome Department Store, $1500.

Lilycome Department Store, 15000.

Lilycome Department Store, $1500.

Battle Frontier (Emerald version Only)


Lilycome Department Store, $3000.

Lilycome Department Store, $3000.

Slateport Market, $500, / Lilycome Department Store, $3000.

Battle Frontier, (Emerald version Only)

Battle Frontier, (Emerald version Only)

Battle Frontier, (Emerald version Only)

Battle Frontier, (Emerald version Only)

Lilycome Department Store, $3000.

Battle Frontier, (Emerald version Only)

Battle Frontier, (Emerald version Only)

Battle Frontier, (Emerald version Only)

Battle Frontier, (Emerald version Only)

Mauville City Casino (1000 Coins/$20000)

Mauville City Casino (1000 Coins/$20000)

Mauville City Casino (1000 Coins/$20000)

Lilycome Department Store, $3000.

Lilycome Department Store, $3000.

Lilycome Department Store, $3000.

Lilycome Department Store, $3000.

Slateport Market, $500 / Lilycome Department Store, $3000.

Slateport Market, $500 / Lilycome Department Store, $3000.

Lilycome Department Store, $3000.

Lilycome Department Store, $3000.

Lanette's HOuse on Route 114 (Sapphire)

Lanette's HOuse on Route 114 (Ruby)


Lilycome Department Store, $3000.

Lilycome Department Store, $3000.

Battle Frontier (Emerald version Only)

Lilycome Department Store, $2000.

Lilycome Department Store, $2000.

Lilycome Department Store, $2000.

Lilycome Department Store, $2000.

Lilycome Department Store, $2000.

Lilycome Department Store, $2000.

Lilycome Department Store, $2000.


Battle Frontier, (Emerald version Only)

Lilycove Rooftop Sale, $10000.

Battle Frontier, (Emerald version Only)

Battle Frontier, (Emerald version Only)

Battle Frontier, (Emerald version Only)

Battle Frontier, ( Emerald version Only)

Sootopolis City - House next to the PokeCenter.





Stone Caves (Square)
-Route 116, Right top side
-Route 123.
-Route 123.

Stone Caves (Rectangle)
-Route 116, Right bottom side.
-Route 120, From the first batch of tall grass near the water.
-Route 123.

Stone Caves (Parallel)
-Route 116, Left top side
-Route 119, Need to get the place using the Acro Bike from side south of the.
berry trees - located on left side of the Waterfall.
-Route 120, After rains, left side near the water.

Stone Caves (Holes)
-Route 116, Left bottom side.
-Route 120, After rains, right side near the water.
-Route 119, near the Weather Buliding.

Dirt Caves (Square)
-Route 113, East and little south from the Glass Workshop.
-Route 118, east from the fisherman and have two lightbrown rocks around the base.
-Route 125, east of Shaol Cave - Left Side.

Dirt Caves (Rectangle)
-Route 111, a little northeast from the dirtslop on far top.
-Route 118, east of the enterance to ROute 119.
-Route 121,south of Safari Zone Gate.

Dirt Caves (Parallel)
-Route 115, west from Blackbelt trainer whose near the ROck.
-Route 119, RIght side of the Waterfall behind the Berry trees.
-Route 121, Near the wide white bridge.

Dirt Caves (Holes)
-Route 111, Near Blackbelt Daisuke.
-Route 125, east of Shaol Cave - Right Side.
-Route 127, northwest on second island south of Mossdeep.

Sand Caves (Square)
-Route 111, From desert north of fossil place.
-Route 118, Near the fisherman who gave you the Good Rod.
-Route 127, southwest on first island south of Mossdeep.

Sand Caves (Rectangle)
-Route 111, east from the dirt slope.
-Route 115, South of the trees on coast.
-Route 124, west of Shoal Cave.

Sand Caves (Parallel)
-Route 111, east from the Picnicker trainer.
-Route 127, southeast on first island south of Mossdeep.
-Route 127, southwest on second island south of Mossdeep.

Sand Caves (Holes)
-Route 111, Little south from Blackelt Daisuke.
-Route 125, South of SHoal Cave.
-Route 127, east on second island south of Mossdeep.

Mountain Caves (Square)
-Route 114, west from the bottomest batch of wild pokemon grasses.
-Route 115, Little soutneast from Meoteor Falls enterance.
-Route 115, near the Dirt Slope on left side.

Mountain Caves (Rectangle)
-Route 114, behind two rocks on right side.
-Route 115, little north from fences and rock.
-Route 115, topest of 3 panels from the steps.

Mountain Caves (Parallel)
-Route 114, Near Metoer Fall enterance.
-Route 115, Middlesest of 3 panels from the steps.
-Route 115, Bottomest of 3 panels from the steps.

Mountain Caves (Holes)
-Route 114, Near the Kindler.
-Route 114, Between two steps, rock on right side.
-Route 115, near the Dirt Slope on right side.

Circle Trees (Square)
-Route 119, Need to get the place using the Acro Bike from side south of the berry trees.
-Route 119, On fart left north side of map, need Arco bike to get across the white lines Left side.
-Route 120, Near the large square of tall grass.
-Route 120, Behind the Betty tree in front of Ancient Tomb.

Circle Trees (Rectangle)
-Route 119, west of the Fisheman on otherside of the river (you Have to surf from side near the house)
-Route 120, Near Berry trees.
-Route 119, On fart left north side of map, need Arco bike to get across the white lines But south Left Side.

Circle Trees (Parallel)
-Route 119, South from Fortree City.
-Route 119, On fart left north side of map, need Arco bike to get across the. white lines But south Right Side.
-Route 120, Little north from the first bridge seen on Route 120.

Circle Trees (Holes)
-Route 119, Need to surf to get there.
-Route 119, On fart left north side of map, need Arco bike to get across the white lines-Left side-RIght side.
-Route 120, Near enterance to ROute 121.

Triangle Trees (Square)
-Route 111, Left sides, opposite the Old Lady's house.
-Route 111, Right sides, opposite the Old Lady's house.
-Route 118, Right side, east of the Berry trees.
-Route 121, Right side, near Safari Zone Gate.

Triangle Trees (Rectangle)
-Route 115, Left side near the sea, below the Old Woman.
-Route 118, Left side, east of the Berry trees.
-Route 119, Right side, Need to surf to get there.
-Route 121, Left side, near Safari Zone Gate.

Triangle Trees (Parallel)
-ROute 110, Left Side on Island south of the Gatehouse.
-ROute 114, Left Side on Island east of the bridge.
-ROute 115, Right side near the sea, below the Old Woman.

Triangle Trees (Holes)
-ROute 110, Right Side on Island south of the Gatehouse.
-ROute 114, Right Side on Island east of the bridge.
-Route 119, Left side, Need to surf to get there.

if i forgot something to add then please
say me so i can edit it.



Shedinja FAQ

By Missingno. Master

OK, folks, I've just whipped up this Shedinja FAQ to answer any questions people may have about the little bugger.

Q; What is Shedinja?
A; Shedinja is the only Bug/Ghost Pokemon in the game, and the topic of this FAQ.

Q; How do I get a Shedinja?
A; Evolve a Nincada. You need space in your party; You can't obtain a Shedinja if you have a full party. After Nincada evolves, you'll have a Shedinja of the same level and nature.

Q; What is Shedinja's ability and what does it do?
A; Wonder Guard; It prevents any attacks that aren't super-effective against Shedinja from hitting it, barring Toxic, Leech Seed, Will-O-Wisp, Spikes, ect..

Q; Hey! Why does my Shedinja have only 1HP?!
A; Well, do you honestly expect a Pokemon that is only affected by 5 attack types to have craploads of HP? The programmers obviously didn't want Sheddy to be cheap, hence the lone hit point.

Q; Is wrestling fixed?
A; Don't know, don't care, wrong subject. Next!

Q; I've heard that you need a Pokeball in your-
A; Stop right there. It's time to quash this rumor- you do NOT need ANY pokeball of ANY KIND in your bag to get a Shedinja. All it does is show that Shedinja was apparently caught in the same type of Pokeball as Ninjask.

EDIT by Big Nutter (SSP Staff): Since this was Last updated before the launch of 4th gen, it does not reflect the changes. In 4th Gen games, you do need a standard Basic Pokéball. Black/White Info unconfirmed, but I assume that you do need a standard Basic Pokéball. This is the 3rd gen forum, and talk of later generations is not encouraged.

Q; Do HP ups work on Shedinja?
A; Absolutely not.

Q; WTF?! I battled a Shedinja in Colo. and it used Swords Dance. But the Move Tutor wouldn't teach Sheddy Swords Dance! What's up here?!
A; When Nincada evolves, Ninjask might attempt to learn a move or 3 after evolution, after which, Shedinja is created, taking on the current moveset of Ninjask, including any moves you just taught it. FOr example, if you evolve Nincada at lv. 25, Ninjask will try and learn Swords Dance immediately after evolution. If you let it, then the Shedinja will have Swords Dance as well.

Q; Why did the chicken cross the road?
A; I'll bet to get away from you.

Q; Does a Shedinja keep any ribbons it got as a Nincada?
A; No.

Q; What about EVs and Contest Stats?
A; That I'm not sure of. I'll edit in the answers when I find out.

Q; Is Shedinja any good in battle?
A; Yes! It's got a damn good attack stat, and learns good attacks, such as Silver Wind, Shadow Ball, ect. However, it's weakness to many attacks makes it difficult to use in some cases.

Q; Is Sandstorm a good move on Shedinja?
A; Only if you want your Shedinja to be suicudal. Seriously, we may never know why Shedinja has the capability to learn Sandstorm. It doesn't benefit it in any way, and wil only KO it instantly.

Q; If I have a shiny Nincada and I evolve it with space in my party, do I get both a shiny Ninjask and a shiny Shedinja?
A; How do you think I got my shiny Ninjask and Shedinja?

Q; Does Shedinja have its own movepool or does it take after Nincada or Ninjask?
A; Shedinja has its own movepool, learning Spite at lv. 25, Confuse Ray at lv. 31, Shadow Ball at lv. 38, and Grudge at lv. 45.

Q; Is Shedinja a glitch?
A; NO!

Q; What are the movepools of Nincada and Ninjask?
A; Does this look like the Nincada and Ninjask FAQ to you?!

Q; Why won't they accept my Rayquaza in the Battle Dome?
A; Because you keep asking questions that don't pertain to Shedinja!

Q; Ok, then, why didn't they accept my Groudon either?
A; OK, that's it. Get outta here, Mr. "Is Wrestling Fixed?"!!!

*Missingno. Master sent out Shedinja!*
*Shedinja used Shadow Ball!*
*Wild Mr. "Is Wrestling Fixed?" fainted!*


Well-Known Member
Sorry if this is the wrong board, but I need help. I've noticed that moves don't tell you what type (i.e. Special/Physical) they are, yet all of my Pokemon still have S.Atk/Atk. What I want to know is, does it matter what kind of moves I teach my Pokemon? For example, if I have a Pokemon with a huge Attack but almost no Special Attack, can I still teach it Flamethrower and have it use that move effectively? Thanks!

Also, where is a good place to grind for Norman? I started with Mudkip and most of my team is around level 30, yet I find myself unable to beat him. Thanks!

Nutter t.KK

can Mega Evolve!
Sorry if this is the wrong board, but I need help. I've noticed that moves don't tell you what type (i.e. Special/Physical) they are, yet all of my Pokemon still have S.Atk/Atk. What I want to know is, does it matter what kind of moves I teach my Pokemon? For example, if I have a Pokemon with a huge Attack but almost no Special Attack, can I still teach it Flamethrower and have it use that move effectively? Thanks!

Also, where is a good place to grind for Norman? I started with Mudkip and most of my team is around level 30, yet I find myself unable to beat him. Thanks!
In 1st, 2nd and 3rd gen, the move types determine which stat that is used. In the case you stated, Fire type attacks uses Special, so Flamethrower on a Pokémon with low special attack is not a good idea. (It's still not when you send it to the 4th gen or 5th, as Flamethrower is Special there too.)

A list of Physical types: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Physical_move

Norman's Pokemon has only one weakness Fighting type. I don't recommend Rock Smash, due to the low power it gives, but it can be done with it. Also remember one or two of his Pokémons ability will prevent it attacking every other turn. You can beat it by using Protect or Detect on the turns you think it will attack.

This is the place for it.


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In this case, the Pokemon I was talking about was Solrock. Since it looks like both Psychic and Fire are Special moves, what should I do when it comes to the moveset?

Since I don't have Protect, Detect, or any good fighting moves, I'll just grind to really high levels. Know any good places to do that?


...and so on...
Solrock is really tough to use well in this gen, just because of its low special attack stat (actually, its physical attack isn't all that great, but it's at least better). I'd go ahead and keep its psychic move (I think it gets Psywave naturally), but then probably round that out with physical moves. Earthquake is arguably the best, but it doesn't learn it naturally, so you'd have to spend the one and only TM on it, and I wouldn't do that. There are lots of things that can make better use of that TM.

It learns Rock Slide naturally at, I believe, level 37. That would be a great move to add - it's probably the most useful rock move overall, and for Solrock, it'll be stabbed. Beyond that, its natural movepool isn't very good, so....

Probably the first thing I'd do is go to Slateport Market, save the game, and buy a Hidden Power TM (if you don't already have one). Then put that on Solrock and go fight stuff for a bit until you figure out what the Hidden Power is. If you keep track of what it's strong against and weak against and such, you should be able to figure it out. If it's something useful (fighting would be great - ghost would also be good, maybe ground, maybe even steel), then keep it. If not, then reset the game. If you can't get a decent HP, then I'd probably put Secret Power on it anyway. It's a cheap TM and a decent physical move. Actually - even if it gets a good HP, I'd still be tempted to put Secret Power on there, just because there aren't a whole lot of other choices.

So something like:

Rock Slide
Hidden Power / Secret Power / Fire Spin / Cosmic Power
Hidden Power / Secret Power / Fire Spin / Cosmic Power

There are some better TMs you can pick up later, when you get to Lilycove City, but for now, there just aren't a whole lot of other choices. You could spend some time in the Mauville game corner and, if you can make (or are willing to buy) enough coins, you could get Flamethrower instead of Fire Spin and/or Psychic instead of Psywave. That's up to you.

For training, of the spots available to you now, probably the best for experience is Route 117 - west of Mauville. It's mostly Roselias, Zigzagoons, Oddish and either Illumise or Volbeat, depending on the game. Unless you're playing Emerald, in which case the Roselias and Zigzagoons are all replaced with Poochyenas, which don't give out as much experience. It's still better than about anything else that's open to you right now though. The Spindas in the ash east of Fallarbor Town are okay to train on - they don't give a whole lot of experience, but there's a lot of them and you pick up ash along the way. Other than that, look for rematches with trainers through the Trainers Eyes / Match Call (depending on whether it's R/S or Emerald). As I remember though, rematches only start at some specific point in the game, and I'm not sure when it is, so I don't know if you have access to them yet or not. Just check the Trainers Eyes / Match Call and you'll be able to see though - the ones who want a rematch will have a sort of square pokeball symbol on the right side of their listings.


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Progressing further...anyone know a good place to train ~level 35 Pokemon once you've gotten to Mossdeep? 'Cause all I see is Water Pokemon errywhere and one of them's a fire type...


...and so on...
Well... no. Not really. That's one of the real shortcomings in R/S/E - the last bit of the game is all water routes, with no grass, so there are no relatively high leveled pokemon to train on until you get to Victory Road.

The best place for wild battles, IMO, is route 120, east of Fortree. It's mid-20s Absols and Oddish and such, plus Poochyenas and Mighyenas in Emerald or Zigzagoons and Linoones in Ruby/Sapphire. Mt. Pyre is pretty good too, but there's nowhere to heal nearby, so you have to go back to Lilycove, then leg it all the way back out to the water and surf back around to the entrance.

Or you can just do the rounds and rematch trainers. Oh - and keep an eye out for Gabby and Ty - the reporter and cameraman. They provide good experience and good cash. Be careful with them though - their pokes' levels keep going up with each rematch.


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Derp. Well, that would be good grinding wouldn't it? I had no idea. XP
i have a question involving my medicham in ruby. when it misses with hi jump kick and takes damage, it loses over half its life. im sort of new to the 2nd and up generations so i checked the attack dex on this site to see if the move had changed at all and it clearly states that it should only lose 1/8 of its max hp.
my medicham was raised from an egg, has a bashful nature and its stats are pretty regular (no vitamins, or ev boosting hold items).

so i was just wondering if there is some technical reason behind the massive hp loss or if my medicham is just an unkind fluke.


...and so on...
Your Medicham probably has an enormous attack stat and/or low HP.

Up until the latest generation, a missed Hi Jump Kick results in Medicham losing half of the HP it would've otherwise done in damage. So if it would've done 100 damage if it had connected, it does 50 damage to Medicham when it misses.
ah, that makes sense. so if i really wanted to keep the move, the best thing for me to do would be to raise its hp with vitamins and ev training? i understand that this technicality makes the move very risky but ive been forward and back about what moves it should know and hi jump kick just brings them all together. so if theres any information that might help me out, id really appreciate. thanks.


...and so on...
Yeah... I guess if you want to keep it, the best you can do is get its HP as high as possible, since you want the potential damage to still be as high as possible.

Personally, I don't use the move. I replace it with Brick Break. But since there's only one Brick Break TM in R/S/E, that pretty much requires trading it out of FRLG (which I do pretty regularly).
thats good advice. actually i probably would teach it brick break now that you mention it, but ive already used the tm in ruby and i dont have a link to my FR game.

on a side note, the story line in this game is pretty goofy, haha. i dont mean any disrespect or anything, but that team magma was a trip. but i have to say, the contests are really addicting. at first i wasnt so sure about them but after i got used to them i cant stay away!

anyway, thanks for your help.


Elite Beat Agent
My Emerald may be bootleg

I'll start off by saying, my Emerald version may be a bootleg. I somewhat suspected this when I first got the game, mainly because the internal battery was visible and "the game can be played" message appeared, but I didn't really care, as long is it got the job done. My suspicions were raised ten-fold when I finally beat the Elite Four and my file was deleted. Now I'm really wondering if it may be a bootleg, or if the Elite Four corruption thing was caused by my brother turning the game off while it was saving on the file before. Can anyone who is sure they have a real copy of the game, tell me if "the game can be played" message appears on theirs, and maybe post some pictures, or a video, of their cartridge for comparison reasons? One of the reasons I'm asking this is because I'm starting to replay Emerald and I don't want it to be for nothing if it deletes at the Elite 4.
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You posted this on PC too, didn't you? =p

Anyways merging with the Help thread so other people can have their say if they want and that's what the Help thread is there for, but as I said ther I'm fairly sure your gam is a bootleg. Also... *motions to other things said on PC*
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