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++ [s i n] [c i t y] [b a n n e r s]

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Jakotsu, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Jakotsu

    Jakotsu Banned

    requests are closed!

    lust is [closed] magne is [closed]​

    owner's notes: there is some small changes. enjoy our banners and follow the rules. new catch phrase. ;]

    this little crap annoys me very much. if i found out that you're doing this, i will give you the worst pm in your entire life. >___>; do not, and i mean DO NOT steal business from me. now exactly what do i mean from this? don't go in my site and fill other people their request when it is MY job to do it, make your own damn shop. let them do it, but don't get your stupid a*s here and do my job. i'm lazy, everyone is but it's not like i'll ignore it, i ignore to those who follow my rules. do me a favour, quit being a dumba*s and leave me and my job alone. REQUESTERS YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

    mirage mew: what he'll be doing is catching people not following the rules. [he is a guy, uh huh] i'm so sick and tired to tell people so nicely to say the simple words. >_>; he'll do the screaming, not me. if you even try to tick him off, you have ticked me off more. don't even try. all you need to do is type out the simple phrase and follow the rules, you'll get what you want. now... is that hard? but anyways, he'll help me out around the shop and catch the person that doesn't follow the rules.

    [PART I :: RULES]

    read the rules. ALL of them. yes, i know they're long, but deal with it. if you don't like it, go somewhere else.

    [general rules]
    --use the forms i give you. if you don't, i'm not going to be nice and say, "excuse me, but could you please use the form? :)" HELL NO. i'm just going to ignore you until you figure it out.
    --don't rush me. i'll get it done when i get it done.
    --don't be so specific when you request. srsly. give me some creative elbow room.
    --good quality images, plzkthx.
    --if you give me a tiny image, i will rip your heart out and eat it. i make them at least 350px in width and 150px in height, a'ight?
    --type in "i'm only human" so i know you read the rules.
    --i might not follow your specifications exactly. like, the colour scheme might be different for a banner, or the pose might be completely different or something like that.
    --i don't have a limit to the number of requests, but if you see that i'm like, overloaded with requests, be a dear and BACK OFF. :)
    --i would appreciate to have a "thank you", it's plain rude that you can just take off with the banner i made for you and i don't get a thank you. >[
    --if you don't like the banner i made for you, just kindly ask me to make you a better one. i noticed that some banners i made for some of you... you never bother wearing it. it hurts, but i'll hurt you more to relieve my pain. ;]
    --please... PLEASE let me know if you don't like to type in "banner by lust", i'll put in my name in the banner and also if i see you around the forums, saying that YOU made it, i'll be very, very mad. :[
    --show some originality, give me something to work up on, grunges are like the new thing in here; as well with shiny. make me work in something that's really worth working for. :]
    --another reminder, if you don't say the special phrase, you won't get your banner. ^_~ kthnxs.
    -- i can only do one to two images. some people give me a sh*t load of images. it won't happen again.
    --do NOT request something from me and then request from someone else a few days later, or vice versa. if you do, i will be mad. very, very mad.
    --type in whoever you want to do your banner in red font colour. even just say anyone, type in red.
    --i know for fact magne's banners pwn, i MAY be the envious person just don't ask him to always do your banner. ;\ after all i started the shop.
    --i will make one banner at a time, don't be giving me three or a bajillion banners to work on. only one will do.
    --do not drag your a*s here and constantly ask "liek omaigawd! is ma banner d0n3?!!1" ask me that stupid question mutiple times in here, via PM, and/or IM me us, i will not do it. ask someone else.
    --spam here, i'll rip your intestine out. >>; it's a total drag.
    --credit. plz? :)

    [banner specific rules]
    --do not give me fanart to work with. using someone's art without their permission is f*cking rude. >>;
    --for the form, i will definitely use the image you give me and add the text, but everything else is basically just a suggestion that you're giving me. :]
    --i don't do animation.
    --i make small banners.

    [magne’s banner rules]
    --do not give in fanart, it’s fricken’ rude. >>;
    --use the form.
    --do not pm him and ask him multiple times if the banner is finished.

    [PART II :: FORMS]

    [lust's banner form]
    colour scheme:
    style (ex. grungy, shiny, etc.):

    [magne's banner form]
    Size: (Default = 350 * 130)
    Render/Image: No bad-quality images. I only want renders, or images that can be easily taken away from their background.
    Text: Script/Block/Normal/Name of Text
    Other: Anything else you want. [Optional]


    [banner examples]








    [banner examples]





    also, since this *is* a shop, i require payment.

    your firstborn child will do nicely. :D
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2007
  2. Hakuryuu

    Hakuryuu Bloody git

    I cannot offer you my first born seeing as though I have no children.. but I'll request from you! XD

    May I have a banner, please?

    image: Tetsu'd
    text: Tightrope (and in subtext please) Hakuryuu
    colour scheme: Pinks and whites please
    style: shiny
    size: 303 x 107 please
    other: Nothing specific.

    Thank you very much!

    EDIT: The first image I was going to use looked sorta blah, so I changed it. Is that okay?
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2007
  3. Jakotsu

    Jakotsu Banned

    i don't mind, do whatever you want. after all it is your banner.
  4. Hakuryuu

    Hakuryuu Bloody git

    Alright, thank you. :3 I changed the image so.. I would like that one in my banner please.
  5. Jakotsu

    Jakotsu Banned


    here you go. i hope you enjoy it. :D i actually had fun making the set and this is my first 'pinkiest' banner i ever done. ;3
  6. Hakuryuu

    Hakuryuu Bloody git

    Omg. Dara loves her Tetsu banner. *edits signature and gives first born child*

    Thank you very much!
  7. Jakotsu

    Jakotsu Banned

    <3 -a mother that runs a set shop-
    i'm glad you like it.
  8. mudkip-max

    mudkip-max <<The Best

  9. Chidori.

    Chidori. Me Hungie!

    image: Any Shikamaru Pix You Want To Use
    text: Bask in Laziness
    colour scheme: Gray and Green
    style (ex. grungy, shiny): Any You Think Looks Good
    size: Also Any Size Is Fine. :3

    Please And Thank You! :3
  10. Jakotsu

    Jakotsu Banned

    i got both of your banner. from now on, people has to type in a colour. >>; thank god i'm in a good mood. :\ if you're clueless on what i mean on it, here's an example:


    [banner form]
    colour scheme:
    style (ex. grungy, shiny):

    now is that hard? i just need to know that you read the rules. ._. anyone doesn't do that, you're not getting a banner. it's first grade. >>;

    x x x


    in my opinion, it was kind of small, i manage to pull it off, though. ._.;

  11. Falthor

    Falthor The Magma Incarnate

  12. Treeckoman7

    Treeckoman7 Stickers are ghetto

    Can I please have a banner?
    image:This One and This One and This One and This One
    text: Hinata Hyuuga...
    colour scheme: Cool and Fiery Colors
    size: The Same Size as the Shikamaru One
  13. Chidori.

    Chidori. Me Hungie!

    Its Perfect! THANX!

  14. Melodrama

    Melodrama Aim Towards Heaven

    blood red

    image: This adorable rocker and one of many music gods
    text: Fable of the Night (with the optional sub-text reading: Starving Artists Only)
    colour scheme: Black and white, maybe red if you deem it absolutely necessary to include.
    style (ex. grungy, shiny): Anything that looks good to you
    size: Again, anything that looks good
    other: n/a

    Thanks in advance. I can imagine that this, like everything else you've made, will be sexy. ;3
  15. Shadowfaith

    Shadowfaith Shinigami...

  16. Jakotsu

    Jakotsu Banned


    i hope is grungy enough for you. enjoy love. <3? yes? :]


    two of the image went completly horrible Dx i'm sorry if i didn't do the request that you wanted. it did look bad. i personally think this looks better imo. :] forgive me? <3~


    i like the colours. o_o! enjoys~

    Last edited: Jan 3, 2007
  17. Shadowfaith

    Shadowfaith Shinigami...

    Mweeee! *Loves it* *Loves small banners* *loves joo*

    Thank you! ^0^
  18. Lishus13

    Lishus13 Poli-Spriter!

    [banner form]
    Uh......ummm......uh......um....TOASTER! I MEAN PINK!
    image: A Jibacoil Picture
    text: U.F.Ownage
    colour scheme: Dark Red + Silver
    style (ex. grungy, shiny): Shiny and Nighttime like
    size: The size of the blue-ish banner in your original thread
    other: Nothing else!

    Thanks tremendously!
  19. Melodrama

    Melodrama Aim Towards Heaven

    Aww. Don't worry, Lust. It turned out just great. Forgiven to the extreme. <3

    Thank you. And I wish I had children, so take my soul instead.
  20. Jakotsu

    Jakotsu Banned


    -will rip someone's intestine out- >>;

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