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Saffire's Banner Maker Shop

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Saffire Persian, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. Saffire Persian

    Saffire Persian Now you see me...

    Saffire Persian's Banner Shop ​

    Requests are: CLOSED
    I'm currently not taking any new requests. Thanks; ^^

    Update Days : Sporatic. With college, I don't have much time. But I get out next Monday, though I have finals that Friday and Monday. So expect banners sometime around there.

    As the title suggests, I'll make a customized banner to go in your signature for this forum, or whatever other forum you go to. Below are some pointers/rules/etc that you need to read and know about regarding this service. Once you request, your name will be put on the queue in this post. The status of your banner, as well as any other information, will be listed.

    Note: When you credit me, it's Saffire Persian , not Sapphire Persian. It's spelled that way on purpose. Please spell it right - Please! Thank you.

    For the Pre-made banners, the only rules are thus: If you want to use one, please just post and say which one you're using, as well as give credit to me in your signature. These pre-made banners are for ANYONE to use. And yes, you can still request a banner if you want to use an already pre-made one,too.

    General Rules

    • You may only request one banner at a time. Pre-made banners are the exception to this rule.
    • If I make you one, and you use it, I ask that you give credit to me somehow. If you use your banner in another forum besides Serebii, I ask you link back to this thread.
    • Give other credit when it is due. In other words, if I use an image clip art.. from say, Suta-raito, I expect them to be given credit, too, if it is not already specified on the banner itself (which I will almost always do.)
    • You're free to use the link I give you to host your banner unless the banner is being hosted off my photobucket account (it'll say 'photobucket' in the url). If it's hosted on my Photobucket, please find your own host (such as Imageshack).
    • The banner you request cannot contain any 'R' rated material. You know what to ask and what not to.
    • You may request another banner, if you so wish, in exactly a week from when you received your first banner.
    • I will make your banner any way you specify, within reason. So, it does not have to be Pokemon. It can be advertising a piece of fanfiction/website/etc.. or just a personal banner. It doesn't matter.
    • If there are any corrections that need to be made, you will need to notify me immediately pending when I post the link to your banner. Otherwise, the original file will have been deleted, and I will not make it over again.
    • If you like a banner that I have made for someone else, and want to use it, you must ask me for permission first. If I say no, I expect that request to be followed.
    • You will not be notified when your banner is finished (except for special reasons..such as, I've taken a week at making it...^^;) So, check back often.
    • When your banner is completed, you MUST reply to the topic, don't just take it. I need confirmation, whether you like it, or otherwise. Thank you.
    • I reserve the right to say 'no' to a request.

    Pre-made Banners

    The type banners! Pre-made banners anyone and everyone can use! Just see the Pre-made banner rules for stipulations. I swear I WILL finish them all. ^_^ Keep a look out for new type banners!

    The Psychic Types

    The Bug Types

    The Flying Types


    Here are numerous examples of banners I have made, for forum signatures, and for website banners. All the examples are different sizes, but keep in mind I can only make banners for you to use in the forum the size of 468 x 100. I can make bigger ones for you to post in other forums besides, Serebii, however.


    I have made more.. But I think that's enough examples.

    Request Status
    1. Pyroken Serafoculus: Still want yours? Saysomething.
    2. ToTodileLover: Done
    3. Chidori: Done
    4. Umbreon Forever: Done
    5. Sasugewalls: Done
    6. Sapphire Phoenix: Done
    7. The Baron: being made
    8. Team Hydro Fan: Failed to fill out form correctly. Redo
    9. thirst4souls: Failed to fill out form correctly
    10. Dinaria
    11. Grabriel_Nightz
    12. airfrogyto19
    13. Dragon-Reborn
    14. Red_Latias
    15. K-os
    16. shadowlight
    17. Evolutia
    18. Lord Sasuke
    19. MegaJunior
    20. POchamalover
    21. 007pikahcu: failed to fill out form correctly. Re-do.
    22. Puru-Ryuu
    23. -SI-
    24. Venom Z
    25. eevee_14
    26. Prime Wolf
    27. Weavile Lover

    Banner Edit Status

    Did you request your banner to be re-edited? Then your name and banner status'll be listed here. ^_^ PM me if I'm wrong.

    • Masterwannabe: edit being done
    • Darkabsol: edit being done

    Other Requests
    I will do these requests in whichever order I like, and whenever I have spare time. These are people who did not wait a week to request.

    1. None

    Request Form

    To request, you must outline the things you want for your banner. Please tell me EVERYTHING you want on your banner. Be detailed. Explain. The better you do it, the more satisfactory your banner'll be. (No chat speak please!) Here's the form:


    Pictures: What pictures do you want to have? It can be as simple as stating that you want a Numel in your banner, or you can be more specific, by stating that you'd like a certain kind of Numel (such as the one from Suta-raito) on it. Please link to any specific pictures you want used.

    Background: Is there a certain background you want? A forest background? Sea? Cloud? Or do you want just a certain color, and you don't care about anything else? State it. Link to any specific background you want used.

    Size: *Optional* If you have a certain sized banner that you want, state it. If you don't, it will automatically be the biggest size allowed that happens to be outlined in the Serebii rules.

    Text: What do you want it to say? Anything? Please say so. Also, if you have a certain kind of font you want (Georgia) or a certain type (cursive, all caps, etc), or a certain color (pink, yellow, etc) Please state. Otherwise, I will just do as I see fit. If you DO NOT want any text at all, put "no text".. or else I might be tempted to put your user name on it.

    Extra: Anything else you can think of you want to specify about your banner.

    Thank you. All banner's requested will be usually made within five days or less.
    Last edited: May 19, 2007
  2. Could I have a banner that has pictures of Typhlosion from the TCG and anime and says Typhlosion X on it?Thanks if you can.

    EDIT:Can it please have a background with flames in it?
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2005
  3. Shadow Ichigo

    Shadow Ichigo Left On A Journey

    Personal banner please
    Background: darkness waves but not too dark!
    Size: you choose
    text: Wandering Dark Navi!: can you make this word scary!
    effect: can you make the words surrounded by dark aura please!

  4. Saffire Persian

    Saffire Persian Now you see me...

    I'll do so. I'll attempt to make the font scary. Ah, one question, I assume by darkness waves you mean "black background" with a rippleish effect. If not, please correct me.
  5. Pictures: Espeon and Umbreon
    Background: Dark
    Size: Normal
    Text: .::Moonlight~Espeon::.
    And when you get done with it, just put in your post please {computer is messed up}

  6. Shadow Ichigo

    Shadow Ichigo Left On A Journey

    Yeah and its like a dark windy waves too but not too dark!
  7. miken park

    miken park hush.

  8. Saffire Persian

    Saffire Persian Now you see me...

    Typhlosion X: Your banner is done. Though allow me to explain one thing about your request. The TCG Typlosion images I found were horrible . That is, to say, the scan quality was bad, and I tried to use the TCG picture.. but it looked extremely horrible, so I went with a more animeish Typlosion look. If, however, you really, really want the TCG Typlosion in, ask. But.. the scan quality isn't that great.

    Typlosion X Banner

    Moonlight Espeon: You'll be put on the queue. And Sure enough.

    Shadow Forte: Thanks for clarifying.

    Armageddon: I'll do my best. But please note the scan quality on the first Suicune picture.. is not a good scan. Plus holifoil Trading Card game cards make "ripping" them off it hard to deal with. I WILL attempt to work with it. But if it really looks bad even with me trying to fix it up, will you allow me to find a suitable Suicune picture to replace it?
  9. I viewed it and it looks awesome!I really like it and thanks.
  10. Saffire Persian

    Saffire Persian Now you see me...

    Shadow Forte: Your banner is below. I think the background falls under the ripply/windy effects, and hopefully it's not too dark. The dark aura was "blue", 'cause I think it looks cool, and I found a cool scary font.

    Shadow Forte

    Shining-celebi: Sounds good.
  11. Shadow Ichigo

    Shadow Ichigo Left On A Journey

    WOW ITS FANTASTIC! I LOVE IT! thanks alot Saffire Perisan!
  12. Saffire Persian

    Saffire Persian Now you see me...

    Moonlight~Espeon: Here is your banner, it's attached to the post, which is, what I assume, you wanted. Thanks. hope you like it.

    Shadow Forte: Thanks
  13. emeraldrayquaza

    emeraldrayquaza Make a Wish

  14. Saffire Persian

    Saffire Persian Now you see me...

    Armagedon: Just noticed there weren't two D's in your name. Anyway, your signature banner is done. I added the bluish tinge, got a nice background, and found a better scan of your TCG picture. Hope you like.

    Armagedon Banner

    edit Emeraldrayquaza, you have been put on the list. Thank you.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2005
  15. miken park

    miken park hush.

    IT IS BEAUTIFUL! Yeah, I realsied my name had 1 D.
    Thanks SP
  16. Saffire Persian

    Saffire Persian Now you see me...

    shining-Celebi: Your banner is now done. I had a bit of fun with this one. I played around with the celebi pictures' colors, to make both Celebi more green, so they'd blend into the banner better. Hope you like it.

    Celebi Banner

    Armagedon: No problem.
  17. Saffire Persian

    Saffire Persian Now you see me...

  18. Muddy Mudkip

    Muddy Mudkip Guest

    Could i have a banner with mudkip and marshtomp and says Muddy Mudkip
    I'd also like a swampish backround
  19. emeraldrayquaza

    emeraldrayquaza Make a Wish

    Whoa that is freakin' sweet thankies!!

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