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Rules of the SPPf Weekly Sprite Contest

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by Insidious_Dreamer, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Insidious_Dreamer

    Insidious_Dreamer Dreams = Reality

    Welcome to the first SPPf Weekly Banner Contest

    Ladies and Gentlemen…… The moment you’ve all been waiting for…. Has finally come to fruition!! *drum roll please* For the first time…….. on SPPf (as far a I know), I give you…….. wait for it………….. the WEEKLY SPRITE CONTEST!! (approved by Sweet May and Zephyr Flare)

    Also, let it be known that I encourage newcomers! If you’ve never done this before, give it a shot – you never know our luck!

    So, first things first – the rules! Be wise and read them, it won’t take long…


    * The new week’s contest and a poll for the previous week’s contest will be posted every Monday (give or take a few hours etc due to time zones).
    * Those who choose to disobey the rules, will bow to any of the Fan Art Mods and accept completely the wrath he/she brings! (No, kidding it won’t be that bad, but please don’t go and ruin it for yourself, that’s why there are rules.)

    Submitting Entries:

    * Anyone can enter.
    * You may send in an entry any time during the whole week, until the poll is up.
    * Once you have posted an entry, you may only make minor changes to it. A contest official must accept all such minor changes.
    * Entries that don't fit the theme won’t be considered for the voting.
    * All entries should be made in full by the submitter. This includes resizing and image tags, etc.
    * Your entry can only consist of one banner/avatar/sprite, unless otherwise specified. No rotating banners, no sets.
    * All entries have to be created for the contest; you cannot submit something you made for some other purpose.
    * You may use non-Pokémon-related art as long as the contest doesn't say otherwise. However, you must post a link to the original art.
    * If you have any question about whether your entry falls within the rules, please PM one of the officials about it before posting the entry.


    * Every week that ends in 5, we'll have an optional animated sprite contest.
    * Every week that ends in 0, we'll have a 'speciality' contest. (i.e. a type of spriting that is not part of the regular set used)
    * Every so once in while, not yet determined as a specific time, the Indigo Isle will come around, a place that puts the spriting to the test for an actual prize.

    Indigo Isle:

    * This is a week that is a BONUS round, in addition to the normal weeks of the contest.
    * The winner of this week will be given a pre-determined prize of a Pokémon to be received over Nintendo WiFi
    * Entrants must have Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum, a Friend Code, and must be able to trade via Nintendo WiFi
    * The theme for these weeks will be the Pokémon which will be given as the prize.
    * These weeks will be open for two weeks, twice as long as the normal contests.


    * Sprites must be useable as within a game - i.e. no larger than 80x80.
    * Sprites cannot be animated unless the theme states otherwise.
    * Animated sprites cannot have a file size greater than 56 KB.


    * Anyone can vote.
    * You usually have three votes. Please use them all. You do not have to do so, but it would be recommended.
    * It would also be nice if you could explain your votes in a short post. Again, this is not required, but would be nice.
    * You are not allowed to vote for yourself.
    * You are not allowed to suggest to other people that they should vote for you.
    * The voting will be as follows: You get one vote if there are 4 or less entries for the week, two votes if there are 8 or less entries, and three votes for greater than 9.
    * The initial voting stage lasts for 4 days.

    Champion Poll:

    * The Champion Poll will be for the top three artists of the week, and will run for 3 days.
    * There will a Champion Poll for every week with 6 or more contestants.
    * There will be no Champion Poll if there are only 5 or less entries, and the initial poll will run for the entire week.

    List of Contest Officials
    * Insidious_Dreamer
    * arcanumghost
    * Zadros
    * MetalHarpey

    Themes + Mediums:

    My ideas for the themes would be very broad, but they should be easy to manipulate… Things like ‘Sport’ or ‘Blue Pokémon’, etc. Nothing too specific.

    The mediums for the different weeks could be mixed and matched:
    - re-colour
    - re-type
    - fusion
    - scratch
    - combinations of those above
    - two sprites
    - two complimentary sprites
    - etc.

    Hope you all enjoy this new venture! See you soon.

    Last edited: Dec 22, 2008
  2. Rizadon

    Rizadon Pitch Black Soul

    Is this an official contest, or is this just for fun?
  3. Insidious_Dreamer

    Insidious_Dreamer Dreams = Reality

    Well, it's not speifically approved by Joe himself. It is, however something for anyone and everyone. It'll begin monday and its basically just for fun - perhaps something to gloat about in your sig...
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2008
  4. Rizadon

    Rizadon Pitch Black Soul

    gloat, huh? So all I have to do is show up monday with a sprite?
  5. Insidious_Dreamer

    Insidious_Dreamer Dreams = Reality

    Well, there is the possibility i might be able to organise some form of prize for special weeks... but in relation to ur question...

    Monday it all begins and There'll be a new thread for the very first week of the Contest - I'll post it with a theme and medium, then you can front up with a sprite to boot and away we go (as long as the sprite fits the theme and follows the medium of course....

    It should be fun

    Be sure to check out Digital Media as well - I am also running the very first Weekly Banner Contest over there...
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2008
  6. Rizadon

    Rizadon Pitch Black Soul

    banners arent my peace of pie. I am good at everything else.
  7. Insidious_Dreamer

    Insidious_Dreamer Dreams = Reality

    Fair enuf, well then we wait for Monday (or for everyone in the US, it'll be around 5pm Sunday)
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2008
  8. Rizadon

    Rizadon Pitch Black Soul

    ..wait WHAT? where are you? I live in Miami!
  9. Hyper Stan

    Hyper Stan Hmmph

    I dindt really get it what was this weeks theme or hasnt the contest started?
  10. Insidious_Dreamer

    Insidious_Dreamer Dreams = Reality

    I've posted in advance of it starting
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2008
  11. Rizadon

    Rizadon Pitch Black Soul

    One more thing, I couldnt find in the rules. Do we have to make the sprite after you tell us what to do, or can we use past sprites?
  12. arcanumghost

    arcanumghost Sharla

    If it was made previous to the contest announcement, I'd assume it was made for some other purpose. Even though there aren't currently any prizes up for grabs other than glory and bragging rights, it isn't fair to have some people using old sprites for the contest while others are creating them from scratch the week of the contest. This especially would apply if there was a prize up for grabs.
  13. alli940

    alli940 I can see you

    is this like in the serebii spriters contest? if so then YAY.
  14. alli940

    alli940 I can see you

    is this like in the serebii spriters contest? if so then YAY.
  15. arcanumghost

    arcanumghost Sharla

    Yes sir, however know that the club will still operating as usual with the normal contests and discussion and there are new banner contests beginning at the same time here, so make sure to check them all out.

    EDIT: This is the location of the first week's contest:
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2008
  16. Namek

    Namek Member

    I guess I shall join.
  17. arcanumghost

    arcanumghost Sharla

  18. Draco_Patil

    Draco_Patil Splice Spriter

    so by when do we submit?
    MH is a judge?? o.0
  19. Insidious_Dreamer

    Insidious_Dreamer Dreams = Reality

    Ah, well the contests are found in either of the two threads that arcanumghost just posted, one is for the Banner contest that runs every week and the other is for the Sprite contest that runs every week.

    The contests will be weekly, and start around 9am Monday for me, and finish by the 9am Monday of the next week. In America in think that translates to 5pm Sunday night each time.

    There are no judges - we'll be putting up Polls for each Contest, that means everyone is a judge, and has a say in who was the best entry.

    Also, that means that any and all entries will be accepted up the point at which someone posts in the entry thread saying the contest has finished (it should be around the time as when the next one starts) and the Poll is then put up for all to vote on.

    Does that help?
  20. klnothincomin

    klnothincomin Kyogre ate Leafeon.

    Here is a whole folder of Platinum Back sprites and Front Sprites with both frames, so there is no reason for any of you to not have the platinum sprites. ^_^

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