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Saffire's Banner Maker Shop

Mini Minun

Twin Bolts of Light
Hi I'm back....
I want to request a banner...


Pictures: A Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza

Background: I'm not really susre about this...I'm sure you'll do what's best, so I'll leave it up to you.

Text: Copperplate gothic bold, all caps. It will say: Msaters of the sky, the earth and the seas
Extra: Groudon will be on the left; Kyogre will be on the right. Rayquaza will be in the center and up, much like so.
SP, it has been over a month. I lodge complaint.


Previously Iota
SP. I've stopped writing my fic, so it'd be a waste of time doing mine. Sorry :)


Mini Minun

Twin Bolts of Light
just to tell you, it is now march and it's over two months. Where'd the banner go?


Bullet Punch
^Well, we're all human y'know :rolleyes: Just forgotten that's all. This is a big shop, takes effort to run.

Where was I... Yes, my request:

Pictures: this(if you want, use my avatar, it might be better quality)

Background: Psychic/Dark/Shadowy/Mysterious

Size: 390x100

Text: Hypno in a scary font, and under that Not all is known in smaller and simpler letters under it.

Extra: can you put a 1px black outline around it? Thankies :)

Thanks in advance :D
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Spins Tails Rapidly

Pictures: Yukikaburi and Yukinooh

Background: Just something that can match the blue in this picture please:

Size: 730x98

Text: Davin Island RPG

Extra: No


Mini Minun

Twin Bolts of Light
Saffire Persian, I decline request.


<<The Best
saffire persian i decline my request also


Fraught With Peril
Pictures: I just want to see snow on the ground and see snowflakes falling

Background: A forest background

Size: I want it the same size as the banner at the top of serebii.net

Text: Can i have a Papyrus font that is size 24 and says Winter. Only the first letter capitalized


Spins Tails Rapidly
Not to be rude, but I also delcine my request because that was for a past skin, and we have changed skins, so I don't need it anymore, but thanks anways.


Active Member
On the left: http://img153.imageshack.us/my.php?image=friendspicoflucariozx6.jpg
Middle: http://img406.imageshack.us/my.php?image=lucarioshinypalmsx9.jpg
Right: http://img237.imageshack.us/my.php?image=lucarioofficalartbl8.png

Could you please use the colors that are in the background of Lucario in the Middle Pic?

Text: Could you put the words Wave Guiding Hero spanning the bottom of the banner and my user name (in a small font) in the upper right hand corner.

Extra: Nothing extra

Thanks in advance.
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The Baron

do i dazzle you?
Not to be mean but Saffire Persian has to do lots of banners for lots of people so he/she is probally trying to get them all done.

Lord Sasuke

Swordsman Trainer
Pictures:Sasuke, I want this one on the left side of the banner:
and this on the right side:
the Images, as you can see need shrunken.
Now all the way across the banner I want these pokemon in this order, sort a like a team banner:Gallade, Lefeon, Infernape, Luxyray, Gastrodon (East), and Shiny Manaphy.
Background:I thing I want some kind of forest Backround.
Size:Biggest that is allowed in the rules. (480 x 100 I beleive)
Text:Lord Sasuke
Extra:The kind of text you use doesnt matter, If you need anymore help with my explanation, just ask ok.
Thanks alot!

Mse Ownage

Ur Going Down!
Sp U breakin the rules

..... Dont Request he wont make them anymore..



Pokemon Hunter
I would like to request another banner please.

Left:This Bulbasaur
Right:This Espeon
And could you place a Masterball in the middle, just like in this banner and this banner?
Background: See what fits, something purple/black would be nice. Let it be magic, experiment away!
Size: Same as in the banner in my signature.
Text: MegaJunior (bigish)
Pokémon Hunter (smallish)
Font: I prefer Gold, or else white.

Thank you in advance.
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ohhhhhhh yeah
hi can I have you guessed it a banner
For the picture I want a lucario facing the two legendarys. then in the sky I want a glare of The god of pokemon whatever his name is the two legendarys are on hilltop when lucario is on the sky

I want a night background

the text say "the world is waiting"

sorry I don't know how two link


Shiny hunter
Saffire persian i decline my request because you said it would be done by april and it is not done