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Saffire's Banner Shop


Blue Duck
Wow, it's excellent. A little different than what I had imagined, but it's always nice to get something you don't expect. I took a peek at the others as well, and I think Yellow Aura's and Sapphire_Phoenix's are done well too.


Well-Known Member
Images: XXX
Background: Surprise Me
Size: 400x100
Text: The greatest...
Extra: None


Absol Trainer
Um, hello. This is my first time requesting anything here on Serebii... But, um, let's see...

Absol Banner

Image: I think this image looks pretty wicked: http://s165.photobucket.com/albums/u62/blackdragon741/Pokemon/?action=view&current=Absol.jpg
but really, anything Absol will do very nicely. =)

Backround: Something dark, like the night sky, would be perfect. Like that banner in your "Examples". "In her dreams." Or that banner backround in your signature for that matter. o.o

Size: 468x100 is fine.

Text: Well, anything really. Something along the lines of "In the darkest day... she will rise." (My Absol is a female =P) or "Absol? Absolutely." (Okay, that was pathetic... But cool...) But, yeah, anything you want would be great. =)

Extra: To sum it all up, I would like an Absol banner, the image I provided or really any cool-looking Absol picture, a dark-spooky kinda backround (like your banner's alchemical-ritual backround), the default size is great, and the text, well... anything, really. Sorry, I know I should specify the best I can, but I really mean "anything." Although... that "Absol? Absolutely." line is starting to make sense...

I will give credit (I shall praise =O) and I'll owe 'ya one! =)


Your Big Buff Bro
Oh my gosh, Saffire, that's an amazing banner! Really cool, indeed. Ill make sure I put it in my banner pretty soon. Btw, where'd you find that main picture of Noland? Or did I post it for you?


Your Big Buff Bro
Cool and impressive, I admit, though I didnt recognize him from when I first saw him in the banner. but I did afterwards. Oh, thats right, I need to go put it in my sig.


Delete your System32
I've been playing the GSC generation games a lot latley, so I thought what the hell, make a banner. Unfortnately I turned out to be a crappy banner maker. I saw your work and the rest is obvious. Yeah this is my current team.

Image: This in the centre: http://img125.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sprite.png
Then these to the left: http://faqsmedia.ign.com/faqs/image/ani157.gif http://www.rpgamer.com/games/pokemon/poke2/art/164.gif
And these to the left: http://i34.*******.com/vg31iq.jpg http://www.canyesildere.com/files/119401.

Backround: Something going from the left, a crystal colour to gold to silver. Of course doing it professionally like you normally do.

Size: 468x100 is fine.

Text: The golden days...

Extra: Nothing inparticular.


Size: 468x100 is fine.

Text: The golden days...

Extra: Nothing inparticular.
Images: http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/world-end-in-2012-2.jpg
(Can you c/p the picture three times so it's left-middle-right?)

Background: Can you make put like a shadowed white line along the top and the bottom?

Size: 300*300

Text: Um... Could you use the font type like in your banner? And about a size 20 using Microsoft Word? TEXT= The time for fulfillment is upon us...

Extra: Nothing that really comes to mind.

Yellow Aura

Light of Hope
FINALLY! Can I just quote it?
Images:An Spirittomb,a Staraptor, a Floatzel, a Drifblim, a Lucario, and an Empoleon.
Background:Suprise me.(Peferably something like an arena)
Text: Some Teams (Big blocky at top) are just that good (Smaller and blocky below that but still at the top) My D/P/Ptt Team (Even smaller across bottom)
Extra:poke ball in middle, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh bages at bottom above the my team.