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Rumors & Leaks - Speculation/Discussion Thread [⚠️PLEASE HIDE STORY SPOILERS⚠️]


What is the airspeed of an unladen Swellow?
I think it would have been good if they had made it Ice-Dark, sorta like an "Evil Santa" esque thing.
Steel-Dark would be nice so we can have this…


Copley Hill Gym

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I feel like people are wilfully ignoring that level scaling the gyms plus open world means you don’t have a set order to the gyms in the first place.

It’s not gyms 1-8 anymore but a group of 8 gyms that you can do in any order. So difficulty of each gym isn’t reliant on a set order but literally just on which one is your next gym you pick.

The idea you can go straight to the eighth gym in scarlet is a bit of a laugh - that’s going to take a lot of grinding. Why bother?

If you go for the eighth gym first and there’s no level scaling, do we still have the gym restrictions (eg can’t control Pokémon over a certain level until you get X or Y gym badge) in place? If so - god this will not be fun to watch or attempt!


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I wonder if the patterns themselves hold any meaning, maybe the ayeaye paint them based on other pokémon color schemes or something

The first may be related to Pawmi


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everyone and their hint leaks... even pokemon! although they've done this before I guess, but I want real news not little hints!

But I am super excited for news and this is WAY better than nothing. Also super cool, i want to visit that forest.

Rune Knight

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This is so cool. I hope that we get more stuff like this in the future; and more stuff similar to the live footage from the Galar region and the video tapes from Hisui.


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I hope this time, it's a trail cam footage.
As long as we don’t get a repeat of the Glimwood Tangle livestream (or at least not a 24 hour one) |:\