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Sacrilege - A Legendary Pokémon RP [R]


"Orange" Magical Girl
I found what legendary Pokémon I wanted to use! It’s in the WIP, or Wine is Perfect.

Name: Lunala
Gender: It’s genderless. Would be weird if it had an actual gender!

Moongeist Beam: Lunala's body shines with a radiant glow reminiscent of moonlight and shoots a powerful beam at the opponent.

Phantom Force: First, Lunala disappears into a void and comes back out behind the target and strikes them fiercely.

Heat Wave: Flapping its wings, a wave of heated air is thrown towards the opponent.

Personality: Lunala is a Pokemon that does not say much but is also curious all the same. The reason for this is that Lunala is not normally around in this world so it's curious on whatever is out there that it has not seen yet. When it comes to Pokemon, it's more than happy to assist those it sees as its potential ally. Ain't much of a talker but a helpful fella all the same!

Lunala is also a lover of the moon at nighttime. When it finds the time, it stares at the satellite, thinking to itself on how its own world is doing without it. While not homesick, Lunala does have thoughts of wishing that all the fighting could be over one day so that it may return through an Ultra Wormhole once more. In addition, Never the less, Lunala gladly obliges to fight alongside new, unfamiliar allies so that its world may continue to prosper.
Name: Chuck Marlin Banthers II
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Occupation: Dreamer of a pet Kartana collection.

How peculiar would it be if I actually provided an image of this scrub!

Appearance: Chuck, I say, Chuck is one hell of a person! Well not so much I say. The hair is mostly solid black color. No fancy haircuts and the like because that's just wrong on Chuck! Eye color is a shining blue with contacts on and generally has clean, white teeth. Now that's, I say, that's how you do hygiene! On the lower right of his abdomen lies a bean-shaped birthmark. Now I say Chuck isn't fat but skinny due to unstable metabolism. As for his height he clocks at five feet and eleven inches. C'mon Chuck grow an inch more.

His clothes you say? Ain't nothing too special but here you go. For his shirt, it's a mostly red shirt with a fruit snack brand on the back of his shirt. He also has a watch on the right side of his arm despite already having a smartphone on him for some odd reason. A backup! He has khaki shorts on with four pockets, two on each side. Dude's got white colored sock like almost any other person would usually wear during the day. Finally, he has an ordinary pair of dark blue sneakers with a small Igglybuff symbol tied on the right side of his left shoe due to a bet he lost in school. What a weird gamble! Overall I don't know why he even looks like this but hey that's Chuck Marlin Banthers II for you!

Man did I make this person look like some generic American-animated secondary fella.

Personality: Chuck Marlin Banthers II, I say he's an odd fellow. For one, he is a glutton of sorts and really likes anything fruit-snack related and other gummy candy in general. Despite this, his metabolism refuses to allow him to go plump. In addition, he likes solving math problems but hates the logic part of it. And when someone brings up discrete math, theorems, etc, Chuck starts freaking out. Derivatives are OK though! He finds those fun. Chuck is passionate about having a great future but tries to not stress out on what he can't control.

Chuck's odd temperament leads to some questioning his capabilities of handling college well but he tells them to worry not! He knows his limits and will make sure that he will seize whatever he is doing to make someone more comfortable when possible. With that said, that won't stop him from asking if they're hungry for delicious fruit snacks. I say Chuck is an excitable sweets loving guy that wants to brighten even the gloomiest of people! Because a gloomy world is bad I say!

History: Chuck made his grand debut from this world in a hospital in Canalave City! His dad said to him during his newborn coming "Now I say that kid has a future ahead of him. That kid will shine in engineering vehicles!". Despite playing with toy cars, Chuck loved solving basic math problems like 1 + 1 = 2. What a good kid! Math is important! He hardly cried unless he was not fed enough like any baby would understandably do.

Elementary school was all chill with him being passionate about math. He had to wait his turn like any good-willed child would do in class but he just loved the element of equating two numbers together. That's what made him Chuck Marlin Banthers II. ...Pokemon wise? He just liked them beloved creatures around the area. He loved them Buizel and Bronzor. He got every opportunity to see them beautiful creatures grace around Canalave City.

Nothing much to say about middle school. It's the same thing. I say the thing that most students go through: Important classes, classes that were not important, etc. Let's get on with high school for crying out loud! Now see, because he was excelling in his math classes, he became a tutor in the math department! Throughout his grade school days, Chuck was always finding ways to make others smile by his...unique personality. He also would make some sarcastic quibbles from time to time because nothing helps like a good ol joke I say! Sometimes these jokes have made his tutoring sessions...more weird with the students he works with but nothing that would cost him his money-less job. He all but graduated high school and attended a university in Hearthome City to work on his future mathematics degree!

Chuck realized he was a host of something. He caught a virus! What a dumbass.

(These will be expanded!)

Pokémon *
Species: Chimchar
Name: Touchdown
Gender: Male

Appearance: (If nothing out of the ordinary, may be left blank)
Personality: (A few quick words of how they behave)
History: (Brief account of how and when the Pokémon was acquired)

Might add another Pokémon. Can’t use Sam or Janice since that would screw up their lore from SPPf Big Brother.
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer


Name: Kyurem
Gender: Male

Cryokinesis: By virtue of being an Ice type, Kyurem can create and control ice in all it's forms. He can release beams of ice that have the potential to freeze an opponent, or just hurt things with shards of ice. He also unaffected by cold temperatures. However, he is very vulnerable to heat/fire. Kyurem does not like heat, and it makes him more unpleasant to deal with, and his ice powers are less effective when it’s hot. But, high temperatures do make it easier for Tim to regain control.

Glaciate: Kyurem can blow freezing cold air at opponents to slow them down.

Dragon Pulse: Kyurem fires a blue pulse of Draconic energy. Don’t ask me what Draconic energy is. It’s a thing dragons have.

Outrage: Kyurem glows with blue Draconic energy, and gains super strength. He goes on a rampage, attacking everything in his path. In this state, he is more reckless, and not as strategic. Afterwards, he becomes dazed and confused from fatigue, and has to rest for a while.

Personality: Kyurem is a cold Pokémon, and not just because he is an ice type. He keeps himself calm at all times, and doesn’t show much emotion at all. His default facial expression is an icy glare. He doesn’t speak very often, and when he does say something he gets straight to the point. He is blunt, and says exactly what he feels needs to be said no matter who’s feelings it hurts. He prefers to avoid being needlessly reckless. Careful and calculating, he is always planning his next move.

Kyurem generally prefers to keep to himself, and generally only deals with others when he absolutely has to. He is hostile towards other humans and Pokémon that annoy him, and is quick to respond with violence when something does anger him. Ever since splitting from Zekrom and Reshiram, he believes all humans and Pokémon to be selfish creatures, and they deserve whatever unfortunate fate they have coming to them. He couldn’t care less what happens to them, and he is only doing this saving the world nonsense so he can get his own body back. He is not happy about having to be stuck in the body of such a pathetic human.

Unlike the human he is forced to share a body with, Kyurem enjoys a good fight. When in a battle, he is fiercely competitive, and enjoys winning fights. He likes it when his challengers use their full strength in battle. The stronger the foe, the better. Being a tough opponent is a good way to earn Kyurem’s respect. He is a sore loser if he feels the other party’s victory was undeserved.

He’ll never admit it, but Kyurem has actually grown to care for Tim in the two months they’ve shared a body. He feels he he is doing him a favor by trying to make him tougher so people don’t push him around. Kyurem has no problems killing, but holds back on just freezing those that bother him to death because he knows it bothers Tim.

Name: Timothy “Tim” Wolfe
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Occupation: Aspiring Pokemon Breeder




Appearance: Tim is noticeably short for a young man his age. It's not something he likes people bringing up. Despite seeming weak and fragile based on his personality, he is actually stronger than he looks. He has a slender, but still toned build and is physically fit due to having spent a lot of time running around outside. He spends a good amount of time in the sun so his skin is lightly tanned as a result, not pale but not bronzed either. He has a mop of black hair on top of his head, and his bangs go to his eyebrows. He has big brown eyes, a small nose, and a round "Babyface", which give him a youthful appearance. His face is clean-shaven, and his upper body is free of any hair except the top of his head and eyebrows. A lot of people consider him cute, but Tim finds getting that kind of attention embarrassing.

Tim prefers to dress simply and casually. He doesn't want to have to fuss with his clothes, or worry about ruining them, as well as being comfortable in them. His usual outfit usually consists of a T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers. His favorite shirt is a loose-fitting light blue T-shirt with a white silhouette of a bird on it. He wears a pair of white cargo shorts on the bottom that are held up by a black leather belt. His footwear of choice are a pair of comfortable blue and white sneakers and short white socks. He also wears a light blue knit hat on top of his head that his mom knitted for him. He carries a blue backpack to store whatever essential items he might need to have at the moment.

When Kyurem is in charge, he really asserts his dominance over his host. His eyes turn icy blue, his skin becomes pale, and his hair becomes platinum blonde. Kyurem also tries to dress Tim in something that will make him look tougher. He wears a v-necked light blue T-shirt with a dragon head on it. The sleeves of the shirt are frayed, and look like they have been torn off intentionally, making it look more like a tank top. Over this he wears a gray leather vest, with studs on the lapel. For bottoms, he wears a pair of worn out faded gray jeans with holes in the knee area, which are held up by a belt. On his feet, he wears a pair of gray studded combat boots. He also wears dark gray studded fingerless gloves on his hands. Kyurem also has deeper, more growly voice than Tim.

Personality: Tim is a shy and quiet individual by nature. He was always this way, and being bullied as a kid didn't help. He is very sensitive and emotional, and has an easy time showing empathy and compassion for others. He can easily be driven to tears when he's sad. He fears being bullied. He usually speaks with a quiet voice, and occasionally a stutter when he's nervous. He also becomes very apologetic when someone shows any hint of being upset. He likes Pokemon of all kinds. From the cute ones to the not so cute ones, he can find something to love about every species. He usually prefers being with Pokemon than with people. Pokemon will listen without judgement, and only expect a little kindness in return. He is gentle and softspoken, which seems to be the reason why he has such an easy time with Pokémon. He gets scared easily, his worst phobia being stage fright. He gets really nervous when there are a lot of people watching him do anything. He's scared that he'll mess up, and that he'll be laughed at. He has self confidence issues, and he dislikes being the center of attention, in a good or bad way. He really wants to be brave, but it's harder than it looks.

Despite being shy, he is by no means antisocial. If you talk to him, you'll find he's quite friendly, and polite. He can laugh and make jokes like any other kid. He is always happy to have to new friends, because his shyness makes it difficult to make them. He is very affectionate and loyal to those he likes. He hates it when people are angry around him, so he tries his best to keep the peace. In conversations, he is usually more of a listener than a talker, and he has no problems being a sounding board when someone wants to vent (As long as they don't hurt him.) Tim is very kind to others, often to a fault. He is very trusting of people, and is willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Tim is usually very difficult to anger, and is very quick to forgive someone when he does get mad. He is more likely to start crying when he is upset. He doesn't want to burden others with his problems, and he fears being made fun of, so he keeps them to himself. This causes him personal frustration, and he occasionally acts passive agressive towards those he disagrees with. When it gets to be too much, he'll lash out at the target, and let out his pent up rage. He dislikes bullying (towards himself or others,) as well as people being needlessly cruel to Pokemon. Doing one of those things is the best way to get him upset.

Tim is very careful and calculating. He always thinks before he speaks, and prefers not to wrecklessly jump into danger. However, due to his insecurity he is often uncertain if the choices he makes are the right ones. He can easily be convinced to change his mind. This leaves him with some anger when the plan fails and he knew his original idea would have worked. He also doesn't like violence all that much, having been a victim of it. He will participate in Pokemon battles, but only because his Pokemon want to participate.

Although he doesn't look like it, Tim has a big appetite. He likes eating many different kinds of foods, and has the cooking skills to match. That being said, he is a vegetarian. (He'll eat dairy and eggs, but no meat.)

History: Tim was born in Olivine City. His parents had a hard time concieving a child, and when Tim's mother did finally get pregnant, the pregnancy was very difficult on her. When they finally had their son, he was their miracle baby. Tim's parents weren't rich, but they did all they could to give their son a good life, and give him every advantage. While they expressed having high hopes for their son's success, they tried not to put too much pressure on the boy. For the most part, his life was normal. Tim was often a target of bullying because of his shyness, tendency to get scared easily, and because he was clumsy. No matter what he did to get them to stop it, it always failed or they found something else to give him crap about. It gave him self-esteem issues, resulting in him becoming even more timid. As a result, he had very few friends growing up. He didn't tell anyone about the bullying, lest it become worse. He saw other kids get beaten up much worse after they snitched, and he didn't want that to happen. So he kept it all inside and let his resentment build.

From an early age, he always had a special talent for caring for Pokemon. His mother was the Pokemon equivalent of a veterinarian, while his father was a professional Pokemon Breeder, Tim often volunteered taking care of the Pokemon at his mother's office, or his dad would bring home some of the Pokemon he was looking after, so he practically grew up around Pokemon. They seem to be fond of him due to his softspoken nature. He often finds sick, or injured Pokemon and cares for, plays with, and feeds them when no one else will. Around Pokemon, Tim felt much more like himself. He found relief from the stresses of life, and he's found they are the best friends he could ask for. He always knew he wanted to do something with Pokemon when he gets older. He just wasn't sure what.

Tim was very excited when he received a Pokemon Egg on his tenth birthday, and more excited when it hatched into a Rockruff. Life continued as normal for the boy. Although the bullying has stopped when he started high school, it still had an effect on him, which is why he didn't talk to other students all that much. After High School, Tim knew what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to raise and care for Pokemon just like his parents do.

His parents suggested that Tim travel the Johto region with his Rockruff. They wanted him to see the world, make some friends, and learn about himself. Tim wasn’t sure, but Rocky seemed excited by the prospect. So, he went to New Bark Town, got a Pokédex, and a Chikorita from Professor Elm, and away he went. Tim wasn’t sure what to do during this time. He considered entering a Pokémon Contest. They looked like so much fun! Then he realized they were done in front of an audience, and decided against it.

Then, everything changed when the thugs attacked! He was on his way to a Pokemon Center for the night, and had recalled Rocky into his ball so he could rest. They thought they had found an easy target. He didn’t notice the Nuzleaf taking his Pokeballs, until he was cornered by four thugs. They had plans to take his Pokémon, and sell them for profit. Chikorita and Rockruff were rare, and would sell for a good amount of money. All they had to do now was get rid of any witnesses... Tim cowered in the corner, reduced to tears. This was how it ended. What could he possibly do now?

The thungs were getting ready to kill the boy, when suddenly, the air around them got colder. It was enough to make the thugs shiver. The boy who had been in tears moments ago had suddenly changed demeanor. He stood up, and with an icy glare on his face. Then, the boy ran forth, and grabbed the lead thug by the shirt collar, and looked him in the eye. The boy’s eyes were now an icy blue, and his grasp made it even colder. “If you ever try this again, I will personally make sure it will be the last mistake you make. Got it?” A growling voice came out of his mouth. Then he dropped the thug hard on his bottom. “You imbeciles disgust me. Be gone from my sight. Now.” The thugs didn’t need any more provocation, and they took off running, dropping the Pokeballs they stole in the process.

Tim had no idea what was happening. He could still see, and hear what was happening, but he didn’t have control of his body. While he was grateful not to be dead, he had just nearly froze people to death! Now his body was walking somewhere. The voice in his head was looking for someplace cold.

Tim has now been forced to share his body with Kyurem for the past two months, and Tim does not like it one bit. Other than explaining that his name was Kyurem, he didn’t say anything else about what he was doing in his body or anything. Kyurem spends most of his time training on the top of Mt. Silver. This involves fighting wild Pokémon himself, since most of Tim’s Pokémon won’t listen to Kyurem. Kyurem usually has control most of the time, and only gives Tim the reins when he gets tired. Tim has no clue what’s happening, but Kyurem says it’s urgent, and that he should suck it up, and deal with it.

Other: Kyurem has forced Tim to eat meat. Tim is not happy about that, among all the other things Kyurem has forced Tim to do.

Tim often cries when he has control over his body. He thinks Kyurem is a monster. Kyurem does not care.

I’m aware that due to typing Kyurem should be neutral to both Fire and Ice. It just made more sense to me for him to not be bothered by cold, and be bothered by heat.



Nickname: Rocky
Species: Rockruff
Gender: Male
Personality: Rocky is very friendly and full of energy. He loves meeting new people, and Pokemon, and can be seen chatting them up, as well as acting cute to charm others. He enjoys attention, and likes putting on a show to get attention. Although he knows better now, he still views Tim like a father, since he raised him since he was born. He is very affectionate with his trainer, and often licks his face, or nuzzles his ankles. Unlike his trainer, Rocky actually likes taking part in Pokemon Battles, which is the only reason Tim does them in the first place. He is out of the Pokeball more often than not, and is usually being carried in Tim's arms, or walking alongside him. He obeys Tim, but doesn't listen to Kyurem, and growls and barks at him.
History: Rocky was Tim's first Pokemon, a gift from his father on his tenth birthday. When he first hatched, Tim was the first one he saw, and for a time, he believed the boy was his mother. The two bonded quickly, and are now inseparable. Although he knows better now, he still views the boy like a parent.


Nickname: Flora
Species: Chikorita
Gender: Female
Personality: A timid Pokemon who is easily scared, and doesn't care much for fighting. She really only battles when she's angry, otherwise she prefers healing and supporting the rest of the team than fighting herself. Tim empathizes with her a lot. She obeys Kyurem out of fear, but Kyurem thinks she's terrible in battle and doesn't like using her.
History: Tim received from Professor Elm. He chose her specifically when he saw her being bullied by other Pokemon.
Other: Smaller than average as a Chikorita, but will be bigger than average as a Meganium.


Name: Frosty
Species: Sneasel
Gender: Male
Personality: Frosty is a playful and fun loving Pokémon, if not a little mischievous. He is loyal to Kyurem, but not to Tim. He doesn’t do anything Tim says. He is also a competitive Pokemon who likes to win, and is as vicious in battle as his species is known for being.
History: A Sneasel was following Kyurem around during a blizzard on top of Mt. Silver. Since the Sneasel was so persistent, Kyurem fought it himself, and caught it. He figured it would be good for him to have at least one Pokémon that listens to him, and for Tim to have something that can at least fight decently. Kyurem wasn’t going to give it a nickname, but Tim insisted that they give him a name. Thus, Tim gave him the name Frosty, and Kyurem reluctantly went with it.
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Hiya, sorry for the wait! Awesome to see a bunch of finished apps. Love what you guys've got, so let's get cracking, yeah?

@Schade: Kenny is accepted, just make sure to note that his telekinesis only works on one object at a time.

Dee's almost there. Pending for now, just change these and she's good to go:

- Abilities! So, I'd actually suggest making her telepathy stronger, since it is only restricted to her brother. That's because telepathy is something many other legendaries could have as well, and they likely wouldn't have such a restriction. Maybe she can also communicate with him over a relatively great distance, or sense his emotions, or something else? Just add a little buff. Same for Mist Ball, I'd say the mist can always be blinding if she so wishes, instead of just having a 50% chance to. We'll be fighting fairly powerful enemies, some that will have means to counter our abilities anyway, so the blinding effect won't be a deal breaker.

- Arson is a pretty serious offense, especially one of that scale. They didn't just mess around and set fire to a trashcan, but an entire building. That would land them in juvie for sure, so I'd suggest you tone that part down a bit. Maybe they got caught before they could actually start the fire, and were only charged with and required to pay up for the break-in and whatever property damage they caused inside?

Kay is almost good to go! For now she's pending, with a few quick changes to note. (This is kinda long, but it's just because I'm rambly, the changes themselves are small).

- Could you explain the Grateful Flight ability a bit? More specifically, what do you mean by "items energized with the deepest of thanks"? Is it so that Shaymin can only change form if handed an item that was gifted/received with a particular amount of gratitude? If so, you can remove that part, and just say he can change forms at will. If you do wanna keep some sort of a restriction, you could say his form change has a cooldown, or that it's only possible after being on the receiving end of positive feelings in general.

- The physical changes should be very small, and not involve growing extra body parts (unless temporary and made of material like darkness/fire/water/etc.) so unfortunately the horns are a no-go. Don't worry, there may be a chance for that later on. However, if Kay already wears a scarf beforehand, you could have it start to grow flowers in Sky Form, and even form flowery wings to actually aid in flight if you'd like. Scarf wings! She can knit herself different kinds by day.

- Lastly, I like what you have so far, but I'd like to see a bit more in Kay's personality section. Just some elaboration, basically. For example, "she tries to act and dress like a punk, but is more like a 80 year old woman trapped in an 18 year old's body"--- does she find it difficult to interact with people her age then, and the punk look is an attempt to fit in? She likes being home, but is also adventurous - is her outgoingness maybe hindered by the fact that she's afraid she'll mess up or not sure how she should act? She's friendly and caring and likes to help others, does that maybe lead to her being a bit of an overbearing mother hen at times, and make her act more like someone's parent/grandparent than friend? Is she quiet or talkative? Patient or impulsive? Etc. You don't have to use any of those particular points of course, they're just examples. Feel free to ask if you'd like any help!

@Monster Guy
I don't remember if I told you, but the changes on Liam look good! As for Tim, he's pending, with a few small changes:

- You have quite a bit in your first ability. Being able to generate and shoot ice in various forms is fine, but I'd remove the wind part. That is technically outside the realm of ice control. As for the dragon strength, I feel like that is a bit of a stretch. Yes, dragons are powerful creatures, but there is nothing about Kyurem that would make me think it possesses a lot of strength in particular. It has very small arms, too. I'd suggest changing this to another ability, unless there's a canon source to base this on. Maybe Noble Roar?

- I'd like you to change the mention of TR grunts to just some random thugs. Remember, the legendaries were sent to hide in human hosts particularly to avoid being captured by Team Rocket. If their members had seen Kyurem take over Tim, they would have hunted him down soon afterwards and found out about the legendaries in general. Also, I said this to Yasha as well, but when the powers first manifested, they were pretty weak. The air (and Tim's grasp) could have gotten noticeably colder, enough to make them shiver, but not nearly enough to be life threatening. Even that is still probably enough to scare away random thugs though.

I think that's everyone. Feel free to poke me if I skipped an app and I'll get to it asap. I should be able to work on my own this week, with the rp starting sometime next week.


a dubious creature getting up to mischief
Staff member
I'm all edited as well. I didn't want the abilities to come across as too overpowered as I was working on it so I might have underplayed them slightly --- all should be good to go now.

And y'know, arson... fun for the whole family lmao. (Changed that to just intent to commit arson)

Um! I'd also like to take Manaphy if I could? I'll start work asap


Name: Manaphy
Gender: Male
  • Aqua Ring: Manaphy is able to summon veils of water that encompass himself and his companions, allowing them to gradually heal.
  • Heart Swap: Manaphy can switch the perspective of people, and/or Pokemon with this ability. By swapping the hearts of two people or two Pokemon (or a Pokemon and a person) he can make them understand the other's perspective and vise versa. (Based off: Signature Move)
  • Strong Bond: Manaphy is easily able to befriend Pokemon and Humans alike, using this power he's made Ian some new friends. This ability seems to instill the feeling of a strong bond within the person it's used upon, as such they are quite willing to do what Manaphy asks of them. (Based off: Lore "It is born with a special power that allows it to bond with any Pokémon")
  • Whirlpool: Manaphy is able to summon a Whirlpool that sucks enemies into it. Although it works well on small enemies, larger enemies can fight off the currents much easier.
Personality: Manaphy is known as the "Prince of the Sea" and he takes this title very seriously. He behaves in an extremely respectable manner, acting professionally and always holding himself high. He speaks politely, professionally, and expects those around him to do the same. He becomes very upset if someone were to use uncouth words in his presence, often gasping and correcting their rude speech. He's humble, poised, and brushes off criticisms to his character with ease.

Name: Ian Nakayama
Gender: Male
Age: Sixteen
Occupation: High School Student/Competitive Surfer

Ian is rather tall and lanky. He stands at a respectable 6'2" and weighs around 160 pounds, making him noticeably thin. He has little in terms of muscles, except for in his legs which are very toned from his surfing career. Ian is Half-Japanese thanks to his father, this is apparent in his skin tone being noticeably darker than the average Caucasian. One probably would doubt his Japanese heritage if they saw him from afar due to his stark bleach blond hair. However, as it's name implies, his normally black hair has been bleached repeatedly until it maintained a stunning blond colour. He did this intentionally to stand out amongst the surfer crowd in Sinnoh, as well as in a rebellious act against his father. His hair is well done, always sleeked back from either gel or water from his surfing exploits. His eyes are normally narrowed, not in a sly way but simply due to his genetics. They are a sea blue in colour, something he inherited from his mother.

Ian has... high school boy fashion. He doesn't put a lot of effort into his clothing choice as he just wears the popular name brands and still appears as attractive as he can to females. His usual choice of clothing is a simple white Supreme(tm) sweater with a black bottom. The two tone sweater switches to black around his midrift and is considered quite fashionable (not to mention his parents paid $100 dollars for it). For jeans, he only wears the best brands. He purposely bought a pair with a single ripped knee for the aesthetic value it hold. His shoes are also, the best that money can buy. Blue Jordan's that are always kept clean, although they have become slightly bleached from the salty seawater that Ian surfs on.

Speaking of surfing, Ian is as basic as they come when it comes to surfing attire. Blue tanktop with a star on it, representing the Blue Starmies, the team he surfs for. And a pair of black swim trunks, as plain as he could possibly get. They have a pocket on the back right, allowing him to put his keys in. His surfboard is white with blue waves on either side, the front center of the surfboard has a small blue star to once again represent his team.

When Manaphy takes control, he finds the way that Ian dresses to be unbecoming of an authoritative figure such as himself. He instead dons a purple button-up dress shirt, form fitting and professional looking. Along with this, he puts on rather plain black dress pants and black dress shoes. Other than the clothing change, Ian also experiences a change in his eyes --- his pupils glowing a yellowish hue each time Manaphy takes over.

Personality: arrogant, full of himself
History: (At least 2 paragraphs. Include the moment when you realized you were a host to a legendary spirit and when it happened.)

Pokémon *

Species: Floatzel
Name: Zel
Gender: Male
Appearance: Wears a Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon style scarf with blue stripes and a blue star for the Blue Starmies
Personality: Zel is very similar to his master in some areas. He's quite cocky, over-confident, and a little rough around the edges. However, he's extremely passionate about the work he does as a lifesaving Pokemon. He adores being around during the surfing competitions to assist his master and anyone else that may be overtaken by the waves. Zel's overconfidence comes in the form of him believing he's too good at his work to ever lose someone, and he often boasts to other Pokemon about how successful he really is. (Nature: Serious)
History: Ian met Zel as a Buizel seven years ago. The young Buizel had been getting bullied by other Pokemon at the beach and Ian stepped up to defend him from their attacks. The Buizel looked up to the young boy, who was so rash he jumped in front of a Bubblebeam blast for him. Zel decided to stick by Ian's side after that day and was a key figure in Ian's life during him finding his footing as a surfer. As a Buizel, he would often ride the surfboard with his master, grabbing him after the two fell into the wake of the ocean. Now, as a Floatzel, he is often seen swimming next to Ian and getting ready to assist any surfers that may fall into the blue.


Species: Castform
Name: Fi
Gender: Female
Appearance: Normal
Personality: Fi is somewhat excitable. She loves showing her master the weather and gets very excited to do so. She loves floating on the sidelines during her master's competitions and cheering him on, often shouting excitedly from next to him mother. She's very childish, often throwing tantrums if the weather isn't what she wants it to be. Other Pokemon may find her difficult to handle. (Nature: Jolly)
History: Fi was the prize for the Hoenn Minor Surfing Competition, Ian's first surfing competition after he was picked up by the Blue Starmies for his talent. He won the competition and was gifted the Cherish Ball containing Fi before he boarded the plane back to Sinnoh. Fi has since become an asset to him, as she is able to tell the weather for the rest of the day the moment they walk outside thank to her form change. She is the ideal Pokemon for him, as she can warn him of upcoming rainstorms --- ensuring he doesn't go out on the water that day.
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@Hydrangea: Accepted! For telepathy, I'll allow the cross-region communication with her brother, especially since her regular range is so short. However, from that far away (and even from the opposite ends of the same region), the communication between them would be somewhat limited and require concentration. Think of it like calling over a bad connection; lots of 'static' and ineligible noise.

Also, reserve noted.

@VampirateMace: Accepted! I actually forgot to mention this earlier, but feel free to give Grateful Flight some sort of a speed/damage boost in addition to flight as well.

@Monster Guy: Accepted!

For everyone, I'll be looking to start the rp next weekend, so sometime around 1st-3rd of February!


Sorry for the delay - as some of you know, had some RL business this week.


Jack's a Pendin', with a few quick things:

First, for Shattering Bindings, since it causes temporary loss of sanity, I'd like there to be some after-effects for Jack. They don't have to be debilitating, but just something that would make him averse to the power being used all the time (and while Hoopa probably wouldn't care about Jack's mental health otherwise, his host breaking down mentally might be an inconvenience and thus a deterrent). You can choose what the effects are, based on what'd be interesting for you to play.

Second, when the powers first manifested, they were weaker than they are now (them strengthening is one of the reasons the legendaries grow so anxious, because it means Arceus is giving them back to them). I'd say levitating an entire auditorium of people shouldn't be something he can do with his powers even today- so it definitely wouldn't be back then. I'd say one object moved at a time (in addition to floating himself). You can do more in current day if they're smaller, especially since your range is short, though. So instead, you could change it so that Hoopa levitated and maybe tossed one human around in the air instead. Maybe a child in the front seat? If it was a small kid, it would be much easier to control even with limited powers back then, and it would still freak people out because, yeah, a child in danger.

Lucia's Accepted, though I'd say you can stay underwater for much longer than five minutes with your first ability--- like, an hour, maybe even two. So feel free to change that!

A note to everyone: Reserves run out tomorrow on Saturday at 10 AM PST. Yes that's a deadline for my SU too. You can still get a spot by finishing your SU, but there won't be re-reserving if your reserve already expired. If there are slots left, you can sign up even after the rp has started though!


The reservation list is cleaned up!

If your reserve expired, you need to wait a week to reserve again, but you can submit a finished SU for approval whenever as long as there are slots (there are 2 right now after Skill's reserve, so still space).

@Skillfulness, I put you down for a reserve, just let me know what legendary you'd like. The reserve lasts a week.

We should be starting tomorrow on Sunday, but people may still sign up after the rp starts. As a courtesy, I won't use the legendaries I saw people being interested in as NPCs until all the slots are filled, so no worries of yours being yoinked!

If you've any questions, feel free to send 'em my way. We will probably have a discord for this as well.

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Can I reserve Yveltal, now that reserves are cleared? XD

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You're My Man Of War

Name: Latios

Gender: Male

Powers: (a few are copied from Hydrangea’s SU because of the relationship between our characters)
  • Telepathy: Latios has the ability to communicate telepathically with anyone he is nearby. The chosen person needs to be within ten feet of himself. However, he can communicate with his sister, Latias over much greater distances. The two share such a close bond that they can communicate even when in different regions from one another. (Based off: lore)
  • Flight: Latios is able to take flight for brief periods of time. The wings he uses are similar to Latios’ but invisible thanks to the light refracting off of them --- similar to several Pokedex entries. They are very much there when this power is used and can even be felt if one gets close to Latios. He can only fly short distances before growing tired. (Based off: Physical capabilities of the legendary)
  • Soul Bond: When near his sister, Latias, Latios is a able to channel more energy. This allows his attacks to hit harder and cause much more damage. This only works when his sister is within ten feet of her. (Based off: Soul Dew item)
  • Luster Purge: Latios fires a strong blast of psychic energy at his opponents. (Based off: signature move, Luster Purge)
Personality: Latios believes he is rather different from his sister, Latias. She has a tendency to be shy, whereas he is far more confident, to a point where some would say he was outright arrogant. Not that they matter, of course. Latios has never cared for outside opinion, believing that others are, to put it bluntly, “idiots”.

He does, however, have a soft spot for his sister. Whilst he doesn't like to admit it, he would go to great lengths to help her and the human she inhabits. However, while he doesn't mind his human's fashion sense as much as Latias does, he finds his human's inability to find a partner amusing, often monologuing about how good of a guy he truly is, in the hopes of finding his love.


Name: Dennis Grey
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty-Six
Occupation: Owner of a Daycare in Hoenn with his Twin Sister, Deandra.


Dennis stands at an above average height of 6’3’’ (noticeably taller than his twin sister), and he likes to make sure he keeps himself in shape, weighing in at 180 pounds. Contrasting to his sister, who is noticeably chubby, Dennis doesn’t have much meat on his bones. At a point before he worked out, he was visibly gaunt, but has balanced himself out in recent years. He shares his sister’s complexion, also blessed with clear skin and a slightly paler caucasian tone. The scar on one of his eyebrows was an act of revenge from his sister, who nearly lost an eye in a friendly knife fight when they were kids. He has the same green eyes his father gave his sister, Although he always appears to be narrowing them, making him appear in a permanent melancholy state. He likes to grow his brown hair, tying it up in the typical man-bun style. Deandra can’t stand how “basic” he appears, but it fuels him to do it more.

Dennis shares his sense in fashion with Deandra, largely inspired by the “punk” style. He has admired the whole scene from a young age, something that has helped make the bond with his sister as strong as it is. His usual outfit consists of a large trench coat over a baggy t shirt, as well as a pair of well worn grey jeans, with holes very visible around the knee area. On hotter days, the cost would come off, but that was only on the most extreme of hot days. He enjoys proving a point about how not hot it is to others, and will happily take a small amount of suffering to look better than his sister, even with something as petty and insignificant as this.

When Latios takes over, his eyes then a bright pink. His general glum look is replaced with a smirk, and an arrogant look that could drive a pacifist to bloody murder. If Latios is in control for longer periods, he likes to take the baggy t shirt off and replaces it with a shirt covered in pineapples. Funnily enough, Dennis hates pineapples, and Latios knows this. It's quite amusing to see his reaction to being forced to wear that shirt, as Dennis borders on ripping the shirt off sometimes, in a very Hulk Hogan-esque feat of minor strength and major anger.

Personality: Dennis is very passionate about what he likes doing; raising Pokemon, and raising hell. Both things shared with his twin, Deandra. As they were raised together they gained similar interests in the punk scene, including the music, which inspired his sister to learn guitar, and inspired him to try his hand at singing. Whilst he is a damn sight better than he was when he started, he got a bit rusty, as after being kicked out of his parents’ house he lacked a mentor to help him with it.

With his sister dragging him into all sorts of ridiculous escapades during his early years, Dennis grew to be more daring that he would have been had he not had Deandra around. After a while he stopped having to be forced into these things, and would dive head first into anything that was devised by his sister.

Dennis comes off quite rough around the edges to people that have never experienced him before. However, Dennis is a kind person when he needs to be. He just has very little patience for “stupid people”, as he deems them. He is quite good with children, knowing how to speak properly to them and admiring the innocence that he himself has lost as he got older. He’s also very good at raising and training Pokemon, he probably would have made a fantastic Pokemon Trainer or Gym leader if he did not fall into the breeding scene with his sister. His Pokemon are all well loved and obey his every command, and he is often the one tasked with breeding and caring for the more difficult drop-offs, as he often appears to have the magic touch to make Pokemon obey him.

Although Dennis may seem to cling close to Dee, it is not simply out of a childish need of his sister, but rather as an area of loyalty and respect. Deandra has been the one Dennis could turn to through their whole lives, and he is very loyal because of it. They’ve been through thick and thin together, and his loyalty isn’t easily given, however, but if you prove yourself worthy of it in his eyes, he will stand with you through anything. Which his sister has done.

Dennis has a passion for art, specifically related to nature. He loves sketching landscapes, but has no knowledge of paint or colour theory. Art is one of the few things he considers himself to be truly passionate about. In all fairness, it’s also one of the few things he actually surpasses his sister in.

Dennis has difficulty speaking to strangers or figures of authority. While under the wing of the elderly couple, Dennis would often listen rather than speak. He let his sister do most of the talking, which remains true now that they have taken over the daycare. As such, his people skills are a little less than one would hope… but that’s fine, considering he never really has to go anywhere without his sister.

Dennis can be immensely rude to those he doesn’t like, however. Obviously a lot of people are unpleasant to those they have a strong distaste for, but Dennis will take it to another level. His father tried to raise him with ‘traditional values,’ believing women are inferior. While Dennis believes he is above this, he does still have some bias deep down that he won’t admit is still there.

Dennis doesn’t understand a lot of people’s problems, going as far as to say several people’s person issues aren’t too bad, comparing them to his own, not understanding different people react to different situations differently.

He is immensely jealous of his sister over a variety of talents she gained faster than him. This has made him slightly bitter towards her, and he’ll lace things he says to his sister with sarcasm. However, she also has a similar sense of humour, often disregarding any sort of PC filters, to the extent that they could make a comedy club scream bloody murder with pretty minimal effort.

History: Dennis was born to Cecelia and Roscoe Grey on November 11th in Mossdeep City, Hoenn, and was born 10 minutes before his sister, Deandra, something he’d hold over her during their younger years, claiming she was the “baby” of the two. Cecelia and Roscoe were expecting twins, but they had opted to keep the baby’s genders a surprise. They assumed that they would either be blessed with two girls or two boys (Roscoe adamantly wanting two boys), Roscoe was extremely excited seeing his first son be born, already feeling blessed as he assured himself they’d both be boys. However, his enthusiasm was cut short when the Doctors, upon delivering Deandra, loudly proclaimed that it was a girl. The couple had a few names picked out, but all of them were better suited to two girls or two boys, as they wanted the names to be somewhat similar. Cecelia suggested the names Dennis and Deandra, as they were close enough to the same style of names that they wanted. Roscoe liked the name Dennis, although he showed disdain to everything involving his daughter. He agreed to his wife’s suggestion, and so the babies were given their names.

Dennis’ early life involved being talked up a lot by his father. Roscoe decided if he was going to have only one son, he’d make sure he was the best there could be. This lead to an immense amount of pressure being put on Dennis. He was to be the best at any and all subjects he was doing in school, and anything other than straight A’s was met with a stern talk with his father. Claiming he was failing because he didn’t study enough, or that he was spending too much time around his mother and his sister.

This lead to him feeling like his sister was at fault for his shortcomings. He began teasing her about how she was the younger of the two. How she wasn’t as loved as he was because he was the better twin. He tormented his sister for months before he even realized that his words could hurt, by which point Deandra had already set out to better him at everything he loved.

He watched on in anger as his sister surpassed his grades, where he was slipping up with a couple of B’s, and even the occasional C, his sister was standing steady, and going beyond what he could. Deandra was soon on her way to being the preferred sibling. She learned skills she deemed necessary, skills that Dennis didn’t have the time to pick up due to the time he spent studying for his school work.

The day Roscoe took Deandra fishing for the first time was the first time Dennis felt how he imagined his sister had for so long. Dejected. He couldn’t get over how he was now seen as the liability, whereas Deandra was seen more as an asset. At first he felt it was the fault of his sister, and how she had come and seemingly replaced him out of spite. After a while, though, he realized the issue wasn’t her.

As he fell into his teenage years, he began to resent Roscoe. The talks he used to get about how great he was were replaced with glares across the room. Deandra began to call his father out for the misogynist that he was, and Dennis was often taken aback by how articulately Deandra would break Roscoe’s beliefs down (even at his own expense). He admired Deandra for standing up for what she believed in, and stopped finding his jokes funny. He agreed with Deandra. Roscoe was always a problem, even before he started treating him like he was dirt. Roscoe had treated his sibling and his mother the same for years. He couldn’t bring himself to stand up to his father, however. Too afraid to be mocked further for being bested by his sister, he stood aside for her to prove that wasn’t all bad.

By the time they were sixteen, Dennis and Deandra had formed a bond that was unbreakable. They kept themselves safe, reassuring each other through the mocking words of their father and their peers, who latched onto the fact they were poor. They grew more rebellious through their key teenage years. Staying out late, hanging out with peers who weren’t the best behaved, smoking, and generally doing all they could to tell their parents to **** themselves.

Roscoe and Cecelia were at a loss for how to deal with the pair of them, especially as it was never just one of them they were talking to. If they tried to criticize one of them, the other would jump to their defense, never letting the two get into their heads. This lead to the two furthering themselves down this rebellious path.

During a long weekend, Dennis and Dee broke into their school. The two trashed the interior and made their way out of the building with the intent to set the place ablaze. Luckily for the school, the two were apprehended before they could commit to burning the building, as the police had been doing routine rotations near the school at the time of their outing. Dee and Dennis were quickly taken into the police station, where their parents and the principal were promptly called. The principal expelled the two students, claiming they could never return to the school after the stunt they pulled. Once their parents arrived, they expected them to blather on about how they had to be more responsible, and how they had to hold themselves to a higher standard because they’re better than this. However, their parents were beyond furious this time. They dragged their children home, and promptly kicked them onto the streets. As they were shoved out the door, Cecelia screamed at them, ending with her telling them they were to never come back, to which Dennis and Dee scoffed. They knew how worried she’d be after a few hours, and how she’d come after them in tears once all of this simmered down. A week passed, and Dennis and Dee found themselves still on the street, now understanding that Roscoe and Cecelia had truly kicked them out this time.

The two of them were lost and alone. They had no choice but to try and survive off of the generosity of shop owners giving them what little they could get to sustain themselves. Even then, they knew they could only keep doing that for so long. Soon they would need to find a way to survive independently, before they were left to starve. The last of the money they had was spent on getting them to Lilycove City. A risk they felt was necessary, and Dennis was more than happy to take if it got them far away from their parents. Upon their arrival, they got to begging again, still in need of sustenance, and now also in desperate need of money too. Soon they were spotted by an elderly couple, who took pity on the two of them.

They took the twins under their wing, bringing them back to their home in Vendanturf Town, where they explained that they ran the local daycare, and that they couldn’t do as much as they used to due to their old age. They needed to hire younger people to help with tasks that they were no longer able to do. Dee and Dennis were generously offered a place to call a home in return for the labour involved in doing these tasks. They agreed to this without hesitation.

Dennis and Dee began with simple work, lifting heavy things for the couple they worked for. As they gained more experience, they began taking on breeding tasks in the daycare. Dennis was a solid hand at it, but Deandra had a natural talent for breeding. With this talent, the elderly couple gifted Dennis a female Espurr who had been left behind by a trainer who had forgotten all about her, with Deandra getting a Rockruff in a similar situation.

As time continued to pass, Dennis and Dee would begin to accumulate Pokemon that other trainers would offer t0 breed as payment for their leveling services. Deandra ended up getting a male Espurr who was keen to show its affection towards Dennis’ own Espurr. This was the start of Dennis and Dee having similar pokemon, something they enjoyed sharing. This often lead to them asking trained to breed their pokemon two times, so they could each have an egg to keep. This is how they gained a Nidorina and a Nidorino between them. The only Pokemon they’ve been able to capture themselves were the Eevees

Over the course of time, Dennis and Dee both began to accumulate Pokemon that trainers would offer to breed them as payment for their superb leveling services. Dee received her own Espurr, a male that had keen affection towards Dennis’ own Espurr. Dennis and Dee found themselves to have a certain liking to having similar Pokemon, and they often asked trainers to breed their Pokemon twice, saying that all the payment they needed was to be able to keep the unwanted eggs. As such, Dee and Dennis’ Nidorina and Nidorino are siblings. The only Pokemon that Dennis and Dee ever caught themselves are their Eevees.

When Dennis and Dee were Twenty-Four, the elderly couple that had taken them in finally, and sadly passed away. The twins were left devastated. The couple had been better parents to them than Roscoe and Cecelia had ever been, and they felt it was their duty to do all they could to honour them. They closed the daycare and arranged for the couple to have as extravagant a funeral as possible. Their deaths had some fortune to them, however; the couple didn’t have children, meaning everything they had was willed to Dennis and Dee. This included the daycare.

The next stretch of their life was relatively uneventful. Dennis and Dee renamed the daycare “D&D Daycare” and became formal business partners. But a few days ago, Dennis felt something weird in his head. He initially became worried it might be he might be having a brain aneurysm, until he heard a male voice pop into his head. The voice told him that he was the legendary Pokemon Latios, and that he needed to coexist in this body, or they would face dire consequences. Dennis shrugged this off at first, before Latios actually took over his body, proving it was in fact not some stress-induced auditory hallucination.

As the days have passed, Dennis has grown used to having a legendary sharing his body. He was, however, sceptical about Deandra understanding all of this if he had explained it to her, worried she’d see him as an idiot. That changed when Latias called for Latios. Dennis’ head snapped in Deandra’s direction, and the two realised that they had both been given a legendary. Latios and Latias were both ecstatic to be in two humans so close to each other.

Dennis and Deandra and still unsure what to do with all this, however. All they know is they both have this unnerving feeling that they need to get somewhere....and fast.



Species: Meowstic
Name: Toyah
Gender: Female
Appearance: (If nothing out of the ordinary, may be left blank)
Personality: The mate of Deandra’s Meowstic, and the talker of the couple. She is very loyal to her mate, as well as the pair’s trainers. (Nature: Brave)
History: Toyah was Dennis’ first Pokemon, given to him by the elderly couple who had taken him under their wing. Toyah was an egg that had been abandoned by the trainer who bred her, and was given to Dennis to try and combat any abandonment issues that she might face. When she first met Deandra’s Espurr, Aeron, Toyah thought nothing of him. However, as time went on, her feelings for him grew, until one day, when they were both evolved. Aeron asked her to be his mate. Toyah accepted, and the two have been mates ever since.


Species: Lycanroc-Midday
Name: Hammond
Gender: Male
Appearance: (If nothing out of the ordinary, may be left blank)
Personality: Contrary to his master’s sister’s Lycanroc, Hammond is actually rather timid. He isn’t always ready to fight, but would stop at nothing to make Dennis happy if Hammond felt he was upset. (Nature: Timid)
History: Hammond was payment from a trainer due to his and his sister’s stellar services at the daycare. A mating between a Lycanroc and a Mudsdale by a breeder who had wanted a Mudbray. When the egg hatched into a Rockruff, the trainer came back, insisting this was Dennis and Dee’s fault. Dennis and Dee promptly banned the trainer, but they had left the Rockruff. Dennis took care of him, and the two grew a bond. Hammond is now one of Dennis’ most beloved Pokemon


Species: Espeon
Name: Ashruf
Gender: Female
Appearance: Wears a Blue Scarf
Personality: Ashruf has a generally aloof attitude. Being the only Pokemon that Dennis caught, she feels that she is more deserving of his affection than the rest of the Pokemon he has in his party. This often gets his other Pokemon heated, leading to arguments, and sometimes infighting, much to her joy. (Nature: Calm)
History: Ashruf was caught near Mauville City by Dennis. This was, as usual, a few days after Deandra had caught her own. For Dennis, though, he was just enjoying a walk, not minding life so much. He saw out of the corner of his eye an Eevee, though. It approached him confidently, nudging against his leg. Confused, Dennis sent out Toyah to see if she could communicate with them. Toyah explained through gestures that the Eevee believed it was ready to be trained. Dennis was taken aback slightly, not knowing that Pokemon sometimes seek out trainers to train them. However, knowing Deandra had gotten her own Eevee days before him, he couldn’t miss this opportunity. With that, Ashruf was trained into the Espeon that Dennis now loves.


Species: Nidorino
Name: Ceri
Gender: Male
Appearance: (If nothing out of the ordinary, may be left blank)
Personality: Ceri isn’t much a fighter, much preferring to be used for contests. His sister, Vi, doesn’t take that lightly, teasing Ceri because of it. This has just made Ceri more determined to be the best contest Pokemon he can be. Although he also has some rejection issues, in part due to the teasing.
History: Through accepting eggs as payment, Dennis and Dee each received a baby Nidoran. Dennis' ended up being a male and Dee's a female. The two have the same parents, a female Nidoran and a male Torracat. Ceri, while not as responsible as Vi, was also helpful during the transition period following the elderly couple’s passing. Because of this, Dennis trusts Ceri more than his other Pokemon with helping him.

(The last 4 hours have been dedicated to this sign up. I've transcended the mortal plane)
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Name: Yveltal
Gender: Male

Name: Jessalyn MacDougall

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Occupation: Criminal/Illegal trainer, and aspiring Gym Leader or Elite Four member (she's specifically looking to displace Malva, whom she despises)


Jessalyn is a tall, dark beauty. She is 6'1" tall, with a lean, toned, long-legged body and a light skin tone. Her long raven hair is slightly wavy and goes down to her waist, though it is usually styled in either a messy, loose braid or in a simple, unkempt ponytail, with long bangs falling to the left of her face. Her facial features are strong and can be described as "dramatic", with dark, arched brows, a straight nose, an angular face shape and striking emerald-colored eyes framed with long, dark lashes often coated in black mascara - one of the few types of makeup she chooses to wear aside from black eyeshadow and black eyeliner. Her teeth are slightly yellow, as she smokes on occasion. Her breasts are very large and prominent - and she isn't shy about them either. Jessalyn's navel is pierced and decorated with a gunmetal-colored skull stud. Her other piercings include three on each ear, decorated with dark cross-shaped studs and dark hoops, and one on her left nostril, adorned with a gunmetal-colored hoop. She also has a tattoo of a tribal-style wolf on her upper-left arm. Her hands and forearms have scars of varying lengths, caused by a number of accidents in the laboratory assisting in dangerous experiments while she was still under Team Rocket.

Jessalyn is one who dislikes particularly girly or classy clothing, as well as light colors. Do not try to put her in a pastel dress unless you have a death wish. She loves black, has a huge weakness for skulls of all sorts, rips in her clothes and the like, and enjoys wearing dark styles. Her most commonly-worn piece of clothing is a zip-up leather vest with a skeleton ribcage print in dark gray. This vest also has an attached hood (not in leather, mind you) with its front having a printed skull in the same dark gray. Jessalyn gravitates towards shirts that either have skull prints, fishnet, rips and tears in them (with or without safety pins) or any combination of them. Unlike most people, she isn't at all ashamed of her cleavage either, and she shows it, even though it *might* be against regulation. For bottoms, she favors pants and shorts rather than dresses or skirts. She's most commonly seen wearing shredded black denim minishorts or tight, black leather pants with ripped knees. For shoes, she generally favors heavy, sturdy boots, usually either black lace-up combat boots or knee-high black motorcycle boots decorated with belts that have skulls and sharp spikes on them. She wears black leather fingerless gloves with iron knuckle studs almost all the time, and also often wears a black newsboy hat with a skull print and a Celtic cross pin...even in class. Aside from her piercings, the only jewelry she wears is a black iron chain around her neck. Jessalyn hates formal dresses, partly because it's so uncomfortable, and partly because of her bad experiences around Erik.

Personality: Jessalyn is someone who's difficult to get to know, and her attitude can be described as prickly and troubled. Not the most sociable person, she finds it difficult to trust people and warm up to them. At times, she even pushes them away. She has a pretty good reason for being pessimistic however, as she's lived most of her life around people most would not consider as trustworthy. She's haunted by her past as a Team Rocket grunt under her own caretaker, and as a result wants to fix things as much as possible and cut off any ties she might have with the organization, and by extension, Johto as well. It's obvious that she wants a normal life, one free of abuse and threats, and tries her best to turn back on the things she regrets doing. She is however a free-spirited, rebellious and headstrong person by nature, not one who enjoys being bound by strict rules, especially rules that she doesn't agree with, and prefers to do things according to her own set of principles on what she thinks is right. She's not a fan of institutions in general, and relies on her herself to choose her own path, and for her, what's right is what works best and most effectively. She doesn't want to be anyone's tool, and lashes out against those whom she perceives will try to use her. She's the opposite of an idealist, preferring to be practical in her approach towards many things, and would willingly throw propriety out of the window any day, especially if it gets the job done. She's an independent girl who would much rather rely on herself to take care of and fix things rather than choose to lean on others, evidently seen in how she tried to ensure her brother's safety. Rather than choosing to deal with the authorities who had the inclination to turn a blind eye towards Team Rocket's activities, she took matters into her own hands and earned money by hustling at pool, participating in motorcycle races, working as a bartender and using her expertise at card games, just so that she could make sure that her brother really was safe. Her heart is in the right place most of the time, it's just that the methods she prefers and her way of thinking can sometimes make her seem uncaring and cold.

Jessalyn is not what one considers feminine, and is actually the farthest thing from a girly-girl, with boyish and far-from-refined interests. She's streetwise, reckless and far from proper. For her, trying to be a "lady" would only cause her suffering and headaches, hence, she chooses to just be herself, without compromising anything. She's not affected by what others think about her tendencies, and makes no effort to please. She swears a lot and isn't ashamed about it. She's also especially skilled at pool and many card games, and is not fazed by opponents bigger than her, being trained at fighting (the one thing she appreciates from being trained as a grunt) and is naturally strong (her punch is particularly painful) herself. She's one to take her bets seriously, and hates it when people try to cheat her when for her "a deal's a deal", usually resorting to violent methods if people don't cooperate. She does think that "might makes right" applies in dealing with and fixing a lot of situations and acts on this a lot, which can get her into trouble at times. She's a risk-taker by nature, preferring to take her chances than do nothing. A brave and fearless girl, she believes in her own capabilities, as mentioned above, and never backs down from a challenge.

Under this however, she is still a caring person, and has a certain way of looking out for people that isn't exactly the softest. She might be difficult to get along with and is often prickly towards others due to her trust issues stemming from her youth, but once she opens up and learns to trust, she's someone you'd be proud of to be your friend. She helps her friends in her own way, protects them the best she could, and stands up for them without hesitation. She might be intimidating, cynical and difficult, yet she does have a tender, if hardened, heart somewhere in there. She might be moody and easily angered, but she definitely has a better side, though it's rarely seen and manifests in less-than-traditionally-gentle ways. In terms of romance, she's pretty reluctant to get into a relationship due to her previous experiences with Erik, and would like to think that she shouldn't be falling in love. Like every normal person though, she has emotions, and is not immune to perhaps falling for someone. Expect her to deny it a lot when it happens, though. She thinks love is stupid and makes one weak and vulnerable, after all. She also does not like getting into relationships with much older men, thanks to her previous experiences.

Jessalyn is naturally drawn to the dark side in just about everything, and thus her taste is dark, enjoying things such as loud, rough death metal, black metal and other types of heavy music, dark clothing (her wardrobe is very, very black), Dark Pokemon and macabre motifs. She enjoys many different types of alcohol (being a former bartender herself), and has an expectedly high tolerance level. She is also surprisingly a great cook, and knows how to utilize even the oddest ingredients in creating delicious meals, a skill she learned from one of her roommates. Though she might not look it, she has a lovely soprano singing voice. This is something she particularly has issues with because of how Erik used to praise her for it, and would coerce her to sing for him and take part in his cover-up stage productions. She never reveals this particular talent of hers, and prefers that nobody knows about it, as said skill is very contrary to how she is, and also reminds her too much of Erik (and her time as his "dark siren"). This does not mean that she hates it entirely - part of her really does want to sing, it's just...the baggage that comes with it that's the issue.

Jessie is practical, street-smart and confident in her abilities, knowing her way around many things and how to take care of herself. Of course, this means that she often doesn't rely on others and instead, tries to deal with just about anything on her own, as much as possible. Her issues are her own to deal with, and, knowing that she can handle a lot of things by herself, hates it when people impose on her and try to help her out, having the impression that needing help is equivalent to being helpless and weak. While she has good practical intelligence, however, she is not very book-smart or cultured. This often can make her look out of place in certain circles of Kalos and other high-class settings.

History: Jessalyn's life can be described as rather complicated. The oldest child of impoverished parents from Goldenrod City, her parents had a difficult time supporting their children and were often between jobs. In order to take care of her and her younger brother Alastair, they took on grunt jobs in Team Rocket under Erik Gallagher - an ugly, scarred yet seemingly decent man and one of the most prolific scientist admins in the organization. Erik was not only a scientist - he was also a patron of the arts who owned the biggest theater in Goldenrod City. They also eventually entrusted Jessie and Alastair to Erik - he was an intelligent and cultured man after all, and while he was supposedly rumored to carry out particularly dangerous experiments, neither of the MacDougalls saw any actual proof when working in his laboratories...they thought that surely, said rumors were bogus and Erik could provide a much better life for the children. Jessie and her brother thus, grew up in comfort for the first few years of their lives. Erik initially seemed to be a doting father figure, taking care of them in an uncharacteristically tender manner that seemed so opposite his face and his notorious reputation within Team Rocket, even allowing their real parents to visit them at times. The girl grew up to be strong-willed, stubborn and sociable, enjoying roughhousing and playing with the other kids of Team Rocket members, thinking at that time, that everything was going to be alright, and life was going to be normal for her. Erik was particularly doting towards her, often praising her for her looks, her stubbornness, her skill at pool (he was a very good player and taught her) and the lovely voice she was revealed to have after he caught her singing one of the songs he often listened to. Sometimes, he wished for her to be more feminine and to be less rough around the other Team Rocket kids, but he felt that it was a small price to pay for taking in someone who could potentially be an asset to Team Rocket, though neither Jessie nor Alastair knew about his plans.

Truth be told, Erik was only waiting for the right moment before he could involve Jessie and Alastair into Rocket's activities, as well as make his move on her (creepy and lonely man that he is, he found her hauntingly beautiful even as a child, and her voice just added to her appeal, despite her rough nature), and he had a hand in said "moment", when an accident at the Lake of Rage under "mysterious circumstances" killed her parents and left her and Alastair orphaned. Erik, then, became their sole guardian. While at first, he still remained his normal self, it would only be a matter of time before Jessie learned the truth the hard way. She just happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time. She had wandered into the empty Goldenrod theater on a Sunday afternoon, and noticed an open trapdoor onstage. Being the naturally adventurous sort, she went down to take a look. What she expected to be a small chamber was actually an oddly sterile-looking, well-lit corridor, reminiscent of some of the laboratories Erik oversaw. As she passed through its length, she began to hear voices, some of which were familiar to her - voices of scientists who often dropped by to speak with Erik, and some which she couldn't put a face to. She also began to notice odd obstacles, as if it was meant to keep people out. Jessie wasn't at all fazed and instead, kept going, somehow figuring out a way through. It was only a matter of time before she reached a set of metal doors with more than a few "Keep Out" signs and other warnings. Ignoring said warnings, she pushed the door open and found herself in a large underground laboratory. This laboratory wasn't like any of the laboratories Erik ran - the tools and equipment looked more advanced, odd smells wafted in the air, and the personnel had a more sinister vibe. Immediately, she knew that this was something she was not meant to know about or even see, and that the wise thing to do was to run back and forget about the whole thing. She wasn't exactly wise, though, and impulsively began to look around. However, one of the scientists spotted her and picked her up, beginning to interrogate her. He was stopped, however, by none other than Erik. He smirked and calmly urged his subordinate to release Jessie, telling him that everything was alright, and that the girl was eleven - she might as well know the truth...it was only a matter of time after all.

"What truth? What the hell have you been hiding?" Jessie asked. Erik had been nothing but kind to her, and while she didn't like exactly like raising her voice at the man she considered her father, the thought that he had been keeping big secrets from her was more than a little bothersome. What made this laboratory different from the others that it had to be hidden under a theater? She knew of the rumors surrounding Erik's experiments, but she always believed in the compassion and tenderness he showed to her and Alastair. More scientists and staff noticed the commotion and began to openly question Erik, some of them less than civilly. The admin tried to diffuse the tension by assuring them that "MacDougall is a strong girl. She'll take to this, alright." Some of them, however, didn't seem like they were convinced, and Jessie heard a couple of particularly hostile scientists jeering at Erik and brought up his scars as a mark of incompetence, "too much time wasted on theater", and poor judgment. Later that night, Erik visited her in her bedroom, asking her to come sleep with him for the night. Jessie refused, again asking for answers. Erik placed his hands on her shoulders and told her that because he was a powerful man who had powerful allies, he inevitably had powerful enemies, and that it was only human nature to protect himself. "You do forgive me, do you?" He asked softly, and as Jessie pondered whether to do so, Erik tenderly kissed her on her head and placed a rough finger on her lips momentarily. Jessie looked at him and saw the loneliness and sadness in his dark eyes, the scars and burned flesh that marred the right half of his face, now that he had taken off the realistic half-mask he usually wore. From the time she knew him, she always held pity for him. The underground chamber wasn't the only time Erik's face was brought up; she wasn't deaf after all. And there had to be an explanation why Erik always disappeared at odd hours, or put on theater productions at particular times. He had always treated her kindly, always was tender with her...surely there was more beyond the mask he wore and the scars he bore, something that she, at least, saw? She didn't answer him, however, and instead lay down on her bed. Erik switched off the lights, but instead of leaving, he joined her on her bed and held her, kissing her once more, this time on her cheek. "Sing for me, my siren?" He asked, and Jessie sang, her high, clear soprano lulling him to sleep, while she lay with her eyes wide open into the morning.

It took a short time for him to start showing his admin side around Jessie, as he started to train her to become one of them. It started with small, menial tasks, such as fighting lessons, being taken down to the hidden laboratory more often, and learning some lines and some songs for his musicals - she was to perpetuate the lie that the theater was just a theater after all. However, it gradually escalated into something that rang warning bells in the young girl's head. Suddenly, messages had to be delivered to other places in Kanto and Johto known for being Team Rocket hotspots, mysterious packages from the laboratory had to be smuggled past high-security places, and the girl started to learn how to do things such as create small explosives, mix poisons and fight. Worse, Erik decided to add musical productions as part of his regular theater offerings, in order to take advantage of Jessie's voice and rather developed looks...he even went so far as to cast her in many of the leading roles of his productions, claiming that only she had the voice to carry them (in reality, this was a way to make sure Jessie's time was occupied while not carrying out grunt work, to maintain the illusion that the theater was just a theater, and so that she was not bound do anything stupid that could expose them...twelve-year-olds were loose-lipped after all). Now fighting, she took to very quickly and admittedly loved, as she was already a rough-and-tumble child to begin with, but she did not enjoy being ordered around doing the other things expected of her. Fighting and being fit was not a bad thing, but she did not enjoy being pushed around like a gopher to do the other things expected of her and she hated how she couldn't ask any questions. She hated being forced to memorize lines and the sense of being owned and held captive that she now felt. It did not help her now-conflicted and tumultuous feelings that the 50-something-year-old Erik had developed a particularly strange interest on her when she was twelve, starting to make subtle advances on the girl, kissing her on the cheek and tender words at first, but quickly moving into kissing her on the lips and asking her to sleep with him. At first, she did not know how to feel about Erik. After all, how could the man with the face of a monster but with a heart that proved otherwise go against the nature Jessie knew him to have? For all the time she knew him, she always pitied him, and thought she saw past his scarred face...that he had a kind, compassionate heart somewhere inside. It did not take long for her to lose her naivety, however, and see his actions for what they were. Suddenly, she realized that life wasn't going to do her any favors after all. Fearing that her brother, who was already ten, was soon to foliow, she struck a deal with the man she once saw as her father. She was going to do whatever he asked for, as long as he would never, ever involve Alastair in any way. This turned out to be a double-edged sword, as yes, Alastair was kept out of things, but Jessie virtually became Erik's tool as a result.

At thirteen, she embarked on her first sabotage mission and at fourteen, she was made to put on her first Grunt uniform, stole her first haul of Pokemon and started working as a regular laboratory assistant to Erik and other admins, who often made her do dangerous things. By the time she was fifteen, she became the star of the Goldenrod theater - its Dark Siren. What made matters worse, Erik started making actual moves on her when she was not even fourteen, and actually had his way with her more than a few times. Jessie found herself both hating Erik for forcing her into becoming his puppet, and yearning for his tenderness and affection, as said gentleness extended both to her and Alastair. At first, she would allow herself to accept his hugs, kisses and touches, sleep with him in his room and would oblige to sing for him when he asked, if only to keep Alastair in the dark, and because part of her still pitied him, and knew the loneliness he felt due to his bad reputation and ugly face - her actions caused her to be notorious throughout the Kanto and Johto factions of Team Rocket as "Erik's bitch". Being a self-aware individual, however, it only some time for her to be disgusted with herself as to how low she had gone. Why was she doing this? Why was she allowing her previous impression of Erik to give herself such rotten judgment? She was strong enough to protect Alastair, so was she allowing him to use her? Knowing that it was partially her fault, she decided that she didn't want to be Erik's slave any longer. She wasn't a doll, she wasn't a thing. Thus, she began to lock herself in her bedroom, refused to sing to him any longer, and tore up the white dresses he had bought for her and made her wear for numerous occasions, whether in the bedroom or onstage. Gradually, the lingering pity she felt for him turned to hate. Maybe she thought she had seen the real him in the past, thought she could trust him, thought that he deserved her pity and compassion...but now she saw the real Erik. Knowing that it was her own doing, she began rebelling. She started resisting duties actively, and moved out of Erik's mansion, choosing to stay in a small studio apartment and using her more mature looks to take a job at a local pub as a bartender. Erik knew exactly how to make his little rebel comply however, and started to threaten Jessie using Alastair, bringing up her promise. He knew that she cared for her younger brother very much, and for a while, it forced Jessie to cooperate, if only to make sure her brother was never involved. She did not want to give Erik an easy time however, and purposely made things more difficult for him, to the point that other grunts had to take her from her apartment and bring her to Erik whenever she was needed for work or to show up at the theater, often using various means such as drugging her drinks while she was out at work, or using Erik's Hypno and Malamar to take care of things when needed. She did not want to willingly keep him company at night, sing for him, kiss him or feel his touch any longer, and tried to push away any lingering thoughts of longing she might have had. She had a life, she had a responsibility and she was going to make sure that whatever bravery and resourcefulness she had was going to see her through - Erik was not good for her, and whatever she might have felt for him - pity, love, sympathy, whatever - was a liability.

Resolving to free herself and her brother, Jessie worked twice as hard so that she could have a chance at a normal life. She wasn't going to rely on the authorities, knowing them to be lazy at times, and who often turned a blind eye to Rocket's activities. Instead, she took longer shifts at the bar to scrape together as much as she could. She learned some card games from Christian, a handsome rogue a couple of years older than her and a frequent customer at the bar she worked at, and she used these newfound skills as well as her talent for pool to hustle and gamble in order to earn some more money, hopefully enough for her to be independent and for her to send Alastair away to Unova, having gotten in touch with her mother's younger sister, who lived there. Doing so wasn't easy, as she had to keep her activities away from Erik's knowledge, which was not always simple, especially when she began to enjoy said things, appreciating the freedom they gave her, and the way said activities allowed her to be her daring, confident self. It was also at this time that she decided she had enough of being dependent on Rocket and resolved to get a Pokemon of her own. Said Pokemon came in the form of Raoul, a very small Houndour whom seventeen-year-old Jessie won from her first game. She was immediately taken by his strong, determined personality despite his small size and was immediately reminded of her own shortcomings - how can something so small be so strong and could look after himself, while she, tall and imposing, could not even take care of her own problems?

It took a year of working twelve-hour shifts, and dealing with Erik's demands against her better nature and lingering feelings, hustling and underground Pokemon battles with Raoul before she earned enough to buy herself a motorcycle - to assert her independence and bring in another source of income in the form of motorcycle racing, and it took another year before she gathered a good amount of money for Alastair, enough to send him to Unova and for him to take up more art lessons to nurture his talent for painting, hoping that he would indeed become the artist he aspired to be. It wasn't easy, however, as Erik was Erik, but she persisted. Anything was better than staying under his thumb. One evening, when she was nineteen, she took Alastair out with Erik's permission, under the guise of it being a simple trip to the department store. That was a lie, of course, as she took him to Olivine City, having purchased a ship ticket for him that will take him to Castelia City, and parted ways with him. She then decided to return to Goldenrod to take care of unfinished business. It was going to be her last night in the city, she decided, and she was going to deal with Erik on her own. It was opening night for his latest production, and she was expected to show up. She wasn't going to show up and indulge him, however. She dropped by his mansion and when he greeted her and asked where Alastair was, she bashed his head with a steel bat, hitting him repeatedly until he was unconscious. She then left him to bleed out, hoping that the blood loss would kill him. Resolving never to look back, she left Goldenrod and headed for Kanto before anyone from Rocket could notice her disappearance and before anyone can arrest her, her heart aching as she did, though she did not know how much of it she could attribute to Alastair's departure. She then fled from there to Kalos, certain that Rocket would not find her worth their time.

Jessie never became an upstanding model trainer. Her record, reputation and lack of Pokemon school credentials meant that no Professor was going to readily hand her a license. Thus, she turned to a local Kalosian crime ring to get herself a forged trainer license. She needed no Professor's approval when she already had Pokemon to begin with anyway. Her trainer career is one that's controversial at best, and littered with a lot of crime and illegalities at worst. Nobody could argue that she was powerful, but she gained a lot of detractors thanks to her dodgy Lumiose biker gang ties, authority issues and her irreverent, rough-around-the-edges personality. She earned her badges fair and square, despite her unorthodox journey and lifestyle, but her reputation ensured that she was pretty much scorned by a large number of important, powerful Kalosian trainers and figures. This did not deter her of course, and only made her more determined to fight her way and mess with expectations along the way.

Inevitably, a number of her spats were known to the Kalosian public, but none of them was more notorious than her very public dissing of the Elite, Malva.



Species: Houndoom
Name: Raoul
Gender: Male
Appearance: Raoul is very small for a Houndoom, barely scraping 2'00" in height. He wears a black leather cuff with sharp, silver spikes around one of his legs.
Personality: Raoul, despite his small size, is far from the "adorably cute" Pokemon one might presume him to be. Rather, he has a somewhat standoffish demeanor towards strangers that might intimidate some - a trait he picked up from his experiences around Team Rocket, in order to protect himself. While he isn't the most affectionate Pokemon (except towards Jessie - he's very openly caring around her), his dark appearance belies a certain strength, bravery, and a heart that's in the right place. He has a certain tendency to know what's bothering someone he cares for and tries to understand the best he could. Like Jessie, his methods aren't the best, and he can be a bit too aggressive when getting his point across, but his intentions are far from evil and is well-meaning most of the time. In battle, he is unyielding and difficult to intimidate - he never gives up and actually revels in being able to face off against much larger Pokemon. He has a naughtier, playful side though, and is not opposed to playing around and pulling pranks (more likely around Jessie), as long as he's comfortable around whoever's watching. He knows he's a runt, and has a Napoleon complex, hating it when anyone brings up his size (except for his owner) and prides in the fact that his demeanor is pretty much opposite to what's expected from someone so small…to the point that he gets embarrassed about his more playful side at times.
History: Jessie obtained Raoul from a card game in one of Goldenrod's seedier areas, his previous owner commenting that a girl, even one who looked as tough as she did, needed a Pokemon of her own. Small but strong, he assured, and Jessie fell in love with him at first sight.


Species: Hydreigon
Name: Nevermore
Gender: Male
Appearance: Nevermore is a Shiny Hydreigon with a few prominent but healed scars on his body, a remnant of his time as a particularly clumsy Zweilous. He has a curious tendency to look rather roughed-up, no matter how much anyone tries to groom him. Aside from these things, he looks like just about any other Hydreigon at a glance.
Personality: Nevermore is outgoing, playful and easily excited. He is very physically affectionate towards others. However, he also doesn't know his own strength outside of battle, often hurting people and biting them hard when he just intends to nuzzle them (he was once a very clumsy Zweilous, and though he mostly outgrew it, he's still quite a goof). His upbeat attitude doesn't mean that he doesn't battle well, however...in fact, he's ferocious, and thus, not to be underestimated...his personality does a complete 180. It only takes very little to provoke Nevermore to fight, in fact, though he's also one to let go of things easily after a battle and resumes his usual cheerful nature. Just like he loves people, he enjoys physical affection as well, and often knows just the way to get Jessie to show her sweeter side...whenever they're alone, that is.
History: Jessie caught Nevermore as a rogue Zweilous when accompanying a fellow criminal to Kalos' Victory Road in order to collect their winnings from a particularly fussy and demanding trainer who somehow couldn't pay upfront. While they were settling things in half-darkness of one of the caves, a Pokemon suddenly attacked Raoul, and a violent tangle ensued. When Jessie came back from the dealing, it was only then that she witnessed the brawl between the laughing, clumsy and blind two-headed dragon and the small but furious hellhound. It was one of the rare sights that made her truly laugh, and she ended up catching the Zweilous. Nevermore only evolved very recently.
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@Vern: Accepted!

@Skillfulness: Reserves noted (eee Raikou <3)

@*Jean Grey*: Reserve noted.

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Dennis is pending! This is a bit long, but there's really only one issue at the core. I'm just elaborating to make it easier for you to fix.

There are quite a few references to Dee in his Sign Up, and to a degree that's perfectly fine. I see you two have instances where you both have nodbacks to each other, such as with the height and knife fight and so on, and that's ok. But in addition to those there are quite a few instances where it's not needed, and just repeats information already available in Dee's sign up.

References like Deandra not being able to stand his 'basic' look and it fueling him, or her dragging him along to escapades and it making him more daring are cool, since they give new information (and it relates to Dennis and how he feels about it). But we already know Dee likes to raise Pokémon and raise hell, likes the punk scene and plays the guitar. We also know her non-PC sense of humour.

It happens somewhat in the appearance section, but it doesn't interfere with the information there as much. However, what I'd like you to do is to flesh out the personality section. Remove the bits that are explicitly about Dee and already in her SU, and add some traits that aren't related to her. His relationship with her is important and you can definitely keep the mention of his loyalty to her and his jealousy of her and so on, just add some more of only him. Apart from things related to Dee, all we know now is that his loyalty isn't easy to get, he's rude to people he doesn't like, dismisses people's problems and has misogynistic views. Those are all pretty negative traits too - surely there's some good traits to him as well? After all, he was taken in by an unrelated couple, and he worked in a daycare that definitely needs some degree of people skills; the customers probably would not keep coming back if they were put off by him.

Also, this is a minor thing, but Latios isn't actually a flying type, he's Dragon & Psychic (he just has levitate as an ability). He can still have the flight ability, just remove the mention of that typing.

I've started the first post of the rp, but the thread will likely be up sometime tomorrow (Edit: or Tuesday) after all. Sorry for the delay.
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IT IS COMPLETED. Two sign ups for two characters I was looking forward to using but wasn't able to get very far with. Hopefully this time I'll get a chance to explore and develop them. Let me know what needs to be fixed, thanks!

: Mew
Gender: Female
  • Teleport: With a moment of concentration, Mew can teleport to a distance she can see within 100 feet. She can be pulled out of the teleport if hit or otherwise distracted. The ability also has a cool down period based on the distance traveled; it takes a full five minutes to teleport again after going the full 100 feet. This is in a radial direction so she cannot teleport to the roof of a building 100 feet away, but only to the base of the building. Tearing apart space to instantly change position does still have rules. (based on; lore, move - teleport)

  • Psywave: In order to use this ability, Mew needs to be in a calm state of mind. Once sufficiently calmed, she can target one enemy and blast them with psychic energy. If their state of mind is weak, distracted, or anxious, the attack will dish out intense damage. If the target is calm, enraged, or otherwise wrapped up in an intense emotion, the ability won't have as strong an effect. (based on; move - psywave)

  • Transform: This ability takes energy and concentration. By focusing on a species of Pokemon, Mew can temporarily transform into it. She learns one, common move to the species and using it requires even more energy on her part. If she loses focus or is too tired, she won't be able to hold the transformation and will change back to her human self. The other thing she can do with this ability is make herself invisible which requires less of her energy. She cannot use any other abilities while transformed or invisible and sometimes she misses the mark and transforms into a Pokemon different from the one she was concentrating on. (based on; lore, move - transform)

  • Energy Orb: A sphere of psychic energy manifests itself around Mew. It can act as a temporary shield, able to take a few heavy attacks before bursting, or it can be siphoned off to create an energy projectile, also spherical. The more passionate and determined they are, the stronger the blast is, though the shield will always remain the same. After 3 blasts, the shield will disappear and leave Mew drained, proportional to how powerful their attack was. (based on; lore, move - aura sphere)
Personality: Mew has a bright and happy outlook on just about everything. She is cheerful to everyone she meets. Her curiosity is second to none and even in the face of danger she will pursue something if it interests her enough. She's a bit of a trickster as well and enjoys teasing or playing pranks on those she's grown close to. When someone is down she'll do her best to cheer then up, but she can be kind of dense and won't notice if her attempts to bring joy aren't working well.

While she appears innocent to those she meets for the first time, behind the playful exterior is a serious side. She has a deep sense of responsibility for every Pokemon and feels it's her duty to protect and stand up for her species. She would sacrifice herself to save any one Pokemon and fights with an intense fury. Her sense of righteousness is her strongest quality, though it sometimes makes her blind to dangers so she's had to be clever enough to get out of scraps when she has to. Often she jumps back into battle in order to help those struggling even if she's on her last leg. Fortunately she's never had to push to her absolute limit.

Name: Cheri Malara “Cam” (but is known by many other names)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Occupation: Freelance Pokemon trainer


Cam stands in at just under six feet tall with a good bit of muscle. She is very toned, has a mostly pear shaped body with larger muscled thighs, and a slim abdomen. Her skin is a darker olive tone and smooth, but riddled with scars along her arms, legs, and back (most from training too hard). The most prominent scar is just below her left eye, a horizontal slash, and it gives her a lot of attention. To hide it, she keeps her dark brown hair at a length just above her shoulders with straight across bangs; it’s long enough to put up but is usually down. She has gentle, bright blue eyes set in a square face with thin eyebrows, thin lips, and a crooked nose. She walks confidently with her large strides and always looks alert. In conversations, she often crosses her arms when thinking deeply about something and shifts her weight from leg to leg if she is feeling nervous. Her other nervous habit is tucking her hair, which she will quickly untuck when she realizes it, then go back to tuck it again.

While she dresses very plainly, layers is the name of Cams fashion game. She often wears plain colored athletic tops and black, tan, or grey sporty shorts. Since she travels so much though, she has a collection of jackets, hoodies, sweaters, and sweatpants in her bulky backpack. She usually hangs onto her tops and shorts, but will frequently donate and buy new jackets before she leaves for a new place. Her footwear is a pair of light hiking boots in black. From all her walking, she needs to replace shoes frequently and always has a spare pair of sneakers in her backpack.

As Mew, she honestly doesn't look that much different. She enjoys mimicking Cams mannerisms and fooling people by saying something out of the ordinary. Her eyes take on a slightly lighter hue. As herself, Mew looks a lot more relaxed in stance and much more expressive. Sometimes when Mew is in control, she likes to completely change her outfit just to mess with her when Cam is back in control. Sometimes it's small things like a flower in her hair or putting her jacket on backwards, but other times she's fully decked out in a formal dress or a fluffy coat that caught Mews eye.

In her large, black backpack she has spare clothes and a few accessories along with all her traveling supplies. There are two pairs of tan gloves, an insulated leather pair and a lighter pair of work gloves. Smaller pockets hold various ponytails and hair clips for when she needs her hair tied back, usually only when she needs to work or works up a sweat. She also has a thick scarf and wool socks for snowy adventures. The only accessory she consistently wears is a pale blue aquamarine necklace on a golden chain, a gift from her parents when she was young.

Personality: Cam is most easily described as a free spirit with a side of realism. She has a strong wanderlust, combined with paranoia from her past, that causes her to almost constantly travel. She absolutely loves new experiences and genuinely enjoys hearing from others about their hobbies and travels. This leads her to ask people lots of impersonal questions, she understands the desire for privacy. She also despises being in the spotlight and does what she can to take attention away from herself except on a few occasions. Though she is curious about other people, she is also very careful and slow to trust.

Cam is a leader at heart. She is quick to think through possibilities, always catches the small details others miss, and will not hesitate to run to action. Her few times in the spotlight are when she leads, whether it be for a team sport, an emergency, or important project. Working quickly was able to keep her alive in childhood and it has continued to be an asset as she spends time training around the world. She pushes her allies to do their best by being an example. If she can help do the tough work and show her allies they can succeed too she feels she has done a good job. Sometimes she pushes herself too hard and doesn’t care much about her personal well being, leading to injury and scars. If someone lets her down, she is capable of picking herself back up and moving on without them. She also does her best to earn the trust of others and doesn’t expect anyone to blindly follow her lead.

While she looks put together on the outside, she has deep flaws that can flare up. One is that she has little patience for many things. She does her best to let things go, but eventually her annoyance builds up into anger and she can explode at something small. Not wanting to hurt people (emotionally or physically), she will storm off and refuse to talk until she’s calmed down, which can take some time. Some things that add to this build up are people acting childish, irresponsible, or dangerously without regard to others. There are also things that bother her without her realizing. She has nightmares of being chased and will wake up nearly once a week from the anxiety they induce.

There is nothing Cam loves more than traveling. Because of this, she does not get attached to people quickly. Unless they’re willing to join her around the world, most people come in and out of her life before she can strike up a strong bond with them. Often she feels lonely, but ignores the feeling and doesn’t realize her craving for being with other people. It’s not difficult to get along with her, but it is difficult to keep up with her when she wants to get moving again. It's also difficult to get past the walls she has put up to protect herself. She doesn’t stop for long and will leave new friends behind for more adventures. Her Pokemon team has slowly been helping her learn to feel safe around others again. They've taught her that not everyone is dangerous and she doesn't always have to worry.

History: Cam grew up in Blackthorn City of Johto. She had three older siblings and a troubled past. Her father worked for and underground Pokemon smuggling ring without the family knowing and her eldest brother joined when he was old enough. Her next eldest brother learned of their father’s profession and ran away, ashamed of his family. Her mother practiced worship of an ancient Pokemon they believed protected their family, but the religion turned cult and demanded their members kill their two youngest children or face ire from the ancient Pokemon. When her mother refused, the cult came after their family.

While father, brother, and mother defended Cam and her sister from the zealous followers, they ran, but still they were caught. One cultist cut Cam across her face as she struggled, giving her a scar, and another slashed her sister’s throat. Cam was able to slip away with her life, but it was the last time she saw her family. At ten years old, she wandered across Johto and Kanto; she trusted no one and begged or scavenged for food until she found Viridian City. An overly kind family took her in despite her distrust. They never asked about her past and did everything they could to help her.

One thing that helped Cam recover was training at the Viridian Gym. She never wanted to be weak again so she strengthened her body and hoped to one day own a Pokemon she could train alongside. Three years later, Cam bid farewell to the kind family and found passage to Sinnoh. Mt. Coronet was her destination as it was secluded and seemed a good place to train herself further. She started allowing herself to trust people again, but still worried of the cultists from her past and always gave fake names to those she met. The desire to travel was strong, and she rationalized that it kept her safe, so next she visited Alola. She spent lots of time on the beaches and in the gardens, appreciating the tropical environment, but the concept of guardian deities unsettled her. At fifteen, she decided to return to Johto.

Taking her time through the region, she eventually made it back to Blackthorn City. She swept through quickly, not recognizing anyone in town after five years, her family gone probably since that day. Most of her time there was spent at the Dragon’s Den training. The leader Claire saw potential in her and suggested she try joining the gym or becoming a Pokemon Ranger. At first Cam agreed and she tried starting school to get either into the gym or ranger program. Unfortunately, she was not meant to formally join the Pokemon training community as she struggled to pass her classes. Besides, the itch to travel was strong again so she packed her bags and left for Hoenn after a few years of basic education.

Since then, she has been in Hoenn and enjoyed exploring the region. She appreciated the variety in geography and Pokemon species, but she was tired from traveling so much and feeling anxious about her past. She settled in Lavaridge Town, the natural saunas easing her mental and physical pains. Still, she doesn’t expect to stay forever and will probably be leaving soon for a new adventure. As she has always done, she and her Pokemon team pick up odd jobs to make enough money to get by. With her minimal education, she still knows more than the average trainer about maximizing a Pokemons potential and other useful information so she also offers lessons for a small fee as she travels. It's exactly the kind of life that suits her.

One day while training with a student, she felt a strange presence. Thinking a wild Pokemon was nearby, she sent one of hers to make sure they were safe, but a moment later a voice giggled in her head. It apologized in advance, but Cam was still not prepared when Mew took over her body. She quickly commanded her Pokemon to end the battle and said to the other trainer “Sorry to cut things off, but something urgent just came up. Gotta go byyyyeeeee!” Everything was dark for a moment before the scene completely changed before her and she was in a totally different area of Hoenn. Cam was in control again and the two had a heated conversation about what was going on. She did not appreciate being controlled and though she didn't mind traveling again, their relationship was off to a rocky start.


Name: Sear
Species: Arcanine
Gender: Female


Personality: Sear is a fiercely loyal partner to Cam. She has a sassy personality and loves cuddles. She is a bit more grounded than Cam and keeps her trainer from going too far. As the leader, she enjoys helping her teammates reach their full potential and when not training, she fawns over them to make sure they’re doing alright.

History: Sear was a Growlithe Cam found shortly after she fled from home. She shared some of the food she scavenged with the Pokemon and they became strong companions. Since then, Sear has been the team leader and something of a mother to her teammates after evolving.

Name: Sol
Species: Absol
Gender: Female

Appearance: Sol has a large, three clawed scar along her right side and scars left from a bite across her neck. No fur grows in those spots so Cam leaves it long to cover over it.

Personality: Sol is a bit of a moody, lone wolf. She quite prefers her alone time, but is ok spending time with her team, especially if they are training. Still, she acts as a stoic guardian when things get serious and has sworn to protect her new family no matter what.

History: Cam found the Absol bleeding to death and alone near Fortree City. Her pack was attacked by Mightyena and as far as Sol knew, she was the only that survived. At first devastated, Cam offered her a spot on their team and Sol reluctantly agreed. Eventually, the motley crew grew on her and she was getting stronger each day, so she was content with this new family she had found.

Name: Sir Ros
Species: Ampharos
Gender: Male


Personality: Sir Ros is aggressive and competitive. Before, he led a dangerous lifestyle, but he's matured with age and now he's learned to channel his emotions for the proper time. To fill that void, he learned how to be a gentleman and treat others right. When the time to battle comes though, he will let loose and not back down.

History: Sir Ros was gifted to Cam as a Flaaffy. He didn't get along with the other Pokemon at the daycare she volunteered for at one point in her travels. He was always trying to pick fights and so Cam saw a challenge in training him. Sure enough, he was happier battling with them and has been a key player on the team ever since evolving.

Name: Nanners
Species: Tropius
Gender: Male

Appearance: Cam purchased a pair of black goggles for him when they need to fly. Sometimes he wears them around his neck or on his forehead, otherwise it’s stowed in Cams backpack.

Personality: Nanners has a relaxed outlook on life. He doesn’t stress out about anything and is lazy as he is allowed to be. He respects his trainer and the teams hard work, but his personal motto includes doing as look work as needed and enjoying the simple things in life. He loves eating fruit and basking in the sun which he will do for most hours of the day. As far as anyone knows, there is no way to make him upset.

History: Nanners was relaxing at the outskirts of Fortree City when Cam came across him. She saw his wings and thought he could make a good addition to the team. After a short battle he was caught and, despite being fairly lazy, he meshes well with the rest of the team.

Name: Peanut
Species: Pachirisu
Gender: Female

Appearance: Peanut wears a different colored ribbon every day. She has a collection of favorites, but sometimes Cam buys her new ones or she acquires them on her own.

Personality: Peanut is a troublemaker and the joker of the team. She likes to poke fun at her teammates and has sticky fingers. No matter how much they’ve tried to keep her from stealing, Peanut won’t stop. She’s incredibly stubborn, but will always listen to her trainers orders; she can just find ways around the rules sometimes much to Cams dismay.

History: Peanut belonged to a hiker at Mt. Coronet that Cam battled against. He was impressed by her skills and asked to trade for a Pokemon. At the time, Cam had a Pikachu that hadn’t bonded well with the team so she traded one electric mouse for another. While she was a strong personality, the team took to her quickly and she quickly won them all over.


Name: Raikou
Gender: Male
  • Storm Summon: With a moment of concentration, this ability allows Raikou to bring forth a thunderstorm. It takes a minute or two to arrive, but one it does it will begin to rain and thunder. Under the storm, summoned or natural, he will feel invigorated and can fight for longer, his stamina getting a bit of a boost. (based on; lore, move - rain dance)
  • Striking Bolt: If there is a storm above him, Raikou can summon bolts of lightning where he desires, on the field or right on an enemies head. There is less than a second delay between sending a command and a powerful strike of lightning landing. It does require time for the clouds to charge up again before he can send another bolt. (based on; move - thunder)
  • Thunder Roar: Again, this ability involves storing energy. By storing it in his chest, Raikou can let out a roar and expel an electrical shockwave in a cone roughly 30 feet in front of him. He can be interrupted or redirected at the moment the he decides to release the energy. It causes tremors in the ground and small sparks to jump across the ground that can damage or paralyze enemies. (based on; lore, move - thunder wave)
  • Lightning Charge: This ability allows Raikou to have incredible speed. While in motion, he can take a moment to charge his body and send it through his muscles to go roughly twice as fast as usual. The more charge he holds, the longer it lasts, but the greater toll it ends up taking on his body. He can also tackle an opponent to discharge his electricity onto them, causing more damage the more he has stored up. His charge can be interrupted by a strong attack. (based on; lore, move - wild charge)
Personality: Raikou harbors a deep sense of guilt regarding the events that lead to the burning of Brass Tower. He will forever be grateful to Ho-oh and holds his brothers close in his heart because of it. He feels burdened over what he could have done and despises those with power or ability that sit idle. As much as he is passionate about protecting Pokemon in need, he will also become aggressive towards enemies as they abuse their power to hurt others rather than help. He can be consumed with rage and accidently hurt those around him, adding to guilt he feels. Someday he hopes to find a way to redeem himself for his shortcomings.

In order to cope with his darker feelings, he uses humor. Raikou is incredibly sassy and sarcastic. With his dry humor, he has actually taken a liking to human culture and enjoys the dark humor of Walters generation, though he won't easily trust individual humans besides Walter. He also carries himself with confidence in an almost cocky manner. He can't afford to second-guess anything after what happened at the Brass Tower.

Raikou is close to his brothers Entei and Suicune. He acts the least serious of the trio and teases his brothers constantly, really knowing how to get under their skin. Deep down he really cares about their wellbeing and will be there to listen if either of them has a problem. He looks up to Ho-oh and hopes to one day live up to all he sees in the legendary bird.

Name: Walter Digorno
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Occupation: Mid Management



Walter is a few inches under six feet, about average for his age. He has fair, light skin with freckles peppered across his face. While many would expect his diet to include lots of pizza, he generally avoids it and eats healthy; he isn’t overweight, but is a bit of a weakling. His structure is close to that of a twig and he gets injured easily. His light brown eyes hide behind a mess of golden blonde hair. He adds a bit of product to his poofy, curly hair to keep it up and looking fresh. While he doesn’t obsess, he does like to try and look his best. He also wears a pair of black and blue rimmed glasses nearly all the time. Some of his usual quirks is he avoids eye contact almost all the time. He will look anywhere else to avoid meeting someone elses gaze. He will play with his glasses or bracelet when anxious which is often.

Needing to keep up appearances for his family name, Walter likes to try and stay fashionable. He usually wears whatever he finds at the front of popular clothing stores, as long as it’s comfortable enough. He likes blues to match his glasses and likes to wear jeans with just about everything. His style is a bit hipster; flannels, gunshow tanks, and coats or cardigans. The other side of his closet is full of business suits and fancy vests for business meetings or parties with his family. While he dislikes the events, he somewhat enjoys the nice clothes and does his best to stay classy. Again, he enjoys blues that compliment his glasses, though generally he wears contacts for meetings and simply wears blue out of habit.

As Raikou, his demeanor is drastically different. He stands tall with a confident gait and will cheerfully greet people he passes instead of avoiding them. His hair gets a spikier look to it and gets lighter in shade. His canine teeth get a tad sharper and his eyes take on a red hue. He will be annoyed if Walter was wearing glasses when he took over, but there isn’t much he can do about that. Fashion is something he deems trivial and won’t care about what he wears, but he’s already ruined a few good shirts and pants while being rough.

Personality: Walter is a gentle and quiet individual. His upbringing has had a subtle effect on his behaviour, but it eventually had a big impact on his identity. When it comes to big events, he sits in the back and lets others lead. He generally will follow and do what he is told, becoming almost terrified if he is asked to take a responsible role. It isn’t that he is afraid of performing in front of others, but he has deep fears of letting others down. He’s usually stuck in indecision, afraid of making the wrong choice.

From his rich family life, he was expected to be a huge successful prodigy, but didn’t have many outstanding talents. He is average all the way around so he was neglected in his childhood. He genuinely desires to have deep connections with others, but is terrified of letting them down just like he let down his parents. This causes him to keep a distance from people upon first meetings and being extremely careful about what he says and how he says it. He tries to stay neutral in conversations to avoid hurting anyone or make it look like he’s taking sides.

Another result of his life in a mansion was being sheltered from the outside world. He misses out on a lot of inappropriate jokes and doesn’t know about the darker parts of life. He didn’t go out much due to his fears and so doesn’t always know how the world works. Since things were taken care of for him, he would always let things happen around him instead of taking an active role.

On a positive note, his one talent is music. He loves to listen and play despite his family's annoyance. It brings him comfort and is his biggest passion, knowing how to play the piano and cello. It is one of the few things he can be decisive about. He dislikes his inherited purpose, but doesn’t feel like music is his calling either. He fears he may never find meaning in life and be stuck with a job he is dispassionate about. Still, he is stubborn and will never give up trying to find something to fill the holes in his life.

History: Walter was born to the Digorno family, owners of a popular pizza chain restaurant. As a child, everything was given to him and he had a comfy lifestyle. He and his older brother were taken care of by maids and butlers while his parents ran the pizza empire, funding their lavish lifestyle. Growing up he abused the wealth and ease in his life, demanding the most expensive toys and foods, but as he got older it got tiring.

Also as he grew older, he was expected to start learning about business. His brother was a few years his senior and was showing a huge aptitude for his studies. When Walter started however, he had no interest in sales numbers or management. Eventually his parents stopped trying to tutor him and sent him to public school after middle school. He hated it. He never fit in to any social group and he tried to please everyone which only made other suspicious of his ulterior motives when he just really wanted to have friends. Lonely, he would go home to his family’s mansion and play with the Pokemon there after school.

Instead of business Walter learned to love music. One of the servants around the mansion was playing one day when he overheard. He begged them to teach him to play as well so lessons were arranged. His parents didn’t care for music, but they figured if he was good enough it would give them something to be proud of in him. Walter simply loved the emotion he could express in the notes coming from a piano, and later the cello, as he quickly progressed. His Pokemon would sometimes hum along with songs as he played.

After he finished school, he was offered a lower position on the management team at his parents company. He took the job without thinking and because it was expected if him. His business knowledge is minimal, but he's good for doing paperwork. While at times stressful, he takes a silent pride in being able to help his family's business, even if he isn't as successful as his older brother. After work he's content to practice music into the evening.

During a meeting on one fateful day, a loud voice echoed in his head. Started, Walter let out a cry and quietly excused himself, too stressed to realize the voice was still talking to him. Fine then, I'll take the reigns for a moment. Walter found he could no longer control his own body as a booming voice exclaimed it's excitement at being in control. Walter was panicking, but couldn't figure out anything to do before he ran off back to his home.

“We need to pick up your Pokemon and prepare for the journey ahead. I won't take no for an answer!” And Walter tried to protest, saying he had a job and couldn't just leave without warning, but Raikou kept control and laughed that Walter would care about his job when the safety of the world was at stake. He gave in quickly and quietly began freaking out about what was going to happen to him with this legendary Pokemon sharing control of his body.


Name: Natalie
Species: Purrloin
Gender: Female

Appearance: Natalie has a few scarves Walter bought for hey to play with or keep her warm. One day she'll be wearing a beautiful silk blue scarf and the next it'll be torn to shreds.

Personality: Natalie has a tendency to lie. She's a fairly convincing actress (but Walter sees through it every time) and she will manipulate people and Pokemon to get the things she wants. What does she want? Shiny things. She collects only the shiniest and most colorful things and guards them jealously. When not doing that, she loves to spend time with Walter just lounging around and listening to his music.

History: Natalie was a Pokemon passed down from Walters mother. After only having her a few weeks, she was annoyed at how her jewelery kept disappearing and found out Natalie was the culprit. She was given to Walter because the two got along and his parents were planning on getting a Pokemon for him on his birthday anyway.

Name: Piper
Species: Natu
Gender: Male


Personality: Piper is incredibly similar to his trainer. Here is meek, shy, and generally stays out of trouble. Natalie likes to try getting him in trouble, but he's smart and can usually turn things back on her. He loves Walter and will do anything to make him happy, often singing with him while he plays music. He never leaves his side and would be completely lost without him or Natalie.

History: Piper was the Pokemon Walter got for his birthday the year he finished high school. It was both a gift and a bit of a bribe for Walter to work with his parents company. They didn't want him running off and ruining the family name so Piper was a gift to encourage him to stay.
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