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...'s Sprite Shop (0/3)



Things that I do-
Chao(practicly anything with them! Just ask and I will try!)
Pokemon Recolers
Pokemon Mixes
of course the basics-
No spam
No swears
No Flaming
And the other stuff...
No more than 3 requests at a time!
I'm sorry, but I don't have any examples other than the Chao...


Thats all!!

and if anyone wants to help out, PM me and I will add you.
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Toaster Man 5.6

Most auwxome!
Can you make Hitmonchanseykingdragonairodactyl into a chao?


←@_@Do NOT do drugs!
I Wanna Starmie Chao...


I ain't witty, so no
May I please have a Forretress chao?

Perfect Darkness

Can I have a Dragonair chao please? Oh, can you also make shuppet one. or is that too much to ask?



I'm sorry, but I have to much scoolwork, can someone close this for a few days??

Quilava Krazy

Maybe you shoulden't make a shop if you can't handle it or just edit your post and say:Requests closed.
By the way your chaos are awsome I was gonna ask for a Torchic