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Ruler's Trade Shop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by If U Seek Amy, Jun 5, 2011.


Which Shiny is Coolest?

  1. Articuno

    74 vote(s)
  2. Zapdos

    51 vote(s)
  3. Moltres

    80 vote(s)
  1. If U Seek Amy

    If U Seek Amy i am a god

    The Connoisseur's Trade Shop


    Hello, and welcome to my 5th Gen. trade shop!


    Shop Status: Open

    FC is: 0948-1548-3680

    Current Most Wanted Thing: TRU Mystery Egg Pansage, UT (Preferably unhatched)

    8/18/11: I plan on remodeling this shop. I just feel that it could just look more decorative and nice...

    8/14/11: I need more cloners, like a lot... PM me if you wish to be one...

    Please visit The Flaming Reshiram Trade Shop! The owner is my brother in business.

    Current giveaway: None.

    Here are the rules:

    1. All Serebii.Net rules apply here.

    2. Make offers on this trade thread first. I get very annoyed by constant PMs. Any more will simply be ignored. If you are wondering why this is in bold, it is because people decide to skip my rules and then do it. I will PM you when we have agreed on the trade. If it seems I have forgotten about a trade, please PM me then and we can get right back to it... Equals one strike if you send a PM/VM first

    3. Please make reasonable offers of equal value to what you want from me. No strike if not able too

    4. Do NOT try to trade me hacks. I believe that none of my Pokemon are hacks. If you think I have traded you a hack, I will promptly trade you back your Pokemon. Although, I will accept clones and RNGs as I do not consider them as hacks. Five strikes/Permanent ban for trading a hack on purpose

    5. Please type correctly. It is very hard for me to read something that looks like this: helo i wnt ur shiny mdkip. It really bugs me. No strike. It just is annoying as hell.

    6. Do not Double Post. A very common thing, so I should clarify it. It's against the rules in case you were not aware. Equals one strike

    7. Don't even think about offering me a shiny Gyarados.

    8. Do not post while the shop is closed. Equals one strike.

    Strike system

    I did not want to have to do this, but people have been disobeying my rules a lot and it must be done.

    1 Strike = Warning





    2 Strikes = 1 week ban


    3 Strikes = 2 week ban

    4 Strikes = 1 month ban

    5 strikes = Permanent ban

    Other info:

    -Strikes will be deleted at the beginning of every month after the one who has earned the strike fulfills their punishment. Unless you have a permanent ban.

    -Posting on here while you are banned will equal another strike.

    -I can provide Pokerus, free of charge.

    1st Gen.

    2nd Gen.

    3rd Gen.

    4th Gen.

    5th Gen.

    Dialga, T, Lvl. 61, JAP, Timid

    Palkia, T, Lvl. 50, Brave

    Giratina, UT, Lvl. 70, Hasty/ T, Lvl. 82, Timid/ BT, Lvl. 71, Adamant/ UT, Lvl. 47, Bold/ UT, Lvl. 1, Mild (Sinjoh Ruins)

    Groudon, UT, Lvl. 70, Lonely

    Kyogre, UT, Lvl. 70, Quiet

    Rayquaza, T, Lvl. 100, Serious, JAP/T, Lvl 100, Hardy (Shiny)

    Suicune, T, Lvl. 43, Gentle/ UT, Lvl. 30, Relaxed (Event shiny Suicune, has been used for event)

    Entei, UT, Lvl. 40, Relaxed

    Celebi, T, Lvl. 41, Bashful

    Kyurem, T, Lvl. 78, Sassy/UT, Lvl. 75, Sassy (Shiny)

    Regigigas, UT, Lvl. 70, Gentle

    Deoxys, T, Lvl. 55, Brave

    Latios, T, Lvl. 53, Relaxed

    Articuno, UT, Lvl. 50, Jolly

    Zapdos, T, Lvl. 57, Calm

    Reshiram, T, Lvl. 78, Mild, JAP

    Ho-Oh, T, Lvl. 100, Gentle

    Lugia, T, Lvl. 100, Jolly/ T, Lvl. 50, Lonely (Shiny)

    Zekrom, T, Lvl. 61, Careful

    Cresselia, T, Lvl. 51, Naive

    Thunderus, UT, Lvl. 40, Calm

    Mespirit, UT, Lvl. 50, Brave

    Azelf, T, Lvl. 61, Gentle

    Uxie, T, Lvl. 52, Timid

    Mewtwo, UT, Lvl. 70, Modest (Shiny!)

    Landorus, UT, Lvl. 70, Brave

    Darkrai, T, Lvl. 100, Mild (New Moon Island, SHINY)

    DW Arceus, UT, Lvl. 100 (That's the level it comes at) Adamant, JAP, Flawless!

    Cobalion, UT, Lvl. 42, Timid (SHINY! Almost Flawless!)

    Win2011 Celebi, UT, Lvl. 50, Jolly (Used for event)

    Victini, T, Lvl. 45, Hardy

    WIN2011 Suicune, UT, Lvl. 30, Relaxed (Has PKRS, used for event.)

    PKTOPIA Magmortar, Female, T, Lvl. 53, Modest

    WISHMKER Jirachi, T, Lvl. 100, Bold, (Has PKRS)

    WISHMKER Jirachi, UT, Lvl. 5, Naughty

    Sinjoh Ruins Giratina, UT, Lvl. 1, Mild

    DW Arceus, UT, lvl. 100, JAP, Adamant, Flawless!

    Mystery Egg Pidove, UT, Lvl. 1, Female, Hardy

    Movie Victini, UT, Lvl. 50, Jolly (Flawless!)

    Carita's Shiny Hydreigon, UT, Lvl. 70, Modest, JAP

    Birth Island Deoxys, T, Lvl. 50, Adamant (Shiny, almost flawless, Possibly RNG'ed)

    Giratina, UT, Lvl. 1, Impish (Sinjoh Ruins/Shiny)

    AGETO Celebi, UT, Lvl. 10, Lax (SHINY!/JAP)

    WISHMKR Jirachi, UT, Lvl. 5, Docile (SHINY!)

    GAMESTP Raikou, UT, Lvl. 30, Rash

    GAMESTP Entei, UT, Lvl. 30, Adamant

    Faraway Island Mew, UT, Lvl. 30, Adamant, JAP (Shiny)

    Faraway Island Mew, UT, Lvl. 30, Mild, JAP (Shiny)

    FAL2010 Mew, UT, Lvl. 5, Hasty

    FAL2010 Mew, UT, Lvl. 5, JAP

    #1 Bulbasaur, UT, Lvl. 1, Male, Modest (Egg moves Leaf Storm, Giga Drain, Petal Dance, Sludge Bomb)

    #4 Charmander, UT, Lvl. 1, Female, Mild

    #4 Charmander, UT, Lvl. 1, Male, Bold

    #7 Squirtle, UT, Lvl. 1, Female, Naughty (Egg moves: Aqua Ring, Muddy Water, and Brine)

    #38 Ninetales, T, Lvl. 100, Female, Jolly

    #78 Rapidash, UT, Lvl. 41, Male, Docile (Korean)

    #79 Slowpoke, UT, Lvl. 19, Male, Docile

    #127 Pinsir, UT, Lvl. 50, Male, Jolly, French

    #133 Eevee, UT, Lvl. 16, Female, Quirky

    #137 Porygon, UT, Lvl. 1, Modest

    #144 Articuno, UT, Lvl. 50, Hardy

    #146 Moltres, UT, Lvl. 50, Lonely

    #150 Mewtwo, UT, Lvl. 70, Modest

    #151 Faraway Island Mew, UT, Lvl. 30, Adamant, JAP

    #151 Faraway Island Mew, UT, Lvl. 30, Mild, JAP (Shiny)

    #158 Totodile, UT, Lvl. 1, Male, Rash

    #160 Feraligatr, T, Lvl. 90, Male, Naïve

    #179 Mareep, UT, Lvl. 34, Female, Lonely (Caught myself in Emerald’s Safari

    #207 DW Gligar, UT, Lvl. 1, Female, Impish, (Almost flawless!)

    #212 Scizor, T, Lvl. 100, Male, Naive, French

    #212 Scizor, UT, Lvl. 52, Female, Naive (Evolved but not trained)

    #229 Houndoom, T, Lvl. 100, Male, Bold, French

    #243 GAMESTP Raikou, UT, Lvl. 30, Rash

    #244 GAMESTP Entei, UT, Lvl. 30, Adamant

    #247 Pupitar, UT, Lvl. 50, Male, Serious

    #249 Lugia, T, Lvl. 50, Lonely

    #251 AGETO Celebi, UT, Lvl. 10 (Shiny/JAP)

    #254 Sceptile, T, Lvl. 55, Male, Quiet

    #258 Mudkip, UT, Lvl. 1, Male, Docile, French

    #255, Torchic, UT, Lvl. 1, Male, Timid

    #280 Ralts, UT, Lvl. 10, Female, Quiet

    #297 Hariyama, BT, Lvl. 45, Male, Timid, Korean (Evolved by leveling up by one lvl.)

    #323 Camerupt, UT, Lvl. 55, Male, Lax (Exp. but no lvl. gain)

    #330 Flygon, T, Lvl. 48, Female, Rash

    #350 Milotic, UT, Lvl. 1, Male, Bashful, JAP

    #359 Absol, UT, Lvl. 1, Male, Rash

    #371 Bagon, UT, Lvl. 45, Male, Lonely

    #374 Beldum, UT, Lvl. 1, Lonely

    #376 Metagross, T, Lvl. 100, Naïve

    #381 Latios, UT, Lvl. 40, Timid (In premier ball)

    #383 Groudon, T, Lvl. 100, Serious

    #384 Rayquaza, T, Lvl. 100, Hardy

    #386, Deoxys (Normal Forme), T, Lvl. 50, Adamant (Almost flawless)

    #387 Turtwig, UT, Lvl. 5, Male, Naughty

    #390 Chimchar, UT, Lvl. 1, Male, Adamant (Egg moves: Thunder Punch, Blaze Kick)

    #393 Piplup, UT, Lvl. 1, Male, Modest (Egg moves: Aqua Ring, Pound)

    #403 Shinx, UT, Lvl. 5, Female, Docile

    #436 Bronzor, UT, Lvl. 1, UT, Timid

    #442 Spiritomb, T, Lvl. 58, Female, Hardy, JAP

    #447 Riolu, UT, Lvl. 1, Male, Adamant

    #448 Lucario, T, Lvl. 100, Male, Timid

    #461 Weavile, T, Lvl. 100, Male, Naughty

    #469 Yanmega, T, Lvl. 86, Male, Sassy

    #477 Dusknoir, UT, Lvl. 46, Male, Lonely, (Just evolved but not trained, in Master ball)

    #483 Dialga, T, Lvl. 100, Quirky

    #484 Palkia, T, Lvl. 100, Sassy

    #487 Giratina, UT, Lvl. 1, Impish (Sinjoh Ruins, has Premier Ribbon)

    #491 Darkrai, T, Lvl. 100, Mild

    #498 Tepig, UT, Lvl. 1, Male, Quiet, (NN’ed Glitrswine as in Glitter Swine)

    #503 Samurott, T, Lvl. 47, Male, Brave (My first ever shiny, make good offers)

    #520, Tranquil, UT, Lvl. 21, Male, Sassy

    #526 Gigalith, T, Lvl. 100, Female, Rash

    #529 Drilbur, UT, Lvl. 28, Male, Jolly

    #545 Scolipede, T, Lvl. 35, Male, Serious

    #563 Cofagrigus, UT, Lvl. 36, Female, Rash, JAP

    #566, Archen, UT, Lvl. 1, Male, Timid

    #566, Archen, UT, Lvl. 25, Female, Jolly, (Near Flawless)

    #570 Zorua, UT, Lvl. 1, Male, Hardy

    #588 Karrablast, UT, Lvl. 1, Female, Adamant (Egg moves: Peck, Megahorn, Pursuit, Knock off)

    #607 Litwick, UT, Lvl. 26, Male, Relaxed

    #609 Chandelure, T, Lvl. 92, Male, Timid (EV'ed in Sp. Atk/ Sp. Def)

    #610 Axew, UT, Lvl. 31, Female, Bashful

    #612 Haxorus, T, Lvl. 100, Female, Jolly (Has PKRS) EV'ed in Atk./Spd.

    #616 Shelmet, UT, Lvl. 30, Male, Bold

    #633 Deino, UT, Lvl. 38, Female, Timid

    #633 Deino, UT, Lvl. 1, Female, Timid (Near Flawless/HP Ground/Dark Pulse egg move)

    #636 Larvesta, T, Lvl. 31, Male, Modest (EV'ed in Sp. Atk/ Spd.)

    #638 Cobalion, UT, Lvl. 42, Timid, (Almost flawless)

    #646 Kyurem, UT, Lvl. 75, Sassy

    Kangaskhan, Inner Focus Ability

    Butterfree, Tinted Lens Ability

    Gligar, Immunity Ability

    Stantler, Sap Sipper Ability

    Yanma, Frisk Ability

    Eevee, Anticipation Ability

    Ledyba, Rattled Ability

    Vulpix, Drought ability

    Kabuto, Weak Armor Ability

    Mantine, Water Veil

    Relicanth, Sturdy Ability

    Goldeen, Lightningrod ability

    Poliwag, Swift Swim ability (Becomes Drizzle when evolves into Politoad)

    Finneon, Water Veil ability

    My Wants

    Zapdos, UT

    Feebas, UT, Female

    Kyogre, Anything is fine

    Golett, UT, Must have Iron Fist

    Clampearl, Male or Female is fine, UT, Adamant nature

    Cresselia, UT

    Regigigas, UT

    Anorith, UT, Male

    Aerodactyl, UT, Male

    Lileep, UT

    Cranidos, UT, Male

    Shieldon, UT

    Cyndaquil, UT

    Horsea/Seadra/Kingdra, UT

    Snivy, UT

    Oshawott, UT

    Lapras, UT

    Unown, Letters: S E B A S T I A N

    Unown, Exclamation Mark

    Unown, Question Mark

    Pawniard/Bisharp, Male, UT

    Larvesta/Volcarona, Female, UT

    Ralts/Kirlia, Male

    Karrablast, Male, UT

    Latios, Anything is fine (I want as few more different natured ones than the one I have right now)

    Latias, Anything is fine

    Mew, Anything is fine

    Shroomish, UT

    Non event Suicune, UT

    Non event Raikou, UT

    Non event Entei, UT

    Sableye, UT

    Trapinch, Male, UT

    Yanma, UT (Preferably male, yet anything would work)

    Sneasel, UT, Female

    Roggenrola, UT, Male

    Nincada, UT

    Scyther, UT

    Snorunt, UT, Male

    Snorunt, UT, Female

    Venipede/Scolipede, UT

    WIN2011 Suicune

    TRU Mystery Egg Pansage, UT (Preferably unhatched/#1 Want!)

    WIN2011 Celebi

    Janta's Shiny Golurk

    All DW Starter Pokemon

    Magic Bounce Female Natu

    Vital Spirit Female Elekid

    Wonder Skin Female Skitty

    Even if you don't have something on my wants, please offer what you have anyways. I want to hear what everyone has to say, I will consider all of your offers.

    And with that... Let the trading begin!
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2011
  2. Congrats on your shop :)
    I'd like everything please ! hahaha jk .
  3. XLugiaReshX

    XLugiaReshX 名誉

    grats on your shop being approved but you do know Reshiram and Zekrom cant be shiny right?
  4. MotherRussia


    What's up, buddy? Congrats on the shop!!!! I have an UT Shiny German Piplup! I'm interested in either the lv100 shiny Weavile OR the lv100 Shiny Ninetales! Whoohoo first post!!!
    EDIT: Aww, Thee!! >:0 3rd then...
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2011
  5. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    Congrats on the trade shop!
    I'm interested in your shiny Lunatone. CMT for what you'd like (link in siggie).
    Also, shiny Reshiram and Zekrom aren't possible right now, as they're programmed to not be shiny. EDIT: Ninja'd by XLugiaReshX D:
  6. Quagsireking

    Quagsireking I am the king!

    Me has golett for shiny porygon
  7. If U Seek Amy

    If U Seek Amy i am a god

    Wow, just opened and a bunch of offers already!

    @Fissorous, I will inform you with what I want later. And thanks for informing the whole Reshiram/Zekrom thing. Took it off of my list.

    @MufinskulzFTW, Sounds good... I will consider it. (Most likely, I will...)

    @XLugiaReshX, Thanks, I took it off of my wants.

    @Quagsireking, I already am going to trade it, but this sounds good since it's a better deal. I will consider it.
  8. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    All right, thanks. If it makes it easier, I have a shiny Lileep and Cranidos for trade :]
  9. XLugiaReshX

    XLugiaReshX 名誉

    kk gl with your shop ill make a offer once i get my cloner to clone and @ Fissorous hooray for ninjas >:D
  10. beshort123

    beshort123 <----Uber

    I can give you the female DW evee, in return for your shiny bulbasaur, the one with all the egg moves.
  11. redhairedking

    redhairedking Active Member

    I can give you a shiny Charizard, I got it in a trade but it looks legit. I will trade you back if you find out that it is hacked. I am interested in the following Pokémon: WISHMKER Jirachi, UT, Lvl. 5, Naughty and Kyurem, UT, Lvl. 75, Sassy

    I would prefer the Jirachi but I will take either. I can also trade you a shiny Venasaur for the other Pokémon if you would want it.
  12. If U Seek Amy

    If U Seek Amy i am a god

    I will resume trades tomorrow, I must get to bed. Then, we can really start trading.
  13. Afwan

    Afwan <---Shiny Hunt!

    i got female dw eevee and raikou
    for ur mild darkrai and shelmet
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2011
  14. AfroKing

    AfroKing Street Brawlers CEO

    I'm interested in 2 shinies if u still have it: Shiny Bulbasaur and Shiny Milotic. I can offer u a Shiny Charmander and DW Female Vulpix. PM if u are interested in my offer.
  15. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    I'll trade a UT shiny Torchic, Docile, for the shiny Porygon.
  16. If U Seek Amy

    If U Seek Amy i am a god

    I will be gone for awhile. I'll be back on 6/13. I will then address all of your offers!
  17. handul6

    handul6 Covered in Bees!

    I'll trade a female anticipation eevee for your win2011 suicune
  18. Razor_Claw99

    Razor_Claw99 Dragon Master Traine

    do u have these;

    PCNY Salamence (English Version) UT
    PCNY Altaria (English Version) UT
    PCNY Flygon (English Version) UT
    PCNY Kingdra (English Version) UT
    10 ANIV Dragonite (English Version) UT
    10 ANIV Charizard (English Version) UT

    I have for offer;


    TRU Dragonite (English Version) UT
    10 ANIV Latios (English Version) UT
    10 ANIV Latias (English Version) UT
    TRU Arceus
    VGC09 Milotic
    GAMESTP Suicune (Japanese)
    GAMESTP Raikou (Japanese)
    GAMESTP Entei (Japanese)
    WIN2011 Celebi (Japanese)
    FAL2010 Mew
    GAMESTP Pichu
    GAMESTP Deoxys
    GAMESTP Jirachi
    TRU Pikachu
    SMR2010 Jirachi
    TRU Regigigas
    TRU Mystery Egg Axew


  19. Gage6822

    Gage6822 New Member

    for trade

    I have a DW female Eevee and a DW female vulpix if you are interested. PM me.
  20. If U Seek Amy

    If U Seek Amy i am a god

    @ beshort123, No thanks...

    @ redhairedking, Will consider it. But probably not, sorry if it is that way.

    @ Afwan, not for Darkrai, ask for something different then that please, but Shelmet is

    @AfroKing, Sounds good, I'll PM you if I want to.

    @ a person, Sounds good... Just got to get it cloned since several people want it.

    @ handul6, Sorry, but no...

    @ Razor_Claw99, None of those are on my list, so sorry... I will inform you if I do though.

    @ Gage6822, I would prefer you to tell me what you are offering first.

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