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Rumors & Leaks - Speculation/Discussion Thread [⚠️PLEASE HIDE STORY SPOILERS⚠️]

Ultra Beast Lover

Well-Known Member
I wonder if the spray paint aye-aye has anything to do with why Mesagoza is so colorful.


Certified Pudding Monster
I wonder if the patterns themselves hold any meaning, maybe the ayeaye paint them based on other pokémon color schemes or something

The first may be related to Pawmi


Cynical optimist
everyone and their hint leaks... even pokemon! although they've done this before I guess, but I want real news not little hints!

But I am super excited for news and this is WAY better than nothing. Also super cool, i want to visit that forest.

Rune Knight

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This is so cool. I hope that we get more stuff like this in the future; and more stuff similar to the live footage from the Galar region and the video tapes from Hisui.


Great Ball Rank Trainer
I hope this time, it's a trail cam footage.
As long as we don’t get a repeat of the Glimwood Tangle livestream (or at least not a 24 hour one) |:\

Rune Knight

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Since the last two films were set in a forest and snowy wasteland respectively, I'm thinking that this next potential one could take place underwater; showing us the region's aquatic wildlife, and showing us the dolphin(s) and/or cranefish pokémon(s).

I also like the idea of the night-vision trail cam footage; maybe meant to capture some sort of paranormal activity in the region, and giving us a glimpse at the Coin pokémon.