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I saw on a cheats site that all three Kanto straters had evolutions.

It's amazing what people will do just to annoy people.


What is even funnier than all of the rumors, thought, is that so many people believe them and follow them through fully and become dissapointed. I have to admit I believed the rumor of how in Ruby and Sapphire, if you completed your Pokedex you could go to the lady in Sootopolis City who gave you the Wailemer Doll and receive a Groudon or Kyogre Doll. There was nothing to prove it impossible, like Mew Three or becoming a gym leader, so it was believable. It was the only motivation I had for completing my Pokedex.


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I haven't heard many rumors about FR/LG, but these ones make me laugh. Some are similar to their counterparts in the old versions. But my all-time favorite one is from RSE: if you have all three Regis on Lv. 100 and talk to the receptionist in the Lilycove Department Store, she gives you 99 Master Balls.


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Dee said:
Supposedly you can get the Jhoto starters. I htink you have to have Emerald with ALL the Hoen Region pokemon
that's right I have cindaquil


Sapphire, don't get angry. The guy is right.
a) They ARE NOT the Orange Islands. Check the Island names, and compare them to Orange Island names.
b) Lugia and Ho-Oh are on Island 8, Naval Rock. The island is only accessable by downloading the Mysticticket from a Nintendo event.

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ilovchansey said:
i heard that when you get you 3rd badge professor oak will give you a groudon
I heard that one aswell,and me the sad idiot tried it!
I also heard if you beat the elite 4 105 times you can become a gym leader at your Secret Base.lol
I have beaten the elite 4 around 180-200 times and again It didn't work.


In the older versions red and blue i remember one what was a so called easter egg where if you trade a dratini to another version and train him up then trade him back and go to where mewtwo was and use a fire stone you could get yoshi, i even saw pictures, but it was so fake, but the way it was told made it sound genuine.

If you think about it also why would nintendo say make a cheat or trick to go to another world like johto so hard to get to, they spent thier time making it with only a handful of people getting there, it really makes no sense


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My lil bro told me that his friend (On Emerald) had been in space? He said while there he found mews and Deoxys. That isnt possible, Right?


God of Fusions
I think a lot of people know somthing like this:

Beat the eleite four, 12 times in a row and then go to the end of victory road. You'll see a mew that you can catch

I was dumb enough to try it. YES, I beat the eleite4, but NO there was no fuking mew.

P.S. I wish there was. *sigh* nintendo sucks...
P.S.S.I don't mean that ^

Soul Suicune

I think there's no such as a Pickblu, lol. :) And, iike my TC that I just made like a few hours ago?


When i was in 5th grade this guy at my school got a Celebi on his Gold version. Everyone wanted him to duplicate it using that P.C trick. The guy said " If i do Celebi will travel back in time and will be lost from your game". I also heard that in GSC if you get the unown dex and go to the ruins of alph and stand in the Ho-oh puzzle room for 1 hour a door will open to the characific valley and you will see Celebi and you can catch it (LOL). When i heard these rumors i laughed and now i still laugh. Being in grade 10 now i still ask the guy about the Celebi.


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heard that you can enter Glitch city in FR/LG and whaen you do yo can catch all the legendaries


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Rod said:
heard that you can enter Glitch city in FR/LG and whaen you do yo can catch all the legendaries

I have all the legendaries and no it's not true. I tried the onw with you catch a pokemon in the safari zone then enter it in the E4 b itself lose then go to Prof Oak and he'll battle you with Uber *** pokemon. If you win you get celebii. But ofcourse it doesn't work T^T.

Pokemon Master Hani

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I'veheard that if you defeat the elite 4 100 times in fr using only 1 pokemon and no items, your pokedex will be automatically completed and you will get all the legendaries.


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I heard that on Emerald that if you beat the Elite 4, go to the Space Center, and talk to all the people there, one person will ask you if you want to go to the moon where you can catch Deoxys. You just have to be a total n00b to believe this.

chris downunder had already pionted this out but this is what I found on the internet.


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Sapphir. The island that you get the 7 badge.I'v heard that if you compleat the pokedex you can surf un the volcano and get Mew.
BS! If that's how you get Mew how is the pokedex
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