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Runescape Club! (Psi approved)

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Hollow Your Prayers
what the hell there is a quest i need to do and it says i need 60 prayer?
farming is simple, just make sure you grow trees in all 4 farming patches and constantly rotate allotments.
A nature ammy helps, and you need to have done the grand tree and ghosts ahoy.. This is what I did.
Tele to falador - check health/plant new tree in park, check allotment, plant new crops.
Tele to catherby- Check allotment, check fruit tree/plant fruit tree
Tele to ectofunctus [ectophail] - Check allotment, plant new crops.
Tele to ardy - Check allotment, plant new crops, head back and catch boat to brimhaven, check fruit tree/plant fruit tree.
Tele to varrock - plant tree/check tree, use spirit tree to get to gnome stronghold, plant/check fruit tree, plant/check tree. Take spirit tree back to gnome village, check/plant fruit tree.


Snakes are cool!
Yey new update! Oh it's just changing the music (for the worse), ok then..

By the way Ghost Ahoy's easy, I've done and I'm lvl 59, yeah I'm strange.

[this isn't the full animation, just a part designed to loop]
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