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Rune Soldier

I don't remember how I got into this series, I think I round a DVD at Game Stop or EB Games and thought it seemed interesting enough so I bought it.

It's quite an amusing series. Pretty random at times but that's part of why I liked it.
Yea have the anime series. Pretty funny for a series created by Ryo Mizuno(it was a novel), same guy who did Record of Loddess War. I'm little pissed off that ADV never got to finish up the manga series. Only 2 more volumes and it would of been completed. I have 4 volumes.

Oh and it takes place in same world as the Loddess war series, oddly enough....
It was a book? That's cool. I haven't been able to find any manga for it and only have the first and fourth DVDs. I'd really like to find more.

So, should I look for Record of Loddess War as well?
Record of Loddess War is way more serious than Rune Solider if you don't mind that. Other than that, i'd recommend it. It was originally a game like Dungeon and Dragon( hell it probably based off it). Then a novel. Then Anime and manga followed by. I only saw the the tv series and OVA, and read the manga. I have not read novel or played the game.

The OVA I recommend you watching. However in this day and age, Record of Loddess War is hardly noticeable in both Japan and USA, so might be harder to find products.
I prefer some comedy but I don't mind seriousness every now and then.

Considering my only local source of anime is FYE and random finds at EB Games/Game Stop, I probably won't be able to find it.