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S3 (Sonic Fanfic)


I'm a little bit nervous as I look around this board... I don't see many Sonic fanfictions. That can either be good... or really bad.

Well, I know that Sonic has basically gone down the toilet these days, but his hold days on the Genesis still shine (for me, anyway). And that's where this Fic takes off. It's based on the Sonic 3-Sonic and Knuckles games, although pretty loosely as I've thrown alot of my original ideas into the mix.

What I ask is that you enjoy this- Please. I know that Sonic has been so over done and the fictions can be pretty tiring, but I assure you, no one has written this, except me. So far, this is only the third draft and I plan on Eight Episodes before cutting the season. Take this as a little preview thing. If you think of it as Pokemon, it's the premere before the premiere, so to speak.

That being said, I don't own any Sonic or Sega related characters or ideas. Elly is mine, though, and she belongs to me.

This is rated PG-13 for language and strong themes.


Episode 1

“Aaand…Three…Two…One!” Shyyoooommmm!

“Gah! It’s pitch black.”

“Turn your visor on.”


A sigh. “Hold on.” Sonic’s vision went from black, to a hazy green and Tails’ eyes staring straight at him. “Is that better?”

The hedgehog took in the room. Everything was the same as before, except green and…well…hazy. The mother board to the factory was there, the door over there (still open; good) and Tails was…

“Sonic, c’mon!” he whispered. Shaking himself to attention, Sonic trotted over to the fox already outside the door.

“Alright, we get Elly and go, right?” Sonic rehearsed.

“Yeah. That’s right,” Tails affirmed.

Some time later, Sonic yawned and forgetting the visor, attempted to rub his eyes, thus smudging the screen. “Why can’t I just blast through this part?”

Tails shrugged. “Good question. Brass doesn’t know what’s good, I guess.”

“Heh. I think he’s still in denial. I did get the best time for the obstacle course. What a joke…” Taking off the visor, Sonic breathed hot air onto it and began rubbing at the smudge.

“Sonic?” Tails stopped.


“Do you see that on the map?”


Tails turned his head. “Put your visor on! Elly’s moving.”

Sonic obeyed, although not too concerned. Displayed in the top right corner of the visor was a grid system (the map), and the red dot (Elly) was indeed moving. “Huh, she is. Isn’t she in a cell? How can they open the cell doors if the power’s off?”

A blinding light filled the visor and Sonic staggered back, ripping it off. After blinking back his vision, he found the room flooded with light and the factory roared back to life.

“Sonic!” The hedgehog pivoted to the alarmed fox’s shout. Surrounding them were scores of small, pudgy and round robots equipped with…jousting lances.

“Jousting lances?” Tails questioned.

“That’s what I was thinking,” Sonic replied, shrugging. “I got an idea. Stay close.”

BGM: “Devastation and Reform,” Five Score and Seven Years Ago by Relient K​

“Whaddya gonna do?”

“Give me a ring.”

Tails threw him a puzzled look but Sonic smirked. “We’re gonna do this the way I suggested in the first place.

Tails tossed Sonic the ring.

A robot charged, thrusting its spear to which Sonic back flipped, smashing into a robot with an extended leg. He stole the spear from this robot and
tossed it into the former, causing an explosion, and from it Sonic emerged, catching the ring and landing neatly on the ground.

Grabbing Tails’ arm, Sonic exploded in a burst of speed, flying past the circle of enemies and out of the room.

Tails was laughing uncontrollably as Sonic sped through a complicated, twisting pathway. A robotic bird-like machine flew at them, firing rounds of bullets. As he thrust the glowing ring at the bird, Sonic leapt. The bird exploded.

Sonic fell several levels to the ground. He recovered, merely shaking it off.

More pudgy robots charged at him. He squared off, readying himself.


The hedgehog delivered total devastation to them. As one began its charge with a spear, Sonic looped the spear-point in the ring. He wrenched it away and used the weapon to butt at another oncoming foe.

He thrust it into yet another (the robot exploded), and chucked the ring into the fourth and final; blowing it up also. Tails hovered down, congratulating him with a high-five.

A door opened to a dark corridor with two yellow glowing eyes. A hulking, heavily armored robot emerged, swinging a chain mace. Sonic and Tails traded glances as if to say, “Uh oh.”

The spiked mace crashed to the ground, missing Sonic by inches. The hedgehog leapt up and ran along the chain, but he was thrown off as the robot pulled it free. Tails caught him in the air and tossed him back as he wrapped into a ball. Sonic only bounced off the helmet the first time, but on the return trip, he blew past the robot’s fragile center, defeating it.

The door slammed shut and locked again as mantis robots spilled out of the ceiling. Sonic sighed, discarding the ring. As Tails landed, he tossed Sonic another one and went to work on the door.

The robots’ scythes shot out like deadly boomerangs at Sonic. Diving, ducking, leaping and weaving, Sonic avoided them. He parried a blow from one mantis with the ring, tore its arm off and used it to block an attack from another. Sweeping, Sonic beheaded the robot, and clamping the ring in his mouth, he took up another scythe.

Each robot fled in panic through the same whole in the ceiling.

Sonic half-chuckled, half-sighed as he trudged to the door, spitting out the ring. Tails, evidently, was oblivious to the fact that many scythes had barely missed him; about ten were embedded in the door.

“Agh! Robotnick already scrambled the code,” Tails said.

As Sonic scanned the room for an escape, he asked, “Navigator still working?”

“Yeah…” the fox mumbled. “She had stopped a long time ago.”


Two footsteps clanked to the floor: A weasel donning a cowboy hat embroidered with a star, and wearing boots and a pistol stood smirking.

“Nack,” Sonic sneered.

“Howdy,” the weasel replied.


The two charged at each other, gun versus blade. Sonic rolled left. One, two, three shots fired, each missing their mark.

Sonic sprung up again, dodging another shot, and was upon the weasel like white on rice He thrust a kick to Nack’s chest, sending him back. Nack snarled, pulling the trigger, but Sonic was too fast. He lunged with the scythe, but Nack’s quick reflexes pulled his hip out of the way. Back handing Sonic, Nack dive-rolled away and trained the gun on Sonic as he recovered.

Sonic darted at the wall, dropping the scythe and ran along it, bullets pinging inches away. With perfect timing, he pushed off the wall and became a projectile, knocking Nack down.

End of BGM

“Got it!” Tails shouted while making faces at a camera. “Take that, Egghead!”

“Mmrrff!” Nack tried, to no avail, to reach for his gun just out of reach. Sonic had a hand planted on the weasel’s cheek, pressing his head down, and firmly held his other arm behind his back.

“Good job, Tails!”

Tails sniffed proudly. “Nah, it was easy. Come on! Let’s get Elly and get out of here!”

* * *​

Not many have seen him, but when they do, they find that most of the ugly rumors are gross understatements. This guy is evil incarnate, no doubt. A Thin, disheveled mustache beneath a huge red nose was arranged on a very small and very round head. His sneer was too ugly to compare and to top it all off: He really was shaped like an egg.

Elly felt like her nightmare had come to life. They always do.

As he bent low to her ear, Elly held back the urge to puke as the stench of his breath permeated the air around her. “Scared?” A deep, rumbling chuckle rose up from the abyss that was his stomach. She didn’t answer. “Good.”

He shoved an odd contraption on her head, pulling down two brass clamps for each temple.

Robotnick tightened them and she whimpered. “You see these?” he asked, holding up three colored jacks. “The yellow one is for video; that’s how we’ll see the image.” He plugged it in to the corresponding slot’s color in the big screen monitor.

Robotnick held up a white one. “This is ‘audio’.” He plugged it in. “That will let us hear.”

Elly shifted uneasily, blood matting her cheek, as he brought a red one up for her to examine. “This, more often then anything, will give you bad feedback. So, we won’t use it.” He let it fall. “Besides, I can’t imagine what feedback from your head would mean, anyway.”

He snatched the remote and twirled it playfully, pressing the “input” button. The screen went from black to Elly’s perspective of the room. It was a bit blurry.

Robotnick frowned. “I’m flattered that I’m part of your dreams, but I doubt this is what G.U.N. was looking for.”

He pivoted, smoothly for a fat guy. His eyes met her terribly bloodshot eyes. “Show me your nightmare, wench!” he exploded, throwing the remote against the wall. Elly flinched, squinting, but not blinking. Robotnick glanced quickly at the screen, not surprised to see it black. In two steps he was within reach. “Now!”

He wound his hand back and slapped it across her face. Her eyes shut tightly and she screamed. The whole room went red and Robotnick looked at the screen in awe.

It was brief, but what he saw was hell. And he loved it.

The screen went black again and slowly Robotnick turned to face the whimpering mouse. “So, your eyes must be closed?” She nodded submitting to him as if to plead for mercy. “Interesting… And you don’t have any way of controlling what you see?” She shook her head.

The maniac frowned thoughtfully.

“Butt-niiick! Long time no see,” Sonic greeted as he swept open the door. Throwing Nack at Robotnick’s feet, Sonic proceeded to a fridge-like machine. “Let’s see if you saved me any tucker, hm?” He patted his stomach hungrily.

Robotnick glared disapprovingly at Nack, who looked up with pleading eyes.

He sighed, annoyed. “I don’t appreciate you shutting down my power.”

Sonic opened a Tupperware bowl, sniffed its contents, and pulled a face, obviously displeased. Then, he reached in and pulled out a hard boiled egg. “Yeah, well,” he shrugged. “I don’t appreciate you jeopardizing a defenseless creature’s freedom.”

Robotnick growled. “I found her first. Rightfully, she’s mine.”

The hard boiled egg cracked against Robnotnick’s face. “Nothing belongs to you,” Sonic sneered. “And I’ll prove it.”

The mad scientist matched the hedgehog’s glare, clenching his fists. “How?”
“Like…” he looked around a bit, “…this!”

Whiiir! Ku-chunk!

Loose-leaf papers fluttered to the floor as the door slammed shut with Sonic and Elly nowhere to be seen. Sitting in the chair was a puzzled, tied up Nack.
Wordlessly, Robotnick tore the tape from the weasel’s mouth, expecting an excuse.

Chuckling, Nack said, “He’s fast.”

Robotnick scowled as he slapped the tape back on, and stormed out of the room.

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