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Once I read that if you battle a Votorb and press A in front of a rock you will land in a room which has Pikablu on the desk and you have to use Dig or Fly to get out.


Red Cheat Master
i heard once (note this actually work) that if you battle a voltorb/electrode from the ball thing in the power plant and find a blinking rock by route1 in 2 minutes you could use strengh on it and you would be able to go to the other side of route 1 and could catch all the pokemon their...


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Thats not true.

I heard that after 100 hrs of gameplay, the SS anne would return. I proved that wrong 156 hours of gameplay ago.


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I can't believe that some people still believe in Pikablu. XD
The idea is cute, and amusing, but it's just such an ancient rumor.

Anyways, I love rumors. They're fun to read, not so fun to try though, because 99% of the time you'll be disappointed in the end (save the working Mew trick in R/B/Y), but yea.. fun to read. I haven't heard any about FR/LG yet.

Infact, the last Pokemon rumor I ever heard was the one about riding the Space Ship in Ru/Sa/Em to the moon and catching Jirachi.


I heard one more fish 100 times and zelda appears beside you and helps you fish i laughed in the persons face who told me this zelda ha ha ha that wud never happen hahaha oh rumors there funny oh and i got a trick on the original pokemon games if you go to a gym with a rod you can fish on the statues try it! not that there is any good pokemon which youu can catch just for the fun of it!


I heard a rumor that there was some celebi evolution on [SPOIL]some website.com[/SPOIL] T__T yah,right. That is so not true.


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Pikablu is real in my game: Pokemon Ebony

I hear if you get Pokerus on all your Pokemon in the PC, it becomes RKGL, or Rakghoul disease. Too much Star wars KOTOR from whoever came up with that.


frontier champion
I was so disappointed when I tried to go to the truck in S.S.anne ,the truck is there with crates next to it and a lava cookie at the far end but no mew I was actually sure it wont work .I tried to use surf,dig,flash on the truck but nothing came out.I didnt beleive it because they wont let you get mew that easily.


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Pikablu rumors started when I was in the 5th grade. Someone saw a picture of Marill, and that, of course, looks like Pikachu. The rumor was you can evolve Pikachu with the Water Stone somehow. Really, Pikablu is real, just it has a different name and isn't on Pikachu's evolution chain...

Kyptointe Krunch

I heard a couple bad(very fake) rumors.

1.If you buy the magikarp from the guy in the pokecenter(forgot which one near a cave) and you train it till it evolves into a gyados,you come back and show him the gyados and you trade your gyados for his red gyados.(wish that was true)
2.Get two porygons from the game corner(wow two!) and you trade them to friends(holding upgrade of couse and you bring back the 2 porygon 2s and the game corner person say wow porygon2!!! and now you can buy porygon2 for 9,999 or 6,500(soooo fake)
3.cacth a whole team( 6 pokes) of shines show them to Oak and he gives you a shiny dex now every pokemon you cacth is shiny.(oh brother,6 shinys would be hard and all that work for nothing)
4.In the basement of the unkown dungeon(where you cacth mewtwo) theres a secrect passage that leads to Johto.(three words big fat lie.)


Live Long & Prosper
Well, no, not 'all that hard work for nothing' I luv my shinies, and I believe strongly that they should invent a 'shiny dex' which you can toggle between the # of shinies you encounter or not... But, yes, the 'shiny dex' you explained.... was fake!

I've read if you give a Kabigon a Lax Inceanse, you get Gonbe.

Kyptointe Krunch

^^ Yeah,get 6 shinys woyulnt be that hard I guess.
Heres some more

In the trade with slowbro for lickitung,if the lckitung you revice is shiny feed it 10 rare candies then put it into the daycare for 10 levels,get it back and talk to the day care man 10 times and he'll give you a shiny slowbro(for the trade I guess)(thats a pathtic rumor)

Succfeulsly cacth zapdos,arituno,moltres,the legendary dog,mewtwo and your fossil pokemon(kabotu or onamyte) now beat the pokemon tower and you'll win a super rare candy which brings your pokemon up 50 levels.

Cacth every pokemon avaible in the safai zone,show it to the dude in the serect house and you'l get any evolution of the safari pokemon(blissey,nidoking,nidoqueen,rhydon etc)


Belgian Waffles!!!
I heard, that if you train a charizard to level 200, it learns volcano blast. XD!

Pokemon Collector

I heard that you breed Mewtwo with Ditto to get Mew. That is so fake.


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One kid told me that if you have 1 level 100 Pokemon in your team, you would find Mew in Mewtwo's Dungeon. I may not have a level 100 Pokemon, but I already knew you couldn't get Mew without a cheating device or trade from Emerald.


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heard the space center one but with deoxys! XD
Why are yall talking about all the games when you should only be talking about fire red and leaf green

dark magician

i heard that if you throw your gameboy out your bedroom window with a leaf green in it and let be ran over by a car,you have to go out and buy annother game boy and a leaf green
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