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Sacrilege [R]



(n) violation of what is regarded as sacred.
sign ups [full]

You did not sleep well last night.

From the very moment sleep seeped into your tired mind, you found yourself thrust into a nightmare - one so realistic that it made you question all you knew of reality. You felt a cold wind rattle your bones, and the feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach was so intense it made you nauseous.

Then you realized where you were.

You floated somewhere high above the ground like a ghost, unable to move a muscle. Below, you saw familiar scenery; the seven regions, each struggling with a disaster, just like you'd seen in the news as of late.

Kanto and Johto, ravaged by erratic weather; sunny one moment, blinded by a blizzard the next.

Hoenn, drowning in a ceaseless downpour, its coastal towns swallowed by an ever-expanding ocean.

Sinnoh, dotted by areas where time has stopped its flow and cities where every breath was a deja vu.

Unova, with an outbreak of wild Pokémon attacks towards humans, driving a wedge between the two species.

Kalos, where some species of flora have ceased to exist and some have continued to grow beyond old forest limits.

Alola, the land of perpetual night where the sun has not risen in weeks.​

You tried to reach your hand forth, but your body still would not let you. The storms grew bigger, the oceans roared, and everything that wasn't pelted by hail or thunder was ablaze with war. You tried to scream for the aid of your legendary companion, but they did not heed you. No one came to your aid.

You saw the world end in such vivid detail that you swore you could taste the smoke.

Everything disappeared as if wiped away from a grand canvas, one stroke at a time. Then, once nothing but darkness remained, you heard a voice.

"It's not too late."

It was a deep, hauntingly dark voice, one that shook you to your core. But it was all you had left, so you listened.

"This can be stopped."

Could it? You hesitated. The image of a world torn apart hadn't yet left you. You wondered if it ever would.

"If you aren't too craven to fight, join me. Go. To--"

You can only barely hear the name of your destination before morning pries you awake. You look around, still half-dazed from what you just experienced. All around you, you can see colours, smell scents and hear noises. Despite the chaos outside, the world is still here.

But for how long?

Maybe it's not you that decides to fight; it might very well be your legendary that forces you into it once you tell them of the dream you had. Whichever the case, when you step outside, you do so with purpose.

Now... what was that place you were supposed to go to again?

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Current Goal: Get to one of the locations listed below, depending on what's closest to you. Don't worry, whichever you go to only effects your initial interactions, if any. We'll be split into two groups right after, so it's also ok if you're the only one there. The regions are in a bit of a mess as you could read above, so feel free to face some trouble on the way. Just don't attract Team Rocket's attention!

The Cerulean Cave, Kanto
The Burnt Tower, Johto
The Ancient Tomb, Hoenn
The Spear Pillar, Sinnoh
The Abundant Shrine, Unova
The Terminus Cave, Kalos
The Ruins of Hope, Alola

If you have any questions, especially about the current state of the regions, feel free to ask in the Discord!
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Kenny Corvèga & Victini's best friends forever Race
Kenny's abode -> convinient timeskip to the Abundant Shrine - Unova

Well that was terrifying, to put it mildly. Kenyn had awoken with a strange "Eep", likely the remnants of him screaming in his sleep again. One would think his mother would come in if she heard him, but Kenny remembered she was working late again. Kenny looked around, having thrown a worn teddybear across the room, hitting the light switch with surprising strength and accuracy. Everything was as it was supposed to be, nothing was out of place, nobody was dying, no worlds were ending. He looked at the clock but was too disoriented to actually register what time it was. He stepped out of bed, finally calming his breath down to normal. He would have to change the sheets though, considering how drenched in sweat both himself and the bed was right now.

Getting out of bed, he took a quick shower to collect his thoughts. He had had nightmares before, but this was some next level content. Most of the nightmare was a blur, flashes of grousome imagery. However, somehow the only thing Kenny remembered was the name of a single location. "The abundant shrine" he said lowly to the mirror. "Aaah i know that place it's not far let'sgooooo" a voice echoed from somewhere. Kenny immediately tensed up. No, no he would not let Victini abuse him in order to get there quickly. "No" Kenny said in a strict tone, though his voice was a bit shaky from the mental image of himself running down the streets at inhuman speed in nothing but his pajamas. "No we take the taxi" he then said, having somehow already decided he would go to this place in the middle of the night. Wait, was he actually going to do this? Normally the thought of leaving home in the middle of the night like this on nothing but a dream a very clichè'd movie-trope, but something about the dream made it seem right, somehow.

Making sure to pack the essentials, Kenny got dressed and headed towards the door. He had written a note for his mother in case she would worry, though he doubted he would be gone too long. Of course, if the world was actually ending he might have to give his mother a call to clarify why he hadn't been home for a few days. Struck with the sudden realization and sensation that this would be the last time his life was remotely normal for a very long time, he hesitated a bit before exiting, heading towards where the taxi he had called previously stood parked. "I could have gotten us there in a jiffy.." Victinis voice said, sounding a bit disappointed. As true as that was, Kenny didn't want to become literal dead weight upon arriving. He had gotten very toned from the
unwanted workout sessions that was demonic posession. His body would still hurt like he was thrown down a rocky slope, but he was almost used to it now, and though he knew he could take it, the mental process was a bit different. Victini never did anything halfway, and even a stroll to the fridge and back upstairs turned into some sort of freaky marathon experience. Not to mention the parkour...

~~~ The Abundant Shrine ~~~

The sun had gotten up as the.. duo? arrived at their destination. The quaint fields surrounding the modest temple were glistening in the gentle breeze flowing through them. Hard to believe that the world was gonna end soon. From what he had seen in the nightmare, the area should be overflowing with agressive Pokemon, though he hadn't seen much besides a trio of shy Chimecho's and a feisty Stantler. From Kenny's point of view, just knowing that pokemon would start acting up made him ultra aware. He had heard of instances where pokemon acted uncharacteristically towards humans, which made him more alert. Did that Chimecho just give him the stink eye? did Stantler plot something? What's the deal with that sleeping Cottonee? I bet it's plotting something..... Taking deep breaths, Kenny walked over to the shrine. It was an old shrine, dedicated to the legendary pokemon governing the bountiful harvests. With the recent realization regarding the Legends, Kenny wondered if he would ever be able to meet the fabled Landorus. "Oh i know him, he's such a partypooper!" Victini chimed in, confirming Kenny's thoughts. "He would always glare at you oddly." he continued. Kenny could almost feel Victinis shrugging as he said that. "Well regardless of that what should we do now that we're here do you think anyone else will come yaaaaay". Victini had a valid point. Kenny had always suspected that there would be others. What would they be like? Would they be all scary and serious? Deep breaths, deep breaths.

"Chime?" a gentle voice said next to Kenny, making him jump out of the way in surprise while letting out a yelp. A Chimecho looked at him worried before floating away. Kenny got up and straightened his hoodie before walking over to the shrine. He knew from the news that Pokemon in Sinnoh were acting more aggressive lately, and it wouldnt surprise him if the wind chime pokemon had some evil evil plans for him. The shrine was old and worn, decorated by a bell standing in front of it, where people would often make a wish. Kenny walked over to it and pulled the rope, ringing the bell. He clapped his hands together twice and closed his eyes. He felt the gentle breeze carry the now faint echoes of the bell as he made his wish.
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Why not both?
Jack Donovan & Hoopa
Jack’s Home, Lumiose City -> Terminus Cave

When Jack woke up, the world was not ending. The sights and sounds of the apocalypse, which had been so real, seemed to fade into a faint memory the instant he woke, like any other dream. Rubbing his eyes, he let out a long, muffled string of profanities, directed at nothing and nobody in particular. Everything was sore — his hands, his back, even his brain seemed to groan when he moved. Grimacing, he slowly pushed himself upright and got out of bed, face stuck in a expression that’s half-scowl, half-grimace. “For Arceus’s sake,” He yawned, “Can you sleep at a normal hour?”

No. Hoopa’s reply was infuriatingly smug.

“Perhaps,” Jack sighed, “We should renegotiate our rights over my body.”

But I see you slept well.

"I had a nightmare."

Oh, you poor child.

"It was a god damn apocalypse out there. Thunder, lightning, the works. Like everything that's been on the news lately, but worse. You have some explaining to do."

Apocalypse? For a moment, Hoopa sounded almost worried. Did they tell you a place?

"Terminus cave."


"So what's going on?"

There was no reply.


Jack shook his head and got dressed, slipping into his customary shirt and pants, not bothering to look into the mirror. He didn’t have business today — oddly enough. No accusatory interviews to deal with, no apologies to make. A rarity. He couldn’t help but smile at the thought of spending a day ‘off’. After all, he hadn’t gone into this career to talk to reporters and journalists who liked to pretend they were upholding justice and unmasking the hidden evils of the world when really they were just being a damned, self-righteous nuisance. Maybe I’ll go and get a coffee, and then work on that dice trick...

Aren’t you forgetting something, Jacky?

“No. I am choosing to ignore it.”

No reply. Jack shook his head again and left his bedroom, squinting at the sunlight streaming through the windows of his apartment. The table was already set for breakfast (cereal, as always), and Cordelia, his Gardevoir, was seated on one of the two seats, psychically dropping corn flakes into her mouth. Nodding good morning at each other, the two ate their fairly unimpressive breakfast in silence. When they were done, Cordelia levitated the plates to the sink, and started washing them.

So, what are your plans?

“Coffee, then rest.” Jack replied, “What’s with all the concern?"

Today is an important day. Hoopa replied, once again seeming like it was revelling in acting so mysterious. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be breaking our little… contract.

Befor Jack could do anything, he found that his body was no longer under his own control. He’d learnt to resist Hoopa’s influence over the two months they’d spent together, but he had just woken up, and wasn’t in the best frame of mind. Grimacing mentally, he watched as Hoopa casually yanked his shirt off and tossed it through a portal, then reached through that same portal to grab a t-shirt, and it's customary jacket, which it had bought at it’s own discretion.

We’re going on a trip… Hoopa sang as it began to walk out the door, In our favourite rocket ship…

You’re going to Terminus, I assume? Jack asked, his disembodied voice echoing inside his own head.

“Yep.” Hoopa replied, speaking out loud this time, “And you have no choice in the matter.”

So it really is serious, huh. He sighed, mentally shaking his head and closing his eyes, I guess we've got no choice.

“Indeed. Now shut up, you’re making me lose my concentration.”

You could have just told me I needed to go there.

"Where's the fun in that? The look on your face was golden."


"What now, Jacky?" Hoopa asked, a little mockingly, "Getting cold feet?”

No. But it might be a good idea to bring Cordelia.

~~~Terminus Cave~~~

Jack did not like Terminus cave.

It was dark, and far too quiet. The typical chirping of Noibats and Zubats and who knows what is strangely... absent. Perhaps it could just be that t
he assortment of different Repels Hoopa had ‘borrowed’ from a traveller earlier were working abnormally well... but given the news of sudden species suddenly declining in number, it was pretty ominous. The image of Kalos, overgrown with vegetation and seeping with the smell of rot and decay, flashed through his mind.

Jack shivered a little at the thought, and Cordelia, sensing his agitation, seemed to shiver a little too, causing the Will-o-Wisps she was using to light up their way to flicker.

Hoopa, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying himself, floating Jack’s body aimlessly through the dark caves and whistling some rather sinister-sounding tunes that certainly did not make the atmosphere any more pleasant.

We can make portals. Why not just drop through the floor or something?

“Relax, Jacky.” Hoopa replied, in that typical holier-than-thou tone, “The journey is the reward.”

Perhaps. But at least stop walking in circles.

As if to spite him — no, definitely to spite him Hoopa lowered himself to the ground and walked around in three agonisingly large, painfully slow circles before floating back up and continuing forwards. Out of the corner of his eye, Jack could see Cordelia shake her head.

Eventually, after what felt like an eternity, they arrive at the bottom of the cave. It’s a rather nondescript cavern, to be honest — no glowing pools of green ichor or anything, just a little altar of sorts of sorts. Hoopa guided his body forward and sat it down on the ground, allowing some of the dampness to soak into his trousers before abruptly returning control back to Jack, who unbalanced himself and toppled backwards, barely catching himself in time.

Sit, Jacky. The others should show up soon.

“So there are others."

Hoopa didn't reply. Letting out a sigh, Jack stretched a little, then leant back on the wall, and waited.
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I'm baby?
Staff member
Deandra Grey
D&D Daycare, Early Morning
Route 117, Hoenn Region

Deandra jerked awake, gasping for breath as she clutched her chest. She couldn’t help but think back to her dream, Hoenn being swept up in a horrible torrential downpour, the coastal towns slowly sinking into the abyss below. She thought of her hometown, the images that flashed through her mind of the water destroying everything that they had left behind. She sighed, pulling on her leather jacket, it was going to be another long day. She dragged herself to the front window, Reznor would usually bask in the sunlight that crept through, enjoying the heat that it gave off. However, the sun had not crept through the clouds in quite some time. As she pulled back the curtain, she saw the rain splattering against the glass, still coming down with an almighty force that shook her to her core. All this rain was driving away business, and without business, her and Dennis would never stay afloat.

Deandra put her hand to her mouth, biting her nails as she paced up and down in the small daycare. Aeron glanced at her from his basket on the front counter as she went back and forth, back and forth, mouth in hand as her nails were being chewed down to the skin. She never handled financial stress well, and as much as Aeron loved his mate, Toyah, he had to admit that her trainer was a little useless when it came to putting Deandra’s worries at bay. Speaking of Toyah and her master, he wondered if they were still sleeping. With a cat-like motion, Aeron leapt from his bed, wandering to the upper floor, where Dennis had made his bedroom.

“Meow.” He murmured, batting Dennis’ face with his paws. Attempting to wake up his master’s brother and somehow persuade him to go cheer up his own master… although he doubted that he would really be of that much help.

Deandra, meanwhile, stared at herself in the mirror watching as her eyes slowly shifted to the familiar golden hue and a voice that wasn’t quite her own came flooding out of her mouth.

“Teehee! What are you so worried about? Rain helps the flowers bloom!” Latias’ shrill, high voice came blaring from her own mouth. “You know stress causes premature wrinkles, right?”

“Ugh, shut up!” Deandra exclaimed, regaining control of herself again. “This is serious!” Deandra took a deep breath as she looked at herself in the mirror again, seeing her own lip quiver before the shrill voice returned again.

“No need to shout…” Latias replied, meekly. “What’s serious..?” She asked, a little less coy towards Deandra. Deandra sighed, looking down into the sink.

“I had a dream, in that dream I saw the end. And…” Deandra winced, she wasn’t usually one to admit things like this. “And… I’m afraid.” She took a deep breath, turning on the tap and flinging some water onto her pale face. “I heard a voice, it told me to go to The Ancient Tomb.” Deandra’s own eyes suddenly grew wide as Latias took over once again.

“The Ancient Tomb? Oh my! That’s quite a trek…” Latias lifted Deandra’s hand to her mouth in a thinking pose and looked down. “We’ll need to make sure that my brother is also ready for the trip! It’s a bad idea to do anything alone!” Latias smiled an ernest smile as Dee slowly regained control and gave a deep sigh.

Deandra gave a deep sigh. She knew Latias was right, but she would never let her know that.

"You know I can hear your thoughts... right?" She asked, a slight giggle to her voice.

Deandra scowled into the mirror, "We're done talking." She turned around, ensuring that she could no longer see herself and took a deep breath before shouting: “Dennis! Get your fat ass out of bed! We need to get going!”
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Liam Anwell and Xerneas
Liam's family home, Laverre City, Kalos > Terminus Cave

Liam jerked awake, and shouted "Oh my god!" He immediately got out of bed and changed out of his pink pajamas, and into his normal pink outfit. He had just awoken from an awful dream that foretold the end of the world. This must have been why he was now sharing his body with Xerneas.

The Fairy type Legendary was quick to notice his host's sudden sense of urgency. "What are you so anxious about?" His voice asked in Liam's head.

"I had a dream..." Liam responded out loud while packing up his belongings into a pink backpack. "We have to go now! To Terminus Cave. I think something serious is about to happen." At this point, Liam was running around the room multitasking. Preparing a bowl of cereal (lucky charms) and then brushing his teeth. Cereal tasted absolutely horrible when you had the taste of minty toothpaste in your mouth.

"Terminus Cave? Why, that's the home of my colleague, Zygarde. I wonder what's happened to him. Judging by the state of the region right now, he might have been compromised..."

Liam took a deep breath. "I don't know... But whatever's going on, we're gonna stop it, and save the world. And then everything is gonna be ok! You'll see." Liam said with a big grin on his face. Even during a potential crisis situation, Liam still kept a smile on his face. It was something Xerneas liked about Liam, but at other times also found annoying.

Once Liam had all things together, he left his house, and set off on his journey towards the cave.

Terminus Cave

The trek to Terminus Cave was not an entirely dificult one. Kalos' situation was not nearly as bad as what other regions were going through. It was only an overgrowth of plants, which compared to strange weather, or glitches in time didn't seem quite so bad by comparison. Still though, based on what he saw in his dreams, it could potentially get a lot worse. Liam shuddered, he tried not to think about that.

He traveled around with Boo and Swirly in tow. Xerneas likes to travel with an entourage of Fairy type Pokemon, but having six Pokemon running around freely seemed impractical... So, they made a compromise that they would have two Pokemon out at a time.

When Liam arrived at the cave, Liam allowed Xerneas to take control. His eyes now glowing blue with little Xs reflected in them. The young man didn't care for trekking through caves. It was one of the tedious parts of being a trainer. Unless there were Fairy types to be found, or the cave was really pretty, he avoided them whenever possible. Fortunately, this time around he had a legendary Pokemon to take over and do all the boring stuff he didn't want to do! This arrangement was mutually beneficial! The place was eerily dark, and quiet. Most caves often had the sound of Zubats chirping, but this one had nothing but silence. It was strange, but neither Xerneas nor Liam thought about it too much. The normally shy Mimikyu sitting on his shoulder was actually happy in this cave. He really liked the dark, he had to admit. Meanwhile, the Slurpuff at his feet happily bounced along as if nothing was wrong.

Xerneas lit the way by lighting his hands with pink fairy energy. As though he were about to fire a Moonblast. Eventually, they found their way to the bottom of the cave. It was much easier than it normally would have been, considering they weren't running into Zubats who kept confusing their Pokemon every five seconds...

When they got there, the one thilorng of note in the cave was a white haired man sitting there. Waiting for something. "Is he like one of us?" Liam wondered. What other reason could anyone possibly have to be sitting in the deepest part of a cave? Not unless he had the same dream.

"Perhaps..." Xerneas walked up to the man, and stuck out Liam's hand to offer a handshake. "Greetings. I am Xerneas." Xerneas' deep voice came out of Liam's mouth. The voice did not match the body at all. "I presume you are in a similar situation as us, yes?"

Before the man could accept the handshake, Liam's eyes went back to their normal violet color. He was back in control. "Oh my gosh, hi!" Liam threw his arms around the man's shoulders and hugged him. "My name is Liam! Has anyone ever told you you're really handsome?" Liam avoided saying anything about the bags under the guy's eyes, as that would be mean. Besides, that could be fixed.

If Xerneas had eyes right now, he would be rolling them. 'Ugh, must you do this?'

Liam ignored Xerneas' contempt, and instead fixated on the man's Gardevoir. "Neat, you have a Gardevoir! I love fairies! I'm a Fairy type specialist. I have a Kirlia back at the Gym." He gave the Psychic/Fairy a pat on the head.

And then Xerneas regained control again. He too was interested in the Gardevoir. "Yes, your Gardevoir is a beautiful example of her species..."

Meanwhile, Boo the Mimikyu hid behind his trainer. The presence of strangers made him nervous. While Swirly the Slurpuff decided to extend his tongue, and lick the white haired man's face for some reason. "Slurpuff! Slurpuff!" Then he jumped up and down excitedly.
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Internet Overlord
Kay & Shaymin
Kit (Skitty - M), Nocturne (A. Meowth - M), & Blaze (Litten - F)
Sinnoh (Apartment > Town > The Spear Pillar/Mt. Coronet)

Kay and Rosie's Apartment:

Kay awoke with a start, panting and in a cold sweat. She took stock. She was in her room, It was dimly lit, but morning light was starting to peek through the blinds. At least it wasn't dark 24/7 here, she'd heard on the news that that was what was happening in Alola. Of course she had to wonder if that was really worse then the time pockets they were getting here in Sinnoh. She threw the rest of the blankets off herself and turned to put her feet on the ground. She knew the other consciousness inside her had awoken as well, even before it asked, “Kay? What's wrong?”

“I had a nightmare,” she admitted with a heavy sigh. She closed her eyes trying to remember properly, “I was looking down at the world. . . when it ended. Exploded almost. Someone, I don't think I saw them, told me, told me I could stop it, fight it. If I go. . .”

“Go where?” asked Shaymin innocently. Kay smiled slightly, damn he cute for a disembodied voice, cute in a child-like way. She finally stood, “The Spear Pillar. . . but that doesn't really make any sense, there's nothing there except some old ruins. . . I mean there's legends that the barrier between worlds is weak there, or some such nonsense, but that's just an urban legend.”

“If the barrier between worlds is weak there, there will probably be more time pockets there, won't there?” asked Shaymin. Kay sighed, she knew what he was getting at. If there was evidence that time was more messed-up around there, it might be evidence that the barriar were thinner there, which might be evidence there was something to her dream. She didn't bother making the bed, but turned to her nightstand and picked up her phone, unlocking it and opening the Time Trackr app. It was this new app that logged the status of all currently know pockets of strange time in the region. It wasn't perfect, it might answer his question.

The brightly colored map popped up and she scrolled around, eventually zooming in on Mt. Coronet. There were some pockets logged around it, but not really anymore then anywhere else. But considering how few people went out there nowadays, that might mean that there were even more pockets. Ugh. She tossed the phone onto the bed and moved over to her dresser, “Guess we're doing this. So, what should we wear today?”

“What about the flower shirt your mom sent you? I like that one, it's pretty,” replied Shamin. Kay scrunched up her face as she picked up the white rose patterned blouse, with tags still attached, that her mom had mailed to her as encouragement to do job interviews. It just looked so gaudy. She jammed it towards the back of the dresser, trying to come up with an excuse, “No, it's not really. . . I'd probably get it dirty out there.”

She slipped on a plain knit top and jeans, followed by her ladder glovelettes. She then picked up her backpack from beside the bedroom door and started stuffing supplies inside; an extra set of clothes, a flashlight, her toothbrush, a couple balls of yarn and knitting needles. She didn't know how long the trip would take, especially with avoiding the time pockets, or worse, ending up in one. So it was a good idea to be prepared encase she got stuck somewhere overnight.

She topped off the bag with three pokeballs. She'd been putting her pokemon in their balls at night ever since this time weirdness started, not that it would really help anything, but just made her feel better. Then grabbing her phone she went out to water the plants that needed it and grab a slice of toast with oran berry marmalade before leaving.


Kay kept her phone out, consulting the app constantly as she tried to navigate the streets. Hopefully the battery would last a while. She doubted there were any charging stations out at The Spear Pillar. It felt risky to take a bus or taxi, so her old bike would have to do, though it wasn't really a mountain bike, and it might be a little hard to ride once they got closer to the ruins. But for now, downtown it was pretty decent. Aside from the strange time pockets.

Taking a sharp left she passed Levins Street, which had been stuck in slow time for days now. She stopped her bike and stared for a moment at the almost paused children chasing a ball down the sidewalk. They'd barely moved since the last time she'd been by here. They looked happy, like they still didn't even realize what was going on yet, though the man walking behind them had gone wide eyed, and Kay knew, the fact the world was leaving them by was in the process of dawning on him.

She continued on, near Morris and suddenly at Newberg. Kay looked back. Shaymin asked what she was thinking, “What was that?”

“I think we time skipped,” realized Kay before biting her lip. She pulled out her phone to check the app. They were indeed in a purple patch that indicated time seemed to randomly skip here, she clicked the patch, reading the details, records indicated time could skip here for up to five minutes. It was only slightly concerning. Five minutes wasn't a long time, normally. But it was long enough to die. You could be in a fatal accident here and skip right through your own death. From that perspective, if you only had five minutes left to live, it was a lot of time to lose.

She shook off the dark thought. No need for that, she should just get the hell out of this time pocket. She put the phone away and started to pedal, hard. Another skip, but at least she'd apparently pedaled during that time. She was almost out now. . .

Mt. Coronet & The Spear Pillar:

Kay pressed forward. She'd been walking her bike for a while now as she approached the mountain on which the Spear Pillar was built. The app had only shown a few pockets here, but she suspected there were more, so she instructed Shaymin, “Pay attention, let me know if you notice anything unusual.”

“You mean like that?” he asked. Kay looked around wildly, like what? Then she spotted it. A couple of Staravia were frozen in the sky ahead of them. Kay stopped on the spot, confirming, “Yeah, like that. . .”

“We can use the leaves as guides, they're rustling from the wind on the right, but not on the left or in front of us,” suggested Shaymin. Kay nodded, heading right. She knew there was a cave entrance that lead up the mountain over there. But she wasn't sure what clues to look for once they got inside.

Reaching the entrance, she parked her bike and pulled out her flashlight. She clicked it on, peering inside. Light bounced off the smooth cave walls, shallow pools, and the eyes of a startled Cleffa as it ran away into the darkness. Well it looked like they were good through here at least. - And those adorable Cleffa would probably make for cute pair of socks, she should have brought her sketchbook. But she was more worried about necessities in the moment, which then made her wonder why she'd packed her latest project, it wasn't like she could knit and bike at the same time. Really, was there much point in knitting at all anymore when things were so ominous?

Several twist, turns, inside, outside, rock climbing, trudging through snow, alternate routes, retracing her steps, and secondary alternate routes later, Kay found herself exiting a tunnel right into the remains of the beige Spear Pillar. She turned about, looking at the crumbling columns. This place was probably amazing back in the day. Now though, it was an empty shell that only attracted tourists in the summer, when the world wasn't in the middle of falling apart. But how was her being here supposed to fight global calamity? She asked Shaymin, “Well, what do we do now?”

“I don't know,” admitted Shaymin. Kay sighed, sitting down on the stone floor to rest. She pulled out the bottle of water she'd bought just before leaving the city and took a few sips. She then stowed the bottle and pulled out her knitting supplies, “I guess we wait then.”


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Cam / Mew
Lavaridge Town -> Mauville City

Sooooo, you’re still sure it was just a normal nightmare? Mews voice echoed in her head. Cam shrugged. It was tricky concealing things from someone who was literally in her head, but if she ignored the details she could focus on her destination; the Ancient Tomb.

Yeah, Cam said. There’s just something I have to take care of in Fortree City if we’re going on this adventure you’re so convinced about.

Yes! Something is coming, I can’t tell what, but we have to remain vigilant! Cam could feel her enthusiasm radiating in her mind. It had taken a while to get used to sharing a mind and body, but things could be worse. It wasn’t entirely clear to Cam why she was chosen for this… pairing with Mew, or what was actually going on. Once that was clear, she might be able to trust the perky thing in her head. Her thoughts began to wander back to the nightmare she had last night and she hoped things wouldn’t get as bad as it appeared in her dream. She quickly stopped thinking about it and sent out her Tropius.

“Hey buddy, think we can get a little lift to Mauville?” Cam rubbed Nanners’ neck and the Pokemon lazily licked her face in return.

Hee hee, I like him a lot. Rolling her eyes, Cam hopped on his back and slid goggles over both their eyes. Flaring his wings out, he gave them a few pumps and they were off the ground.


They landed a short distance out from town. After returning Tropius, Mew giggled and took over. Hey! Why are you-

Oh don’t worry Cam, I just want to see the city for myself first. Besides, you’ve already been here before and we need lunch! And a new jacket! Cam suppressed her annoyance. There was no reason for her to feel rushed, but that dream had her worried, as much as she hated to admit it.

Fine, just don’t take too long or make a scene. Mew was already off towards the city, freeing Peanut the Pachirisu from her ball so the two could frolic together. In short, they visited five different food vendors, two clothing shops, and fortunately they avoided the Game Corner or Cam would have had a fit. Mew could sense Cam’s anxiety about not having left yet, but she pushed for one last thing.

Just five more minutes please? Peanut and I really really want some churros. That’s ok, right? It was hard to be irritated with Mew, and Peanut was nuzzling against her very convincingly, so she really couldn’t say no.

If you must, but we eat it on the way, Cam responded in surrender. Mew cheered joyfully and started running off to find the nearest place that sold churros. Hopefully they wouldn’t be much longer in Mauville. Cam wasn’t sure if there was any truth to her dreams, but it still gave her a sense of urgency she wasn’t about to ignore. As soon as they had their snack, they would be going straight to the Ancient Tomb.


Walter / Raikou
Goldenrod City -> Ecruteak

The Burnt Tower, it’s in Ecruteak Ci-

I KNOW, where it is Walter. Raikou let out a short breath. I’m just, not sure, why. There was a moment of mental silence. When Raikou didn’t respond again, Walter carefully went back to packing. He had gathered some things he deemed necessary if he were traveling to Ecruteak City. That was, if they were traveling at all. He could sense Raikou didn’t feel comfortable but was afraid to ask why. He continued packing with Natalie his Purrloin and Piper his Natu. Natalie was doing her best to get in the way while Piper squaked at her. Walter gave her the attention she was looking for and Piper got a pat on the head as well. It was the first time he was officially traveling by himself and he was glad these two would be by his side.

Another five minutes of silence passed and Walter had finished packing. Unsure of what to do next, he waited. After another five minutes had passed, he hesitantly reached out to Raikou. Hey, were we going to leave soon, or was there something… um, wrong?

No nothing’s wrong. Let’s just go, get this over with. Walter was put off by Raikou's unusual sharp tone, but quickly gathered his stuff and prepared to leave. He had all manner of clothing packed because Johto has been experiencing erratic weather. He had warm coats, umbrellas, boots, and he desperately hoped there wouldn’t be any tornadoes on the way from Goldenrod to Ecruteak.


Everything went as smooth as it could have. Walter only needed to switch from his heavy coat to a light jacket and his umbrella after the National Park. It was strange seeing the drastic change in weather in person. While it had been all over the news, Walter hadn’t ventured outside since it happened. He was able to work from home as some regional companies had things much worse, those in Sinnoh struggling the most with their random time pockets.

Walter stood at the border to Ecruteak. It looked calm within the town, if a little dead. Even if it was a light drizzle now, there was no telling if or when the weather would flip dramatically. Raikou remained uncharacteristically quiet for most of the trip. Normally Walter wouldn’t mind the break from his constant sarcasm, but it made him nervous. The dream was worrying enough, but now the legendary Pokemon that bonded to him wasn’t talking with him.

So, I guess we should just head towards the tower then, right?

I guess we should. Raikou remained sullen and Walter let out a breath. It seemed like he might be on his own for this. The Burnt Tower looked threatening from the other side of town. He remembered the dream and felt a moment of panic. There was no way he would be able to do anything against the horrible things happening around the world. He was just some guy working for his family's company. He had no experience in worldwide disasters. Why was he here? What was he supposed to be able to do?

Relax Walter, everything will be alright for us. Just trust me; I can take care of us if things start looking bad. Take us to the tower and we’ll figure it out from there. Raikou's voice was strong and reassuring. It surprised Walter how much it calmed him. Gripping Pipers ball, he let the little Natu out to sit on his shoulder.

“Alright Piper, we’re heading to the tower. Keep eyes out for anything suspicious and I’ll be ready to send Natalie out. Good?” The bird chirped and gave a little salute with his wing. Walter smiled and started walking through Ecruteak towards the Burnt Tower.


Morgan Mills & Mewtwo's Story of being not where he wants to be.
Cerulean City -> Cerulean Cave and also there is a Blizzard.

Well here they were. The grand city of Cerulean. A center of Kanto tourism, as well as being famous for its water sports and Water-Type Gym Leader who may or may not also be famous for being pure sugary eye-candy. Normally, the city would be bursting with all sort of life, from tourists holding maps and pointing at random directions, to locals trying to avoid the busier streets, doing their best to lead a normal life. Morgan had been in the city several times before he took over Silph Co. Some of his former friends lived here, after all. Tempted by the urge of calling some of them up and just derail from his epic quest, he shook his head. He was standing under a roofed portion by the city's northern exit. Above him would be the Nugget Bridge, notorious for its sickly golden color. He could barely see the golden wonder in the distance, as the sky was darkened by the presence of perhaps the worst blizzard Kanto had seen in very very long.

Despite the fact that children with strange icy demons could control the weather with little to no effort, this Blizzard was different than the occasional hailstorms Pokemon Battles would bring forth. Morgan had seen a vision of this in his dream. The same dream which prompted Mewtwo to hijack his body to travel there. The same dream which pretty much confirmed the fact that the world was about to end horribly. While Morgan had tried to push it all away and continue on in his life, that prooved difficult when Mewtwo easily could just Yeet him out of there, which he ended up doing, which in turn ended up with Morgan traveling to the rumored Cerulean Cave. What were they going to do once in the Cave, you may wonder? Well Morgan is curious too, as Mewtwo hadn't really spoken of what would come next.

"Do we really have to go into Cerulean Cave? Do you even know what we're looking for?", the echo of Morgans voice chimed in his head, asking the same question for maybe the millionth time. Mewtwo hadn't been very cooperative, and at this point Morgan just felt like a hostage. "We'll see when we get there." Mewtwo answered as if on cue, considering he had given the exact same answer quite a few times already. He was now sitting on a bench, looking unnecessarily strict as he was thinking of the next course of action. "It is logical to believe we will find some sort of answer within the cave" Mewtwo said, sounding so convincing that Morgan almost believed him. Almost. He was definitely holding something back, or not telling the entire story. From the time they'd spent together, Morgan hadn't experienced Mewtwo acting as shady as this before.

~~~ Cerulean Cave ~~~

After an admittedly uneventful and short journey to the city's outskirts, The dynamic duo found themselves standing outside the cave entrance to the fabled Cerulean Cave. The Cave was a famous spot for Pokemon Trainers wanting to further excel their battling skills. The blizzard was still raging on, but Morgan was wearing his beige coat and his dark blue scarf, so he didn't freeze or anything, even though Mewtwo would occasionally complain about the fragile human body and its limits regarding temperature. "I have experience with this Location. Back when i was free, i used to dwell within the depths of the cave, waiting." Mewtwo then said, breaking the silence. It was uncommon for Mewtwo to talk about his own life prior to their merging, but Morgan could sense the strong notion of nostalgia in his voice as he spoke. "This place made me feel safe. The thought that something bad might be going down inside angers me. ". "Well then, i guess we'd better get going then." Morgan sarcastically said, as if he had any choice in the matter. The duo entered the cave.

Almost immediately, he was taken by surprise by the caves darkness. It was obvious Mewtwo's eyesight was a lot better in his pokemon form, as Morgan himself had never been good at seeing in the dark. One could faintly hear the sounds of pokemon battles or the menacing quacks of nearby Psyducks, but besides that, the cave was silent. Almost soothing. faint glimmers of minerals and what looked like gemstones came from the walls and ceiling, though the cave was still very very dark. "Luckily I have something for this. Scoot over." Morgan said as he pushed his will against the mental wall separating the two. Mewtwo gave in without a word, and once again Morgan was in control over his own body. He took out Petal's Pokeball. "Petal, light this place up with Flash.", he commanded as he threw the pokeball.

"Pluuuume.." Petal said as he emerged, instantly beginning to emit a soft glow from the flower on his head. The cave slowly lit up, enabling Morgan to be able to see his surroundings. Petal's face was covered by his flower, eluding the light and adding a +10 to his Creepiness stat. "Well now that that's taken care of, let's go." Morgan said, gesturing for Petal to walk ahead in front of him, lighting the cave up as they proceeded. Petal silently nodded and began walking, humming some sort of tune as he walked. The wild pokemon left them alone. They did not want to be Petal's friend, which to be honest, wasn't all that bad. Saved Morgan the hassle of having to battle wild pokemon and trainers. While he walked, Mewtwo was giving him directions in his head. Shortcuts to evade the trainers, routes to avoid the large matriarch Rhyperior looking after her flock, and generally just a lot of avoiding things.

Eventually, morgan found himself at what seemed to be the end of the road. Mewtwo confirmed that they were, in fact, at the deepest part of the cave. It was a large room, and Morgan found himself on a small plateau overlooking a surprisingly large underground lake. There were some form of natural lighting here, so he gestured to Petal to stop Flashing. The place was quiet, and the ground beneath him revealed a very worn and uneven terrain. A lot of battles must have happened here in the past. "This is where i fled after escaping the ones who created me." Mewtwo then said, breaking the silence. He had a certain serrated edge to the way he said that, and Morgan sighed. Mewtwo naturally hated Team Rocket, and to an extent Morgan, due to association. Despite that however, the two had forged a relationship based on a sense of semi-mutual respect, with Morgan learning more about Mewtwo's philosophies on life and whatnot. It was an ego-trip, sure, but why not. "So.." Morgan said to change the subject. "We're here, now what?". Mewtwo didn't have an answer for him. "Pluuuume", Petal said, standing over a sleeping Psyduck, smiling down at it.

fango pango

You're My Man Of War
Dennis Grey
D&D Daycare, Morning
Route 117, Hoenn Region

Dennis bolted up, hearing his sister shout at him. "**** you, Dee," He replied, tiredly. He rolled over and checked the time, to see he was awoken a little later than he'd expected to be. "Maybe I got to sleep really late" He thought to himself, or so he assumed.

"Nope" Said Latios, in Dennis' head. "You were tossing and turning the whole night, so I went on a little stroll."

Dennis sighed. He did feel a little pain in his legs, but what frustrated him more was when he looked down, he saw the standard pineapple-endowed shirt Latios always insisted on putting him in.
"Can you not do this? Please?"

"Oh please, this is basically my trademark at this point" Dennis heard a mocking laugh in his head, before getting up, ending the conversation.

Dennis finally climbed out of bed, groggily putting his usual gear on, trying his hardest not to sleep. Opening his window, he saw what he'd seen for days now. Grey clouds, rain ruining his view, and the anxiety of his and Deandra's business not doing as well as they were hoping due to the weather conditions. Toyah came from behind him, jumping up onto the window ledge. Seeing the rain, she let out an exasperated "Meow." "I know" Dennis replied, giving her a quick scratch on the head.

A sudden shift in attitude, and the shift of his eye colour from his familiar green to a brighter pink hue followed soon after. Afterwards, his voice was not his. Latios had control.

"All this rain isn't good, is it?" Latios' slightly lower, still shrill voice came crashing out of Dennis' mouth. "Maybe it'll rain pineapples soon eh?"

Dennis had to restrain himself from punching his own face. "No!" Dennis shouted. "Besides, what I saw in my dreams was way worse than...that." Dennis tried, calming down for a moment, before.

"Alright alright calm down take it easy. Tell your best friend all about it" Latios replied, playfully, not understanding the severity of the dream.

"I had a dream that this region, this whole planet, was coming to an end. A huge cataclysm that couldn't be stopped." Dennis paused, taking a moment to collect his thoughts, before continuing, "I heard a voice calling me. Telling me to go to some Ancient Tomb." Near instantaneously, Dennis took a step backwards, his hands clasped around his mouth in shock. Latios had taken back control, his playful demeanour wearing off immediately.

"T-the Ancient Tomb? Well...that's quite a ways away." Aware that his sister, as well as Dennis' sister, were getting ready, Latios nodded. "Right. We have to leave as soon as possible. Bring your sister, it's dangerous to go alone."

Dennis sighed. He knew the severity of the situation, and he wanted to get ready as soon as possible, but there was a pressing issue that came above all else for him. Without it, he knew that his journey would be finished before it even began.
"Deandra, put some bread in the toaster for me, ya *****."

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Tim Wolfe and Kyurem
Saffron City, Pokemon Center > Cerulean City > Cerulean Cave

The first thing Tim did upon waking up was let out high pitched scream that had the potential to wake up everyone in the Pokemon Center. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Sweat was rolling down his face, and he was panting.

Rocky the Rockruff, sensing his trainer was in distress, jumped onto his trainers lap, and happily licked his face. "Ruff! Ruff!"

Tim calmed down slightly at the sight of precious puppy. "Hehe, ok ok. I'm fine now." He giggled as he gently stroked the Rockruff behind the ears. "Good doggie."

Apparently, Kyurem was a very sound sleeper. Even after all that screaming, Tim hadn't heard the dragon's voice in his head. Perfect. Tim lept out of bed. "Come on Rocky. We have to go. Before Mr. Grumpy Pants wakes up." He got dressed, in his clothes. Not those edgelord clothes Kyurem picked out. Although he did pack them, along with the rest of his belongings into his backpack. He had a quick breakfast, and he gave Rocky a treat.

Tim looked out the window to check the weather. It was a bright and sunny day. It was probably really hot outside. Kyurem really hated hot weather... Things were going well so far... Now he hoped it stayed that way long enough for them to get to where they needed to go. For the past few weeks, the weather had been acting strangely. It would be sunny one moment, then raining the next, then a blizzard after that. Kyurem had made them camp out at Mt. Silver for a while, but ever since these strange weather patterns, the two had been travelling around the Kanto region, staying in Pokemon Centers at night. Because even Kyurem didn't think it was a good idea to stay on Mt. Silver when a hurricane could happen at any time.

With a deep breath, Tim walked out of the Pokemon Center, and made his way towards Cerulean Cave. Rocky happily following along.


At some point on the journey, Tim became aware of an unpleasant voice in his head. 'Why is it so hot?! And where are we going?!'

Tim didn't answer, and just kept moving forward, towards the exit of Saffron City. With the sun blazing down, sweat was rolling down Tim's face.

'Child, you better answer me!'

"We're going somewhere..."

'You know that is not what I meant! Now answer me!' Under normal circumstances, Kyurem would have forcibly taken control of Tim's body by this point. But Kyurem couldn't stand the hot weather. That was what Tim was counting on.

"You'll find out when we get there..."

'RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR!' Kyurem roared in his head. It made Tim cringe, but he still kept moving foward in the blazing heat. There was nothing Kyurem could do right now, except go along for the ride. After all, he was just a voice in his head at this point.

Then they arrived in Cerulean City, and suddenly there was a blizzard. It was suddenly very cold, and ice and snow was blowing everywhere. Very different from the weather back in Saffron. "N-n-no..." Tim stammered.

"Ha!" Kyurem exclaimed as he forcibly took control of Tim's body. His skin turned paler, his hair became platinum blonde, and his eyes turned icy blue. "Much better. Now, I'll ask one more time. Where were you planning on going?"

At the sight of his trainer's sudden change, Rocky growled and barked.

"Be quiet dog." He then kicked the puppy Pokemon on his side. Knocking him down.

'Nooooo! Don't hurt him!' Tim cried.

"Answer the question then..."

'C-c-cerulean Cave... I had a dream... Telling us to go there." Tim reluctantly answered.

Kyurem scoffed. "Not so tough now are you? Shame... I was beginning to think you were going to grow a spine." With that, Kyurem marched towards the cave. "Finally, we have an answer. Now, if you would sit back and cooperate, I can be out of this pathetic human body."

Why don't you cooperate with me? Tim thought to himself. He really hated when Kyurem took over like this.

Rocky still followed along, even after having been kicked. All the while growling at the Ice Dragon.


Eventually, the "duo" finally arrived at the cave. The blizzard was still raging, but Kyurem was immune to the cold, despite the fact that Tim had chosen to wear shorts today. Once he entered the cave, Kyurem was caught off gaurd by the cave's darkness. "Curse these human eyes!" In his true form, he could see in the dark just fine, and had spent a long time in a cave. Fortunately, in the time he spent in the body of a human, he learned a way around it. He took out Tim's Pokegear, and used the screen as a flashlight to light the way.

Eventually, they made it to the end of the road. It was a large room, and they were standing on a small plateau overlooking an underground lake. There were some form of natural lighting here, so Kyurem put the Pokegear away. "We're here. Now what?"

'I-I-I don't know... The dream didn't say...' He then noticed a dark haired man in a beige coat nearby. Which was odd, because people usually didn't stand around in caves for no reason. 'There's a person over there... Maybe he knows something...'

"Wonderful. You talk to him." Kyurem said as he gave Tim back control over his body.

Rocky barked happily to see his trainer back in control. "Ruff ruff!"

Tim sighed. "Why me...?" He quietly approached the man, who had a Vileplume looking over a sleeping Psyduck for some reason. "Um... excuse me... sir? Um.. I-I-I'm sorry but... um... I-I-I..." He shuffled his feet nervously and didn’t make eye contact.

Kyurem quickly got annoyed by his human host's stuttering. 'You are never going to command any respect if you talk like that.' Kyurem took over once again. He stood up straight, and looked the man directly in the eye. "Listen, human. We have been summoned here for reasons unknown. Why have we been called here?" Kyurem demanded. His deep growling voice came out of Tim's mouth.

And you'll never command respect talking like that... Tim thought mockingly.

And once again, Rocky growled and barked at Kyurem.
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Lucia Marrero / Suicune
Ecruteak City

A sharp cry echoed around the small apartment as Lucia tore herself out of sleep and out of bed. She stood still for a moment, her breath coming in rapid, irregular gasps as she processed everything she just saw. The fire was still burned into her mind's eye, the scent of smoke was still in her airway, and tears streaked both sides of her face. She first pulled the string on her bedside lamp, which clicked but did not turn on, then went to her window and opened the blinds. The window barely provided any light either - it was clearly still early in the morning, but an instinctive glance at her clock didn't give her the exact answer to that question. The emergency generator pokemon only ran between certain hours of the day, and it was lights out by 9:00pm every night. At least it wasn't rainy or horrifically windy, though that could change in a matter of minutes.

"Hmm..." A low, irritated grumble echoed in Lucia's head, but she ignored it in favor of beginning to pack her belongings. "Why are you awake so early?"

"..." Lucia didn't respond at first. She wasn't sure she trusted herself to speak without completely breaking down. She gasped sharply as a soft munna threw herself into her arms, but paused a moment to hug her back. She knew Hana was trying to apologize. She also knew that the nightmare wasn't Hana's fault. "...I-I... I had a nightmare," Lucia admitted softly.

"Ah. Well, sorry to hear that," Suicune said, too dryly to be convincingly sympathetic. "I thought you couldn't get those."

"Munna, mun!"

"It was inedible, you say? That does sound... rather horrible."

Lucia bit her lip and went back to packing. "It was a message, like when you tried to contact me at first. I... saw the world ending... I..." She couldn't believe she was about to say this. "We can still do something - that's what the dream said. We have to go to the Burned Tower."

"The Burned Tower? You mean the Brass Tower?" Suicune's tone changed drastically. "Hm... that brings back unfortunate memories. Who was telling you this?"

Lucia could hear the voice repeating the message over and over in her head. "I'm sorry; I don't know."

"Perhaps Ho-oh?" Suicune said hopefully. "I hope my lord is safe and well, as well as my brothers. It is painful not to know their fates."

Lucia, now fully dressed in a cream tank top, berry skirt, and blue shoes, slung a pack over her shoulder. It wasn't even light out yet, but if she didn't leave now, she knew she'd end up overthinking the decision.

She ended up overthinking the decision anyway.

The wind howled erratically through the damaged wooden planks that somehow still held up the remnants of the structure. Lucia, perched on a large wood plank, had wrapped her arms around herself, still shivering from when a rogue gust of snow had blown through about fifteen minutes prior. They had been waiting for a while now, and Lucia couldn't answer exactly why. She knew they had come to the right place, but she had expected something to, well, happen once she got there. Another gust of wind tore at Lucia's already frizzy black hair, and she weakly put up her grey umbrella against it. She was cold, tired, and growing anxious of waiting. Even Suicune had grown bored of rambling. Hana had settled herself into her lap, bracing herself from the wind.

Then, to Lucia's great disbelief by this point, a young man with a mess of golden blonde hair began approaching them. Lucia stared at him, so shocked at seeing another person that she wasn't sure what to do. Should she say hi? Was he like her, and housed a legendary pokemon? Intimidated, she just kept staring - until, with a grand whoosh of wind and water, her eyes turned bright blue and Suicune stood up to approach the newcomers. "Ah, hello there, it's a pleasure to meet you, truly." Out of Lucia's body came a deep voice with a British accent, but Suicune didn't act like this was unusual whatsoever. "I presume we're here for the same reason?" Lucia listened intently, sincerely hoping his answer was yes. Otherwise this situation was going to get very weird, very fast.
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Michel Lefèbvre & Ho-Oh
Lumiose City

"How do I look?"

Michel tugged at the collar of his burgundy coat, admiring his reflection. Early morning sunshine poured into his room past open curtains, making his sunglasses seem a little less out of place. But only a little.

Somewhere deep within his mind, an equally deep voice scoffed in answer. 'Ridiculous, as usual.'

Unperturbed, Michel grinned. "Well, well, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today~"

'Under it, rather.'


Though Michel chuckled in response, his smile threatened to falter a little at the memory. Nightmares were not common for him - ones that drove him under the bed in his sleep even more so. And yet, less than an hour ago, that's exactly where he'd found himself, sweaty from terror, dusty from rolling on an unswept floor. He'd awoken with a jolt and unceremoniously smashed his face against the bottom of the bed's frame, which he had not expected to find an inch from his face. His forehead still throbbed, but his nose hadn't gone crooked and there were no signs of a developing black eye, so really, everything was fine.

That's what he'd been telling himself ever since.

Michel was not good with emotions, and the literal end of the world roused quite a few. His way to cope was to ignore every single one of them.

He held up two pairs of shoes; ones in stylish black, ones in down-to-earth chestnut. He tilted his head, brows peeking from behind his sunglasses. "Which ones do ya like?"

'The ones that get us moving faster.'

Michel shrugged, slipping on the brown pair. He figured they were better suited for a trek in a cave - since apparently, he wouldn't get a moment's peace from a certain grumpy bird until he went there. "Style's important."

'Saving the world more so.'

An image of Kalos overrun by vegetation, reduced half to ash by a wildfire, flashed before his eyes. Michel felt his chest tighten. He quickly laughed it off.

"You sure you're cool with this whole cave business though?" it was as smooth a subject change as any, "Thought you said we had to go to Johto?"

'That was before the dream,' Ho-Oh's voice stated simply, if a little defensively - like he was caught off guard by the sudden question. When he continued, he seemed guarded, weighing how much he should share. '... It was not a need, so much as... never mind.'

The bird fell silent, and Michel knew he wasn't about to continue. But it was too late; he was already curious. He picked Bisou up into his arms, allowing her to climb onto her usual spot on his shoulder.

"You really wanted to go to Johto, huh?" For a moment, Michel's tone sounded almost sympathetic; soft and quiet. It took Ho-Oh by surprise. He would never confide his worry over the beast trio's fate to a human - much less this one - yet he appreciated the solidarity. He was about to answer, too-- but then he saw the grin slowly spreading across Michel's lips, and knew to prepare for the worst.

Michel gave the air a suggestive nudge with his elbow. "Booty call~?"

His body was stolen from him with a violent yank, and before Michel could properly readjust to being just a voice in his own head, he saw the flames rising from his - from Ho-Oh's - palm. They were hungry flames, clawing at the air as if for a chance to devour something - and they were inching dangerously close to his favourite jacket.

"Ahhh, no!" Michel cried out as if someone had stabbed him in the gut, "Look, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, really, please, I'll apologize, just--- anything but that!"


Terminus Cave

Being a fire type had its perks, truly.

Offering means to threaten an uncooperative human host aside, Ho-Oh could not have imagined trying to trek through the Terminus Cave in darkness. He supposed humans had invented all manner of things to combat the darkness, but none of them sounded quite reliable enough to him. Electronic devices ran the risk of running out of battery and could be tampered with. No one could take away his flame.

Their bickering momentarily set aside, the two had not had much trouble during their trip so far. The vegetation had made it difficult to use proper roads, but Tianlong had needed nothing but wind under his wings. For once, Michel had not minded relinquishing control of his body to the legendary bird either. Not only because the Dragonite simply did not obey him, but because he wasn't exactly interested in walking through the cave in the first place. He was only here because Ho-Oh had not exactly given him a choice.

Though there was no clear signs of danger, the eerily quiet atmosphere did not make for a pleasant journey. A bright flame danced upon Ho-Oh's palm, illuminating their way - but also painting monsters on the walls. Shadows cast by stones and rubble flickered all around them as if alive, following their each and every step. There were no Zubat to break the silence, nor Geodude to animate the scenery. Everything was still as a grave.

Eventually, Michel could take it no longer. He had to speak up, even if only inside his head. 'Aw, jeez. You know things are bad when you start to miss Zub--'

"Sh." Ho-Oh warned curtly, finger raised. He had stopped, eyes now firmly fixed onto the darkness ahead.

Michel instinctively lowered his volume to a whisper, not that it made any matter for a disembodied voice. 'What? You hearin' voices or something? There's nothing th--'

But there was. Michel could hear it now, too; distant echoes, from somewhere further ahead. They weren't alone.

Though neither said a word, human and legendary alike agreed to proceed with caution.

They did not have to walk for long to find the source of the commotion. Just below them, illuminated by a Gardevoir's Will-O-Wisp, they saw two other humans. A white-haired man, well-dressed yet weary, and his complete opposite; a boyish looking male so pink he could've lighted up the entire cave had someone shone a light on him. Ho-Oh and Michel had arrived onto the scene just as the younger looking man stepped away from his counterpart - as if ending an embrace.

If Michel'd had eyebrows, he would have quirked one. Ooooh boy, were they interrupting some sort of a secret gay rendezvous here? The voice had kinda forgotten to mention that part.

Ho-Oh seemed much less phased. After a moment's deliberation he strode forward, eyes particularly fixed onto the pink man. He stopped to stand a little distance away, gaze never leaving him. "I see..." he stated simply, like a judge weighing the evidence presented. "How intriguing."

It would appear he was not the only survivor, after all.

Then, perhaps, those three were also---

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

It happened without warning.

One moment, the gathered legendaries and their hosts were waiting as instructed - some alone, some in pairs, some within a group. Then, the next they knew, the ground beneath their feet was no more. Gone was the grass, the gravel, the confining walls of a building or a cave. In their place was a vast space, framed by swirling colours and shapes, almost as if everything and nothing tried to exist at once. It was a disorientating place, but not entirely an unpleasant one; at least, if one did not stare at the shapes for too long.


To the humans, it was a familiar voice. Hauntingly dark, though less so than in their dream. Its source stood a couple of feet away, looking up at the gathered group with lifeless red eyes. The boy could not have been older than eight, though the damage done to him made him seem ageless; a ghost, alive only because something within would not let him be laid to rest. His face was dauntingly pale and shriveled, with dark circles framing his puffed eyes - eyes that were entirely crimson, sclera and iris and all. It looked as though he had not closed them in ages.

The boy - no, whomever controlled him - spread his arms.

"This is Palkia's realm," he explained, but nothing out of his mouth managed to sound soothing. "We are safe here, but only for a time. So keep your mouths shut, and listen."

"I am Darkrai. If you've found your way here, then you must be like me. I don't know if this is all of us, or which of my kin you lot are. But I do know that Arceus is gone."

He did not specify further, not whether he meant dead, or captured, or within a human host. Maybe he did not know. Either way, his voice held a distinct lack of sympathy at the news.

"You must have guessed it by now. These abnormal phenomena are created by our kind. I'm unaware whether they're acting under Team Rocket's command or have just gone berserk. I can't reach them even in their dreams. The only thing we have left is to stop them."

"How?" Ho-Oh interjected despite the request for the contrary. Though it was concern that prompted him to speak, none was audible in his voice; his question came out like a demand for an answer, loud in the silence that surrounded it.

Darkrai turned to him, eyes narrowing. "I don't know."

When he continued, he sounded clearly more irritated than prior. "I don't know if they can be reasoned with. I don't know if they can be freed from the ball that keeps them captive. I don't know if we must fight them. That's your job to figure out."

He gestured at everyone present with a small, disconcertingly skinny hand, then raised two fingers before anyone could interrupt him again. "We have two leads."

"One, there has been increased Team Rocket activity in the Ruins of Alph. That also seems to be the epicenter of a recent storm. You can likely find one of the captured legendaries - and their captor - there."

"Second, there have been sightings of powerful Pokémon leading the attacks on humans in Unova. Latest sightings have been in the forests near Anville Town. The railroad there is cut off, so the people are trapped. In other words, easy targets."

"It would be best not to move in a large group. It attracts attention. But none of you should move alone either. I've given you two leads, chase them as you will."
He made a dismissing gesture, so quick that it threatened to snap the bony wrist that supported it. There was urgency in his voice, but not really concern.

And then, the space the group occupied begun to distort. The shapes that made up the fabric of the world started to twist and twirl uncontrollably, as if about to collapse.

"We're out of time. Palkia will take you as close to your destinations as he can - but he can't join you. Not yet."

Colours faded one by one, and the space grew dark as the night. The last bit of light in the darkness came from Darkrai's glowing eyes, barely enough to illuminate his dry lips when they moved to form his send-off.

"I will meet you in your nightmares."

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Those sent for the Ruins of Alph task will find themselves waking up in the Slowpoke Well of Azalea Town. The inside is crowded with Slowpokes who sought shelter from the storm. Outside, there is a fierce thunderstorm and a downpour.

Goal: Get out of the well and find a way to get to the ruins. Try to find out what Team Rocket is doing there and what might cause the storm.

Hoopah & Jack Donovan
Xerneas & Liam Anwell
Mew & Cheri “Cam” Malara
Shaymin & Kay Asakura
Mewtwo & Morgan Mills
Ho-Oh & Michel Lefèbvre

Those sent for the Anville Town task will find themselves atop the Dragon Spiral tower. There is a view over the forest, but nothing seems amiss at a glance. However, the wild Pokémon inside the tower as well as within the forest are particularly aggressive and will attack on sight.

Goal: Make your way down the tower, and be careful of the Pokémon within. Try to find out who or what is leading the Pokémon attacks and how to stop them.

Kyurem & Timothy “Tim” Wolfe
Victini & Kenneth "Kenny" Corvèga
Suicune & Lucia Marrero
Raikou & Walter Digorno
Latias & Deandra "Dee" Grey
Latios & Dennis Grey
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Morgan Mills & Mewtwo
Cerulean Cave -> The welcoming, warm... Slowpoke Well?

Well this was nice. He had been standing in the cave for... who knows? maybe 4 minutes now? Time tended to run slower when the only thing breaking the silence is your own impatient breathing and the occasional snore from the nearby Psyduck. Petal had walked over to him and stood besides him, looking at him with curiosity. "We shall wait, Petal.", Mewtwo said. Morgan had handed control over to him, hoping he would have some sort of better understanding of what to do, though, alas, it didnt seem so. However, after another hot minute, a call broke the silence in the cavern, directed at Morgan. "Um... excuse me... sir? Um.. I-I-I'm sorry but... um... I-I-I..." a weak voice said from somewhere. Despite the now decently lit cavern, it took some moments for Morgan to notice the very unimpressive boy looking up at him. It looked like he had something to say though, but he kept quiet. Was he a pokemon trainer? Morgan had managed to stay clear of the other trainers in the cave thus far. Maybe he was here looking for the fabled legendary pokemon at the dephs of the cave?

In a weird twist of turns, the young man suddenly straightened his back and looked directly into Morgan.. er.. Mewtwo's eyes before speaking up. "Listen, human. We have been summoned here for reasons unknown. Why have we been called here?" he now said, in a much stricter tone. Also his hair turned blonde, it was really weird. However, Mewtwo and Morgan both immedeatly recognized this guy as being in the same predicament as they were. "Oh, we're not alone after all!", Morgan echoed with poorly covered enthusiasm. A Rockruff next to the boy suddenly started barking at him, indicating that the shy little piece of seaweed was, in fact, not the one speaking anymore.

"You will address me as Mewtwo, defender of the lesser, and pioneer of life, Or Sir. Morgan. Not "Human". Mewtwo said in a stern, strict tone, looking back down at him in an equally intimidating fashion. Nice one. Though the kid seemed ok enough, this other personality was very rude and lacked a practical approach. Was it Morgan in charge there, he would have reacted way differently and.. more poorly. Regardless, Mewtwo did not have the answers the other Legendary was looking for. Without introductions, there was no telling who was inhabiting this guy, and Mewtwo gave very few cares for it.

However, almost right after this, they were... not there anymore? Morgan suddenly felt the sensation that he was falling, and Mewtwo instinctivly used Telekinesis to dampen their fall and levitate in place, though.. it wasn't needed? The other kid was still in front of him, and Petal was slowly drifting away, looking happy as ever. Mewtwo quickly called Petal back into his Pokeball and tucked him away safely before starting to look around them. Around them was... nothing? There was something, but it was unlear, and colorful. It looked like most of the trippy backgrounds from the old movie, Heavy Metal. "W.. What was that, where are we?" Morgan echoed. "Your guess is as good as mine." Mewtwo said, with a hint of surprise in his voice.

Then someone greeted them. Wait, them? There were more people here now? casting quick glances around, Morgan confirmed that there was, in fact, several other people here in space with him. Others like him maybe?... "Considering the small guy from Cerulean Cave, we can be well to assume these are also Legendary Pokemon within human hosts". Mewtwo echoed. Morgan had gotten control back now, and spent it mostly on hovering in place, taking in his surroundings while fighting off the creeping sensation that he had gone clinically insane. The voice speaking was also familiar. He knew right away that it was the nightmare narrator from his dream the night before.

The voice belonged to Ohmygoshwhatisthat! The boy looked like a puppet whose strings were pulled by an unseen force and spoke with a dark, monotone voice. They were apparently in Palkia's realm. Morgan had heard of it, Team Rocket had planned on trying to capture it in a Sinnoh-related takeover, but he had never heard about wether the plan was set in motion or not. Regardless, the space was big, empty, colorful and.. wrong. Darkrai, which the zombie kid introduced himself as, continued on speaking of how many of the Legendaries had been captured and turned against their purposes by.. Team Rocket? Great.. Wonderful.. mewtwo sparked up and took control over Morgan yet again, paying extra close attention. This was personal now. Darkrai then gave two locations for Team Rocket opperations in different regions: Johto and Unova. While Morgan knew little of Team Rocket's affairs in Unova, he knew well of their Johto ones. He was conflicted though, he didn't want to go toe to toe with them. Even with an all powerful entity within him, they'd been like family for him. A slightly dysfunctional criminal one, but a family nontheless. "I understand your concern, butyou must put that aside and look at the bigger picture.", Mewtwo said in an uncharacteristically caring tone. Morgan knew Mewtwo hated Team Rocket with its entire being, but to manage to put it aside to reassure Morgan? Was he ok? ".. Now shut up and listen to Darkrai.". Oh ok.

Then, the screen faded to black. Literally. The world around him went dark, and all he could see were the dimly lit eyes of some of the legendaries. Darkrai then sent them on their merry way. Johto, eh? Morgan had been there before on several occasions, and while he didn't know all of the landscape, he was familiar with its cities. The screen was fading. Fading.. Fading...

~~~Slowpoke Well, Johto~~~

"... Poke?" said an unknown voice. Opening his eyes, Morgan needn't adjusting too much to the darkness around him, as he was still in a cave of sorts. "Sloooow..." Who was saying that? He was surrounded by a smaller group of all the people he had seen in trippy nightmare-space, but besides that.. OOPSIE! He fell flat on his stomach, having tripped over something. Looking up, his face came inches away from the dull, goofy gaping mouth of a Slowpoke. It was staring at him but also looking past him, somehow. He stood up but headbutted; A a Slowpoke. He tried to get up and had to shov off; Another Slowpoke. Hanging from the ceiling like some sort of bat; Three Slowpokes...? There were slowpokes everywhere. Were they in Johto now? They certainly weren't in Kansas anymore Barbara, that's for sure. Looking around, he was now made aware of the Slowpokes. They were literally piling up, decorating the cave walls and generally just.. Existing.

"Ugh.. What the.." Morgan started saying, but was quickly kicked in the gut back to the passenger seat in his own head.

"Greetings, my Psychic brothers. We are here on a quest to stop whatever natural disaster has forced you into hiding here, and save our legendary bretherens in the process. Might you tell us where we are?", Mewtwo spat out in a weirdly respectful stern tone.

"... Slooow?" one of the Slowpoke said.
"Uh-huh, uh-huh, the well, yes.".
"..... Pooooke".
"Well that cannot be good, neither for you or for the other pokemon".

What was going on. "Apparently, there is a thunderstorm outside beyond anything these Slowpokes has seen in their entire life, which scared them into hiding here. Slowpokes are intelligent creatures, and this reckless violation of their habitat has them in hiding for now.", Mewtwo echoed in Morgans head. Sounds reasonable, but where do we go from here? Morgan didn't really know how to proceed, and considering they hadn't met or formally introduced themselves to the others yet, except the timid guy, now would seem like a good time to do that. Fighting his way to the front seat, Morgan took control again. "Uhm.. Yes." he said to break the tense confused silence. "Assuming you all also understood what Darkrai said in the feverish dreamspace, My name is Morgan and I harbour the legendary pokemon, Mewtwo. Morgan was now made aware that a Slowpoke was hanging from his grasp, its stubby little front legs holding onto his crossed arms as its tail wagged slooowly. it seemed happy.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Tim Wolfe and Kyurem
Cerulean Cave > Palkia’s Realm > Dragonspiral Tower, Unova

"You will address me as Mewtwo, defender of the lesser, and pioneer of life, Or Sir. Morgan. Not "Human". The man responded. Kyurem simply scoffed. He was not impressed. The man didn’t even have an answer for them, which only served to annoy the icy dragon.

But before Kyurem had a chance to react, their environment unexpectedly changed. Suddenly, they felt the sensation of falling, even though they weren’t actually going anywhere. The man who was the host for Mewtwo was still in front of them. Rocky the Rockruff was still growling at Kyurem. The Dragon had enough of this, and returned the puppy Pokémon to his ball. The cave however was gone. In it’s place was a kaleidoscope of various colors and shapes. Tim found thought it was pretty, but Kyurem thought it was ridiculous. There were also various other people present. They must have been hosts to legendary Pokémon as well.

Then a voice that was familiar to Tim from the dream. KyuTim looked around to find the source, and saw that voice belonged to a small child that looked practically undead. The child’s glowing red eyes suggested the boy was not in control of his own actions. The zombie kid explained that they were in Palkia’s realm. He also introduced himself as Darkrai, which explained the nightmares... Still, Tim couldn’t help but be worried for that child. What was Darkrai doing to him?

Darkrai then explained that Arceus was gone, and that all the strange happenings were the result of other Legendary Pokémon, and that they may possibly have been captured by Team Rocket.

“Serves them right.” Kyurem mumbled. “If they allowed themselves to be captured by mere humans...”

‘Kyurem that’s mean...’ But Kyurem ignored Tim’s comment, and the meeting went on.

Darkrai went on to explain that Team Rocket activity has increased in Johto, and there were wild Pokémon attacks in Anville Town Unova. After that, Darkrai waved his hand, and suddenly the world around them went dark.


The next thing KyuTim became aware of, was that they were on top of a tower. They had a clear view of the forest from their vantage point, but at first nothing seemed to be amiss.

Kyurem ignored all the others present, and walked down the conveniently placed stairwell into the tower. Kyurem vaguely recognized where they were. It was Dragonspiral Tower. Kyurem’s fellow Unova Dragons, Reshiram and Zekrom, resided here. Could one of them be responsible for the wild Pokémon attacks? Whatever the case, Kyurem wasn’t concerned. If either of them were responsible, Kyurem would take them down, like any other opponent.

As he was making his way down, the “pair” encountered a stray Meinfoo. ‘Aw, how cute! It’s a Mienfoo!’ Tim cooed inside his own head.

Then the Fighting type screeched, and jumped up. Prepared to give a kick to the boy’s face.

Kyurem was prepared for it though, and fired an Ice Beam out of Tim’s hand. Freezing the Mienfoo in midair, and causing it to come crashing to the ground.

‘Noooo! Don’t hurt them!’ Tim cried. ‘They’re not attacking us on purpose!’

At this point, more Mienfoo came out. All of them prepared to fight.

“They’re hostile...” Kyurem answered. A smirk appeared on Tim’s face. "Finally! I've been craving a good battle all day."

The Mienfoo sprang into action, and Kyurem fired off freezing cold winds in various directions to slow down the fighting type Pokémon. Then, he let out a roar, and engaged in punching and kicking a few of them, much to Tim's disappointment.
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Cam / Mew
Mauville City -> Ancient Tomb -> Slowpoke Well

After the churro excursion, Mew gave control back over to Cam. The sugary treat was enjoyable she had to admit. It was enough that she decided to trust her legendary partner before they took the next step of their journey. Hopping once again on Nanners' back, she reached out to her legendary partner.

Ok Mew, I haven’t been completely honest.

I had gathered, she responded slyly, but I was going to wait until you were ready to share. Are you ready now? Cam was slightly caught off guard, but on second thought she should've expected this. Sharing a body and mind gave them an uncanny understanding of each other.

Yes I suppose. Can I trust you, Mew? She heard a giggle in her head.

You can, Cam. I might seem silly most of the time to you, but I was once a great legendary Pokemon that protected all that I could. She paused for a moment in remembering the past before continuing. Well what did you want to share then?

Right, the nightmare I had. There was a voice telling me that I could help save the world. There were all kinds of disasters going on and it was terrifying. So the voice told me to go to the Ancient Tomb here in Hoenn. I’m not sure what to expect, but if I have any chance of preventing some of the disasters we’ve started to see, I’m going. Mew was silent for a time again. It seem that she didn’t talk much when thinking which Cam appreciated. It meant she was taking things seriously even if it might’ve just been another normal nightmare.

Alright, I’m on board with you. Tell me everything you can remember so we’re on the same page then and we’ll try to figure this out together.


It didn’t take them long to reach the Ancient Tomb, though it did seem that the rain had picked up. They stepped inside the cavern, but weren’t sure what to do next. Cam began circling all the tall pillars of rock, looking for a clue or anything to go off of, but it was fruitless. Just when she was prepared to leave and explore the outside, everything changed.

They were no longer in the cave, but there was no way to really describe where they were currently. It was strange and hurt her head if Cam thought about it too much. A voice rang out in the space and she shivered. That’s the voice from the dream, she quickly explained to Mew. It came from a small, sick looking boy. It was disturbing.

She listened in silence as Darkrai explained the situation, their goal, and what they could potentially expect. Hearing Team Rocket mentioned filled her gut with unease. She remembered her dad’s time working with an underground organization and none of the memories were good ones. With a wave of his hand, the space around them began to shimmer and everything started to go black. Wait! I still have so many questions!


I told you there was something coming! Mew’s voice called out to her and Cam’s eyes started to readjust. It seemed that her and five others had been transported to a different cave. Based on the water and the numerous amounts of pink Slowpoke waddling around, if she had to hazard a guess, she would say they were in Slowpoke Well. Outside there was a rumble of thunder.

“Well, missed your mark a little there Palkia,” she mumbled. Cam quickly looked over the other people around her; one business looking man was speaking to the Slowpoke, one tired looking man with white hair, a red haired girl with lip piercings, a guy with dyed hair a sunglasses, and a shorter blonde guy wearing pink. She also took note of the rain coming down from a hole somewhere in the cave, hearing the constant drips.

"Uhm.. Yes," the man in the beige jacket spoke up. "Assuming you all also understood what Darkrai said in the feverish dreamspace, my name is Morgan and I harbour the legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo.” Mewtwo!? Before Cam could introduce herself Mew took the wheel, her eyes turning a slightly lighter shade of blue.

“I’m Mew!” she said aloud, tone full of excitement, “and I’m sharing a body with Cam but we’re really good friends now. See I knew something was going to happen and now we’re here and Mewtwo! You’re here too!” Cam quickly wrestled control back from Mew and huffed.

“Yeah, so, that’s Mew. I’m Cam. Nice to meet all of you.” She tried not to show she was embarrassed by waving and then turning away to start examining the cave. Mew settle down. I know this is…


Yes, but we need to focus. You know things are urgent now and we have a goal. And… well, if I’m honest, I don’t know if I trust Darkrai. Cam waited for a response, watching the group from a slight distance away as more people introduced themselves.

Alright, I’ll calm down. We can decide if Darkrai is trustworthy next time we see him, or the next time if it comes to that. So, what comes next? Cam nodded, content. It looked like the exit to the well was not far from where they were, but from this distance she couldn’t see any easy way to get out. She turned back towards the others.

“It looks like there might be an exit out of here a ways that way. I have a Tropius that can fly two of us out at a time, but I think we should discuss a plan before we go barging in on a potential Team Rocket hideout. Who has experience battling Pokemon and does anyone know anything about Team Rocket that could give us an upper hand?”


Walter / Raikou
Burnt Tower -> Dragonspiral Tower

There was a girl waiting at the tower, dark haired and with pink Pokemon in her lap. She stared at him and he was only able to stare back. Walter hadn’t expected anyone else to be here. Honestly, he was not sure what he had been expecting, but this was not it. They stood for a moment with cold wind blowing around them. With a dramatic gust of wind and water, her eyes changed color and Walter knew she was like him and Raikou.

"Ah, hello there, it's a pleasure to meet you, truly." The voice was deep and not at all what Walter expected, but Raikou had a different reaction. He swiftly took control and with it his hair became bright yellow and his eyes turned red. "I presume we're here for the same reason?"

“Yes,” Raikou’s voice faltered slightly. “Yes, I’m Raikou, and this is Walter.”

Before the girl could respond in her deep voice, everything around them changed. They were instead in a strange place that Walter couldn’t really make sense of. There were a few other people around him, one of them being the girl he just met, and Raikou kept his eyes locked on her. There was a boy standing before them with dark, tired eyes. When he spoke, Walter recognized the voice instantly and grew hopeful. This is the voice I heard in my dream. He might have more instructions for us. Raikou didn’t respond.

As Walter had hoped, Darkrai gave them some additional information and a few goals. He felt a little nervous as he only had Piper and Natalie with him and neither were great battlers. He would probably need to rely on Raikou if any battles came up, but he was acting strange since they met the girl. Darkrai finished his speech and everything went dark.


“Where- wait,” Raikou mumbled as they started to notice their new surroundings. It was a circular tower, crumbling in places. One of the boys who had been with them, with white blonde hair, immediately began descending the stairs at one end. At the other end they could see a vast expanse of forest through a window. Walter had no idea where they were.

The girl, is she here? Raikou asked with eyes darting. Before Walter could respond Raikou spotted her and dashed over.

“Please, tell me who you are. Are you with one of my brothers? I couldn’t be certain when we first saw you, but please, I have to know.” He grabbed her hand and bowed his head after speaking and waited. Walter felt a little uncomfortable, but was not about to try and take control back. This seemed important to Raikou and so he could wait. The prospect of possibly fighting a legendary Pokemon also terrified him. Any time they could waste in order to put off their eventual encounter was ok with him.


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Deandra Grey
D&D Daycare, Early Morning > Dragonspiral Tower, Midday
Route 117, Hoenn Region > Dragonspiral Tower, Unova Region

Finally, Deandra could hear movement from her brother’s room. She watched as Aeron made his way back downstairs, brushing against her in order to be returned to his Pokeball. Deandra gave him a quick pat on the head before returning him to his Premier Ball. Suddenly, Deandra grimaced as Dennis made his way downstairs, demanding she put bread in the toaster for him.

“Uh, there’s literally no time? If you wouldn’t have slept so long I would totally make us some toast but I really feel like we need to get going.” She rolled her eyes, shoving a few things into a beaten up messenger bag. She felt her hand suddenly stop and lift her to her feet, her previous snarl shifting into a grin as her eyes flashed amber.

“I’ll make you toast, Dennis!” The high, chipper voice of Latias called from Dee’s mouth. Deandra quickly regained control of her hands and clasped them over her mouth.

“Shut up! We’re not making anyone toast! We need to get going! “ Dennis’ face sank hearing that he would not be receiving toast. He crossed his arms and sighed, looking down at his stomach. He felt as though he would wither without getting some substance in his stomach. His face twisted into a scowl as he watched Deandra resume packing the bag. “Alright… a few granola bars… some healing supplies... “ She glanced outside, “an umbrella.”

“Just one?” Remarked Dennis, sarcastically. “It’s pouring Growlithes and Skittys out there.” He gestured to outside, trying to show his sister the horrific torrential downpour.

“Yeah, smartass. Just one. We only have one.” She replied, somewhat matter-of-factly, clutching the black umbrella in her hand and swinging the pack over her shoulder. “Come on, you should probably return Toyah to her Pokeball unless you want her to get absolutely soaked.” Dennis looked, noticing that Toyah had silently followed him downstairs without him realizing. He withdrew her Pokeball and pulled her back inside.

“I’ll get Reznor to stay out of his Pokeball. If someone has the balls to attack us with him around they’ll have another thing coming.” Deandra remarked, striding out the door and opening the umbrella. “Hold this,” She said, passing her brother the umbrella as she locked the door behind the two of them. “If we come back and this place is trashed… I will actually fucking murder someone.” Dennis laughed, he knew that they should probably be leaving Reznor behind to watch the place, but he certainly felt safer with the wolf around.


Route 119, Hoenn Region

“Oh my god, we’re been walking forever…” Groaned Dennis, huddling under his sister’s umbrella. Deandra rolled her eyes, they would be there soon… just so long as they stayed on their path. As Deandra walked along the path, she looked around for the entrance to Fortree City, knowing that was their last stop before they ended up in the vicinity of the Ancient Tomb. Deandra took another step forward, paying more attention to the map she had pulled up on her Pokegear than to the road.

“Oh Shi-!” She was cut off abruptly as she fell into a deep sinkhole. The route paths had begun flooding due to the downpour, causing the road to sink and give way to sinkholes. She hit the bottom suddenly, a wet and cold sensation hitting her pants. She lifted herself to her feet and looked up at the hole she had fallen into. She couldn’t see the umbrella, nor could she see a way to get out.

“Dee?!” She heard her brother’s voice as he rushed toward the sinkhole, peering down and calling out to her.

“I’m okay!” She called back, looking up at him. She wasn’t sure if he could even see her, she had stumbled down quite far. She peered upwards, the only light in the hole she had stumbled into was coming from the surface above and her only way back up was through climbing --- yet the surfaces in front of her were slick with the water that dripped into the crevice from the downpour above. As she peered upwards, she heard a loud uproar of laughter.

“Oh my god! That was the funniest **** I’ve ever seen!” Dennis roared with laughter. Dee rolled her eyes, at least he had shown concern.

“I can’t get out!” Deandra called up to him, glancing up at the blue light that peaked out from behind the dark grey clouds above. “The rocks are too slippery, I’d just fall right back down again.” She grimaced at the thought of her pants resoaking. “Ugh… I beat my Pokegear is trashed... “ She murmured to herself, trying to find the gear in the murky water.

“Latios!” A shrill voice suddenly called out from Deandra’s mouth. She felt tears well up despite having no prior emotion towards her fall. “I’m so scared!” Latias’ shrill voice called out again, wailing for the help of her brother. Dennis’ eyes suddenly tinted to their reddish hue, his brow furrowed and he dived downwards into the hole. Dennis wrapped his arms around Dee, flying upwards thanks to Latios’ flight abilities.

“Are you okay?” The usual cocky voice of Latios asked, gently stroking Dee’s chin. Latias, still in control of Dee’s body sniffled, nodding to her brother.

“T-thank you…” She murmured, her voice nearly breaking as she embraced her brother. Dee and Dennis regained control during the embrace and quickly jumped away.

“Ew, why are you hugging me?” Dee asked, recoiling away from her brother.

“Hugging you? You hugged me!” He shouted back, wiping off his sweater. He sighed, glancing to his sister. “First you complain at me about the time, now you’re the one wasting it.” He tutted, causing Dee’s brow to furrow.

“Shut up, let’s just get going.” She retorted.


Ancient Tomb (Route 120), Hoenn Region

“This is the place?” Dennis asked, incredulously. He seemed bewildered that such a small hamlet was their final destination.

“Of course!” Latias’ cheerful voice spouted from Deandra’s mouth and she slapped herself in the face as fast as the last word slipped out.

“That’s enough out of you,” Dee said, rubbing her jaw where she had smacked herself. “But yeah, we’re here.” The twins stared at the Tomb before them, briefly glancing at each other before Dennis suddenly straightened himself out from his usual slouch posture.

“I’ll go in first, you girls stay out here.” A somewhat arrogant sounding voice resonated out of Dennis’ house. Dee’s eyebrow cropped up before she noticed the red tint in Dennis’ eye. She nodded, following Dennis inside. The inside was rather barren, but at least it was dry. Dee looked around, noticing that her and Dennis were the only ones inside.

“Were you expecting a party? I also like those!” Latias spoke up, a sharp giggle following her words. Dee shook her head, glancing around the empty cave and crossing it to get to the indented wall on the other side.

“No I just… had a feeling” She murmured, running her hand against the wall.

“Dee!” Dennis suddenly shouted, bracing himself against a wall. Dee turned quickly, noticing that the cave around them had suddenly turned into… nothing. Not a bleak nothing, but a swirling mess of light and colours. Deandra felt sick to her stomach seeing the flashes of light and colour.

Dennis took a few steps back and grabbed his sister’s hand as something began to speak. “That’s… the voice fro-” Dennis was cut off by Dee beginning to speak.

“The voice from my dreams…” She murmured, staring into the abyss as a young boy suddenly cropped up. The boy was horrifying, thin and frail. His eyes a stark crimson in comparison to the rest of his pale white body. The boy, or rather Darkrai, as he introduced himself, began to explain what was happening. They were currently in Palkia’s realm, as well as the fact that there were possibly more people like them. He explained that they needed to stop the legendaries that had gone berserk. He spoke about having two leads, one in Unova and one in Johto.

Suddenly, the space around the group began to contort and change. Deandra reached out for her brother but she couldn’t find him. The only thing she could see in the twisted blackness of space was the reddened eyes of Darkrai as his lips parted to give their final send off.


Dragonspiral Tower, Unova

Deandra gasped for breath as she shot upright, it was as though she had been in some sort of bad dream. She suddenly remembered Darkrai’s words and her eyes darted around frantically. “Dennis?!” She yelled out, looking for any sign of her brother.

Her eyes widened as she didn’t immediately spot him in the crowd… had something gone amiss? All she could see were various other people, not her brother.

Don’t worry! I can sense my brother, he’s certainly close! Latias exclaimed in Deandra’s head. Meanwhile, maybe we should help out that boy. Latias lifted Dee’s finger in the direction of Tim, who was fighting a horde of angry Mienfoo.

“I’d really prefer to find Dennis first…” Deandra protested, only to be met with her eyes turning amber and Latias charging towards the Mienfoo.

If you won’t help, I will! She exclaimed in Deandra’s thoughts, crossing the gap between them to aid Tim. Deandra opened her mouth and blasted mist across the field, making it difficult for Tim and herself to see what was going on.

“That doesn’t help!” Exclaimed Deandra, only to be immediately taken over by Latias once again.

“Don’t fight them! They’re scared and confused... “ Her voice sounded sympathetic, “Besides, we have more pressing things to do. My mist will only confuse them for a while.” She murmured. Deandra looked back at Tim, now surrounded by the foggy mist and still fighting.

“Why is he still attacking then? I’m sure he’s like us.” Deandra said, somewhat matter-of-factly. Latias sighed, speaking mentally to Deandra.

Some of us are certainly… more aggressive. Deandra chuckled, she knew that was the nice way of putting it.
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Kenny Corvèga & Victini
The Abundant Shrine -> Dragonspiral Tower of Doom

"Nnnoooooo!!" Kenny yelled as he ran around in the 24th circle. The trio of Chimecho's were still hot on his tail, and Victini was begging him to let him take over in order to save themselves from elimination. But no. Kenny was hellbent on Running for their Lllliiives! Nobody else had shown up to the shrine, regardless of how long he had been waiting there, so naturally he had began poking around. Maybe there was some sort of secret tree-hut they were all supposed to meet in? He didn't know, and neither did Victini. Regardless, he had somehow managed to avoid most of the aggressive pokemon, but these three Chimecho's didn't want to leave him alone for whatever reasons. "Just leave me alloooone!" Kenny cried as he ran, his vision ffogging over from tears until.. Bam! Hard surface. Having ran straight into a tree, Kenny Passed out, giving Victini the open door to take the, shall we call it V-Wheel?

While Kenny was out, Victini took the chance to confront these menacing wind chimes. He pulled out Charmeleon's Pokeball and sent out Drake. Luckily for Kenny, both his Pokemon trusted Victini, and listened to him in battles. The Flame Pokemon emerged with a fearsome yet adorable roar, readying himself for battle. "Drake, use Incinerate on those Chimecho!" Victini commanded. Drake hesitated for a split second before obeying, recognizing the threat. Drake responded by firing off a small barrage of Fireballs, hitting each of the Chimecho's as they drew near. It also appeared the move burnt up on of the Chimecho's held Sitrus Berry, making it react in an overly dramatic way, almost moreso than after being hit by actual fire. The battle stopped up for a moment while the Chimecho was on its... knees? Looking down at the burnt pile of what used to be a delicious Sitrus Berry with tears in its eyes. The other two was dangling next to it, trying to comfort it. Drake looked almost appologetic, trying to speak to them, only to get snapped back at with menacing dingles. "Oh. Oh no." Victini said before calling Drake back into his Pokeball. drake looked relieved to be pulled out of this drama. The wounded party then got up, nodding one last time to its lost precious item, looking at KenTini with vengeance in its eyes. The three pokemon then started vailing, using an Uproar move. Blue soundwaves were making their way over to Kenny as the Chimecho trashed about in an Uproar. "Noooope!" Victini said and jumped out of the way in a very over the top anime protagonist-meets-parkour way. "V-Wheeeeeeel" Victini shouted as he literally cartwheeled away from the battle.

After an uncertain amount of time, the duo had escaped the himecho (or had they?), and stopped up. thy were now in the outskirts of the forest housing the shrine. On their way they had seen many aggressive Pokemon, but due to Victinis weird speed and acceleration, they had managed to avoid them all. As Victini let go of Kenny's min and let him back in control, he fell to his knees. All his muscles were sore again. This always happened when Victini started parkouring; Kenny's body couldn't handle being tossed around like that. Well, he was more used to it now than he was when Victini first came to him. His mother had figured he'd started to work out, and tthough she's not actually wrong, it was more of a forced exercise kind of situation. He stumbled to his feet and stretched for a bit, feeling better already. "W.. Well now what?" Kenny said, out of breath. "Ah Kenny Ken Ken don't worry about it, don't worry about it!" Victini echoed. "No, but wwhat do we do?" Kenny said. "I don't know!" Victini said in a cheerful tone, and Kenny could almost imagine its innocent smile from the back of his head.

In a weird ex machina plot-convinient twist however, the both of them suddenly found themselves falling. Had the ground given out under them? No, it looked like they were now floating in some strange colorful version of space. Or one of those trippy backgrounds from drug-related tv shows. He felt th sensation of falling. "Nnnnoooo" he cried before being pushed back to the back of his head. "Don't worry Kenny I got this!" Victini yelled as he threw himself into another cartwheel, somehow spinning at the speed of a mid-flight shuriken. However, they got nowhere. They didn't fall, they didn't float, they just... Existed. They were not alone there, however, as they could faintly see other people floating around, loooking equally as confused as they were. "W.. Where are we?" Kenny stuttered, scared. Before he got an answer however, a familiar voice spoke. The voice belonged to a kid that had obviously seen better days. Introducing itself as Darkrai, Kenny remembered the voice from his hellish nightmare the night before, which made him scared. If the voice behind the nightmare was real, then the rest of the nightmare had to be real as well, right ? "Don't think like that Kenny, there is nothing we can't fix!" Victinis cheerful voice echoed in his head.

Darkrai explained how they were now in Palkias realm of space, where everything and nothing exsisted at the same time. He then went on to inform the gang about how many other Legendaries had been captured by Team Rocket and turned against their original purposes. Would that explain the aggressive pokemon? The memory of the Chimecho made Kenny hear faint wind chimes in the distance, and his skin crawled. Darkrai then presented the group with two possible locations for them to travel to. Would they save the people, stop the legendaries, or stop Team Rocket all together? Kenny was confused, but at this point he knew he could just roll along with it. As long as there were other people there, someone must know how to do what to do what. "Kenny you're not making sense again" Victini echoed, slightly worried. Before anything else could happen though, Everything went dark. Like actually dark. Kenny couldn't see anything or anyone..

~~~Dragonspiral Tower~~~

Next thing Kenny knew, he was standing on a stone floor in some sort of rounded room. Had they switched locations again? Were they safe? Were there some big Legendary pokemon threatening tto eat them? What about the other people? Were they here? So many thoughts at once, but hey, at least now.. some of it all made like some sort of vague concept of sense to him. Looking around, he could barely see a blonde guy as he darted down the stairs without waiting for the others. Where were they? Looking out a very old-looking window, there was vst forest as long the eye could see. Kennny did not recognize this. Walking over to another window with trembling steps, he could see in the distance what looked a lot like the Castelia city skyline. Ok, so they were still in Unova. Which would mean, by the location of the city.... "We're in Dragonspiral Tower, Kenny.", Victini echoed. Oh, that explained it. Well no it didn't, but who is to tell what explains what anymore. Another girl followed the blonde guy down the stairs. By the sounds of it there was a pokemon battle going on. Was the Chimecho's back? No, this was far from their home in the abundant shrine, they wouldn't. There was an older, blonde man with them as well, having walked over to one of the girls as if they knew each other. Not really sure where to put himself, Kenny scurried over to where they were standing. the girl was pretty, with black hair and brown eyes. Kenny stood besides them acting like he belonged there, awkwardly looking over to a window, trying not to interfere in what was clearly some sort of heartfelt reunion. "I... i'm Kenny." he said in a low tone, trying to ignore the Ptsd wind chime sounds he heard in his head.


Why not both?
Jack Donovan & Hoopa
Terminus Cave -> Palkia’s Dimension Warping Room of Wonders -> Slowpoke Cave

The first newcomer was… not like what Jack had expected. Dressed entirely in pink, the guy looked like someone straight out of a cartoon, standing out garishly against the muted colours of the lifeless cave. It almost felt a little disrespectful, although he wasn’t sure exactly what was being disrespected. Shaking his head, he debated whether or not to stand, then decided to remain sitting. He was tired, after all.

As the newcomer approached, Jack squinted, and noticed that his eyes were glowing blue, and kind of x-ed out, and his hands were glowing with some sort of pinkish-white energy that lit up the cave around him. Talk about inconspicuous.

“Greetings. I am Xerneas,” The boy spoke with a deep voice that sounded like it belonged on another body, “I presume you are in a similar situation as us, yes?”

Xerneas? The god of life? For a moment, Jack was stunned — being face to face with someone, no, something like that was like… meeting with some hero of legend or something. A momentous occasion, if you gave it some thought. And there was no doubt that it was indeed Xerneas — the eyes and glowing hands confirmed it. Jack shook his head again in an attempt to clear it, debating whether or not to answer truthfully, then decided that there was no reason not to. He reached to take the man’s outstretched hand. “Yes, that would indeed —“

Before he could finish his sentence, the man’s arms were wrapped around his shoulders in a hug. He introduced himself as Liam, and… called him handsome? More confused than anything, Jack attempted to gently pry the guy off of himself.

It seems as though they switch back and forth freely. Hoopa commented, We should do that.

No. Jack replied mentally, finally freeing himself, We have a contract for a reason.

Now now, no need to be so hostile.

There is every need.

While they were bickering, Liam focused on Cordelia, who greeted him with a small bow. Liam mentioned he was a gym leader, and patted her on the head. Xerneas then took back control and commented on her being a beautiful example of her species, to which she let out a noise of thanks and gave another bow. Polite as ever. Normally, Jack wouldn’t take very kindly to people poking at his assistant, but since they were outside of a professional setting and she didn’t seem to mind, he let it slide. Just as he was about to say something, the guy’s Slurpuff decided to lick him on the face.

Oh, for christ’s sake. Hoopa sighed, It seems your mortal brethren is quite affectionate.

Jack ignored him, searching for a way to clean up the slobber. There didn’t seem to be one — a great start. Sighing, he wiped his face on the coattails of Hoopa’s jacket. “Sorry, I didn’t get the chance to introduce myself,” he said when he was done, standing up and giving them a nod, “My name is Jack, and that is Cordelia. It’s nice to meet you.” He considered mentioning Hoopa, then decided otherwise.

Hey, let me say hello too.

“No,” He replied, “You stay in there.” Suddenly realising he was speaking aloud, Jack turned back to Liam and let out a slightly-forced laugh, “I apologise for that. My relationship with my own legendary doesn’t seem to be as… harmonious as yours.”

Out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw a flicker of fire. An obnoxious-looking blonde man in sunglasses despite being in a cave, walking confidently, like some sort of ruler. Jack nodded in the direction of the newcomer, then said to Liam, “Someone’s here.”

Before anything else could happen, the world went dark.


Well, it didn’t exactly go dark. The world around them was surrounded by swirling shapes, and before them stood a zombie boy, eyes red with lack of sleep and… something else. Jack distanced himself from Liam and whoever the guy who joined them was, using his telekinesis to float himself into a clearer space. Cordelia followed, standing close by to her trainer as she sensed his unease.

What’s wrong, Jackie? Hoopa asked, more mocking than concerned, Did you see a ghost?

Shut up. He snapped back.

As Darkrai explained what had happened, Hoopa remained uncharacteristically silent. It wasn’t like him — given the circumstances, he’d probably be cracking jokes and laughing at all the legendaries who’d disappeared, but his lack of speech felt almost solemn. Maybe he did have a shred of compassion in him after all, Jack thought, or maybe he was just screwing with him. But even given the gravity of the situation, he couldn’t really bring himself to focus on the boy’s words. The boy was the wrong age, the wrong body type, the wrong hair colour… and yet, he seemed almost like his sister, her body rotting away, dead, gone forever, her life robbed from her.

Somehow, he knew that that haunted face would haunt his nightmares for a long, long time.


It was dark again. Something was sitting on his face. And his chest and arms and legs. He couldn’t see, and it was hard to breath.

Get these things off me. Hoopa snarled. Jack ignored him, trying to erase the memories of that ghoul of a boy from his mind.

Do you want me to flip the switch?! Because I’ll ****ing do it, and I’ll stamp them into mush with your own two feet and bury them under ten feet of dirt and rock, along with everyone in this damn cave. Move, Jack.

Something about the anger and almost-fear in his unwilling body-sharer’s voice snapped Jack out of his reverie, and with a muffled grunt of effort he struggled into a sitting position, pulling the myriad of pink, sluggish Pokemon off of him. Letting out a tired sigh once he was free, he staggered back to a wall and took several deep breaths as his eyes adjusted to the darkness. “For god’s sake…” he groaned, about to let out a curse when he made out the figures of other people standing in the cave, discussing something. There was the sound of thunder and rain in the background.

That’s better. Hoopa said, like nothing had happened. Don’t do that ever again.

Ignoring the fact that he hadn’t actually done anything, Jack stood upright and made his way to join the others.

"Uhm.. Yes.” One guy was saying, "Assuming you all also understood what Darkrai said in the feverish dreamspace, My name is Morgan and I harbour the legendary pokemon, Mewtwo.” A slowpoke was dangling from his grasp.

“I’m Mew!” A girl interjected, sounding incredibly excited, “and I’m sharing a body with Cam but we’re really good friends now. See I knew something was going to happen and now we’re here and Mewtwo! You’re here too!” The girl seems to quickly force herself back into control, looking a little embarrassed by her… friend’s little outburst. “Yeah, so, that’s Mew. I’m Cam. Nice to meet all of you.”

Cam and Mew. Morgan and Mewtwo. Two more creatures that until recently he had considered nothing but myths. Jack made a note of their names, and slid into the little circle as discretely as he could. His eyes flitted across the other faces — the guy who’d hugged him in the cave was here, and so was the newcomer that had joined them earlier, as well as a lady he didn’t recognise. Cordelia followed, standing a bit further back.

“It looks like there might be an exit out of here a ways that way.” Cam was saying, "I have a Tropius that can fly two of us out at a time, but I think we should discuss a plan before we go barging in on a potential Team Rocket hideout. Who has experience battling Pokemon and does anyone know anything about Team Rocket that could give us an upper hand?”

“Unfortunately, I have neither of those things.” Jack said, “But I do possess some abilities that will be useful for reconnaissance. If necessary, I would be glad to scout out the place before we ‘barge in'.” He paused, then sat down on the slightly damp floor, "But before that, why don’t we take a break here? A lot has happened, and we should take advantage of this shelter whilst we still can.”

What, scared of a little wind and rain?

No. It would be prudent to begin this expedition well-rested.

“My name’s Jack, by the way.”

And aren’t you going to introduce your dear friend?

“— And I host Hoopa."

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Liam Anwell and Xerneas
Terminus Cave > Palkia's Place > Slowpoke Well

The white haired man finally stood up and introduced himself. “Sorry, I didn’t get the chance to introduce myself. My name is Jack, and that is Cordelia. It’s nice to meet you.”

Then he answered to what Liam could only assume was his legendary talking in his head “No,” He replied, “You stay in there.” He then let out a laugh. “I apologise for that. My relationship with my own legendary doesn’t seem to be as… harmonious as yours.”

"I don't know if I would call our relationship harmonious. It's more of a mutual understanding."

And then Liam came back. "Aw, come on Xerneas! You know you love me. We're like BFFs!"

Xerneas didn’t respond.

Jack then pointed out that someone else was here, Liam then took notice of another person entering the cave. Another good looking guy, walking in like he owned the place. Liam wondered which legendary he got.

Before Liam could talk to the new guy, the world went dark for a moment,


The darkness was quickly replaced with a bunch of shapes and colors, "Oooh, It's so pretty Liam exclaimed.

There was talking, Darkrai said stuff, Unova and Johto, Team Rocket, and bunch of things Liam wasn't paying attention to. Xerneas was listening closely, but Liam was more interested in all the other attractive guys that were here. Well, besides that kid Darkrai was speaking through. He was too young, and creepy looking.

Liam, pay attention, this is important. Xerneas scolded.

Liam's only response was an "Eh?"

Then, creepy Darkrai kid waved his hand, and now they were somewhere else.


The next thing Liam knew it was dark, the air around them was slightly damp, and they were surrounded by a bunch of Slowpokes. He also heard the sounds of rain falling and thunder crashing coming from outside.

Boo and Swirly were busy playing with a Slowpoke that looked smaller than the rest of the Slowpokes here. It was most likely a baby.

"M-m-mimi mimi..." Boo said, hiding behind Swirly

"Slurpuff! Slurpuff!" The meringue Pokemon jumped up and down excitedly.


Swirly then proceeded to lick the baby Slowpoke's face. "Slur puuuuuuff!"

"MIMIKYU!" Boo shouted.

The Slowpoke seemed oblivious to the fact that it's face was just licked. "Sloooooow..."

Boo shook his head. "Mimi mimi"

Liam did not understand a word the Pokemon were saying, but the scene looked adorable. Even Xerneas was amused.

"Uhm.. Yes.” One guy was saying, "Assuming you all also understood what Darkrai said in the feverish dreamspace, My name is Morgan and I harbour the legendary pokemon, Mewtwo.” A slowpoke was dangling from his arms.

"Ooh, he's hot too."

Focus Liam. We have more important things to worry about.

“I’m Mew!” A girl excitedly chimed in. “and I’m sharing a body with Cam but we’re really good friends now. See I knew something was going to happen and now we’re here and Mewtwo! You’re here too!” Then the girl's demeanor changed. Much like how he and Xerneas do when they switch back and forth.

"Yeah, so, that’s Mew. I’m Cam. Nice to meet all of you. It looks like there might be an exit out of here a ways that way. I have a Tropius that can fly two of us out at a time, but I think we should discuss a plan before we go barging in on a potential Team Rocket hideout. Who has experience battling Pokemon and does anyone know anything about Team Rocket that could give us an upper hand?”

At this point Jack said some stuff. Of particular interest to Liam, was that he suggested that they wait it out for a bit, and that he was also the host of Hoopa.

Liam raised his hand and jumped up down. "Ooh! Ooh! Me next! Me next! I have experience battling Pokemon! Hi, Liam Anwell." Liam gave a small wave. "I'm a Gym Leader. Battling Pokemon is like my thing! I know what you're probably thinking. How can someone as cute as me possibly be a Gym Leader? Well, I am. Deal with it." The pink clad young man chuckled. "Fairy type Pokemon are my specialty!"

At this point, Xerneas took over once again. "Greetings everyone. It is I, Xerneas. I have to apologize for my host's exuberance... He means well, I assure you."

And then Liam came back. "Anyway, I have a Togekiss. Granted, he's not big enough to carry two people... But he can carry me just fine. It'll get us all out of here a little faster. But uh... I kind of agree with Jackie. We should at least wait for this storm to pass. It's probably not a good idea to be riding around on Pokemon when there's lightning. Besides, I don't want to get my nice outfit wet."

'Liam, I think there are more pressing concerns than whether your garments get wet...'

Liam ignored Xerneas, and instead approached one guy that hadn't spoken yet. It was the same guy he saw in Terminus Cave that he didn't get a chance to talk to. "What about you big boy?" Liam gave him a small nudge with his elbow. "Do you have anything to add to this discussion?"


Tim Wolfe and Kyurem
Dragonspiral Tower, Unova

Kyurem was enjoying beating up all the Mienfoo. On the other hand, Tim was not happy about this at all. 'Kyurem please stop! You're hurting them!"

"That's their own fault for attacking us." Kyurem curtly replied.

Kyurem continued continued to fight. Throwing around punches and kicks, and the occasional Ice Beam. Suddenly, their field of vision was envolped by mist, Making it difficult. Tim was relieved. Maybe now the violence can stop.

Kyurem however was not amused. "What is the meaning of this?!" He roared. You're interupting the battle!"

“Don’t fight them! They’re scared and confused..." They heard a kind female voice say. "Besides, we have more pressing things to do. My mist will only confuse them for a while.”

Tim wholeheartedly agreed. 'She has a point you know.'

Kyurem didn't much care, and continued to fight, even through the blinding mist.

At this point, Tim had enough of this. 'That's it! I've had it with you! Senselessly beating up innocent Pokemon just because you can! You're just a bully!' It took a lot of effort on his part, but Tim managed to literally wrestle control of his own body back from Kyurem. "AHHHHH!" His hair, skin, and eyes returned to their normal color. The boy fell to his knees, and started panting. Kyurem was shocked Tim had managed to do it.

After a few moments of that, Tim stood up, and approached the girl who had helped them. "Oh thank you thank you thank you!" Tim exclaimed. "I didn't want to hurt them either, but Kyurem just loves to fight... It's so difficult having to share a body with that... monster..."

Of course, Kyurem was still present in the back of his mind, and for some reason was not happy to be called a monster. 'Excuse me? I saved your life boy.'

Tim ignored him for the moment. He took out Rocky's pokeball, and brought out his Rockruff, who materialized in Tim's arms. The Puppy Pokemon had become Tim's support Pokemon by this point.

"Ruff!" Rocky happily barked upon to see it was actually his trainer, and not that creature that took him over.

"Anyway... Um... I'm Tim..." Tim said while gently stroking his Rockruff's head. "Uh... We should probably get out of here before they recover and attack us again..."
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Internet Overlord
Kay & Shaymin
Kit (Skitty - M), Nocturne (A. Meowth - M), & Blaze (Litten - F)
Sinnoh (The Spear Pillar/Mt. Coronet) >>> ??? >>> Johto (Azalea Town, Slowpoke Well)

The Spear Pillar was silent, well, except for the clack of Kay's knitting needles, click clack, click clack, click clack. A grass type gym leader had ordered a pair of bellsprout patterned socks. Even with everything that was happening, people were trying to carry on, and she would too. Heck, all was calm here, as if the world was not falling apart outside this place.

But, eventually, fairly quickly really, Shaymin got bored and started asking questions about the situation. Questions that Kay didn't really know the answers to, like 'How long are we going to wait?' to which Kay replied, “I don't know,” and 'What do we do if nothing happens?' to which Kay grunted, “I don't know.


Then suddenly the ruins melted away, replaced by a vast array of swirling colors and shapes. Kay gasped, clutching the yellow and green sock she was working on closer to herself. She tried to stand but there was no ground. It was strange. It felt like she was falling, but not actually moving downward. What in the world was this? World? Maybe that was the wrong word. Universe? Okay, universe maybe. What in the universe?

Shaymin was gasping too by the way. . . then the both of them fell silent, as they spotted. . . him. A child-sized revenant, possessed by something which made it's dark eyes glow a menacing red. Something that had a voice Kay had only ever heard in her dreams. Darkrai. He started talking about them being his kin and how others were harming the world, ones he couldn't reach though dreams, ones who they needed to stop.

Eventually he went on to explain that they had two leads. One might take them to face Team Rocket and captured legendaries, the other to vicious pokemon attacking humans. Palika would take the groups close to them. And with this the world around them raced, colors draining, leaving only those disturbing red eyes, as he declared, "I will meet you in your nightmares."


When light, some light, the smallest amount of light returned again, Kay found herself in a cave of sorts, surrounded by some of the people that were in the colorful void with her, and a whole lot of. . . slowpoke? Oh, and not to mention the sounds of an epic storm raging outside.

One of the guys with them immediately tripped over a slowpoke and headbutted another, reeling around. Another was digging himself out of a pile of them. They were absolutely everywhere. This was really something else. Kay stuffed her knitting project into her bag, asking the guy that had tripped, “Are you okay?”

But he was already interrogating the slowpoke. In a different voice? Ah! All the pieces were coming together now, and Kay understood Darkrai's words, he meant they were all sharing their bodies with legendary pokemon. He then explained in the first voice that he was Morgan, harboring Mewtwo. And this made someone else very excited, announcing she was Mew, sharing a body with Cam. After this the boy who'd managed to dislodged himself from a pile of slowpoke, introduced himself as Jack, hosting Hoopa. And then Liam introduced himself enthusiastically, and he was apparently hosting Xerneas.

Kay figured that was her cue. She stepped forward, over a slowpoke, pushing down her nerves and trying to live up to the tough image in her head, as if knitting a sock hadn't given her away her soft interior, “Hey. So, I'm Kay, and I'm sharing with Shaymin. We have some pokemon with us, but none of them are really big enough to carry anyone, but as for battling. . .”

'Okay, my turn!' insisted Shaymin as Kay faltered, trying to figure out a non-wussy way to explain her pokemon were more pets then battlers. Her eyes suddenly glowed bright green, and Shaymin chirped, “Uh, hi! I'm Shaymin. It's really nice to meet you all. . . and, so, well, I know a rest might sound nice, but I'm afraid we don't know how much time we have. . . or if this storm will even pass before the world does. So, we shouldn't wait.”