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Saffire's Banner Shop




♪ Blue Bird ♪

Saffire Persian

Now you see me...
Image: http://www.freewebs.com/pokemonloverfanclub/latias4.gif

Background: a sort of background similar to the one when Psychic is used.

Size: Normal

Text: Don't get Normal, GET REAL in red and in a font closest to the one used in the Pokemon logo.

Extras: None

This is my first request, so I'm sorry if part of the request was wrong.
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And a nice chianti
Well, with one left, I'll plug a request in here.

Images: I'd like the big guy ripped from this image for the banner, please.

Size: 240x120, which I believe fits in with the sig requirements. If not, then just 468x100, the norm.

Style: Sorta Grunge, if ye don't mind.

Text: Two bits, in a style similar to Century Gothic: The upper stating "Face your Penance..." and the lower stating "Fishy," with both pieces of text being in a fairly bright crystalline tone.

BG Colours: Dull blue and faint Silver would be fine.

Other than that, go berserk.

Saffire Persian

Now you see me...
Crumpet: I have your banner made, save one of the pictures you linked to--the last one--is broken. It's not showing up anything and I don't know what pokémon it is, so if you could replace the link and tell me what pokémon it is, that'd be great.

Brntcookie: : The size you specified is less like a banner size and more like a picture -- it's square instead of rectangle. (It basically looks like the exact size of your image, instead of something "long". That what you want?

Alpha Azelf: here
Coolminun: The orbs of energy you provided looked kind of tacky with the picture, imo. So see how you like what I did: Here
Kirapwns: I only used one of the images, buuuut... Here
Lucariolover: Here
Pikachu_luver:: Here
Shiny_bashamo: Here

fishyfool: Added.
Oh. OK then. Could you put it to a 468 x 150?



Mew xoxo Kawaii
can I work here?
here are my examples:

also, i use renders by rendering them out of tcg cards, so if anyone wants a tcg card render, leave the image part blank with a name of a pokemon, or just like me to the card. if you want to see more examples, go to http://photobucket.com/squizzy
also, can you tell me what fonts do you use?


DestinyTrainer 10yrs
Images: Lucario, Manaphy, Marshtomp, Regigigas.
Background: Grass and a baby blue sky with a few clouds.
Text: (Large) Pokeplace Town (Small underneath) Where abnormal is normal.
Extra: Can you fade a MissingNo. into the background? It's okay if you can't do that though.
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What'd you just say?
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Wow, just wow. I was going around seeing other shops, judging by the examples which one might be the best to make my banner. Well, I saw your examples and was amazed, especially the one in your sig - a real masterpiece.
Anyways, here's my form.

Images; Mew, Suicune, Celebi

Background;The color should be Pink, Blue, and Green, from left to right. That means that Mew should be at the left with a Pink background, Suicune in the middle with a Blue background, and Celebi in the right with a Green background.

Size; The same size as the one in your sig.

Text; The Legends, JRC, fading if possible. With this font please. JRC should be below The Legends.

Extra; Thanks.


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
I'd like to request a banner, please. If anything needs expanding on, just tell me.

Images: http://pokebeach.com/scans/japanese/bonds-to-the-end-of-time/beedrill.jpg or http://img181.imageshack.us/img181/3329/beedril013az1.jpg

Background: If you could somehow incorporate a picture of a sun while sustaining the theme of direness of the situation, that would be great.

Size: Standard, please.

Text: Victory or Death

Drezdk is a worrysome, frightened Beedrill in the Reconaissault (Recon/Assault) squadron of his hive. His team must lead the charge against a 'hostile' Beedrill hive. For them, there is only victory or death.
War/Tragedy Oneshot. Came 5th in the Serebii tragedy oneshot contest.


Delete your System32
Not to sound impatient or anything, but........ Its been 5 weeks since I've requested my banner!

She's disapeered. Vamoosed. Gone. I ordered mine around the same time and I think it's done but she on't upload it.


Pokemon Collector

Images: I really do not have an image that would be usable, but if you could I would like you to use a 'Darkrai' image. Preferably on the darker side.

Background: Not a certain background. But using purples and dark shadows would really emphasize the Darkrai.

Text: Ultima0071
-It's always better on the darker side-

Hope this is enough!