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[RTUA] Rate The Username Above

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Light It Up
Apparently the older version of this was inactive, so here's another one!. So, you basically take the ablve poster's username, rate it from 1/10, and maybe give a comment or two.

-All SPPf rules apply.
-No rude comments.
-Have fun!
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Petal Blizzard
0/10 pretencious (did I spell it right?)

EDIT: GAAAH NINJA'D! Yours is cute 8/10 :3

Liz Azzimagica

Angelic Trainer
7/10 for making me LOL XD


i like razors
10: wow, I really like this name. Azzimagica. Cool.

Liz Azzimagica

Angelic Trainer
ty considering it's my go-to name ;)

8/10, yours is cool too


Because he's in my castle!
A bit hard to pronounce. 6/10
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