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Ru/Sa/Em Mono Type Team Challenge

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ill try fighting or grass what do you reccomend based on gym leaders


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Hi, I'm going to start this soon, but I was wondering if I can do this on my Emerald because I dont have Ruby/Sapphire


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Yeah, I was going to ask the same thing, planing to do something I always wanted, a Mono Grond Team :D. Can I use Emerald, to actually do something with that team once I'm done? I mean the BF ;)


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Well, I quit Emerald, I have my own team there anyway. Started a Mono Ground on Ruby (he he, Groundon, he he). Anyway, Chose Mudkip (restarted about 15 times to get a female, I'm planing for a Curselax :D), wasted the opponent easy, then got 5 Zigzagoons for Pickup purposes (and hey, it works great, I already have Ultra Balls, Revives and Full Restores). Roxanne was child's play, Mud Shot was a Two Hit KO on Nosepass. Got a Nincada for Flash in the Granite Cave, and I was off to the second Gym. The Fighting Gym wasn't a chalenge either, Marshtomp went through them like a knife through butter. Beated the two fishermen on the island, got Flash and now I'm off to finding Steven. More on that later :D


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K, I quit my scramble teams, cuz I liek to make my own teams, so I'm taking a Ruby mono water type,cuz I already started with Mudkip. So far:

Mudkip lv.10


Alea iacta est.
I did A LOT last night. Once I landed in Dewford, I went to the cave and caught a Geodude, dubbed him Goroun, and then went to the gym to kick some fighting type butt. After I beat Brawly, I delivered the letter to Steven, went back to Rustboro, got the Exp. Share, then went to Slateport. Raised Goroun to level 23 and Numakorou to level 25 (I renamed my Marshtomp). I tried to beat my rival but lost miserably twice. Third time around I just barely beat her. Then I moved onto Mauville where I beat Wally and obtained my third badge quite easily. It was then that my Geodude evovled into a Graveler.

After Mauville I caught myself a Numel, nicknamed him Bakuuda, and trained him to be even with the others. They were all level 30 when I challenged Maxie. I beat him quite easily, too. Then I went to Lavaridge, beat up on Flannery, obtained the Go-Goggles, and moved onto the desert where I trained a bit and also caught my Trapinch which I named, Nakuraa. Then I beat all the trainers in Petalburg City Gym only to lose to Norman. I had almost beaten him, but he beat me. Then my Numel evovled and I am going to challenge Norman again. Also, should I teach my Marshtomp Surf or should I let him learn Muddy Water?

Current Team:
Numakorou the Marshtomp Lvl 32
Take Down, Growl, Mud Shot, Water Gun

Bakuuda the Camperupt Lvl 33
Rock Slide, Ember, Magnitude, Amnesia

Goroun the Graveler Lvl 32
Tackle, Rollout, Magnitude, Rock Throw

Nakuraa the Trapinch Lvl 20
Bite, Sand-Attack, Faint Attack

Final Team:
Swampert, Rhydon, Golem, Flygon, Camerupt, and I need a sixth member!
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Well, time for an update on the game. Found Steven and left for Slateport and from there, on to Mauville. The rival was really easy, as Kaspersky was a bit overtrained, being the only poke on the team, not named Zigzagoon. The Electric Gym was a breeze, of course, Kaspersky (Mashtomp) couldn't be touched. In the meantime, my fishers brought me a LOT of money, and I was full with Revives and Full Restores. Now I was heading towards the Fiery Path, and towards the secon member of my party. Caught a Numel, named it Firewall.I tried to get a male this time, since He learns all the moves he needs, and I might breed Rock Slide from him. I ezitated in catching a Sandshrew up in the mountains, as he kind of...you know...But I caught one anyway, he will rott in my computer. Numel totally wasted Maxie, and then laid waste to most of the Fire Type Gym. That's when my Firewall evolved into a Camerupt! *hump*. Well, I sailed back to Petalburg, to beat up my father. This Gym gave me the biggest problems. In the Fire Gym, Kaspersky evolved too, and Swampert in an opponent to reckon with. Still, Norman's two Slakings weren't easy at all. Infact, it took me about 5 minutes to kill them, and plenty of potions. That's quite alot, considering that the other Gym Leaders took only about a minute of my time. Got Surf, planted that on Kaspersky, and I was off to the Desert, where two more members will join my team. Caught a bunch of Trapinches easy, to find the right nature and everything, when I found the perfect one, I named him Norton. Then, for about 20 minutes, I scoured the place for the fourth member of my team, AVG, namely Baltoy. Finally found him too, and back to Mauville. I got to Wattson, and he sent me to New Mauville, where I thought it would be a great place to train my new ground pokes, since it's all electric in there. Still, I got bored pretty fast, and called it a day.

My team as of now: Kaspersky (Swampert), Firewall (Camerupt), Norton (Trapinch) and AVG (Baltoy).
The final team, as posted in the RMT part, will be Swampert, Camerupt, Flygon, Claydol, Donphan and Rhydon. And I can't think of better names for antiviruses. Oh, wait, got some :p.


i don't lose
after getting utterly frustrated walking around in circles forever hatching those damned eggs on leafgreen, i ordered an emerald today and while i wait for it to arrive so i can really begin breeding, i decided to take on the mono bug challenge. going with dustox, masquerain, heracross, armaldo, shedinja and ninjask. armaldo and heracross hit hard, dustox and masquerain for annoyances and catching pokemon, ninjask leads and BPs and shedinja is mostly for specialized cases when you know it won't get KOed. movesets are still rough as i want to keep my TMs intact for when i need the Earthquake TMs and such, but that's the jist of it. have my dustox going already, looking for surskit.


Beginning Trainer
I never actually bothered to post in this thread but I've done two monos.. I'll post up my last mono team.

Level 53
Dragon claw
Leaf blade

Level 49
Sky uppercut
Mega drain
Leech seed

Level 48
Ice beam
Giga drain

Level 50
Sludge bomb
Petal dance
Sleep powder

Level 49

Level 47
Sunny Day
Body slam

That was a grass mono in case you haven't realised.. My other mono was water and my team was Swampert, Gyarados, Milotic, Starmie, Ludicolo and Gorebyss.. but I don't remember the movesets.. so I can't post them. My next mono will be flying, and when I'm down with my scramble challenge I'll start putting my progress here ^^


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i'm trying a bug mono, MY GOAL IS TO NOT QUIT, and my team is now

L.4 wurmple
string shot

L.4 Wurmple
string shot

Mudkip L.8
mud slap

looking for surskit


i don't lose
well quick update...
i've beaten two gyms. i have four of my six planned pokemon, and two zigzagoons for pick up/HM purposes. all of my team is at level 20, and i'm in between mauville and slateport.
dustox- moonlight, protect, gust, confusion
surskit- bubble, quick attack, water sport, i forget
ninjask- double team, fury cutter, scratch, screech
shedinja- same as ninjask

will go with this team until i can catch a heracross in the safari zone and revive anorith for an armaldo



Lord of Darkness
Though i've never posted here mentioning it, I've done a mono-water team through Emerald. Here are the final stats for it...

Swampert-lv 50
Ice Beam

Milotic-lv 50
Ice Beam

Kingdra-lv 50
Ice Beam
Twister (Couldn't raise a non-water for Dragonbreath...)
Rain Dance

Walrein-lv 50
Ice Beam
Body Slam

Tentacruel-lv 50
Ice Beam
Sludge Bomb
Confuse Ray...or was it Barrier...

Crawdaunt-lv 50
Brick Break
Aerial Ace
Swords Dance

Beat the E4 with this team


r u not entertained
Need to decide 6 Pokemon out of:

Meganium, Sceptile, Bellosum, Vileplume, Cradily, Tropius, Cacturne, Roselia, Jumpluff, Ludicolo, Breloom .I might need to use Tropius for Fly and Ludicolo for Surf. I'll probably trade a female Hoppip and Chikorita from Colosseum, with ice Beam TM attached to teach to Ludicolo for Winona, maybe a Leaf Stone.


will be the best
did u not read it? u cant trade at all u can only use that one game it has to be one of the gem games
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