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Saffire's Banner Maker Shop

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Saffire Persian, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. 007pikachu

    007pikachu ohhhhhhh yeah

    i love your banners so i'll give you a tough one i want ash brock and misty in there hoenn outfits make them in the a circle the circle would be made out of uknowns in the alphabetical order and on the top put a large key and say "the key of the uknown"p.s. i heard it was just your birthday or was that another saphire persian and make the banner of your examples
  2. sausagewalls

    sausagewalls Well-Known Member

    banner plz

    whats on it:
    left: big picture of arusus
    text:the age of gods
    where: right
    font:any that look cool
    colour: silver (if not then gold)
    background: black and red
    other: plz can their be a kind of light around aruseus to show that hes agod and brings light in the darkness

    thanx loads in advance
  3. Grass Guardian

    Grass Guardian Rags to Riches

    Thanks Saffire Persian. Take all the time you need. I can wait patiently for months for you to be done. Your work is really that good!

    And no I am not being sarcastic.
  4. The_master_trainer

    The_master_trainer Shiny hunter

    Can I Have a banner plzzz

    on it can there be:

    Left Hand-side:Steelix,Salamance & Ludicolo

    Right Hand-side:Grounden,Kougre & Rayquaza

    Font in the lower middlepart: Team TheBeasts

    Middle top:Machamp,Riachu & metagross

    Can you do it by Sunday affternoon plzzz
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2007
  5. Saffire Persian, I'm sorry to say I'm declining my request for a banner. I happened to find another shop just a little while to go, and so that shop made the banner before you did. Don't think this means I don't like your work, but it's just that I do like this one also...I'm sorry, just call off my request please. Thank you.

    ~fuzzy out~
  6. I'd like a banner please.

    Pictures: Picture 1,Picture 2,Picture 3 (these pictures are of Zelos, Genis and Raine from Tales of Symphonia and are in that order. If you can only use two of them, just use Pictures 1 and 3. Plus if you could find better pictures of any of them, then please use them.)

    Background: Light Blue

    Size: What ever is best

    Text: Forever and always... (on the top left, small) Tales of Symphonia (bottom right)

    Text Color: Silver/Grey (in cursive if possible. If not then anything close to it)

    if there's any problems, then please say so!
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2007
  7. Saffire Persian

    Saffire Persian Now you see me...

    Fuzzy: Oh, it's no problem. I realize I'm slow, and It's something I can't always control due to college. My apologies.

    Heroine: I'm very familar with ToS. So no problems with your banner.
  8. Mare Imbrium

    Mare Imbrium Sea of Rain

    I'd like to request one of your fantastic banners.
    Pictures: An Umbreon, in the D/P sprite pose if possible.
    Background: Dark gray, slightly cloudy looking.
    Text: I want my name on it. No specific type, but something cursive-ish.
    Extra: If you can, I'd like the Umbreon to look ghostly. Maybe slightly transparent?
  9. sausagewalls

    sausagewalls Well-Known Member

    im not sure if you know but im just reposting this again becoz on your last post u missed me out but if you saw it doesnt matter

  10. Divinity_123

    Divinity_123 shove 'er in! ;O

    Oh Noez! Tis a PWNING BANNER SHOP!

    Can you find a pic of Brendan and May? I can't seem to find any good pics.

    Background: http://grepafruit.ic.cz/image/mapy/hoenn.jpg
    Text: Pokemon Emerald
    Font: Don't care.
    Size: Same as the Espeon banner.
    I know I didn't go into detail but, I hope you can fill out the rest. Too bad I'm not a go to detail person!
  11. The_master_trainer

    The_master_trainer Shiny hunter

    Just inkas you missed me out like Sausagewalls and How long do they Take to make
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2007
  12. Saffire Persian

    Saffire Persian Now you see me...

    Keep a look out on Saturday for updates. I'm planning on doing them then. ^^ And typically each banner can take anywhere from 15 minutes - 1 hour + to make.
  13. The Baron

    The Baron do i dazzle you?

    Can I please have a banner,

    Pictures: of Cat Pokemon.
    Background: Any Background You Decide.
    Size: (468x100)
    Text: The Baron
    Extra: None

    Thank You
  14. Divinity_123

    Divinity_123 shove 'er in! ;O

    Saffire, I decline my request.
  15. team hydro fan

    team hydro fan i am a wicked traine

    can i have a pochama,squritle,totodile and mudkip i a pond with a water fall
    saying water pokemon rule and a faint picture of the legendary water pokemon.please.i a freind of the_master_trainer
    p.s size not tp big
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2007
  16. MistyLover

    MistyLover Banned

    I decline my request, I requested over a month and a half ago and still, nothing about the Silver Star banner.
  17. LuciRuki

    LuciRuki Born This Way

    I just want to know did my request go through Saffire? Just want to make sure so I don't ask another person for the request because you are one of the best I had seen ;) And I have no problem waiting.
  18. thirst4souls

    thirst4souls Well-Known Member

    Hey, can i have a banner of the sugimori art of togekiss and murmaage? and back ground will do, but i would like a dark and light one. thnks
  19. Saffire Persian

    Saffire Persian Now you see me...

    Here's the first few:

    C1yorkie: Here

    Grass Guardian: Here

    Loko: HEre

    Lucario Rox: Here

    LuciRuki: Here. No pharoh or maniac. :/ the pictures didn't mesh in the picture with the pharoh in, and no ruin maniacs.

    Harley: Here

    Ten: Sorry, but I can't do the animated banner you wish. I'd be glad to make a non-animated one for you.

    More banners later.
  20. Rukaria

    Rukaria onechance.

    Thank you SP.

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