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Saffire's Banner Maker Shop

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Saffire Persian, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. 0_0
    Pure Awsomeness!!! Well worth the wait.
    Thank you!
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2006
  2. Seviper4Life

    Seviper4Life Seviper Breeder

    Please could i have any banner with Seviper with a night background and moon showing with text saying 'Forever Shadow'
  3. Phoenix lord

    Phoenix lord Finally edited!

    Thank you for the banner. I like it a lot!

  4. Saffire Persian

    Saffire Persian Now you see me...

    Magne: Nice banners, but I don't take any assistants, sorry.

    The Banner Shop is now Re-opened for the time being. Banner making will probably be slow this week due to all the Christmas stuff that is going on.. but whatever. Those that posted requests when the banner shop was CLOSED will have to wait exactly a week after today to request.
  5. Rukaria

    Rukaria onechance.


    Pictures: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Background: You choose but can you make it yourself?
    Size: 350*100
    Text: Serebii Monthly Sprite Contest
    Extra: Make it bright and Colourful.
  6. Grass Guardian

    Grass Guardian Rags to Riches

    Hello again, Saffire Persian. I haven't been in here for ages. But I'm back again and am wondering if I can request an Inuyasha banner of you? I loved the last banner you made me.


    On the left half of the banner:
    1) Picture
    2) Picture

    Right half:
    3) Picture

    If you can't fit them all or you think they all look crappy on one banner, then just put picture 1 and 4 on. Or if you're able to put three on, but not four, then just put 1,3, and 4


    Which ever you think looks best.

    Size: As big as Serebii allows.

    Text: Gold, cursive letters that spell out:
    "Proudly Pro Kikyo."
    If you can, put them kind of in step order. For example: "Proudly," in the upper left-hand corner, "pro," in the center of the banner, and then "Kikyo," in the lower right-hand corner. And if it's not too much trouble, can you make the words, "Kikyo," kind of shimmery?

    Extra: That's about it. Nothing extra.

    If you have any problems, please let me know.

    Thank you!
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2007
  7. c101yorkiehandler

    c101yorkiehandler Yorkies Rule!!!!

    Pictures: Dogs, cats, or other kinds of pets
    Background: Light-colored, maybe a rainbow or light pink or blue.
    Text: Official Pet Club

    Thanks in advance.

    I want a lot of different kinds for my club.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2006
  8. HarleyScarow

    HarleyScarow Emerald Shinigami

    Background: [IMG139]http://www.pokemonmillennium.com/images/games/diamond_pearl/shinou.jpg[/IMG139]
    Size: 468 x 100
    Text: Shinou's Four Heavenly Gods

    Left: Ryou, Kikuno
    Right: Ooba, Goyou
    Center: Shirona

    Extra: If you can, make it in a SuperSentai style kind of thing. Dramatic, coolness, and charismagnetism are what I'm looking for. Thank you for this!
  9. Ten no Kasou

    Ten no Kasou Darkness Awaits.....

    Konichiwa! I was wondering if you would do me the honor of accepting my animated request. Could you have the three images seem like shadows are starting to engulf them and then have them fade to black after each image? Also Text #1 should happen before fading and Text #2 appearing before the images. Also could Text #3 fade into existense after Image #4? Everything should fade to black before Text #4 appears.

    Image #1: Here

    Image #2: Here

    Image #3: Here

    Image #4: Here

    Background: N/A

    Size: N/A

    Text #1: Ten no Kasou Productions

    Text #2: Presents......

    Text #3: The Constellation League

    Text #4: Coming Winter of 2007

    Text Color: Silver

    Text Type: Century Gothic

    Other: "The Constellation League" should be larger in size then the other texts.
  10. lokoloko

    lokoloko Explorer of Time

    Background:Black and Yellow
    text:Only One Wish Can Be Granted
    effect:Make the text glow if you can

    Can someone do mine
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2007
  11. LuciRuki

    LuciRuki Born This Way

    Heyy Saffire ^_^
    I really need a banner for my fan-fic! And I see you do an awsome job.

    Pics: Vulpix, and a seviper. An older man (ruin maniac) and a King/Pharoh,
    Background: An ancient civilization. Old relics and ruins.
    Text: Ancient Relics, Ancient Secrets

    & If any room, sub text: "We uncover secrets that have never been told. Who digs them up, and who hid them in the first place, for someone to dig up."
    But the subtext doesn't really need to be put in, if it doesnt fit.

    Extras: Here is the link to my fic if you need any inspiration
  12. Hey Saffire Persian, I like most of your banners, the style you use, y'know? Anyways, yeah, I'm requesting one please and thanks.

    Pictures: This one on the left, this one on the right, only flipped so its facing outwards, and this one in the center of the two, nearer to the top.

    Background: Anything that's a little dark, gloomy, depressing, etc. or some sort of creepy sort of graphic.

    Size: The same dimensions as my banner in my sig now...or 468 x 90 if it still goes by the sig rules.

    Text: Could it say: "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Reign" in the center, underneath the Hylian symbol. If possible, in sort of a darker style of red, and in a text similar to this. Or at least, something that will make people think of the Legend of Zelda when they see it. Something like the text in your Metamorphosis banner?

    Extra: Could you make the image of Link and of his Wolf form fading inwards just a little? and make the Hylian symbol a little darker and faded if you could please.

    Sorry if it's picky, just tell me if you want stuff changed or whatever, I'm flexible and everything. Thanks in advance.

    ~fuzzy out~
  13. Praxiteles

    Praxiteles Friendly POKéMON.

    Um, Saffire? I don't mean to nag, but you haven't done my banner yet. Even after you reopened the shop. *scurries away*
  14. c101yorkiehandler

    c101yorkiehandler Yorkies Rule!!!!

    Would you like me to put some pictures to choose from or you find some yourself?
  15. -tOtOdiLeLover-

    -tOtOdiLeLover- Espeon~*~Umbreon

    Can i have a banner?

    Pictures: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pictures/anime/anime262.jpg

    Background: A Dark forest with ful moon

    Size: banner size

    Tekst in the center
    Text: The Wolf Is howling At Midnight
    Text color black with glowing red!

    Thank you so much if u can make it!
    ps i delete my old request.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2007
  16. Mini Minun

    Mini Minun Twin Bolts of Light

    Hi I'm back....
    I want to request a banner...


    Pictures: A Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza

    Background: I'm not really susre about this...I'm sure you'll do what's best, so I'll leave it up to you.

    Text: Copperplate gothic bold, all caps. It will say: Msaters of the sky, the earth and the seas
    Extra: Groudon will be on the left; Kyogre will be on the right. Rayquaza will be in the center and up, much like so.
    ;383; ;382;
  17. Chidori.

    Chidori. Me Hungie!

    Last edited: Jan 14, 2007
  18. Saffire Persian

    Saffire Persian Now you see me...

    YOu'll all be added, and sooo sorry, Pyroken.

    Yorkie, I can look, or if you have pictures you like, I can use them too. Whatever you prefer.
  19. c101yorkiehandler

    c101yorkiehandler Yorkies Rule!!!!

    Could you look? I want it to be a surprise, if possible. If you don't have time to look just tell me and I will.
  20. Umbreon_Forever

    Umbreon_Forever Elite Emerald

    I need a banner:

    Theme (Saying on top): The Spectrum League
    Pictures on it:
    Umbreon, Espeon, Leafia, Glacia, Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon
    (Below the Theme)
    Backround: Clouds
    Font Color: Dark Blue (Pokemon and Theme Transparent)
    Size: Whatever works best :)

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