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Sacrilege [R]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by GoldenHouou, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou your deadman

    Michel Lefèbvre & Ho-Oh
    Slowpoke Well, Johto

    In retrospect, maybe he shouldn't have told his doomsday dream to a voice in his head - and then let it lead him to an impromptu trek to a creepy ol' cave. He had kind of set himself up for trouble with that one.

    He had not expected to be transferred to some psychedelic dreamspace and be bossed around by a talking corpse-kid, though. That was a bit much. He had signed up for precisely none of that.

    'So you finally decide to awaken? Get up, you're a disgrace.'

    Up? ... Oh. Right. He was lying down.

    Ever so slowly, Michel started to grow a little more aware of his surroundings. He realized that there was a strange weight on his back, and that his bare chest was pressed against uncomfortably cold stone. His left shoe was taking in water at an alarming rate, and someone - or something - was slapping the living crap out of his face. His vision was still a little blurry, and his sunglasses did not help give clarity to his assaulter - but he was pretty sure it was a certain Smoochum by the name of Bisou. She was probably trying to wake him up. He appreciated the sentiment, but at this rate she'd knock him unconscious again. He should probably tell her that - and get up, while he was at it. But that would mean acknowledging that this crazy mission of stopping the storm and saving the world and whatnot wasn't just some drunken dream, and he was one hundred percent not ready for that. Then again... lying in an undisclosed location forever wasn't really a solid plan, either - and the weight on his back had somehow multiplied by now, to a point where breathing was a chore.

    Michel sighed.

    "Alright girl, alright..." he mumbled in his usual carefree tone, gently placing a lazy hand on Bisou's head. She immediately stopped slapping him - and practically launched herself at his face instead, clinging onto it as if afraid it'd disappear. It took a while to peel her off so he could actually see where he was. Not that there was much to see, really; the cave he'd been in earlier had simply been replaced by another, this one much smaller and far more cramped. The ceiling was lower, there was only one apparent path to walk upon, and most importantly of all, it was packed with--

    "Slow? Pooooke...."

    Yeah, those.

    Turned out that they were the source of the weight on his back, too; a pile of drowsy Slowpoke, yawning away as they slowly crushed his spine. Michel quickly brushed them off, slipping to stand before they could pile onto him again.

    "I should call sis, let her know I found her friends," Michel mused as he rescued his foot from a puddle. Yikes. That was one ruined shoe.

    It was then, as he momentarily removed his sunglasses to wipe them off, that he realized he wasn't alone. A little distance from him, five others were engaged in conversation. He saw the the two dudes he'd interrupted in the cave earlier, but more importantly-- he also saw two cute girls. A toned brunette with olive skin and a pale redhead with a touch of freckles. Hey now, maybe this whole world saving business wasn't so bad after all. A'ight, count him in! With a grin, Michel pushed his sunglasses back onto the bridge of his nose. Either he was blissfully unaware of how tacky they looked in a dark well, or did not give a damn. Either option was just as likely, really, and somewhere in his head, Ho-Oh would have rolled his eyes had he been in possession of any.

    Michel was just about to slide his way over, when the pink man from earlier cut off his path.

    "What about you big boy? Do you have anything to add to this discussion?"

    "A dude calling me big? Now that's a first. Usually it's the ladies that tell me that - and for a reason." Michel gave the two girls such an exaggerated wink that one could infer it even from behind the shades. Then he turned back to the guy as if it was a chore. "For the discussion, I could add my name." He grinned. "Now that's as a valuable a contribution as they come."

    Yeah. Truth be told, he--- had no idea what discussion the guy was referring to. Ho-Oh seemed to take notice of that fact.

    '...Were you not listening?'

    'I was kind of preoccupied by being, y'know, unconscious.'


    Ho-Oh yanked Michel's body once more, practically tearing off the glasses and shoving them in a pocket. He glanced at Xerneas's host, and then the rest of the people present. He was glad to see that so many others had survived, and yet-- among the introductions, he had not heard the names he'd hoped to hear the most.

    "Pardon the human, I've yet to manage teaching him manners. I am Ho-Oh, and I concur with the little one," he nodded towards Shaymin's host. "While rest is no doubt tempting, we've no time to sit idle. There is no telling when this weather will cease, and whether it will be followed by clear skies or something even worse. With that said, I would not rush into the enemy's lair without due preparation." He turned to Hoopa's host. He did not know much about the legendary in question - but though what he had heard was not entirely positive, the human's words had piqued his interest. "Reconnaissance would be much obliged. It--"

    Before he could finish, the entire well shook with a powerful rumble from above. It felt like an earthquake, yet it happened somewhere far above them. Whatever it was, the Slowpoke seemed startled by it; some huddled together for safety, some hid behind the humans' legs - while others seemed completely unaware that anything was amiss at all. Bisou nuzzled into her trainer's neck, but Ho-Oh didn't seem to notice. He was busy glaring towards the entrance of the well as if trying to assess what had happened.

    "We'd best not linger for long."
    He turned back to look at the others, expectantly.

    'Y'know, you never gave my name.'

    'A deliberate oversight.'


    Dragonspiral Tower, Unova

    The Mienfoo that were still standing recoiled away from the two humans, their short fur bristled.

    , one of them hissed in Pokémon tongue, intangible to the humans - but not the legendaries within them. "They're monsters, the lot of them! He was right!"

    Two others joined the first Mienfoo, the smallest of them throwing worried glances at their fallen brethren. "We can't just leave them at the humans' mercy", it argued, a hint of desperation in its voice. "There's no telling what they'll do."

    The first one, the biggest and angriest, took a few steps away. "I know. But we can't do anything for them now. We can't beat the humans. You saw what they did! All we can do is tell him. He'll save them."

    The two others turned to follow their apparent leader with heavy hearts, all three dashing down the stairs as fast as their little legs would take them.


    Somewhere in the vast forest that surrounded the tower, a lone finger of smoke rose to the sky. It was difficult to tell what it was from such a distance, but it did not seem like a forest fire. Whether that was a good thing or bad, none could say.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2019
  2. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Lucia Marrero / Suicune
    Ecruteak City

    Immediately after Suicune spoke, the boy's hair and eye colour changed dramatically. Lucia watched through Suicune's eyes, shocked as she quickly realized the boy must also be housing a legendary pokemon. Her shock doubled as the boy introduced himself as Raikou. Suicune's eyes widened, then -

    They were falling. Hana left her arms and returned to her pokeball. Lucia felt her consciousness be forced back into her body. She squeezed her eyes shut and braced herself for an impact that never came. She slowly opened one eye in confusion, then blinked several times as she took in what was somehow everything and nothing at the same time. Colours swirled indiscriminately around them. And then a familiar voice spoke - the one from Lucia's dream.

    'Where is this...?'

    Lucia ignored the question, which she was pretty sure was rhetorical anyways, in favour of listening intently to the voice. Darkrai. Possessing what looked like the body of a very, very disturbed child. Lucia stared, frightened, but unable to look away. They weren't the only two in the strange area either - others floated around, and Lucia could only assume they were just as confused as she was.

    'That voice... Ho-oh...?'

    Darkrai went on to talk about splitting them into two groups, and then -

    Dragonspiral Tower

    They were teleported to the top of a tower with a dizzyingly high view of the forests below. Having never left Johto, Lucia didn't immediately recognize the area. Everything seemed strangely quiet for a moment. She was so used to Suicune chattering his opinions nonstop in her head that the lack of conversation was unnerving.

    Her only warning was rapid footsteps, then somebody was directly in front of her. Lucia flinched, startled. “Please, tell me who you are." Lucia stared wide-eyed at the boy who had rushed over to her. She quickly recognized him from the tower - Raikou. "Are you with one of my brothers? I couldn’t be certain when we first saw you, but please, I have to know.”

    She grabbed her hands and bowed his head. Lucia hesitated awkwardly. "...I-I... yes, I..." Lucia stuttered, not prepared to speak as she'd expected Suicune to immediately take control. He spoke of Ho-oh, Raikou, and Entei nearly every night, wondering if they were okay, or if they had something to do with the odd weather patterns that Johto had been experiencing.

    Then her eyes turned blue and her arms flung around the boy's shoulders. "Raikou!" Suicune cried, in a voice several registers deeper than a few moments ago. "Oh thank the heavens, my brother, you're all right...!" He sniffed and wiped at his eyes, then clapped the boy on the back with a weak grin. He had to look up due to Lucia's height, something that Lucia knew would embarrass him. "It's me, Suicune! Ah, I must apologize for my appearance. My host is a tad emotional sometimes." Lucia felt a twinge of annoyance at that excuse - those tears were all him, and he knew it. "But we have been granted young healthy bodies and that is the important thing! I don't suppose you've heard anything from Entei or Ho-oh...?" he asked hopefully.

    There was a pokemon roar, and Lucia still managed to internally jump even though she wasn't in control of her body. Suicune merely looked up, as if curious. "What's going on over there..?"
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
  3. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Cam / Mew
    Slowpoke Well -> Slowpoke Well: Surface

    Cam nodded to each person’s introduction and suggestion. It seemed the tired man was Jack paired with Hoopa and an ability for scouting. The pink man was Liam connected to Xerneas with a speciality in fairy-type Pokemon and gym experience. The girl was Kay with Shaymin. The last person only introduced their self as Ho-oh which was slightly odd, though he had winked at her earlier to which she simply rolled her eyes. She wasn’t completely familiar with all the legendary Pokemon as they were introduced, but she has at least heard of all of them.

    They’re all very good Pokemon Cam, I trust them all! Mew called out to her.

    Thank you for the opinion Mew, she though back distractedly, thinking about the next best action to take. There did seem to be advantages and disadvantages to whatever they decided to do, but she believed the right decision would be to move forward.

    "Reconnaissance would be much obliged. It--" Ho-oh stopped speaking as a tremor ran through the whole cave. The Slowpoke all started waddling in panic and crying out in protest. One gripped tightly to Cams leg and she gave it a small pat before removing it gently. The tremor stopped, but she didn’t feel very confident about what else it could mean.

    “I think that time is of the essence, unfortunately,” she said, agreeing with Ho-oh. “I’ll take a look outside and see what the situation looks like and we can decide from there.” Cam jogged over to the hole in the ceiling and released Nanners. She also slipped into a poncho she pulled out from her backpack, she wasn’t looking forward to getting wet.

    “Hey buddy, we gotta be quick, things aren't too great right now.” She hopped over his wings and they launched into the air, into the rain. He took them above the treeline so they would be able to see Union Cave where the Ruins of Alph hid. Unfortunately, the rain was so heavy it was difficult to see. She wasn’t able to make out any details, not even the vague shape of a cave entrance. She returned to the ground and released all her Pokemon to give a quick debriefing on the situation. For the time, she decided to leave her Absol, Sol out with her to be on guard for any danger.

    “Alright, it looks safe up here!” Cam shouted down the well. “I wasn’t able to make out anything to the east though, the rain is too heavy! We should all get up here and either go to the Pokemon Center or start going towards the ruins, come on!” She sent Tropius back down for anyone who would need a lift out and gave Sol a pet on the head while she waited.


    Walter / Raikou
    Dragonspiral Tower -> Dragonspiral Tower: Base

    The girl hesitated and tried to start a sentence. It only took a second though for her eyes to change color and Raikou was instantly in her (his?) embrace.

    "Raikou! Oh thank the heavens, my brother, you're all right...!" Walter felt a bit more at ease now that the legendary Pokemon had taken over for her. Though he had hoped to be introduced to the girl as well, at least Raikou and this Pokemon knew each other. "It's me, Suicune! Ah, I must apologize for my appearance. My host is a tad emotional sometimes. But we have been granted young healthy bodies and that is the important thing! I don't suppose you've heard anything from Entei or Ho-oh...?"

    “Oh Suicune, it is so good to hear from you again!” He returned the hug in earnest and felt a few tears welling in his own eyes. Walter felt that Raikou was relieved and comforted in this moment. It was a somewhat drastic change from his usual outgoing and confident demeanor. The Burnt Tower seemed to have had an effect on him too though, perhaps he could ask about an explanation for that later. “Unfortunately I have not heard from Entei or Ho-oh; we can only hope they too have been able to fend for their own. I believe they will pull through and we will see them at the end of this. I am so, so glad to see you again brother. Knowin-”

    He was cut off by a Pokemon roar and the two of them turned towards it. Another boy was beside them, looking out the window, and Walter thought he had heard him speak, but couldn’t be sure. Raikou, do you see anything out the window? Walter asked out of curiosity.

    Hmmm, since you mentioned it, I believe that’s a pillar of smoke out in the distance. Would you mind if I continued control for a while? There was a plea to his tone that Walter could sense. It wasn’t desperate, but it was heartfelt and he couldn’t deny it.

    Go ahead, I don’t think I’ll be much use anyway. Just make sure you get to introduce me at some point, Raikou.

    “Ha!” he laughed aloud. “My human companion Walter says hello, and I believe it’s time we got moving, both of you, Suicune and young boy! I spot smoke on the horizon and a battle to be fought, let’s go!” Raikou took off at a quick jog towards the stairs where some of the others ran towards. There was a lingering mist in the air where a girl and tired boy stood.

    “Come you two, we have to descend the tower and confront the challenge ahead of us. No time to waste!” He bounded past them and continued down the next set of stairs. It was surprisingly void of wild Pokemon, as if they had been warned about a powerful group of people so they all fled. It was easy to traverse the floors and reach the bottom where Raikou finally stopped for a moment to catch his breath.

    Ah, this is so invigorating Walter! I know one of my brothers is safe and here with me. I cannot help but feel excited for this confrontation.

    Well, that makes one of us…

    Then do not worry, I will keep us and Suicune safe, as well as the others in our strange group. He turned back to the tower to check if they had followed him. While it seemed the tower was empty of aggressive Pokemon, Walter wasn’t so sure the vast forest in front of them would be so easy to get through. The smoke worried him too. Hopefully they wouldn’t be too late to help the people in that town.
  4. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    Liam Anwell and Xerneas
    Slowpoke Well > Slowpoke Well: Surface

    "Of course... This guy is straight..." Liam sighed. "Eh, whatever he's still hot though."

    Liam you do realize that's Ho-Oh you are referring to? I suggest that you leave him be.

    Before Liam could say anything, a tremor ran through the whole cave. Some of the Slowpoke all started panicking, while others.... didn't notice anything was happening. That baby Slowpoke Boo and Swirly were playing with had latched itself to Liam's leg and cried out in fear. Boo also latched on to Liam's leg, and was fearful. Swirly on the other hand didn't seem all that bothered by the Earthquake. He just danced around happily as he often does.

    “Ok, you two. Back to your balls before something else happens.” Liam recalled his two Pokémon back into their balls, much to Xerneas’ disappointment.

    “I think that time is of the essence, unfortunately,” Cam said. “I’ll take a look outside and see what the situation looks like and we can decide from there.” Then she brought out a Tropius, and flew out of the well.

    "Do I really have to go up there and get wet though?" Liam wondered out loud. "I mean... there's a hurricane outside..."

    'There are more important issues at hand than whether your clothes get wet... Besides, don't you have one of those things that keep you dry when it's raining? Like Mew's host did...'

    "Yeah but..." Liam reached into his backpack, and pulled out his pink rain poncho. "There's a lot of wind out there. I'm still gonna get wet..."

    If Xerneas had eyes, he would have rolled them again.

    Liam turned his attention to the guy that hosted Ho-Oh. "I can't imagine how you're gonna deal with this rain. Being a Fire bird and all that. Can't imagine the guy who's body your uh... borrowing likes it much either. Considering the ensemble he chose to wear."

    “Alright, it looks safe up here!” Cam shouted down the well. “I wasn’t able to make out anything to the east though, the rain is too heavy! We should all get up here and either go to the Pokemon Center or start going towards the ruins, come on!”

    "Welp, time to fly. Good luck Mr. Oh, and friend!" And then he proceeded to do exactly what Xerneas told him not to do, and gave the other human a hug.

    'Liam!' Xerneas shouted internally.

    "Your human friend is very attractive." Liam said with a grin and a wink. Next, he put on his rain poncho, and sent out Gabriel the Togekiss.

    The jubilee Pokemon cooed. He was happy to be out of the ball, and get a chance to stretch his wings.

    Liam petted Gabriel's head. "Hey boy! It looks like we got work to do..." With that, he stood on his Togekiss' back, and grabbed on to two of his head feathers. Then they launched into the air, out of the well, and into the pouring rain.

    Liam and Gabriel hovered in the air, near where Cam and her Absol were standing. "I don't care where we go. Just get us somewhere dry, pleeeeeease!" Not only was he being pelted with rain, but the wind was howling. His rain poncho blew all over, causing his clothes to get wet anyway. Great...
  5. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou your deadman

    Team Ruins of Alph
    Slowpoke Well -> Union Cave

    Alarmed by a concerning rumble from above, the group decided to make a hasty exit from the well. The ladder that had once aided people's ascent had long since been lost to a storm, but none of the trainers were without alternatives. Some had Pokémon that could fly, while others could do so themselves, blessed by the powers of their respective legendary.

    The moment they emerged, the full scale of the disastrous weather became clear.

    Azalea Town had always been a quaint little place, lacking in visitors but overflowing with atmosphere. Now, it seemed like a painting; lifeless and absolutely still. Abandoned buildings were buried under piles upon piles of snow, and the street leading up to Ilex Forest looked like a frozen river - one could still see the direction the storm water had flowed prior to being met with subzero temperatures.

    Presumably, most of the citizens had fled before the brunt of the blizzard had hit. For those that had not, there was nothing to be done now. The only way to help was to confront the source of the storm. Whatever it may be, it should be found at the Ruins of Alph; a difficult trek to the north, doubly so when accounting for the weather. Though there was no snowfall to speak of at the moment, the air was freezing and wind brought with it a chill. A quick glance around was enough to spell out what the rumble had been; a small avalanche had crashed down onto the forest from the Union Mountain. Above, dark clouds heralded another storm. Whether it would be one of thunder or snow, it was difficult to tell.

    It's been almost an hour since.

    Which direction the storm has developed, none among the group know. It's been a while since any of them has seen the sky; the entrance to Union Cave is far behind them, and the exit nowhere in sight. The icy fog that fills the cave has brought visibility close to zero, and the frozen cave floor has made advancing at a steady speed a daunting task. Then there are the giant icicles looming above, their sharp tips barely piercing through the fog. Their silent presence promises pain should they be made to fall; a fact that encourages the party to speak in hushed whispers.

    Worse, it's started to feel as though the group isn't alone.

    Some are painfully aware of it, while others have yet to pay it any mind; the feeling of being watched by someone, somewhere, for some purpose. It's difficult to tell whether it's just wild Pokémon warily watching them pass by, or something - someone - with a much more sinister purpose. Perhaps it's neither - mayhaps it's just their imagination. Walking without proper sight for long periods of time tends to do that to you: when you don't see anything, you start to feel as though everything else sees you. It might be wise to hold hands, or at the very least stick close enough together to ensure no one loses their way. There's no telling what might find them.

    And yet, there is no turning back now. The only way to go is forth, carefully navigating past frosted stalagmites, sliding across frozen pools and trying not to give in to the cold that tries to rattle their bones. An increasingly difficult task, the group has found; it feels as though the air has grown more and more frigid of late, to an almost unbearable degree.

    And that is definitely not just their imagination.


    Team Anville Town
    Dragonspiral Tower -> Anville Forest

    The descend from Dragonspiral Tower was tiring, if relatively uneventful. Every now and again the group spied a wild Pokémon out of the corner of their eye, silently glaring at the advancing group from the safety of shadows. A few'd had a clearly hostile glint in their eye, watching every step with the intensity of a predator out on a prowl. Yet, despite their apparent malice, none ever dared venture any closer. No doubt they'd borne witness to the fate of the Mienfoo that had recklessly challenged these strange humans, and were hesitant to meet the same fate.

    Said Mienfoo themselves had long since disappeared, scurrying down the seemingly endless stairs with far more haste than the humans were capable of. With no one to give pursuit, it could be assumed they'd run off to report to whomever it was they'd called 'He'. Who that someone was, it was difficult to say. It was likely the party would find out eventually, whether they wished to or not.

    The further down the group descended, the more rugged the steps became, suggesting the lower floors had seen more use than those at the top. Every now and again a few pebbles gave way under the group's steps, punishing those that moved with excess haste. But though caution was imperative, outside every window they passed, the group saw a reminder of why they should not linger, either; the smoke in the distance. What had started as a thin finger had turned into a sizeable plume. Something was still afoot.

    So, once the group took their final step down the tower, it was clear they had no time for the rest. Sore as their feet might've been, their next destination was clear and their departure imminent.

    As it soon turned out, it was much more difficult to follow the smoke from within the forest proper. The deeper they ventured, the denser the thicket became. At times, the tall trees blocked out most of the sky, casting long, distorted shadows to dance upon the group's turned backs. The longer they walked in the makeshift twilight, the more difficult it was to judge the passage of time. Had their Pokégear not told them otherwise, it would've been easy to mistake the temporary darkness for an early dusk.

    Then there were the detours the group was forced to take. Some trees grew so close together that they practically formed walls of intertwined branches. Such instances became increasingly common the longer the group walked, to a point that seemed unnerving - disturbing, even. It seemed, for a lack of a better word, unnatural. Or perhaps it was the other way around; perhaps it was nature itself that tried to deny them passage. A curiosity, that; one would've assumed it was hostile Pokémon that gave them trouble, yet for the longest time, they'd seen none. At the start of their journey, the silence had been broken by the occasional rustle, snap or patter. Now, everything was silent as a grave.

    For the past few minutes, even the sound of the group's own footsteps has disappeared, as their advance has slowed down to a halt. From what they last saw of the sky, they believe they're fairly close to the source of the smoke, yet it's impossible to tell now. The trees are tall and the thicket overgrown. Another row of trees forms a makeshift blockade in front of them. They cannot pass without force.

    Come to think of it, doesn't the way they came from seem a little denser than before, as well?

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
    For both teams, feel free to interact with the environment, try to find out a solution to one of the problems you're facing, or just, y'know, bitch at each other about it and try to move on. I'll be posting smaller responses to whatever you guys do accordingly, and will get my own post up after a few responses.
  6. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Kay & Shaymin
    Kit (Skitty - M), Nocturne (A. Meowth - M), & Blaze (Litten - F)
    Johto (Azalea Town, Slowpoke Well) >>> Union Cave

    “Yeah, I suppose that's true,” admitted Kay as Shaymin returned control of her body to her. Then a guy who seemed to have a heavy aura introduced himself only as Ho-Oh, before agreeing with Shaymin and Hoopa. It was clearly time to go, but they should be cautious. But suddenly a tremor rocked the cave, startling the slowpoke, and well Kay and Shaymin, and probably most the rest of the group.

    'What's now?' cried Shaymin while Kay caught a falling slowpoke. She held the distraught pokemon to her shoulder like a small child and patted it's back, as she watched Cam get on her tropius to check out what things were like outside. Meanwhile Liam complained about the rain, as if that was important right now. After a moment she shouted down the all clear, though it was a little hard to hear over the storm and crowd of complaining slowpoke. And with that Liam was the first released his togekiss to fly him out of the cave.

    Kay pursed her lips, as she let the now calm slowpoke down. She knew neither skitty, litten, nor meowth were going to be much help getting her out of here. Plan B then, she needed to accept help. So, reluctantly she approached the tropius, “Hey buddy, you can get us out of here, right?”

    Topside they found themselves in the mists of a hurricane turned blizzard. Kay took a deep breath, stating the obvious softly, “Well, this doesn't look good.”

    A rough trek later found them in the chilly Union Cave. Kay huffed, blew into her fists to heat up her fingers a little, and rubbed her upper arms. She figured she should have packed with more then time anomalies in mind, but she supposed it could be worse, she could could be dressed for a day at the beach. At least she'd had a second shirt to put on.

    She paused a moment and retrieved Blaze's pokeball from her bag. The small fire cat pokemon looked up at her curiously, then at the cave around them. Kay chuckled and leaned forward to pick her up, holding the warm pokemon close. Blaze didn't really seem to get what was going on, but accepted it as an alternative to standing on the frozen floor. Then as Kay cautiously slid across an icy spot in the cave she heard shaymin's voice in her head, 'Kay?'

    “Yeah buddy?” she whispered back. Shaymin sounded nervous, 'Something feels off.'

    “You mean the fact that there's not supposed to be icicles or fog in this cave?” asked Kay, trying to concentrate on not falling, which could injure both her and Blaze. Blaze squirmed out of her arms and climbed up onto her shoulder, looking around again with her mismatched eyes. Shaymin groaned. Kay sighed, “Look, I'm sorry, I just don't know what you expect me to do. . .”
  7. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Cam / Mew
    Union Cave

    Eventually they got their group safely out of the well and outside into the bitter cold. It was shocking how quickly the weather had turned and it was worrying to think about what it meant regarding their mission. This natural disaster had to be connected with the legendaries and Team Rocket. Cam tried not to linger on her thoughts too long, lest she become overcome with grief or rage. It was difficult to stay focused though as the group quietly traversed the snowy, icy cave.

    Her Ampharos, Sir Ros, was beside her, tail lit to bathe the cave in a warm glow. It helped keep the cold at bay just a bit, but it was still unnatural how Cam could see her breath with every step. The darkness was also thick and it made the cold harder to bear. Thankfully she had two electric types that could provide light in a pinch as well as a couple flashlights from her survival stocked backpack. There was something else that made her feel uneasy though, and she couldn’t figure out what it was.

    Mew, can you, uh, sense anything? Cam glanced back to make sure the rest of the group wasn’t too far away. She didn’t want them falling too far behind… nor her wandering too far ahead.

    Hmmmm, I feel something. Nothing concrete, but it feels like we are being watched. I’m not entirely sure, but it feels dangerous. Please be careful. Mew’s tone was serious and it made Cam anxious. Mew had been happy-go-lucky the entire time up to this point. If she was getting serious now, something had to be very wrong.

    “Guys, I think we need to stop for a minute, regroup.” Cam stopped near the front and turned around. She had heard Kay whispering and figured it might be time for a break. Maybe sitting down for a minute would help them feel more relaxed. Plus, someone might have something important to share and they were just waiting for an opportunity to say something.

    Reaching for the Pokeball at her belt Cam released Sear, her trusty Arcanine, and gave her a scratch under the chin. “We might want to warm up a bit too. Sear here can make some flames for us to stand around. Does anyone else have Pokemon that could help us stay warm? I have one extra jacket as well if anyone is seriously chilled.” She had a sudden thought that she might be sounding too bossy and cringed internally. Quickly pushing the thought away, she focused again on their survival and the mission ahead. Their group, along with the others they met with Darkrai, may be the only people in the world capable of putting an end to this worldwide disaster.
  8. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    Liam Anwell and Xerneas
    Union Cave

    Eventually, the group made it out of the well. It seemed that they had traded one problem for another. Now they were in Union Cave, and it was freezing cold. Liam clutched himself for warmth, and shivered, but it didn’t really do much good. Xerneas also felt like something was watching them. It was just a feeling he had, nothing concrete, and nothing could be done about it, so he kept his feeling to himself. Liam was more concerned about not getting frostbite.

    Cam announced they should stop and regroup. During their regrouping time, a few of them sent out their Pokémon to keep them warm. Great, of all the times to not have a fire type Pokémon! Liam thought. “Xerneas, why hasn’t a Fire/Fairy type Pokémon been discovered yet?”

    ‘You’ll have to ask Arceus that...’

    For a moment, he considered using Gabriel’s feathers for warmth, but quickly decided against it. Poor Gabe would probably freeze out here too. He was not going to expose his Pokémon to that.

    Then he looked at Michel. Sweet handsome Michel. That guy had Ho-Oh inside of him. He probably had body heat to spare... Then, a mischievous grin appeared on Liam’s face, and he ran up to the purple haired man, threw his arms around him, and hugged him tightly.

    ‘Ack, Liam! What are you doing?!’

    “Relax Xerneas! I’m just trying to keep warm. If that involves cuddling with a hot guy, that’s even better!” He said as he nuzzled his head against Michel’s chest.

    Tim Wolfe and Kyurem
    Anville Forest

    The group made their way down a long flight of stairs. After that initial incident with the Mienfoo, they hadn’t been bothered by a single wild Pokémon attack. Kyurem was very aware that the hostile Pokémon were nearby. He had heard what those wild Mienfoo had said as they ran off. Now he was constantly on alert.

    The walk down was both uneventful, and nerve wracking at the same time. Tim didn’t mind the quiet. These people were complete strangers, and having random conversations with people he didn’t know wasn’t his strong suit. He was perfectly fine walking down the stairs in silence while petting his Rockruff. The nerve wracking part was walking down the rickety old stairs. Every time he stepped he the floor creaked, and he was worried the floor beneath him would break, and he would fall to his death.

    Finally, they made it outside, into the forest. They could see a plume of smoke blowing in the distance, which Tim figured was their destination. To get there, they had to navigate through a thick forest of trees.

    Kyurem wasn’t the least bit amused. After spending some time walking, and seeing nothing but tree after tree again again, he got frustrated. Kyurem forcefully took control of Tim’s body. “I’m getting tired of all these trees!” Kyurem roared. He fired an Ice Beam out of Tim’s hands, and froze a the tree in front of him.

    Meanwhile, Rocky barked loudly at the legendary Pokémon that had taken over his owner’s body. “Ruff ruff!” Which added to Kyurem’s frustration.
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  9. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Jack Donovan & Hoopa
    Union Cave

    Jack drew his coat tighter around himself as he moved through the cave, glancing warily around. There was a strange, unsettling feeling running through his body, like they were being watched, even hunted. Cordelia walked besides him, conjuring up little balls of flame (Will o Wisps) that hovered between the two of them and, along with Cam’s Ampharos, provided some light in the darkness.

    We are not alone. Hoopa said, uncharacteristically grave.

    “Yeah, I noticed.” Jack sighed in response, fighting down a yawn and rubbing his eyes. The lack of sleep was getting to him, and that was the last thing he wanted.

    “Guys,” Cam (or was it Mew?) said, “I think we should stop for a minute, regroup.” She also suggested anyone with any fire type Pokémon provide some sort of warmth, and offered a jacket.

    You should take that jacket. It’s my body you’re freezing to death here.”

    “No.” Jack whispered back, annoyed, “We already have a god damn jacket.” He didn’t bother responding to the legendary‘s use of the phrase ‘my body’ — that was an argument they’d already had far too many times.

    Sitting down on the floor besides Cam, he watched as Liam tackled Ho-oh (what was the guy’s name? Did he even mention it?) in a hug.

    You should join in.

    “Piss off.” He groaned. Realising that he’d spoken too loud, he glanced up at Cam and gave a strained laugh. “Sorry, that wasn’t directed at you.”

    Cordelia made a Gardevoir noise and floated one of her will-o-wisps closer to Cam, providing a tiny bit of extra warmth.
  10. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Lucia Marrero / Suicune
    Dragonspiral Tower -> Anville Forest

    Suicune gave Lucia control of her body back abruptly as soon as Raikou left them. She followed the group quickly, her eyes darting nervously to the growling wild pokemon that muttered and stared at them cautiously from the shadows. 'Suicune...?'

    'Can you believe it? One of my brothers is safe! This is truly fortunate, I - '



    'Oh don't mind them, harmless little things, those.'

    Unconvinced, Lucia stuck close to Walter and another boy whom she assumed must also be housing a legendary pokemon, but she now felt she'd waited too long to ask his name, so just awkwardly went off that assumption as they descended the stairs. Suicune's confidence seemed on point at least, as the wild pokemon miraculously left them alone the entire way out of the tower. Lucia didn't know the reason why, but she breathed a sigh of relief when they finally exited the tower, but it was quickly clear that they weren't out of the woods yet (literally). Lucia followed the group, which was following the odd smoke, into a forest. It quickly got dark, and the eerie atmosphere combined with the scuttling of pokemon in the background had Lucia on edge.

    She lagged behind the group - but not too far behind, paranoid of something targeting her - her eyes large and struggling to see much amidst the smoke and darkness -


    Lucia yelped and stumbled backwards as an ice beam froze a tree just in front of them. Suicune took control with an angry rush of rain and strutted over to the boy, brow furrowed. "I thank you not to bring harm to this forest, especially not while we're walking in it!" he scolded, and Lucia felt a rush of 'oh no, not this again' embarrassment. "Perhaps let your human navigate for now. He seemed like a sweet child. Ah, Lucia, why don't you introduce yourself? I don't think you did that yet."

    Suicune abruptly swapped consciousnesses again, leaving Lucia to blink awkwardly at the psychotic angry legendary that was attacking the evil dark forest. "Uhh..." her voice trembled, for once wishing Suicune would just handle this one himself. "Please don't freeze me - Suicune just really likes trees - I'm sorry mister... um, legendary pokemon," she said quickly, her words almost tumbling together until she stumbled at his name.

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