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Ryuu-anima's Sprite and hand drawn shoppy!

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Sera Kureseria
Welcome to my new shop!
Since the old one died, I am hoping that I will be able to run this one at least all summer long.
I can do various types of splices and recolors, and a new feature of the shop is my hand-drawn pictures. Hand drawns WILL NOT be shown up here, but instead will be linked to my DA account.​
I AM NOT ACCEPTING WORKERS. PERIOD. I work with mostly third generation sprites, and I will only use the fourth gen sprites if you request a fourth gen Pokémon along with the rest.

REQUESTS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED. I have a lot of homework lately, and I've received a bunch of requests too. SO, while I work on these, I'm not taking any new requests for a while. I will alert you when I can open requests again.]/B]

Anyway, here's what I do:

Angels or demons:
I have a very small gallery of these, but I can also do trainer versions too.
State Angel or demon, and what Pokémon/trainer you want me to use.


Heres my gallery for revamps. Just let me know which Pokémon, and which game's sprite you want revamped into the 3rd gen. I've got PE2K on my favorites, so I can get most sprites easily.

Charmeleon hand drawn example
Trainers as Pokémon:
state what trainer sprite, and what Pokémon, and if you want the shiny version included. I also do these in hand drawn versions now, so if you want yours to be hand drawn, please feel free to ask.


Trainer cards:
Workers: Me and Rizadon
I only have this template for cards. However, I can use a custom trainer sprite. I have access to shinies and items, though I've yet to use an item in one. My badges are recolored by me, and I could do a Pokémon with the trainer. Oh, and I have to search to find Symbols, so please try not to request them.
State: Which Pokémon on team (up to six), which league badges (up to two leauges), what trainer sprite (and custom if you already got one from me), name, and if you want a Pokémon with you on the side.


Trainer sprites as characters from other series:
I can do anything I want with these, as long as I have a picture to work from for images. I could find them on Google, but I would prefer if you give me a link to a picture of who you want. (these are really fun, and were the main reason I opened up my shop) If you want your own character done, I would REALLY like it if you linked me a picture, or a good description.
State characters full name (or most commonly used name), series, and link to a full body picture.

Those are all the things i do as of now. Most of my work will be done on weekends, for a few weeks anyway, so don't expect me to get back to you right away.
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Sera Kureseria
McPopTart: do you want that handrawn, sprite form, or both?


Sera Kureseria
heres the first part of your request, McPopTart!

The Handdrawn should be up sometime next weekend, it takes me a while to do most pictures.

EDIT: Okay, here is the handdrawn! Here ya go!
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;manene; Could you please do a demon Mime Jr for me?



Could I request a trainer card please?

Name : Jamie

Can I have : Absol, Raichu, Sceptile, Kadabra, Graveler and Skarmory? With either one of these sprites

Could you edit them slightly? Could you make the first one wear blue and have brown hair? And can you have the second one have a black hat and coat?

Can I have the Hoenn badges please?

If you could do this, it would be greatly appreciated!




Sera Kureseria
Umbreon Masta: Here are the first two of your requests.
Unfortunately, as I am not a Naruto fan, I cannot do the Tobi request, because if you want him without a hood, I need to know if he wears a full head mask, or if he has hair showing. Sorry for the inconvenince,



Where is the rum?...
o_O...wow I luffs them thanx soooooooooo much *makes tc wiv new sprites* ill give credit ^^


Sera Kureseria
Hey Nutter! Why yes, yes I am... I just started school, so Ti'll be Saturday here by the time i actually get to your request. Sorry 'bout the wait...
If you can do it i would lika an demon D/P Latias and an angel D/P Latios? Plz?
If you do it PM me when you're done.


OMIGOSH! I'm so lucky i found this shop! Can you do a custom trainer for me?
Name: Samus Aran
Series: Metroid
Pic: http://i8.*******.com/5zqehi8.jpg
If not, http://i1.*******.com/4v4ae51.jpg
I dont know if i need to give you anything eles, so yeah!

~*Sailor Satun*~

*~*Water Prince*~*
Could you please make me an angel Froslass and Snorunt?

I'm not using them on here, but somewhere else, but I'll give credit.
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