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Ruby and sapphire remakes confirmed!!!

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by MetalFlygon08, May 2, 2010.

  1. MetalFlygon08

    MetalFlygon08 Haters Gonna Hate


    or ya, know, I sprited...

    C&C, praise, burn at the stakes, do whatever it is you peeps do.
  2. Ryubane

    Ryubane Why yes, it exists

    Really inventive, but I'd like to see something that's a more iconic R/S scene, such as a faceoff with Maxie or Archie. Wally's okay, but not the strongest theme in those games.

    As for the sprite(s), they're above average. I could probably be fooled if I didn't know better. Although, I have to point out that Wally's hair seems a lot greener here than the art and the R/S sprites. And why does Ralts' HP/status bar have a giant alligator bite taken out of the side? XD Still, it's neat and I want to see more!
  3. MetalFlygon08

    MetalFlygon08 Haters Gonna Hate

    the trainers get hungry duh! and the fact I havn't finished the Ally side'd HP bar, Wally will probally get a redesign whenever teh Remakes do come around, so I'm jumping the gun, besides, I hate yellow-green...I'm mostly a fan of the HP bars, they look so sleek, so not square.


    new colors, and some touch ups made.
    Last edited: May 2, 2010
  4. ReaperNeku

    ReaperNeku The One and Only

    Ah, the new one looks a lot more like wally than the first one. Considering you put the original colors of Wally in R/S/E on the sprite. Keep it up!
  5. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    It's ok, but the Wally sprite doesn't seem to fit with the color schemes used for the Pokemon. I would suggest using duller colors since Wally's sprite looks much too bright/sharp to be a believable game sprite. The status bar for Ralts is kinda cool, but maybe you should give Combusken's bar a bit of an update too, just so that both look like they belong to the same game as opposed to two totally different games. As for the names on the bars, I think the text should be bigger as the bar usually holds ten characters in the English games and these look like they could fit twelve lol. The text on the text screen is a bit too bright. I don't think even D/P/Pt and HG/SS use text of that magnitude. All in all, a pretty good attempt :)
  6. ReaperNeku

    ReaperNeku The One and Only

    Yeah, but if you looked closer at the original picture of Wally from RSE, the colors match that of his main poke's (Ralts) colors. So I don't think the colors are too bright for wally.
  7. I must say, I'm pretty impressed with the mock-up, what with the Wally sprite and what appears to be a Ralts scratch. However, I would fix the text so it doesn't look all over the place. Trust me, I know it's tricky, but it isn't that hard if you zoom in and align it all in place, especially if you use a line or something to make sure one's not too high or low. And of course, this is nitpicky but..if you want to convince some suckers, make sure Ralts' name is in all caps. ;P
  8. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Ah I just noticed the new update, the image didn't load before I posted. Yes, he edited Ralts' sprite to make it look closer to Wally's but that kind of ruins the point. Wally had to be slightly "toned down" instead of Ralts being made brighter to compensate for Wally's brightness. The new one looks better but it might have looked snazzier had Ralts been left alone since it would have looked a bit more orginal :p

    Anyway, MetalFlygon, keep up the good work!
    Last edited: May 2, 2010
  9. Ryubane

    Ryubane Why yes, it exists

    Well, the new Wally matches a little bettwer, but I suppose since Ralts' sprite has since been Gen. 4'd up, he's more vivid now, so it doesn't match as well as it used to.

    And @The 4th Kira: Wouldn't it be an original image no matter how you slice it? Plus, the goal with any sprites is to make them look official, so...
  10. PokeDillon96

    PokeDillon96 Boss.

    Nice sprites. ^_^

    Although, one thing I should point out is the text looks kind of uneven, like the g's and the p's. And the slanted "lv" looks kind of weird.

    It is honestly believable, though by the time the R/S remakes come out we'll be at the end of the 5th Gen reign, and the graphics would probably look a lot different than that.
  11. Zozo1999

    Zozo1999 has left Serebii

    That was the first thing I noticed, the gs and ps look very uneven
  12. Fused

    Fused Shun the nonbeliever

    These are really good. There's only otwo things I noticed.

    Wally's pallete, at least his green, isn't vibrant enough to keep consistent with the background colors and the other sprites (for some reason, Ralts doesn't bother me as much as Wally.)

    Second, you should edit "Your PKMN" status bar to match the curve of your foe's status bar.

    other than that, this is a really good revamp and mockup.
  13. Ryubane

    Ryubane Why yes, it exists

    The g's and p's just one pixel lower than they're supposed to be. It's an easy fix.
  14. chupik13

    chupik13 chupik13

    can we download an nds rom for this anywhere?
  15. Ryubane

    Ryubane Why yes, it exists

    XD It doesn't exist. This is just a mockup sprite. Unless you were joking...
  16. Rayquaza Master777

    Rayquaza Master777 #1 May Fanboy

    I really hope they make remakes of RSE. I remember when I first got Sapphire...
  17. Ryubane

    Ryubane Why yes, it exists

    NOT the right forum for this, dude. Please don't think I'm trying to mini-mod, but it's just a fan-made sprite mock-up and this speculative discussion should at least move to VMs or PMs. Sorry! :p
  18. MetalFlygon08

    MetalFlygon08 Haters Gonna Hate


    only a matter of time until this image appears in General claiming a 3rd Gen Remake...

    anywho tried a bit of a darker shade of Green for Wally, oh, the reason I keep uploading the changed Mock-Up, is to show how the sprite would look in action, becuase on a solid color a sprite might look good, until it's placed on a background like this.

    and I apparently succeeded in tricking someone, I might remove the text box, or put one in with the Proper Kanji, ya know, to make it look really legit...
  19. Plat. Frontier

    Plat. Frontier Epic Mustache

    Things that would make it look official:
    Proper Kanji
    Making Ralts all in capital letters.
    If you didn't edit Combusken's back sprite, edit it (make it similar to Zoroark's backsprite in Black & White)
    Edit the background at least a different color.
    On Combusken's HP Amount (below HP Bar) the color is brighter than it should be.​
  20. Satoshi_poketo monsta

    Satoshi_poketo monsta Home-Made Trainer.

    If Wally appear, then where's Brendan?

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